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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hickey - Iris Margaret Rose


Hickey - Iris Margaret Rose.

My Darling and unforgettable Mother.
You are always with me, you are the whisper in the leaves, the map I follow with every footstep, the flowers in bloom. Nothing can ever separate us, not time, not space, not even death. Sherrol

Hickey Iris

No amount of tears can remove the treasured memories of my Beloved Mother. Cliff

Hickey Iris

Gone are the years since you departed from us. In our thoughts it's yesterday. You have been the shining star in our hearts and, we thank God for having a loving Mother. Tony, Pam, Anthony & Michelle.

Hickey Iris

We must live through the dreary winter we would value spring.
The woods must be cold and silent before the robins sing. The flowers
must be buried in darkness, before they can bud and bloom. The
sweetest, warmest sunshine comes after the storm and gloom. Fred,
Christine, Kate, Freddy and Tammy.

Hickey Iris

Most loved Mother, remembered today and always
Errol & Joanna

Hickey Iris

Although I cannot see you, are always with me.

Hickey Iris

Remembered with great affection Dionne.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leopards and Servals in greystone park

Excerpt from Zim Conservation Task force:
For the past few months, people have been reporting seeing leopards and servals in the Greystone Park area of Harare but nobody seems overly concerned about it because they feel this might account for the low crime rate in the area. However, we were asked for assistance recently because a Greystone Park resident woke up one morning to discover that all that remained of his Boerbull, was his head and hind leg. We called in the wildlife vets, Keith Dultow and Lisa Marabini to examine the evidence and they confirmed that the dog was killed by a leopard. The resident's wife claims she has also seen a small leopard on her property so it is possible that the offending leopard has a cub.We have set a number of traps around the area to try and catch the leopards so they can be released into a wildlife area.

Comment - some years ago i had a pet serval and it finally went back to the wild - in greystone park.....

netone bills...Just received this information...

I am in the same predicament, my bill is around usd1400.00.
The netone accounts guys called me on my landline at work and had the opportunity to visit their offices. They requested for a payment plan.
I demanded a printout of my itemised bill before making any commitments.
To get that printout, am required to fork out usd22.00, which i think is outrageous.
instead of paying for the printout, i had to pay the usd20.00 into my account.

from the discussion which i had, i gathered that starting march 2009 the tariff had been reduced to .21 from .30 and they did not adjust in retrospect ie for jan & feb etc.
in fact there are a lot of discrepanices which require collective action ie taking netone to task.

we are not the only ones affected, there are a lot of people out there who are in the same situation. the way forward is to regroup and take these issues further.

Received this today about how people feel about their electricity bills!

If you have given ZESA your e-mail address in the past they will e-mail your bills to you. Brace yourself though as the bills appear to be high. On my bill they claim that they read my meter back in January - which was not so as I do not think any of us have had our meters read since the middle of last year. The fact is if they want us to pay the 300+ bills then they need to supply us with the ZESA that we are paying for and stop giving us so many power cuts. I personally refuse to pay the $300 that they are charging me I don't know if anyone else feels the same way.

David Morell Meikle

David Morell Meikle passed away suddenly on Friday 24 April 2009. Beloved husband of Nona, and father and father-in-law of Eric and Geraldine, Rob and Athina, Corinne and Vic, Andrew and Beth, Christopher and Audrey, Stephen and Siobhan, fifteen grandchildren, three step grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Deepest condolences to the family from the President and staff of the Commercial Farmers' Union. May God be with the family during this difficult time.

A Memorial Service will be held at 2pm of Thursday 30 April 2009, at the Arundel School Chapel, followed by tea in the school garden.

Can you believe this.....

Just a little note received today - thought it interesting.....
I have a phonebill of USD$67000.00. Can someone tell me how one can get a phone bill which is proberbly the price of the house I live in. I was told I made a couple of phonecalls to Ethiopia and thats why the bill was high.

Had I known that it was that expensive, I would have cought a flight to Ethiopia in Business Class for a few times stayed in a five star hotel and actually had a face to face meeting with my husband rather than phone him. I could have saved a lot o money.

Honestly I dont understand how they are charging and what I should pay. Please can someone help me
Beware!!From: Geoff & Cathrina Please be very aware whilst traveling between towns especially Harare and Bulawayo. On Saturday my husband was hijacked just outside Kwekwe by people impersonating police officers carrying weapons. They drove him to an isolated area, tied him up and drove off with everything.This has not been the only reported incident. Please be very aware of what is around you while travelling especially if you are on your own. Thanks Cathrina

Saturday, April 25, 2009

DENT - Betty

Beloved Mother of Stephen and Christopher, Mother in Law of Gill and Carol, and Gran of Michelle, Sarah and Lauren.

Passed away peacefully on Monday 20th April 2009.

Memorial service to be held at Flame Lily Trust, St Margarets Way, Marlborough, on Saturday 25th April at 9:00 am. All welcome.

Reps bar Prices

Regular live entertainment in the bar has become a feature of Reps for many years now, a feature that anywhere else you would be asked to pay an entrance fee to attend such a function. We have, however, always insisted that these events are part of bringing together club members in a social environment and as long as all costs associated with these events are covered by the increased bar takings, our mission would be accomplished . Unfortunately the bar take is now insufficient to recover the costs of these events, owing to the understandable situation whereby bands can no longer afford to play in the bar for free as they used to, so in order to continue providing you, our members, with live entertainment in the bar, we must recover the costs somehow.

