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Thursday, October 30, 2014

George Campbell-Johnston

Sadly, this e-mail is to let you all know that

George Campbell-Johnston died on Thursday 23rd November 2014. He was husband to Jane, father to Edward, James and Charles. I have been advised that the memorial service will be held at Wilton Church, Wilton Salisbury on 11 November 2014 at 2 p.m. Confirmation of the service details will be in the newspaper on Tuesday this week.


If you would like to write to the family the address is: Heronswood House, Berwick St James, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 4TX and Jane's e-mail address is

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Simann - Ruth

Death Notice: Simann - Ruth ( 25/9/1923 - 27/10/2014). Died peacefully in her sleep last night  in her 91st year at B.S. Leon Home in Harare, Zimbabwe. A Remarkable Woman in her own right.  Deeply Mourned by her son Frank Plesdenat. Contact details:- +263 4 301294 or +263 772 574587.



On Saturday, I found a stray dog outside our house in a close off Winchcombe Road, just off Harare Drive. It was in shocking condition and its entire head and front legs were covered in blood. It was barely moving, but I could see it was still breathing. I phoned the vet at Borrowdale Lane Veterinary Surgery, and was able to collect a vet who came to the house and euthanised the dog. The vet suspected Rabies, so the dog was stored over the weekend in the cold room at the University of Zimbabwe Veterinary Department, and on Monday morning I took it to the Government Vet on Borrowdale Road.  They phoned me late yesterday afternoon to confirm that the dog tested positive for rabies.


The concerning thing is that on examination, the vet found many puncture wounds on the dog, and suspected it had been in a fight with other dogs in the area. Which means that there are now possibly other dogs roaming the Greystone Park area carrying the rabies virus...


Please pass the message on and check your pets vaccinations are up to date!


From  EWdwe

My 6 year old daughter and my husband were attacked by an unknown dog this weekend at our gate. The dog was put down and sent to be tested for rabies and the results came back positive. We all started the Rabies vaccines the day after the incident, Michael Galfand Clinic was amazing. Our doctors rooms and vets have been amazing too.

It has been one of the scariest weeks of my life and i just wanted to use our experience to warn people about rabies. I have spent time this week talking to various people in different areas of the country and it is a terrible outbreak - we are on a farm only one hour out of Harare,in Shamva, but at the clinic they said they have had people in with reports of rabies in Harare too. There are a lot of dogs appearing on the road sides and roaming all over the place so be aware.

With an outbreak like this please please don't pick up any stray animals of any sort and take them into your home, rather report them if you think they are in need.

If you get bitten by an animal you don't know - irrigate the wound with disinfectant as much as you can and get to the doctor to start your vaccines straight away.

Also go and speak to the vet's in your area to help start vaccinating programs and to educate people about how to properly care for their animals and keep rabies vaccines up to date. I know this is nothing new but there is a lot more of it around and communities need to come together on this because it is a horrible thing to have lurking around the people and animals of Zimbabwe.


Take care



Mrs. Nancy Whaley

Death Notice: Mrs. Nancy Whaley, aged 92, passed away in the early hours of Saturday 25th October. There will be a Thanksgiving Tea at Pleasantways at 3p.m. on Friday 31st October for those who wish to join the family in celebrating her life.

Saturday, October 4, 2014



At last! … Spring/ going to Summer have now arrived and we can so goodbye to the winter 2014. This is the time to open wide the windows, doors and have the cool breeze blow thru and remove the winter blues…. This is also the time to take a check on the security of all property.  When entertaining, make sure the rest of the house is secure and locked or alarmed, both doors and windows. It is best to leave access to only one entrance when entertaining so that you can police the traffic in and out of your home.  This is the time for braai’s and el fresco entertaining which means that we have friends and family round frequently, please keep good security in mind.

Have all cars parked inside where possible, and in an area which has adequate bright lighting, with all cars locked and where possible a ‘guard’ to watch the vehicles during this period. Its best to check periodically on this area and the property to make sure all is secure.

Do NOT leave the electric gate unlocked or on manual as this is an invitation for criminals to enter the property. It only takes seconds for these perpetrators to slip through onto the property.

