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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Letter from the UK

The problems of poverty, racism and unemployment are not simply technical problems in search of the perfect ten-point plan. They are also rooted in societal indifference and individual callousness-the desire among those at the top of the social ladder to maintain their wealth and status whatever the cost, as well as the despair and self-destructiveness among those at the bottom of the ladder.

Dealing with these challenges will require changes in government policy, it will also require changes in hearts and minds.

The case in point here is our beautiful and resources endowed Zimbabwe which we have turned into a laughing stock of the nations because of decadent emotional nationalism devoid of reason and strategy in a planet that is changing every day and living us behind.

The economies of our neighbours Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia have been flourishing for years while that of Zimbabwe crashed. We are told our collapse is as a result of "illegal sanctions" which stopped us from borrowing money which could have fixed the economy.

This is not true. We could no longer borrow because we had not repaid previous borrowings. Our bankers had already cut us off long before any sanctions were imposed.

So why then are we in such a mess when our neighbours are not? What really caused the problems we face but did not affect the countries around us? Why has it dragged on for so long that we are now even unable to pay the civil service proper wages?

Tha answer is the "Fast Track Land Reform Programme"(FTLRP).It has destroyed the country's economy along with our wealth creating abilities .It has made it impossible to make any economic progress. Allow us to explain how wealth has always been created and why it is we can no longer do so because of the FTLRP and are thus doomed to keep on falling.

All wealth comes from the ground or the oceans. It may come in many forms; minerals,oil and harvests of fish or crops, forests, livestock and wildlife. It may come from using what has come from the earth and adding value to it, for instance converting metals, plastics and rubber into motor vehicles and aircraft. Or it may come from using manufactured items like aircraft and vehicles to satisfy and service the needs of travellers who wish to move from place to place or to use machines to add value to a metal or commodity. But ultimately all wealth comes from the earth; in a nutshell wealth is created by entrepreneurs or businessman investing in the factors of production. These factors of production are land ,l abour and capital. Familiar isn't it?

Why do we not then just get on with it and have our entrepreneurs combine their skills to the factors of production which are staring back at us?
In this way surely we can return to being as rich as or richer than we were before? The FTLRP has made this impossible, it does not matter which way you look at it. The FTLRP through the destruction of property rights has also destroyed the factors of production and erased that necessary economic ingredient, confidence.

Entrepreneurs, those that really matter ,having seen that there was no security of tenure, no property rights in Zimbabwe, have gone. What is more they have taken their capital with them. The capital which remained behind has been destroyed by inflation. Take twenty-five noughts off even Bill Gates' fortune and he too will be penniless like the rest of us.
There is now, as Biti has found out just no money, no liquid working capital left.

What about labour? Surely there must be plenty around. Surprisingly not.
Labour ,especially skilled labour is like money. It is very fluid and mobile. Both flow to where they perceive they will achieve the best returns. Labour moves locally, within the region and overseas. These migrations range from nearby gold panning, to jumping regional borders and may even include finding a financial managerial post in the City of London. Labour cannot sit by patiently waiting for the good times to return, labour must eat as must labour's families.

The land what about it? We are told the land was stolen and now that it has been taken back an excellent state of affairs must prima facie exist.
Then why is it that the land is not properly used , or used at all? Why is the current wheat crop going to be the lowest ever? Why is Biti talking of providing US147 million(from where no one knows) to fund the summer crop which estimates say will cost at least US850 million? If there is no funding,then off course there will also be no summer crop.
All our savings have been eaten up by inflation, nothing is left. Gono can no longer print inflationary Zimbabwe money because he has made it worthless. He has long since ruined our currency through his BACOSSI's and ASPEF's. Our present dire straits are to deteriorate further. There is no money nor will there be any, to import food.

But hang on, why do the banks not provide the money to grow the crops as they used to? Government (for which read the taxpayer)historically was never saddled with the burden of funding agriculture. It is not true, as some politicians would have us believe ,that the banks are just being spiteful. Banks do not lend out their own money, they lend out money that belongs to the public who would have deposited these funds into the banks. If they lend out the public's funds unwisely, these loans will not be repaid. The banks will then have to dip into their own pockets; they will have to use their own capital to repay the depositors whose funds have been lost. In any event the economy has been run down so low that no funds of any consequence remain in the banks longer than a month.
Available funds must be withdrawn to take across the borders to buy more stocks-currently we produce nothing.

This is the crunch. Banks use title to lend ,all sorts of it, to secure their lending; to guarantee that the money they lend and that the interest they levy on these loans will be repaid. Now the title to farmland has been destroyed it cannot be used as security, nor can farmland without funding produce optimally as it used to do. Nor can farmland use its intrinsic value and worth to create working capital for the people to use for projects other than funding cropping and livestock.
These projects include dams, boreholes, equipment, and transport and irrigation development. Commercial farmland now has no value, it cannot be sold, its value has evaporated into worthlessness. Government says it is State Land just as Communal Land is State Land. The Communal Land cannot be sold either; it too has no real economic value.

Lack of security is the whole reason why banks no longer fund farmers; nor can they until title is restored to Commercial Farm Land and title is provided to Communal Farm Land. Then both categories of land can function properly.

Biti admits that in the first six months of this year he has only raked inUS$157million in taxes, yet he budgeted on spendingUS$1000 over a whole year. The reason why the tax income is pitiful is a direct result of economic activity being so putrid. There is no production. As explained the economy cannot recover and will forever remain in this present state of devastation until the factors of production are freed up to allow them to do their job of wealth creation.

Tsvangirai has been around the world looking for funds to rebuild the country's economy. He failed, not because Western nations are unwilling to assist, but because they understand that the factors of production cannot come into play and perform their wealth generating function whilst property rights and interlinked security of tenure are not recognised.
Even the Chinese understand this concept. They know from their own bitter histories that businesses cannot function effectively without security of tenure-be it a mine ,a factory or a farm.

What is the solution to lift us out of this never ending cycle of poverty? It is quite simple and has been laid out for us by a uniquely African institution, the Southern African Development Community(SADC).This is an African institution which understands what makes countries rich and prosperous .In their wisdom they know what is needed to provide a proper framework and economic climate which will encourage entrepreneurs to get into action. Entrepreneurs take big risks when launching new ventures. When the economic climate is not conducive, these new ventures either do not occur, or are moved to countries where chances of success are better. When entrepreneurs succeed in combining their skills, limited capital labour and land, they generate further wealth for themselves and in so doing they produce more taxes for the nation. We must restore production.

This knowledge is encapsulated in the Southern Africa Development Community Treaty. The Treaty draws on the very same knowledge that made our neighbours Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia far wealthier after independence than they were before. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe recognised this when on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe, he entered into the Treaty by signing it on 17 August1992.As the Treaty requires us to do it was ratified by Parliament on 17 November 1992, thus becoming part of our National law. The Treaty lays down rules of good governance showing how member states should behave to make the SADC a prosperous and delightful part of the world for all of us who leave here.

The overseer of the SADC Treaty was created when the SADC Tribunal came into being. Article 16 of the SADC Treaty recognised the need to establish a Tribunal "to ensure adherence to and the proper interpretation of the provisions of this Treaty.

This was to ensure that the provisions of the Treaty were upheld.
Importantly, our President, with his vision shared by other Member States accepted and undertook that the "decisions of the Tribunal shall be final and binding"(Article 16.5-Treaty).

President Mugabe has become our saviour and shown us the way to save ourselves from the terrible predicament in which we presently find ourselves. We must adhere to the ruling of the full Bench on 28 November
2008 when they ruled that farmers must be left in beneficial occupation of their lands. Those that had been evicted must be paid fair compensation. This will solve the present impasse and open the way to security of tenure and funding from the Western nations.

Since it is beyond the capacity of the current Government to pay compensation to those evicted ,(remember they cannot properly pay their wages)it will become necessary to consider other options. The Tribunal Ruling is binding and we are forced to respect it. It is our salvation and for the sake of us all and our children, we must surely use it .Do we really want another round of hyper-inflation, violence .starvation and instability?

All is not lost Zimbabwe shall prosper. It is time to stop the "war"
techniques of secrecy, snooping, and misinformation used against opponents as tools of domestic politics and a means to harass critics, build support for questionable policies or cover up blunders.

Let us all be guided by what works and not what we wish should work.

