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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Twala Trust

Sarah Carter
The Twala Trust
Bally Vaughan Sanctuary
Tel: 263 772592944   263 733436239

fb: The Twala  Trust Animal Sanctuary

Dear All

As most of you are aware, we are awaiting judgement in a court case that will determine whether or not we can move our family of rescued animals from Bally Vaughan to the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary.

There is a new life awaiting our beloved rescue animals at Twala, and this time it is a forever home. The sunlight breaks into a million incandescent sparkles on the waters of the dam as the fish eagles swoop down and welcome us with their haunting call. A giant kingfisher sits in sharp-beaked profile against the golden glare of the summer sun and a flotilla of white-faced ducks drift on the cool green surface of the water. There are hoopoes on the lawn, their crested heads bobbing officiously as they march across the brilliant green grass in search of a snack. A mongoose flashes across the dusty road and into the sun-scorched grass and shoals of sun-silvered bream catch the predatory attention of a solitary grey heron. A hornbill sails serenely from the dense shade of one ancient, gnarled miombo tree to another. Twala is full of huge, indigenous trees, their ancient trunks bristling with lichen and their spreading branches a haven for a host of birds and other small creatures. We see the neat round prints of a serval cat in the damp sand by one of the crystal-clear streams and the sleek gleam of an otter in the dam one evening as the sun sets in a carmine sky streaked with the smoky dark shadows of the bush-fire season. Duikers and hares freeze and then bolt as we walk through the bush with our family of rescue dogs, and a young impala ram snorts an alarm call when we spot his spiralling horns through the trees. In the cool blue twilight a magnificent civet plods on his flat furry feet across the road, focused on a night of foraging. A variety of owls add their shrieks and hoots to the night symphony and frogs and crickets sing their vibrating songs into the darkness as the spine-chilling scream of a bushbaby, resident in an acacia tree in the garden, travels across the valley.

The yard at Twala is full of enormous rolls of wire and tottering pyramids of gum poles, stacks of steel and bags of cement. Trucks roar down our road with piles of sand and stones and fencing wire and the air vibrates with the sound of hammering and sawing and drilling as the predator enclosures go up. Every scrap of wood, wire and steel is put to good use. Volunteers from Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and the UK are all helping out with the building of Twala. New neighbours offer assistance too and we are so very grateful to be a part of this community and to be made so welcome.

The homes for the animals at Twala have all been built to give the rescued animals as much space, privacy and comfort as possible. The huge lion enclosures are built on the hill, overlooking the serene green and gold valley where a chain of dams are pooled along the river like a silver necklace shining in the sun. These will be the homes of our rescued lions – Wire and Kimberly, Joshua and Johanna and Juno and Fluffy – all rescued by us in 2011 and 2012, darling Nduna who we gave a home to in 2007 and who we nursed back to health after he was paralysed, and our beautiful, most beloved lioness Kadiki – entrusted into our care by Chooks and the late Jon Langerman. Their new homes have been built with such love and care, for lions who deserve the very best we can give them.

There is a sprawling new home, complete with bath tub, for Kylie the hyena we rescued in the chaos of 2008 and who revels in the bond she shares with Vin. He bathes her every Saturday and she waits for the sound of his car, her eyes gleaming with anticipation and her huge fluffy body tense with expectation. Once Vin is in the enclosure, Kylie gives him a rapturous hyena welcome, grinning and licking him and standing on tiptoe with her huge snout in the air demanding a kiss. The trust and affection shown by this enormous predator reminds us time and again why we do what we do.

There are sunny spots at Twala for Meredith the meerkat and her little friends, Simba the cat and Angus the genet. There is a play area for the baby monkeys and a quiet, leafy owl  hospital. Already we have rehabilitated and released four rescued barn owls at Twala. There are grassy paddocks for the many farm animals we have rescued over the past eight years – animals that had experienced neglect and abuse and starvation and now expect breakfast and dinner and a cuddle every day. The new serval enclosures incorporate the river and a thousand rustling opportunities to stalk and pounce amongst the reed beds and trees.

