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Friday, January 28, 2011

Condolence Notices

Steve Morgan's Memorial will be Held at St. Mary's Church Esigodini

At 2pm on 29th January 2011.

To celebrate Stephen Michael Morgan

It is hard to know where to start,

The man, mentor, father and friend

Who brings such joy to my heart.

Your courage never left you

Always positive and driven

I wish I could give you a medal

For the inspiration that you've given

You taught me so much in life

To be honest and never to fear

To trust my instincts,always be tough

To steadfastly persevere.

My biggest fan, my very best friend

My lifeline when in need,

When Heaven gave out fathers,

I was truly blessed indeed

But Heaven now has called you back

Into its warm embrace

I have no doubt that as a result

Heaven's a much better place

Your strength and intelligence, courage and love

In my heart I'll always hold you dear

And whenever I need to draw upon them

I'll know that somewhere you're near.

So goodbye to my wonderful father.

The man, the mentor the best

I'll think of you fondly everyday

Enjoying your well-earned rest

All my love always,

Your friend and daughter -



Mattie' Martha Wildman, widow of Fred and beloved Mother of Sarah and Grandmother of Callan, Brent and Emma died peacefully in the Mercy Hospital of Cork, Ireland on the evening of the 20th. January 2011. Her cremation will take place at 3 0'clock on Wednesday 26th.January 2011 and will be followed by a gathering of friends and relatives at The Brook of Glanmire, County Cork. Mattie will be sadly missed by all who loved her and may her dear soul rest in everlasting peace with love from Watkins, Bell and. Barker.....families.


In loving Memory of Sandra Elaine Nell who passed away peacefully on 24 Jan 2008 in Byo, Lovingly remembered by Kathy, Christine & Toby

If in one fleeting moment we could see you smile

We'd give up everything we have

So we could hold your hand for a while

We all love you so much

We miss you so badly

And we won't ever forget

The happy times that we shared

Remembering you is easy

We do it every day

Missing you is the hardest part

As it never goes away

To hear your voice.

To see your smile

To sit with you and talk for a while

Would be our greatest wish

Today, tomorrow, our whole life through

We shall always love and remember you.

In loving Memory of Sandra Elaine Nell, mother to Carl, Kim and granny to Michaela & Levi:

Softly within the shadows

God gave a gentle call

With farewells left unspoken

Mum, you silently left us all

Our hearts still ache with sadness and

Silent tears still flow

For what it means to love and miss you, Mum


Basil Petersen formerly of, Marondera - beloved husband of Jean, Father of Marion and Julie, Grandfather of Colin, Ryan, Jason and Callum, passed away in South Africa on Friday 14th January 2011 after a brave battle with cancer.

A Memorial Service will be held at the Catholic Church in Marondera on Tuesday 1st February at 10am.

Condolences can be emailed to Marion on

The memorial service for Mike Tasker, who passed away on Thursday, 20 January 2011,
will be held at the chapel, Borradaile Trust, Marondera on Thursday 27th January
2011 at 3.00pm.
Contact: Christine Tasker :


LINDA SWEETLOVE - well known hairdresser by many, passed away in Dandaro Clinic on the 25th January 2011 after a short & sudden illness - Memorial service to be held on Wednesday 2nd February at Fairways Chapel at 10am. Please bring a plate of eats as tea will be served. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be careful !

On Wednesday 12 January, my friends were in town with their 3 kids all under 12 years of age – parked near Coventry Road area, when they saw a hand come through the back window of their car, trying to grab on to the little girl who is 9 years old – their first thoughts were that he was just trying to grab something on the seat – they managed to hit him and he gave up and went away. Not knowing they were now being followed, they then carried onto Manica Freight – husband went in to sort papers for their new car that had just arrived, when the same back door was yanked open and this African man was shouting “come my boy, come my boy” and had grabbed hold of the same little girl and was trying to take her. There were 4 men and they were driving a black BMW. The mum managed to get out of her seat quickly and went round and started hitting the guy with the door. Who then luckily in the end gave up.

I don’t have the exact full details but managed to get the basics as they were too shaken up to speak about it fully over the phone on Wednesday afternoon and they live out of town– but I wanted to get an email out to everyone as soon as possible to just BE CAREFUL – TRAVEL WITH ALL YOUR DOORS LOCKED, IF YOU HAVE SEATBELTS IN THE BACK TRY & GET YOUR KIDS TO WEAR THEM, AND IF POSSIBLE TRY NOT TO LEAVE YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR ON THEIR OWN, AND KEEP YOUR KIDS IN SIGHT. Whether there is a Gang going around looking for kids to kidnap or they were just chancers we don’t know, but these guys were clearly VERY determined, since they tried to take the same little girl TWICE.


As we start the new year 2011 … lets all make security, in both homes and business premises a priority – it’s so easy to be wise ‘after the event’ let’s try to get on top of crime in our beloved country. This includes the security for all motor vehicles and to be aware and alert at all times, and advise the public of what is going on in Zimbabwe, it helps to put the alert button ON.

The Trust would like to thank the Zimbabwe Insurance Council for their support in securing mobile phones without your help we are unable to get the latest news and incidents going on out there in the field. To Track It your ongoing support in getting the update out to the public is invaluable

We have some unscrupulous people posing as mechanics, spray painters etc offering to sort your car out at a very reasonable price until the final exorbitant bill arrives. They are gunning for the elderly and woman they feel may be a soft target – areas that have been reported as business areas are Borrowdale near the Post Office and Strathaven Shopping Centre …. It is often not wise to use back street businesses as there is no come back on quotes, the standard of repair work, and mostly you are left out of pocket and the business men are nowhere to be found. It is wise to use a firm that has a good reputation but may cost that little bit more or seem to be more but where the job is guaranteed. We are all looking to save and get the best deal for our money – but be warned of the con men out there!

We all need to take care and be more alert and aware of the rules of the road the driving seems to be deteriorating at an alarming rate on our roads and careless accidents occurring – road rage is the order of the day and let the best nerve win … come on, is a new year and let’s try and keep within the law and fatal accidents from happening – Drive with more care and attention please …. Yes! … and that means ALL of us!

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Teddy Bennett

Sadly passed away Friday 21st January 2011 Lots of love to all the family. Teddy will always be a part of the great mystical silence of Chikanga Farm from the childhood days when he shared it with his Fynn cousins.
All our love, Hugh, Mick, Patrick and Donald Fynn

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ed Bennett

From: nicholls [] Ed Bennett (formerly Ernst and Young)  passed away suddenly  on Friday night 21st January. Loving husband of Val,  father of Sandra, Norman, Nicola and Alex and adored grandfather of Craig, Micheal, Leander and Sarah.  The Funeral will be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church on Friday 28th January at 11am.   A wonderful man - he  will be sorely missed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Contact: Debbie Bray :


The memorial service for Fred, who passed away on Saturday, 18 December, 2010, will be held at Malvern House, Mvurwi, on Saturday, 5 February
2011 at 10.00 a.m.
Anyone requiring a lift,
please contact Jenny - 0712 218883.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kathleen Palmer children’s home.

From: Rodney Beadon

I am appealing to you for your help to feed the children at the Children of the Kathleen Palmer children’s home. This is situated in Christon bank. My visit out there on Saturday was very sad the children have been going days without meals and the house mother has not been paid for six months. Her son is helping to work at the home and her sister is sending food out when she can.

It’s a sad story and fortunately the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke will be helping with their long term needs. Immediately they are without lights and monthly food stuff. They have asked for candles but with young children there is always the risk of terrible burns and accidents. A suitable lighting system is available to them at the cost of US$1234.00, this will light the home and provide some kind of Security for them.

Below is there monthly groceries requirements. I can get price for those who want to send money rather than actual food stuff. All money donations can be sent to the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke account. Details available on request.

