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Friday, August 16, 2013



We have just returned from Vilanculas. We drove down to Vilanculas on Friday 9th August  and returned to Harare Wednesday 14th August.  All is well on the main road and we felt incredibly safe and secure. There are soldiers in every village and alongside parts of the road too.

The convoy leaves from Muxungwe at roughly 7.30am and 1.00pm
The convoy leaves Muxungwe just  after the BP garage.
 The traffic in the convoy drives on BOTH sides of the road and therefore you cannot drive  on your own from Muxungwe  to Save after the convoy has left Save Bridge and is returning to Muxungwe. You will face hundreds of cars coming towards you on both sides of the road!

The convoy leaves Save Bridge at roughly 9.15 am and  3.00 pm.

The time of the journey  depends on how much traffic there is in the convoy and can range from one and a half hours to two and a half hours.

Safe travels!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dr Aase Huelin

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr Aase Huelin, beloved mother of Astrid and Lisa, gogo of Brayden and Summer, sister of Turid and vet of her time.  Memorial service announcements to follow.

Tel:  Home 885188

Film Society

It has been decided to start a Harare Film Society, to cater for folks who like to watch art movies and classic movies, none of which are available on the commercial cinema circuit and scarce on television. This results from some popular movie festivals involving such films and an interest from a small but very keen group to get a society going. If you would like to join the society please e-mail for an application form. Basic information which has gone out to the people who have already expressed an interest follows
1.      The subscription payments will be adequate to enable the society to acquire a projector and screen. Anything left over can be used towards venue hire and other costs.
2.      It is our plan to hold the screenings in Theatre Upstairs at Reps, which everyone likes. This will, of course, be subject to availability of the venue.
3.      The plan is to screen one art movie a month and one classic movie a month.
4.      There will be occasional festivals similar to the ones we have run last year and this.
5.      Preference for these will be given to members of the HFS and calls for booking will go out to members well in advance. If filled, there will be no public announcement; however, if not filled we may send out a public announcement and fill up with non-members, who will, of course, pay a higher entry fee.
6.      Members will pay a small ticket fee for screenings, to enable (a) royalties/rights payments; (b) Board of Censors approval payments and (c) venue hire payments.
7.      Subscription renewals will be at the start of each calendar year
8.      A constitution will be drafted and we shall need a small group of people to volunteer as a committee … please let us know if you are willing!

Reps Reporter – July-August 2013

Reps Reporter – July-August 2013

Greetings, all. It seems like it’s been a long winter, so here’s hoping that summer really comes calling very soon! There’s always something to keep you warm at Reps, whether on stage or in the bar, so don’t let cold nights keep you away.

On Stage
We are expecting news of a hire show (the TV talent show Starbrite … watch out for information) and then at the end of August our own version of Last Choir Standing, a platform for choirs in Harare to be seen and heard. Watch out for news of these two shows very soon or check regularly. September sees two great dramas: Death Of A Salesman on the Main Stage and The Woman In Black in Theatre Upstairs. DOAS is directed by Paul Shephard and stars John Dennison and Fiona Garrity; it is an O Level set book this year. TWIB is a ghost story being staged by Ryan Lawrence and PJ Smyth with stars Mike Southall and Larry Greeff. People are asking what this year’s pantomime will be: Cinderella, to be directed by Graham Crutchley. For new year, Zane Lucas plans to pop back as director and present the sparkling Noel Coward comedy, Private Lives (now enjoying an acclaimed revival in the West End).

Holidays are here, so the children are away
Preps and Repteens are on holiday for August, as this is school holiday time. They will start again after the term begins – Repteens on Friday September 6 and Preps on Saturday September 7. As always, all youngsters are welcome to get involved (Preps for under-12s and Repteens for 12-19s) and can contact (through the office) Kyla Render for Repteens and David Bvumbe for Preps. Repteens plan an end-of-year production in Theatre Upstairs and Preps will be doing an end-of-term play (which they could not do in the second term because of the early holiday start), and both will be great to catch. During July, Repteens brushed up their skills in various areas of the basics of stage acting. Having finished going over the aspects of emotion and characterisation, the next step was mime and movement on stage as well as integrating the character aspects with these other on-stage skills. We have recently gained a few new members whom we would like to warmly welcome and we are also still on the lookout for suitable scripts for the end-of-year production, as well as a willing and capable person to fulfil the role of director of this. Please contact Kyla on 0772 311 412.