All for the love of our beautiful Zimbabwe think about it.



COURT ORDER 5075/08 24/08/2008

15/7/2009 Charles Nyachowe, ID 70/067/169Q, of 29 Manyonga Drive,
Glen Lorne (011-402 150) arrived with three people. Lands Officer Tigere, Ministry of Lands, Chinhoyi. Told Moses, our Farm Manager that they were going to come back with Offer letter.

18/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe plus five people parked outside near
ramp, crept through fence, walked around houses.

19/07/2009 Charles Nyachowa plus two people parked outside near
ramp, crept through fence, walked around. High Court Order says he is forbidden on Ingwerati Farm, Case Number HC 5075/08 24/08/2008.

20/07/2009 Phoned Sheriff Gate (0912-295 144) who evicted Charles
Nyachowa on 12/9/2008. He took me to ZRP Norton. We saw Insp Ndebele
0912-735 980 and Sgt Tarangarawa who was at eviction. He advised me to come the next day and report to the Member In Charge, Mhandy (0912-749 427), who I had smsed and told that Nyachowe was on the Farm.

21/07/2009 9am Chief Insp Mhandy called Sgt Chirinda (0912-918 546)
who went through all CR and phoned Lands Officer Chinhoyi, Tigere Ministry of Lands Chinhoyi 067-21763 (0912-585 660).

29/08/2008 Gazetted Ingwerati Spitzop 12+14 108B-2008 Hec 348-68
Hec. Last offer letter 28/08/2008. Whole Ingwerati 351.00 hec. He
said he had not left offer letter, only spoken to Manager Moses. He said we are to vacate by 31/08/2009.

21/07/2009 Sgt Chirinda and Chief Insp Mhandy advised me to go to
the DA in Murombedzi. DA L M Bakare Room 41. He phoned Lands Officer Tigere. He spoke to Lands Officer Chikomba. We went to Chinhoyi as advised but he had a meeting with Governor Chidarikire at 3pm and wanted us to wait until 4.30 to see him which we could not do as that was too late for the two hour drive home. Sent him an sms (0912-585 660) to cancel and phoned his Secretary, Daphne 067-21763.

22/07/2009 Reported back to Sheriff Gate. He took me to Public
Prosecutor Munyoro 062-2579 (0912-911 134) to find out the verdict of the court cases.

CR18/10/08 This case was CR37/08/08. Gilbert Pengo Charles Nyachowe
threatened to kill him with a gun at his head if he stopped him from breaking into my house with a locksmith which he did on 04/08/2008 and stayed in the house until 12/09/2008 with ten guards. Court date 25/03/2009.

CR128/08/08 Breaking and entering and abuse of my personal household
possessions, theft to the value of $1850. Court cases 12/12/2008, 16/02/2008, 24/03/2009 and 17/04/2009.

CR145/8/08 Assault of Kennith Vaughan Sherriffs. Charles Nyachowe
paid Admission of Guilt fine at ZRP Norton.

22/07/2009 Public Prosecutor Munyoro and Deputy Sheriff came and
looked at abuse to stove and microwave. The staff, who have the beds and mattresses, said that were disgusting and they washed and cleaned them and are using. I was told to go and see Insp Ndebele with the list of malicious damage to my property after the Public Prosecutor phoned him.

CR39/9/08 Paul Nyachowe, brother of Charles, whom he works for and
was in my house with the guards, drove into our truck twice, hitting it with Charles Nyachowe's green tractor twice, which has not been repaired. This case has now been transferred from ZRP Norton to Marimba 08/09/2008, reference number 219/10/08. Quote US $1,575. 2/12/2008 Inv 6884.

23/07/2009 4:30pm Charles Nyachowe and two vehicles with 8 men took
hacksaws and cut the lock to the main gate. This is the fifth lock he has cut to enter the Farm (Ingwerati). At the main house, has broken into the security gates at the front of the main house. Phoned ZRP Norton, Sgt Chirinda 0912-918 546, Insp Ndebele 0912-735 980, Sgt Tarangarawa 023-265 208 and Sheriff Gate 0912-295 144. The Guard Rhamosi was told by Charles Nyachowe that he will kill him if he closes the gate.

23/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe stole ½ tonne of gum wood from the
Manager's house and took it to the main house. His vehicle number, a green Nissan AAO 1706.

24/07/2009 We went with the Sheriff and Officers Nzombo and Chirinda
to Ingwerati. Nyachowe and his brother Paul were looking at the borehole opposite the manager's house. The Sheriff advised him that he was going to issue him with CIV29A Notice of Removal. Nyachowe went bezerk and said that all high court orders only last 90 days and that the State owns the land and he has been given Ingwerati. The Sheriff said the High Court ruling was valid until it is revoked by the High Court with a new offer letter. The offer letter dated 2/08/2008 that Nyachowe gave the two policeman, the Sheriff said was the same one that was thrown out in the High Court as false. The policemen said that they thought the Sheriff was wrong and Nyachowe's letter was valid. Charles Nyachowe shouted and screamed and said that he is going to get Bob and he is going to get 20% of Boheke and threatened the Sheriff. He pointed at myself and said he knew where I lived at Northfields.

The Dispol, Chief Superindent Makunike said the policeman had made a mistake and the Sheriff was correct. We then obtained a Bond of Indemnity (CIV41A) from Coghlan Welsh & Guest to allow the Messenger of the Court to act on our behalf.

At 4.30, the Sheriff went back to Ingwerati with the CIV29A Notice of Removal and issued it to Nyachowe who said there would be war and he would be killed if he came on Monday. The Sheriff had three people as witnesses who heard these threats.

25/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe took another ½ tonne of gum wood from
the Manager's house which he was seen leaving the farm with.

25/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe cut the electric boundary fence with the
assistance of three of his men to make a new entrance to the main house to avoid going passed the guards.

26/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe maintained his presence on the farm with
other visitors on and off throughout the day.

27/07/2009 The Sheriff sent me to the Norton Police to pick up five
details to go with him for protection during the eviction. The Member In Charge, Mhandy 0912-749 427, called Nzombo and Chirinda, and they agreed that they would not give the Sheriff back-up. The ZRP told me that Mr Nyachowa had gone to see the Secretary of Justice, Mr Mangota.

The Dispol Inspector, Makunike 0912-840 653 and
0913-426 074, told them that this was not correct but could not get them to comply with their duties.

The Sheriff came to town and went to the Police Headquarters and they assured him that he would get back-up, however, when he returned the backup was not forthcoming. The Sheriff has his truck with ten officials to help him with the eviction. He then proceeded in his car to Ingwerati and told Paul Nyachowe, who was in the main house, that he would be back on Tuesday to evict him.

27/07/09 I wanted a report made at Norton Police Station of the
lock being cut (This is the 5th lock he has cut) the wood stolen, and the boundary electric fence he and 3 other men cut, making a new entrance to the main house. The police refused to write up this on a wait and see basis.

28/07/2009 The Sheriff returned to Mhandy, ZRP Norton and was
refused the police details to back him as they said they have a docket for us for over staying at the farm. The Sheriff was waiting for the Master of the High Court to issue a directive to the police to assist.

This morning, our Dairy Manager, Moses, contacted us to say that Charles Nyachowe had gone into the Dairy and told him he was to stop milking and move the cows on Wednesday and also that he was going to be welding the gate so that we would not have entry and that his men would be running the farm. There are 89 Holstein highly pedigree herd on this farm.

Laatest death notices

In memory of my mate Joey Edwards who went to the Lord 28 July 1999.

