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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Death and condolence messages

Pieter Scheepers passed away Wednesday 21 July while visiting his daughters in Perth, Australia.
He will be cremated in Perth on Thursday at 10:00am at the Pinnaroo
Cemetery Chapel off Whitfords Ave in Perth. The DRC dominee of Perth will
conduct the service.
A memorial service for Piet will be held on Tuesday 3 August 2010 at 11
am, at the Dutch Reformed Church, Kadoma.
Tea and refreshments afterwards in church hall.
Our deepest condolences to Tonsie, Koert (Skip), Marika, Nicola and all
the grandchildren
E-mail Address(es):

Goosen - Nana

Beloved wife and companion of Peter treasured mother of David and Kim, Hedley and Tracey, David and Peta-Ann, adored Nana of Jordan, Benjamin, Megan, Brent and Jessie, now with her beloved Lord.
My beloved awesome God, you've blessed me with a beloved angel for more than 47 years.
Thank you Father for such a gift so much love, wisdom, council and generosity of soul.
Thank you so much my Father for all that love packed into most amazing woman. Please keep her safe Father and shower her with your blessings. From a heart broken Peter.
See you soon my babe
A.M.L Peter

Goosen - Nana
Our beloved, most precious Nana, mom you were an inspiration to everyone you met.
So humble, loving and caring. Always giving so much of yourself. You were not only my mom, my counsellor but also my most precious friend my heart is broken my brave strong mom.
Please precious Father keep her close till we all meet again in heaven my mom you were the Proverbs lady. The most amazing mother in law and treasured Nana.
All our love David, Kim, Jordan & Benjamin
PS Love you ten times more.
My mum, my best friend and a true Proverbs 13 lady. Thank you for all the love and tenderness you gave so unconditionally. Words can not express how much I miss you.
I promise to teach Jessie how to walte wildly down the passage. Until we're reunited for eternity l'll always love you ten times more. Pete
Our Angel mom and Nana
We are overwhelmed with grief but we find such comfort knowing she is with her Beloved Lord.
Angel describes the mom and Nana she was to us and to everyone who met her.
We will miss you so much until we see you in heaven mom. Out love Hedley, Tracey, Megan and Brent

Nan Goosen - Peter and family our deepest sympathy to you all on your tragic loss. No words can be said to ease your pain. Our love and thoughts are with you. Chris & Shelly Goosen and family.

Nan Goosen - One of the kindest, gentlest souls we ever met - taken from all those who loved her under such violent and tragic circumstances. So unfair! We are devastated for Peter and their beautiful family spread far and wide. I know your faith will be steadfast and unwavering through this sad and troubled time. Our love and heartfelt sympathy at your loss. Her goodness will live on in so many people whose lives she touched and we feel so very honoured to have known her. Our loving arms around you in spirit - Vanessa, Digby, Adam and Tarquin XXX
Memorial service for the late Nan (Lorelle) Goosen will be held at the 2nd street Baptist Church Bulawayo on Friday 30 July 2010 at 2 pm.
Kuttner, Felix.
Died in a car accident in the Lowveld this a.m.
Beloved husband of Shirley. Father of Craig, Lance and Ashleigh and Grandfather.
Shirley's e.mail is-

Passed away peacefully on Sunday 18th July, 2010 at Greendale House, Howick, KZN. Memorial Service to be held at 2.30 p.m. Thurs. 29th July at Greendale House Chapel.
Preceeded in death by her husband Patrick. Mother of Richard and Carolyn.
Will be greatly missed by Richard, Jan, Stuart, David, Mitch, Carolyn, Mike and Ann, Andrew and KaraLynne, Jared and Kristen, Cheryl and Andrew, Sean and Lisa, and 12 great grandchildren.

Janet worked as a physiotherapist for many years, and was a member of the Loyal Women's Guild and Bulawayo Country Club.
Mitch Mackrory
ROBERTS ROSS. Sincere condolences to Hugh, Alyson and family. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
Sharon and Peter Hughes, Bradley and Nickey Howard
Jenny Bickle, beloved mother of Zoe, Berenice and Anthony, grandmother to Emily, Sara, Ruth and Olivia passed away on Friday 23 July. Loved by all who knew her and remembered for her love of life. The will take place at her home, Umgusa Valley Estates, on Friday 30 July at 3 o' clock.

A long standing client, loyal friend and special lady. We are so sad to hear of your passing. Always a smile and a bunch of roses - how we shall miss you. So sorry Zoe, Anthony, Berry and Nic. Our love and thoughts are with the family at this time.
Estelle, Celine and the staff at mlc

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Wednesday again!

When we made the desision to have a part time maid we expected someone reliable so we settled on E. who came highly recommended.  But E loves travelling and ususally the day before she is off somewhere, the rural areas or South Africa, we get a late night message that she is not coming - very annoying!  Well at least today we don't have mountains of washing up and we can put the washing in the washing machine as we have power!

This last week has been particulaly bad with cuts being up to 15 hours - thank goodness we have back up!

We are still not able to get some products at the supermarket due to the ban on animal products due to Rift Valley Fever in namibia!  They have enev banned Marmite - no one bothered to see it was a purely vegetarian product!  Imported milk, which is half tyhe proce of loacal milk has appeared again and butter can be found at Supreme Buterchery in Chisipite - our local meat and chicken if far superiour to anything imported and fish has also appeared again.

We are still experiencing grey skies but today at least we have had some sun!

Heard from both our sons - so we are happy.

Saw one of these water cannon vehicles on the Borrowdale Road today - it was heading towards Borrowdale brook - wonder what it was doing there.

I think this is the most complete list I've seen!


You Know You're a Zimbo if:

- You can still remember Sally Donaldson's voice.

- You failed your driver's licence first time.

- You saw 'Grease' more than three times.

- You still wear vellies without socks.

- You miss the smell of rain on a hot, tar road.

- You miss Christmas by the pool...

- You horrify people by eating raw, dried meat.

- You horrify other people by cooking boerewors 'to death'.

- You coveted a Raleigh 'chopper' bicycle.

- You got a 'Rebel' instead of a 'chopper'.

- You still secretly think that day scholars were pampered mommies boys.

- You took driving lessons in an Anne Hunter Anglia in Bulawayo .

- You still own some Springbok Hits LP's.

- You still pee on the lawn at night.

- You carved your name on a famous landmark in Zim.

- You chatted up a farmer's daughter at a Country Club get together - with one eye on her Dad.

- You did wheelies on the Enterprise Road outside Gremlin's

- You almost lost the family jewels on the rock slide at Mermaid's Pool

- You spat from a window on the top floor at Monomotapa onto the Pool deck and ducked your head in quick.

- You can still sing 'Ag pleeez Daddy'.

- You actually miss the housebrick we were assured WAS bread.

- You played 'Bezant' at midnight, full of Castle, and ended up in a rockery.

- You whinged to the waiter at Caribbea Bay at the outrageous price of their beers during the Tigerfish Competition.

- You injected Cane spirit into a pocket of oranges to beat the booze ban at the Rugby at the Police grounds.

- You promised faithfully to meet the 'gang' at precisely noon 10/15/20 years 'from now' for a reunion, and haven't heard from them since.

- You still refer to toilet paper as 'bog roll'.

- You got a speeding ticket trying to make the border by 6 PM.

- Your forearms and the areas between you lower thighs and mid calf are irredeemably burned brown by the sun.

- You once owned an 8 track car tape player!!!

- You still own a record player and can pull out the vinyls when need be!

- You eat cuts of meat today that were ration meat in the old days.

- You have given up looking for a good meat pie.

- You had a domestic worker called Sixpence.

- You miss the smell of red stoep polish.

You miss the sound of the old clanger metal dustbin lid.

- You bore or frighten your children with harrowing tales of your deprived upbringing in the days when TV started at 17H00 and kids were expected to ride push bikes to school...

- You have graduated to more sophisticated food than chicken in a basket at a restaurant!

- You still butter bread by holding the slice in your hand... No Way!!

- You wish you'd had the presence of mind to keep mum's morrie minor

- You ate supper in Vila da Manhica, the Vila Perry or Guido's on occasions.

- You can remember the beer adverts on the tin trays the hotel waiters used...

- You can remember thinking that Bengal Juice was OK.

- You still believe it's wrong to use bad language in mixed company

- You still think of traffic lights as robots

- You know the words to more than two ABBA songs

- You HATE washing your car and mowing your lawn. Ironing is still something other people do

- You didn't see 'Are You Being Served' and other British comedies until 1980

- You still find it hard to throw things away when they could be Fixed

- You went to a school that taught real subjects like grammar and history

- You went to a school where instead of being 'counseled', unruly students were beaten - and it worked!

You wore your "cozzie" under your school khaki shorts when you thought you were going to be "dawked" (caned)

- You complained to your father that you were disciplined at school - only to find he thought it was a good idea.

- You used to call your parents' friends 'Uncle' and 'Aunty'

- You used to believe that in England and the USA they must be so much better at everything than we were - until you visited those countries and found they were inhabited by ordinary people who lived ordinary lives

- You have driven on a strip road

- You long for that soft morning glow that brightens the sky between 6am- 8am.

- Really miss a great, fantastic, bed rattling, window shaking earth tremoring, all-kids-and-animals-in-the-parents'-bed tropical storm.

- You parked your car in a car park and couldn't find it again, because it was a blue Renault 4.