These animals are our family. They have joined us over the last eight years, through our rescue and rehabilitation programme, and we love them all. They have been healed and nurtured and sheltered and fed with the steadfast support of our friends and sponsors. The veterinary treatment so many of them require is provided unstintingly, and free of charge, by Dr Vin Ramlaul, the Twenty Four Veterinary Surgery and other dedicated vets such as the Aware Trust. The animals would not be alive if it were not for these people, and the staff and volunteers who give so much to give the animals the life that they deserve. This is why we are not giving up on these animals and we are fighting to bring them to Twala, where they belong. Our only wish is to move OUR animals, rescued while we were running our rescue and rehabilitation programme from 2005 to date, to Twala. There are, sadly, some animals that must remain behind as they were on the property prior to our tenancy. We accept this, and simply feel great sadness that after so much love, effort and determination has gone into Bally Vaughan Sanctuary, that the animals are now in limbo.

Already Twala is bustling with life. Our rescued horses, darling old Uno with her twisted ear and long, bony face wanders through the Sanctuary with Griffin, an enormous and startlingly handsome white horse with feet the size of dinner plats and a head as noble and pale and proud as a storybook unicorn. Cedric, a rescued vervet monkey, lolls in his hammock munching on a selection of treats, and Trinepon, a hinge-backed tortoise with a glued-together shell is recuperating in the hospital. Evelyn, a little orphaned duiker, is curled up in the nursery surrounded by solicitous furred and feathered companions, whose devotion may also have something to do with the stack of hot water bottles tucked into Evelyn’s bed. Shadow and Hissy, the glossy black kittens sprawl beside Rex and Terra, two plump white chickens. Evelyn needs night feeds and dedicated care as she is only a few weeks old. Her luminous brown eyes and cute little top-knot of fur between her huge ears give her the look of an innocent, but beneath the beguiling exterior lurks a heart of steel. Meals must be served on time, at the correct temperature and in one particular bottle only. Any deviation results in swift and startling violence – to date our injuries include a black eye and a blood nose. Each day the entire nursery heads out to play in the garden – duiker, cats and chickens are monitored by the volunteers as they gambol about on the lawn, watched with narrow-eyed concentration and ill-disguised resentment by the excluded dogs who try to rush the gate at every opportunity.

We are still taking care of all of the animals at Bally Vaughan so please visit us there to support the animals. We would love to see you! The Twala Trust Golf Day is being held at Wingate Golf Club on 13 September 2013 and we would be very grateful for your support. We are also delighted to announce that Fraser Mackay and friends are holding a gig at Old Georgians Sports Club on 28 September 2013 to raise funds for the Twala Trust. ALL the artists are donating their time, as are the organisers, and the sound equipment has also been donated, so all funds raised on the night will benefit the animals. We are so very grateful to all these wonderful people for taking this to heart and making such a hugely generous gesture to support us. Thank you Fraser Mackay, Kevin and Adele Barton, Di Fynn, Ashely-Kate Davidson, Old Georgians, Footloose, Finding Burt, Christina Jenkins, Middle-Aged Spread, Gemma Griffiths, Tina Musawi, Peter van Deventer, Andre and Lou Vermaak, Reuben Chisale and Volsec Security.