It is foresight to have remote panic buttons on hand during these events, to sound the alarm and have backup help arrive within minutes … it will save valuable time!  

If you are having a large function, please obtain the necessary permission from your Police Station for the event.

The driving has become extremely bad again … please keep to the rules of the road and in the right lanes, especially when turning right.  It seems to be a free for all and let’s see how many lanes of traffic we can make ….This is so dangerous and many unnecessary accidents caused by carelessness and driving without due care and attention. The use of mobile phones is a criminal offense whilst driving unless the correct ‘hands off’ equipment is in use. 

Smash and Grabs are increasing, due to valuable goods left in view, added area is CBD.. Cash is a high risk, do not carry large sums of money around with you, it’s a desperate situation out there ……..


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

Safeguard Break in report

In the report this month a few things stand out for us.

-       In Harare gate motors are once again on the list and there have been numerous thefts.

-       The incidents in Harare by large majority are early evening and early morning’s .This emphasizes the need to lock up early.

-       In Bulawayo a return to break in to commercial properties where the alarm is bypassed. This takes inside knowledge of the alarm coverage.

o   Check that your alarm coverage is interlinked /overlapping and that it is will detect entry to your high priority areas.

o   Check that your alarm control panel and signalling equipment is within the zone of  alarm protection to prevent tampering after entry

o   Make sure that it is fitted in a secure area within the premises to prevent tampering during the day by staff or “customers”

-       In Mutare attacks on women and people by themselves is a real concern. Travel in company if at all possible, carry pepper spray and have it to hand.

If you would like advice on your security call your local safeguard branch, or email us at


On 01/09/14, during the night in Highfield area, intruders climbed onto the roof of a building and removed one asbestos sheet, entered the shop, stole cash and a cellphone. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has burglar bars.

On 02/09/14 at 05:53hrs in Greendale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, stole a gate motor and went away. The alarm did not trigger because the area was not protected by outside sensors. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 03/09/14 at 05:49hrs in Avondale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, went to two vehicles which were parked outside, broke the passage windows, stole car radios from both cars and went away. The alarm did not trigger because the cars were not protected by outside sensors. Property has burglar bars and a durawall.

On 06/09/14 at 18:56hrs in Highlands, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, stole a gate motor and went away. The alarm did not trigger because the area was not protected by outside sensors. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 14/09/14 at 12:55hrs in Greendale, an intruder jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, stole a gate motor and went away, the alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has durawall, burglar bars and electric gate.

On 14/09/14 at 17:20hrs in Hatfield, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke 5 padlocks, entered the houses, stole various items and went away. The alarm did not trigger because the client did not arm the system. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 16/09/14 at 15:27hrs in Meyrick Park, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, went to a parked vehicle, broke the front passenger side window, stole a laptop and car radio and went away. The alarm did not trigger because there are no outside sensors. Property has a durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 18/09/14 at 10:05hrs in Hillside, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, went to a shade and stole some items, alarm triggered.  Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 21/09/14 at 22:45hrs in Helensvale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke a wooden cabin which is not alarmed and stole garden tools and went away. Property has durawall, burglar bars and electric gate.

On 24/09/14 at 06:23hrs in Belvedere, an intruder jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, he was picked by outside sensors, the alarm triggered, he hid behind an outside washing sink, the reaction team apprehended him. Property has a durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.



On the 04/09/2014 at 20:00hrs, a local shop situated at North lea medium density suburbs was robbed at gun point by two unknown robbers. Cash and airtime were taken in the process. The two robbers then got away. The two ladies in the shop pressed their panic button after the robbers had escaped.


On the 08/09/2014 intruders broke into a vehicle sales client and managed to avoid CCTV and sensors but failed to steal anything.

On the 21/09/2014 intruders managed to break through the roof of retail shop undetected by sensors but partially detected CCTV and broke a safe from where the client advises that a reasonable cash amount was stolen.

On the 24/09/2014 intruders broke into Motor Company undetected by the various sensors and outside beams and managed to destroy safe cash was stolen.


On the 30/08/2014 in Nyakamete area at 19:56hrs unknown intruders jumped over the durawall, got into a vehicle canopy and an alert guard spotted the intruders.  The intruders ran away.