- You shot every snake you saw even though you knew they were essential to the balance of nature.

- Someone stole your car and returned it the next day, because it was a Renault 4 and they felt sorry for you (hell they were too embarrassed to be seen driving it)!

- You remember watching the brown grass turn green after a day's rain.

- Arguing that Castle was for men Lion was for kids

- You put green stripes on your R4 so that you could find it in that car park!!! You found a hundred R4s with green stripes on them!!

- You still wonder what this thing polystyrene is, you know of kaylite.

- You still refer to Koki pens as Neo's.

- Muuush is still common in your vocabulary, as is 'lekker'.

- You still have Wrexx Tarr's 'Chilapalapa' LP's and know the words to 'Cockie Lobbin'.

- You hear crickets in July and remember the December Christmas beetles.

- You know or still write to someone from PE, Saints, Churchill, Ellis Robins,Chaplin, Plummers, Guinea Fowl or Gwebi Agricultural College, Convent, GHS, Roosevelt, QE, Eveline, Townsend and the rest.

- You drank Tanganda Tips tea or Preema Coffee (or Day Break).

- You shopped at Truworth's, Edgar's, Meikle's, Barbours, Sanders or Kingston 's.

- You had an avocado,mango, guava and pawpaw tree in your garden.

- You played in a sand pit and on a jungle gym.

- You thought bilharzia was an incurable disease but still swam in the rivers and dams anyway.

- You remember jacaranda trees in full bloom.

- You remember when a Coke or ice-lolly cost a tickey.

- You miss the taste of bream fried on the side of the dam five minutes after you caught it.

- You have at least one ivory, soapstone or wooden carving.

- You still remember the taste of gem squash and melted butter, mealies and Mazoe Orange Juice.

- You think there is no green surpassing that of the Sandawana emeralds.

- You still expect to see a chongololo after an afternoon rain and a few flying ants.

- You still believe your A-levels were harder than most first-year University courses today.

- You still refer to an expert as a 'fundi'.

- You still say 'braai' instead of 'barbecue' or 'kopje' instead of'hill' or pk instead of toilet

- You were brought up to believe toilet a coarse word and used the word lavatory or WC instead, and still cringe at the word toilet.

- The following names mean something to you: 'Sandro's', 'Arkies', 'Club Tomorrow' 'Electric Circus' - or in Bulawayo - Hollies

- You collected coke cans on your trips to South Africa 'cos they were so cool.

- You still can't get your head around the idea of throwing away a glass coke or beer bottle, instead of taking it back for the deposit.

- You remember the days when you got « c change and used it to buy sweets at the tuck shop.

- You bought a Zimbabwe Cricket Union T-shirt from a girl vending them around the cricket grounds - and tried to get her to sell you the one she was wearing.

- You were there when the 'chicken farmer' beat England .

- You think the 'all Blacks' are the Zimbabwe Tennis Team.

- You were a member of Hellenics / Callies / Raylton / Alex / Postals /Salisbury Sports.

- You've even been boating on Lake Mac - before the hyacinth.

- You've even driven up to Montclair for an evening's gambling and been back at work the next day.

- You still think the most haunting sound in the world is the cry of the fish eagle.

- You've never carried your own golf clubs, and think that golf carts are a sign of weakness.

- You've spent an hour looking for a lost golf ball at the 'police' course - on the fairway! j

- You thought that an evening at Reps was the height of culture.

- Good beer comes in brown bottles.

- You know at least one person who has 'streaked' at the Harare Cricket Grounds.

- You remember sitting for hours in petrol queues - and not getting any.

- You even got fifteen people into a VW Kombi - long enough to get past the gates at the 'drive-in'.

- You made out in the back of a car at the 'Nitestar' or the Mabelreign Drive-in.

- You thought the Borrowdale Road was a motorway.

- You remember with nostalgia the days when the Zim Dollar was trading at eleven to one against the greenback.

Death Notices

Jenny Bickle

Passed away on Friday 23 July 2010 on her farm Umgusa Valley Estates.
She will be very sadly missed by her children, grandchildren and all those who knew and loved her.
Her funeral will take place on the farm on Friday 30 July 2010 at 15h00.
The family can be contacted on +263-912 301 591 or +263-912 255 951 or


Piet Scheepers of Kadoma passed away peacefully on 22 July whilst visiting his daughters in Australia. A memorial service will be held to celebrate Piet's life at the Dutch Reformed Church in Kadoma on Tuesday 3 August at 11.00.
Piet leaves behind his wife, Tonsie, his son Koert (Skip), daughters Marika and Nicola and grandsons Euguene, Ruhan, Jacques and Ruben.
Emails to

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Notice To All Mobile Phone Users

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) wishes to advise the public that all mobile service providers have been directed to ensure that all postpaid and prepaid mobile phone users should be registered with their mobile operators by 31st August 2010.
This will help to:

- Increase security for the users.

- Combat criminal activity and abuse of mobile phones by certain individuals.

- Combat transmission of messages or making of telephone calls that are or do the following: a) Grossly offensive, obscene or threatening in nature. b) Spread falsehoods for the purposes of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any other person. c) Making a series or combination of telephone calls without reasonable cause for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.

For more information on registration, please contact the customer service department of your mobile operators: Econet 111, Net.One 123 and Telecel 150/153.

Failure to comply will result in the disconnection of lines. Be guided accordingly.

BUT as a Kubatana subscriber recently shared:

My 17-year-old daughter has asked me whether the current mobile line registration by mobile networks as directed by the regulator, POTRAZ is lawful and not a violation of rights as per the constitution. I am not a legal guru and I seek advice on whether this is not another AIPPA in the making. The concept of a prepaid mobile line, the world over, has been that of confidentiality. If subscribers are forced to register, that element of confidentiality is lost. What do the experts say about this? What shall I tell my daughter? Please let constitutional law experts respond.

Please share your opinion with Kubatana on:


Newsletter No: 76
P O Box HG 594 Highlands Harare Zimbabwe

The Chairman and Editorial Team:

CHAIRMAN: Tim Thorburn 498723 / 0912.645.518

EDITORS Mike & Pat GILL 494028 / 0712.400.243 / 0712.440.794

4x4 Club Website Face Book Site: 4x4 Zimbabwe

The 4x4 Club is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation - ZMSF

Our Club is a member of the Mashonaland Motor Sport Association Club House, situated at: 2 Annan Rd. Eastlea. It is available for hire for weddings, conferences, kids parties, 21st birthdays, etc.

News, comments and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or the Committee


THE EDITOR’S DESK - Michael and Pat GILL

We have written up three fabulous events since last newsletter, we have reported on them in detail and will therefore forego our editorial this month.

Michael and Pat


Having just come back last weekend from the fantastic Expedition to Sanyati, you realize that it is “who you know“ that is important, or at least who Kelvin knows. A trip to Sanyati taking the route we took could not have been possible without permission and good guidance and advice from Denys and Tracy Chapman whose farm in Vuti we drove through, and Corris and Hilary Ferreira and Ray and Pat Townsend whose hunting concessions we went through. As a club we thank them for making our Expedition possible, and of course Kelvin who organized this journey.

During our trip we had to use 3 different radio systems, an essential tool in keeping the 15 vehicles moving. Only problem is that none of the systems were compatible with each other and trying to talk on each system at the same time can be quite confusing, with whose calling on what radio, and don’t forget to navigate, you have 14 other vehicle relying on you not to take the wrong route. 3 point turns are not possible on many of the roads we took. So, going back to the radios, radio etiquette didn’t last too long before much banter came through to the lead vehicle and much fun was had by all. Lastly, if you are buying radios for yourself, remember that if it says 5km range on the box, they mean 500m. Check out the write up on the Expedition further on in the news letter, definitely will be an annual event on our calendar. Happy holidays and good driving. Cheers for now. Tim Thorburn


Murray BLACK (Muzza): Came out on the trail drive and decided to join the club. He was "Blue Leader" on the Sanyati Expedition.

Paul CLARK: Of Clark Marine, has joined us and was also on the Sanyati run.

We welcome you both to the 4x4 family and trust we will see a lot more of you in the future.


Sean Quinlan: Night driving in Botswana on his way to Francistown proved expensive. Sean hit a cow, destroyed the Mazda pickup and killed the cow. Shaken but OK he was glad to see that in Bots the cow owner is charged by the Police, not the vehicle driver.

Dee Jenkin. Pete's wife, has been in a coma in ICU but has recovered enough to go home. Daughter Dawn flew out from London so we wish Dee a speedy recovery.


Please note we have closed our post box and are using the Box for the Motor Sports Club House. In future all correspondence should be sent to The 4x4 Club, P O Box HG 594, Highlands, Harare. The Street Address is: 2 Annan Road, Eastlea. Harare.


1. Regret to advise that the Aberfoyle week-end has had to be cancelled.

2. We will try and put on another breakfast drive to Kite Hill in August. Flyers will go out in due course.


Eco Challenge 25 / 27 June

Once again we used the Carolina Wilderness and although numbers were lower than last year we had a big group for lunch on Sunday. This is just a week-end in the country; we went for a long drive around, what is left, of the game sanctuary and saw a Sable, Zebra, Wildebeest and others saw more because they were in front. The competition at this time was for three photos, Macro, scene, animal, so there was much stopping and clicking.

