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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Death Notices

Death Notice: It is with heart wrenching sadness that the family of Fey Young (nee Holland/Little) advise all that Fey finally lost her battle with Cancer in the early hours of Thursday morning, the 24th March. We invite all who knew Fey to join us for a celebration of her courageous beautiful life on Friday 1st April at 2.30pm at Chelmsford Manor, Chelmsford Road, Belgravia. Please bring along a plate of snacks and we request that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the amazing Cancer Centre.

Memorial Notice: We regret to inform you of the death of Deon Bezuidenhout on Saturday 26 March 2016. Please join the family and friends to celebrate the life of Deon at Rain Tree Lodge, Umwinsidale. On Friday 1st April 2016 at 3pm. Dress code - smart

Memorial Notice: A celebration for the life of Dean Johnston from Banket will be held at Chinhoyi Country Club on Friday 1st April 2016 at 11.00 a.m.  Dress casual.

SA vehicle theif

I would appreciate it if you could warn readers/ travelers of the unfortunate incident that happened to me while in South Africa.

My wife and I crossed into South Africa at Beit Bridge on Wednesday 9th March 2016. At the SA Customs the officer on duty requested our destination details and I advised that they are recorded on the Temporary Import Permit Form (TIP) but he demanded to know more than usual like "confirm exactly where you are staying" in Johannesburg. I gave him the full address which was the Town Lodge in Herman Street Isando.

On Friday morning at 7.06 am while the Lodge was very busy with people coming and going my Toyota Prado was stolen from the carpark in front of the Lodge. A distance of some eight metres from the front steps. The vehicle is fully alarmed with de-mobiliser, anti-hijack etc. Security at the Lodge is well organized when entering and leaving. Once booked into the Lodge, a room swipe card is used to activate the electric gate.

Later while viewing the Lodge’s CCTV apparently two vehicles, a blue BMW with two occupants and a white Corolla with four occupants entered the carpark on Thursday morning at 7.00am with one of the occupants entering the reception area but acting very suspiciously sitting down, getting up and moving around the reception area. Meanwhile the BMW managed to park one bay away from my vehicle with the Corolla nearby.

Friday morning was a repeat of the above when my vehicle was stolen with a European behind the wheel backed up with the BMW and Corolla with four Africans. According to SAPS, the thieves wanted that particular vehicle and were probably heavy armed. SAPS also confirmed that the anti-hijack and alarm system can be down loaded if two vehicles are parked next to each other as the thieves have the equipment to do this.

It is obvious that the thieves were well advised as to where I was staying when one considers the early morning times and I believe the customs officer is on the lookout for certain types of vehicles crossing into SA and must work for a syndicate as upmarket vehicles from Zimbabwe are in demand. One needs to have a "tracker" installed on their vehicles when travelling to SA.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Be aware that CCTV systems do not require a licence fee


Be aware that CCTV systems do not require a licence fee, but there is a group of inspectors approaching those with CCTV and insisting on payment. Please do not pay.

Safeguard Security Alerts! March 2016


Death/Memorial Notice : It is with much sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our much loved mother, grandmother and great granny – JOAN STONE CLARK NEE’ MOSS.  Joan passed away suddenly on Thursday 17th March 2016.  She is now with her beloved Roy and with her Lord & King! There will be a Celebration of her life on WEDNESDAY 23rd MARCH 2016 at 12 noon, at THE BASE CHURCH, 100 Enterprise Road, Highlands. Please join us for tea after the service. Ken, Janette, Paul & Kathy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016



There have been a few ‘smash & grab’ incidences at the intersection of Churchill Ave/ Second Street at the traffic lights … this is still a hot’ spot, as the perpetrators  can lose themselves in the vacant ground with all the long grass at the University as well as tunnel under the road that carries a stream  in that area. The Police are aware of this and have had surveillance set there to try to catch the thieves.  Please be very vigilant in this area and make sure that ALL valuables like handbags, brief cases etc are well out of view and not on the seat in FULL view. It is advised to put all into the boot of the car out of sight.  In most cases the bag will be tossed with all valuables removed … though documents have been retrieved. Drop off & pick up zones at schools are being targeted do not leave your car unattended or left unlocked for any reason   

The roads in and around Harare are full of potholes, so please drive safely and be aware of your surroundings.  Some roads have been ‘patched’ but with the road rage and racers this does not seem to hold for long.  Most roads need total resurfacing and this is an expensive exercise. The volume of vehicles on all our roads has increased and existing roads are taking strain …. They were not built for the increasing volume. There is a long Easter weekend plus school holidays coming up shortly, let’s keep safe and vigilant …. Do NOT drink and drive, keep carnage off our roads and highways. For those going away for a long earned break make sure your security of both homes and premises are in good working order. Check alarms, security lights, remotes and gate safety … it’s always better to be ahead of time, and have peace of mind whilst away.  Make sure all domestic pets are cared for in your absence lost pets are on the increase and this is very stressful for all concerned.