On the 02/09/2014 in Morningside area time unknown intruders opened an unlocked door at cottage and stole a cellphone.

On the 05/09/2014 in Murambi area at 01:43hrs intruders forced open a door, the alarm went off.  The intruders ran away.

On 12/09/2014 in the Avenues area at 21:30 hrs two robbers attacked a man and woman within the vicinity of their residence. One robber held the husband with a knife on the neck whilst the second robber dragged the wife screaming, into the bushes. The robbers fled as help arrived.

On 12/09/ 2014 in the Morningside area at 21:57 hrs two robbers attacked a woman entering her gate. The women got out of her car whilst opening her manual gate two robbers suddenly appeared and dragged her into nearby shrubs. She screamed for help and the robbers gave in and ran way.

On 13/09/2014 in the Nyakamete at 04:17 hours intruders forced open door, and the house alarm went off and intruders ran away.

On 15/09/ 2014 in the Nyakamete area at about 0312 hours intruders found their way into a commercial structure and stole one empty drum.

On 15/09/ 2014 in the Murambi area at 1700 hours two robbers attacked a pedestrian walking through a golf course and forcibly took a Samsung cellphone.

On 19/09/2014 in the Nyakamete area between 03:30 hrs and 05:00 hrs intruders found their way into a commercial structure and stole truck batteries.

On 20/09/2014 at about 03:00 hrs in Morningside area intruders forced open kitchen window, entered and stole plasma television and decoder. The house has no alarm.

On 22/09/2014 at about 01:00 hrs in the Morningside area intruders forced open lounge window, entered and stole a plasma television among various household goods. The house alarm was not armed.

On 24/09/2014 between 2100hrs -0600 hrs in the Avenues area intruders found their way into a commercial structure, forced open vehicle door and stole a car radio.

Andre Misiewicz

Memorial Service – It is with extreme sadness that we let you know  Andre Misiewicz passed away unexpectedly in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  Husband to Lucinda and father to Casimir and Isabella, we would like to invite you to celebrate Andre’s life at a memorial service at 2pm on Tuesday 30th September 2014, at the Chisipite Senior School Chapel.  Friends  kindly accept this intimation.

Lift Wanted

Lift Wanted: I am a pensioner and I have just lost my husband and I am looking for someone who has an empty car going to SA I have 3 daxies they are good travellers, and they have all had their necessary jabs and have cages plus myself I would share costs where necessary. All I need is a lift to Jhb or Pta or somewhere on rout and then my daughter would fetch me. email address is and my cell 0771361065 please help I am desperate for my dogs to come to SA as this is all I have that is left from my husband as we loved them dearly. And I can also help in driving.

Death Notice: Ian Thom

Death Notice: Ian Thom: It is with great sadness to inform all of Ian’s friends of his passing on Monday 22nd of September.  There will be a memorial service held on Thursday the 2nd of October at 12.30pm at the Flying Frog, Arcturus Road.  Hope you can join the family.


I estimate there are at least ten rigs each drilling a borehole a day in and around Harare. Not all find water, some probably do. Harare is still growing rapidly. With the thirty- year - old water and electricity infrastructure continually deteriorating, water is likely to become much more expensive before any positive change can possibly come. It seems likely to me nearly all of us will have to make a Plan B sooner or later. There is literature which shows that grey water – from roofs, bathrooms, and tennis courts etc. – plus black water from our own sewage – are workable options. Dave


Surely they should charge the delivery trucks more tax as they are causing a lot of damage & pot holes to the roads. Government should sort out the Municipal water shortage problem. Judy