We do not belief that a “cover " charge is the correct way to go as someone who stays to hear only two numbers pays the same as one who stays for the whole event, so we are instituting an increase in the price of drinks during the time that the live entertainment is provided. Thus, presuming that the longer you stay the more you will drink, those who get more entertainment pay more for it! A bit like “pay per view ". In order to assist in reducing this burden, we will also always have a “Happy hour " of lower prices before any such event, so that you can save and offset against the cost of your later drinks! Normal bar prices will be in place before the scheduled start time for the entertainment, so members can feel free to still come down and have their favourite tipple and leave before the entertainment starts if they so wish.

An event of this nature will attract an entry fee of no less than $5 anywhere else and we have calculated that the average member will only pay about $2 extra on the price of their drinks during this time, which is a real bargain don't you think! You also would not expect to see one of our productions for free - this is just another production in our busy calendar!

See you all on Friday night for St. Georges day celebrations with Rob and Ellie, when the new system kicks off, starting at 8:30 pm! Support your pub so that it is able serve your interests better!

Tim Garrard
Bar Liaison


Sadly, Crime is on the increase at an alarming rate – both in vehicles and house robberies. There have not been hijackings as such reported, but vehicle theft. Land cruisers are still in demand - and this has now become evident in other areas to those previously reported. Please make sure your vehicles are secure once parked, as theft is not only happening in the undercover of night. If you are leaving the vehicle parked for a period of time, disarm it or remove the battery for safety. We are all well aware of the cost to replace such valuable items and the added stress and inconvenience that goes with it all is best avoided. For those traveling to South Africa by road please be very alert as bogus Police identities are being flashed to try to make you pull over where you are not only hijacked but robbed of all goods purchased and cash. Reported cases of hijackings, including shootouts all involving Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans are seen as soft targets as they usually do not have weapons and carry hard cash.

House robberies are rife in most areas; those reported are Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant, Emerald Hill, Bluff Hill, Avondale West, and Strathaven. It is evident that these gangs are after CASH foremost then jewellery, mobile phones and laptops. It is advised that you do not keep large sums of forex in your homes and you are careful with all transactions, as we seem to be all sitting targets - be very careful, alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Please keep your windows locked in areas of the premises not being used and alarms activated. Windows being left open for pets is not advised – this is an easy entry, bars removed and access gained, especially if you are away ! We are in a very harsh environment and have to be aware of our place and situation, make sure you are not being followed, keep your guard up. We all have a part to play in keeping our country a safe haven to live and visit.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !

TEL/FAX: HARARE 04-309870/309800 /091 2 221 921
Email: or

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SP - van Blerk

This is a tragic story.....
The Commercial Farmers Union expresses its most sincere condolences to the van Blerk family on the tragic death of SP, husband of Gill and father of Simon and Mark.

After having his father, his one year old daughter and his first wife Gerda, (pregnant with their second child) blown up in a landmine during the bush war, SP remained committed to farming in Zimbabwe. SP married Gill years later, and they were blessed with the birth of two sons, Simon and Mark.

A successful tobacco farmer in the Rusape district, they were violently evicted off their farm a few years ago, and were forced to leave with what they could fit into two vehicles. Having been robbed of their entire life achievements and never been compensated a single cent, they struggled valiantly to rebuild their lives in Harare from scratch.

When SP fell to his death at the age of 54 on Saturday evening, he died as one of the many heroic commercial farmers from Zimbabwe.

President, Council and Staff of CFU.

will be held at
at 10am on FRIDAY 24TH APRIL 2009


All welcome
Please dress casual, and please bring a plate of snacks to help cater for numbers.

LEE 011 212 112
SOLLY 011 600 818
DEON 0912 246 233

FALKENBURG - birth notice


Amanda nee Roberts and John

Congratulations on the birth of Gemma, arrived 20th April @ 08.52 minutes!

Love to you all

Mommy Roberts










Monday, April 20, 2009

Former Zimbabwean Model Laments Stigma Following HIV Disclosure

Rather sad.......
By Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye
20 April 2009
In 2003, Tendayi Westerhof, then one of Zimbabwe’s best-known fashion models, published a book revealing that she had tested positive for HIV, and launched a nonprofit organization to encourage prominent individuals to set an example by being tested for HIV.
Westerhof hoped to inspire others to deal constructively with their HIV status, but lately she is expressing disillusionment, saying she has experienced the stigma of HIV firsthand and lost the support of many friends and family members who were once close to her.

From Lynda Buckle - please be careful

My son and his girlfriend were held at knife point and seriously hit over the head with a bottle and robbed by 5 men in a blue nissan sunny outside their home in Cheryl Drive Avondale at 6.30pm on Saturday evening as they were walking back from the shops. They are both ok but very shaken up.

This is just a warning that things are not going to improve and everyone should be on the look out for prospective attackers.

Lynda Buckle
Cell: 0912600610
Tel: 754138
Skype: lyndi11

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is so sad



I grieve for the deep grip Zimbabwe has on my heart

For the life we had, beautiful farm, children living a wholesome healthy life, the green wheat fields, cotton fields, labourers picking the cotton counting cotton bales, tractors stuck in the muddy lands, motorbike rides round the farm every afternoon, dogs and all trailing after us. Visits from next door farmers, parties on the farm, the feeling of complete happiness, safeness and planning a forever life on the farm, hoping that maybe one of our daughters will marry a farmer and take over the farm.
And we would build a house on the farm an life our old age out. The trips to Harare to get supplies and catching up with friends in other towns, visits to Kariba with friends having a complete gas on a houseboat or at a local Harare restaurant, even meeting at a tobacco sale. I miss that wholesome feeling of feeling so complete in my life I miss knowing that my girls will be educated at a good secure school, school runs with my friends to Barwick, chatting to all the parents, fetching my child from school on a Friday knowing the weekend would be filled with horse riding swimming, good meals, good friends and loving parents.

I grieve for all the farm workers we had to leave behind destitute and sent off the farm.

I grieve for my maid who brought up my two girls.

