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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Notices

BRODY DAVID WILSON, in Peterborough, UK, on 18-07-11 at 14.30pm.

Proud parents Claire and Roderick Wilson are over the moon.

Ouma and Oupa, Sandy and Dave Wilson, and Aunty Karen, are just so chuffed.

Can't wait to see the little man in 5 weeks when we go over.




Our loving Mother and grandmother

We loved you very much and have many happy wonderful memories of you.

Together with dad at long last, will be missed forever.

Wayne, Orla, Marianne and Brian, Teresa, Zach, Neave, Siobhan, Taryn, Laura, Claire and Andy




A memorial service for the late Paddy Deegan will be as follows:

Date: Wednesday 27 July 2011

Time: 10 am

Venue: Doves Funeral Parlour 6th Ave Bulawayo

Friends and family welcome



An extension of my heart, my life has been greatly enriched by knowing you




For so long you have kept us on our toes and filled our days with love and laughter.

We love you; you will leave a big void and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace in Gods arms.

All our love

Jenny and Staph



No more fish cakes and roasts dinners to share!!!!

You will never be able to be replaced and forever be a part of our memoires you are treasured.

We love and miss you already

Penny, Lynette, Heyward and Elaine, Garry, Lisa, Stacey, Paige and Eunice


Dear Paddy

I loved you being part of my life and singing the old songs together.

Special thoughts and prayers Wayne and also for Jenny who cared for you so lovingly.

From Rosemary



At peace. Abergeldie will never be the same. From your staff and nurses

Peggy, Cecilia, Jabulani, Christine and Gift


BLOCH Baileh - On behalf of the President & Members of the Lions Club of Bulawayo we would like to extend our sincere condolences to Eric and family on the untimely passing of Baileh.


Yvonne Sharp, a good friend of my late mother, Peggy, well remembered by us, our thoughts and prayers to her family, Merna & Richard Galliford


Baileh Bloch, dearest wife of Eric Bloch. A lovely and good woman, dear friend of Eddy and Pauline. Our deepest sympathy Eric and the whole Bloch family at the passing of your dear wife and mother, All the Bloomhill family will miss you so much Baileh as a true, faithful, and caring friend of us all. Our condolences go to the Bloch family. With love from the Bloomhill's


IBBOTSON - Edna Margaret (Pat/Ibby)

Born on 03.11.09 in Thornly, Walsingham, County Durham, UK.

Widow of the Late Rev Percy Ibbotson O.B.E. Mother of the Late Professor Anthony Ibbotson.

Passed away peacefully on Friday 22 July 2011 aged 101 & 9 months. Dearest and much loved friend of Clare for 40 years. I am going to miss her very much. It was a privilege and pleasure to have known such a grand old lady who shared her knowledge and experiences with me.

Memorial service will be held at Edith Duly Nursing Home lounge on Wednesday 3 August 2011 at 9.15 a.m. Condolence message may be sent to or


Crime in Harare

Please be very vigilant and alert, there have been many incidents happening all around Harare and crime is on the increase !


-just for you to pass on. I also had my vehicle stolen on 27 July from my house in Northwood, off Twickenham drive. They broke the gate motor and turned the electric gate to manual. Came into the garage and took the car. Nobody heard a sound. It was a Toyota corolla and I have reported it to the police and they are doing an investigation, please pass on as our area seems to have been targeted pretty badly. Thanks, Janeen Elliott.


From: Mike Alexander [] I had my laptop bag stolen from my work place on carrigh cregh road today without my laptop in but it have my car keys and wallet in with my ID and driving licence in. Please may i ask you to advertise that I have lost them and if found would be much appreciated.