Our thanks also go to the Save Foundation (Australia), Cool Galah (Australia), Laura Simpson of the Harmony Fund and The Great Animal Rescue for taking up our cause, Photographers for the Preservation of Nature, Cedric Jacquet and Elyane van Coillie, The Cleft, Zimbabwe, Chipo Muranda and friends, Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force and the Rodrigues family, Tikki Hywood Trust, Jenni Ferguson and Move-It, Joanne Lamb, Mark Lubbe and family, the Holtzhausens, constant friends Kim and Campbell MacMillan and all at 9a Drew Road, Karl Klein and Moldon Marketing, Sue Roberts, Steve Watt, Anton Newall and Lion and Cheetah Park, Fence Africa, Curverid Tobacco, Stacey Cilliers, TBK, Wendy Care, the Potgieter family and especially Annie-Rose Potgieter who held a toy sale to raise funds for the animals, the International School of Luxembourg who we are proud to say have chosen Twala as a fund-raising project, Lynette Dackner, the Khumalo family, Belinda Knapp, Trinity Ncube, Wendy Robinson, Kate Eames, Ashley Davies, Kim Meaden-Kendrick, Karen Paolillo and Hippo Haven, Mr Mutsvairo, Sherrol D’Elia and her family and friends, Lucy Morton-Smith, Milena Gallana, Veronica Neethling, Duncan Dollar, B.S.I, Golfing and Giving, Westridge High School, Belinda Badenhorst, Peter’s Signs, Signs of the Times, Harare Show Society, Alexa Volker, Waste-Away, Joe Leese, Sarah Jackson and Derek Selby, the Middleton family, Debs Sly and her lunch group, Trek Petroleum for a very generous donation of fuel, Viv van Lindert, Sharon Nicholls, Garth and Yvonne Nicholls, Nicole Havell, Gareth Howell, Jackie Silva, Pauline Visser and Atlas Earth-Movers, Sheena Povall, Nora Hudgestone, Conan Stockill and Waylon Lewis, Montana Meats and the Duncan family, Dr Mark Lombard, Douglyn Farm, Lin McLeod, Dianne Twiggs, Sally Dennis, Roselyn Wipf, Beverly Bridger, Derek Cotterill, Enid Graver, Carole Graham, Chris and Maimie Noon, Lorraine Thomas and Mike Wedlock, John Davidson, Chooks Langerman, Sarah Kenchington, Catherine Carter, Sylvia Carter, Natalie Joyce, Ralph and Greg Stead and Sawpower for such generous support, Kath Gau, Andrew Sarsfield-Hall, the Cartwright family, Ant Fynn, Gerry Jackson, Chris Wade and family, Jill and Warren Barton, the Friend Foundation, VAWS, Alro Shipping and Transport who are always there to help, our friend Karen Bean and the Book Borrowers, Gina Everson, Anita Gossman, Ann Horstman, Rob Stewart, Appliance Warehouse and the Colliers, Telford Mica, Karen and Stacy Gent and Orobianco, the Carlisle family, Amanda Mileson, Mrs Loveridge, Gladys Little, Lyn Cloete, Kevin Stead Linda Turnbull Shane Zangel, Andrew Revolta, Craig Sly, Kit Madsen, Luke Bullous, Amy Randle, Justine Carter, Katelyn Wood and Evangeline McElwain.

Over the past eight years our rescue and rehabilitation programme has given so many animals a second chance. Thank you for being with us on this journey, and for giving us the chance to build the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary for them.
You can follow and share our jouney on facebook- The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary.

With love and thanks
Sarah, Vin and all the animals

Sarah Carter
The Twala Trust
Bally Vaughan Sanctuary
Tel: 263 772592944   263 733436239

fb: The Twala  Trust Animal Sanctuary


August has seen a lot of activity happening in a number of areas around Harare, gangs have been yet again very busy.  After gaining entry to the premises, in some cases, the alarm has been triggered and the gang has run away empty handed.  We do advise that alarms be used at all times where possible.  Outside sensors have saved brake & entry to the building as the alarm has been triggered off and therefore set an alert reaction into play.
Premises that are guarded it is advised for the guard to be given a panic button to press in such events, and not to leave doors unlocked because there is a physical presence .  Guards are not allowed to be armed in Zimbabwe so usually only has a baton as a weapon.  It seems now that most of the gangs are armed with a firearm, therefore its not an easy job for the guards.  The presence of the guards is usually a very good deterrent and not to be scorned, as they have saved many a theft from occurring.

When driving through gates and into complexes, be alert and aware of your surroundings. Case of people being held up at gunpoint before even getting out of their vehicle.  There being no sign of brake and entry, therefore either slipping in unnoticed when gate was opened or jumping the wall …..  be on your guard.  It is advised not to carry large sums of money or have it in your home, this may have been a tip off or surveillance of traffic in and out of the premises.  Often information is given without any intent of malice, so try and avoid this from happening.