Enjoy your Easter break …….Let’s ALL be safe !

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Sue Hair


376 Limpopo Way




Tel: + 263 4 621412 / 660336/7

Mobile: + 263 772 313 333


Memorial and death notices

Condolences: Ann Pistorius (02/05/36 – 17/03/16)- Dearest, brave and strong wife, mom and granny to Frikkie, Roy and Al, Mike and Sandi, Dani, Shelley, Wade, Lance, Travis and Amy. No more suffering, you can run and dance once more! Words cannot express how very much we love and miss you. Rest in peace now. Funeral arrangements to be advised.

Funeral Notice: ANN PISTORIUS – the funeral service for our beautiful wife, mom and granny, will take place at 10.30 am on Thursday, 24th March at the Chisipite Senior School Chapel.  We would be most grateful if you would join us in a celebration of her life.  We ask if you are able, to bring a plate of eats to share after the service.  Thank you.

Memorial Service for JOHAN SPIES will take place at 8 Kingsrow North off Piers Road, Borrowdale at 2.30 pm Wednesday 23rd March.  We would like to extend an invitation or all our friends to join us to celebrate his life.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


I want to tell your readers to be on guard again for unwelcome visitors. We live on a close in Borrowdale area. Yesterday afternoon two men lifted our gate and one of them came down the drive way. When confronted by our housekeeper he said he had the wrong house and left. He and his buddy took off in a small silver car. This is a repeat of several years ago when there was a spate of afternoon intrusions and theft. We have bolted the gate.


We were driving round Borrowdale area yesterday and were horrified to see three separate teenagers in one morning driving with DJ style earphones - like ear defenders covering their ears.

There is no way those kids will hear anything whether they are listening to music or anything at all for that matter, it is so dangerous...whether it's illegal or not it should be, please is there anything we can do about this? Horrified citizen


We had a great afternoon at Rugby in the National Stadium on Saturday afternoon.  It just turned sour after the game: We got pick pocketed of an i-phone. And while discussing this, we suddenly found an HP-computer bag at our feet. It must have been thrown there by some thief as well.  In the bag was a photo camera!  We do not think the camera and the bag belong together. It looks more like the camera was put in the bag by the thief.  Please if anyone lost the camera, please call me, tell me what brand it is and what it looks like. I'd like to give it back to the rightful owner.

By the way: I phone: if you have find my i-phone, you can locate your phone. We did: and located the phone in Ruwa. The police was very helpful and went with to the location. It did take the whole Sunday, but the phone was found, the thieves admitted to be guilty and they are sitting in jail. 3 of them. I hope I can make someone just as happy returning the camera!  Call me: Wilma: 0774-342648


A group of us went out to Lake Chivero on Thursday for lunch at Kuimba Shiri.   The food is high quality good quantity and reasonably priced. We sat down at a table under their tree canopy and beside the Blue Bulls rugby team who were having a day off and being served up most wonderful plates of fresh crisp chips and big steaks!!  No better place than to have chosen Kuimba Shiri with the fish eagles calling and the beautiful setting of the lake.  However, not long there, and suddenly at 1.20pm there are suddenly 11 little paddle boats out on the water not far from where we were sitting putting out fishing nets over a big area.   This blatant plundering of the fish stock in broad daylight – and to all accounts, Parks and Wildlife do absolutely nothing about it.   For discerning visitors this is such a bad image for our beautiful Zimbabwe.