Monthly Groceries list

8 litters cooking oil
10kg rice
4 pkts spaghetti
4kg milk powder
4kg sugar
60 pkts zap snack (these are used for the children’s school lunch)
8 kg meat
60 eggs
Sweets (optional treat for the children)
2 pkts potatoes
3 usavi mix
1 box curry powder
20 kg soap powder
8kg margarine
10 bottles peanut butter
8 kg beans
5 bars of bath soap
10kg flour
Baking soda
Baking powder
Candles 10pkts


The FUNERAL SERVICE for CHARLES ERIC DONALD SILK will be held this coming Wednesday, 26th January at 11am, at the Kingsmead Chapel in Kingsmead Lane, Borrowdale.  All are welcome.

Tania Crook

From: Tania Crook [] To my ever loving wife, mother, nana and sister . The angels may have flown you above but you will always be with us. We love you so much. If you wish to attend the funeral for June it will be held on Thursday 27th Jan at 2.00pm at Greystone Park Fellowship (behind Delhi Palace) followed by her wake which will be held at the Nomads House 15 Brompton Road (last house on the left as your entering Country Club). We request no flowers but donations if you wish, this will be donated towards ICU at St Annes Hospital as they were amazing and looked after my mom with great love and care. There will be a collection box at the wake. Thank you for your love and support . Tania Crook

Charles Eric Donald Silk

From: Shenley Silk [] It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Charles Eric Donald Silk - husband of Barbara and father of Martin and Ian - on Friday 21st January.  Funeral arrangements will be advised in due course. 

Fuel shortage to persist
By Staff Reporters
Friday, 21 January 2011 17:33

HARARE - Commuters should brace for transport woes and steep fares as the shortage of fuel is set to persist despite assurances by the government that it will release funds to improve supplies.

A survey by Daily News showed anxious and desperate motorists who are yet to understand the cause of the shortage which they thought had been ended by the formation of the inclusive government.

Long and winding queues of desperate commuter omnibuses formed at the very few filling stations that had diesel which has been in short supply since the beginning of the week.

The chaotic scenes at service stations in the western business districts of Harare, especially along Chinhoyi and Mbuya Nehanda streets painted a familiar picture of the last decade when Zimbabwe grappled with fuel shortage casued by the collapsed currency and economic meltdown.

The fuel crunch which started at the beginning of this week has seen motorists queuing at service stations mainly for diesel while fares for public transport have been hiked.

Pump price for diesel shot up this week with a litre of diesel rising from $1.20 to about $1.42.

Energy minister Elton Mangoma told the media earlier in the week that the shortage of fuel was caused by the tax authorities raid on National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM) accounts.

NOCZIM is the state fuel procurement body but has been struggling with corruption and competence issues before its recent unbundling.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) garnished $35million from NOCZIM for unpaid taxes.

But some independent fuel dealers who have been traditionally purchasing fuel from neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique, have blamed “unorthodox”
conduct by NOCZIM which resulted in disagreements with one dealer who lost his supplies that had been brought via NOCZIM.

Zimbabwe has no direct access to the high seas and relies on either bulk deliveries by rail and road despite having a pipeline which was dormant for more than a decade.

To improve the supply of fuel, the Feruka pipeline must have bulk supplies but the government does not have the money to immediately commence bulk purchases.

But Mangoma, while admitting that the government was doing “everything possible” it can to improve the fuel supply, ruled out an immediate bail out.

“By the end of this month the situation will get back to normal. We are trying to do what is necessary to avert the situation,” Mangoma told the Daily News. “I cannot get into the details of what treasury is doing.”

In light of the shortages, commuter omnibus drivers have warned that they will continue with their steep fares.

Most commuter omnibuses have raised their fares by 100 percent to cushion themselves from the fuel price increases.

The sharp rise in fuel has seen some commuter omnibuses increasing their fares for local routes from $0.50 to $1 dollar and $1 to $2, respectively.

Tapiwa Nyagudza, a commuter omnibus driver who plies the city-Mabvuku route warned that if the current fuel shortages persist, they will continue to increase their fares.

“If we charge 50cents to Mabvuku, that trip will cash in $9 yet we are buying diesel at $10 from the black market,” he said.

Shortages of fuel and the subsequent hikes are reminiscent to the pre-unity government days.

At the height of Zimbabwe’s economic problems, the country was crippled by an acute shortage of fuel that adversely key sectors of the economy such as agriculture and mining.

Zanu PF supporters invade lodges, bird sanctuary

Zanu PF supporters invade lodges, bird sanctuary

Sunday, 23 January 2011 11:02
HUNDREDS of people suspected to be Zanu PF activists from Zvimba district on Friday invaded tourism properties in the Lake Chivero area, pouring cold water over efforts to clean Zimbabwe’s battered image.
Some property owners around Lake Chivero on Friday sent a distress call saying that a gang of more than 300 people had invaded various properties in the area saying it was part of the drive to indigenise the economy.
Unconfirmed reports said more than 20 properties belonging to both black and white citizens were invaded.
These include lodges, chalets and boating clubs among them Hunyani Hills, Caravan Park, Jacana, Shabalala, Harare Safari Lodge, Kuimba Shiri and Wingate.
A Standard crew yesterday visited Kuimba Shiri where some youths manning the gate turned it back saying the place was closed except for returning residents.
Kuimba Shiri has a section catering for the aged where pensioners buy cottages and live.
The other section consists of boats privately owned by individuals, a bird park and restaurant.
“There are some office issues that are being sorted out so we are closed until after three days,” the youths who would not shed light on what was happening said.
Outside the gate, one of them charged at the crew as it took pictures of the place.
Sources said officials from the American embassy and the Red Cross Society had also been denied entry earlier on.
A Zambian diplomat was however reported to have been allowed access later in the day.
The marauding crowds reportedly spent most of their time flying Zanu PF flags and singing the party’s songs at the properties while denying owners, their families, some visitors and workers exit.
Most visitors, including tourists, were denied entry.
An eye witness said he was denied entry at Wingate where some youths also blocked one of the boat owners.
While Affirmative Action Group president Supa Mandiwanzira professed ignorance when asked about the invasions, Deon Theron of the Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers, which has been severely affected by similar invasions, said such acts were regrettable.
“The consequences of such actions are very huge and they negatively affect tourism of the country,” he said. “No matter how much we might try to lure foreign investors to the country, such type of behaviour chases them away,” he said.

War veterans invade bird sanctuary
By Thelma Chikwanha
Saturday, 22 January 2011 19:03

HARARE - War veterans have invaded the bird sanctuary, Kuimba Shiri, on the shores of Lake Chivero in Mashonaland West, ostensibly to make way for President Robert Mugabes nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

Garry Stafford, the founder and owner of the flourishing bird garden, a popular tourist centre which caters for more than 450 species of birds said that the invasion came after a meeting at Zanu PF headquarters.

There was a meeting held at Zanu PF and a Tapfumaneyi told us that it had been decided at party level that only 12 farmers were to remain in Mashonald West. Patrick Zhuwao is the one who is interested in this place, Stafford said.

Zhuwawo could not be contacted by late yesterday for comment.

The war veterans who were led by the director general of the Department of National Parks and Wild Life Vitalis Chadenga, have already hoisted the national flag and placed Mugabe's portrait bearing the inscription, Tinokutendai nekuvhota murunyararo, which means, we thank you for voting peacefully.

When Daily News crew visited Kuimba Shiri, a family business, there was no sign of physical violence and disturbances save for the presence of the war veterans clad in Zanu PF regalia.

There were no visitors as the Zanu PF youths manning the gate turned them away. The only two cars parked in the visitors car park belonged to the Zambian Ambassador to Zimbabwe who was asked to leave and an ML Mercedes Benz belonging to one of the war veteran leaders.

The news crew however was lucky and was allowed in without fuss.

Stafford, who was flanked by fellow white farmers from within the community sat in the shed near the bar and the war veterans had planted themselves like weeds on a well manicured lawn.

The two parties sat facing each other without any communication for close to two hours. The silence was only broken when Chadenga arrived and addressed the parties separately.

Chadenga first addressed the first group of whites and told them that they were not under arrest.

You dont have to stay here, you are free to go home and take a shower, eat and watch t.v. We are not at war , he said.

The group of white farmers left without establishing their fate which is now hanging on a thread.

A source who declined to be named for fear of victimization said the farmers were eager to know if they would still have their homes and properties after the planned invasion.