Doug MacDonald took a group for a good walk and discussed points of interest but the birds were few. I think it was too cold. Richard MacDonald gave us a fact full talk on spiders and later on we had an inter-team quiz which was well controlled this year. The major entertainment must have been the challenge to make your idea of how you would "Save The World" with a piece of wire and string. The ideas were varied from a Heart to promote love to a Solar paneled kites and Salt Water desalination. Once again a fun filled family weekend thanks to Carol and Tim.


Ring, ring. "What are you doing on Monday and Tuesday?" "Nothing special" "Good come with us to help recover a pick-up that ran down a hill into the Pungwe River in Nyanga" "OK – we are in". Some 7 kms after the Falls Trevor Gilbert of Autoparts turned off the rough track and set off downhill towards the river, followed by us, Pat & Michael in the LWB Patrol and Richard MacDonald and Mac Bailey in the SWB Patrol. Trevor was bumping and sliding down to a nearly level bit in his 2wd Mazda pickup. Due to the low cloud and very wet grass, stopping was not too easy.

We were asked to go along to help as the Autoparts Wrecker could not negotiate the 4x4 tracks we had to drive.

A Nissan Patrol Pickup, only 5000 kms on the clock, had been left where we parked, and then ran down the ever steepening slope till it rolled over and landed back on its wheels in shallow water. One problem was the very large rock at the front wheels and a river bank at the back. Everything was still there; the engine started and ran but every panel was damaged and the windscreen, though still in was very broken.

We spent Monday planning the extraction and laid out chains and cables for Tuesday morning. The weather was kinder on Tuesday and as the clouds lifted we were able to enjoy the stunning beauty of this untouched area. The Pungwe runs down a series of small rapids at this point and although Mac spent a long time in thigh deep water inspecting the front end and securing cables, etc. he said it was not too cold.

The truck had been there for 3 weeks untouched, so we left all our chains, etc. and went back to the cottage for the night. This saved a lot of time on Tuesday. In fact we had the truck out about one hour after arriving, Mac having helped by driving it, covered in broken glass, while we pulled with two 9000 lb winches which were on their limits. It was up, on its wheels and towable after we partly straightened the steering rod. Then the towing started, including pulling the 2wd Mazda up two of the steep bits before we rejoined the main track.

We also stopped on the top of the ridge to look down on the Pungwe Gorge nearly a 1000 m below after it has plunged over the falls. An amazing sight which would have had a large fence and warning signs if it was anywhere else in the world. Unmarked and unseen by us on Monday in the thick cloud.

Mac chose to be towed by us in the Patrol Wagon and with no power brakes or steering he had a hard job for the 40 kms back to Montclair Hotel where we left it in the car park.

The roads in this area are steep and very winding, logging roads with no maintenance. We passed one 30 tonner that had been at the bottom of a hill for 4 days while they repaved the road with broken rock. The Nyanga mud is very slippery.

Trevor's wrecker came from Harare the next day to recover the Pick Up.

It was very heartwarming and informative to see two very experience recovery men at work. Trevor and Mac have had many years of experience recovering wrecks but not ones with only 5000 kms on the clock.

And that is that, job well done by the GRT. (Geriatric Recovery Team)


Day One: Friday 17th July. GPS: 000

Left home 12 noon to Karoi, met up at Twin Rivers Inn at 14.45 hrs. 16.00 drove 45 kms north to Vuti. Left turn, through the village, to the farm of Denys and Tracy Cha[man. Offloaded Lloyds Jeep and Ellis trailer. A further 6 km to a camp site on edge of escarpment overlooking magnificent hills with hazy view of Kariba in far distance.

Denys had placed a water tank for our use and a long drop loo.

Mass Kirk's alternator, on the Cornil, fell to bits and was glued together with Prime Bond and hose clips.

A pleasant evening round a large log fire. Kelvin briefed us on the next day's drive.

A planned early start at sun-up.

GPS distance for the day: 275 kms

Day two: Saturday.

Left camp by 06.30. We were now in two groups. "Blue Leader – where are you?" "Green leader - we missed the turnoff and Gareth has a puncture." "Blue Leader – we are about 4 kms from camp and road is blocked by large tree; looking for bypass" We had to make a bush track around the hillside to re-join the main track further on. Toilet paper in the trees became the sign posts. Kelvin had briefed us that we needed to average more than 11 kph and after 8 hours we had done 60. Blue team had caught us up but we could see there was a long day ahead.

Somewhere "Grunta", the Ellis V8 half breed Range Rover/Jeep had munched its oil filter and lost all the oil. Towed by Greenway it got it to where "Prime Bond" glue and tape came out again, then a second hole appeared, more glue!

Wonderful views and interesting hairpin bends kept us all occupied until another large tree had to be chain sawed and winched off the road. By the time we arrived on the main bus route, at the power lines crossing, complete with a bus off edge of a bridge, we decided that camping at Gache Gache Lodge on the Kariba shore was a very sensible idea. Even the Lions gave us a singsong way into the night. It sounded like two prides serenading each other.

GPS distance for the day: 90 kms

Day three: Sunday

Left camp late, 0800, we were now going up the escarpment on a trail that had many people very nervous. 1000m vertical drops only a meter or two away. By hugging the hillside Paul Clark cut two tyres on a sharp rock and if it was not him then others would have suffered the same damage. A large hammer beat that rock into pulp. Shane Ellis had already torn one casing further down the hill. Three down – any more to go?

This was real "White Knuckle" driving and Mac Bailey, who has been in many places, said he had never driven anything like this before. The Gill's agreed. We reckon it is Zimbabwe's equivalent and 'better' than Namibia's famous Van Zyl's Pass. Not quickly but we eventually arrived at the view point over the Sanyati where we had originally planned to camp Saturday night. I am glad we stayed at Gache Gache, that track and views would have been wasted in the dark.

By about 2-00pm we found a washed out river crossing, stopped for lunch and much fun was had hearing the Limericks people had made and answers to the quiz. The best bonnet motive had to be Mike Brophy's caged Dachshund puppy "Bumi". By 4.00 pm most people pulled out for a long dark drive home, and left Brophy, Greenway, Ellis , Crook and Gill's to spend the night there under a large tree. We had done 55 km. The main group got back to Harare between 10.30 pm and midnight.

Water. A hole was dug in the riverbed, plenty of water for washing so the Gill's Patrol was driven down to provide a shower for the bathers. As it stopped so it started sinking and finally stopped at the floor level. With Mike's B's winch working with a snatch block, on top of the 2 m. bank we managed to get it free and reversed flat out back to some drier sand. Phew – a close one! GPS distance for the day: 55 kms

Day four: Monday

We left camp at 8.30 am and followed the tracks left by the other 10 cars, not forgetting the

toilet paper signs, and regrouped at Twin Rivers, Karoi.

We drove back the 90 km. to the farm collect the Ellis trailer while "Grunta" crew sourced a new oil filter and oil, the repairs with Prime Bond had done well but the filter was leaking again.

We got home by about 6.30 pm and the total distance was 850 km. Worth doing again – definitely – but in 4 days so we can visit some of the interesting points that we did not have time for on this expedition. i.e. The site of the Viscount crash and the Hot springs.

GPS distance for the day: 418 kms.

Total distance: 850 kms.

Fuel Used: 124 ltrs.

Our limerick: "The little Jeeps gasped

While the F'ing 350 just barfed

As down the hills

And over the Rocks

The Patrols took it easy and laughed"

A huge thank you to Kelvin Weare who put in a massive amount of work organizing and planning this trip.

To Tim Thorburn and Grant Weare who plotted all the GPS points from Google Earth and marked out the whole distance. Kelvin produced 20+ pages of photocopy maps with all the GPS points marked. It was a fantastic event and well worth all the effort they put into it.

Michael and Pat Gill.


Kelvin WEARE, Tim Thorburn and Malcolm Attwell Toyota L/C Pick up "Green Leader"

Michael and Pat GILL Nissan Patrol "Patti"

Gareth and Ashleigh GEACH and baby Karla Range Rover

Neil and Flossie GREENWAY Nissan Patrol "The King"

Mike BROPHY and Stan NEWMAN and Puppy "Bumi" Land Rover Defender "Bumi"

Margie GIBSON with MUZZA BLACK Land Rover Defender "Blue Leader"

Paul CLARK and Gary HOWARD BEARD Nissan Patrol

Mac and Jenny BAILEY Toyota Cruiser "Casper"

Lloyd CLARKE (On his own) Jeep

Wally HANKEY and Angus OGILVY Ford F350 "The F'ing 350"

Peter BENZON and Angus WILD Nissan Patrol

Shane and Roger ELLIS and Simone Range Rover / Jeep "Grunta"

Bob and Pam CROOK Land Rover Defender

Alex and Pam van LENHOFF and Nick Toyota L/C Pick Up

Mass and son Martin KIRK Cornil

Flatulence: Emergency vehicle that picks up someone
who has been run over by a steamroller.


These dates will change as the year progresses, but flyers will be sent out before each event. This is a very full calendar and there are still a number of events we would like to add.

Aug TBA Trail drive to kite Hill. Breakfast run

Sept 10-12 Bush Pig Away

October TBA Three Hills Harare local

Nov 20-22 Mutare Dungbeetle Mutare

Dec 5 Christmas Run Day


To enter Donnybrook on a non-event day it will cost you $1 per car, providing you have you membership card. Non-members will be charged $5 per car. You must sign the book at the gate and put your name, you Club and membership number. Do not pay without signing the book.

