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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reps Reporter November 2011

Greetings to all members as the month of November draws tp a close and we begin this year’s festive season. As always, Reps is in on the act and the big focus for 2011 is Robinson Crusoe, the Reps panto. There are also plans for carol singing and New Year’s celebrations, so read on for more on these.

Debentures update

Members are being encouraged to take up debentures in the scheme unveiled and launched last month. They cost only $25 and you can buy one, or as many as you like – 2 or 200. The debentures are loans to Reps to enable us to undertake essential current and developmental expenditure. Response is picking up but we encourage an early take-up so that things can be achieved right away. If you would like to know more, please call the Reps office. If you would like to take up a debenture, either call or e-mail the office, or drop in any morning.. Why not encourage your family, friends and colleagues, to buy at least one Debenture - especially those who are interested in Reps maintaining its place as chief performing arts venue in Harare. If you need a flier to hand out to them, ask the office for a copy of the short information sheet that is available.

Robinson Crusoe takes us into Christmas

It’s panto time and Graham Crutchley this year presents Robinson Crusoe – no it’s not just Robinson and Fiday!!. A big cast has been singing, dancing and acting up a storm in their rehearsals, to present the best Panto in years! Spar Zimbabwe has come on board to sponsor it and we thank them sincerely. Crystal Candy has, as always, given sweets for the children coming to watch the show. There are two Gala nights during the run – one for the B S Leon Home on Friday December 9, and another for the Harare City Library on Saturday December 17. There is also a special night on Friday December 16 - when carols will be sung in the theatre for half an hour before curtain up. The show runs from December 1 to 23 – Come and see your old favourites - Marc Thomas, Sue Bolt, Stephane Thomas and Martin Bolt, plus lots of newcomers. The acting, singing and dancing talent is fantastic, with Meg Mackenzie as musical director and Caroline Yule as choreographer.
Bounce into 2012 with Boeing Boeing

Coming back under the guidance of Zane E Lucas is the hit farce Boeing Boeing, the New Year’s show. This is written by Marc Camoletti and Beverley Cross and is a hugely funny romp about pilots and air hostesses. Starring are Paul Shephard, Ryan Lawrence, Jamie McLaren, Kyla Render, Chido Maunze and Mike Blackburn. The opening night – a special Gala Night - will be New Year’s Eve. Details of the Gala will be advertised soon. Make a night of it – show first and fun in the Reps bar afterwards, or come along to see the show and head off afterwards to your planned parties. Boeing Boeing runs from December 31 to January 14.
Preps and Repteens head for year-end

Both Preps and Repteens are heading towards their final sessions of 2011, and both are planning end-of-year performances to show what they have learned and what talent they have in their ranks. Katie Cooper has done a sterling job running Preps while Kyla Render has excelled in steering Repteens this year. If you know of youngsters who want to – or should – join up, then send them along in the new school term in 2012 … Repteens meet from 6pm on Fridays during school terms while Preps meet on Saturday mornings, also during school terms.

Social events make for added value and great entertainment

We have been very lucky to have superb entertainers at social events in the Reps bar this year, and there’s plenty more coming up, thanks to Tim Garrard and Jenni Ferguson. November 17 sees a wine tasting with wines from Latilla. There’s a Weakest Link evening in the bar on Sunday November 20, while Rob Osborne will sing in the bar on November 27. Frank Douie and Kevin Hanssen are performing on certain nights in December and there will be a fun pub quiz on Sunday December 11. It’s carols in the bar on December 22 and there will be a great New Year’s Eve bash in the bar, too. Keep watching for specific mails and posters on these events.

Report back on the Strategic Plan

As promised when the Strategic Plan was launched in May, there is to be a report-back session on progress that has been achieved. This will be at 11am on Sunday December 4 in the theatre, followed by a social in the bar. The purpose is to update members on where Exco is taking the Society, what successes have been achieved and what obstacles have been encountered. Come along to hear, ask, comment and add value for your own Society.

Membership subs due soon

A reminder about 2012 renewals will be going out soon, but please can you get your subscriptions in as soon as possible. The absolute deadline is, as always, Saturday, January 14. We hope everyone who is a member will renew for the coming year and that each and every member will sign up at least one new member for 2012.. A growing membership means a healthy Society!