According to Stafford, the war veterans have been putting up at his farm since Friday resulting in loss of revenue. The farm, a sanctuary for abandoned and injured birds on an average day receives at least 50 visitors.

They came and asked who my supporters were; they wanted to know who had visited the sanctuary and I showed them my visitors book, he said.

The take over of Kuimba Shiri comes at a time when the country is experiencing violent protests from Zanu PF supporters.

Last week, Zanu PF youths tried to bar the Member of Parliament for Harare North, Theresa Makone from constructing a market place for Hatcliffe women saying it was a Zanu Pf project which the MDC wants to take over.

In the same week, rowdy youths invaded Town House, destroyed property and beat up council employees and innocent members of the public while protesting against Mugabes maize that had been slashed by council workers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Death and condolence messages


The President and Staff of the Commercial Farmers’ Union are saddened by the news of the passing of Petros Botha formerly of Beatrice. He passed away peacefully on 11 January in hospital following a stroke.

We pass our sincere condolences on this sad loss to Marie and families and pray that the dear Lord be with them all during this difficult time.

May his dear soul rest in peace.
Funeral arrangements to be announced at a later date.


Suddenly passed away on Thursday 13 January in Harare. Ex Macheke commercial farmer with a passion for the land.

Loving Husband to Pam and Devoted Father of Douglas and Ashleigh, Leigh and Simon and Philip and Susie, and Special Grandfather to Paula, Daniel, Kendal, Tyla, Oliver, Sophie, John and Zoe.

John was loved and cherished by us all, he will be sorely missed.

The memorial service took place on Tuesday 18 January.

To contact family please phone: 04 335 181

Duty reduction on selected finished goods

Duty reduction on selected finished goods

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 20:30

The gazetting of Statutory Instrument 191 of 2010 and 189 of 2010 introduced a number of legislative changes which are meant to incentivise the formalisation of businesses. The amendments were made with a view of enhancing revenue collection as well as improving consumer welfare through access to affordable finished goods with sufficient warrantee. With effect from January 1 2011 the rates of duty were reduced on the following selected products:

For specific details please refer to Statutory Instrument 191 of 2010.

Suspension of Duty on importation of Basic Food stuffs [SI 191 of 2010]

In terms of Statutory Instrument 191 of 2010 the suspension of duty on basic foodstuffs was extended further to June 30 2011. Note that laundry soap and toothpaste are now liable to duty and VAT on importation.

Excise Duty on Cigarettes & Energy Saving Bulbs — SI 189 of 2010

With effect from January 1 2011 the rates of excise duty on locally produced cigarettes and non-energy saving bulbs was reviewed as follows:

For further information, please contact your nearest Zimra office.

Article submitted by Zimra’s Legal and Corporate Services Division.

Their contact details are as follows:

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

Legal and Corporate Services Division

6th Floor, ZB Centre

Corner First Street/Kwame Nkrumah Avenue

PO Box 4360


Tel: 04 - 790811-4

Fax: 04 - 774087



BE WARNED AND BE CAREFUL   There is a gang of men who are conning people, usually the elderly and vulnerable.  They seem to work from the area around the Borrowdale Post Office and usually approach you saying that they can “touch-up” the scratches etc on your car. The front headlight on her car DID require attention and, being worried that this damage could cause the Police to stop her and possibly issue a fine, she agreed that they could repair it. They followed her to her home, parked their car (an old yellow left-hand drive Mercedes) in her garage and drove off in her car.  They were happy to give her the ID number of the one man but she had no idea where they had taken her car, nor did she have a contact telephone number. They left in her car at about 2 p.m. and contacted her a couple of times by phone to say they would shortly return it. At about 6 p.m. they arrived at her house and the headlight had been repaired BUT they told her that they had welded a crack in the chassis and resprayed her vehicle totally.  (It had not obviously been resprayed but she wasn’t sure if it could have been – the colour etc was identical to when they had driven it away).  The amount they wanted for the job was US$1700.  She had no cash on her and on advice of her neighbours refused to pay them.  They eventually brought their price down to $1000.  They were given $200 and said they would be back to collect the rest. As I write this there have been no more happenings but we have since heard that she is not the only person to have been conned by these men.  The experience has left her shaken and scared and obviously she is reluctant to ever go to the Borrowdale Post Office area again. Please circulate this email . Hopefully we can avoid anyone else from having this terrible experience.

Blood Drive

Vanilla Moon have kindly offered to use their coffee shop as a venue for a Blood Drive.

28 January 2011 (Friday)
8 Seagrave Road, Avondale. (on 2nd Street, after 24hr Vet, 2nd Rd to your right)

For smaller companies, this is a great way to be involved in the community! For larger companies, contact to organise a Blood Drive at your premises.


Blood donation is done on a voluntary basis. The greatest payment you can have is knowing that you have helped save a fellow human being’s life.

Below are the requirements for one to be able to donate blood:
* at least 16 years of age,
* weigh at least 50kg,
* be of general good health.

Don’t know your blood group? This is the perfect way to find out, after donating twice you will be informed of your blood group, free of charge!

Brian John & Alan Peter

STOCK - Brian John & Alan Peter - There will be a mass read for the late Brian and Alan Stock on Tuesday  25th January 2011  5.30 pm at Lady of the Wayside (Catholic Church) on The Chase Mount Pleasant. Stephanie  Stock has brought her Dad's ashes back from England to Zimbabwe to be spread with his beloved brother Brian's ashes. You can contact Stephanie on 0712447391 or 333053 
From: Andy and Linda Fussell [] In response to the con men at Borrowdale, my 78 year old mother was conned into letting a group of back yard mechanics at the Strathaven shopping centre repair her car after a puddle of water was found underneath the parked car.  They topped up the radiator, and followed her home.  Within moments the water pump was taken out to be replaced. When the old car was still overheating, the head cylinder gasket was replaced. Then the car couldn’t be started because the clutch needed an overhaul.  While torqueing down the head it was ‘discovered’ that the brake cylinders and pads needed to be replaced.  The drums needed to be skimmed and the tie rod ends replaced. My husband had to threaten them with calling the police to get rid of them. The end cost was $3 500 for a 1980 pulsar! These guys operate out of Tynwald and prey on elderly people who may experience a problem at the shopping centre.  They also do resprays and repairs, and have been hanging around the area for some time. They are now using our name as a reference!

crocodile attacks on persons in small boats on Kariba

There have been several crocodile attacks on persons in small boats on Kariba recently, some near misses and some with tragic results. A couple of us are concerned about this and have had some thoughts on proposing preventive measures, but in order to correctly understand the problem we would like to learn more about what has actually happened from first hand witnesses. We need information about how the attack occurred, time of day, distance from the shore, etc.  Please ask anyone who would like to help and who has been personally involved in such an incident or who has contact details for someone they know has been involved to contact us at

June Crooke

I have been advised this morning (Fri) that Willie Crookes wife, June Crooke , passed away last night at St Anne’s hospital after a short illness of Cerebral Malaria.   Our sincere condolences go to Willie and family at this very sad time.    Should you wish to pass on your condolences, Willie can be contacted on  00260 966 251525.   Willie has requested me to send you all an email advising that the Funeral Service for his late wife, June, will take place on Thursday next week at the Greystone Park Fellowship Church in Greystone Park at 2:00pm.   The church is behind Delhi Palace. He has also advised that the Wake will be held at the Nomads house after the Funeral Service.

As Rains Pile Up, Zimbabwe Authorities Warn Residents Near Kariba Dam

Civil Protection Department Director Madzudzo Pawadyira said his agency had warned authorities that it may need assistance in the event of flooding and has already started issuing tents and supplies to vulnerable areas
Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye
Washington 21 January 2011

With heavy rainfall continuing in the Southern African region, Zimbabwe's Civil Protection Department is urging people who live near Kariba Dam in Mashonaland West province to move to higher ground before its flood gates are opened to ease mounting pressure.

Officials issued flood warnings this week as rains swept Southern Africa causing scores of deaths in South Africa and Mozambique and ravaging crops in Zimbabwe.

Civil Protection Department Director Madzudzo Pawadyira said his agency had warned related authorities that it may need urgent assistance in the event of flooding and has already started issuing tents and supplies to area susceptible to floods.