I also had an incident of theft from my car. I did report it to the police. -- Richard Winkfield

I returned from Zambia to Harare airport on Friday evening, 15 July. The plane was very late and I only collected my car from the long-term parking at 11.30 pm. In town I had a puncture and had to stop outside the National Gallery on Julius Nyerere. Two men passing offered to help change the tyre, which I refused. A little later, another man offered help and as I was very cold and tired, I accepted. He began to help me, and I got something out of the car and came round and he had gone, so I carried on by myself. In hindsight, I remember a car with only one headlight which followed me all the way from the airport. I had to stop at the lights on Kenneth Kaunda/Julius Nyerere, which must have been when they used probably a Stanley knife to slash my tyre to cause the bad puncture very soon afterwards. The street lights were not working. I think I was careless and did not lock the car door while I was changing the wheel, and an accomplice must have stolen my pull-along black case from in front of the passenger seat. The case contained dirty clothes but also a camera, tape recorder and envelope with quite a lot of money, wallet and bank cards, driver's licence, and some papers. Fortunately my passport was zipped into the shirt I was wearing. I only noticed the loss of my case when I was already on my way home.

Next day I got a phone call from an innocent-sounding young man who had happened to find my papers on the side of the road in Mabelreign, while he was out walking with his wife, he said. We met him in Mabelreign, and he gave me every single paper and bankcard and driver's licence, but of course not valuables or clothes or case. I gave him $20, in case he was genuine, but also for the benefit of others who would like to get their documents back.

Here are two recent events.

1. Thursday night 14 July through to the early hours of the 15th, thieves hit the Greendale area in a big way. 11 dogs are known to have been poisoned so far in Athlone, around Courteney Selous School and along Arcturus Road. 10 homes are known to have had attempted break-ins. It is likely there were many more. For the tragic loss of 11 pets, so far there have been no confirmed reports of actual losses from theft. Most houses have electric fences and / or Durawall panel protection connected to alarms. The thieves flee as soon as an alarm is heard.

A group of men who had collected on the corner of Grove Road and Queen Elizabeth for days prior to the break-ins have now disappeared. They spend time watching the movements of residents and recruiting employees – gardeners and maids before deciding on a night for a blitz.

The residents of this area have worked with the cooperation of the Highlands CID to offer a reward of $500.00 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the persons responsible for poisoning the dogs and the attempted break-ins. Let the workers know. They talk and always someone knows something. The person to contact is Detective Inspector Mtoka on landline 498122 or cell 0772818400 / 0733-000913.

If you see ‘lurkers’, loiterers or persons gathering in small groups with apparently nothing to do and nowhere to go, immediately inform the police and they will investigate. They are grateful for any leads from the public. (Use the contact above). Let them see you take photos of them. If they know the residents are aware of their presence they are more than likely to move on. Also, be aware of individuals just sitting outside your premises waiting for an opportunity to see inside your yard. Confront them if they seem suspicious. If they have nothing to hide they should not be offended.

2. Two thugs are operating in the Borrowdale area using a silver RAV 4 (old shape) with no number plates. They followed me onto a construction site in Borrowdale trying to make me believe I had met them recently at the village. They said they were runners who collect orders from SA and had a new consignment of stuff. I had workers with me on my pick-up and they evidently decided they were outnumbered if they tried to grab anything and so left when they were ordered off the property. The one had very short hair – almost shaved, and has a heart tattoo on his arm. Detective Sergeant Mike of Borrowdale Police is aware of these individuals and can be contacted on 0772926622 if you see them.

Always be aware of who is travelling behind you. Do not stop if anyone is trying to tell you of a fault with your vehicle. Head for a very public place or to the nearest police station. I hope this is of some help to someone. Russ


National Registration, Driving Licence an Bank cards belonging to JAMES BRIAN CALDER were found near The Fife Avenue shops

Contact 702279 or 794182 between 8am and 2pm for return.

These are sent out to help and assist the community become safer !

