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Friday, September 12, 2008

Difficult times for foodies

The supply of basic food stuffs had diminished drastically over the last month. it is almost impossible to find eggs - flour - milk!!!!!! However we still manage to provide food on our tables that is more than acceptable.

some years ago i found a little book written by a commune in America. the members do not eat meat or any dairy products or eggs! so now i am happily making egg less biscuits and egg less cakes.

Good food is still be provided on our tables.

However restaurants are suffering. I went to a meeting a week or so back - a lunch with a speaker - on the menu was the choice of chicken and chips or soup and rolls. Guess what? No rolls - how can you have a meager bowl of soup and not provide a roll to accompany it! The excuse? They are too expensive to provide!!

Oh well lets hope things will look up over the next couple of weeks!

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