Please note: If you wish to go to Donnybrook to play and there is another event on, then the organizing club can charge what they like for you to enter as they will have hired the entire complex for that day. Please don’t try and argue with the gate attendant as they will just be doing their job. Either pay-up or go away and come back on a free day.


If you have paid your subs and have not received your membership card, please contact me to make arrangements to collect. Pat Gill 494028 011.440.794


Have you had a look at our Web Site. Grant Weare, Kelvin’s son has done a really good job of updating it. Go to:


We have a Face Book site and for those members, who are on Face Book, feel free to join the site: 4x4 Zimbabwe

Motor Sports Association Club House

MSA Membership: The Club House bar works on a Swipe Card basis and any member of an affiliated club can join. Bar prices are double for non-cardholders.

Hall for Hire - Hire our affordable Club facilities for parties, Wedding Receptions, meetings, seminars, courses and other functions. Assist us in this way to obtain funds required for the upkeep of the Clubhouse.

Esplanade - to attempt an explanation while drunk.

Michael and Pat GILL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ICC Pressed to prosecute Mugabe Youth and Militia

Dave Fish Eagle on Jul 21st, 2010
VIENNA, Jul 21 – The International Criminal Court must probe alleged crimes against humanity after Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s youth militia launched a campaign of rape during 2008 elections, a campaign group said Wednesday.
Witness statements by rape victims, vetted by a team of international lawyers, suggest the ruling ZANU-PF unleashed “sexual terror” against women who supported the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), it said.
The charges were made by AIDS-Free World, an advocacy group co-founded by the UN’s former special envoy for AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis, after an 18-month investigation.
A legal dossier will be handed to the ICC in The Hague next month, in the hope that the court’s prosecutor can launch proceedings for crimes against humanity, Lewis said.
What we are calling for collectively is serious intervention at every level,” Lewis said at a press conference at the world AIDS forum in Vienna.
He urged the UN Security Council, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union to end their “criminally delinquent” silence.
“We know as we are sitting here that it’s going to happen again,” said Lewis.
“There’s not the slightest question that Mugabe has his youth corps and his war veterans, and they are ready to do it again and the world is silent. How is it possible that he’s allowed to get away with it?”
The probe, Electing to Rape: Sexual Terror in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, was released in Johannesburg last December.
It detected a surge in rape ahead of the first round of Zimbabwe’s blood-stained presidential elections that reached a crescendo before the second round.
So far, 70 personal accounts, checked by lawyers who made six trips to southern Africa and supported by certified affidavits, have been collected, AIDS-Free World said.
In 300 hours of testimony, victims identified 241 men who raped them, and estimated the total acts of rape to be 380.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as many other rape victims are too fearful — or too sceptical of getting any redress against their attackers — to come forward, said the report.
“Every victim supported the MDC, and in every attack the perpetrators were clearly identifiable as ZANU-PF youth militia or war veterans,” the term for former fighters in the war against white minority rule, AIDS-Free World said.
Activists were raped in front of their families or abducted by ZANU-PF youths who marched them to militia bases or camps in the countryside, where they were repeatedly assaulted, sometimes over days, the document said.
“Many women were forced to watch their husbands, children and parents killed or tortured before they were raped,” it said.
“Nine of the women believe they were infected by HIV/AIDS as a result of the rapes, and an additional 17 women also tested positive in the months following the rapes, raising the possibility that their rapists infected them. Ten women reported that they became pregnant by their rapists.”
During their ordeal, the ZANU-PF men repeatedly accused the women of being “sell-outs,” of “giving the country back to the whites” or being the “whores” or “puppets” of MDC candidate Morgan Tsangvirai.
Police were indifferent to the few women who had the courage to file a complaint, and not a single rapist has been prosecuted, it said.
The MDC said more than 300 people were killed in pre-election violence.
Mugabe claimed victory in the disputed elections, which eventually led to a unity government.
It is meant to draft a new constitution that will pave the way to fresh elections, but the reform process is running about a year behind schedule.
Update From “Aids Free World”

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peter Walls

Lieutenant General G.P Walls G.L.M.; D.C.D.; M.B.E.
We regret to announce that Peter Walls, former Rhodesian Commander of Combined Operations, died of a heart attack on the 20th July 2010 in George, South Africa.
Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.
They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,
We will remember them.
We will remember them
Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated

Registered under the 2005 Charities Act in New Zealand number CC25203
Registered as an Incorporated Society in New Zealand number 2055431
PO Box 13003, Tauranga 3141, New Zealand.
Phone +64 7 576 9500 Cell +64 27 545 8069 Fax +64 7 576 9501
General Walls died this morning at George airport at about 10h30 (Tues). He and Eunice were about to travel Johannesburg to meet up with family for a stay in their time share in Kruger. It is reported that he collapsed as he was getting out of the car - immediate efforts to revive him failed.

Lieutenant General George Peter Walls (born in 1927) served as the Commander of the Combined Operations Headquarters of the Military of Rhodesia, and later Zimbabwe, from 1977 until his retirement on 29 July 1980 during the Rhodesian Bush War. He lives in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Death Notices

Richard Bawden

Loving husband of Deidre and wonderful father to Ivan and Emma, sadly passed away suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday, 18th July. A true gentleman. Funeral arrangements to be advised.
Please contact Tess 0912 233 644 for further information,
or email Deidre on
It is with immense sadness that the family wish to announce the death of
Suzanne (Sue) Charlesworth,
After a long illness borne with so much courage and dignity
Dearly loved wife of Brian, precious mother and friend of Casey, Christy, and Clare,
sister of Andrew (Australia) daughter-in-law of Barry U.K.
And much loved friend of Vikki Russell-Fox, S.A.
Ex-Farmers` Co-op Bulawayo. latterly U.K.
15/9/52 - 18/7/10

We cannot imagine our lives without her in them and will miss her as we loved her - forever.
Funeral arrangements to be announced, for details please contact Vikki Russell-Fox cell 079 29 35 882 Home 044 53 36937

Richard Bawden

Richard Bawden, loving husband of Deidre and wonderful father to Ivan and Emma, sadly passed away suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday, 18th July. A true gentleman. Funeral arrangements to be advised. Please contact Tess 0912 233 644 for further information.


Nyamandhlovu Farmers Gary Godfrey and Nigel Fawcett, together with Nigel's manager Russell McCormack were theatrically escorted yesterday morning under armed guard from the charge office to the police holding cells at Nyamandhlovu. They are to be charged under the Gazetted Lands (Consequential Provisions) Act for occupying State Land without an "Offer Letter", Permit or Lease. Both Gary and Nigel have been arrested previously for the same offence but on those occasions the Prosecutor declined to prosecute either of them. In fact, Chief Superintendent Matsika (cell phone +263 912 465774) who arrested Gary on

5 February 2009 for the same offence has we are told just had a judgement of US$50 000 (enforceable for thirty years) handed down against him.

This ruling awarded damages to another farmer for his similarly wrongful arrest and incarceration.

The facts leading up to these arrests are these: On Monday 31 May 2010 the police began their harassment by cutting the power supply to Gary's Highfields Farm. In so doing they deprived his staff and 35 settled families, together with numerous cattle, sheep and laying hens of water. They also stopped the staff from working with the result that all the livestock had their food supply cut off simultaneously.

On the same day the police went to Nigel's Kennellys Farm nearby and also instructed the staff there to cease work. In spite of the province's police officer commanding, Senior Assistant Commissioner Edmore Veterayi, having told the SPCA that he cared not if all the livestock died, after employing the good offices of Nyamandhlovu State Veterinarian Dr. Dube and the SPCA, and with the spirited intervention of many settlers the staff on both farms were allowed back to work. The people and livestock again received water and the livestock were fed.

The sale of farm produce which had earlier been stopped by the police was allowed to re-commence. However neither Gary, nor Nigel and his manager Russell, were allowed to return to the farm and the police who had been left at the two homesteads were instructed to arrest the three should they return.

Subsequently, after the three did not compliantly return to the farm to be arrested the ban on the sale of produce was reinstated by the police.

This appeared to have been done in order to bankrupt them into surrender. In an act amounting to incitement to commit theft, the staff at Highfields have just been authorised by the police to sell the farm produce on condition they do not hand the proceeds over to Mr. Godfrey.

It quickly became an untenable situation. To carry all the costs of production without any of the income is impossible and yesterday the three went to the Nyamandhlovu police station in an attempt to sort out the situation. In spite of their co-operation they were immediately jailed at gunpoint and now have the prospect of sleeping for several days on the bitterly cold concrete floor waiting for the police to produce the dockets. Gary certainly has a High Court order authorising him to use his farm assets until the State has followed proper process. This order the police as usual disregard.

Initially the Lands Department stated that they had instructions that only six white farmers were to be left farming in each district. The rest had to go. Now it appears that this partial ethnic cleansing has been sharpened and refined to leave only two white farmers per district.

Since they are unable to expel the remaining farmers through the courts the method is to jail and intimidate them until they "voluntarily" agree to vacate. This bullying was the method used to remove James Taylor and his son Matthew from their Cedor Park Farm even though the beneficiary had an offer letter for a different property.