Kind Regards
Sue Hair
Tribac (Pvt) Ltd
376 Limpopo Way
Tel/fax: + 263 4 620125 / 660335/7
Mobile: + 263 772 313 333
Skype :

Monday, July 25, 2011

Death Notice - South African Latin Dance Champion, Rouvan Williams (Junior),

Death Notice - South African Latin Dance Champion,  Rouvan Williams (Junior), tragically passed away shortly after 5am on Sunday morning after a car accident near Borrowdale Brooke on Saturday night. So many were thrilled by his energetic and delightful performance at the Ballroom Dancing Competition on Saturday Night. He inspired so many of our Dancing community and was a good and much loved friend. We send our deepest heartfelt sympathies and much love to Junior’s family, friends and all those he touched in his lifetime.

Night sky observing sessions.

Night sky observing sessions. Come and see planets star clusters and galaxies. There are a variety of astronomical telescopes available at the observatory for guided use, including the largest telescopes in Zimbabwe. Funds raised from these events will go in part to re-establishing the Harare Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa. Sessions are 90 minutes in length for a maximum number of 8 persons per session. The session will transition from unaided eye star and constellation recognition using a powerful green laser, to the view through large binoculars to the view through a large telescope. Saturn and its rings will be the culmination of the night. For bookings please phone Mike on (landline) 331478 or (mobile) 0775 057890 or email

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Death Notices

PAUL ZWANIKKEN Husband to Lia, Father, father-in-law and Opa to: Marcelle, Greg, Leanne & Alicia Pieter, Wendelin, Hannah & Paul Pauline, Murray, Madeleine & Hannah Was born on 8th January 1926 and passed away on Monday 18th July 2011 in Emmen, The Netherlands. Born in Indonesia and at age 12 moved to Holland, during 2nd World War, lived with his Aunt and Uncle. Started his tobacco farming in Indonesia until the Dutch were kicked-out, moved back to The Netherlands for a short while before coming to Zimbabwe. Started working on Siyalima for Mike and Barbara McGrath from 1959 until 1969. In 1969 moved to Raffingora and worked on Marewano for Seddon Fox until he retired in 1992. Moved back to the The Netherlands in 2001.

Lia’s email address: or Pieter:


From: Harold and Moira Michell [] Subject: Sad news For those of you who may not already know, we have been faced with a most terrible tragedy. My precious sons,
Gary and Trevor Michell, were killed in a car accident last night (Wed) . A devastating time for all the family. Love Moira

Gary Michell and Trevor Michell

 Harold and Moira Michell [] Memorial Service for the late Gary Michell and Trevor Michell will be held on: Tuesday 26th July 2011 at: Wild Geese Lodge, Teviotdale Road

Time: 10:00am Many thanks Moira Michell

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BELINSKY - Isabel Mary

BELINSKY  -  Isabel Mary. Beloved friend of Cherith and family, passed away Saturday 16th June at her home on Bell Inn Farm, Nyabira. Brilliant cattle women of World Wide Acclaim.  Now at peace with her beloved Derek and Sandra. Will be sadly missed by all who knew her. Deepest sympathy to Diana, Storm, Janine, Michael, Irene, Lloyd, Adele & Lauren email :- Funeral arrangements to be announced.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Halfway through the year already, and a newsletter is long overdue. After many attempts to get a newsletter out (mainly just in my mind) I have eventually motivated myself to put “finger to keyboard”

The start to the year was not a good one for our residents, handling the shock of increased rates, Most of our residents have accepted the necessity of the increase, but has put a huge burden on the families that support their parents. Over 90% of our residents rely on support, either from their families or on charities, or both. Without the wonderful support we have had from various sources, we would have been in serious financial difficulties. We were accused of turning Borradaile Trust from one of the most affordable retirement complexes in the country into one of the most expensive. I have reliable information that most other homes are adjusting their fees as well, to remain viable. If we hadn’t taken the decision to increase rates to the extent we did, we could well have ended up in the position that some other homes in the country are facing – and that is closing down. To all those who have donated so generously – a very big thank you.