Long years have not quietened treasured memories

You are always in my thoughts, always in my dreams

Re-living happy days when our world was young

I don't know quite when, but I know we'll meet again

Till then my love, you are always in my heart



Memorial Service for the Late Juanita Pringle (nee Franco)

Dear Friends and Family,
We are back in Zimbabwe and have organised a memorial for Mum. Mum's memorial will be held at Highlands Presby church in Harare on Wednesday 29th at 11am. Please dress in bright colours. We invite you to join us afterwards for tea at the church.
Stuart, Janine and Brett


Juanita Aurianna Pringle (nee Franco)

Memorial Service to be held for Juanita Aurianna Pringle (nee Franco) who passed away on the 27th June 2009 in Ipswich, UK. The service will take place at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 11am on Wednesday 29th July 2009. Please accept this invitation to attend this tribute to Juanita.
Tea will be served at the Church following this service.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Island Hospice

Island Hospice Service was the 1st Hospice on Africa and is this year celebrating its 30th year in service to Zimbabwe.
They provide a home based palliative care service for those with a life threatening illness and their families, and a bereavement service. Their staff are made up of Nurses and social workers who are also involved in training any groups that might benefit from their 30 years of expertise such as Doctors, medical students, pastors, community based organisations,teachers etc. Sadly one of their busiest training roles recently has been the capacity building of young carers who find themselves caring for a very ill, often dying parent. Some of these can be as young as 7 years old, and Island addresses both their practical neeeds in terms of how to care for this sick family member, and their emotional needs in terms of the losses they have already, and will face in their young lives.As is to be expected, Island is facing difficult financial times, as the majority of their clientele can not afford to pay anything towards the service they receive.
Should anyone like to donate to Island, the physiacl address is 6 Natal Road, Avondale, Harare. Phone 701676/7.
Many thanks
Val Maasdorp
Clinical Director
Island Hospice Service

New crime report - Mt Pleasant

Here is an account of something that happened to Libby Mackenzie, the wife of my work partner Ian Mackenzie.
Libby was held up and robbed at her home in Mt Pleasant yesterday afternoon. Libby had done some shopping and returned to her home in Mt Pleasant. The maid unlocked the gate when she arrived and Libby drove the car in, parked it, left the car open, instructed the maid to unload the shopping and her school books and went inside to her bedroom. The gate was still open.

The maid was approached by a man who asked if the boss was in as he had come about a truck. The maid informed the man that there was no one home other than the madam and her whereupon the man pulled out a gun, made the maid lie on the lounge floor and call out to Libby that someone was there to see her. At this stage another man joined in.

Libby came out of the bedroom to be met by two gunmen who demanded forex initially. Libby pulled out USD70 odd in her handbag but he said that was not enough. So she handed over another amount from her cupboard amounting to about USD800. He asked how much was there. She told him USD800 and he counted the money. He then demanded her cell phone. Although he had been through her bag he had not noticed a slim phone in her bag so Libby handed over another older phone which happened to be nearby. He then demanded jewellery and started by demanding her wristwatch but she refused to do this saying it was a present from her husband.

The thieves then locked Libby and her maid in a bathroom after which they drove off in her Toyota Corolla having picked up the keys off a table in the lounge. Libby then managed to call Ian.

It is obviously extremely fortunate that Libby was not roughed up, or worse.

The CID were of the opinion that she had been targeted at the shopping centre and followed
back to her house. There was probably a third person, maybe more, in a vehicle that followed her back to her house, although neither Libby not the maid saw another vehicle.

Panis and Ferreira - death notices

Mr. Basil Panas

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the sudden death of our friend and fellow member, Mr. Basil Panas on Thursday 23rd July, 2009. He will be greatly missed by the Committee, Members and Staff of the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association. Our deepest sympathy to the families.

The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday 29th July at the Greek Orthodox Church, Leopold Takawira Street.

Mrs. Jo Ferreira
The Committee, Members and Staff of the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association extend sincere condolences to Mr. Ian Ferreira and family on their recent loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Zimbabwe Hunters AssociationP. O Box HG 548 Highlands Harare.16 Walter Hill Avenue Eastlea Harare

Phone 04 704978 or 707306Cell: 0912 329434

Monday, July 27, 2009

Condolences, death notices from Bulawayo

SCHERMBRUCKER: Dave - dearly loved husband of Candy, adored father of Gilly, Robbie and Alan and their families,Specially loved brother of Cynthia, Beryl and Alison and families died of a heart attack in Cape Town on Sunday early morning (26 July 2009) .++++++JOAN BRADFIELD ;It was with great sadness to hear of Joan's passing - please accept heartfelt sympathy to her beloved family - Gill MitchellThe family of Joan's dear friend Marion Milner also wish to express their deepest sympathy. She will always be rememberedwith love and affection.+++++WENDY LE CORDEURPassed away on 22 July 2009. Beloved wife of Dennis and mother and grandmother of Adele, Joy, Ivo, Nicolette & Nastasha. The matriarch of our extended family and a role model for us all - she will be sorely missed. A memorial service will be held on Thursday 30th July at 2:30 pm at Church of Ascension, Hillside.+++++++++ANTHONY TIERNAY, good friend and work colleague for 50 years at Bulawayo Power Station.Sincere condolences to all the family wherever they are at this time.Ray & Sybil CluttyNyanga++++++++RAY VAN RENSBURGPassed away tragically in Gweru on the 16 July 2009. Beloved husband of 53 years to Marina, Father and Grandfather of Cheryl, Bev, Neil, Dale, Arthur, John, Tammy, Stuart, Storm, Simone and Corey.He will be forever loved and missed by the whole family.++++++++DEATH / MEMORIAL SERVICEALAN RYAN - Beloved partner to Di for 32 years. Passed away suddenly in Johannesburg on 3 July 2009.He shall be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.A memorial service will be held on Saturday 25 July 2009 at 4.30 p.m. at the Whitestone School Chapel. All those wishing to attend are most welcome.+++++The Memorial Service for RAY VAN RENSBURG was held at REVIVAL CENTRE MINISTRIES - Galway Rd, Famona at 2pm on Thursday 23rd July+++++Munro Alexander. Our beloved Pa passed onto greener pastures on 07 July 2009 at 87 years oldLoving father to Ray, Louise, much loved grandfather of Wayne, Ursula. Neil, Danni and great grandfather,Of Jordan, Skye, Savannah and Alex. You were one in a million and we are going to miss you dearly.Your spirit will live on in our hearts forever, we will always be one. RIPMunro Alexander, Beloved father of Johnny and Cheryl, Grandfather to Cameron and Kate (Cape town)Rest peacefully Dad.Munro Alexander, Much loved brother of Donald and Sylvia, uncle to Dee, Colin and Kathy (Kimberley)We will miss you Mac.Munro Alexander, Good friend and mentor a real gentleman and outstanding farmer one of the best.We will always remember you , Brian, Janet, Daryl ,Veyatie and Paul Martyn. RIP.

Tracy and Pringle - death and memorial notices

Juanita Aurianna Pringle (nee Franco)

Memorial Service to be held for Juanita Aurianna Pringle (nee Franco) who passed away on the 27th June 2009 in Ipswich, UK. The service will take place at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 11am on Wednesday 29th July 2009. Please accept this invitation to attend this tribute to Juanita.
Tea will be served at the Church following this service.



The Funeral Service of the late Mr "CG" Tracey will be held at the Highlands Presbyterian Church on Tuesday 28 July 2009 at 2.30pm.

Refuse removal - from an aquantence

Being concerned about the ever increasing piles of refuse being dumped in public areas, vleis and vacant plots, I contacted the City of Harare last week in an attempt to find a solution to this. They informed me that the reason for this is because refuse was being collected in residential areas ONCE a month and gave me the collection dates of some areas. However, today I went to see them to told the good news that as of next week, they are planning to reintroduce weekly collections in residential areas.
On my way back from the meeting, I witnessed personnel dumping their building rubble in a vlei in Eastlea from a truck belonging to Vari Freight. City of Harare informed me that if anyone is caught doing this, they will be made to not only remove what they have dumped but clear the entire area themselves. It is not only illegal and an eyesore, but a health hazard too.
Please can I urge you and/or your staff/domestic workers to refrain from dumping your refuse as the trucks will be back in your area within the next week or two. Please help to get Harare back to being the Sunshine City.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Birth Notice

Weare -

Clare and Christopher are delighted with the birth of Molly Margaret Weare. Tina and Kelvin are over the moon with their very first grandchild and Maria, Danny Markham and the boys are also very chuffed with the new addition.


C G Tracey passed away peacefully at his daughter's home in Harare on Wednesday (22nd July 09)

Will be greatly missed by his family.

Funeral arrangements to be advised.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clipboard e-newsletter: what's on in Harare?

Subject: Jul 20 Clipboard e-newsletter: what's on in Harare?

Clipboard – July 20 2009

Here’s this week’s Clipboard, a quick guide to some of the events coming up in and around Harare in coming weeks. If you have something you would like to tell people about, then e-mail information to and it will be included. This e-newsletter includes information about arts, theatre, sport and business events – in fact, about anything! If you would like NOT to receive this e-mail (which is sent text only to keep it very small and easily downloadable) then also advise us at that address. Please pass this e-mail on to your family, friends and colleagues so that everyone is better informed about what’s on.

