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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last weekend, 21 and 22 July, people tried to get into our property in Croborough Road Mt Pleasant during the day.

We have a neighbourhood Watch operating very successfully at night with Police Reservists patrolling 3 roads in our suburb protecting 22 households. Hence I’m sure the daytime visit.

On Saturday four large, well built men wearing dark suits and gloves tried to get the gardener’s daughter to unlock the gate as they had an envelope to give to the ‘Boss’! She refused to open the gate and when the ‘Boss’ was seen in the garden on the cellfone they ran back to their silver coloured car and drove off. Again on Sunday they returned. We are hoping an eye-witness who saw them that day can give us the make of vehicle and the registration number tomorrow, Tuesday.

We have since heard that a similar incident happened closer to the university where the house was actually cleaned out. Please be watchful all the time and ask your staff to report all strange characters they see loitering, and not to talk to odd bods walking along the roads.

Further to the report we sent to you the other day……..
There were 3 men in the car, two were black and one of them had ragged hair, the other man had a lighter complexion. They were heavily built and all wore gloves.


Number plate…..ABC 0665

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


From: kariba Info


 Sadly, the blind Zebra had to be put down today. We believe this Zebra  was from the below mentioned herd as there were marks from fighting

 We have had a number of reports today of  Zebra with blood on the legs  and chunks out the sides.

 There is at the moment a herd  of  8 Zebra which are all FEMALES and one  youngster  and  two of them are fighting badly. They are running all over  the roads chasing each other and the herd. This morning/Monday 16th, they  were the border side of Kariba, Mahombekombe, Kariba Service Station but  they are sure to be all over the place at the rate they are running.

 Please pass on to all Residents that this lot is running amok at the  moment and to drive carefully on the roads, especially around corners and  over hills as you may meet them head on as they are running.

 REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,  Animals always have the right of way


HARTNETT, YVONNE DOROTHY passed away on Wednesday, 11th July. Mum/Gran you will be sorely missed by Jacqui, Anne, Michelle, Brent & Lara. We will always cherish our memories of you.

Memorial service will be held on Tuesday, 17th July at All Souls Church, Westcott Rd, Mt Pleasant at 2pm.

Zimbabwe police investigate murder of white businessman

Zimbabwe police investigate murder of white businessman

Zimbabwean police are investigating the brutal murder of a white businessman
whose bloodied body was found in the boot of his car, five days after he
went missing.

By Aislinn Laing and Peta Thornycroft in Johannesburg

7:32PM BST 16 Jul 2012

Allan Banks, 52, was discovered by police in the capital Harare with a
plastic bag wound around his head following a campaign to find him by his
family and friends that saw fliers pinned on trees and email and media
notices sent out.

Mr Banks, a married father with four daughters, is understood to have run a
string of food and wholesale stores around Harare and was a popular figure
in the country's small white community.

He was last seen at his shop in Harare's Rhodesville Shopping Center at 11am
on July 11.

His silver Toyota Corolla was discovered on Saturday parked on a street
corner in the centre of town, in front of the Tivoli Gardens park.

Police Inspector James Sabau said the vicious way in which he was killed was
very rare in Zimbabwe, where the violent crime rates are low.

"We are not used to such cases," he told Zimbabwe's Daily News. "We are
still trying to see what the cause of death was. There was blood all over
the boot and his head was covered in a plastic bag.

"Looking at the body, vehicle and scene it is difficult to tell what
transpired at the moment."

Speaking to the Telegraph yesterday, Mr Banks' wife Monica said the family
was struggling to stay afloat in Zimbabwe's harsh economic climate but she
was sure her husband had no enemies.

"We don't know what business he was doing the day he disappeared," she said.
"We don't want newspapers to know which suburb we live in because we don't
want the guy to come and get us as well."

A family friend denied reports in Harare that Mr Banks had also been trading
in small rough diamonds to raise cash to settle his debts.

"I don't believe he was in any diamond business," he said. "He was in debt
that is true, but at this point in time we don't know how deeply in debt he
was. You know Zimbabwe's economy is stuffed."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blind Zebra

On Saturday 14th Cavan came across a semi blind Zebra near the Carribbea Bay bus stop where the Road Blocks normally are.
He was wondering aimlessly. His one eye seemed completely blind whilst out of his other eye he could see a bit of movement.
He seemed to have been in a fight, with what, we are not sure.

Cavan waited with him (as he was very close to causing accidents with vehicles) whilst The Area Manager for Parks and Wildlife was contacted and Andries Scholtz.
It was decided and agreed to dart him and move him to a safer area whilst Vets were contacted or his eyesight improved.

He was taken to Tamarind Lodge and was quite happy there but decided to become an escape artist during the night and bust out through the electric fence !!.

He was located again and now has someone following him with radio coms.

By midday Sunday another 2 had joined up with him. They are presently on the Powerline area from Cutty Sark side through to Nyamhunga.

Cavan thinks his sight has improved slightly so he is just going to be monitored for a day or 2 to see if it improves anymore. He will have 2 people following him during the course of the night.

PLEASE pass this onto all in Kariba. He has a BLUE X on his rump and one ear with more blue on various parts of his body so it is not easy to miss him.

Although we should all exercise caution when Wild Animals are on the road as they have the RIGHT OF WAY, in this case, this applies even more so and extreme caution should be exercised. Please look out for him and do not HOOT or cause any noise to frighten him. Imagine if you were wandering on a road without full eyesight and recovering from wounds.