Do not leave anything in sight when parking in public areas …… reports of windows smashed and entry gained and items removed as we say  …‘Out of sight out of mind’ …..
It’s not safe even if there are guarded parking, keep all valuables etc in the boot if you need to leave anything in your vehicle.

Areas reported are Strathaven, Highlands, Newlands, Greendale Mount Pleasant, Belgravia, Milton Park, Bluff Hill, Ridgeview and CBD  

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.


Newsletter No: 104
September 2013
P O Box HG 594 Highlands   Harare   Zimbabwe                                     The Motor Sports Club House,  2 Annan Road, Eastlea, Harare.
The Chairman and Editorial Team:
CHAIRMAN:      Peter Benzon                0775.009.218          
EDITORS       Mike & Pat GILL  (M) 0778.843.843 (P) 0778.731.288 
4x4 Club Website                 Face Book Site:             The 4x4 Zimbabwe Club - Zimbabwe
The 4x4 Club is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation - ZMSF
Our Club is a member of the Mashonaland Motor Sport Association Club House, situated at: 2 Annan Rd. Eastlea.   It is available for hire for weddings, conferences, kid's parties, 21st birthdays, etc.
News, comments and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or the Committee

IT'S JAMBOREE TIME   -   7th and 8th September
Be there!
If you see this notice another three times then I know you will have read the newsletter.

THE EDITOR’S DESK        -   Michael and Pat Gill
For a long time your committee has discussed having a trailer to keep all our paraphernalia in one place and is able to be transported to events.  At last we have found such a trailer.   Roger Ellis and I decided that the one we saw at a local car sales dealer would do, with modifications, so it was bought.  It has a good set of 16" Land Rover wheels and cart springs and a history of taking camping gear to Mana pools for a Safari Operator.  It is solid, fully lockable and, we think, very suitable for our needs.  We have fitted shelves in side and made up stabilizer legs, painted the inside, fitted rubber mats, etc.   It now has big 4x4 Club signs and all the usual chevrons and GVM stickers so we hope it is legal enough.  Look out for it at events.  It will be used as the registration area and we will be selling club shirts, hats, etc., from it. Ashley Geach is looking after it and all the goodies inside.

CHAIRMAN'S CHATTER:       -    Peter Benzon
Its Jamboree time again. Our premier event of the year is a little later in the year. Organisation is in full swing and a big thank you has to go to Tim Thorburn and his committee for all the work they put in.

We were recently in Mozambique for a holiday, fun in the sun with family and friends. While sitting in camp, enjoying a nice cold 2M, we saw a huge overlanding truck come in. To be honest our first impression was: Oh No! Go and lock everything, we are being invaded by Tourists.  We watched with bated breath, waiting for the multitudes to fall out of the truck but only two people got out!
We were approached by the lady, Ellen, to beg some beer off us. We made friends and they showed us around their truck. It is truly amazing, it has solar power, deep cycle batteries with inverter, 700 litres of water storage, toilet, shower, full kitchen, washing machine, an Engel stand up fridge, Engel 80 litre deepfreeze and 25 litre drinks fridge. He also has a small crane on the back of the truck to allow two Yamaha TW200 motor cycles to be lifted onto bike racks. It really is the ultimate Over Lander. We invited them to share some beach bought fish for supper and we got their story over a lot of 2M Cervejas (beer).
Vince and Ellen were tour guides working in the Caprivi Strip, taking tourists on guided tours. They sold almost everything they own to buy a new Mercedes 4x4 truck and outfit it to tour Africa. They are planning to travel for two years around Africa below the Equator. They have been travelling for 7 months so far and have been to Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique. They then came through to Zimbabwe and are doing the tourist thing, Mana pools, Victoria Falls and various other popular sites around Zim. Follow them on the internet, their blog site is
 It must be a big leap of faith to leave the comfort zone of your home and friends, sell everything and travel deepest darkest Africa. No timetable and basically going where your nose takes you. Their motto is "Our plan is that we have no plan"    . What a way to live!              Cheers;        Pete

Dear Pat & Mike,
Always great to get the newsletter – but even more special to get a personal mention and thanks!  I really enjoy marshalling, so it certainly is no onerous task, and Roger does a brilliant job of organising the marshals.