I am very disappointed in our municipalities / government  that they are unable to supply us with the most basic of human rights --- water !!! I think it is disgusting that we have to buy water but more than this we are now going to be taxed on it !! I am a widow and find it difficult enough to find the money to buy water - let alone another $15 on top of the normal $50 !!! JUST WHO IS GETTING THIS MONEY ANYWAY !!!   I am also disappointed at the total lack of preserving our water supplies  by the residents who are lucky enough to have boreholes !! They constantly water the ground outside their houses xx surely this practice  needs to be discouraged. What is being done about this ??   All I really ask for is the return of our most basic of human rights !!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLIES  Widow without water 


one reality most people miss is that most boreholes, if not all are running via the GRID power supply which naturally means that with the never available electricity (otherwise known as ZESA) most of the private ones are not pumping anything thus the case of diminishing the water table absurd hyperbole. By having to provide an alternative power supply to the boreholes it means that already the borehole owners have taken on an additional taxing, thanks to "human rights". As long as we have this fragmented approach to issues as a country and as a people we have yet to see much more piled on the diminishing pocket. I, for one am on a property that had a borehole sunk mid 90's obviously not as a response to the now normal City Of Harare's issues but rather as a means to manage the garden, pool  and alike without demanding  much from the council, and then to be told that I am to be fined for maintaining that garden is short of comedic. contrary to the Hunter's Dry advert, " Harare City Council Water, it's dry and you cannot drink it"


Whilst we are talking about water, is it possible to ask people fortunate to have working boreholes to , at least,  refrain from watering the verges outside their properties. We have not had municipal water for more than 8 years. We are extremely careful with our water usage and direct grey water into our garden to keep some plants alive. It is selfish and irresponsible to water verges, and usually the tarmac too ,when so many people are simply without water and have to pay increasing prices to buy bulk water.  Regarding City of Harare, it’s time they provide all areas with treated municipal water. Enough of this gross incompetence.


Those of us who have to purchase water every week as I have had no water for 5 years( I have no borehole) from City of Harare, do something positive, the Councillor for my ward has a public meeting on 02/10/2014 where we have been asked to submit a list of what we are not happy with as to the non-performance of the City Of Harare. This new charge will be on my list, and I will inform him of my intention on my next delivery that I will not be paying it and will give my name and address to the supplier so as he may submit the charge to the City Of Harare. He has already intimated that this is government and not C Of H, this time he will be told at the meeting not to hide behind Government and do the job he was elected to do. Paul 


This is completely absurd and outrageous! The govt cannot provide us with water which is a basic human right and now want to ‘tax’ us on a service they cannot provide??? I know of a person who works for one of the Parastatal companies,  the house he  lives in belongs to that parastatal and it happens to have a borehole.........I find it completely and utterly disgusting to see a water tanker in and out of the property all the time collecting water! - the govt has provided this person and his family with a house with borehole water and he then goes on to sell that water to the public and rake in the profits! Who will be monitoring leeches like this? Out of Water and Outraged!


By the way private borehole water is not for free.  Capitol of $4000 ( divide this by how many tankers the buyers have to get to reach this ) and then ZESA to pump it. I still see no ban on the water sellers drawing from WITHIN the municipal area which might help the water table John


This is just 'food for thought '. not sure if your readers are xperiencing same. About 2 wks ago pples smses started to come into. my inbox up to 6 x .The exact same message and sometimes even on different days !!!   Does that mean they are making 50/60 cents off us instead of the usual 10 cents ?? If so they are making a killing. My son also loaded a 5 $ buddy the other day but it just disappeared ¡¡ I havent had time to go in to complain but am. Sarah.

The concern here is not in reality water table, it is another fund raising opportunity. Once more the consumer is asked to bear the financial brunt of it all. As human beings  we are 90% water.

We dehydrate continuously, water is part of our survival. May I ask whose responsibility it is to ensure a supply of potable water to the people. Shame on you who has failed us.

Once upon a time a little lamb went to the river to drink. The WOLF questioned the lamb as to why he was dirtying his drinking water. Mr. WOLF how am I dirtying your water, I am drinking down

river from you? answered the little lamb. The WOLF ate him anyway !!. D. Hydrated 


Some of the suppliers have made it a neat $20 extra. Talk about cashing in.


I wondered when this would happen – and who’s fault is it that one HAS to buy in borehole water in the first place, hey? If City of Harare could/would  supply us with adequate water,  this extra charge wouldn’t have to be necessitated.  OMG they are desperate for money! B


Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that there needs to be regulation of our groundwater resources this approach is purely punitive against those who have no choice but to buy water. I am certain that those of us who buy our water from the bulk operators practice far more efficient water conservation that those who access their water for ‘free’ from private boreholes. The bulk water operators may extract vast quantities at source but I am sure that the number of people serviced per 1000l is far more efficient that the number of people serviced per 1000l from a private borehole! I also guarantee that all of those who respond saying ‘hear hear’ this bulk water extraction is terrible have their own boreholes and have never had to live without water!!! #water is a human right


It is time we started submitting our water costs to the City of Harare for re-reimbursement. We pay rates to have access to piped water regularly.