Pawadyira said flooding was reported in Tongogara, Middle Sabi and Chipinge, all in Manicaland province, but had subsided due to a respite in the rains.

He said traditional flood prone areas needed to be watched included lowlands around Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central province, Beitbridge in Matebeleland South province, Tsholotsho in Matebeleland North, Gokwe in Midlands.

Pawadyira told VOA Studio 7 reportern Marvellous Mhlanga Nyahuye that his agency has launched a massive awareness campaign to instruct inhabitants of low lying areas to take timelyl precautions against possible flooding.

In the event of flooding, Pawadyira said people should move to higher ground, avoid crossing rivers and draw on their knowledge of local rivers to determine safe crossings should need arise, and to find secure shelter until flooding subsides.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zim issues flood warnings after heavy rains Eyewitness News
3 Hours Ago
Zimbabwe was the latest Southern African Development Community (SADC)
country to issue flood warnings on Wednesday after heavy rains in the
The country’s Meteorological Services Department said low-lying areas in the
north and south of Zimbabwe were at greater risk of flooding. Rivers near
the Beitbridge border with South Africa have already flooded.

Parts of Harare’s central business district were flooded on Tuesday
afternoon after the ageing drainage system failed to cope with large volumes
of rainwater.
The head of the country’s Civil Protection Unit (CPU), Madzudzo Pawadyira
said the ground was waterlogged and more rain was forecast in the country.
Pawadyira said aid agencies like Médecins Sans Frontières were on standby to
help those affected.

The CPU added that they were ready to provide tents to those hit by the

DOMESTIC WORKERS WAGES – latest ‘wish-list’ from the Union

An e-mail is currently doing the rounds containing information sourced, variously, from the Domestic Workers Union and/or the ZCTU, setting out new monthly minimum wages for domestic workers, as $150 for a gardener, $160 for a cook/housekeeper etc.

Until such time as a Statutory Instrument is gazetted, these figures do not have the force of law. As we understand it, they merely indicate what the Union would like employers to pay. In our view, it is unlikely that an SI containing such figures will be gazetted. We say this because historically there has been a close association between wages for domestic and agricultural workers (even in August 2009 minimum wages for agricultural workers were one-third of those sought by the Domestic Workers Union for domestic workers). Below we go into more detail and offer some comments.

We last reported on the woefully-neglected matter of domestic workers’ wages and allowances in September 2009. At that time, the Domestic Workers Union indicated monthly minimum wages ‘should’ be $105 for a gardener, $110 for a cook/housekeeper etc, with transport and housing allowances ‘the exact amount they pay’. We characterized this at the time as a wish-list. Those figures did not have the force of law then. Up till now, they have not been formalized in an SI, so still do not have legal effect.

However, for your interest, below we compare the Union’s suggested monthly minimum wages with effect from 1-8-2009 and, seventeen months later, from 1-1-2011.

Grade 1-8-2009 1-1-2011 $ increase % increase
1. Yard/garden

worker $105 $150 $45 43%
2. Cook/
housekeeper $110 $160 $50 45%
3. Child-minder $115 $170 $55 48%
4. Disabled/
aged-minder $120 $180 $60 50%

An un-named official at the ZCTU reportedly said that the new figures from 1st January 2011 have not been gazetted but ‘talks have been agreed upon with the relevant authority, and is now law’. With all due respect, that is not correct. Law is not made in talks – as our recent political history has shown. Law is made by legal instruments. In this instance, this would consist of a new set of ‘Domestic Workers Employment Regulations’ contained in a Statutory Instrument and published with the Government Gazette. Until such time as that happens, Union figures can be no more than a wish list.

This is reinforced by the lack of detail supplied by the Union about allowances. It merely states that ‘those workers who do not live-in must also be paid allowances for transport, accommodation, cooking fuel, water and electricity’. (Actually, the correct term is not ‘electricity’ but ‘lights’ – since the allowance would be for candles where accommodation is not electrified.)

The above is no doubt all very interesting. It may give relief to those who, for whatever reason, do not wish to pay the ‘new’ wages. However, where does it leave employers and domestic workers? We are in a deplorable situation where government neglects its responsibility to stipulate wages/allowances for domestic workers in the absence of a National Employment Council for this important sector. It is precisely because of this information vacuum that periodically some employers – particularly those with a reasonable income themselves and/or who feel vulnerable for whatever reason – seek specific guidelines from the Union, since no-one else seems interested. Union labour officials will always be happy to oblige with guidelines. It is their job to represent the interests of their constituency as strongly as possible. However, in our view that should not extend to misrepresenting ‘talks’ as ‘law’.

If you can afford these wages, or even those suggested in 2009, you could certainly base pay on them. Legally, you are not obliged to do so. Amounts probably approximate near-to-living basic wages for resident workers with no additional accommodation/transport/water/light/cooking fuel expenses. You will no doubt still be asked to assist with school fees, medical expenses and so on. If you cannot afford – and those employed by government and themselves earning less than $300 obviously cannot – you may have little alternative but to pay what you can, supplement where you can, and expect to experience pilfering and moonlighting as those at the end of the food chain (and often, in your absence, in sole charge of your most important asset) try to keep body and soul together, while all the time hoping for better days.

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Local dam levels rise

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 19:33
The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) says dam levels have risen significantly following the good rains received so far in the season with the nation’s inland water bodies 75% full on average.

According to ZINWA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Knowledge Mudzengerere there has been significant inflows into the country’s dams with capacity varying depending on the amount of rain received in the dam’s catchment areas.

As of the 17th of this month the highest recorded dam level was at Mundi Mataga in Mberengwa which is 109% full followed by Wenimbi dam in Marondera which is 102% full.

Setting aside reticulation challenges, Harare residents are assured of adequate water supply as the city’s main water source Chivero dam is 99% full and set to spill in a week’s time.

Engineer Mudzengerere also said that though the amount of raw water is adequate for the country’s needs there are a lot of challenges in the area of water supply, which he attributed to obsolete equipment , power supply and economic constraints.

“Yes we have enough raw water, but challenges are still there and these include power cuts and obsolete equipment,” said Engineer Mudzengerere.

The filling up of the country’s major dams is a boost to urban water supply and to the mainstay of the economy, agriculture, as farmers are expected to take advantage of the abundant water for irrigation in the winter season.

Dam Purpose Percentage full

Chivero Water supply/ Irrigation 98.7%

Manyame Water supply/ Irrigation 75.2%

Mazvikadei Water supply/ Irrigation 96.2%

Karoi Water supply/ Irrigation 63.2%

Mazowe Irrigation 22.5%

Wenimbi Water supply/ Irrigation 98.0%

Beitbridge 1 Water supply 75.1%

Mundi Mataga Irrigation 109.4%

Nyajena Irrigation 72.7%

Mutirikwi Water supply/ Irrigation 53.5%

Gwenoro Water supply/ Irrigation 91.9%

Osborne Irigation 87.5%

Wenimbi Irrigation 102.1%

Mtshabezi Water supply/ Irrigation 101.2%

Insiza Water supply/ Irrigation 87.6%

Khami Irrigation 93.5%

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Weatherwise in Zimbabwe, entering the New Year is always like turning a corner.

Before Christmas and New Year the weather is dreadful, (they have always called October Suicide Month in Bulawayo). Its stinking hot, the flies are horrendous after their first hatching. The mozzies are legendary and the frogs are noisily waiting for rain.
The countryside prior to Christmas is hot and mean but once it is January, it seems as if the whole country, or at least Matabeleland, changes into a little cool green paradise.

The clivia begin to peep from beneath their shiny rain washed waxy leaves. The Coleus are rich in their deep tapestry colours. The roses stretch and bloom towards the gentle rain aNd the grass on the verges grows at an inch a day.

On the way to Chimanimani the banks of the roadside around about Charter, only at a certain altitude mind you, Saint Josephs Lilies (or Easter Lilies) bloom in their wild thousands. Their magnificent white trumpets nodding sagely in the mist.