I grieve for my otter, duikers and birds I had to give away when we left.

I grieve for my cattle, horses and wonderful old house we had to leave.

I grieve for all the material memories we had to leave photos etc.

I grieve for the separation of a family and friends split up due to leaving Zimbabwe not only for the fact that my husband had to work in another country whilst we had to move to another country to educate our girls.

I grieve for the immense change my girls had to endure, the crying to go back home the missing their father and friends.

I grieve for my poor husband who had to make an alternative plan to make money for us to live.

I grieve for al the stress we had to take on especially my husband who eventually died of cancer.

I grieve for the strength he tried to endure to conquer his disease his desperateness at leaving us in a country foreign to us with no family.

I grieve for his complete feeling of being betrayed by the only country he knew.

I grieve for the struggle we have now to survive without a husband, a farm and a once secure life.

I cry often at how wonderful our life was and what we have gone through I often ask why and Guess we will never know.

I still deep in my heart have a slight sparkle to one day return to the
country of our birth right and oh how I prey. I left my husband ashes
in Kariba knowing how he loved that place.

Have you ever felt like everything has been taken away from you and you are left so vulnerable trying so hard to keep strong for two growing girls who need you to be strong, yes I know every Zimbabwean who has been displaced feels like me. I just needed to get it out.

God be with us all and maybe one day we will all reunite back home.

Sharon Barton


Newsletter No: 66
APRIL / MAY 2009

P O Box HG 641 Highlands Harare Zimbabwe

The Chairman and Editorial Team:
CHAIRMAN: Tim Thorburn 498723 / 0912.645.518
EDITORS Mike & Pat GILL 494028 / 011.400.243 / 011.440.794
4x4 Club Website:
The 4x4 Club is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation - ZMSF
Our Club is a member of the Mashonaland Motor Sport Association Club House, situated at: 2 Annan Rd. Eastlea. Support your Club House. It is available for hire for weddings, conferences, kids parties, 21st birthdays, etc. Lunches and dinners at reasonable prices.
News, comments and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or the Committee

EDITOR’S NOTE - Michael and Pat GILL
I am looking forward to the rest of this year. The 4x4 calendar is full, but we will squeeze in a few extras, the dry season is with us and the country will become more fun to drive in. The very high grass makes cross-country driving impossible and those dear little grass seeds just love the car radiator fins. I see there is talk of another “Motor Show” to be held at one of the sports clubs. In past shows our club has been well represented and it is a great day or two to display all those 4x4s that are seldom seen. There are several people doing rebuilds or restorations – give some thought to putting the part finished car on show so that we can display a wider range of our interests.

First things first, I would like to thank the outgoing chairman, Mark Benzon, for his three years at the helm and congratulate him on an excellent job. I step into the breach at a time when our country is inspired with a hope of good things to come. I hope that our club can provide a full calendar of fun and exciting events.
Since taking over we have already held two events. Firstly “The Crocodile Crawl” at Taveydale Farm, a point to point challenge, and secondly, a Marimba Fishing Club fun day with a short SUV trail and a ‘stick man’ competition. Both events were well organised and my thanks go to the organisers and those who attended. We now look forward to An Away weekend, camping out at Arcadia Dam in the Bindura area. . Bring your 4x4’s, boats, tents, bicycles, etc. Also coming up is The Castrol 4x4 Jamboree, our showcase event, to which you are all invited on the long weekend 22nd to 24th May.
On a personal note, the Chairman’s Jeep ‘Barbie’ is nearly on the road again. Parts have been sourced in SA and are on their way. Anyone else who has a garage occupied by a “when I have time” project, now it’s time to blow the dust off, fix the thing and come and have fun with us.
Your Club has been sourcing discounts for members from members businesses. Listed elsewhere in this newsletter are details.
Remember “To get the most out of life, look upon it as an adventure”
Cheers for now Tim Thorburn

The AGM has come and gone. Mark gave a good presentation on the activities of the club over the last year. But the time has come for him to step down as Chairman and his place has been filled by Tim Thorburn. I know Tim will have a hard act to follow but am sure he will fill Mark’s shoes very adequately. Apart from Mark the entire committee was re-elected on mass with one new comer. Bruce Steele, who has only just joined the club, had his arm twisted to join the committee.

Dave and Wendy Taylor: Dave is well known to us as the Castrol man. Castrol have been our main sponsors for many events over the years and we are always grateful for their input. And now Dave has decided to become a member in his own right.
Bruce and Odette Steele: Bruce has attended a number of outings as a guest and has joined our happy throng. No sooner had he joined and he was co-opted onto the committee.
Hamish and Chantelle JARDINE: Hamish and Chantelle have joined us on a few outings, the last being the Marimba Fun Day where we persuaded them to join the Club. They drive a Nissan Terrano. No e-mail address but contact telephone number is - 494075.
We welcome you all to the 4x4 family and look forward to seeing you out on outings.

Peter Benzon – Back to UK to go to Chirencester Agricultural College. Sadly the Ford V6 motor in Hoolie (LR S1) destroyed itself 1 km from home just before he left. Anyone with a supply of V6 parts please contact Mark.

Bruce Steele – Has been in hospital for a hernia operation. Bruce we wish you a speedy recovery.

CONDOLENCE - Barbara Dawson
It is with sad regret we advise you of the untimely death of Barbara Dawson from cervical cancer. You may remember Barbara and Kyle. They had Marshaled on almost every Jamboree and always did the Mud Run. We didn’t see much of them during the year but they were always at the Jamboree. We offer our sincere condolence to Kyle and their sons Jono and Gordon.