In a move that could only be described as vindictive, Assistant Inspector Monyera (cell phone number +263 712 599676), after taking instructions on the telephone, reneged on his earlier undertaking to bring the three before the Magistrate who was holding court that day. The court room actually forms part of the Nyamandhlovu police station. Monyera claimed there were no dockets for the two which is ludicrous considering they have already been charged for the same offence. Monyera spitefully insisted they should remain in custody until the next court day which should be on Monday five days later.

When Advocate Cherry asked Monyera whether Debbie McCormack could return to Kennellys to collect clothing and food for her jailed husband he merely said "I am not hearing you."

Between them, Godfrey and Fawcett employ some 160 staff which will leave approximately 600 persons destitute with the seizure of the properties.

Not only that, the settlers, the staff and the general public are highly disgruntled at the current turn of events. They are incensed because they do not want the owners expelled to be replaced by police and CIO.

They are also annoyed that eggs and tomatoes which are in short supply have been produced on the farm but up to now have been left to rot on the instructions of the police.

Both Godfrey and Fawcett are South African citizens and their investments should be covered by the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement entered into between Zimbabwe and South Africa last November.

This Treaty is powerless. It makes no headway against the conduct of a renegade and corrupted legal system.



16 July 2010

Please help

Pioneer Descendants and Members of The Pioneers Society are now scattered to all corners of the world. Wherever they are they can be proud of their Heritage, their History and resilience.

It is in keeping alive this History and our Heritage that we The Pioneers Society,(Custodians of this History) send out this URGENT appeal to you all, PLEASE make whatever DONATIONS, of any amount you can, to help us survive, as well as to keep the fires burning..

Reminder also that children, Grand Children, Great Grandchildren etc are also eligible
to become members. Application Forms available from The Pioneers Society.

The current cost of Life Membership and Scoll is USD $ 55 each. This does not have to be paid all at once, especially if there are several members to be registered., It can be paid in instalments, which can be arranged to suit you.

The Society finds itself, from being financially sound and independent, to being destitute. The funds of The Pioneeers Society were completely lost, (due to the removal of an additional TWELVE ZEROS from the Zimbabwean Currency in February 2009). We are now unable to meet the basic functions of our office ie electricity, Council rates / water, or telephone as well as staff wages and salaries.

This disaster also affected many of our elderly people who became penniless and now have to rely on hand-outs or assistance from Family Members, friends or Charitable Organisations.

We are no longer able to assist members with financial assistance as we do not have any finance and are in a critical situation.

In order to minimise the HIGH costs of transferring funds, (normally a minimum charge of approx USD $ 35 at the Transferring Bank) it is suggested that any funds originating from outside Zimbabwe should be accumulated in a designated account in the country of origin. PLEASE, URGENTLY ADVISE DETAILS IF YOU WOULD BE PREPARED TO ALLOW THE USE OF YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT FOR THIS PURPOSE before transferring funds in bulk to our USD $ Foreign Currency Account in Bulawayo.



BRANCH Fife Street, Bulawayo


ACCOUNT TYPE US Dollar Foreign Currency Account


In order to keep our records up to date IT IS ESSENTIAL that DETAILS of ALL
Transfers / Deposits are E-MAILED to THE PIONEERS SOCIETY and also to the relevant ACCOUNT HOLDERS, so that we can make follow ups and keep track of them, and of course ACKNOWLEDGE THEM (Be they large or small).

Details of the relevant Accounts to be used can be obtained by e-mail request from
or the Executive Chairman _ P. McCay: E-mail (
Regards and THANK YOU in advance: PAUL McCAY

Family Notices

Malakou Matt and Nicky [nee Howard] a baby brother to Dylan on the 15th of July Mom And baby Jake very well.

Grandpa Mike and Janet over the moon.


John & Wallis Sullivan are delighted to announce the birth of their grandson, James Lawrence Sullivan, born on Thursday 15th July to Daniel and Caroline Sullivan, in Epsom, UK. The perfect little baby weighed in at 3,9kgs. (James is also Larry Sullivan's first of his three great-grandsons to carry on the Sullivan name. Larry turns 96 this month and still plays a bit of golf.)

It is with sad regret that we have to announce the passing of Kenneth (Ken) Halsall Seager, on Friday 16 July 2010 after a long illness aged 81.He will be sadly missed by his children, Kevin, Helen and Shirley, Graham and Ian, his Grandchildren Kenneth, Graham, Chantel, Bradley, Fallon and Great grandson Ethan. May he rest in peace.

Leslie John Clarke
( 11 June 1921 - 17 July 2010)
Racehorse Trainer and Zimbabwe Railways/Riverside Stimulation Centre and Collegiate
Esme (wonderful husband) and Sue (best dad in the world) wish it to be known, that Les (Nobby) passed away peacefully on the 17th July 2010, after a short illness. We would like to thank all the staff at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice for the brilliant care he received during his stay there.
Les gave so much love to everyone even his beloved racehorses, and now he will be joining David. Rest in Peace, we love you so much!
Esme and Sue
Esme Clarke
Van Rooyen - Steve
Our heartfelt sympathies to Hilda, Donavan and Michael on the tragic loss of Steve. Lots of Love Olga, Charmaine, Caitlyn and Annie

Van Rooyen - Steve
Sincere condolences to Hilda on the loss of Steve, husband for 33 years, and to Donavan and Michael on the loss of a wonderful father. MHDSRIP.

All our love Laurie & Colleen
To the following families Trevor Townsend and Ian Ewing,on behalf of all the ex Zimbabwe Cricketers here in Britain, Grant Flower, Sean Ervine, Ant Ireland, Andy Flower, Elton Chigumbura and Darryl Leith, we wish you well and our thoughts are with you, in your times of sadness.. following

Deepest sympathy to all the Dobson family - our thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love Maureen, Ray and Ashley, Chris and Bridgette de Bourbon UK
Deepest sympathy to Eva, Joe, Rosanna, Laura, Cinzia, Chiara, Elena and all the family on the loss of a wonderful man. Wherever you look in the country you will see a monument to him. A mentor for many happy years, my thoughts and prayers are with you all - much love Maureen de Bourbon UK

Condolences: BULPITT - EDDIE 30th June 2010. Deepest sympathy to Edith & family on the passing of Eddie. - Max & Liza Rosenfels.

BULPITT - EDDIE 30th June 2010. Saddened by the passing of Mr. Bulpitt. Condolences to Edith & family.
Martin & Louretta Nel.

Please could you pass on our deepest sympathies to Hilda, Donnie & Michael.
Thinking of you guys at this sad time,.
Tony and Jenny Inggs
Brisbane Australia
Di Palma Ennio. Deepest sympathy to Eva and all the family on thepassing of a good friend an a gentleman.
Dave Grimbly

Sunday, July 18, 2010


shacker []


DES HACKER TEL 883226 0712 404 486
KIM HACKER 0712 207 270
AMY HACKER 0733 781 169

Senator David Coltart,

Senator David Coltart, Zimbabwe's MDC (M) Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture in the transitional inclusive government, will be travelling to the United Kingdom from the 18th to the 23rd July 2010 primarily to attend and speak at a conference organised by the Council for Education in the Commonwealth and the Link Community Development Trust which will focus on the challenges faced by Zimbabwe’s education sector.

During this period he will also be meeting a few British Ministers and will have a variety of interviews with the British media including a live interview with Adam Boulton on Sky at 12.30 pm on Sunday the 18th July 2010, a recorded interview on BBC Hardtalk on Monday the 19th July 2010 and a live interview on the “Today” programme at 8 am on the 22nd July.

Steve Blunden of Link Community Development Trust is coordinating the visit and can be contacted on for further details. Senator David Coltart Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture

Friday, July 16, 2010

Frank Parrington

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Frank Parrington, more affectionately known to many people as Mr "P", in his 85th year. For those of you who are not aware, Mr "P" founded Spartans swimming club and has been actively involved in the swimming fraternity for a great many years. The funeral details are as follows: DATE: SUNDAY 18TH JULY, 2010 VENUE: CHISIPITE SNR SCHOOL CHAPEL TIME: 9.30 AM

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosemary Browne

In the July 2010 Tree Life I mentioned the sad news of the death of Rosemary Browne.

A celebration of life/memorial service has been arranged for Saturday July 17th at Rosemary's home, 11, Windmill Lane, Borrowdale.
Please note however that the time is now 11 am, NOT 3.30 pm as stated in Tree Life.
All who knew her will be welcome to attend.
Mark Hyde



Thanksgiving Service for the life of Henry Howard Irving (Harry)
Will be Held at Athol Evans on Friday 16th July 2010 at 2.30pm.
Friends welcome.
"Please accept our deepest sympathies at this time. It was a privilege
to have known our "Aunty Doff".
As our Doma neighbour for some years, all of us Youngs so enjoyed
popping over to Chauka to see you all. Our thoughts and prayers are
with you. A very special lady.
The Young family.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More personal blogging

It is about time i started writting more personal messages.

In midwinter it is now cold and on many days cloudy.  We are fine but i wish something could be done for those who are old and have little money to pay for wood or for power to run a heater.

Our solar plan is in full sqing so although we still have power failures - they do not worry us so much - it has been a long haul and still has some way to go but we are less dependent on ZESA.  Power cuts are still running into the 8 to 15 hour lebgth and although that does not mean so much to us any more it soes hit the supermarkets with their freezers.  i bought some frozen pastry the other day and found it covered in mould.

I want to introduce you to our life style and will place some photographs of our home on this blog soon.  We do not have a big house but a friendly house and a lved in home.