In the lower areas, the glorious flame lilies abound along the roadsides, their little tubers having rested quietly in the soil waiting for the rains. There is one on a verge in Suburbs, Bulawayo, where the caring gardener has slashed the verge vigorously, but carefully and lovingly leaving the Gloriosa Superba to blink and bloom happily in the sun.
Naturally Zimbabwe and Malta have tied for first place with the best climate on earth in this year's Quality of Life Index, published last week in International Living magazine !!

The paradise fly catchers call elegantly in the trees and the Heuglins' babies have been born safely in spite of the crows and gymnogenes. Their proud parents love the cool damp mornings as they forage around for delicacies for their hungry babys.
The Red Eyed Turtle Dove calls hauntingly and gently close by, his call is delicious and mellow and makes one long for home...
This year we heard for the first time in years a Red Chested Cuckoo ( Piet-my-vrou ). He has called continuously and to a point ,infuriatingly, for several weeks now.

HeeHoo called him on his Roberts bird caller and the little guy was so furious that there was someone in his territory that he called loudly and determinedly ALL NIGHT long, just to chase away the dastardly interloper.

I googled the little fellow and not being an Afrikaans speaker instead of typing in "Piet-my-vrou" I googled "Pik My Fro" and came up with an astonishing little gem

Instead of a bird I came across "How do I pick out the sides and the back side of my afro? .."
Ah yes, life in Bulawayo is beautiful, there may be potholes, power cuts, and plastic bags but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Unlocking our potential - Ed Cross

No one disputes the fact that we have huge potential. The only question is how do we unlock that potential and exploit it for the benefit of all Zimbabweans in the long term? Perhaps we should start by outlining our potential as a country.
Our greatest asset is our people; Zimbabweans are, by nature, easy going, pleasant people who are open and welcoming. They are also hard working and innovative, that is why, despite decades of lousy government and bad policies, we have survived and resilience has to be one of our main national characteristics. We are also generally well educated and have a great deal of experience and an established knowledge of what can be done.
Then we have our resources - we have perhaps half of the worlds readily available platinum reserves, a quarter of the worlds reserves of chrome, billions of tonnes of coal and iron ore. We are a major source of nickel and asbestos and a number of other minerals. In the field of gold and diamonds we are the 6th largest gold producer in the world and are rapidly becoming a major diamond producer. We have the immediate potential to attract many billions of dollars in foreign investment in the mining industry if the conditions are right.
In agriculture we have the land and water plus ideal growing conditions for many crops and livestock products. In the past we have been the third largest producer and exporter of flue cured tobacco, one of the largest producers of white maize in the world and a major producer of fruit, sugar, tea and cotton. At one stage we were the largest exporter of beef in Africa and were totally self sufficient in pig products, poultry and milk. Although the agricultural industry has been almost destroyed in the past decade, its potential remains intact.
In tourism we have the Victoria Falls and some 9 million hectares of world-class game reserves. We are the hunting capital of the world and our variety of climates and countryside make us a great tourist destination. While tourism has been growing worldwide and southern Africa has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years - reaching a million foreign tourists a month in 2010, Zimbabwe attracts virtually none. But everyone recognises that if conditions are right and our reputation as a safe and inexpensive destination is re-established, then our potential in this field is huge.

Added to the above you have Zimbabwe at the heart of the SADC region - a region that is now growing as fast as the Asian Tigers have been growing for the past 20 years and you get a picture of just what this country could be like if we can unlock our potential. In industry, we could become a major player, supplying the region with a wide range of consumer goods and services.

We are already the regions largest source of road transport services and could become a major rail and pipeline hub. Our schools and universities could become an attraction for students and graduates from all over the world and especially the central African States. Our engineers and accountants and medical services could also become centers of excellence that would serve the entire sub region. After South Africa we have the most advanced banking system in the region and this could provide a base for the country becoming a regional financial hub, especially now that we have virtually no restrictions on the movement of funds.

So why are we stuck in this pothole and unable to get out and start to realize this potential? It starts with politics. So long as we have this dysfunctional government and no consensus on the way forward, the uncertainty that prevails at present will remain. The uncertainty over who will be in charge and hold power in the State is a very real issue.

The business community is afraid of a return of the days when we had hyperinflation, price control and no rule of law to speak of. They are afraid that radicals such as Kasukawere will be able to dictate policy and events and that his threats against all foreign and white owned business will materialize.

So long as government is locked in a struggle for ascendancy and nothing else, we simply cannot make progress and that is why the Zuma road map to the next election is so critical. This must be close to finality and we should get sight of it soon if JZ is going to be able to report progress to the AU summit at the end of the month.

Once this issue is dealt with, then we must face all the other constraints. But that is not as difficult as it might seem at first. We are very resilient and there is a huge reservoir of goodwill and human capital just waiting for the right conditions. Like the dramatic changes in monetary policy that were adopted in 2009, key policy shifts will unlock this potential very rapidly. Adopting regional currencies and the US dollar as the means of exchange and lifting price and exchange controls swiftly filled supermarkets and restored value to work and incomes. Other policy shifts would have a similar, if less dramatic response. What are they?

Firstly we have to restore the rule of law and the independence and professionalism of our Court system. People have to know that their rights and property will be protected and the laws of the country will be applied and enforced. Would that be difficult - hardly, a dozen new appointments to key positions would change the situation overnight.

Then we need to assure investors of all kinds that their rights to control and manage their assets in Zimbabwe will be protected in perpetuity. This means treating all who have permanent residence in Zimbabwe equally and those who invest from outside the country with every protection that they might expect in any other sane country. This might require revoking some laws and regulations but not much more, it's really a matter of commitment by the State and then confidence that we mean business.

We must resist the temptation to play with the macro economic fundamentals and stay the course of fiscal and monetary reform, discipline and stability. This should not be difficult given the nasty experiences of the recent past. We must deal with our debt overhang and bite the bullet on our parastatals and corruption in high places.

We must repair our infrastructure and energy systems as well as our educational and medical system. We must welcome home anyone who is tired of struggling in foreign countries and wants to resume their lives in Zimbabwe. We must make that possible with job growth and opportunities.

We must restore and respect the rights of all who are citizens by birth or adoption.

Is that too much to ask? It seems so simple really but that is all it would take and we could then fly. Backed by a democratic system that was open and accountable and saw regular changes in leadership, Zimbabweans could then really plan for the future and instead of using their innate abilities to simply survive; they could start to build again.
Eddie Cross
Bulawayo 17th January 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

This recently posted by a very concerned parent a few days ago:

This recently posted by a very concerned parent a few days ago:

Before the Christmas holidays a group of friends and I decided to go dancing. We are of the 30¹s and 40¹s age range and could not decide where to go. We finally decided on Axiom despite the fact that some suggested we may feel ³a little old².

We arrived around 10pm and waited in line. It did appear to be a rather young crowd. I can not reliably say actual ages of all the people but being a local school teacher I do know there were many students far too young to be out drinking, and I mean drinking to excess, because they attend my school.

The floor was littered with broken glass and at least 2 young girls threw up on the dance floor in the course of an hour. There were many others so drunk they couldn¹t stand nor focus. At different times in the evening I saw very drunk young girls being felt up by much older men and many where very exposed while pole dancing on the platforms provided. It was really very sad to watch these young girls, no more than 15 or 16. Obviously not everyone in the bar was in this condition and I do not suggest that we paint all who go with the same brush.

When I left the bar the scene in the parking lot was even more appalling. My friend witnessed a girl doubled over throwing up and a boy had his hand up her skirt between her legs laughing with his buddies. Worse was seeing actual adults/parents engaging in arguments with their kids boyfriends and girlfriends, and not about the children being drunk and irresponsibleŠtruly who are the adults? There were young people who could hardly walk staggering to their cars so they could drive off, some I overheard saying they were going to Dukes! I am not exaggerating; it was frightening to watch this flotilla of death heading out on our streets.

I was young and foolish and luckily did not have to sacrifice my life for it. I by no means suggest that we can prevent all of the follies of our youth. But must we provide and support such a blatant venues?
Parents do not think that you cannot go in and see what is going on.

We are their elders and are allowed, supposed to, provide boundaries and guidance. There has been an increase in sexual violence against young women. Much goes unreported, I am told, because the girls do not remember much of what happened. Is this what you want for your daughter? Even worse is if they do not make it home.