This year’s calling to date for eternal residence has been Neville Smeda, Tom Anderson, Gladys (Lee) Gavin, Beth Jones, Nols Brits, Helen McCarthy, Avice Amm, Paddy Peebles, Vince Lester, Linda Maritz and John Ashdown. For those of us left behind, it is really sad to see our friends depart, but providing they have made the right choice while on our brief stay on earth, they are going to a far better residence.

Due to the demand for self catering accommodation, and lack of demand for catered accommodation, the decision has finally been taken to convert two very nice units at “The Close” into self catering units. At relatively little expense, Close 19 and 20 is now nearing completion of conversion. Once these units are complete, we will then consider converting Close 17 and 18.

Progress on developing the 3rd new borehole has been slower than I anticipated, but we are slowly getting to the stage where we won\t have to rely on erratic municipal supply of water. This will make a huge difference to residents. Work starts this coming week of waterproofing the brick reservoir, and then we will be connecting into the main water pipeline. The grounds and general appearance of The Trust is looking extremely good, thanks to our maintenance manager Alec Muil. The "atmosphere" in Borradaile Trust remains one of tranquility and peace - thanks to God.

The time has come for me to hand over the baton as Warden, and I will be retiring at the end of the year. For some time now, I have felt the need for a fresh pair of legs in the “hot seat”. I am convinced that this can only be to the advantage of Borradaile. I also feel that we need some young blood on the General Committee. The decision for a younger committee for Borradaile Hospital has paid dividends, and the hospital is going from strength to strength, and I am sure this can be the same for The Trust. I do feel that we have all done our best through an extremely difficult period, but so often we see a fresh pair of legs or hands make a huge difference in injecting fresh enthusiasm. My intention is still to give Borradaile Trust all the support I can. Alan Burl has done exceptional work as Chairman of the Trust over the last 7 years, and also feels it is time for him to pass the baton. It hasn’t been an easy time, but with The Lord in control, He has kept Borradaile as a haven for the elderly in this country. We can only thank God for giving Dorothy Bell the vision of the necessity for this home for the elderly back in 1951.

Rosie Rodney has retired as secretary after ten years of dedicated service. Rosie’s health has not been good, and one only hopes and prays that this will improve without the pressure she has been under. She has had a thyroid problem, angina, and a mild stroke.

I end this newsletter with this very old newspaper cutting I found while cleaning out my desk drawers:

IT TAKES ALL SORTS: Life is enriched by those diverse characteristics that we each contribute, says Rev. Dr. David M. Owen

Chapter 37 of Ezekiel contains the prophet’s astonishing vision of bones, sinews and muscles all knitting together. It inspired the famous Negro spiritual “O, ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord”

The talk of “bones” leads me to mention someone’s comment on the bones that Ezekiel never mentioned, but would constitute today’s Church (or a lot of other organisations).

There are “backbones” – members who roll up their sleeves and get on with the work; “knucklebones” – members who knock everything others do; “jawbones” – those who talk a lot but do very little else; “wishbones” - members who hope others will do the work, and thank goodness, the “funnybones” who often relieve a tense situation by cheerfulness.

We could add too, “drybones” people, including preachers, who talk a lot but say nothing; “anklebones” – those who get around visiting the house bound, and “kneebones” – those who do the scrubbing (chores) and or praying.

Whatever the organisation, we have to live and work alongside those who do plenty, or the minimum. Let us each think carefully, and ensure we are making a positive contribution.

I will endeavour to get out another newsletter before I hand over the baton to my successor.

regards, and God's blessings on all of you
Anton Lues

Thursday, July 14, 2011


A warm July greeting to you! Isn’t it good to know that there is hot soup in the Members’ Bar on Wednesday evenings as well as good healthy food on weekends? (More of this later).

What is ExCo up to?

As members already know from previous communications, one of the key areas of concentration for the Executive Committee at the moment is getting the finances right. In common with many organisations and venues of all kinds, we have experienced reduced income, but our expenses – despite careful management and cost-cutting where possible – remain in place, of course, and we have to work hard to balance the books and meet the costs of running a venue as active as Reps. Our streams of income – membership, stages, bars, box office and wardrobe – need to be stimulated and increased, and we are doing this through a number of means and measures, which have been outlined and announced.