Thursday July 23: Wind Players Evening at Chisipite Senior School, featuring our wind band and jazz band, as well as soloists; also coming up at Chisi, August 4, annual SPCA Benefit Concert at which the junior choir will present a Jazz Cantata David and Goliath with drama and dance. All start at 5.30pm and all are in the Chapel at the senior school and last an hour. Any queries please ring Di Wright on 490845 or 0912336244.

Thursday July 23 to Sunday July 26 – Tantalising Television at Reps Theatre, Mitzi Carruthers’ annual dance sensation. For tickets book at The Spotlight in the Reps Theatre foyer. Performances 7pm Thurs, Fri and Sat plus 2.30pm matinees Sat and Sun. Always great fun, especially seeing some extremely talented young dance talent. Matinees filling up fast, as is Friday night. Highly recommended family entertainment.

Thursday July 23 to Saturday July 25 – Oleanna in Reps Theatre Upstairs, staring Kevin Hanssen and Rene Mostert. Return of this great dramatic production just ahead of its performance in the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival a few days later. Booking at The Spotlight.

Saturday July 25 – Food, Wine and Books Day, Doon Estate, Msasa. Doon Estate Shopping Village invites everyone to a wonderful day of good food, good wine and good books from 10am to 2pm. Books exhibited by Weaver Press, The Booklist, Walmark. Local authors Iain Macdonald, Jacqui Taylor, Joyce Jenje Makwenda, Derek and Rose Rigden, Jim Barker, Stu Taylor, Oscar Manduku, CG Tracey, Amanda Chiwanza. Food available includes sushi, curry and rice, gourmet picnic food by Caroline Meiring of Hudsons. Lots of goodies to buy and take home such as quiche, lasagne, sausage rolls, biltong, nuts, cakes, biscuits, rusks, sauces, chillis, jams, pickles, samoosas and other Indian treats, fresh veggies and herbs, spices and seasonings, bread, croissants, chocolate and so on. Bring a cooler box for your purchases! Wine from Boland, Darling Cellars, Excelsior Estate, Landskroon Wines and Van Loveren by Glen Lorne Cellars and come find out what they are launching on the day. Douglas Green Wines. There will be a huge jumping castle for the kids and some mellow music on the go.

Saturday July 25 – Transearth Rally, based at Ruwa Country Club. Exciting motor rally event starting 9.30am and ending at 4pm at the Motorsports Club in Eastlea (behind Haddon Motors). Catering at Ruwa Club all day for spectators. Check with the rally office at the club for info on good spectator points. Organised by Sables Club, e-mail

Saturday July 25 – Karaoke Night at The Liquid Lounge, hosted by Dave and Debbie Fleming. From 7pm, only $6 includes a light meal plus the karaoke. The Liquid Lounge is Harare’s newest wine bar and grill and is open daily from 10.30am for meals and a full bar. Ideal for luncheons and dinners for groups and clubs. Situated with secure parking in the shopping complex at 3 Cecil Road, behind Rhodesville Shopping Centre, Highlands. Make sure you have a place at the karaoke or at lunch or dinner by reserving a table – call Faith on 0912 365975. Find out from her about the regular wine tastings, too.

Sunday July 26 – 18th Annual Charity Art Exhibition at The Verandah Gallery, 16 Woodholme Road, Emerald Hill. 10am to 4pm, and featuring works by 40 different Zimbabwean artists. Includes stone sculpture from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Detema Jazz Band will entertain and a wine bar and other refreshments will be available. 2010 Verandah Gallery calendar will also be available – hot off the presses. Entry fee $1, of which 25 percent will go to the Emerald Hill Children’s Home and Emerald Hill; School for the Deaf.

Friday July 31 – Peterhouse Boys Choir recital, Peterhouse Girls Music Centre (6pm), with further performances Sun August 2 at the Peterhouse Chapel (12 noon) and Arundel School Chapel in Harare (Tues August 4 at 6pm). Entry $5, students in uniform free. For more information contact the Peterhouse registrar on 019-22200/1/2 or 24951/2/3 or

Friday July 31 – Party At The Rocks, a great evening of fun and music from 7pm to late. Entry fee $5. Venue: Cave Affair, Domboshawa. Security for cars and people. Bar available. For more info contact or call 0913 4478887.

Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2 – Wine, Women and Song, presented by Reps Theatre and Adrienne’s Restaurant in the Reps foyer. A dinner show featuring women – singers, dancers, comediennes and others. Booking at The Spotlight – only 80 places available each night and two nights only for this unique Reps Entertainment.

Saturday 1st August - Ballistic School Disco! "Old School" party, with a school disco theme. In association with Ballistic Shooters, this event is being held at Keg and Maiden at 7pm. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 on the door - this includes snacks. Dress to theme, no U18. There will be prizes for the best dressed and other giveaways. Secure parking. To book or for any questions, contact 0912 571 404

Sunday August 2 – the return of Sunday lunches at Adrienne’s Restaurant in the Belgravia Shopping Centre. Only $10 for a three-course meal, or have a look at the a la carte menu. Ideal for families and large groups as well as single and couples! If this gets popular you will need to book a table by calling 335602. don’t forget Adrienne’s is open each day (except Sunday, at the moment) for lunch and dinner. Great venue for meals before or after Reps shows.

August school holidays – School Holiday Club. Three-day tennis and cricket clinic, as well as art and craft lessons for boys and girls ages seven to 10. August 12-14, August 20-22 or August 24-26. To be held at Chisipite Junior School’s nursery school block, 8am to 12.30pm. All art materials, drinks and food supplied, but students must bring tennis racquets, cricket bats, sun cream and hats. Prizes in each area of focus. Cost is $60 per student for each three-day clinic.To register for this fun clinic, please contact Julia Jones at or; or call 884277 or 0912255698

Sunday August 16 – Fun Quiz, German Shepherd Dog Club, Flanagan Drive, Hillside (behind Macro). Questions set by Alex Fairlie. Teams welcome, no entrance fee. Bar and food available. For more about the fun pub quiz circuit, contact Dusty Miller at These quiz events are always good fun.

Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23 – Art At The Rocks, an open art exhibition for all Zimbabwean artists. Artists need to book before August 14, please. Exhibition open 9am to 5pm each day. Venue: the Cave Affair, Domboshawa, secure for cars and people. For more information contact Warwick at or call 0913 447887 or 0913 447886.

Friday August 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 – Toyota Zimbabwe Challenge Rally, the country’s premier motorsport event, with drivers from across Africa. More information on sponsors, venues, spectator opportunities and timings in due course. Official programme to be published exclusively in The Standard newspaper on Sunday August 23.

Saturday September 5 - The Harare Wine and Food Festival: Wild Geese Lodge. Proceeds to The Cancer Association. For more details contact Graham Katz at or on 0912 125425. Tickets at $25 per person (includes your own wine glass to use and keep) will be available soon from The Cancer Centre, 60 Livingston Avenue.

Friday September 18 – Rainbow Towers: 2009 AZTA Awards – awards event for the tourism sector from the Association of Zimbabwean Travel Agents. Open to AZTA members and people involved in the tourism sector. Contact Rosey Bruce ( or Ursula Malan ( for information

Thursday September 24 – Celebration Centre: 2009 Combined Senior Schools Concert. Held annually and always popular – great music and singing from several hundred talented young Zimbabweans. 7pm start. Bookings open later in the year.

Saturday September 26 - Borrowdale Country Club hosts a Fun Open Day from 11am. Bring the family along for a day of leisure, sport, food and entertainment. The bowls, tennis and archery sections of the club will demonstrate and give lessons on how to play. Borrowdale Country Club is situated on Carrick Creagh Road, Helensvale. All welcome.

Saturday October 10 and Sunday October 11 – 2009 InnSider Expo lifestyle exhibition, for the whole family. Including Wedding Wow Wedding Expo. Wild Geese Lodge, Teviotdale Road. Hosted by Inns of Zimbabwe with a wide range of exhibits aimed at everyone, entertainment and chances of many, many lucky prizes. 10am to 5pm daily, Catering available. Always great fun for the whole family and also for the business community.