The reason I haven’t been at any the 4x4 events recently is that I have been in UK having yet another op on my knee (Flossie still by far & away holds the record).  Anyway I have been given the all clear to fly home tomorrow, and will soon be back on my feet.
I do hope the weekend at Donnybrook goes well,
Thank you again,         Margie Gibson. 

It was good to see an old warrior, the 4x4 not the driver, out for a test day at Donnybrook.  The Cournil that became known as Beethoven (Roll over), has had a very interesting history.  The Z.R. Police somehow obtained about 40 Cournil Station wagons from a dying French company. They were a very solid all steel, no chassis, petrol vehicle.  They were eventually destroyed in service and the 4x4 community saw the potential use for these unusual 4x4s in competition.  I remember that Mutare had a large number of them in the Mutare 4x4 Club and the guy who ran the Motor Sports Club in Mutare, Des Spooner, cut his one up to desired size, fitted coil springs off an old drilling rig and Beethoven was born.  There were design faults and our ex Chairman, Rod Chambers, found this out. Hence the name.  Even our secretary, Carol Weare with Rod's late wife Julia, followed the pattern and did the usual "Door handles, roof, wheels" action.  Then Murray Upton started on it, cut it shorter, changed the springs and altered a few chassis bits and it stayed on its wheels for the Jamboree that I co-drove on.  The gear lever was always a joke, coming off the box at odd moments, but you got used to that.
Now Kelvin Weare has Beethoven, Malcolm Attwell has renovated it and fitted a fancy power steering, painted it bright blue with a yellow roll bar and now we wait and see it in action!!!

Due to some over enthusiastic buying we hold a surplus of items from passed events.  Please call us if you can make use of some of the 'Extras'.   We have lots of the dark blue shirts for Bush Pig 2011; some of the orange Bush Pig 2012 golf shirts; many wide brimmed hats; some black shorts; a few peaked caps; and cloth Club badges for sewing onto jackets etc.  Help. Storage space in our trailer and financial concerns require us to reduce this stock, prices are cheap so do your bit and help.  Our new Club Trailer will be at most events so look for it and BUY.

You are away from home and your hands are dirty from fixing that mechanical beast you love so much.  There are many ways to get your hands clean again but try the latest one I found.  Dish wash liquid with a tea spoon of sugar.  The 'grit' works well and I am told there is something in the sugar that also helps to remove the grime.

IT'S JAMBOREE TIME   -   7th and 8th September
Be there!

I went to Electrosales, Msasa and purchased  3 x Eurolux light fittings. They have U shaped glass tubes and a porcelain bayonet fitting.  Assuming 220 volt.
Imagine my surprise when fitted at home and it blew itself to bits!!
The mutterings were heard all over the house.
Now I sit down and read the instructions!! The BLUE box quite clearly states:
                                     Eurolux CFL G9 12vDC.
Since when do you go into a shop and amongst the 220v lights of all sizes and colours you find 12vDC bulbs?
For camping, the cigarette lighter for the power, I fitted the 12v lamps to the car. When I show my mates how good the light is, it does not switch ON!
Much scratching of various parts. The box shows 12v DC.   DC indicates that the power will only work in one direction / position.  See now!  So, when you go camping with these lights and they do not work, simply take it out, rotate it 180’ and 'Hey Presto', Eco light at your service!
An awful waste if it was thrown against a wall. The porcelain is marked 12vDC.
Electrosales need a wrap on the knuckles, which will be done when next I go past.
Neil Greenway

Our site at Donnybrook was prepped and cleaned and a small display set up for the advertisers and officials at the forthcoming Jamboree.  All a bit like a ripe apple.  Good in parts!  The multi aged and sexed drivers certainly enjoyed themselves.  The 4x4 trails were not too hard and it seems most people won the event, the rest came second. English Rules is a test route driven without stopping, STOP and you are out. Our usual system allows the driver to stop and discuss the route ahead.
There was a bit of doubt about the way the Jamboree Launch was staged and some felt this could have been a bit too low key for what is our major annual event.  However everyone seemed to enjoy the day and thanks to all the time spent laying out about 20 test sections, Roger's band of Marshals, the many cars that were shared, it went off well.  Now we await the Jamboree, our major fund raiser for the year.
A fantastic social at the club and good launch for the Jamboree...thanks to the sponsors.  The water system was turned on and three sprinklers started watering the dusty grounds....At last we have water on tap!
All upgrades to the club site are financed from the money we make from our annual Jamborees.....once again, thanks to HP Lubes and the other sponsors!
This year's jamboree will be one to be remembered!