Hi everyone .Today I read an article on Bambazonke about some poor soul charged for his exhaust facing the wrong position .Didnt know such a ludicrous law existed !!...But after some police jumped out from behind a palm tree and continued to extort money for all sorts of bizarre things , I felt more sorry for the poor chaps across the road who drove into eachother and seemed to have done so during the so called "blitz" operation when they got taken aback.It also made me think back to Christmas when I had to go abroad to work to survive a few months here at the ludicrous comments on "whats the done thing " for xmas boxes and some pensioner mentioned we should all put away some for xmas.Never mind the fact that some of us dont get to celebrate xmas with our spouses and kids because of the defunct economy here, today I was wondering where on earth must we find any charity money for the poor when the police are so regularly  robbing us .Then again , maybe the Zim I struggle to live in is just others paradise !!!!  

Sad and disappointed zimbabwean.


In reply to Dave Fleming: Dave, let's all get our exhaust pipes turned out to face the right side...this way they can set fire to 'anyone' who may happen to b standing in the middle of the road...ah for goodness sake man guys, when do we call enough enough? I drive this road often. My wife was pulled over ( I was driving behind her) and the officer goes on to say that the third plate had been tampered with...he then proceeded to enter her car and scrape it off the screen...damaging it in the process....???so now if it was stuck on well enough to get ripped when he removed it isn't it he who has tampered with it? Sirbrowndsound


Hear hear! It seems the only complaints about bulk water come from those with boreholes who are upset when they dry up and have to purchase water like the rest of us! The ZINWA tariffs on Bulk Water are a travesty. Its nothing more than a tax on the people who are doing ZINWA's job for them. I fully understand that, as far as our environment and future water supplies go, the current situation is dire and getting worse. But please, please, lets suggest viable alternatives before simply raising the price of bulk water and making it more and more difficult for people to supply bulk water. I don't get council water, i don't have a borehole, and I can barely afford to purchase bulk water. What am I supposed to do?


You might want to let other readers know some implications to changes made by the Minister of Finance in January this year.  Over the past two years I have been doing most of our clothes shopping (myself and the children)  on line from Mr Price SA for obvious reasons of affordability.  If you bought anything for less than $50 including postage it was delivered to your house duty free.  Two weeks ago I ordered three pairs of shoes totalling US$37 including postage.  Waited for delivery within the usual one week - nothing came through.  Into the second week I get an SMS message from a person at Courier Connect to come with $25 to collect my parcel.  (not send from official line,actually looked fishy to me).  Anyway after a phone call to Courier Connect and ZIMRA at the central sorting office learnt that the regulations had been changed from 1 January.  Anything imported with a value of $10 or more now attracts duty plus $10 'handling fee' by Courier Connect.  So.. after buying shoes worth $29, postage of $8 from SA I pay an additional $25 in charges on the Zim side.  If this is not a rip off I don't know what else to call it ... needless to say I will not be bringing in anything else via this route and make these uncalled for 'donations' to ZIMRA! Ropafadzo, Harare


I have been asked kindly by the staff at Makuti Lodge to please spread the word that their water pump has finally been fixed and they are now OPEN for business. They had to close last year in November as no running water and have taken a real hit from it. The staff are super friendly, the loos always clean, drinks always ice cold and food is great - simple and tasty.  The garage currently has diesel in stock and hope to get petrol very soon.... I wondered if you could spread the word. They really need support. Much appreciated. Hayley


traffic fines ​

From: Sean - Big Sky Supplies

With thanks to ​the motorists​  who let us know that the traffic fines ​being paid ​differ from Big Sky's Cubbyhole Notes ...

We have has been advised by ZRP Traffic HQ that an updated Schedule of Deposit Fines has been issued to Highway Patrol, which revises the Deposit Fines imposed per offence.

We understand the revised Schedule is not yet available to stakeholders, and Big Sky has not seen a copy. However, it is clear this version replaces the Schedule of Deposit Fines issued in August 2013.


In order for ZRP personnel to impose and accept payment of a $100.00 deposit fine - currently Level 4, the law has to be amended. The required changes to the Criminal Procedures Act of the Finance Act (no 3 of 2009) have NOT been gazetted.

Please be aware the Deposit Fines previously listed in Big Sky's Cubbyhole notes (see are now subject to confirmation and have been removed from the notes. 




1) Roadside fines will range from $5.00 to $20.00.

2) You are entitled to request to see the current Schedule of Deposit Fines, which every patrol and roadblock is obliged to carry.

3) Do not accept a roadside fine above $20.00.

