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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Death Notice: MEYBURGH – JOHN BOURCHIER It is with the deepest sadness that we say good-bye to my darling husband, our dearest dad and much loved grandpa. Forever with you - Pat, Noelle, Colleen, Ant, James, Cami, Nicholas, Tristan and Sophie. The memorial service will be held at Arundel School Chapel on Wednesday 12th November at 11.30am.

Death Notices

Death notice - Brian Marsh died peacefully at the Helen Keller Center in Cape Town on Monday 10th November 2014. He will be fondly remembered as a great friend and hunter. Condolences to c/o Gary Bauer

 Death Notice: It is with great sadness that we let you know of the passing of Antony (Tony) Woods (husband of Wendy, father of Pam and James). The memorial service will be held on Friday 14th November at Highlands Presbyterian Church, Enterprise Road at 2 pm. The family has asked that friends come and celebrate his life with them. The service will be followed by tea and snacks. Tel: 04 301959 / 0733 410377. Email:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Licence plates



This is the most frequently queried subject in recent months.  The legislation is covered by the Vehicle Registration & Licensing Act (Act) and the Vehicle Registration & Licensing Regulations – SI 427/1999 (Regs).  This area is administered by the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR), and can be contacted on (04) 759743/5.


Every vehicle fitted with a windscreen must display the Third Plate behind the windscreen.  (For ease of viewing and roadside safety, we suggest the left hand side of the windscreen).  Trailers and motorcycles must display the Third Plate “in conspicuous position in a waterproof holder”.  (Regs) Section 11 (4).


On the issue of “tampering”: (Act) Section 10 (2) states “An owner of a vehicle who fails to display or maintain his vehicle’s registration mark and number… (is) liable to a fine not exceeding level three” (currently set at $20.00).  In Big Sky’s view, what cannot be argued is the Third Plate located anywhere other than the windscreen, a Third Plate cut from a previous windscreen and stuck to the new windscreen, and any circumstance other than its original state.  However a motorist can legitimately argue where the Third Plate is displayed on the windscreen, is the original Third Plate and has never been moved.  Slight lifting of the edges due to general wear and tear, and exposure to the elements, to our understanding does not amount to “tampering”.


“Where a third plate is lost or damaged, the Registrar may issue a duplicate upon payment of an appropriate fee”. (Regs) Section 10 (7).  “Where the  registration plate is lost or damaged, the Registrar shall allocate a new registration mark and number for the vehicle…” (Regs) Section 10 (8).  Therefore, a Third Plate can be replaced without the need for a new registration number and book, however this is required if the Registration Plate is lost or damaged.


Replacement of the Third Plate costs $35.00 at CVR in Harare, and at post offices in the main centres.  We contacted a few Zimpost offices and were quoted $35.00 by Chinhoyi, Bulawayo, Rusape and Mutare, plus approximately $3.00 for stationery and postage.  The processing period is up to 2 weeks.  Documents required: a CVR4 form, the vehicle registration book and personal ID.  A company letterhead requesting the replacement is required for company owned vehicles.




A motorist can decline to admit guilt by referring to the warning at the top of the Admission of Guilt form (Z.R.P. N.TFC) that provides the option of appearing in magistrate’s court.  However, a good starting point is speaking to the officer-in-charge of the roadblock, who being more senior might treat the issue with discretion and experience.  If not, the motorist can request to speak to the officer-in-charge of the police station from which the roadblock originated.  At all times calm and courteous behavior will contribute significantly to a fair outcome.


If the motorist pays the deposit fine but wishes to take the matter further, when the ZRP member completes the Admission of Guilt form, the motorist should politely request that the Charge (Section and Statutory enactment) field, be completed legibly and with the relevant information.  Motorists with traffic related queries can call the Complaints Desk at Police General H.Q on (04) 754 333, who we have found to be helpful and informative.




Our current Cubby-hole notes (version 9, Oct-14) cover the most frequently encountered issues at checkpoints, and the relevant deposit fines.  This is attached as an easily printed .pdf document, however anybody having difficulty with the document can email us at Updates will be posted on and on Twitter @BigSkySupplies


Acknowledgement: Mr Howard Dean of BIZ Bulletin (Anyone interested in subscribing to BIZ for $90.00/6-months, can contact Howard on


Your readers should find these notes useful; however any comments, corrections or queries are welcome.







The true October weather is with us and doors and windows are open wide to catch a cool breeze blowing for some respite from the heat.   Please do not let your guard down and leave the premises open wide to theft.  Keep all grills across and locked at all times even during daylight hours. Do not open areas that are not being used, and keep alarms activated.  We are all experiencing long tedious power cuts, causing the backup batteries etc. to become flat … It means that generators are running at the maximum every day and we need to keep all security plans in place at all times.

We have a high unemployment rate and if you let your guard down you may well become a victim and a statistic. This is a repeat of what we all know, but to receive a gentle reminder from time to time stands us in good stead.