IT'S JAMBOREE TIME   -   7th and 8th September
Be there!

After all the fun at the Jamboree Launch the real work began.  We needed a lot of helping hands to put the Jamboree Courses together.  It went very well and was all complete on Saturday.  Now it is the time to test the course builder's efforts.  Thank you to everyone one who helped. 

JAMBOREE         7th and 8th September 2013
HI Mike and Pat,
It appears to be going well with new exhibitors and should be good (as usual). The irrigation system is working well so we should have nice green lawns for the event.
Mano Zevgolis (from the DragPro Club) has agreed to do the scrutineering.. Mano and I did the scrutineering at the English Rules day and everyone who was there got the message about things being tightened up and there were no hassles.

The form covers all the main safety areas that will be checked, but the scrutineer will also be doing a general check over the vehicle. Any items not passing can be fixed and the vehicle re- presented for approval. If it hasn’t passed by the time the event starts, you don’t compete!! Come early.
Note Scrutineering will be for vehicle safety only. It is up to the competitor to ensure he/she has entered in the correct class for the event. The regs are pretty clear on the classes so there will be no excuses for not entering the correct class.
I am organizing 4 point seat belts from SA at a reasonable price. As soon as I have the final details I will let everyone know. IMPROVISED SEAT BELTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED   i.e. Cross over 3 point belts and such like. There must be only 1 clip to undo to get the belts undone.
Get fixing!!!   Cheers,        Ralph

IT'S JAMBOREE TIME   -   7th and 8th September
Be there!

4x4 Club Diary -      2013
These dates change as the year progresses, but flyers will be sent out before each event.
Event types
(A). Competition cars.  (B). Social event, any car.  (C). 4x4 Touring/SUV
SEPTEMBER 7 -8      Jamboree (A)                Donnybrook
September 22th                  Breakfast Run (C)               Chinamora
OCTOBER    11 -13                     Jamboree (A)                     Bulawayo (Info)
OCTOBER 19–20                 3 Hills (C)                             Chinamora
NOVEMBER       t.b.a.         CLUB 20TH ANNIVERSARY   t.b.a.
NOVEMBER       22–24        Dungbeetle (A)                    Mutare
DECEMBER        8               Christmas Run (B)                Local
A =3;            B = 2;           C = 2.  Events left this year

To enter Donnybrook Park on a non-event day it will cost you $2 per car, providing you have you membership card.  Non-members will be charged $20 per car.  You must sign the book at the gate and put your name, your Club and membership number.   Do not pay without signing the book.
Please note:  If you wish to go to Donnybrook to play and there is another event on, then the organizing club can charge what they like for you to enter.  They will have hired the entire complex for that day. Please don’t try and argue with the gate attendant, they will just be doing their job.  Either pay-up or go away and come back on a free day. 

We have a Face Book site  "The 4x4 Zimbabwe Club – Zimbabwe"  which is used daily by members to keep in touch with photos of events, etc. 

Motor Sports Association Club House

MSA Membership: The Club House bar works on a Swipe Card basis and any member of an affiliated club can join.  Pay your $20 Club House subscription and get your card.  Bar prices are double for non-cardholders. 
Hall for Hire - Hire our affordable Club facilities for parties, Wedding Receptions, meetings, seminars, courses and other functions.  Assist us in this way to obtain funds for the Clubhouse.

Till next time. 
Michael and Pat GILL
Phone:   04.494028    (M) 0778.843.843        (P) 0778.731.288    
E and O.E.