4) There is no option to pay a Deposit Fine within 7 days. For your convenience we recommend motorists carry a 'just in case" $20.00 in small notes.

​5) Do not pay bribes and become part of the problem.​


) Being patient and courteous will give you the best chance of a fair outcome.

Drive safely,


Typhoid Fever in Harare

Diarrhoea is NOT a common symptom of typhoid, the patients rather suffer from constipation.   So no diarrhoea does not mean, no typhoid.

The most striking symptoms are the consistent high fever, the headache and the mental state of relative lassitude. So it could be confused with malaria, but with abdominal discomfort.

I was in a fortunate situation to not having to consider malaria when practicing in Lesotho where we managed a typhoid outbreak with a 1000(!) cases in the timespan of 6 weeks.

When checking up on it I found a nice summary of clinical features:  "There is no group of signs which is characteristic, indeed it is often the absence of signs in a patient who has had a fever for a few days, and who looks ill, lies listless, speaks little, and likes to be left alone, which suggests typhoid." With regards    Aad


I thought I’d write to you advising you about our Typhoid experience, since our son had it early on in the year and we always think we are immune to these kinds of things!

Our son suddenly fell ill and in a matter of minutes had excruciating chest pain, shortness of breath, became delirious (from the fever) & couldn’t walk or talk.  I rushed him to AMI on Lanark Rd, and I must commend the staff on their professionalism and excellent care.  Once they stabilised him, they began to run all sorts of tests and he tested positive for Typhoid.  We were very surprised with the results.

He was discharged and sent home once the Dr was satisfied and was given oral treatment to continue at home as they had already administered his first dose intrevenously, to kick start the process.  Our son is quite a tough boy and never complains from pain and normally bounces back quickly.  He slept for the next 24 hours and then relapsed the following evening.  I took him to our GP first thing in the morning, who re-examined him, and sent him for more tests and explained his symptoms in more detail - which was useful in understanding what to expect and how to treat.  It took him about three weeks to recover and longer for his body to completely regain its strength.

The main things to be aware of;

1) Every one is different and so in our son’s case he had no diarrhoea or vomiting.

2) High Fever is classic symptom - to the point where it is impossible to control.  You have to do what ever works for the particular patient to keep the temperature down, alternate ponstan & painstop (by now he had unbearable headache & nausea so the painstop was effective) and bathing in tepid water.

3) Keep fluids up (try get them to sip rehydrate solution) because even if the patient doesn’t have diarrhoea/vomiting they are becoming dehydrating from excessive sweating/fever fits.  If you at any time feel you cannot cope at home or become concerned take them to hospital so that the temperature, pain and dehydration can be treated more effectively and to ensure they don’t run the risk of other complications.

4) His spleen was enlarged and all his glands were enlarged and generally felt washed out - so sleep is the best - he slept for days and days on end.  I gave him what ever he felt like eating, which was mostly dry toast and very light food.

5) Its important to go to a dr for check ups, Typhoid can affect certain organs, so its best to ensure that there are no unnecessary complications.

6) Typhoid bacteria requires aggressive treatment and even if the patient is feeling better, it isn’t recommended for them to dive back into normal activities as it is common for them to relapse.  Once the treatment has been completed, the patient should take a good course of probiotics and consider a course of vit B injections as their immune system is depleted.

7) Follow up tests with the necessary samples, to ensure the patient is no longer carrying the bacteria.


1) Wash hands all the time and dry them properly.  Bacteria can live for upto 14 days on notes (money)!

2) Ensure raw fruit & vegetables are washed with uncontaminated water

3) Ensure cooked meals are prepared properly in sanitised area’s

4) Only drink safe water, this includes ice!

5) Don’t share bottles/cups/utensils

6) Try not to use un-sanitised lavatories

There is no need to become paranoid and cover yourself in gloves, spraying everything in sight with antibacterial.  Just be aware, take more care with hygiene, trust your instincts and inform those around you.  As mentioned before every patient is different, so not all patients are required to be quarantined no one that had contact with our son caught it from him.

TYPHOID FEVER                                                                  

Typhoid Fever is an acute disease caused by THE SALMONELLA TYPHIMURIUM.

It is a generalised  Infection,  most important features are ulcerations in the terminal portion of the small intestine.