We have heard from the Rob Adams and Gus LeBreton families on their six-month trek up to North Africa. They have been through Kenya, Sudan and spent many happy days in the desert in Egypt. They are now on their southward trek back in Kenya, we will keep you posted on their progress. When they come back at the end of June we will persuade them to give the Club a presentation of their travels.

2009 CASTROL 4x4 Jamboree May 22 – 24th
Plans for the 2009 jamboree are at an advanced stage.
Major sponsors Castrol and secondary sponsors, such as Clover Leaf, have pledged generous sponsorship to make the event a success. Securitas will be providing security at no charge, in itself a large contribution.
The Jamboree is once again over the Africa day weekend, and as the public holiday falls on the Monday, we are expecting a load of happy campers to join us for an after party on Sunday night.
Events will kick off with scrutineering and entry on Friday afternoon, followed by a free Welcome Dinner for all participants and family members, very kindly provided by Mass and Lisbeth Kirk.
Saturday morning the event will start at 08:00 and will follow the usual format and will include the mud run and see-saw.
Remaining courses will be run on Sunday morning and will conclude with the Mud run and Extreme Challenge around lunch time, with prize giving thereafter.
We WILL have hot water for showers, even on Sunday night.
We are looking for as many competitors as possible, and if you don't want to drive, or don't have a comp vehicle, come and be a marshal.
Marshals have an up close and personal view of the action. They are fed and watered during the event, get to shout officiously at everyone and get a goodie bag to go home with. What more could you want? We need marshals.
The whole point of the weekend is to have fun, whether as a competitor, sponsor, marshal or spectator, so come and join us.
Mark Benzon Jamboree Chairman

It is coming up to Jamboree time and as always we have to start to look for Marshals. Please help and contact Roger Ellis if you are able to assist.
Roger: 498373 0912.219.154

If you have paid your subs and not received your membership card yet, please contact me and we can make some arrangement as to how to get it to you. I would rather not put them in the post. You will need it if you intend claiming some of the discounts on offer. Pat Gill: Membership Secretary. 494028 011.440.794

The Committee is working on a way of getting discounts for paid up club members.
If any members run a business and would like to contribute to this facility, we would be most grateful. Just think, it could improve your business as well as being an advantage to club members.
The coordinator is: Tim Thorburn: 498723 / 0912.645.518
To take advantage of these discounts you MUST produce your 2009 Membership Card.
Discounts on offer so far:
Maguires in Willowvale for Filters etc.
Silverstone Tyres. for tyres;
Telford Mica for Tools.
Big Sky, Pomona. for Selected items.
If you have not got your 2009 Card please phone Pat Gill, 494028 to arrange collection/delivery.

Discounted Products offer by Big Sky.
Lubricants, Spares, Battery water, Battery Acid 2.5%
Motoquip / Leisurequip 5%
Shield 5%
Cadac 5%
Willard Batteries 5%

We have a Face Book site and for those members who are on Face Book, feel free to join the site: 4x4 Zimbabwe

We all know how annoying it is to break a tail light on our cars. I have had many repaired (not all mine note) at a “hole in the wall” business in Ivan Maguire Way on the side of the Kopje in Harare. “Gerry’s” is about 50 m uphill from the back of the Kopje Post Office. They also repair rubber mountings and do a reasonable job.

Many of our vehicles use Leaf Springs so I thought I would tell you a little about them.
They first appeared about 1750 and have not changed much since then. Spring blades are made from several different alloy steels and as such require very accurate heat treatment for each type of steel. When you load a spring it will deflect a set amount for each 100 kg, it carries, say 10mm. So with 200 kg it deflects 20mm. Simple but as you drive down a rough road it could bounce like a rubber ball. (Try coil springs without shocks) Fortunately there is a lot of friction between the blades as they flatten and bend but this is bad for ride comfort so oil the blades. The best way to do this is to lift the car with a hi-lift jack till the wheels are just off the ground, brush old engine oil along the blade edges, so it can get inside the blades, and enjoy the extra comfort.

CROCODILE CRAWL - March 20 – 22nd.
I can’t think of an event before this that would have been better on a horse than a 4x4. Actually we were OK but Mark and Maas, who laid out the event, were riding motorbikes and the grass was two meters high in many places, the roads were completely overgrown and the Lantana (Cheery Pie) made sure they had double trouble with the ‘Wag-n-biejie’ bushes. They were exhausted by the time they got back to the farmhouse, in the dark with one headlight between them, at half past eight on Friday night.
Five teams entered to try and find the shortest distance between 10 GPS marked points and for us it was a serious challenge to locate a track, forget taking short cuts. Just to add fun there had been a storm with over 150mm rain during the week which washed away one crossing, now a 2m drop off, and there was water everywhere.
Malcolm Attwell in Jeep “Fugly” went into mud and Lantana on several occasions and had to be rescued by his teammates. All in all a great fun event but we missed having a couple more entries.
Our thanks to Pip Mattison for the kind use of the farm and to and Baz Downey for providing camping on his lawn and the use of his house facilities.
Mike Gill/Tim Thorburn in Patrol – Stubby; Peter Benzon/Tam Ellis/Baz in L.Rover - Hooli.
Malcolm Attwell/Kelvin Weare in Jeep – Fugly; Rick /Ann Colls / Dave Taylor in L Rover 110.
Mark Benzon/Mass Kirk in Cournil Organisers and Observers.