Theft of gate motors is still a priority and it is a safeguard to have a sensor fitted & connected to your house alarm pad which will activate if disturbed.  Entry is usually over the Dura wall, and takes but a few minutes for the intruder to dismantle, remove and then scarper back over the Dura wall.

 Attempted armed hijacking/robbery  reported as occupants were returning home at night, please be vigilant and have an emergency number to call to raise the alarm, it is good to know your neighbours who may be able to assist so that help can be executed as soon as possible. Do not carry large sums of cash if possible, and do not have any valuables or goods in view. Keep this all out of sight in the boot. 

This is a warning to all residents to be vigilant and security conscious at all times as things are tough and people are desperate. Always be aware of your surroundings when entering your property and try to enter as quickly as possible.  Report any suspicious individuals to the nearest Police Station. Woman on their own are being targeted so it is not advisable to travel after dark alone where possible. These issues have all been raised before, and not said to frighten you but to make you aware and be on your guard.


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !



Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police S


To All Anglers

On behalf of the National Anglers Union of Zimbabwe, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in an All Species “70” Celebrations event to take place at Charara from on 7-9 December 2014.  

It will be an “All Species“, two man/lady/mixed team event with no pre-baiting allowed. Worms, Platties, live bait, chicken hearts/Livers 500g per day per team will be allowed. The lake will be closed two weeks prior to the event.

There will be no entry fee as such, but we ask each team to bring two identical prizes with a minimum value of $10 per prize. This will ensure that every team will receive a prize. Team registrations will take place at Charara Long Bar on the 6 December between 5 and 6 pm followed by a welcoming dinner.

For catering purposes the first 30 teams entered will receive Caps and Shirts, and all entries in before the 30 November will receive free dinners provided by the National Anglers Union for the duration of the event (4 dinners).

Boundaries will be the top of Zebra Point to the Gorge including the two bay’s before the National Parks office. A small map will be given to you at registration indicating the boundaries. Each team may catch up to 10 of each species for the tournament, scoring factors will be emailed to you once we receive your entry.

Should you accept this invite please email any of the committee members below to get an entry form.

We look forward to many tight lines and a good competition.

Yours in Angling

Denise Rae
National Anglers Union

Denise Rae - <>              Pauline Brine -                                  
Gavin Ferguson -                Wayne Carlsson -    
Rob Mc Kenzie -

taxi services - don't drink and drive

Herewith attached is our updated list of alternate transport options (for pre-booked shuttle services):-

(they will also be posted on the ZIMPACT website & facebook page shortly)

Go Direct 04-581411,


Shumba Shuttle 0772-347897


Shuttle Direct 0773-295475 or 04-701491

(whilst Zimpact endorses these services & every effort has been made to ensure the safety of passengers using these taxis, Zimpact cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred as a result of using such services).

Remember also, the other alternative transport options (to driving drunk!) are:-

-          Designated driver  (it’s your choice & readily available!)

-          “Goodfellas/hire-a-driver” concept : being looked into

-          Reputable taxi service (as against pre-booked shuttle service ): being looked into





Insurance for items left in cars

Please can people be warned there is no insurance cover for theft of items left in an unattended vehicle. Allow me to explain the definition of unattended vehicle.....”Even if a vehicle is securely locked and situated in a “supposed” secure site such as Borrowdale Village or a school car park with security guards in attendance”. The vehicle is still deemed to be unattended i.e. A human being is not actually sitting inside the car.

It baffles me how people can leave valuable items such as laptops, cell phones, camera’s etc in a locked vehicle and then are “totally amazed” to return to their vehicle to notice a window has been smashed and the valuables taken..............It takes about 5 seconds to smash a window, lean inside the car and remove the items. It is no wonder insurance refuses to entertain insurance claims for such instances.

Please people.....wake up ! - there is 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe......surely it is madness to leave items of value inside a car????

Trevor Midlane
Midlane Insurance Services
2 Alveston Avenue
Tel:  870309
Cell: 0772511237

Vehicle registration

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration will de-register more than

200 000 vehicles if their owners fail to heed a call by the organisation to obtain licenses by the end of this month.


Zinara advised motorists in a statement yesterday to ensure that their vehicles were licensed before the deadline.


“The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration and the Central Vehicle Registry would like to inform the motoring public that all vehicles that have not been licensed for a period exceeding two years will be de-registered from the CVR registry,” read part of the statement.


“To avoid de-registration of your vehicles, we appeal to our valued motoring public to comply by ensuring that their affected vehicles are properly licensed during the window period running prior to or from Saturday 1 November 2014 to Sunday 30 November 2014.”


Once de-registered, zinara said that re-registration of a vehicle would attract a re-registration fee of $160, a police clearance and settlement of licence arrears.


The de-registration of the vehicles was to be carried out in terms of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act Chapter 13:14, section 12 paragraphs (c) and (d).