Saturday October 10 – Voices for Hospice concert, raising awareness and funds for Island Hospice. Venue, Harare international School Theatre. More details in due course but diarise now for one of the finest entertainments of the year.

Tuesday October 20 to Saturday October 24 – Broadway Hits and Musical Bits 2, a Debbie Fleming song and dance show at Reps Theatre. Follow-up to highly successful first outing, featuring the music of films and stage shows. Great cast, great music and fun for the whole family. Booking will open at The Spotlight in late September. Debbie is still looking for male dancers and singers – teenage upwards. Call her on 492314.

Saturday October 31 – Festival of Sound and Light at Domboshawa, with live music, light shows and great fun for all. Contact Warwick at for more information.

The Spotlight – as so many events, Reps and elsewhere, are booked through The Spotlight, here is information on this important booking venue: it is situated in the Reps Theatre foyer, Belgravia Shopping Centre and is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12 noon – also open Sundays 9am to 12 noon when there are lots of shows being booked. The telephone is 308159 but is frequently out of order, despite appeals to Telone to sort out faulty cables! Telephone bookings available only to Reps members – so become a member of Reps (e-mail for more information on that).

Toyota Zimbabwe has launched its Toyota Passport, which allows you to collect endorsements for expenditure on new vehicles, parts and service. Monthly draw for filled passports, plus grand annual draw in June 2010 for a brand new Toyota Hilux 2.4 litre single cab – an amazing first prize. Available from the three Toyota Zimbabwe branches – Msasa (1 Robert Drive), Town Branch (153 Robert Mugabe Road) and Bulawayo Branch (corner Main Street and 11th Ave). More info from Charity Nhira at

Ballantyne Kwikspar has a Charity Saturday on the last Saturday of every month, with this month’s on July 25, from 8am to 1pm. The benefitting charity for July is Childline. Some of the participating stalls are Rob & Kim’s Plants, Sue’s Kids Clothing, Mr Chongololo the Clown, Linda’s beaded jewellery, perfumes and much more. Come and support this worthy cause. To have a stall on this day, please contact Jacqui on 883313 or

The Inns of Zimbabwe hospitality group has a wonderful benefit card known as the InnSider Card, which gives you 20 percent discount for accommodation payments at all of its inns (Inn On Rupurara, Pine Tree Inn, Inn On The Vumba and Inn On Great Zimbabwe, as well as the franchised Inn On Louis Trichardt in South Africa). More than 20 affiliates in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique also offer discounts and the City and Town Lodges group in SA offer 50 percent discounts. For more info visit New cards cost $10.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Please be advised that an international drivers permit is now required in order to drive a rental car in South Africa.
Extract from the Automobile Association of South Africa's website:
Please be advised that the South African Traffic Department are now enforcing a law which was passed in 1998 that travelers to South Africa wishing to rent a motor vehicle whilst in this country must be in possession of a valid "International Drivers Permit/License". Should travelers neglect to obtain this document before leaving their country of residence, they will not be permitted to hire a vehicle in South Africa.
International Drivers Permits can be obtained from the Automobile Association of Zimbabwe. The person applying for the permit must go into AA with 2 passport sized photographs and their original Zimbabwean drivers license. They offer 2 options - an "instant" option, for USD 50 and a 7-day option for USD 30. You do not have to be a member of AA in order to obtain an international drivers permit from them.
Please refer any queries to Automobile Association of Zimbabwe - contact details are:

Nel - Richard Louis - "Rick"

Rick husband of Kathy, father of Vicky, Ashleigh and Gareth. Tragically in New Zealand 23rd June. Kathy can be contacted on

Angels exists, only sometimes they have not got wings and we call them friends, Rick was one of them. RIP

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tam Thompson

Tam Thompson, beloved daughter of Angus and April and sister of Raish, died on 11th July 2009.

Funeral service to be at New Erewhon, Gardiner Road at 1.30pm on Tuesday 21st July 2009.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

it is 1977 and this is what food on a menu cost!

Yes, these were real prices and one could afford to dine out or eat out almost daily - very few people took a sandwich to work - it wasn't worth it!

Well here are the prices to give you an idea - they were on a Gremlin menu in 1977 - the Gremlin was a drive-through restaurant and a take away - a lot of young people never bothered to cook!
It is sad that today their are no drive-through restaurants here and the cost of even a humble hamburger is above the price range of the normal person.
Remember in those days we did not earn excessive salaries either!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kevin Mazivanhanga

Kevin Mazivanhanga 15 year old Bulawayo Gifford Secondary School student is in dire need of financial assistance to enable him to undergo a heart surgery in Atlanta America. The surgeon through the assistance of a Zimbabwean well wisher Mr. Mark Greenland has offered to donate his services just to give this innocent life a chance.

Kevin’s heart has a hole which is preventing it from pumping blood to all his body parts.His condition has been worsening over time and he has now grown very weak that he can’t lift objects, walk for a few meters or even concentrate on his studies. He is currently weighing 30kgs and the doctors warn that he should not go beyond 29kgs

‘…..I also want to participate in those activities done by fellow schoolmates and friends. I also wish to help my parents at home because there is so much to be done. Just the knowledge that your heart has a hole can be so unbearably painful ………’said Kevin in a heart rending interview broadcast on the ZTV National television’s Esandleni Somusa on 09/07/09.

Sometimes its hard to imagine how much more pain can one take.The young boy badly needs his mothers’ gentle care during this difficult moment but lo, the pillar is also bed ridden& in need of a helping hand.She also needs to udergo surgery since she is using a hole just below her chin for breathing .She can neither breathe through the mouth nor nose.The procedure for mum will cost USD1500.

The Father, Mr Mazivanhanga was previously employed as a salesman in Bulawayo but was laid off due to the harsh economic environment .He is currently working as a Gardner as payment for accommodation where the family of five is currently housed.

The fundraising team is estimating the total minimum cost of getting the pair to Atlanta plus procedure on mum at USD4500. Mrs. Mazivanhanga literally begged Zimbabweans to be compassionate & give her son a chance by donating whatever they can afford “...rwizi rwakazara nemadirangwe…”she said

This is a cry for compassion from a deeply distressed family, boy, mother& father.Yes you can make a difference in your small way. You may never understand the value added by your contribution but you would have given Kevin the greatest gift………….A chance To Live
As we thank the Lord and count our blessings one by one for the favor upon our lives, let us join our hands and do a noble thing as we are doing it unto the Lord.

Mr. & Mrs. Mazivanhanga can be contacted on 09-245093 c/o Mark Greenland.
Also get in touch with Shingai if in need of further details ,011361477

Also authenticate appeal through the Producer Esandleli Somusa(Busi Sibanda).ZBC Bulawayo Montrose.The producer will personally acknowledge donations received .

09-471811-5/09-463471-4,/0912 907 947

News from Reps

Please be advised that any persons entering the Reps Theatre premises for any reason whatsoever will, with immediate effect, be required to sign in at the gate.

It is unfortunate that we have had to implement these measures in an effort to control our security and we appreciate your full cooperation on this matter.

Reps Theatre - Keeping Theatre 'Live!

Stolen car

A friends car was stolen at parirenyatwa hospital on the 13/07/09 at around 5.30 pm,whilst he had got into the hospital to visit a ill relative.The car reg number is ABG 2366,WHITE MAZDA 323 FAMILIAR.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There's a Big Bad Wolf in Grandma's Bed

Oh, Mr President, what big ears you have!
All the better to hear plots of treason with.
Oh, Mr President, what big eyes you have!
All the better to see my enemies with."
Oh, Mr President, what big hands you have.
All the better to strangle you with!
And what big teeth you have.All the better to eat you with!
Then the big bad wolf pounced and swallowed a nation.~ Fungisayi Sasa

Latest Death notices and Condolences

Please forward our sincerest condolences to Len`s family and all the Lilfords who were related.

I had many years of being a co Trustee of Boss`s " D.C.Lilford Trust " so met up with Len at all our meetings. Another sad loss to the Agricultural industry of Zimbabwe

We wish the family well. Be strong and face the future with pride


Phil and Juliet BRERETON

Ocean House






Nigel, Sara and Jemma Short would like to invite all their friends to a memorial thanksgiving tea to celebrate the life of Patsy.