Marimba Fishing Club – Chivero
This was the first time the Club has been to Marimba and everyone who joined in the fun agreed that we should have another day like this. The Upton family have a nice lake view site and we managed a short, 1.5 k, trail drive that took over 2 hours, with the added challenge of making a “Stick Man” from natural bits found on the way. The kids of all ages got stuck in. Two independent judges announced the results after braai lunches were over. The trail drive gave several people a chance to test their cars in Low Ratio when we had a short muddy crossing. This was no problem for the first four cars, but then Pete Jenkin buried his Rangie and towing and the fun started. Once again a welded tow hitch was pulled off the chassis. This time it was off the front of a Land Rover 110. Luckily no one was hurt.
A welded recovery point can pull off the chassis. It has happened too often. Ensure that recovery points are always bolted on, even if they are welded. Avoid using the factory transport tie down fittings, they are not designed to take big loads and certainly not at an angle left or right. Remember that a 1-ton pick-up can need more than 2 tons pull to release it from axle deep sand or mud. Never use a tow ball as a recovery point, they are rated at about 1.5 tons and often snap off and join the rope on its way through the stuck cars windscreen. Please carry your own recovery straps and shackles etc. Another tow strap was damaged while trying to help a car out of the mud at Marimba. As a 4x4 Club member you are expected to have the right recovery equipment because either you or your buddies WILL GET STUCK somewhere.

Some of you will know that your Editor owns a V8 Lightweight. Ever since we started to use it, after a chassis up rebuild, it has refused to start on the starter when hot. In the last 2 years we have tried everything suggested without success. It always starts instantly if run down a small hill or towed and runs perfectly when started. Leave it standing for an hour and it starts when cool and runs perfectly. But – When it is hot!!
I cannot find this fault in any books and have had many experts scratching their heads, so I would like any suggestions from members.

Calendar for 2009
These dates may change as the year progresses, however as usual, we will send out flyers before every event.
May 1-3 DAM weekend
May 9-10 Course Building Weekend
May 22-24 Harare Jamboree
June 19-21 ECO Challenge
July 4 Christmas in July – American theme
July 19 Trail drive/Orienteering
Aug 7-11 Away Week-end Aberfoyle Club
Sept 25 - 27 Bushpig Beatrice
Oct 16-18 Bulawayo Jamboree
Oct 30-31 Three Hills
Nov 20-22 Mutare Dungbeetle
Dec 13 Christmas Run

ARCADIA DAM: 1st to 3rd May
We are taking bookings now for the Arcadia Dam weekend. We have to book in advance to secure the site. If you would like to join us, please contact Roger Ellis to put your name down.
Roger: 498373 0912.219.154
Directions on how to get there will be sent out in a flyer.

Motor Sports Association Club House
MSA Membership: From the beginning of April, all MSA club cards had been “switched off” if members had not paid, or if the Clubs had not forwarded membership. Membership would have to be renewed, plus a cost of $5 to switch the card back on. Costs of cards were $5.

Hall for Hire - Hire our affordable Club facilities for parties, Wedding Receptions, meetings, seminars, courses and other functions. Assist us in this way to obtain funds required for the upkeep of the Clubhouse.

Drinks - The Clubhouse Committee has asked me to remind members using the Clubhouse that as the bar now carries stocks of most alcoholic beverages no "own drinks" will be permitted at functions held at the Clubhouse.

Michael and Pat GILL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please help

We have had the following goods stolen from our house in Avonlea - reward offered for recovery or any information leading to the recovery stolen from two houses in one street


Maxdorf DVD Player with remote (silver)
Soda streamer
toyota car jack
6 rewritable disks
2 ice buckets
pair of black headphones


Hewlett Packard D1460 Colour printer
Vivitar Digital Camera in black leather pouch (6.2 mega pixel) & memory card Asai Pentax 35mm camera & lense in grey camera bad Warfedale DVD Player Philips DVD player/recorder & rewritable CD Inside Model No. DVDR 3600/97 serial no. AY1A0817009635 Decoder & memory card Citizen Blood pressure monitor Model CH-411C

Any information will be treated confidentially!!!
thanks Rachel (tel 303787 cell: 0912728728

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reps Newsletter – April 2009

Greetings to all members and friends. Following the AGM held on Sunday I have the honour to be your new Chairman and I look forward to serving you all and to continuing the hard work of my predecessors. It looks as though things are starting to change for the better in this country and we can all hope that the signs of progress are followed through and that, sooner rather than later, we can start to live more normal lives. Reps continues to play an important role in the artistic and entertainment life of Harare and, like many of you, I am proud that we have been able to survive and not only keep going, but actually make substantial progress in our own sphere of activity. We have a long and proud history and we aim to go forward with confidence.

New Executive Committee elected
At the AGM the nominations for Exco for 2009/2010 were confirmed – Teri Grimmel (Chairman), Stan Higgins (Vice Chairman), Marc Thomas, Sue Bolt, Tim Garrard and newcomers Sue MacMillan and Jonathan Hall. Outgoing members who were not standing again were thanked for their efforts and support during the past year – Sue Greener, Lovemore Gwanzura, Mario Ciampi, Kathy Keen and Kevin Whaley. The AGM went well and was attended by about 50 people and I am glad to say that, on behalf of all members, Chris Charnley gave an excellent thank you tribute to outgoing Chairman Tim Garrard for his efforts and achievements during the past four years – the four most difficult years for this country in the society’s history. Members should know that they can contact Exco members to give ideas and suggestions and to get information and feedback. We are here to serve the members and to make sure this society and this theatre run efficiently and effectively now and in the future.

Coming soon … William Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Pumpkin Pie Productions and Repteens are combining to stage The Tempest in Theatre Upstairs this month. This will run for only a week, just ahead of HIFA, and bookings will open after Easter. Dates are April 21 to 25 (7pm each evening). Directed by Renee Mostert, this promises to be a good production featuring some great young talent.

