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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


My family have forwarded us various emails, most recently about Beitbridge. I just wanted to say what a great three weeks we had in Zimbabwe;

national park accommodation at Matopos and Hwange (Main, Sinematella and Robins) were spotless and such pleasant staff; the roads were challenging, but we couldn’t complain after hearing about the exceptional rains and seeing how wonderful the bush was! The new private car container had just opened on the SA side of Beitbridge and I’m so pleased something similar is now on the Zim side; it will be good advice to pass on to the many people we know who were waiting for feedback so as to come themselves. Sincerely Pauline


AWARE TRUST RUN-WALK-RIDE FOR RHINO....This was an amazing weekend enjoyed by all who attended. All age's enjoyed running, walking riding through the park and seeing so much game. National Parks were amazing and helpful to all. This game park is so stocked great for those long weekends away. National Parks Cottage basic but very clean and all staff amazing. This is definitely a must for a weekend away. Well done to all who made this weekend GREAT.


Lake Kyle/Mutirikwe- We also attended the AWARE event and stayed at Hippo Creek Lodge which is about 2km outside the main National Park entrance. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and would recommend it for accommodation in the area. We were amazed at the quantity of game we saw inside the park, the quality of the roads and the general condition of the park and agree that its a great weekend away (especially with a boat!).


Mozambique:- If anyone should ask for more info, we travelled on the convoy going south on Saturday afternoon and north on Monday morning...everything was fine, and they both left almost on time!  For anyone working out travel times, the +/- 100km convoy travelling time can take up to 2 hours with the stopping starting and for bridges etc.  The condition of the road is largely fine between Muxungwe and the Save River, but there are some very bad potholes and rough patches from the Save River to Vilanculos turn off (Pambara), so drive with care! Regards,  Shayne


When I came to Salisbury in 1968,it was known as “The City of Flowering Trees” because there was always some tree in bloom, whatever the time of year. In the early 1970’s,the Publicity Bureau changed the name to “Sunshine City”, because they thought more tourists would be attracted by the prospect of sunshine (the city certainly gets a lot!) than trees in bloom. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the former name – it’s more descriptive of the city. There are lots of cities where the sun shines, but not nearly as many where some tree is always in bloom. Richard


I have been meaning to write this since I came back from Beitbridge in December.  After clearing a vehicle there at 11.30 at night my daughter & I went to the Holiday Inn to look for a   room.It was full. On returning towards the Engen Garage we hit a rock & damaged the Gearbox sump in our  Toyota Carolla so we spent a sleepless night on the Garage Forecourt. Sure enough a "Mechanic" appeared at 6 o'clock

in the morning. He charged a greatly inflated price for fixing the sump. After driving a few K's it started to leak again. I was fortunate enough to be directed to the Border Service Station at the Shell Garage about one kilometre off the main road. They repaired the vehicle sump making up a new gasket. Charged me a third of the price of the Bush Mechanic & I am still driving  around with the same paper gasket. They did a very good job I watched them. So beware of rocks in the road particularly in a vehicle with low clearance & if you do have a vehicle problem avoid the Bush Mechanics . Go to the Border Garage they do a good job. Flip


I have just returned from doing a quick 10 minute shop at TM and the pharmacy at Newlands Shops. During this time I was approached by 3 hawkers selling their respective wares. After saying “no thank you” three times, my fourth answer turned into a brusque NO!!!. As a result I was followed and constantly harassed. This is not the first time that this has happened. On other occasions I have been sworn at, followed by drunken hawkers and pushed to my limits after being verbally attacked for simply saying “no thanks” They simply refuse to accept a polite “no thank you”. I was wondering if you have had similar complaints from the general public and if so, is there anyway or anyone we can approach or do something to stop this vulgar and most upsetting behaviour. Many thanks Cher


Our dogs have material strapping collars which I have sewn/embroidered the dog’s name and our phone numbers onto.  This is easy to do, the numbers are indelible and doesn’t cost anything but a little time with either a sewing machine or needle and thread! Lorraine


Every time I see anyone on a cell phone whilst driving I use my warning device 'hooter' until they put the phone down and concentrate on what they should be doing - DRIVING!  The use of cell phones whilst driving is now at a serious/critical level in Harare, my advice is turn off your cell phone before you drive your car NOTHING can be that important that it can't wait until your journey is completed.  If not, indicate and pull over, that will then take ALL cars off the roads and the law abiding citizens can get on with their business!  It wasn't too long ago we didn't have cell phones, so for goodness SWITCH THEM OFF!  Food for thought from an ex -police woman.




Good morning. I thought to alert others that there has been an increase in the number of robberies at shopping complexes (Bond, Belgravia, Avondale). The thieves gain access via a door, into a vehicle and steal whatever they can from the boot via the back seat. Apparently they park next to or near your vehicle in unlicensed vehicles. We have been advised to lock our back seats, and as much as possible not travel with valuables. My sister in law lost her laptop and handbag which were in the boot and not in sight. God bless. Stella


Over the Easter weekend my husband and I proceeded to Bulawayo (Athlone cemetery, Anglican section) to put flowers on the grave of my husband's Mom and Dad.  It was in an appalling state, once again, with overgrown grass.  We went and bought some hedge clippers, secateurs, gloves and we used a badza brought from home.  The grass leading up to the grave had to be cut down, as well as on the grave which had dead tall grass and surrounding the grave.  Isn't there anyone in Bulawayo who could weekly go and tend to graves by request?  I am prepared to attend to graves in the Harare cemetery's by request.  We spent more than three hours clearing away dead grass, on Easter Sunday, and left a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the grave, needless to say, previous flowers left at the gravesite, have been stolen, what a sick society we live in today, whereby someone would steal flowers from a grave of a loved one for re-sale'Gone but never forgotten'




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