9 Runnimede Walk, Northwood at 10.30am on Saturday 18th July 2009.

Agricultural Research Trust

P O Box MP 84, Mount Pleasant, Harare
Phone: +(263)-(0)4-2930359 & 400
Fax: +(263)-(0)4-2930359
Mobile: +(263) (0)912-236 319
+(263)-(0)912-255 518



Margaret passed away on Wednesday June 24th 2009

Margaret will be sadly missed by all her friends and especially the members of the Old Girls' Association of Grahamstown Teachers' Training College.

She has touched and enriched the lives of all the many children she taught over 50 years, and will always be remembered with love and deep affection.

Memorial Service:- St Mary Magdalene Church, Avondale. Thursday July 16th

2.30 pm



Dear Wendy

Our sincere condolences on the death of Len who we remember so fondly and spent good times with.

With love from us all, Jonnie & Elise Berenger

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will tomorrow come? -By Ngomakurira

The trees are nearly gone now;

The sound of axes hardly ceases.

I used to have this forest to myself;

I roamed at ease under a leafen roof.

Once I saw a buck;

You rarely see one now.

It was caught in a cruel snare;

I tried to lose it

But it panicked at my approach, kicking viciously,

Refusing freedom.

But that was all a long time ago.

Today the scores of women come

to gather firewood. What else can they do?

There is replanting? Replanting? What is that?

It is thinking of tomorrow.

Who thinks of tomorrow?

Our task is to survive today.

The forest is almost bare now;

Already the rain runs where once it soaked the soil and waited.

Now it gathers in a hollow for a moment

And people come with plastic bottles to the stagnant water.

Clean water? What is that? We need water today.

Tomorrow? Will tomorrow come?


If something is not done soon we are heading for a disaster in Hwange this year, the scale of which could be as big as 2005 when animals were perishing left right and center from lack of water. Parks are doing the best they can with what they have but it simply is not going to be enough. Friends of Hwange are doing their best but are short of funding as some of the main donors have had to cut their sponsorship due to current economic climate. I know this is a difficult time, and asking guys to contribute to any cause at this stage is asking a lot, but at this stage we are left with no choice.

It’s a big ask but if we can get 100 blokes or birds to contribute USD 100 each we can put 10 000 litres of diesel together which will make a huge!! difference. It will allow Friends of Hwange to continue pumping its pans for what will be the two most critical months of the year. Our windmills are all spinning along at max but they will not keep up with demand on water. You guys have all got much bigger e mail address lists than mine due to my outstanding wizzkid techno abilities, so please get this out to the crew! If we can increase the number of contributors to 200 (a small wedding) then each only has to put in 50 bucks. I’m sure this is achievable. I will be very happy to arrange collection for cash contributions (if bank account details are required send me a mail and I will supply). If you crew have people who show interest maybe they can give to you and I will collect from less people.

This e mail is off the cuff and intended really for our wide network of bubweans, so please excuse the informal manner in which it has been compiled. If anyone has got any queries, or any clever thoughts on this, please give me a shout, either on this mail or on my cell 091 2 201035.

Dream alive men and ladies, let me know your thoughts.


Warning about driving at night in Zimbabwe

Last week, on Friday night around 7pm, as we were driving along Rotten Row, approaching the traffic lights by Coventry Road, my husband and I witnessed a smash and run. A man appeared from the Kopje, smashed the back window of an RVR which was in front of us and made off with a bag which had between US$2,000 and $3,000 cash. It happened so fast, people didn't have enough time to react. Ironically, the driver and passengers of the car had been discussing how dangerous it was to drive along such dark roads at night - they were pretty shaken up.

Just to re-emphasise, please take caution when approaching/driving along dark roads at night. As we all know street lights are never working, and thieves take advantage of this. Keep bags and other valuables hidden, under car seats, in the boot or some other safe place. It's something else just talking about it, but when you go through such an experience, or even witness it, the reality hits that our city is not a safe place especially at night.-- Rumbidzayi Mazhetese

Monday, July 13, 2009



Len Leighton passed away peacefully on the 11th July 2009. A Celebration of his Life will be held at 37 Van Praagh Avenue, Milton Park on Tuesday 14th July 2009 at 12 noon.


MARGARET BENNETT ....The funeral Service for the late Margaret Bennett
will take place on Thursday 16th July at 2.30 pm at the Avondale Anglican Church....St. Mary Magdalene....followed by tea in the hall afterwards.
All very welcome.

Wildlife Zimbabwe Newsletter

Mashonaland Branch aims to:

· Encourage the creation and proper management of national parks and other ecological reserves in which nature conservation and the maintenance of biological diversity or the preservation of natural values are the prime objective;· Encourage people with wildlife on their land, including the State in the Parks & Wildlife Estate, to manage `their’ wildlife and its habitats, sustainably according to sound ecological and economic principles. To this end Branch members may be involved in the practical management of such areas, either as the management for an area or in co-operation with that authority;· Participate in and encourage research and the dissemination of information designed to support the sustainable management and use of land on which there is wildlife or a fragile ecosystem and a public appreciation of the value of maintaining biological diversity and ecological productivity in a healthy environment;· Encourage institutions to promote wildlife management in Zimbabwe that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socio-politically acceptable. Based on the fact that wildlife has economic attributes that offer agriculturally marginal areas of Africa one of the few opportunities for escaping the poverty vortex and enhancing rural human well being;· Source funds to implement this agenda and to participate in emergency action to save wildlife and its habitats when, for any reason, these are threatened.· Maintain an effective and enthusiastic membership organisation, which is open and transparent in order to achieve these aims, and of which all Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean organisations, which subscribe to its ideals, are encouraged to become members.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Neglected pet cemetery is a source of ‘food’ for the desperately poor

For several years the City of Bulawayo has been without a crematorium.
However thanks to the endeavours of a number of valiant citizens, we now have a fully functioning crematorium. It was handed over to the City of Bulawayo with great pomp and ceremony some weeks ago, but because of internal municipal bickering it is not yet operational.
Sadly the initiator of the whole crematorium refurbishment plan was unable to avail her family of the service to lay a loved one to rest, due to unnecessary delays by the City Fathers !!
But if we worried about the disposal of our human remains, we also need to look long and hard at the disposal of our pets and animals.
It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. A visit to the Municipal site where our pet dogs and cats are supposedly “buried” in dignity and peace, left me as to no doubt as to our “moral progress” as a Nation.
We are told that the carcasses are burnt or buried; in days gone by trenches were dug, lime was applied and the “grave” was covered over with soil.
Not so any more! If your beloved pet dies, make sure you make your own burial arrangements, for your own peace of mind!
I was certainly not prepared for what I saw at the Municipal area on Magazine Road: apart from mounds of trash, garden refuse and the like, the final resting place for thousands of pets over the years is a vast stinking cesspool.
There are bones, skulls and entrails scattered far and wide. Great swarms of flies hover over mounds of coal dust. Nothing is buried I promise you: the animal is dumped and a scattering of ash and soil is applied thinly: no lime, no hole, no nothing.
Euthanasia costs R500 and “disposal” costs R70.00 according to a local vet’s assistant who was “not quite sure” what happened to the remains of Tshaka or Tiggy or Spot!
Horrifyingly, this pet-graveyard also revealed to me a very despairing side of the on-going desperate poverty in our country. A worker at the site tells of people who wait until dusk and then uplift the animals. If its a big dog, they take the meat and sell it. If the pet is in a plastic sack or bag, the carcass is dumped out and the bag retained to be sold or re-used. The health consequences of these desperate actions are huge.
There are little skulls and big skulls, little teeth and big teeth, little bones and big bones, scattered around as far as the eye can see. Crows circle overhead, the stench is horrendous, and it seems that we have all turned yet another blind-eye to yet another travesty in our community. To some it may seem sentimental, but in my opinion, the animals that share our lives and help get us through our hard times are also a part of our community and deserve better treatment than this!


05.08.1926 - 06.07.2009 Trevor passed away on Monday 6 July 2009. Loving father of Elizabeth and Barclay, and father in law to Ken and Ailsa. Wonderful grandad to Bernadine, Angela, Hannay and Jenna. Trevor will be sadly missed by his family and friends and all those people he passed on his daily walks! The service will be held at the Presbyterian church in Mutare on Friday 10th July @ 11:00 am followed by tea and refreshments @ the Mutare club. Dad, Grandad, you will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew you. All our love Elizabeth, Barclay, Ken, Ailsa, Bernadine ( Angela, Hannay & Jenna.