HIFA less than a month away
As many of you know, Reps will again be a HIFA venue for the 10th anniversary of this wonderful festival. HIFA runs from April 28 to May 3 and we shall assist members by publicising not only what will be happening at Reps but also in the festival as a whole, as soon as we get this information from the HIFA management team. We are proud to be associated with this venture and we wish Manuel Bagorro, Maria Wilson and their team well for HIFA enligh10ment – and we look forward to yet again being wowed by a wealth of local and international performances. Visit for more information. Reps’ Social Events team is looking for volunteers from among the membership to assist with the running of the foyer bar during the HIFA period. Kathy Keen, who heads Social events, says that bar duties will probably start at about lunchtime each day, with exact times confirmed once the HIFA programme is to hand. The work will involve selling wine, beers, spirits and soft drinks for the patrons wanting refreshments before and after performances. If anyone can help, please contact Erin Cooper or Mike Foster in the Reps office either by e-mail to Reps ( or on 336706 / 335850 / 335626, or contact Kathy Keen on 300100(home); 744443 (business) or 0912 262 622 (cell).

Thanks for support and help
Reps would like to thank Roger Fairlie of Filmcom for the wonderful work he does filming each and every Reps production, and giving us DVDs for our records. We would also like to thank the Mashonaland Photographic society for taking stills photographs for use in promoting productions and also for records purposes. These support activities are invaluable and we would like to thank them for their efforts at helping us keep productions ‘on film’ for posterity. Another thank you must go to Ralph and Rose Stead, who are so kind in their support of Reps through provision of their excellent generator at generous rates.

Farewell to old friends
Reps says a fond farewell to Jimmy Pereira, doyen of the Zimbabwean entertainment scene, who died this week in his 81st year. As many people know, he started Rainbow Theatres in the 1960s and by the late 1970s this organisation consisted of two huge theatres for live entertainment – the 7 Arts theatres in Harare and Bulawayo – as well as more than 15 cinemas across the country. He was a pioneer of entertainment here and will long be remembered as a true professional! We extend sympathy to his wife, Vanda, and his children, Sonia, Helder and Chad, and their families. We also said farewell to Ilo the Pirate – the late Ilo Battigelli, who for many years was the man behind the photographs of Reps productions seen everywhere, including in the press. He was a great supporter of the society and theatre and we extend sympathy to his whole family, especially his daughter, Michelle, who has been closely involved with a number of productions over the years. Ilo was also in his 80s and passed away in his native Italy.

Did you know …
… that volunteers are still being sought to help with Front of House and Box Office duties. The work is not onerous but the task is essential for the smooth and safe running of the theatre. Please contact Graham Crutchley at or Stan Higgins at for more information or leave your name and details at the Reps office for them to contact you.

Until next time, keep well and have a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend and Independence holiday.

Teri Grimmel

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cartwright - Guy

Cartwright - Guy (from Waltondale Farm, Marondera)

Guy passed away suddenly on Thursday 2nd April, 2009 in Johannesburg.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 7th April 2009 @ 14:30 at Calvary Methodist Church Corner Seventh Rd and Harry Galaun Str, Midrand (entrance on Harry Galaun Str).

Donations in lieu of flowers; suggested charities, Birdlife South

Africa, CHOC

Hijacking and all!! Is this true?

Thought your readers might need to know. I received an email at the end of February beginning of March warning us of Hi-jack attempts on the highway between Pretoria and Joburg N1.

Lucky for us we read the email.

On Saturday 14th March travelling to Joburg we had a hi-jack attempt made on us!!! Two Indian men (can't call them gentlemen) flashed a card at us that said Police and indicated that we pull over, smiling at us, we signed to them NO go away they were in a White/Silver BMW no number plates on the vehicle. They shot off in front of us at high speed. About 20mins later they were back again in a Black BMW, same people, indicating to us to pull over flashing the same card after much foul language using signs. We refused to pull over. This time we managed to get a license number from the front of the vehicle MZP 131 GP but no number
at the back (Plates are properly stolen).

It was an extremely frightening experience for us and happen so quickly.
These hi-jackers are targeting Zimbabwe Cars, probably because we are carrying hard cash on us. To my knowledge the police are not allowed to pull vehicles off to the side of the road on a Main Highway. Our feeling was that IF they were police rather follow them to the police station and suffer the consequences rather than be hi-jacked. As it turns out we never saw them again.

So as school holidays are now upon us and April is the time for most Zimbo's to travel down South


I attach an email I received the other day

The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112.

If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency,dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you,and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out.


ATM - PIN Number Reversal

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321.

The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine.

The machine will still give you (& the robber) the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately alerted, and dispatched to the location (if you are lucky).

Also, the robbers will only know your PIN backwards, so if they take your card and try to use it again with the reversed number, the ATM will again alert the police.

This information was recently broadcast on CTV by Crime Stoppers. However it is seldom used because people just don't know about it.

Please pass this along to everyone. This is the kind of information people don't mind receiving, so pass it on to your family and friends.


The Association for Business in Zimbabwe
Growth & Development
12 Wolverhampton Road
P O Box FM 52
Tel: 474595 / 011431544
16 March 2009
Dear Members,


I spoke to the Matabeleland Regional Manager Mr. T. Ncube this morning.
The March tariffs have been revised downwards as follows:

30 cents to 21 cents per unit (3 mins)

Rentals-Corporates-US15 to US 5

Residentials - US5 to US5 (No change)

A decision is yet to be made on the January and February bills. We will be advised soon.


I spoke to the Finance Director Mr. M. Nyoni this morning. The revised rates will be announced this week through the press. He advised the ratepayers to wait for the revised rates before they pay.

I spoke to the Commercial Manager Mr.M. Sibindi on Friday, last week. As directed by the Minister, they are waiting for the new charges, which were supposed to be finalized by the 15th of March 2009. Individuals are still urged to pay US10 and companies a third of their bills.

Members will be advised on any new development.