I think we should design a standard claims sheet that each household that is forced to buy water to submit to the City of Harare.


Bit upset as some operators gone up either 20 to 50 dollars dependent on who you call. Will definitely be shopping around... Kim


please may I make a case for public opposition to this absurd situation.

1)       The taking over of a borehole or 100 boreholes by ‘government’ does not mean any less water is drawn from these sources, it simply means that different coffers get filled

2)       The burden now falls on the residents/users to find more money to pay for what was previously cheaper

3)       Water is a human right and if one option should cost more them that option should not be taken

4)       Water infrastructure is paid for by ratepayers (built in) in their bills so to charge more is a surtax

5)       Commercial water suppliers are doing a job that the authorities have proven incapable of doing.

6)       In effect this surcharge is a tax on the authorities’ incompetence

7)       If commercial operators can do without the extra three dollars per cubic meter then it implied inefficiency if the authorities have to charge the extra amount to provide the same service.



While I understand and agree that we need to protect the water table, this should be done in conjunction with making water available through the dams. This new levy will not reduce the off take of water at all because the people buying it have to do so. It is an extortionate mechanism to raise money. I believe there would be a very strong legal case for this, which even the government would have to accept. Once they have re-commenced delivering water themselves then a levy like this is sensible.  Regards Tony


Personally I am fuming about it.  Why should those of us who are forced to purchase water in bulk be penalized further by being taxed on it?  Do the people in the Ministry of Water really believe we want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a human rite which should be free???  Please would someone tell me exactly how people having to pay $3.00 per 1000l extra for their water will increase/protect the water table! The only way we are going to start to achieve this is by not building on our precious wet lands and introducing a TOTAL ban on hose pipes and watering of gardens irrespective if it is borehole water or not.  Anyone seen to be watering their gardens should be made to pay a fine that really hurts the pocket.    Those seen to be watering their verges should be fined double!


My two cents on the matter.  Reference the extra water charges.  This is totally and utterly off sides in my opinion.  Who bears the cost at the end of the day!!!! it is me the end user.  And quite frankly if the Ministry would get it right in the first place then we would not have to buy bulk water in order to survive - (water a basic human right) as it should come out of the tap from the municipal line and not from the delivery truck.  So much for human rights - my dog has more rights than I do.!!!! What is water - have not seen it in Glen Lorne for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet they still make sure they charge me a monthly set fee of $9.00 a month for not getting any water and they say this charge is for pipe improvements etc - ha ha who are they trying to fool.  Not to mention the pot holes in this area, Grand Canyon has nothing on these.  Oh and lets not forget the monthly $48.25 property tax, again for land improvements - what are they smoking - oh yes!! I forgot!! no water, craters for potholes, no street lights, delayed rubbish collections, desert for a garden, no grass just sand and air full of smoke and ash all equates to LAND IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!! lets tax the people MORE







. So important to join hands with C of Harare and for example make sure OUR streets are free of litter and we are eco with Zesa and water we use, so perhaps no green verges in winter!!  Great news that the City and Conservancy are revamping Ballantyne and Blair dams and the area made into a place we can again visit for recreation. That was news from the Borrowdale ratepayers meeting last Thursday. The Mayor spoke as did some of his colleagues and our councillor Rusty. We were also told about the switching on of water in various suburbs nearby. Well worth the effort to attend! Valerie


Bulk water selling from residential areas means surrounding neighbours boreholes are depleted from much needed water supply from the water table as well as unbearable noise and dust made by the delivery trucks.  All bulk water activities should ideally be done outside city limits.....  I talk from experience having to live right next door to a bulk water supplier. SMM


I’m adding my opinion to the debate - NO WAY are we, or our hard-working bulk water suppliers, to pay this extra charge. Isn’t it called extortion?  We’re buying water because the water authorities are unable to supply it, continually citing “no money”. Well time to say TOUGH LUCK. Water is VITAL and ESSENTIAL to every single person and household in this country and we are not paying any more than we do. They tax fuel, boreholes, equipment, anything they can and it’s ENOUGH!!!Jenny


We are all here because we appreciate the good things, but that doesn't mean we should not complain when government and council are grossly incompetent, and we are charged for services that aren't delivered.  If you don't complain nothing improves.  Certainly one solution is the collection of grey water but not all of us are fortunate enough to have the capital necessary to invest.  And regardless of how much we appreciate the good things, we cannot live without water!