The question arises: how can members help make their society survive and grow in a challenging environment? The answer is: in a number of ways. First, staying on as members and putting money into the coffers through supporting the shows and the bar, or even by putting money onto your bar card and not necessarily using it right away. Second, by encouraging many other people to join as members. (There will be an announcement in the next few days concerning a competition for you in this regard!). Third, by helping promote the shows staged at Reps – passing on e-fliers, or handing out posters and fliers, or simply giving positive word of mouth. Fourth, by supporting initiatives that come along (eg, the seat subscription one just announced). Fifth, by helping us find corporate members, corporate sponsors, show sponsors and people or organisations who are willing to support an institution like Reps through financial and other means.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for all members to actively join in the effort “to keep Reps ‘live,” through one of the means outlined here or through some brilliant idea you may have and which you would like to share with us! We have had 80 very successful years (though not without its ups and downs) and our plan is to keep it going for another 80 years – or more – and perhaps make the coming years even more rewarding and exciting. ExCo cannot do this alone and we ask for your active support.

On the stages…
This week:
Main Stage: M&M’s Dance Studio present Books-a-Million.

Mitzi and Mel Carruthers and their teams light up the stage with their annual, dazzling and exciting dance show. Books-a-Million runs until Sunday afternoon.

Theatre Upstairs: Accidental Death of a Radical – a Reps joint venture with Theory X. The fourth of the HIFA 2011 “sold out” shows to be brought back to Reps, and not to be missed. Runs until Saturday evening.

Next week:
Main Stage: July 21 – 24: Cinderella.
National Ballet brings us a full length classical ballet, telling the wonder-filled “rags to riches” story. Produced by Gail Boardman, and featuring Humberto Ruiz Montero (South African Ballet Theatre), Natalie Bradbury and Christie Clayton, this is a not-to-be-missed.

Theatre Upstairs: July 21 – 30: Reps Double Bill (An Evening with Sherlock Holmes and Happy Haunting)
Two one act plays bring you intrigue, and “feel good” humour to warm your evening. Come and support our emergent talent.

Watch this space for more details, but to whet your appetite…
August 4 – 13: Shirley Valentine. (Main Stage) Fiona Garrity is directed by Zane E. Lucas.
August 30 – September 17: Motown Golden Jubilee. (Main Stage)
October: A Thousand Clowns. Gloria Prentice is coming from Australia to direct this.
December: Robinson Crusoe

Off the stages…
There is lots happening in the Members' Bar this month, and we would love to see you all there! Every Wednesday from 6:30pm while the weather is chilly, there is homemade soup with French bread and flavoured butters, and payment is by donation towards bar food expenses. Every Friday lunchtime Mahendra, Mal, Mike & Steve put together a Ploughman's Lunch with fantastic variety of choice, which sells at $5.00 per portion. Also on Fridays there are bar snacks from 6:00pm, and these are free; Happy Hour from 6:30pm - 7:30pm; and the Members' Bar Draw between 7:00pm - 800pm, and you have to be there to win! There is a new menu for Adrienne's Restaurant Saturday Lunches, and a choice of two meals at $5.00 per portion, so come along to your Bar and have a quality (hot) meal at a reasonable price!

More details on the Karaoke (31 July) and Reps Social Golf Day (31 August) will be in a future edition of Reps Reporter.

And behind the scenes…
Don’t forget the Set Design Classes on Thursday evenings.
And the weekly “Wardrobe Cataloguing” sessions continue on Saturdays

Over to you
A reminder of what we said at the top – we need you!
Spread the word! As we all come to the various events, as we spread the word and encourage our contacts to come along, as bring in new members of various kinds, as we come up with good ideas, we can make the difference.
Here’s to great month.
Reps Executive Committee


14th of July 2011


On 28/05/11 at 0023hrs in Highlands, intruders removed one durawall panel and entered the yard. The outside alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 29/05/11 at 0550hrs in Greendale, a drunken man was by the gate banging the gate, the owner of the house phoned the control room, and the reaction team was dispatched and arrested the man and took him to Highlands Police station. Property has durawall, electric fence and burglar bars.