After I left that night I was sickened to think of what I witnessed.

All I could think is that someone should film what I was seeing and show it at the senior schools. Parents should see what is going on, the level of excess their students or their students friends are engaging in.

I suggest (Mom¹s, Dad¹s, and other responsible adults) you go there, check up on your kids. Let them know you care, that you are there for them and that you will help them...but also that you will not allow them to continue to engage in such self destructive behaviour, and you are doing it for them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

80th anniversary of The Repertory Players

In celebration of the In celebration of the 80th anniversary of The Repertory Players, we shall bring the 50/80 celebrations to a close with the staging of the two one-act plays which were performed as the first Reps production on February 17 1931 and with a gala celebratory dinner. Information on the plays, Fame And The Poet and Magic (running February 15-19), will be going out soon, but it is now time to start booking for the gala celebratory dinner.

This will be a black-tie/evening wear dinner dance in the Stewart Rooms at Meikles Hotel on Friday February 18, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are now on sale at $30 each and we are able to host up to 220 diners for this event, which will feature a delicious three-course meal and which we hope will be a memorable and enjoyable evening for all. We invite all members to book for this dinner and ask that you channel these bookings through Erin Cooper in the Reps office (call 335850 or 336706, or e-mail

We believe this will be a popular event so we recommend early booking in order to secure a place. As the theme for an 80th anniversary is pearl, why not see how you can incorporate pearls into your look for the evening?

Erin Cooper
Society Secretary

We believe this will be a popular event so we recommend early booking in order to secure a place. As the theme for an 80th anniversary is pearl, why not see how you can incorporate pearls into your look for the evening?
Erin Cooper
Society Secretary

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Advise from MARS

Its “Back To School” once again, . . .back to those early morning traffic jams as we all head in different directions to drop off our children before heading on to work.

Lets us always remember that the only way to avoid these, is to leave our homes on time . . . . DON’T RESORT TO THOSE ILLEGAL ‘COMBI STYLE’ STUNTS AND TRICKS JUST TO JUMP THE TRAFFIC QUEUES . . . . . DRIVE TO ARRIVE ALIVE :-

Should you or any of your relatives/friends be faced with an emergency, always remember you contact the MARS Call centre on the following numbers ;-

Econet subscribers Toll free number : 112

NetOne subscribers Toll free number : 114

Toll Free landline : 0800 3222 911

or you can call on : 771221

These numbers will give you access to Ambulance Services, Fire Brigade and Police across Zimbabwe. Save these numbers in your phone and pass on to all on your contact lists. This could make the difference in accessing assistance during an emergency.

If you were also wondering whether your Medical Aid Society is covered by MARS – then the answer is YES if you are on any of the following :-

• Cimas

• Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society

• First Mutual Life Medical Fund

• Altfin

• TN Medical Fund

• Masvingo Municipal Medical Aid Society

• Cellmed

• Galaxy

• Generation Health

• Northern Medical Aid Society

• Northern Alliance

• Multimed

• Ultra Medical Aid

• Liberty Blue


• Access Medical Aid

• Zimpapers Medical Fund

• Suremed
Enjoy your day and - God Bless!

Ivy Chanakira
Marketing Executive
Mars Zimbabwe
2 Fairbridge Avenue Belgravia
Harare, Zimbabwe
Mobile : +263 772 134784
Landline : +263 4 790391/2, 706137
Fax: +263 4 790594

Friday, January 14, 2011

the death of John Whaley

From: Charles Orford [] Would you kindly put an ad in for the death of John Whaley, ex Macheke. Died yesterday at 12 noon. Memorial Service with be on Tuesday 11th at Wildgeese at 11.30.


Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

PO Box CT 544 Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe. Tel: 013 45821. Cell: 0712 209 144. Email:



Please support VFAPU – support wildlife

Dear VFAPU Supporters and potential Supporters

Firstly, on behalf of all of us VFAPU, I would like to thank you all for your continued support, which is so vital to our operations against the menace of poaching in our region. You are all playing a vital role in this challenge that faces us. The role that VFAPU is playing is crucial – the poaching situation would be far worse without all of our joint efforts to fight the crime of poaching. It is very encouraging to report that there has been a marked improvement in game sightings in the region, with good sightings of sizable herds of elephant and buffalo, giraffe, zebra, kudu, eland, waterbuck as well as other plains game including sable. There have also been sightings of lion, leopard and wild dog recently.

VFAPU would also like to express our gratitude to the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Victoria Falls Municipal Police and the Tourism Police for this opportunity to work together in a combined effort to conserve Zimbabwe wildlife for everyone’s benefit, present and future.

Please refer to our report below for details for our operations during the year 2010. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.


Snares located: 443

Persons apprehended within National Park estate: 328 (5 x mammal poachers, 20 x illegal miners, 256 x wood poachers, 19 x Illegal vendors, 10 x Illegal entry into parks estate, 2 x drug dealers, 2 x thieves, 9 x fish poachers, 4 x border jumpers and 2 x smugglers)

Mammals darted: 14 (4 x buffalo, 5 x warthog, 1 x elephant, 2 x kudu, 2 x impala)

Mammals poached: 44 (12 x buffalo, 12 x impala, 2 x elephant, 2 x kudu, 2 x eland, 3 x waterbuck, 8 x warthog, 1 x sable, 2 x spotted hyena and 1 x wild dog).

Charles Davy threatens to sue Zimbabwean website

By Lance Guma
06 January 2011

Controversial commercial farmer Charles Davy has threatened to sue a Zimbabwean website, for publishing a story accusing him of `aiding and abetting' the ZANU PF regime. Davy is father to Chelsy, the ex-girlfriend of British Prince Harry.

The website in question,, published a story entitled `Name and shame: Charles Davy ZANU-PF sponsor, partner, hunter'. The article said `when most white landowners were scurrying for cover from marauding ZANU PF youths, one Charles Davy was enjoying himself at Matetsi Wildlife Enterprises. A hunter by day and a ZANU PF collaborator by night aptly describes the man.'

A six month undercover investigation by a reporter for the website reveals that Davy `has funded ZANU PF since 2002 and has partnered senior ZANU PF officials in illicit rhino horn trade. The officials are Webster Shamu and Emmerson Mnangagwa,' the report said. The story also accused Davy of funding Mnangagwa and Shamu's parliamentary election campaigns in 2005.

Davy has responded to the article saying this is `exactly why I do not give interviews, they create stories and those stories fuel the fire of creating more absolute rubbish stories.' He claimed `there are over 400 farmers in Zimbabwe who have survived land invasions for various reasons, from geographical position, attitude of local communities, protection from bilateral investment certificates etc.'

Davy also claims that `prior to the land invasions in 2000 we had 25 white farmers in our district, 24 are still on their farms because our local district council/land committee decided that they were not going to disturb commercial farming in the district. They kicked one off his farm because he treated his labor and the local community badly.'

Contradicting Davy's defence however are secret documents in the possession of, which expose how he `has not only funded terror to save his wildlife business but he has treated his workers worse than animals.'

One of his former workers told the website that `at one time our pay was less than US 15 cents per month and many of us slept on bare floors without blankets. We couldn't do anything, because he told us that President Mugabe knew him. We just suffered.'

Davy claims there are white farmers who openly support the opposition who are still on their farms `because of this decision by the local community not to interfere with the commercial farmers.' He claims his conservancy `just happens to be one of those farms in a district that is very arid, unsuitable for agriculture and where commercial farming is undisturbed.' He further claims to have lost 140,000 acres of prime agricultural land and forced to sell 10,000 cattle onto a depressed market.

The story however alleges that in July 2009 Davy met Mugabe in a meeting organised by Mnangagwa. Davy has also managed to meet President Rupiah Banda of Zambia and DRC President Joseph Kabila in the course of his business. The article says his company HHK Safaris `surprised many when they solely landed all government owned concessions,' covering areas in the Midlands, Matetsi, Sabi, Kariba and some parts of Gonarezhou in the lowveld.

Davy is also implicated in the illegal smuggling of ivory to China and Vietnam using his Chinese links in Asia. Several senior members of the army based at the Defence House headquarters are said to be helping him.