I both agree and disagree with the comment below. Certainly it’s nice to have a positive attitude, and I agree that if we are going to live here we have to appreciate the good things in life that Zimbabwe offers us (and there are many) ... however, as someone who routinely practices all of the rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling ideas (my kids bath in 2 inches of water which is then used to flush the loo!) due to having been forced to buy water for the last four years I do think that the sort of debate and discussion stimulated on the Bambazonke list also helps us all to be better citizens. It is pointless sitting around waiting for Harare City Council to just ‘fix’ the problem, so instead we need to be proactive – not just sitting around moaning for the sake of it, but sharing ideas and thoughts through constructive fora such as this. It really does seem to be the case that those with older boreholes use them with impunity with no thought to the effects of their high levels of consumption. If just one person decides to stop watering their verge (and the surrounding tarmac!) due to this discussion, then it has done a good thing! I do agree there are a lot of people who seem to just moan all the time and have lost the joy of life, but I wouldn’t put the Bambazonke discussions into that category – I think some good can actually come of engaging in this way – in this case Mike has been good enough to forward some suggestions on to the council, and meanwhile we have hopefully stimulated some food for thought amongst the readership!


Realistically - Water flowing from a tap is a luxury to a vast majority of the worlds population living below the poverty line, especially in Africa! I assume those lucky and affluent enough to have a borehole also have an education? So why then do people insist on watering their verges and cultivating gardens that are not water wise - it's plain and simple vanity, greed and irresponsibility. I think residents who do so should actually be taxed on this luxury.  We should be planting more indigenous plants and cutting back on lawn watering when our water table is low in the dry season.

The truth is, it is up to communities and residents to solve this problem together (cos the govt sure ain't gonna and it's silly to expect so) and fight for the preservation and future of our underground water sources. Wake up Harare and let's help ourselves and each other. From 'a keen protector of Harare wetlands' 

Loads of comments on the unfairness of the new water tax, but very little solutions.  “Those out there” don’t know what’s being said “back here” – unless we make it known to them. It is a very unfortunate fact of life in Zimbabwe that Zinwa have failed to supply water – which has resulted in masses of people having to sink boreholes, entirely at their own cost, and pay the electricity and/or generator costs to pump water.  Like many others, my borehole is drying up.  I have been paying $11 per month, every month for “water” – but this has not happened in 3-4 years.  I won’t go the route of refuse collections. Our having to buy water is costing Zinwa sweet nothing – and regardless of how much (or little) of the “tax money” does ever reach their pockets – it will not be put to any productive use.  It will not increase the water table, it will not benefit the public.  Come on folks – let’s DO something about it!!  Jill


I would also like to add to this topic since I have no borehole and no municipal water and rely totally on water deliveries during the dry season, which works out as my biggest household expense each month!  I agree wholeheartedly with all the sentiments expressed by those in a similar position to me, but would also like to add my infuriation at the thoughtless selfish owners of residences around Harare that are fortunate to have prolific boreholes who insist on a regular schedule of irrigating their outside verges for vanity’s sake, more particular so at the ones that do it in the heat of the day where a large percentage of the water is lost to evaporation anyway.  What a needless waste of a precious resource, and an insult to those of us without and have to pay vastly for.  The Water Authorities should also look to holding them accountable just as much and place a ban on this trend, and send an Inspector around the suburbs to issue fines or some such fee directly.  WATERLESS WHINGER


ZINWA LEVY: The cost of living in Zim is already high. Government just made it higher by adding $100 per month onto an average family’s water bill. (*) Government cannot deliver clean piped water to half of the residents in Harare – yet they penalise people for making a plan to live. Zinwa’s levy is reprehensible when they are the very cause of the problem - being completely unable to provide this most fundamental requirement of human existence : clean water to drink and bathe. $4,000 installation of a borehole is met by one year of bowser deliveries. Viz  4,000 / $120 per 10,000 litres = 33 deliveries.  33 deliveries / 12months = 2.7 loads/mth = ave family. By the second year of the borehole you are home free as the Zesa cost is not that high – you can even get solar pumps.