Condolence Notices


9th January 1929 to 12 July 2010. Ex Walescot Farm Chakari.
Loving Husband to the late Gina, Father of Neil, David, Morag, Shona and the late Allan
Grand Father of Kendal, Kylie, Tanya, Cheyanne, Amy and Shayne.
Brother, Uncle and Special Friend.
He was dearly loved and will live on in our Hearts always
One of Nature's Gentlemen
Will be missed but never forgotten.
Contact Details
Neil and Karin
0912 335 116 0712 610 524
The Hatty family send their heartfelt condolences to the Brent and Lewis families.
Dorothy was a true, Christian lady. We loved her very much and shall remember her...

We, the Hatty family, were so privileged to have had Pippa as our friend and teacher.
What a fine example she set to us all!
We send our deepest sympathy to her family, as we pray for you all...
Graham and Judy Hatty:

Arts Events List

I thought I would publish this to show what is going on in Zimbabwe - lots more are advertised every week as well!
AEL as @ 12 July 2010

Edited from e-mails received by Twin Arts, and sent weekly to over 1,050 readers. This compilation © Twin Arts Trust.

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Forthcoming events over the next two weeks

Fuller details and later events below. Events are in Harare unless stated otherwise.



• M&M's Gotta Shop Mall @ Reps Theatre (15–18, 22–23 July)

• Curtain Call 2010 @ Bulawayo Theatre (22–24 July)


• Christessa and Friends @ Alliance Française (15 July)

• Winter Season of Concerts (Madrigals evening) @ Chisipite Senior School (15 July)

• Magic to the Beat @ 7 Arts (16 & 17 July)

• Book Café & Mannenberg (to 17 July)

• Clint & Co. @ Twin Rivers School (22–24 July)

• An Evening of Music, Speech and Drama @ Arundel School (27 July)

Performing Arts Bulawayo [PAB] and the Academy [Bulawayo]

• Lunchtime Talk: Shostakovich and Stalin (15 July)

• The Barchester Chronicles (15, 22 & 29 July)

• Cimarosa: Il Matrimonio Segreto (16 July)

• Lunchtime Talk: Chopin (22 July)

• Beethoven: Fidelio (30 July)


• Small Works @ Gallery Delta (July)

• Verandah Gallery Charity Art Exhibition (25 July)

• Live 'n' Direct @ National Gallery, Harare (July)

• Art in the Park Exhibition, Bulawayo (31 July)


• Patricia Glyn (author: Footing with Sir Richard's Ghost) @ Celebration Centre (16 July)



• Family Fun Day @ Gateway Primary School (24 July)

• Farmers Market and Book Fair @ Doon Estate (31 July)



• Association of Complementary Health Practitioners (13 July)

• BirdLife Zimbabwe (BLZ) Mashonaland (15, 17, 18, 25 July)

• Tree Society (18, 24 July)





International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF): Harare: 19–27 November; Bulawayo: 2–4 December



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M&M's Gotta Shop Mall @ Reps Theatre (15–18, 22–23 July)

Presented by Mitzi and Mel Carruthers as their annual dance spectacular.

A colourful and vibrant show, with two programmes, the first from Thursday, 15 July to Sunday, 18 July, the second from Thursday, 22 July to Sunday, 25 July.

Reps Theatre. Booking open at The Spotlight. All tickets $10.


Curtain Call 2010 @ Bulawayo Theatre (22–24 July)

Bulawayo Ballet Society proudly presents Curtain Call 2010

Local Studios in conjunction with June Cloete Dancers and Mathius Julius.

At the Bulawayo Theatre, 22-24 July. Performances 7pm (Sat Matinee 2pm). Tickets $5.00




Christessa and Friends @ Alliance Française (15 July)

This event is a presentation of some of Zimbabwe's up and coming musical talent, performing a selection of original music presented in an intimate setting to the accompaniment of acoustic guitars, and features Christessa (runner-up in the Harare's Got Talent competition), Alan, Joe and Patrick.

Christessa and Friends, 15 July at Alliance Française, Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare. 6.30 for 7pm.

Tickets: $5, available at Alliance Française; Appliance Warehouse, Sam Levy's Village; or contact Christie on (0712) 212963.


Winter Season of Concerts @ Chisipite Senior School (15 July – August)

Chisipite Senior School with Di Wright present their Winter Season of Concerts in the Chapel, all starting at 6.00 pm and lasting approximately an hour. These concerts feature the individual students who did well at the Eisteddfod this year and entrance is free except for the Madrigal Evening but donations at the end would be appreciated. The musicians are going on tour to South Africa in July.

• 15 July - Madrigals Evening featuring the Madrigal Cup winners, Elizabethan dancing, instrumental groups, Shakespearean drama, mulled wine and tasty morsels. Tickets at the door or school office.

• 22 July - Wind Players Evening, Flute Competitions and the Chisipite Jazz Band.

• 3 August - Annual SPCA Benefit Presentation by the Junior Choir which will be Jonahman Jazz. Singing and drama.

For more information, contact Di Wright


Magic to the Beat @ 7 Arts (16 & 17 July)

SA's favourite comedy magician & the amazing vocal talent of Morgan the Beat Boxer.

Venue: 7Arts; Time: 6.30pm for 7.00 pm

Tickets: Prices from $15.

Book at Sound Event Management, Tel: 307087 - 706638 or 0712-601107


Book Café & Mannenberg (to 17 July)

Fife Avenue Shopping Mall (upstairs above OK), cnr. Fife Ave. / 6th Street, Harare

Tel 253239, 0912 394 394; 0913 669 777; e-mail: , Website:


TUE 13, 8pm – EDITH WeUTONGA - afro traditional with some classic oldies and brand new originals!

WED 14, 5.30-7pm, THE DEBATE: 'How has the World Cup benefited Africa?'

WED 14, 8pm, AFRICAN DESTINY – Music Crossroads finalists, back from their European tour with their debut album "Introducing African Destiny"

THU 15, 5.30-7pm, ARTISTS' VOICES DISCUSSION – 'The Artists Charter' - Is the charter a true representation of artists' voices? – FREE, all welcome

THU 15, 8pm, ALEXIO & SHADES OF BLACK, winning the hearts of Zimbabweans with hits from his latest afro pop album 'Kana'

FRI 16, 5.30pm, MACINTOSH – Mbira: by 'The Peacemaker' (Bocapa 2008 winner)

FRI 16, 8pm, MAWUNGIRA ENHARIRA – one of Zimbabwe's leading mbira groups, deeply traditional but always versatile!

SAT 17, 2-5pm, EDITH WeUTONGA - afro traditional with some classic oldies and brand new originals!

SAT 17, 5.30-7pm, PFUMOJENA & MNANDI – great tunes from emerging artists on the scene, including the increasingly popular 'Ndoda Mai Vangu…'

SAT 17, 8pm, SUBWAY- Old school, new school, soul, jazz, RnB party! Featuring Lindsay Yon and Zeena Beins (vo), with Joe Vas ( sax/guitar), Nigel Wyngard ( keyb/guitar), Brennan Wyngard (bass) and Justin Soutter (drums) – Come out and party! @ The Book Café! (Transit Crew moved to The Mannenberg)


WED 14, 6.30pm, Free Film Screening, Details to follow. FREE, All Welcome!

WED 14, 9pm, MIC-INITY, Lovaz Rock Reggae!

THU 15, 9pm, , KUDZAI SEVENZO with PABLO & FRIENDS – a great jazz mix with music from past and present, far and wide.

FRI 16, 9pm, HOT LIVE MUSIC! Details to follow

SAT 17, 9pm, TRANSIT CREW – Reggae for the Soul: BIG TINGS ah gwaan! 30 Years on the reggae road and still going strong.

THE ARTS FACTORY @ The Book Café – Books and CDs of Zimbabwean artists.

All proceeds from sales go direct to artists/publishers. Opens Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-1pm.


Clint & Co. @ Twin Rivers School (22–24 July)

Clint is back! Performing a tribute to CCR 22 July, and the Best of Clint & Co. 23 & 24 July.

Venue: Twin Rivers School; Time: 7.00 pm

Tickets: Prices $20

Book at Sound Event Management, Tel: 307087 - 706638 or 0712-601107


An Evening of Music, Speech and Drama @ Arundel School (27 July)

"Voices of Africa" – Arundel's award winning Cultural Choir, who performed to public acclaim at HIFA, open a programme that includes our award-winners from the recent NIAA Speech and Drama festival. The Junior Choir will perform a medley from "CATS", along with talented acrobatic dancer Katelyn Mostert and members of the Chapel Choir.

Kewada Hall, Arundel School, Tuesday, 27 July at 7.00 pm.

Entry free. Mulled wine will be on sale at the interval.


Celebs: Jeanette Micklem @ HIS (1 August)

Celebrity Subscription Concerts fourth subscription concert (Celebs members have free entry)

Celebrity Subscription Concerts invites you to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Schumann (1810–1856) with a programme of his passionate and romantic masterpieces played by Jeanette Micklem

On Sunday, 1 August at 4 pm at the Harare International School Theatre. Entrance at the end of Rivonia Drive, off Moorgate, Mount Pleasant.


Kreisleriana, Opus 16

Kinderszenen, Opus 15

Fantasy in C minor, Opus 17

Tickets for non-members now available at the Spotlight and at the hall on the day from 3.15 pm at US$10 each, pensioners half price.