Did you know …

… that the Avondale Scouts run the foyer confectionery and cold drinks bar, which we call the coffee bar (coffee and tea often sold, usually in the colder months). When Dance Trust of Zimbabwe events are on, the bar is then run by mums and volunteers from the dance community. This is one way we help others fundraise and it keeps our foyer stocked with the sort of things needed by patrons. It is also important to remind everyone that it is absolutely forbidden for patrons to bring their own drinks and food onto the premises and that cooked food from the nearby food court may not be brought into the theatre. Our foyer bar is available for non-members to buy alcoholic beverages, while members can, of course, use their own bar before and after performances and during interval. Don’t forget to order drinks for interval before you go in for the show – this speeds up service. It It is NOT permitted to take glasses or bottles into the auditorium – only plastic cups, cans and plastic bottles. This is mainly for safety reasons, and to stop wastage through broken glass.
Until next time, stay well and get on down to Reps


Carol Love


The funeral service for the late Carol Love

will be held at 9am on Saturday morning

19th November at Whitestone Chapel.

Tea will be served after the service.


Just to let friends of Henry know that there will be a memorial celebration of his life at the Tin Roof in Chisipite (Harare) on Thursday 24th November at 2pm, followed by drinks at the same venue.
I don't think my dad even owned a suit so please.... no jacket and tie necessary!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Reports are coming in on almost a daily basis on the crime in and around Harare …. from petty theft to armed robberies. There is definitely an increase and we ask you to please be very aware of your environment and what’s going on around you. If you see any suspicious gathering or unusual happening in your area, report them to either your Neighbourhood Watch or the nearest Police Station - this helps in the prevention of crime … before it happens! Gangs are moving in daylight hours and some very blatant in their approach and attitude …… be AWAKE, AWARE, VIGILANT & ALERT at all times. Keep the security at a high level ongoing throughout the 24 hours of every day/night. Make sure your staff are aware of the rules on a regular basis and check if they are being adhered to. Do not allow anyone onto your property without checking; communicate with your staff as to when you are expecting to have workmen and repairs done as to alleviate allowing ‘unauthorized’ visitors gaining access to your property.

Caution when approaching traffic lights ….. do not have windows wide open, leave a small gap at the top to prevent shattering of glass and have ALL doors locked to hinder any attempted hijackings or smash and grabs. Keep children advised on being alert, especially driving to and from school fixtures and functions. We have a lot of loiterers in and around all suburbs due to the lack of employment so chance and survival are on most minds.

If you are unfortunate to be a victim, please DO NOT FIGHT BACK OR RESIST, you will only be hurt. Material goods can be replaced, but LIFE is far more precious. Be warned that most gangs are armed and are not afraid to use them. Try not to make eye contact and do what they say - to be a hero may cost you your life.
Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Driving Warning –Drew Rd / Harare Drive

Driving Warning –Drew Rd / Harare Drive -  I was told by a middle aged lady, yesterday, that, on Friday night last week, at about midnight her husband had been driving home after a couple of drinks at The Tin Roof in Lewisam. He drove along Drew Road and , just before he turned left into Harare Drive, he slowed down for the hump in the road. His windows were open at the time. A youngish guy suddenly appeared from nowhere, stuck his head through the driver’s window and spat in the drivers Face! The latter was, understandably,  not amused and opened his door in a rage – in the meanwhile another chap opened the passenger door and tried to climb into the car. A big fight then ensued with yet another guy joining in. Luckily the driver was quite a bug guy and successfully fought them off with nothing notable stolen from the car

Chatwood - Mary

Chatwood - Mary.Passed away peacefully in Australia on 23rd October 2011, aged 96 years. Remembered with love and pride by her grandchildren, great - grandchildren, and Bridget de Caila.

Comment from MD of company in Msasa

“This May Be worth circulating especially for people who sell goods and the customer collects at a later date

“Last week we invoiced out a computer printed invoice for 1 Box of goods. But when they returned later the next day to collect , the same computer printed invoice now read 10 boxes ! !