Social Events are looking for volunteers to assist the running of the foyer bar during the HIFA period – 28 April – 3 May inclusive. I envisage that bar duties will commence at lunch time, maybe during the afternoon but definitely in the evenings. I will only be able to confirm the exact times once the HIFA programme is at hand.

It entails selling wine, beers, spirits and soft drinks for the patrons requiring refreshments before and after the shows.

If anyone can help, we would be most grateful – please contact Erin or Mike in the office either by reply or on 336706 / 335850 / 335626 or myself on 300100(h); 744443 (b) or 0912 262 622 (cell)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Herewith a letter regards our ZESA charges.

We are living in a residential area and the charges from ZESA are just unaffordable at the moment.

For the month of DEC 08/Jan 09 charges were in Z$ which I paid a total of Z$500 billion BY CHEQUE on the 21.1.2009 for 1481 units I gave ZESA the actual readings over the telephone.

I had to go to them quite a few times before being able to get the charges as nothing had come out.

After the 16th March 09 I was told that the DEC 08/Jan 09 charges have to now again be paid but this time in US$. The Z$ payment was scrapped because the money meant nothing, despite the fact that it was still a legal tender at the time. I was told the bill was US$108 but suggest I pay US$20 until the correct tariffs had been sent through from Harare When that came through I was told to pay the remaining US$80 for DEC 08/ Jan 09 bill.

Apparently outstanding is the February bill 1931 units for US$184

March 09 bill 951 units for US$89

These above charges are unaffordable and to charge us again for Dec 08 /Jan 09 surely is wrong.

Can something be done for us as consumers regard these unaffordable charges?

Yours faithfully

Noeline van Rooyen

Monday, April 6, 2009

UK sets visa deadline

Apr 01 2009 10:46:29:503PM
The British High Commission has announced from which date South Africans travelling to the United Kingdom will need visas.
Cape Town - South Africans travelling to the United Kingdom will need visas with effect from July 1, the British High Commission said on Wednesday.
The temporary visa exemption for South African visitors with a previous travel history to the UK, which began on March 3, would cease at midnight on June 30, the high commission said in a statement.
From Wednesday, July 1, all South African visitors to the UK would require a visa.
Visa regimes for Bolivian and Venezuelan nationals would begin on Monday, May 18, and Lesotho and Swaziland also on July 1.
The high commission said the global expansion of the UK's visa processes was just one part of an on-going exercise to secure its borders.
"We have already rolled out the biometric capture of information, enabling us to fix someone's identity from the moment the visa application is made.
"This will deter many of those who seek to enter the UK under an assumed identity or on fraudulently obtained South African documents," the high commission said.
It would also reduce the risk of South African passengers being unnecessarily delayed on arrival in the UK because of current concerns over the security of South African passports.


We here on Imire Safari Ranch, a Black Rhino Breeding station are on full alert! The Rhino poaching in Zimbabwe has reached a serious level. We had a Rhino meeting last week which was extremely alarming. We are losing Rhino at the rate of 2 a week, and now down to the last 500 Rhino this includes both black and white. The last of the Rhino were taken from Chipingali in Bulawayo last week end. The poachers used a dart gun, drugged the animals whilst they dehorned them but sadly never used the drug to revive the rhino. Last week again, in Matusadona which is a National Park along side Kariba one of our rhino which we released in 1997 called Cleopatra was drugged, dehorned by literally scalping her, she has survived, but for how much longer we are not sure.Cleopatra is now faceless. How cruel has man become? We know that the involvement is at top level together with a Chinese syndicate, without law and order we are fighting against evil on our own.

We have our 4 Rhino segregated so as not to have all our eggs in one basket so to speak! We have one section with two Rhino, electric fenced with solar panels and 2 armed guards on each section nightly,plus two National Parks rangers (never to be truly trusted, they come with all sorts of problems) We fully realize we are up against the strength of the army who seem to be linked with the poachers and are armed to the hilt with automatic machine guns and belts of ammo...a fearful thought!

We most certainly are looking for funding to add more men to our anti poaching unit. At present we have 6 men on the ground, this doesn’t include the National Parks. It costs roughly US$75 per man per month. We have to keep our Rhino alive its a vital gene pool we are holding, we feel we can most certainly do this with outside help, we are fortunate in a way as our Rhino are confined to a small area at night, so its top security we are after.We cannot under any circumstance allow a poaching incident to happen.

We fully appreciate the economic climate in the UK and world wide, sadly the Rhino story cannot be put on hold,if you know of a Company whom would like to adopt a Rhino or individual/school to support our immediate need in helping save this already endangered species from extinction, we are more than willing to receive and accommodate their needs and terms of agreement.
We cannot allow in our life time to witness the loss of a species due to greed of man kind.
Please can you help us find support.

We really do look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards

Judy Travers
+263 912 243 072
One hears stories of infidelity but in Africa the stories are rare. We have a maid who has been married for 32 years. last weekend her husband told her he was away and not to come to the farm where he works.

She did however go on Sunday as she has some work for him to do.

She found him in her bedroom with another woman!
Their children will not speak to him and she is now afraid of AIDS and he is often away in other parts of the country for weeks on end!
Sad situation.


Gerry Arnott, husband of Lorraine, passed away 26 March 09, formerly of Lizmore Farm, Mt. Darwin and employee of TSF and then BMZ.

A Memorial Service will be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 11:30am on Tuesday 7th April.

Please contact Sean Steyn (Lorraine's son) on (0)4 336592 or 0912342071 for more details regarding the memorial service.

Voteck Popiel

We have just heard that Voyteck was bludgeoned to death on the 28 of March. he was a respected member of the plant community with a wealth of knowledge on plants and especially aloes. he was also very knowledgeable in the field of semi precious stones.