On29/05/11 at 1010hrs in Borrowdale, intruders cut razor wire and jumped over durawall and entered the yard, they forced open a lounge window, cut burglar bars and entered the house. They stole various electrical goods and went away. The alarm did not trigger as it was not armed. Property has burglar bars, electric gate, durawall and razor wire.

On 31/05/11 at 2000hrs in Borrowdale, intruders jumped over the durawall and gained entry into the yard, they forced open the front door and entered the house and ordered everyone in the house to lie down and took various goods and cash and went away, after the intruders had left the client’s son pressed the panic button. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 04/06/11 at 0320hrs in Workington, intruders were tempering with fuel pipes and tried to break a kiosk door to gain entry, a guard who was manning the premises saw them and pressed his panic button. The reaction team arrived in time and apprehended the intruders and took them to Bakers Inn Police post. Property has burglar bars

On 05/06/11 at 2000hrs in Main Meadows, intruders jumped over the durawall, entered the yard, broke the lounge window and entered the house. The alarm triggered and the reaction team arrived in time, arrested two intruders and took them to waterfalls Police station. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

On 08/06/11 at 0650hrs in Highlands, intruders gained entry through the next door neighbor, stole a swimming pool pump and ran away. The alarm did not trigger as it was not armed. roperty has durawall, electric gate, burglar bars and electric gate.

On 09/06/11 at 1100hrs in Msasa, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, tried to force open the shutter and screen door but failed. They stole one of the two bicycles belonging to one of the two guards manning the premises and ran away. The guards did not see or hear anything. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 15/06/11 at 0305hrs in Belvedere, intruders entered the yard through an open gate and stole a gate motor. The alarm triggered and they ran away. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 17/06/11 at 1455hrs in Town, intruders jumped over durawall, entered the yard, broke the lounge window and entered the house. The alarm triggered and the reaction team arrived in time and arrested them and took them to waterfalls Police station. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

Greendale 1
Highlands 2
Borrowdale 2
Workington 1
Umwinsdale 1
Main Meadows 1
Msasa 1
Belvedere 1
Town 1

On 06/06/11 at 0150hrs in Town, an intruder forced open the main entrance, the alarm triggered and he ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars.
On 15/06/11 at 0205hrs in Surburbs, intruders cut the fence and a guard who was manning the premises saw them and pressed his panic button, the alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars and ordinary fence.

For more information please visit our website on

“When Security Matters”!!!!!
JUNE 2011


There are two men, one young and one very large middle aged cruising around Chisipite/Highlands in a white Corola looking to steal.  NO NUMBER PLATES. The police know about them.   Yesterday they broke a car window in broad day light and stole a bag outside Bon Marche.  Today rang my bell to say they had a  delivery.  I went down to talk to them.  The large man was standing at the gate and the young man got out of the car and  took out a crate of whisky and put it on the ground and said they had to deliver it. Then questioned     he said he would check the address  with the company, very shifty. Warn your domestic workers No deliveries.   Liz Nugent

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zimbabwe Power Company

Chairman’s Mid-Year Statement

Zimbabwe Power Company
3rd July 2011

As Chairman of Zimbabwe Power Company, whose raison d’étre is to provide power to the nation, I believe that it is important, from time to time, to keep all stakeholders and customers informed directly.

This statement builds on information already given in my earlier résumé of January 2011. I urge readers to remind themselves of what was said in that statement.