Fortunately our security picked it up. We double checked our sales invoices for the previous few weeks and found that they had been " successful " the previous week ....... So ..... be warned

SADC driving licences

Having been warned that the Moz Transit police were going to be demanding SADC driving licences from Zim licence holders, I found out that Zim was not now, nor in the near future, intending to produce SADC licences. This message has been relayed by the Zim Minister of Transport to his counter parts in all SADC members. You could, if you were desperate, take your Zim licence to the Moz embassy, and have it authenticated, but I dont think really necessary.”


MILESON - MAISIE. Passed away peacefully in her sleep in Johannesburg Friday morning at the age of 93. She will be sorely missed by her children Clay & Lynette, Lyn & Nick and their respective families. Contact through her granddaughter Mandie -

Angela Dilmitis

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Angela Dilmitis.  The funeral will be held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 224 Leopold Takawira, Harare on Wednesday 16th November, 2011 at 11am.  The family will accept condolences at the Sparta Hall (next to the Cathedral) immediately after the service.  The family have requested that all donations, in lieu of flowers, go to the Hellenic Schools.  There will be a private burial in Chinhoyi at a later date. Our most sincere condolences are extended to her husband Peter, her sons John & Manousso, her daughters Cleo & Maria, and all of the family for their loss.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Family notices

It is with great sadness that the family of Ben Norton advise that Ben passed away, peacefully, on Thursday 27th October 2011. in Howick, R.S.A.

He will be lovingly remembered by Jenny, Larry and Sara , Meg, Ben and Madeleine and Dustin.

The funeral will take place at St. Lukes Anglican Church , Howick, on Monday 31st October at 10 a.m.

Milly Carlisle
Milly Carlisle, mother of Jenny Campbell and Kathy Hull died peacefully in her sleep on 18th October.

There is to be no memorial service or funeral service as requested by her.

Kathy's email address is


PEREPECZKO ANNA, Wife of the Late Adam Perepeczko and Beloved Mum, Granny and Great Granny of Al, Babs, Alex, Micki, Leanne, Robert, Sarah, Sophie-Grace, Justine, Jono, Louise, Graig and Cheryl. Passed away peacefully at home on the 1st November 2011. We will hold you in our Hearts Forever. Funeral Service to be held at Nazareth House Chapel on Monday 7th November 2011 at 2:30 pm, Followed by tea at the Larmenier community club, Friends please accept this intimation, Family contact : Babs Graham 0779303815

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gerry Allan

The Memorial Service for the late Gerry Allan , ex CAA and Air Zimbabwe, will be held on Friday 4th Novemeber2011, at the Athol Evans Chapel, 10.00. Jenny Matthews, Val Caldecott, Diane Caddick and Keith Allan invite all friends to attend this celebration of his life.

Jenny Townsend

It comes with great sadness, the passing of Jenny Townsend in Harare on Sunday 30th October 2011. A memorial service will be held at the BS Leon in Harare on Monday 7th November 2011. Teas will be served after the service at BS Leon.

Lilian Cottirll

Unfortunately, I have some sad news, Lilian has passed away. She was found this morning, Nov 2nd, in her bed by the cleaner. At present we do not know any more details, but it would appear that she has passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I was actually going to e mail people tomorrow, when I was hoping to be able to give you more details, but unfortunately, this news seems to be circulating on Facebook already, though the source has not come from either my sister or myself. At present we do not know when the funeral might be etc, or the actual cause of death, though I would suspect a heart attack.

I saw Lilian a couple of months ago and my Father saw her last Saturday, when she appeared to be ok, though of course had several long standing health problems.

It is a sad day, and she was an amazing person, in that she was so stoical and never complained, despite all that she and John had been through. I know that she had many friends spread across the world now, and spent many happy hours keeping in touch. Her computer was a life saver in many ways, and she took to the technology brilliantly for a person in her eighties.

Will let you know more when I find out.
Margaret Sherman (niece)
PS, If anyone knows of any person who Lilian knew that is not on the list, maybe they could pass on the news, thank you.
Margaret Sherman []