Chitungwiza Harmony Singers @ National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe (7 August)

You are invited to a concert with the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers, "the most sought-after harmonious a capella group", on 7 August at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, starting at 6.00pm.

The songs will be a capella African songs and classical with piano accompaniment, conducted by Israel Dzangare.

Tickets will be $5 for adults and $1 for children.

Funds raised will go towards Chitungwiza Harmony Singers forthcoming trip to South Africa. The choir is invited to participate in the choral competition to be held in Polokwane on 5 September. The singers have already participated in this competition in the past and many times they were the winners. This year because of the economic situation in Zimbabwe those who used to help the group can not do it any more and the choir is searching for pecuniary aid.

For more information call 0912 331804, 0912 683329, 0912 817543 or e-mail


Performing Arts Bulawayo [PAB] and the Academy [Bulawayo]

Lunchtime Talk: Shostakovich and Stalin (15 July)

Thursday 15 July at 1.10 p.m. in Room 25, Zimbabwe Academy of Music

Michael Bullivant looks at the impact Stalin had on the music of Shostakovich.

The Barchester Chronicles (15, 22 & 29 July)

Thursdays 15, 22 & 29 July at 7.00 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall

The BBC adaptation of the first two of Anthony Trollope's Barsetshire novels, The Warden and Barchester Towers, stars Donald Pleasance, Nigel Hawthorne, Alan Rickman, Susan Hampshire and Geraldine McEwan.

"The community of Barchester is shaken from its cosy complacency when a newspaper's crusade against the Church of England's practice of self-enrichment misfires. Overnight the Rev.Septimus Harding becomes a pawn in the battle between his younger daughter's beau, John Bold, and his older daughter's husband, Archdeacon Grantly. Little do they realise that worse is yet to come when a regime change delivers Barchester into the hands of a most unholy trinity: the weak-willed Bishop Proudie, his domineering wife and the insufferable Rev.Obadiah Slope."

Admission: $7.00 / R60.00 the series; $3.00 / R25.00 each evening [free to Red Carpet members only]

Cimarosa: Il Matrimonio Segreto (16 July)

Friday 16 July at 6.30 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall [with supper interval]

Partly based on the 1766 English comedy The Clandestine Marriage by David Garrick and George Colman, Il Matrimonio Segreto was a widely popular comic opera in its day. Indeed, it is probably the only opera in history to have been encored in its entirety at its first performance. It was so enjoyed by the Emperor Joseph II that he ordered dinner for the cast to be followed by a repeat performance. Cimarosa is often seen as the link between Mozart and Rossini and one writer has remarked that "the joys are similar to those of Mozart, and some of the ensembles in particular, not least the Act I finale, relate directly to Figaro."

The story concerns Geronimo, a wealthy man who is trying to arrange aristocratic marriages for his two daughters, Carolina and Elisetta. However, his plans do not run smoothly since Carolina is already secretly married to Paolino, Geronimo's young secretary, and further complications develop thick and fast. "The greatest compliment for this production, both musically and visually, is that its nearly three hours was too short" [Neue Zürcher Zeitung].

Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [free to Red Carpet members and subscribers]

Lunchtime Talk: Chopin (22 July)

Thursday 22 July at 1.10 p.m. in Room 25, Zimbabwe Academy of Music

Peter Rollason will introduce a choice of lesser-known music by Chopin.

Beethoven: Fidelio (30 July)

Friday 30 July at 6.30 p.m. in the Robert Sibson Hall [with supper interval]

Beethoven's only opera will be shown in a production from the Glyndebourne Festival which received a four-star top recommendation from the Penguin Guide: "It is good to have as consummate an actress as Elisabeth Söderström as Leonore in this vintage Glyndebourne account of Fidelio, recorded in 1979. Bernard Haitink conducts a powerful performance with Kurt Appelgren a superb Rocco, Elizabeth Gale a sweet Marzelline and Anton de Ridder an unstrained Florestan... John Bury's sets for Peter Hall's production vividly capture the atmosphere of the Napoleonic period. A clear first choice on DVD."

Admission: $3.00 / R25.00 [free to Red Carpet members and subscribers]




Small Works @ Gallery Delta (July)

An exhibition of small paintings and sculptures by Arthur Azevedo, Justin Gope, James Jali, Helen Lieros, Admire Kamudzengerere, Kufa Makwavarara, Luis Meque, Richard Mudariki, Munyaradzi Mugorosa, Fungai Mwale, Kate Raath, Greg Shaw, Cosmas Shiridzinomwa, Freddy Tauro, Richard Witikani, Ljiljana Vlacic, Portia Zvavahera.

Exhibition duration until end July.

Gallery Delta, 'Robert Paul's Old House,' 110 Livingstone Avenue/Ninth Street, Greenwood Park, Harare

Telephone/Fax: 792135; ; .


Verandah Gallery Charity Art Exhibition (25 July)

Sunday, 25 July, 10am to 4pm, at 16 Woodholme Rd, Emerald Hill, Harare

This very popular annual charity art exhibition will feature the works of over 50 of Zimbabwe's highly talented artists. 25% commission from all sold paintings goes to the Emerald Hill Children's Home and the Emerald Hill School for the Deaf. As always, the Detema Jazz Band will be there to entertain you; there will be a Wine Bar and the Vabatsiri Soroptimist Club will provide refreshments throughout the day. The Verandah Gallery 2011 calendar, "Trading in Africa", will be launched and you will have the opportunity to purchase some of the original paintings used in the calendar.

It's a great day out even if you don't buy a painting! Entrance: adults US$2 and children under 12yrs free.

For further information contact: .


Live 'n' Direct @ National Gallery, Harare (July)

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe has for the last six months worked tirelessly towards the launch of the 2010 flagship show Live 'n' Direct which is designed to inspire the artists to produce their best work. The artists have been challenged to reflect deeply and produce cutting edge work that speaks on being proudly Zimbabwean within the global context. The show will run throughout the duration of the 2010 World Cup and will certainly tell the Zimbabwean story with pride and excellence to all the visitors that may care to engage. Foremost though, the show is an engagement with ourselves and the Gallery hopes to inspire the group of high flying local business people that it has already approached to begin their own private collections from the Live 'n' Direct offering.


Art in the Park Exhibition, Bulawayo (31 July)

Art in Bulawayo. Saturday, 31 July. Art in the Park Exhibition. Hillside Dams Conservancy, off Banff Road, Hillside. Time 10am to 5pm.

If you would like to participate please book your place early as places are limited to first come. Bookings are required by 30 June and no later. All money raised from the stall space will go towards the new security fence around the Hillside Dams Conservancy. Help us secure this important venue for the benefit of all Bulawayo residents and visitors.

For more information please contact us on or call Mirriam on 242490.





Patricia Glyn (author: Footing with Sir Richard's Ghost) @ Celebration Centre (16 July)

Please support us raising funds for Meryl Harrison and the Veterinarians for Animal Welfare of Zimbabwe.

Patricia Glyn a well known South African journalist and adventurer is giving an illustrated presentation on her walk, accompanied by her faithful indigenous African dog, following her ancestor's footprints, from Durban, via Botswana, to Victoria Falls.

See .

A night not to be missed as it is a truly spell-binding. Patricia recommends no children under 13 years.

Date: 16 July ; Time: 1900

Place: Celebration Centre on Borrowdale Road, next to Dandaro retirement village.

Entry: US$ 10 per person. Pay at the door on the night.

Please note at the function Patricia will be selling her book about the walk at a cost of $30


• Derek and Beverly Joubert, famous wildlife filmmakers say - Patricia is a story-teller to rival van der Post and David Rattray in her genre.

• Ian Player, Conservationist and Founder of Wilderness Leadership School says - I have heard talks all over the world and this is by far the best I have ever heard.

• Dot Field, Chief Commissioner Vodacom Group says - Patricia's presentation is humorous, thought-provoking, educational and enlightening which is delivered in the most captivating manner.

Please diarise now and we will see you on 16 July.







Family Fun Day @ Gateway Primary School (24 July)

24 July, 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Cultures of the World

Gateway Primary School is once again hosting our Family Fun Day to raise funds for the school and this year it is going to be bigger than ever!

The day will be jam packed with non stop entertainment, our 'Round the World in 80 minutes' games arcade will run throughout the day with FANTASTIC prizes to be won. Other entertainment includes an air show with microlights and skydivers, a vintage car drive by, the police dog display, acrobats and magicians, fashion show and fancy dress parade (dress to theme, prizes for the best dressed), Snake world, birds, foofy slide, water dunks, jumping castles, pony rides, live music from high school Jazz and Marimba bands and much much more!

There will be a wide variety of stalls for parents to browse through while the children are being kept busy with games!! (A limited number of stalls are still available to book please contact Rachel on 0912881292 or Mandy on 0921300068).

NB - The school is responsible for catering on the day and exhibitors will not be permitted to sell food and drinks.

So come and join us for a day of non stop FUN!!!


Farmers Market and Book Fair @ Doon Estate (31 July)

Come and enjoy wide variety of products from local suppliers and the fantastic feast of books both local and imported.

Saturday, 31 July, 9am to 1pm. Doon Estate, Harrow Road, Msasa.

For more info, e-mail Emma on .