Vaughn- Evans Bob

Vaughn- Evans Bob

Dear Jean, I am so sorry to hear of Bob's death and the attack on you. Bob was a good man and an excellent boss whose mind and energy made him an inspiration to me. I shall always cherish the memories of driving around with him, he jumping enthusiastically out of the car and somehow getting over the barb wire fences. As he walked Bob would see things in the veldt that others missed but which were indicators that the high density short duration grazing worked.

And then there the extraordinary patience with farmers and his very deep feel for the land and the nation. Many of the lessons he taught me about people have remained with me all through my life.

A good man.

May his soul rest in peace.

Tim Neill

New deposit fines announced

Herald Reporter

POLICE yesterday announced new deposits for fines for those wishing to plead guilty to minor offences and wishing to avoid a court appearance.

The new deposit fines are with immediate effect. Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena, warned that for some offences repeat offenders would have to appear in court, and could not simply pay a deposit fine at a police station. First offenders for the listed offences have the option of appearing in court, if they wish to plead not guilty or if they wish to bring forward mitigating evidence for a lower fine. Before the release of this schedule, some police officers were applying the US$20 fine indiscriminately.

The new deposit fines are as follows:

Offence Fine in US$

Gambling 10

Rioters 5

Indecent conduct 5

Dealing in prohibited or any knives 20

Threatening language especially in public 10

Obstructing passages, streets, pavements or sidewalks 10

Public drinking 5

Drunk violent or disorderly behaviour on

licensed premises 15

Failing to display liquor licence 15

Selling liquor without permit 20

Selling or supplying liquor to any person who is drunk 5

Selling liquor after hours 20

Shops without licence 20

Unlawful possession of identification documents

belonging to another person 20

Moving cattle without permit first offence 20

Second offence court

Unlicenced radio or television receivers at home and

in cars 5

Failure to renew firearm certificate on time 5

Failure to renew for three firearms 20

Insecure firearms 20

Buying or selling a firearm without a certificate court

Disposal of firearms to unathourised persons court

Failure to register a car 15

Illegible registration mark and number plates 10

Vehicles with no front registration numbers 10

Driving without a licence 20

Learner’s driving without supervision 20

Motorists failing to obey turning arrows 10

Driving into intersection when exit is not clear 20

To cause or permit animals to stray on any roads 10

Failure to obey directions from a policeman in uniform

controlling traffic 15

Cars without headlights 20

Driving with an illegal beacon 10

Failure to carry a red triangle 10

Cars without wipers 5

Public service vehicles without fitness certificates 15

Failure to display certificate of fitness 10

Excess passengers 5 per head

Touting 10

Speeding 1km/h 50km/h 5 to 20

Speeding in excess of 50km/h court.

Fishing without permission from owner 5

Serving or offering food in a train or railway premises

first offence 5

Second offence 10

Third offence court

Stolen - alert

Patrick C. Pope Stolen from Richard Rennie car park on 2nd street. Passport, ID birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. for Renee & baby Leila Ferreira. If anyone finds these, miraculously, please contact Graeme or Renee on 091 242 1896 or 091 239 0682.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Borradaile Trust Newsletter

From: "Borradaile Warden"

We can choose to: Throw stones, Stumble on them, Climb over them or Build with them

Zimbabwe has certainly been a learning curve in the lives of those who have either chosen to stay here, or been forced to stay here. How one has adjusted to the difficulties has been a matter of choice. For those that have chosen to Trust in the Lord, the learning curve has been easier. He hasn't removed the burden, but helped to carry the burden. For those who have left the country, for whatever reason, I am quite sure have had to make huge adjustments to their lives as well.

The end of last year, and the beginning of this year has been quite traumatic for the ordinary individual economically. The government were quite determined to keep the Z$ alive. The reason being, Dr. Gono and other fat cats were making an absolute fortune out of the situation. Anyway, enough said. The situation in the country has certainly changed, from there being no food on the shelves, to now being able to purchase most commodities. Competition has re-entered the arena, and one has to be careful of where and who you buy from.

Multi currency trading, although inevetable, has brought with it, it's fair share of problems as well. For those of us who were fortunate enough to have access to some real money, were able to perform economic Gymnastics, and Zimbabwe was one of the cheapest countries in the world to live - even if it was a handstand to find commodities. It is now vying for position to become one of the more expensive countries. There are of course lots of countries that are still more expensive. There have been some very positive results of the multi currency trading, and possibly the most positive, is the availability and cost of essential medical drugs. We have noticed the cost of medical supplies reduced dramatically in real terms. Some medical practitioners are still unethically and immorally charging "an arm and a leg" to remove a toe. We are extremely fortunate and blessed to have Dr. Kevin Martin here in Marondera, looking after us at The Trust. He has taken on a partner Dr. Farai (recently qualified), who I am assured is also very good. The Borradaile Hospital (privately run) still maintains a very high standard, and tries to contain their charges to a reasonable level.

We have plans to sink another borehole on the property, and in conjunction with the Borradaile Hospital, hope to have this working in the near future.
Deidre Steynberg is enthusiastically embarked on a fund raising mission to get this into fruition.

Visitors we have had from "civilised" countries always remark on how we cope with unexpected and unscheduled cuts in utilities like water and electricity. When you live with a situation, you learn to adjust. There is no gain in being miserable and complaining, one learns very quickly to "make a plan".

Although the situation is still tough, we continue to be immensely blessed here at Borradaile Trust with the support we receive. A very big thank you to those who continue that support, especially in these times of World recession.

I end with a quotation from Audrey Hepburn: "If you want a helping hand, you will find it at the end of your arm. As you grow older, you learn that you have two hands - one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others"

regards, and God's blessings on all you wonderful people who continue to support us - Either in kind and cash, or in prayer - all esential.

Anton Lues
Warden - The Borradaile Trust

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Farm Situation

For all those that have had suspect offer letters served on them, or are being sued by the state for illegally farming since 2007. Apparently the PM is unaware of all these other cases and therefore truly believes that there is not a major problem with the land invasions. He asked me to ask anyone I knew that was having a problem to call him and give him a written statement of what has happened on their farm.

I gather that after the PM's western trip, they have realised that the embassies have been informing their governments of what is going on, and so that cannot just brush it off, and that this is the number one issue that needs to be resolved before any funding can be realised.

The contact to speak to is Tobani, cell no. 0912288027, landline is
333417 and their office is in Bath Rd, coming down West Rd from REPS turn right in Bath Road and it is a small green and white house with the veranda littlerally on the road - you can't miss it. They are very welcoming and if Tobani is not there, ask to see Andrew Chadwick.

If we do not all stand together now, then we are all wasting our time.
If we are all hoping that the inclusive government is going to help, then they have to be directly informed of what is happening on the ground.
One man's' ignorance is another man's' power.

If you know of anyone else who is in the same situation, please get them to let the PM's office know direct through Tobani or Andrew.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Our Mum, and best friend was called to rest on Wednesday 24th June 2009.
Her life was a blessing, her memory a treasure; she is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Her legacy of love will live on in the lives of all those she touched.

Please join us for a memorial service to celebrate Alice's life on Thursday 9th July 2009 at 11.00am at the Highlands Presbyterian Church.
Friends and family are invited to join us after the service at Gecko Gardens for lunch.

Please be so kind as to let us know if you will be joining us.
Contact: Mande 0912245292 or 862374 or email:

Watch out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A 37-YEAR-OLD man was on Sunday last week robbed of 11 000 rand, two Nokia cellphones and a toolbox along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway by unknown suspects who were armed with a knife and an iron bar.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Phibion Nyambo confirmed the incident that occurred last Sunday at 12.05am on the 165-km peg along the Masvingo-Beitbridge road.

According to Inspector Nyambo, the man was going to South Africa when he saw a car parked in his lane.

“The man who was driving an international truck from Masvingo was going to South Africa when he saw a Nissan HB11, blue in colour blocking his lane. He then stopped to give way to on coming traffic,” said Inspector Nyambo.

Two men suddenly approached him, armed with a knife and iron bar.

They opened the passenger door and entered the car. The men threatened to kill the driver if he made any move.

One of the suspects then removed the key and hit the driver on the left of the rib cage. He then jumped out of the truck.