Part (c) states that the Registrar may cancel the registration of a vehicle that has not been licensed or exempted for two years.


Part (d) states that the Registrar may also de-register a vehicle if he has reasonable grounds for believing that a registered vehicle is no longer required to be registered in terms of Section six.


Last month, zinara revealed that vehicles in the country’s roads had exceeded 1,2 million from 800 000 reported last year, but there was a huge mismatch between vehicles on the road and those that were licensed.


A zinara official yesterday said the number of unregistered vehicles increased everyday.


“On October 31 2014, 160 000 vehicles were unregistered and as from November 1 2014, there are 202 000 unlicensed vehicles on the road,”

said the official.


From Derek Sparrow

I suggest that if there is to be any political solution to the farm seizures by way of compensation or reinstatement or by whatever means the massive Black and White  Diaspora should be urgently mobilised.

The imminent chaotic Mugabe succession issue provides a wider and urgent incentive for the involvement of the exiled citizens which should have occurred at the last election.

I am particularly depressed by the continuous deaths of the farmers mainly in Harare many of whom founded their outstanding commercial farms and contributed to the establishment of the successful agricultural industry. The sad announcements detail their surviving progeny who were born and brought up by their deceased ancestor who imagined that his farm would be inherited by them.

The appropriation of the commercial farms and the wider indigenisation of the other settler enterprises have destroyed the racial cooperation which in half a century created the "jewel of Africa" which Mugabe acknowledged he had inherited in 1980 and which was assessed internationally as an outstanding state.

I believe that an organised Diaspora could demand their citizenship rights and overturn the current predatory and corrupt regime and restore the former racial harmony but time will erode this opportunity.

The White exiles should acknowledge that their persecution lead to the exiling of millions of Black farm workers and persecuted political activists and others who disagreed with the racial and dysfunctional regime.

The Whites have alternative havens and can evacuate which the Blacks lack, most of whom having dependent families at home.

I have a forlorn hope that the current energy, expertise and funds continuing to be applied in pursuit of compensation might be diverted to organising racial combination of the Diaspora leading to the eventual return of the exiles to play predominant roles in the restored "jewel".


Derek Sparrow


Death notices

Death Notice: Jenkins, Sheelagh Mary, (nee Toms) died suddenly in Cape Town on the 25th of October. Gone to join husband Peter and children Tom and Lulu. Rest in peace Mum. Will forever be missed by her daughter Sarah, son-in-law Keith, granddaughters Mandy, Beverley and Lucy and great-grandaughters Ella and Leah. Also her daughter-in-law Estelle, grandsons Michael and David, and great-grandson Blake. Memorial service at Milnerton Methodist Church, Cape Town on Tuesday 4th November at 12 noon. Family can be contacted at .


Death Notice: Jennifer Evelyn Chance : It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jennifer Evelyn Chance late in the afternoon of the 1st of November in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Much loved wife of Selby, dear mother to Fergus and Richard, and sister to Sonia and Vera. She bravely fought both breast cancer then acute Leukaemia for nearly two years. If you would like to contact the family please use the following details: Selby +27 72 9242348 -until Friday 7th November, thereafter, +263 778 505025. Fergus +27 72 4412545 -until Friday 7th November, thereafter, +263 772 465071. Richard +27 82 3481551 -until Thursday 6th November, thereafter, +263 783 241690. Sonia +27 82 7742077. Vera +27 82 4681661. There will be a memorial service at St Johns Church in Nottingham Road, Natal at 1100 on Tuesday 4th November. In addition, there will also be a memorial service in Harare on a date to be advised. 

Terrence Michael Oatt

Funeral Notice – Terrence Michael Oatt .( 23.08.1933 – 04.11.2014) Grandfather to Grant, Lisa, Michael, Paula and Katie, Father to Tanya Rawson and Rosalind Millar, Wife to Robin Hilton Barber and latterly to Jane Oatt.  You will be sorely missed dad, but your sense of humour and clever wit will keep our memories of you alive forever. Fly high with the angels dad!! Memorial Service on Saturday 8th November. Phone Ros on 0772 225 815 or

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Missing and wanted

2 Dogs Are Still  Missing  From Their Home on the Borrowdale Road but might have been seen in the Groombridge Shopping Area today. A black Labrador dog and Golden Retriever bitch. Large Reward offered. Please contact Caro Peech 0772 260397


Missing Dog: “Pixie” is a medium sized spayed terrier cross with Jack Russell colourings.  She has gone missing from Ballantyne on Saturday night after fireworks.  Please call Avondale Vets on 339971/2 or Sister Janet on 0773 098 170.  Photo available.  Thank you


Wanted: Good home for 2 dogs. Mack is a purebred Staffy male, black with a white flash, 6 years old and has a lovely nature, desperate to please. Jay is a 2 year old Staffy cross, great guard dog and loves children. We are emigrating and will not have a garden. Please call 0772 600 710