Association of Complementary Health Practitioners (13 July)

Our monthly gathering on Tuesday, 13 July will be addressed by Mr Roger Castelin, who will discuss YOGA AND SPIRITUALITY. The evening begins at 6.30 pm for 7 pm, and we will be at Highlands Sports Club. Roger has found YOGA to be a wonderful way to relax and find inner peace, and combined with several Yoga exercises, he now practises daily, and life is easier and kinder to him, in spite of the stresses of everyday life here. Join us a learn a little about this.

We enjoy a Bring and Share Supper after the talk, and everyone who attends is asked to contribute a plate of something tasty to the meal. The bar will be open for drinks, and this is a pleasant and congenial time, when one can meet the speaker and share his explanations. We do request a small entry fee, to help cover the cost of hiring the hall, and the gratuities for the kitchen staff. Everyone is welcome, and membership is open to all who are interested in holistic living.

For any queries, please phone Lorna Robinson on 744410.


BirdLife Zimbabwe (BLZ) Mashonaland (15, 17, 18, 25 July)

We have a bird walk almost every weekend – the walk itself lasts 2–3 hours and thereafter the combined bird list is called while refreshments are being enjoyed. We also have a monthly evening presentation on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 5:30 for 6:00 p.m. The venue is the Avondale Sports Club on Brighton Road, between 2nd Street Extension and Upper East Road. There is a bar and eats. There is a security guard to look after the vehicles.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend any of the events.

Unless there is a gate charge by the responsible authorities at some venues (e.g. Haka), there are no other charges associated with a birding outing or evening presentation however at some venues a tip would be appreciated if there is a guard looking after the vehicles. At each outing, there is a leader who will identify the birds being seen for the benefit of the group. There is nothing to stop experienced birders from "doing their own thing" at any of the venues as long as they assemble afterwards at the designated meeting point to participate in the bird count. At most venues, for the bird count, participants will usually have their own chair, refreshments and eats - a social atmosphere prevails!

For more information, contact a committee member, try:

Tony Alegria: 0912 438 697, 490375 Home. Email: .

Ken Dixon: 0912 324 301. 793063 Home. Email: .

Web site:

Listed below are the events for the next two weeks.

Thursday, 15 July – 5.30 p.m. for 6.00 p.m. Bird Ringing Programme Talk

The venue is the Avondale Sports Club on Brighton Road between Sam Nujoma Street Extension and Upper East Road. There is a cash bar and a security guard. Dave Dalziel will talk about 'Interesting aspects of the 2010 BLZ Ringing Programme'. This will be followed by a session of 'Questions you always wanted to ask but never dared to' – so bring along some fun topics.

Saturday, 17 July 7.00 a.m. Mukuvisi Woodland

Meet in the main car park by the offices. This is a chance to see a different aspect of the Woodlands.

Sunday, 18 July 7.00 a.m. Monavale Vlei

Meet on the BS Leon side of Fenella Drive to see a variety of birds – will the vlei have been burnt this year or been protected from wandering people? Depending on the status of the vlei the species vary, so brave the chill and see what's there.

Sunday, 25 July 7.00 a.m. Christon Bank Nature Reserve

This attractive venue borders on the Mazowe River and interesting birds that have been seen there include Grey Tit-flycatcher (Fan-tailed), Red-backed Mannikin, Striped Pipit, Mocking Cliff-chat and Brown Snake-eagle. Meet at the CABS head office, Northend Road.


Tree Society (18, 24 July)

Sunday, 18 July : Visit to Raintree, Umwinsidale

This month for our outing we have a new venue, "Raintree". This is situated along the Umwinsidale river and we hope to see some interesting riverine species of tree. We will meet at 9.30 a.m. Please bring a chair, water and a packed lunch. There will be an entrance fee of US$5 per person.

Directions: Take the Enterprise Road towards Shamva until you get to a garage on the right called ZX Fuels. Travel 3.1 km and you will see a log sign on your right "RAINTREE", which is 600m down the road. See you there. New members welcomed.

Saturday, 24 July: Greystone Park Nature Reserve

We intend to reinstate on a regular basis the 4th Saturday afternoon walks. These are usually at places within Harare and we look at herbaceous plants and weeds and aliens as much as indigenous trees. This month we will be visiting Greystone Park Nature Reserve.

Directions: To get there from the Borrowdale Road, turn right into Harare Drive and continue 4 km, then turn left into Gaydon Road. After the Municipal offices on the hill and on the down slope, turn right into Halford Road, and the reserve is about 200 metres down the road. We will meet at 2.30 p.m. New Members welcomed.

For more information, contact M. Rowe




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THE City of Harare’s boundaries have been extended

THE City of Harare’s boundaries have been extended following the incorporation of 28 farms previously under Mazowe and Goromonzi rural district councils.

The 28 farms, with close to 21 000 hectares of land, will be developed mainly for residential purposes.

The incorporation means that all developments on the farms are now subject to approval by Harare City Council.

The additional farms will result in additional wards and possibly more parliamentary constituencies under Greater Harare.

Housing construction is ongoing at some of the farms such as Rumani Estates (Charlotte Brooke) and Acorn.

More farms will be acquired to meet the rising demand for housing and industrial growth.

The council committee on environment management met on July 2 to deliberate on Government’s offer and agreed to accept 27 farms from Mazowe RDC and another from Goromonzi.

"The Greater Harare municipal boundaries be altered by incorporation of the tracts of land listed in the table below," read part of the committee meeting resolutions.

A full council meeting scheduled for the end of July is expected to officially adopt the resolution and make it binding.

The lands are Mgutu, Ingleborough, Esk Bank, Calgary, Lot 1A Thorn Park, Lot 1 Thorn Park Estate, Teviotdale A, Teviotdale1A, Teviotdale 2 and 3 and Teviotdale.

Others are Buckland Estate, Welston Township, Riet Poort Georgie, Sunray, Killarney, Rumani, Nijo, Charika Extension of Borrowdale, Happy Valley Estate, Lot J of Borrowdale, Acorn, Echo Farm, Lot1A Chakoma, Chakoma Estate B, The Springs and Stuhm.

All these farms were under Mazowe Rural District Council with the exception of Caledonia Farm, which fell under Goromonzi.

The committee recommended that council advise the Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Ministry of its acceptance of the farms and request expedition of the statutory requirements.

At its full council meeting in April this year, the council resolved to approach Government to acquire peri-urban land for residential purposes.

Town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi wrote to the Government requesting incorporation of 72 properties, mainly farms, around Harare.

The national housing backlog stands at over one million family units against an urban population estimated to be increasing at a rate of between 6 and 7 percent annually.

The huge backlog is a result of increased rural-urban migration, the high cost of building materials, shortage of housing finance, unaffordable mortgages and lack of capacity by many councils to deliver accommodation.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Condolence Notices

VAN ROOYEN - STEVE. Passed away after a short illness. A very special and loyal employee and friend whose standard answer to any request was "no problem"

Our heartfelt sympathy to Hilda, Donnie & Michael and his grandchildren who will not grow up to know this special unselfish man.
With love from Michael & Betty Carroll (Carrolls Cars)


Condolences to Ingrid & family, from John & Erna Braddock.


DI PALMA Ennio Snr. Condolences to Eva and all the Di Palma family
on the loss of a gentleman and friend. May his soul rest in peace - David Mouat


Di Palma Ennio - Deepest sympathy to the Di Palma family on the sad loss of a truley fine gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Dalman & Racel Moore UK


ROOMER Alan. A great motor sport friend and a true gentleman. You will be
missed by all your Bulawayo motor sport friends. Our sincere condolences from
David Mouat, Peter Yeomans, Gerrit Rademeyer and all the motor sport fraternity
in Bulawayo


Our Deepest Condolences to Mrs. Di Palma
And family on the sad loss of Ennio Di Palma.
From Directors, Management and Staff at Haggie Rand Zimbabwe

Galliford, Peggy - My sincere condolences to Richard, Merna, Simon, Catherine and Freddie on the passing of your dear mother. Peggy was a wonderful lady and our time together in Bulawayo will always hold fond memories for me. Ian Fenton


MARTIN, IVAN - Our Pastor and best friend for forty years. Blessings and heartfelt sympathy
to Joanne and all the family. from Gwen, Pete and Andre Karsten



Our heartfelt sympathy to Derek and family on the sad loss of Trevor. Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time.
Aunty Onei , David & Norman Dolphin, Dave & Margaret Joubert.

Our deepest sympathy to Heather, Gavin and Billy- Bob on the sad loss of a husband and father. Fondly remembered by us all at Whitestone & Falcon sporting occasions. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.
Dave, Midge, Brendon and Ashleigh Joubert.
I attach an obituary for John Morkel who passed away on Sunday.
We believe that John was the only international rugby captain able to claim to have never been defeated by the New Zealand All Blacks - we stand to be corrected of course!
The attached obituary has been compiled from information supplied by his son in law Mr John Winter, Queensland, Australia and is ccd to him.
The additional attachment is an extract from the book 'Rhodesia Rugby - A History of the National Side 1898 - 1979' by Jonty Winch.
We would be grateful if you could find space to inform your listeners of the passing of a great sportsman.

If it is possible we would appreciate it if this could be passed on through your channels to Fred Allen or alternately if you could give me an address where I can write to Fred Allen.

Thank you
Best regards
Hugh Bomford
Secretary of Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated
Registered Charity CC25203
Postal Address: PO Box 13003, Tauranga 3141, New Zealand
Cell: +64 275 45 8069
Fax: +64 7 576 9501