So my (readers) suggestions of a solution or two are as follows regarding our water situation:

1                     Fine anyone who is selling water that is retrieved from private boreholes and stop that from happening altogether. This will solve the largest portion of the water table diminishing.

2                     The Town council should allocate the water suppliers water sources to buy the water from. Then they can take a  portion of the proceeds that is fare that won’t push the price up too much to the consumer that makes it non affordable because the water suppliers are helping the Town council deal with the lack water supplied to the consumer easing their situation.

3                     The Town Council really needs to put the tax payers money back into the maintenance and repairs of the potable water system in the way of materials needed, chemicals, expertise, manpower, transport and Team work.

4                     This needs to be done in such a way that the consumer being us the tax payer actually sees results and starts to see how their hard earned money is being spent by the Town Council. This is not happening right now! This will also reduce the millions of liters being pumped away down the streets which is a total waste and major contribution to our water shortage.

5                      The Town Councils response time to leakages and repairs are ridiculous. We should have a number of emergency call lines say 10 that will get answered every time 24 hours a day and a few teams ready to be sent out to switch off the leak fast! Within an hour of the complaint. and repair it fast and properly but switch the line off so we don’t waste valuable water resources. Water leaks often run for days because of the lack of all of the above.

I am happy but could be a lot happier! I love Zimbabwe! I just wish some people would wake up!


I buy my water in bulk and am fuming with these extra charges. Its ridiculous. Firstly if we had municipal water er wouldn't mind paying for it but Borrowdale west has not had water in years well at least we haven't. They now want to put meters in boreholes when the government didn't help to sink that borehole plus when boreholes are sunk there is still a fee paid to the government which is not a small figure so wat gives them the right to put charges on boreholes. The people that are selling water in bulk are doing the the water boards job by providing us with water. The person from Glen Lorne was right we are taxed even more and we don't see any changes. The government are meant to look after their people not worry about getting richer themselves. Everything is just a money making scheme.
Many thanks Lee-Ann




Bim Meikle

Bim Meikle


Our old friend Bim Meikle ex of Allorn Farm Doma, died on the 23rd of September at his home in Howick Natal. He will be sadly missed by all but most especially his wife Margot and Children Cheryth, Mark and their families. With much love the Browns.


The memorial service has been arranged for Thursday the 2nd Oct at 10:30 at Howick Community Church, Howick Kwazulu Natal RSA.


Please contact Margot on or Cheryth on or Mark on


Looking for Trevor Dixon

I am looking to trace my cousin.
His name is Trevor Dixon and he is the son of Alec Dixon and Avril Emslie (sometimes Hemslie).
Trevor was born in Zimbabwe about 1956 and had 2 siblings - Richard who died comparatively recently in Johannesburg and Jeanette who died in the early 1970's in Bulawayo. Alec emigrated to Zimbabwe in 1954 and worked on the railways becoming Assistant Station Master at Bulawayo.
My mother, Trevors aunt, has not heard anything from him for over 40 years and often wonders if he is still alive.
Any information would be so well received.
Warm regards
Ian Etherton <>

Death Notice: Skinner Gaynor

Death Notice: Skinner Gaynor – It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of Gaynor Avril Skinner on 29th September 2014. A dear friend and a genuine lady. Funeral arrangements to be announced.



At around midnight on the 19th August, Dave and Mary Ann Passaportis were viciously attacked in their home in Darwendale - a game farm called Chirawanoo…
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Was involved in a serious car accident

The car he was in collided with a lorry that was broken down in the middle of the road. The driver of the car unfortunately didnsurvive . Jono has sustained major Facial injuries & his medical bills were last at USD$14,000 and that’s just the start!

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