Common in developing countries

High Fever with a relatively slow pulse

A  ROSE COLOURED ERUPTION with an enlarged spleen

Sweating and generalised aches and pains

Headaches and Diarrhoea

Poor appetite and stomach pains

ETIOLOGY: The typhoid Bacillus is a short, gram-negative, rod shaped organism

It may live for extended periods of time outside of the human body in water or in the soil.

It resists freezing but is destroyed by boiling water

The germ enters the body via the gastro-intestinal tract and is discharged in the faeces and urine of patients  with typhoid fever

When typhoid bacilli enters the body they are carried first to the mesenteric  lymph nodes and then to the thoracic duct through which they enter the blood stream and are carried to all the tissues and organs of the body.

The ultimate source of the TYPHUS BACILLI is the faeces and urine of patients  with typhoid fever or typhoid  carriers.

Improper disposal of excreta allows the bacilli to get into drinking water (ie from shallow wells, underground systems or streams),or into or upon the soil where they may contaminate vegetables that are eaten.

Typhoid carriers who prepare food may transfer the bacilli to milk or other articles of food.

Most large epidemics of Typhoid have been traced to unhygienic water supplies, correct water purification has reduced the incidence of typhoid; most cases, which occur in the larger cities,  may be traced to carrier, eating of raw veggies and fruits or seafood grown in contaminated  waters.

ATTENDANTS who nurse patients with Typhoid fever may contract the disease as a result of handling the patients, bedclothes, bedpans and urinals.


The most important lesions of typhoid are found in the small intestine.

Early in the disease, Payers patches and the solitary lymph follicles of the ileum become red and swollen, due to the engorgement of the vessels and the outpouring of monocyctic  cells. Later the swollen regions slough out, leaving ulcers of variable depth. These may bleed or may penetrate  entirely through the coats of the intestine. If the patient recovers the ulcers heal without scar tissue.

Coincident with the changes in Payers patches, the mesenteric lymph nodes become enlarged due to similar engorgement and exudation. The spleen becomes enlarged, soft and greyish red.

Endothelial cells accumulate in other organs such as liver and lung, to a lesser degree. Inflammation of liver and lung occurs in most cases, pneumonia in some. Lesions also occur frequently in arteries and veins. These may lead to haemorrhage  from the nose or bronchi, or thrombosis of the veins of legs and arms. 


The incubation period is less than three weeks, in most cases. The onset is fairly gradual, during the first week, accompanied by malaise, frontal headaches, cough constipation or slight diarrhoea with occasional nose bleeds.

By the end of the first week the temperature is usually high with slight fluctuation; slow pulse, often diacritic ( i.e. one heart beat or two arterial pulsations.)

Enlarged spleen, tender and distended abdomen, rose spots, appearing on abdomen and chest, leucopaenia  is present, WBC below five thousand. 

During the second and third week Temp remains high spots tend to fade, the abdomen may become distended and in severe cases delirium supervenes. \during these periods  typhoid bacilli can be recovered from urine and stool.

The blood usually gives positive agglutinations for the typhoid bacilli by the end of the second week.

The temperature declines after the fourth week but can continue unabated.


The most serious are haemorrhage and perforation. Nursing staff would notice  reddish brown or black stools restlessness, pallor, rapid  weak pulse, falling blood pressure

There would be severe  abdominal  pain, and shock followed by abdominal tenderness, rigidity and signs of acute peritonitis.

Further complications are diarrhoea, pneumonia, cholycystitis, thrombophlebitis,( mostly occurs in one of the femoral veins) Relapse may occur after an apparent recovery, and further symptoms of typhoid would be apparent.


Chloromycetin is usually the antibiotic of choice. It  does not kill the organism but it inhibits the growth,  therefore is requires continuation for up to 10 days, followed by a reduced dose for   three to four weeks to prevent a relapse.

Supportive treatment consists entirely of nursing care and diet. Rest should be nearly as absolute as possible.

Sufficient fluids should be given to keep the urinary output above 1500cc.daily.

Should constipation occur avoid the use of strong laxatives.

Fats and fruit in the diet should be reduced, and reduction of carbohydrates, should  distention  be noticed.

Should perforation occur, immediate surgery would be necessary

Nurses in contact with typhoid patients need to be particularly careful in the cleanliness of their hands. No nurse should fail to take a “booster” injection every two years when dealing with these patients.