The two robbers started searching the truck and took 11 000 rand, two cellphones, Nokia N88, Nokia 2600 and a toolbox.

They then got into their car and sped off towards Masvingo town.

The matter was reported at Mwenezi Police station and investigations are still in progress to establish the identity of the robbers.

Inspector Nyambo encouraged motorists to be vigilant and cautious on the road and not to stop at secluded places

“We would like to encourage motorists to be vigilant and cautious on the road. Motorists should stop where there are clearly defined features of a police roadblock. Drivers should avoid parking on secluded lay bys and if they can, they can go to the nearest police station as they can easily fall prey to robbers,” he said.

World's Biggest Hip Hop Dance Event to Come to Harare

Which country produces the best break dancers in the world? Zimbabwean Hip Hop dancers have an opportunity to change the answer to that question at the 20th International BOTY contest to be held in Germany in October this year- but first they need to win local and continental heats that will bring maestros of this acrobatic dance form together.
BOTY stands for Battle of the Year and officially they call their event the annual international bboying crew contest. It’s a platform for unique break dancing, preservation of the Hip Hop culture and an opportunity for youths to express themselves artistically in a peaceful environment.
The international initiative which is two decades old is coming to Zimbabwe for the first time under license from Six-Step GmbH, Germany, founded by Thomas Hergenröther.
BOTY primarily focuses on B-Boy, an acrobatic element of Hip Hop dancing that allows dancers to express themselves through various well coordinated moves. The dance form has spread worldwide and has brought young people from unlikely backgrounds closer together.
Besides achieving icon status in the Hip Hop world, winning the prize has other benefits. Numerous previous BOTY winners have featured in award winning international music videos and movies such as You Got Served, How She Move, Stomp the Yard, Planet B-Boy, Step Up 1 and 2 to name just a few.
Top 9 from Russia currently holds the world title. The 2005 world champions Last For One from Korea performed in Zimbabwe earlier on this year at HIFA.
In 2009 Zimbabwe, under the Jibilika Dance endeavour, becomes the fifth nation on the African continent to secure a BOTY license. Jibilika has been at the heart of promoting dance in Zimbabwe, including their annual contest which brings together dancers from all over Zimbabwe.
The Zimbabwean BOTY winners will battle for honours against winners from Senegal, Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa at the African championships to run from the 26th to the 30th of August 2009 in Cape Town. This year’s African battle will be run by Heal the Hood South Africa and will run under the Africa Hip Hop Indaba, a five day event that will encompass a series of youth development and exchange workshops.
Continental winners will join dance groups from Asia, Europe, Africa, North & South America at the 20th world championships in Volkswagen Halle, in Brauschweig Germany on 17th October 2009.
The event draws more than fifty thousand spectators to the venue and millions worldwide catch the action via satellite television. BOTY International is sponsored by some of the world’s biggest multi-national corporations such as Fiat, Sony Playstation, New Era and Red Bull.
Get your dance shoes on boys and girls. It’s about to get hot in here…

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mr Tom Smith

The Memorial Service for the late Mr Tom Smith will be held at the Athol Evans Chapel, 117A Chiremba Road, Cranborne, Harare on Thursday 9 July 2009 at 2.30pm. contact Adair 883265 cell 091 2 309 617or email

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing Person

Mising is a man called David Ringo Musiyarira aged 26 yrs, he is 1,85m tall and slim, dark in complection. He left home ZIMRE park yesterday morning wearing black caudroy trousers,navy blue T/shirt with white lines, maroon tracksuit jacket with yellow lines writen Mrewa Mission on front and black safety shoes.

Anyone with information can contact the following
Lovemore 0912 782 221 or 04 369493/4/7
His wife on 0912 430 853
Observe 0913 200 508
Hellen 0912 974 213
Or your nearest police station


Tel: 263-4-369493/4Fax: 263-4-369497 Mobile: 263-912 782 221


Reps Members Pub - Quiz Results

Many thanks to all members who took the time to complete the pub questionnaires. We had a total of 87 responses that were submitted over a one month period - the scores and comments are listed below.

The results certainly point to:-

A sincere “Well done” to the Barman
A drastic upgrade of the bar stocks
A serious review of ambiance and decor
More professional attention to cleanliness
Maybe a check on what other hours members would like to be open.
And a lot of suggestions that the bar steering committee has to review!

One questionnaire, which made personal vulgar comments against a committee member is not included in the comments.

Thanks again and we hope you find the results interesting. To see if we are improving in the areas that concern you, we will do another survey in a few months time.


Tim Garrard
Bar steering Committee Chairman

For ease of review, scores are indicated as a percentage of the 87 questionnaires received



Quality of service
Product range
Bar ambiance and decor
General cleanliness
Hours of operation

Reps Members Pub – Action plan

After reviewing all the responses from the Pub Questionnaires you completed - the Bar Liaison Committee has now got some direction in which to steer!! Here we go:-

Quality of service

The Bar staff have been congratulated on achieving the exceptional feed back from their customers
(31% Excellent, 59% Above average, 7% Below Average, Zero Poor).

However, the warm feel of a pat on the back seldom lasts for long these days - it’s a jingle in the pocket that makes it all worth while! Traditionally a Barman supplements his income with customers rewarding his service with loose change from a drinks purchase – a Tip. However, with a swipe card system, the barmen’s tip income has dropped to absolute Zero!

So, by the end of June there will be a twenty five cent “Tip” facility on the bar swipe card system. This is how it works:

If you feel the barman deserves a just tell him to “Put a tip for yourself on the bill” and an extra 25 cents will appear as “Tip” on your till slip. We have kept the "cost" of a tip deliberately low so as to be affordable, please feel free to put more "tip" on your bill if you so wish. At the end of the month, the total value of tips rung up on swipe cards will be handed over in cash to the barmen, to be split between them.

This should, firstly, reward the barmen for a good job done and secondly, help them get through the difficult times we live in at present.

As per tradition – a tip should only be given if earned, and if a Barman actually asks you for a tip, you are well within your rights never to tip him again and report his begging to management or a committee member!

Product Range

72% of members were unhappy with the bars product range. Two areas of discontent were mentioned:

1 Not enough diversity of product available
2 Not enough stock held (Stocks running out)

So, although Reps Finances have very little fat at the moment, the finance committee has agreed to give us a bit of cash to beef up the bar stocks. You can look forward to a much better array of booze being available and we are going to actively work towards beefing up stock levels. Please bear with us while we fight our way through the good old cash squeeze.

Bar Ambiance and Decor

48% of people voted the bar ambiance and decor below average. This means half of our members do not particularly like the present decor! This does pose a few dilemmas like -

We don’t have a clear understanding of what members would like done with the decor.
We don’t have a clear picture of what we would like to do with the decor.
We don’t have the cash for a complete refurbish.

So – brace yourself, there is another Questionnaire coming out!! This one will ask what you would like to see in the way of decor , please be as specific as you can – for example, don’t just put down “Paint the place “ !

Questionnaires should be in place by month end – please get involved and contribute to your ideas on decor relating to Colours, Pictures, Shelves, Lights, Shrunken Heads, Upholstery, Woodwork, Displays, Nooks, Exhibits, Crannies etc etc etc

General Cleanliness

48% of people voted cleanliness below average. This means half of our members think the bar is grubby. However, this does not pose any dilemmas!

A daily cleaning checklist will be in place by month end (if you don’t believe us – ask the barman for his copy) And one day a month is being dedicated to “Deep Cleaning” the bar and lounge area. This should dramatically improve the overall cleanliness and we should get a far better score next time.

Hours of Operation

26% of people voted hours of operation below average. This was mostly noted as the bar closing too early after shows.

Currently, during shows, the bar closes at 10.30pm.

As an initial response, we are giving the head barman on duty on any show night the discretion to delay the calling of last orders until 11 pm, if, in his opinion, there are enough show going patrons still requiring a drink after the show to warrant this. This will allow theatre going members an additional hour or so to slake their thirst after a show!

In conclusion
I sincerely hope the above reaction to your comments (with plenty more reaction to come) shows a positive response to your comments. I also feel it is a good step towards maintaining the Bar as a vibrant and valuable contribution to Reps as a whole.

Regards – and please do fill in a decor questionnaire (but apologies to those that wanted pole dancing - we will not be putting up poles along the bar counter!)

Tim Garrard