CURRENT STATUS (3 July 2011)

Over the past few weeks ZPC’s generation has been fairly stable and at levels we consider will be the maximum for the next year or so – around 1,400 MW. In other words, until the circumstances allow us to add new units at Hwange Power Station, the generation output will remain (short of unexpected outages) at recent levels. Of the 12 large units (six at Kariba and Hwange respectively) there have been 11 operational. In addition between 80 and 100MW are being produced from the “Small Thermal Stations” (Harare, Munyati and Bulawayo). I must stress, however, that our main focus is now on trying to achieve stability of production. The generation forecasts can be thwarted by aging pumps, pipelines, boiler tubes etc. at any moment.

At the time of writing this statement (3rd July) we took Unit 5 at Hwange off-load to attend to a pump on Friday night (1st July) and intend bringing it back on Monday (4th July). In addition we lost two units (3 and 5) at Kariba at 1021 and both were back by 1152 on Saturday (2nd July) due to grid surge from Cabora Bassa.
Considerable work remains to be done to the units and support infrastructure at Hwange, and the station remains fragile and unpredictable. Planned unit-by-unit outages will resume from August through to the middle of next year to attend to this ailing infrastructure – funds permitting.
On a more positive note the momentum gained in recent months is very encouraging in spite of having to manage the business on a strict cash flow basis. At Hwange Power Station the relining of the two large raw-water reservoirs is nearly complete, replacement of the 3 km ash-disposal pipeline is underway, ash-disposal pumps are on order, the water treatment works for the boilers is nearing completion and tenders for overhauling the precipitators have been awarded.
Please note that the daily generation status is updated every week day on the home-page of the ZPC website:
Our stations are extremely vulnerable to regional grid swings. We lost Hwange Power Station completely on the 16th May due to a surge from Cabora Bassa and again on the 23rd May 2011 due to a surge from Kafue. The last being a loss of two units at Kariba, on the 2nd July, due to a system surge from Cabora Bassa.


I must now draw your attention to the critical issue of our suppressed tariff and the serious ramifications to ZPC’s operations if an increase is not approved. In the absence of an increase to the tariff, ZPC has now had to slow down its efforts to stabilise and optimise power from its existing power stations. In addition efforts to raise capital for adding generation capacity (a four to five year process from when funding is secured) will be thwarted. Load shedding will remain a way of life and overall economic growth will be stunted until generation capacity is expanded to fully support households and business needs.

The ZPC tariff (which is the approved price that is charged by ZPC to our sister company ZETDC) I believe is the lowest hydro/thermal blend tariff in the region. The thermal element of this tariff, I am reliably informed, is one of the lowest, unsubsidised, tariffs in the world.

The tariff was set in February 2009 and 28 months later we still await approval of a “cost reflective tariff”. Over this two and a half year period ZPC has had to absorb all cost increases. The main cost-driver increases have been : coal 51%, diesel 44% (a major cost component of Hwange Power Station) as well as spares and components imported from non-US$ countries against a US$ which has weakened against most global currencies. Our efforts continue to improve efficiencies and productivity as we know there is still room for improvement, but these efforts can in no way compensate for over two years of cost increases. In the meantime the only way to compensate for a sub-economic tariff is to cut back on maintenance and ongoing refurbishment. This is clearly not sustainable and if the situation is not addressed urgently, the lights you have from time to time today will go out tomorrow!

It is my understanding that at a recent stakeholders meeting there was full support for a tariff increase. I therefore urge Government to give this matter urgent and positive attention.

I take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Finance for their fiscal contribution towards 50% of this year’s refurbishment programme. Sadly in the absence of a tariff increase ZPC will be unable to fully match the funding that is required to see this programme implemented to a satisfactory level.


I reiterated that load shedding will remain a way of life until we expand generation at Hwange and Kariba. New investment and private sector funding into generation capacity will not be forthcoming while our tariff remains sub-economic and in the absence of a long-term tariff formula.

Meanwhile ZPC, with the help of its technical partner (HATCH), is well advanced in updating feasibility studies for the expansion programmes at both Hwange and Kariba. We will be calling for “Expressions of Interest” in the next two weeks and (tariff and funding permitting) will be in a position to go to tender in September/October this year,

Following the award of a tender by State Procurement Board, ZPC has finalised an agreement to secure the services of KPMG Consortium who will assist and address all aspects of the financial process for this capital raising programme.