All patients should contact their General Practitioners for investigations and treatment

All Borehole water requires investigation

All drinking should be boiled or thoroughly  purified, milk should be pasteurized or boiled.

People who Handle food should be screened to ensure they are not carriers

TYPHOID has occurred in this country. People who visit affected areas and do not take preventative measure against this disease are likely to suffer with typhoid and will infect others in other areas.

WE need to be reminded to practice personal   and environmental hygiene at all times

Typhoid is spread from drinking water or food that is contaminated. Flies can contribute to the spread of typhoid.

Vaccines should be available.

Mr William (Bill) Dickinson

The President, Captains and Staff of Royal Harare Golf Club regret to announce the death of Mr William (Bill) Dickinson who passed away this morning 4th March after a short illness.

Bill joined the Club in 1975.

Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Bill's family and friends.

With kind regards

Ian Mathieson
General Manager

Dugong Lodge

From: Dugong Lodge Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2016 8:28 AM

I have now been home in Inhassoro since Sunday 6th March, 2016.

From all the contacts I have been able to get in touch with I have the following.

There was a Truck which was burned and the driver shot in the hand on the Muxungwe Road, this incident lead to the institution of the convoy along the Muxungwe – Save River Bridge on the EN1.

Since THIS convoy started running there have been no further incidents on the Muxungwe – Save River Bridge Road.

There is however another Convoy which is running much further north in the area of Caia up on the Zambezi River (800-1000 Km. North of Inhassoro) This convoy has seen a lot of attacks.

There have also been reported incidents on the Chimoio-Tete Road near Catandika where a red Nagi Nagi Bus driver was shot and killed and there were quite a few injuries from the resulting accident when the bus went off the road and hit a tree, and fighting within the Tete Province. Information of this is not accurate down here as we are pretty far away from the action and 3rd and 4th hand information is greatly exaggerated and not very reliable. We are far from this area so I cannot vouch for this info it is all hearsay.

I was also contacted about an alleged attack on a holiday resort in Vilanculos where 2 foreigners were allegedly abducted or had gone missing. I would just like to say that this was a complete fabrication and that no such incident ever occurred.

Please to all the holiday makers out there who want to come to Mozambique for their holidays PLEASE CHECK WITH THE RESORTS WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO to verify rumours before they make hasty decisions and cancel holidays on false rumours.

Hope this report helps.

It is good to be back I just wish we did not have to endure this problem of convoys again.

Best regards


Kwekwe – Lupane road


What most people do not know is that there are 2 roads from Nkayi to Lupane, the main (shorter)road with the broken bridge, and another which runs parallel to it about 12 km north of it. This alternate route adds about 15 km to the journey, but is in much better condition than the main road. As it runs along the Shangani river, is also more populated, with villages and homesteads along its whole length. All two wheel drive vehicles now use this road as it is passable at all times (a few occasionally flooded rivers aside).

The details which follow will guide you along this road:

Kwekwe- Lupane

In Kwekwe town, traveling south, turn right to Nkayi just before the second traffic circle (it is signposted). Fuel is available at the Puma fuel station on the left as Lupane does not always have fuel. The first 6 km or so is badly broken up tar to the Green Mountain lodge, after which it improves.

You come to a crossroads about 15 km from Kwekwe (GPS S18o55’31.5” E029o42’57.2”) , turn left to Nkayi. There are no signs.

The narrow tar after the crossroads is in good condition and potholes are mostly filled.

After about 40 km of narrow tar, the road turns to corrugated gravel for about 30 km before becoming wide tar from Silobela to Nkayi.

At the Nkayi crossroads, turn right into Nkayi and follow the signs to the hospital. It will take you left past the airstrip, continue past the hospital through the business centre. About 15 km from Nkayi, at GPS S18o55’39.2” E028o46’58.2” you will come to  a crossroads to Dakamela. Continue straight on through the crossroads.

Follow this road for about 110 km and eventually it will bring you back onto the main Lupane-Nkayi road at a T junction about 20 km from Lupane at Cross Feya General Dealer (GPS S18o55’21.8” E027o54’24.8”). Turn right to go to Lupane.

Lupane Total fuel station has been refurbished and is operational, but they do not take cards. If they have no fuel, you may be able to buy from CMED depot.

Both roads are recognized by my 2013 Garmin Nuvi map software, so once you are on the right road, it will continue to follow it.