`In the operation army helicopters disguised as army Red Cross ambulances or test flights land in Hwange National Park to pick ivory belonging to Charles Davy and partners,' the story claims.

The report also shows that commandos hired from 1 Commando Barracks stay at his HKK Safaris when poaching in the Hwange National Park.

`In many other cases they are given accommodation at Matetsi or Bubye,' the report says.

Davy has meanwhile already sent a letter to the website saying: `I will be sending an objection to this article to the editor and will take advice from my legal representative about taking the strongest possible action against them. I am done with journalists making money by writing rubbish about me.'

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Petrus Botha

From: Cornelia Broxham [] It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Petrus Botha our Bokkie/Pa/Oupa  on the 11th January 2011, Pa you will be sadly missed, I promise that we will take good care of Ma. , we know you are happy that you are with the Lord Jesus, and we lay you to rest amongst what you loved and missed so dearly. no more pain and suffering.   The family invite friends and family to join us at his burial which will be held at Witpenshoek Farm (Francois van der Merwe’s farm) between  Beatrice and Featherstone (86km Peg ) on Saturday the 15th January 2011 at 11am.  Teas will be served at the house afterwards. Love you lots Pa Love and memories always Johan, Karien, Gabs,Bets,Kenny Paula,Graeme,Nelia and all 11 Grandchildren.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Auction to help

As you may know New Years for the Rackham and Farge families and their close friends was spent very somberly as Darrel passed away in a car accident on his way to Kariba with Dylan his son and Steph, Dylan’s girlfriend in the car.

Dylan and Steph are currently in ICU at the Avenues clinic receiving constant medical attention. The injuries they sustained are severe with both kids taking a blow to the head, and Steph suffering from broken bones, a punctured lung and a nasty facial cut. The doctors and staff at the Avenues have been fantastic and we have a long way to go before the two of them are able to thank these people, walk out and not look back.

Good day,

In an effort to raise cash to assist with Steph’s medical bills, we are holding an auction next week.

Tim Wotton Auctioneers are kindly donating their time on Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th January to hold a “Convert you trash to cash for a good cause auction”. This will be held at Sharon School. There will be no commission or taxes charged on the items bought in for sale. Advertisement for the sale will be via dipleague, sms to TWA’s mailing list and via email to all mail boxes.

We are appealing to people to bring in their unwanted goods, it can be anything glassware, pictures, clothes, shoes, toys, cutlery, crockery, electrical goods – everything will be sold. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For bigger items such as furniture, Wendy from TWA will be happy to collect.

Items destined for the auction can be dropped off at the following places with the following people
Msasa, Tracy – Nets & Ropes, Cnr Neil & Hives Road, Msasa 0712613444
Vainona/ Borrowdale, Desire – Skull n Skud pub at Mount Pleasant Sports Club, Wednesday and Friday from 4pm to late and Sunday 11 – 6
Milton Park, Wendy – TWA 1 Routledge Street, Milton Park 0772718846
Should you have any queries regarding the sale procedure please do not hesitate to contact Wendy on 0772718846
Lewana, Shelley & Lynda


Mavis Snyman passed away on 7th January 2011 in the UK.
Wife of the late Rufus Snyman, mother of Andre and Gerald.
A memorial will be held for her at Dandaro dining hall on
Friday 14th January 2011 at 3pm.
Contact: Cheryldene 0772-268968
Andre 0773-155306

Govt to impound vehicles with old licence plates

Sunday, 02 January 2011 21:44
Crime Reporter

MOTORISTS who failed to change their old vehicle licence plates to new ones after last weekâdeadline wills not be fined, as there are no regulations to that effect but will have their vehicles impounded, a senior Government official has said.

Government maintained that all vehicles bearing old licence plates, were with effect from last Friday supposed to be off the countrys roads until they were fitted with new plates.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development Mr Patson Mbiriri last Friday said: "Nobody is being fined. Nobody should be fined and nobody would be fined. There are no regulations for that."

He, however, encouraged motorists to heed the directive to have the new number-plates fitted on their vehicles.

There were reports that most people were desisting from going to the Central Vehicle Registry for fear of being fined and were opting to be assisted at Zimpost offices.

"At CVR they should be served without any threat of being fined," said Mr Mbiriri.

He said the situation was very reasonable as more people were coming to get the new licence plates.

"Just yesterday (on Thursday) alone Causeway Post Office was closed at 10pm yet it should be closed 4pm.

"We are not chasing anybody away and anyone in the queue would be served," he said.

Mr Mbiriri said yesterday (last Friday) morning there was a "sizeable" queue at Causeway Post Office.

"But they were no people at Chitungwiza Post Office," he said.

Mr Mbiriri said the December 31 deadline would not be extended and offenders risked having their vehicles impounded.

"We would like to urge motorists not to put vehicles without the new licence plates on the roads," he said.

He said the licence plates would remain available until everybody was on the new system.

Last week Government said those who failed to meet the deadline risked having their vehicles impounded.

So far, nearly a million motorists have heeded the Government directive ever since it was announced.

Of the targeted 1,3 million motorists, 950 000 have already changed their vehicle registration number plates to new ones.

Issuing of number-plates has been decentralised with motorists able to access the services through Zimpost offices rather than just through the Central Vehicle Registry.

The regulations apply to vehicles owned by individuals, local authorities, Government ministries and departments as well as embassies.

Motorists should also have police Criminal Investigations Department vehicle clearance in addition to third party insurance cover.

Public transporters are also required to have a valid copy of the vehicle’s certificate of fitness.

Last week police were clearing over 300 vehicles per day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


BEETS - IRENE In loving memory of a beloved Daughter & Sister who passed away one year ago on 15th January.
You are sorely missed & loved so much always.....Mom & Lynda

BEETS - IRENE In loving memory of a beloved sister , aunt & great aunt who passed away on the 15th January 2010
You are always in our thoughts & we miss & love you so very, very much. Brenda, Tony,
Sharon, Kim , Tenielle & Kristen.

BEETS - IRENE In memory of a loving Sister who passed away one year ago 15th January ' A day does not go by without loving thoughts of you. We miss & love you so much. Ray & Beryl

Our Sincere condolence to Mr Riley and all the family on the passing of his father (Dad). You are much in our thoughts and prayers.

Daro Distributors (Pvt) Ltd. Brian Range and Joey Dexter.


Lyn Venables 27th December 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.
deepest sympathy to Dick and Family from the members and committee of Bulawayo Light Tackle Club.

VENABLES. -- LYN. Dick and family, please accept our dearest condolences on the passing of a special lady. Our love and prayers are with you. Blessings -- Peter and Denise Botwright (Perth, Scotland).

Was saddened to hear of the death of Thelma Ault. Condolences to Ian and family. We had a BAC luncheon club, including Thelma, Joan, Olive, Hazel and a few others and I will always remember the fun times and many laughs we had. Farewell to a Master Bowler and a lovely lady!

Anna Bushby

So sorry to read about the passing of Thelma Ault. A real fun lady - and avid reader before her eyesight deteriorated, we shared many books. She also played cards with Ron, Lee Walkden, Bob Tweedale as well as others at BAC Main Bar regularly - Ron is the only one left and is feeling the draught!! Her card playing pals called her 'Mango' for some reason, and she was fun to be with, to talk to and laugh with. Will be very much missed but talked of with love so never forgotten. Ron and Jean in New Zealand



On December 29th, Alex (Sandy) Henderson ex-Wendy nursery school, Petra and CBC in Bulawayo married Chelle Crowley in Franshoek, Western Cape. Family and friends from the UK, Greece, Dubai, Zimbabwe and South Africa partied till late. Welcome to the Henderson clan Michelle.


A very big Congratulations to Mary Brewster on her most distinguished & well earned award of the MBE, you have certainly deserved it with all you have put into everything you have done in your Medical History. Irene would have been so proud of you & we wish you all the very best. Love from Olive Senior & Brenda Baker. Have a wonderful 2011.


Maxi Buletti of Maxis Restaurant in the Ascot Shopping Centre turned 80 years old on Sunday. Warmest wishes from the Bulawayo community Maxi. We all love you dearly and hate it when there is a sign on the door "GONE TO SEE MAMMA!"