Membership news
A big welcome to new members John Winter, Gary Davidson, Theo and Lollie Nel, Dave Martins, Liz Hayes, Tariro Mushonga, Ant Macdonald, David Payne and Wanda Krekel. We hope that you have many years of enjoyment from your club and the performing arts and look forward to seeing you at Reps. Sincere condolences to the family of George Loverdos, a long standing member and supporter, who passed away recently after a long struggle. Sad farewell, too, to Ken Ziehl, a regular on Friday nights in the members’ bar and father of Nikki, very popular on the stage and now based in the UK. Go well George and Ken; you will be sadly missed. Don’t forget that you, as a member, may bring as many guests as you like into the bar at any time (but each person only twice in a given month): please sign them in via the visitors book, which is held by the bar staff. As a member you have a number of benefits, including some from valued partners, on production of your membership card (with many more in the pipeline in coming months and years): 10 percent discounts on meals at Da Eros Restaurant; 20 percent discount on meals at Adrienne’s Restaurant; discounts from AV Electronics (now in the Belgravia shopping centre); free entry to The National Gallery and discounts in the shop there; free entry to National Trust properties (such as World’s View at Nyanga and La Rochelle near Penhalonga); reduced membership fees at Innovate High Performance Centre in Emerald Hill and the newest of all, a discount on accommodation at Inns of Zimbabwe properties (Inn On The Vumba, Pine Tree Inn and Inn On Rupurara. Please also note that if you want to contact the membership committee for any reason e-mail

Reprobates in full gear
Reprobates has been focusing on basic characterisations and script work in recent weeks and the feedback from participants has been positive. Next we will be focusing on short scripts and, for this, we’re looking for anyone who can provide us with a few decent short scripts to work off.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen a decline in the number of participants in Reprobates session, mainly due a large number of them being involved in productions and rehearsals (which is positive) so more are always welcome. Come down and find out more about how this platform for learning and participation for over-19s is both enjoyable and useful.

Social events for you
Diarise now for upcoming entertainments (in the main bar from 6.30pm, unless stated otherwise): Friday August 9, Tina Masawi; Friday August 16, Alex Fairlie; Sunday August 18, Fun Pub Quiz (starts 11.15am); Wednesday August 21 (Club Room), fun darts evening (a great success last time so come along and have a throw); Friday August 23, Karaoke; Monday August 26, cocktail tasting evening; Monday September 2, The Weakest Link (a Monday this time for all those who could not Sundays). There should be something for everyone in this line-up so come along and bring guests or encourage visitors (day visitor cards for all these – and it’s a chance for non-members to see what goes on and perhaps join!). Mande Snyman co-ordinates these activities and can be contacted at if you would like to entertain or advise who is available to entertain.

Caterers needed
We want to ensure there’s food at affordable prices at most social events. If you are keen to join in and do something from time to time, please contact Betty Hobbs at to let her know. She sits on the Bar Liaison and Social Events committee and is co-ordinating this important part of the offering to members and visitors.

Did you know …
… that there are many opportunities for sponsors at Reps? These include corporate sponsors (giving funds for major activity), show sponsors (funding specific shows) and advertisers in programmes and on the bar screens; paying for tickets for homes and individuals to come along and watch shows. If you or anyone else you know would like to know more please contact Alice Hamilton (, who is the Marketing and Publicity person co-ordinating the necessary search for sponsors, and she can help out. Join in the effort to keep Reps fit and healthy through strong financial support.

Until next time, keep well
Reps Exco

Notice from ZNSPCA about puppy farming

To all our friends, supporters and animal lovers

We at the SPCA have received many complaints from members of the public together with the vets, who are concerned about the growing incidence of puppy farming
and syndicated smuggling of puppies across our borders.

1. Most puppies being sold are claimed as pedigree puppies - unfortunately this is not the case. Often puppies are interbred (parents may be brother and sister) this presents many defects most of which only present themselves as the animals grow up.

2. Puppies are sold with fake documentation including fake vaccination certificates and consequently often contract diseases such as parvo virus and distemper.
3. Puppies are produced under the most horrific and cruel conditions, many do not survive. Those that do are smuggled in boxes, car boots and under seats as they undergo terrible journeys. Often they not fed or offered water for extended periods.
4. Buying a puppy without knowing its exact history nor seeing its birth parent is a sure indication of a factory farmed animal. You are supporting cruelty by fuelling demand.
5. The smuggling of animals is now rated globally as second to that of drugs and is run by syndicated criminals. Yes even here in Zimbabwe these criminals are thriving.

A proven fact is that cross breed animals live longer healthier lives than pedigrees.

The SPCA has many happy, well adjusted and healthy puppies all looking for suitable homes.

Remember each time you buy a puppy from criminal or gang producers you cause the death of 10 puppies in an animal shelter.
Opt to adopt!