Lupane - Kwekwe

If you are coming from Lupane towards Nkayi, watch for the blue store on the left called Cross Feya General Dealer, approx. 20 km from Lupane and turn left immediately after it(GPS S18o55’21.8” E027o54’24.8”).

There is a sign to St Paul’s Mission at the turn off, but it is hidden by a bush which has grown over it. I will cut it down when I go through there next week.

This alternative road is about 15-20 km longer, but is in better condition than the main route, less punishing on vehicles, less isolated and one does not have to cross the river bed at the broken bridge.

Cell phone coverage:

There is Econet coverage at Kwekwe, Nkayi and Lupane, but you will lose it once you are more than 5 km from any of these centers. There is no coverage along the road itself.

Time & distance:

Kwekwe to Nkayi is approx. 100 km and will take around 1.5 hours. Nkayi to Lupane is approx. 120 km and will take at least 2 hours minimum.

Work on 4 hours for the whole 220 km trip.

There have been reasonable rains in the area so the road may have deteriorated somewhat since I was last there.

I will post an update after my visit next week.

From: Archipelago Resort Finance  

Dear Jane,

I hope you and Geoff are both well.  Sharne told me that quite a few guests have cancelled because of the political situation here but mainly due to the convoy.

This precautionary convoy has been running with no incidents at all for the past 2 – 3  weeks.  Several Vilanculos residents have used it recently and all have been pleasantly surprised that it is running so smoothly.  I must admit that in 2014 it was a bit of a frightening experience but they seem to be controlling the traffic better and the convoy moves at a decent pace.

I can confirm all of this because I used to take the convoy in 2014 to go to Tete and because on Sunday 6th March I had to take my 11 year old daughter and 2 of her friends back to school in Chimoio.  I left Vilanculos at 5.00 a.m. and although the convoy only departs at 8.30 – 9.00 I thought rather better to have some time to spare in case of a breakdown or puncture. 

We arrived at the Save bridge and having paid our 20.00 meticais crossed the bridge where we joined the queue for the north bound convoy.  The convoy from Muxungwe arrived at about 8.45 and we left at 9.00 a.m.  The trip there was quick and uneventful and we arrived in Muxungwe at 10.45.  There is a slight delay at the “tin bridge” as obviously only 1 vehicle can cross at a time.

On Monday 7 March I arrived, driving on my own, in Muxungwe at 5.30 am and at 6.14 the convoy left.  Again it went smoothly and we arrived at the Save bridge at 8.40 without any problems at all.

I must admit the only problem I had going to Muxungwe was that the Army wanted to sit on the back of my twin cab but I said no as I did not want any weapons near my children.  They understood and left me alone.  On the return trip again I was asked and I said no I did not want any guns near me and after a slight argument they again left me alone .

Quite honestly I think there is more of a problem with the way stories are blown out of all proportion.  Yes there was a bus shot at but that was right up to the north and the bus was known to be carrying armed forces.  There is still doubt as to whether Renamo did actually shoot the bus.  Please also note that this bus was not in a convoy and was travelling on its own.

Then on 8 March another bus, again up in the north, was supposedly shot at by Renamo.  A suspicious journalist did some homework and finally the truth came out.  The bus driver hit a truck that was carrying a load of day old chicks.  That is why the bus was only damaged in the front, no bullet holes anywhere and in the picture you can see a lot of day old chicks running around.  Unfortunately some journalists bend or hide the truth so as to sell the article and have their day of fame. 

All along the road there are small villages with people carrying on their day to day routine. In 2013 all these people moved back into town.  To me that was a good sign and that obviously they would not be there if there were troops fighting and they get caught in the cross fire.

I can assure you that if I did not feel happy or confident about driving in the convoy I would not and I know that my husband would forbid me to do so if he had the slightest hesitation.  People may think we drive in the convoy because we have no other means of getting our daughter to school.  They are wrong as we can fly her to Maputo and then a connecting flight to Chimoio. 

I do hope that guests do not cancel and still come here to enjoy Archipelago and Vilanculos, especially now as the USD rate is so high for them.

Kind regards


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Lake Kariba levels - Brief report of interest.


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11th March 2016

Lake Kariba levels - Brief report of interest.

A very brief update on the current state of Lake Kariba levels as at 10th March 2016 with the inflows as at 7th March 2016.