I spoke to his wife Dorothy this morning and she told me that they were attacked by men who came through the toilet window. they attacked Dorothy and then proceeded to the bedroom where Voyteck was - he was very ill and he could not defend himself and so they killed him!!!

We are devastated as he was a good friend and a very kind and gentle person. What are we coming to???

His memorial will be in their garden on 31 May

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rates again!

The Combined Harare Residents Association has received disturbing reports from some sources at Town House (names withheld) that the Council is channeling most of the money received from ratepayers towards paying the salaries of its employees.
These reports come after the City of Harare announced its 2009 proposed city budget on the 4th of March which was unfortunately approved by Councilors before residents could be consulted. Residents are not happy with the fact that the City of Harare is focusing on paying salaries while municipal service delivery continues to deteriorate.
The residents are cognizant of the fact that the City employees had been receiving paltry salaries that could not cater for their financial needs but it should also be noted that residents were not receiving basic municipal services from the City of Harare neither. Although there is a need for the Council to boost the morale of its employees through competitive remuneration, residents’ issues should also be addressed with the same urgency because they are the ones who pay the rates. CHRA officials who interviewed some senior members of the municipal police were shocked to discover that they had just been paid US$500 (ZAR5000) in salaries for the month of February. This is amidst revelations that the lowest paid worker at the City of Harare is getting a whopping US$290 (ZAR2900) per month.
The residents feel that the City of Harare should reconsider its priority areas and make efforts to improve municipal service delivery especially considering the fact that the Council has drawn up a whopping US$185 million of which US$100 million will be generated from ratepayers. Surely if residents are to part with their hard earned money they also deserve quality services from the city Council. The state of the roads in the city is deplorable, most of the traffic control lights are not working, street lighting in most suburbs is next to non-existent, community recreational facilities are in a sorry state and piles of uncollected refuse are littered at most shopping centres around the city yet the Council does not seem to make any efforts to correct these maladies. As much as the Council needs to cater for its staff welfare, there is also an urgent need to restore quality municipal service delivery. If the City of Harare is paying such hefty salaries, then they do not have any excuse for neglecting their core business of restoring Harare to its sunshine status.
CHRA urges Councilors, who are the representatives of the ratepayers (who also voted them into power), to critically question this issue of salaries as it is a pointer to serious matters of personal aggrandizement of funds at Town House. The City of Harare has sixteen employment grades. How much then, is the person who is at the highest grade being paid when the lowest grade is getting ZAR2900? Who gets the largest piece of the cake at the end of the day? The issue of who draws the salary regimes at Town House should also be looked into. Are these people really concerned about the welfare of council employees or they are just laying a foundation for their own personal gain? ... food for thought.
CHRA will continue to advocate and lobby for a democratic local government system and struggle for the provision of quality and affordable municipal services on a non partisan basis.


We are writing to update you on the funeral arrangements confirmed to us by Lynde's family this morning . Lynde will be cremated in Mutare but there will be a Body Viewing Service at the Doves Chapel, 157 Harare Street on
Thursday 2nd March 2009 from 11:30am - 1.00pm. All those who would like to
pay their last respect to Lynde are welcome to come and part take in this
service. Her body will be taken to Mutare for cremation.

On Monday 6th March 2009 from 11:30 - 1.00 there will be a Memorial Service at Celebration Centre to celebrate her life. Thereafter all are welcome at The Centre, 24 Van Praagh Avenue from 2.00pm-5pm, an organisation she founded and where she will forever be remembered.

For the international community that is unable to join us, please make a toast of whisky or champagne at 3.00pm Mon 6th March 2009 to LYNDE FRANCIS in celebration of her life.


We are writing to update you on the funeral arrangements confirmed to us by Lynde's family this morning . Lynde will be cremated in Mutare but there will be a Body Viewing Service at the Doves Chapel, 157 Harare Street on
Thursday 2nd March 2009 from 11:30am - 1.00pm. All those who would like to
pay their last respect to Lynde are welcome to come and part take in this
service. Her body will be taken to Mutare for cremation.

On Monday 6th March 2009 from 11:30 - 1.00 there will be a Memorial Service at Celebration Centre to celebrate her life. Thereafter all are welcome at The Centre, 24 Van Praagh Avenue from 2.00pm-5pm, an organisation she founded and where she will forever be remembered.

For the international community that is unable to join us, please make a toast of whisky or champagne at 3.00pm Mon 6th March 2009 to LYNDE FRANCIS in celebration of her life.

Medical labs

From a corespondent
I would like to warn people about results at the Labs around Harare. Always go for a second test if your test does seem right to you and go to another lab.

My daughter is pregnant and went for a rubella test to a certain lab in Harare and this test came back positive in the danger period of pregnancy and it took 3 WEEKS for the results to come back. She had an injection against this as a teenager so they decided to go to another a lab for a retest which she duly did and this took 3 DAYS not 3 WEEKS and the test came back negative.She then went back to The First lab. and asked them what the story was and they told her that Sorry it was a TYPIST'S ERROR!!!.

Now this TYPIST ERROR caused a lot of stress in the family and I feel this sort of ERROR should not happen as surely with such an important result it should have been be checked first before informing the patient.
Members of The Repertory Players are advised that copies of the 2008 accounts are available for inspection in the office by any members who so wish to do so. Scrutiny of the accounts is not required but any interested members are welcome between 9am and 4.15pm Monday to Friday this week.

We apologise for the delay in sending out this reminder but the office has been having problems with the e-mail.


Gerry Arnott, husband of Lorraine, passed away 26 March 09, formerly of Lizmore Farm, Mt. Darwin and employee of TSF and then BMZ.

A Memorial Service will be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 11:30am on Tuesday 7th April.

Please contact Sean Steyn (Lorraine's son) on (0)4 336592 or 0912342071 for more details regarding the memorial service.