In consultation with the mining industry, the small thermal stations have been brought back into partial service. Due to their distance from the coal fields and the age of the technology the power from these stations is more expensive. The power from these stations is matched, on a 1:1 ratio, with power from the grid and sold to major customers at a blend price. Only those companies who have dedicated lines and who are prepared to comply with stringent payment conditions are eligible for this scheme. This arrangement should have no negative impact on the load shedding of ordinary customers as those companies who have, voluntarily, joined the scheme were already getting their share of power from the grid - their top-up power comes from the small thermals at a higher price.


The team at Kariba in line with their mission statement committed themselves to high standards and undertook to achieve ISO rating. This resulted in their being awarded ISO 9001/2008 in March this year. Well done to Mr. J. Chirikutsi, the General Manager of Kariba South Power Station and his team at the station!


ZPC has managed to rebuild its strategic stock to capacity and now receives coal for immediate consumption purposes only. I wish to thank our coal suppliers for their support. I hope that over time, as they increase their markets of other coal products, they will be able to invest in infrastructure such that the “mine-mouth” cost of coal is aligned to regional benchmarks.

ZPC have applied for an extension to their grant for the Western Coal Fields as this grant is a central component of its expansion programme for units 7 and 8 at Hwange Station.

There are ongoing improvements in environmentally responsible technology in the thermal arena. Further there has been a loss of confidence in nuclear powered stations in any seismically unstable counties. These two factors may imply a long term future for thermal power. I urge the authorities to be mindful of the global pressure for coal over the next century. It would be shortsighted to issue concessions on all the coal fields around Hwange now as these will get mined concurrently. Much of this coal would be exported, and while this will be of benefit to our economy in the short term, I am concerned that this concurrent depletion of our coal reserves will leave our children, and future generations of Zimbabweans, with a coal challenge. This can be avoided by formulating the correct policies around preservation and optimal use of this strategic resource at this stage.


ZPC have identified a suitable location in Zimbabwe for a bulk solar power station but the capital costs of such an installation remain prohibitive. Wind power is not an option for bulk electrical power but localised opportunities exist and these should be exploited by smaller independent power producers. ZPC, some years ago, applied for a CBM (Coal Bed Methane) grant but still await a decision from the authorities.


I take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Joshua Chifamba to ZESA Holdings as Group Chief Executive Officer. He worked for ZESA as a post graduate trainee up to Board Member after which time he then joined Lesotho Power Utility in 2006’s as their CEO. This was followed by a period where he mentored the present incumbent in Lesotho before returning to Zimbabwe this year. We look forward to his leadership during this exciting and challenging period that lies ahead.


I take this opportunity to thank Honourable Ministers: Mangoma, Nyanhongo and Biti for their respective support of the energy sector. In addition I thank the Permanent Secretary, Mr. J. Mupamhanga and the Director of Power, Ms. F. Chikonye for their administrative and technical support.

I thank fellow ZPC non-executive board members: Mrs. G. Chela, Mr. D. Matete, Mr. V. Gapare and Mr. T. Zengeya for their diverse and incisive contributions to the business.

Executive directors, management and staff are well aware of my confidence in their ability, both current and latent, to improve their individual contributions towards implementing our agreed strategies. I thank them for their efforts to date and in anticipation of them reaching their full potential.


I remind you all that power cannot match demand in the medium term and hence everyone of us needs to take full responsibility for using it wisely. In addition, like any other fuel, it has a cost and hence needs to be sold at an economic price. Payment of your bill on time is crucial for the future of electrical power in Zimbabwe.

With winter on us we will all feel the impact of an increase in load-shedding. Let us pull together – by switching off a light you do not need you are lighting up someone else’s life.

Thank you

R. Maasdorp
Chairman Zimbabwe Power Company

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