2016                    2015

Lake levels         477.48       482.45

Victoria Falls flow 1245 cu/m/sec 1052 cu/m/sec

Chavuma flow 2501             759

Of considerable interest is the fact that the Barotseland floodplain appears to have reached saturation, and is now flowing into the Zambezi above Victoria Falls.

The measuring point below Barotseland, but above Katimo Mulilo, on 7th March 2016 was measured at 2337 cu/m/sec 1298 same date 2015.

The current rate of rise in Kariba is 24cm over the past 10 days = 2.4cm/day rise.

With the current Barotseland outflow into Zambezi, indications look good for a reasonable increase in overall level for the 2016 season.

This depends on the control of the rate of turbine discharge for power production for both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Dredging of Marineland harbour continues but at a very much slower rate than was anticipated due to continuous breakdowns of the hired ZINWA dragline, over which we regrettably have no control. We shall keep you informed of progress.

Marineland machinery is having to assist to a much greater level than was anticipated but progress, although slow, is being made.

From our Marineland staff and myself we thank you all for continued support through these difficult times and look forward to seeing some of you soon over the Easter period.

Regards Bob Collett.& the Marineland Team



No doubt many motorists have been on the receiving end of ZRP Traffic’s latest blitz - on breakdown triangles………… The compulsory triangles are completely over-specified in the regulations and ZRP Traffic have seized this opportunity to extract more funds from the long suffering and weary motoring public.

The requirement for all motorists to carry two emergency breakdown triangles (or ‘Special Visual Warning Devices’ as they are termed in the regulations) is not new and was introduced in the Road Traffic Act (Construction, Equipment and Use) regulations SI 154/2010. The latter legislation was subsequently nullified but was replaced by SI 129/2015 in December 2015 with the requirement for breakdown triangles unchanged.

Unfortunately for the motorist, once again it is a case of no triangles available in Zimbabwe (and probably elsewhere) comply with the minutiae of Section 52 and the Sixth Schedule of SI 129/2015. These are as follows:-

·       Triangles must be permanently and legibly marked with (a) name of manufacturer and (b) year of manufacture.

·       The triangles shall be made of aluminum or flexible plastic which does not break easily on bending.

·       Instructions on how to place the triangles must be affixed to the triangle.

·       The triangle can incorporate glass type circular reflectors at each apex.

·       The edges of the triangle must be ridged

·       Dimensions: sides – 50mm wide, length of sides - 425mm, ridge - 5mm.

·       A second pair of triangles must be carried if a trailer is towed.

·       The triangles must be “carried in an opaque protective container or secured in a light-tight, enclosed and easily accessible compartment in the motor vehicle or trailer concerned”.

Regrettably it appears that all triangles available locally lack one or more of the following features:-

ü  The most commonly available triangles are 300mm along the sides of the triangle, not the 425mm required. (Boxed folding triangles are usually of the correct size.)

ü  No name of manufacturer and no serial number inscribed.

ü  No year of manufacture inscribed.

ü  Not reflective of both sides (in the case of the folding triangles).

ü  Do not have the precise instructions for use affixed to the triangle.

Other than amending the regulations, it is difficult to see how this issue can be remedied. The same over-specification applied to fire extinguishers in the nullified regulations but the requirements were relaxed in the current issue. It is ironic that the breakdown triangles supplied with new vehicles from major motor manufacturers such as Mercedes and Toyota are perfectly acceptable in the EU and elsewhere, but not in Zimbabwe.

Regrettably it is evident that the police actions have absolutely nothing to do with promoting road safety but are simply revenue gathering exercises. ZRP have been engaged on the matter and although the ZRP hierarchy generally claim that they have no problem with any breakdown triangles that serve their purpose, this is not the case on the ground at the police roadblocks. Either the official policy is not filtered down to the lower ranks, or there is a lack of motivation to curtail the excesses of the police at roadblocks.

The fine for no triangles or incorrect specification triangles has been variously given as $10 or $15.

In Harare, Breakdown Triangles which have been “retro-fitted” with reflective tape and which should be acceptable to ZRP are available from Big Sky Supplies at shop No. 9 Pomona Shopping Centre in Borrowdale.  Telephone: (04) 851002


Finally, as an AAZ member, you have a motoring peace of mind with a manned 24 hour Helpline (04) 776760 or 0712406033 to assist you with any motoring problems