Monday, January 10, 2011

Zimbabwe Power Company

New Year Message from

Chairman of Zimbabwe Power Company

1700 hours 8th January 2011

I address this message to users of electricity in Zimbabwe and all other stakeholders who may be interested.

Recent Status of Generation in Zimbabwe

Over the Christmas period the country experienced a much improved availability of power. All six units at Kariba were working as were five of six units at Hwange and Munyati Power Station was generating between 20 and 40 MW. In addition, with much of industry taking a well deserved break, there was additional power on the grid for those customers on line.

Shortly after Christmas one of the, larger, units at Hwange was lost due to failure of certain components. On the 28th of December we had to take out a unit at Kariba for two weeks of routine maintenance. On the night of the 5th January we had to take out a second unit at Kariba which twins with the unit already under maintenance. These two units share a transformer on which components had to be replaced - this was planned for this period.

In summary customers will be experiencing excessive load-shedding in contrast to the Christmas period, as there has now been a sharp drop in generation just as industry is coming back to work.

Looking ahead over the next two weeks. Every effort is being made to bring the unit lost at Hwange back to service during this weekend. The fifth unit at Kariba should be on the grid on Monday with the sixth returning to service by mid-January. This should bring the country back to a “normal load-shedding regime” by the middle of the month.

Looking ahead this year

It is important to advise customers of the realities at Hwange Power Station. The supply out of Hwange remains fragile in spite of significant progress having been made to stabilise supply during 2010. We still need to undertake major works on: the raw water supply line from the Zambezi River, work on the two large raw-water reservoirs at the station is underway; urgent and significant work will be undertaken during the first quarter of this year on the Ash disposal system (a new specialised pipeline has been ordered and is under manufacture). Further to this, the units themselves at the station need ongoing work to optimise their output. To assist us with this “project related work” as well as to train and mentor staff at the station we have engaged a blended team from India and Zimbabwe under the management of WAPCOS – a highly respected Indian-based organisation in the energy field. This team will be on-station early in February. We are optimistic that there will be a consistency in supply out of Hwange Power Station by the end of the first quarter 2011 followed by a gradual increase through the year.

Kariba Power Station should remain at full capacity except for the isolated occasion when the station is forced into “sudden shut-down” due to exogenous shocks which can occur on the grid – these can emanate from the region or sudden failure of local transmission lines.

All three Small Thermal stations (Harare, Munyati and Bulawayo) will be brought back into service during the first quarter of this year. The cost of generation from these stations is high due to both the distance from the coal fields and, in some cases, the need to use higher quality coal. As a consequence power from these stations can only be sold to those companies who have dedicated power lines and who are willing, and able, to pay the higher tariff. However this additional power will help boost the economy and create additional employment in the process.

Beyond 2011

It is important to note that once we have achieved stability in supply and optimised our present installed-capacity the supply of electricity will still remain below demand. Ongoing efforts are being made to increase the importation of additional power from the region by our sister company, ZETDC. But there is a regional scarcity. In addition our economy will grow and hence demand for electricity. The only way to close this demand-supply gap is to build extra generation capacity, which will take at least three and a half years from the time funding has been secured.

ZPC’s planning and preparation are well advanced such that its can approach relevant investors and/or partners in pursuit of adding capacity at Hwange Power Station (top priority as a “base-load” station) and Kariba (to add to “peaking demand”). We have the full and emphatic support of our ultimate shareholder to secure investment for the generation sector. In addition we plan, over the next two years, to retrofit the Small Thermals in a bid to increase the energy sent out and lower the costs.

In Closing

I take the opportunity to thank the entire staff of ZPC for their commitment, hard and long hours of work during 2010 – most often with constrained resources. Particular gratitude is extended to those who worked over the Festive Season – day and night. I also extend a note of thanks to our Ministry for their candid, progressive and demanding support.

I thank all our customers for your patience and understanding. I encourage you all to keep paying for the units of electricity that you use. In addition please could we all take all possible measures to reduce our usage – it is good for your pocket and for the Nation

Best Wishes

The Board and management of ZPC are determined to stabalise and increase the generation levels in 2011 to well above those levels achieved in 2010.

I wish you all, users of electricity and the staff of ZESA as a whole, a safe and fulfilled 2011.

R. Maasdorp

Chairman ZPC (

Theo 't Hart

Theo 't Hart passed away on 3rd January 2011 after a long illness.  Andrew and Sheila would like to invite Theo's dear friends to a memorial service to be held on Wednesday 12th January at the Highlands Presbyterian Church at 11.00 a.m.  Refreshments will be served after the service.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Police Speed Traps.

The Police have acquired a whole lot of new equipment that they are using as speed traps all over the country – They were seen operating at 7pm (night time) on the Bulawayo road a couple of nights ago near Chegutu. In Harare, they seem to be targeting the Borrowdale Road and I spoke to them this morning about the limits – 60 kph going north of Sam Levy’s village towards Harare Drive and 70 kph going south along the stretch by the racecourse – be warned – remember to keep your drivers licence or an authorized copy of it in the car at all times – Mike G

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Adam Johannes Reyneke (17/09/29-01/01/11). Beloved husband to Tal, father/father-in-law to Andre and Wendy, Audrey and Mike, Kevin and Patti, grandfather to Adeline, Yvette, Sharon, Lesley and Matthew, and great grandfather to young Hayden. 'Pops' passed away after a very brief illness to be with the good Lord in Heaven. He was a man of many jokes, always making those around him laugh. He'll be very sorely missed but very fondly remembered. RIP Pops. We love you.
AULT- Thelma. Passed away in Durban. My dearly loved friend for so many years. A kind, fun-loving, generous person of whom I have many happy memories. Springbok bowler, wonderful sportswoman, proud representative of Bulawayo Athletic club. Will be very sadly missed.
Kay Watts.
A wonderful lady gone to rest. So many people will remember her through Bowls, and before moving down to her son, Ian, in Durban, the work she did for Bulawayo Athletic Club. Thelma was a very good friend to many, including my own mom. Condolences to her family and friends in Durban. MHDSRIP.
Carol and Graham MacKenzie.
The service for the late Lyn Venables who passed away on Sunday the 27th December in Pretoria will be held at the
Benoni Baptist Church on Tuesday 4th January 2011 at 10:30am for 11:00am.
Address for the church is as follows :
33 / 35 Wordsworth Road
East Rand
Our dearest Lyn Venables went to be with the Lord this morning 27th December 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.
deepest sympathy to Dick, Darryl and Family.
Till we meet again, Bert, Deirdre, Alex, Kate, David, Paul, Kim and Nicholas
To my dearest Lyn, Thanking you for the BEST 43 years of my life.
I will always miss you and thank God for you.
Rest in peace my wife and friend.
Till we meet again.
Love Dick ( Doll )
Thank you for all our good times together.
I love you and will always miss you.
You were the BEST mom.
I will miss your food so much.
Love Daz

Our dearest Lyn Venables went to be with the Lord this morning 27th December 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.
deepest sympathy to Dick, Darryl and Family.
Till we meet again, Bert, Deirdre, Alex, Kate, David, Paul, Kim and Nicholas

RILEY - DENIS - Just three weeks after his beloved June passed away Denis too slept peacefully out of this world on Christmas Eve, 24.12.2010. He will be sadly missed by all the family. Grateful thanks to Edith Duly for caring for him in his final days. Funeral arrangements: A service of thanksgiving will be held at Farleys on Friday,31.12.2010 to be followed by a Wake at Mac Club. A contribution to refreshments would be appreciated.



It is with great pride and joy that the Trustees, Management, Staff and
Residents of our Home celebrate the announcement that their dedicated
and long serving Matron, Mary Winifred Brewster has been made
This honour is bestowed on Matron Brewster in Her Majesty Queen
Elizabeth's New Year's Honours 2011, and is awarded for services to the
sick and elderly in Zimbabwe in the Diplomatic Service and Overseas List.
Congratulations Matron for this well deserved honour in recognition of your
more than 60 years of devotion to our country's sick and "golden oldies"