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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Death and \memorial notices

A Celebration Of Life: Jean Margaret Hardcastle’s life will be held AT: Tavistock estates farm, Beatrice. ON: Tuesday 21 January 2014, 12 noon. There will be there the memorial service followed by lunch


Death Notice: Margaret Jill Cunliffe (Margie) - Margie, retired teacher, passed away in Harare on Sunday 12th January.  Mother to Richard (Dick), Wendy and Kenneth (Ken), Granny to Mandy and Toph, Angela and Megan, Christine, Anne and James. Memorial followed by lunch 10:30 for 11:00 AM, Sunday 19th, January at Malvern House, Mvurwi. Donations to Malvern House Trust in lieu of flowers would be gratefully received., 0774347240.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apeal to find people in need - and reply from Mike Garden

Dear Mike

As we are all aware there are many pensioners and others  both British and Zimbabwean who are living in poverty situations. I have heard recently that people are having to have their pets put down as they are not able to afford the food to keep them alive.

 Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a journalist arriving from UK who wants to write an article for a major UK newspaper on this situation.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a problem or who knows of people in this situation. My friend will be here until 05 April.

 I am a British Consular Warden and although I had a list of people who were under my care we are no longer allowed to have registration lists due to the data protection act.  Therefore I have no phone numbers or e-mail addresses to which I could have accessed.

 Please could anyone who would be interested in being interviewed (confidentially – no names required or will be used) contact me on the numbers below:



Dear Odette

I don’t think I want to promote such a negative report so I will not be sending anything out about it

I want to see reporters telling the good things about Zimbabwe!

Sorry about that




Subject: Could you put this on your newsletter?
Importance: High



Death Notices


Passed away on Saturday 22nd at home surrounded by her beloved husband Dave & 2 boys (Brooke & Liam) after such a brave fight against cancer. The Brymers  have farmed extensively throughout Zimbabwe, New Zealand  & latterly Dave is working for TSL Classic Leaf. The memorial service for Jacqui will be held at 10.00am on Friday 28th at Raintree.




Vector Hurley


Dear Kim,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sincere condolences to you and all the family.  I was privileged to work under Vec  as President whilst councillor for Bromley,  and he guided me through some rough paths and backed me up when  I did NOT put forward old man Perepescko's name  as our for grower of the year candidate, as he considered it his right to be  !!

Quote...........'Oh bury, bury, let the grave close o'er, the days that were that never will be more '


Sincerely yours....................Bill Carter


Comments on Mynahs Birds

These birds are a menace !  perhaps the falconry clubs can get involved in a bit of “natural selection” J


We could always try the technique the hero uses in Bryce Courtenay’s book ‘Matthew Flinders Cat’!


these birds are a serious pain in the garden. They breed in the ceilings of peoples houses and are terrible bullies and will soon rid your gardens of Babblers, Huglin's Robins and even pigeons.

Not a nice bird and, unfortunately, very prolific


Saw your email re Indian Mynahs. i lived in India for two years and loved to watch them. They imitate the sound of all the other birds, and are very clever. one family had made a nest in the air condition unit in my bedroom (you know those old brown boxes that you build into the wall). We emptied it and cleaned it out only to find them creeping around the window sill, waiting and watching for a chance to sneak back in... it was quite amusing. And you are right they are very daring and hard to get rid of,  (almost impossible) we had to finally put something in the box as a deterrent because it was interfering with how the AC worked.


In that area they seemed to co-exist with the other birds in the territory. Of course all bigger birds, like sparrows, drongos, kingfisher, crows, cuckoos, orioles, coppersmith barbets etc 


Which birds do they chase away? would it be the smaller birds, like sunbirds, waxbills, finches etc? I'm curious to know

Or is it because they are new to this territory they are chasing away ALL the birds? i.e. just like plants that are not indigenous overtake the local ones? and once they have been around for a while they will all settle down again?


Also what would be the reason for them to move so far out of their usual migration path? I think they are mostly found along the Cape? and maybe as far as Joburg? or am I wrong? Swati


I quite agree that the Mynah Birds are very and aggressive and invasive. Having travelled extensively in areas where they have become a big problem this system has to be addressed sooner than later or we are going to have a problem such as crocodiles, quelias birds etc. One suggestion which will probably not go down so well with some people is that these birds should be destroyed on sight other whys in the not so distant future we are going to have a big problem. Brgds, Brian. B






Email: :

JAG Hotlines: +263 (0) 774-645894,   If you are in trouble or need
advice, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

1.  Ben Freeth response to Robin Hartley


ALL FARMERS please take special note and diarise :


MillsFitchet SA’s meeting with farmers will take place at the Italian Club, Quendon Road, Sentosa, Harare on Wednesday 2nd April 2014, 8.30am for a 9am start.


Tea and coffee will be served on arrival and likewise during a mid-morning break.  A light finger lunch will be served and a cash bar will be in operation during lunch.  Should the need arise, the meeting could extend into the afternoon.


All farmers are cordially invited, irrespective of Farmer Organisation affiliation.  All matters relating to Restitution / Compensation and Farm Valuations will be openly and frankly addressed, with questions from the floor.


Look forward to seeing you all there




1.  Ben Freeth response to Robin Hartley


Dear all,


Robin Hartley has got a valid point regarding the centuries old traditional African land tenure systems not being in favour of title and property rights.


However, with the end of the cold war; with growing populations; with growing food insecurity; and with growing recognition that property rights are essential if an agricultural revolution is ever to take place on this Continent [which has so much agricultural potential], property rights are now finally being established in a number of African countries – even in communal areas in some of those countries.


In many countries in Africa where land was seized by governments, those property rights are now being acknowledged and respected.


We must be encouraged by this, and we must continue to stand for a tenure system that has shown itself to work in bringing countries out of poverty and hunger.


All the best,




Strath Brown

It is with a deep sadness that I have to record the passing of one of our members, Mr Strath Brown.

He passed away peacefully this morning at his home in Harare, surrounded by his family.  

The memorial service will be held on Tuesday 1st April at The Glasshouse, Borrowdale Racecourse, at 3.30pm.

 Strath was certainly a person who, within his lifetime, had been a true legend.

 Humbly, I admit, that I can never do justice in this letter to a man who had achieved so much.
As a farmer, Strath always led the way with new ideas and a determination to see those new ideas work for him.

 Together, with an old friend, Wally Hustler, they were awarded the first Farming Oscar for their work in developing the Hustler Brown tobacco curer.  This led to the creation of the Brown Engineering Company, run by one of his sons, Andrew.

 Crocodile farming was another of his exploits - the Croc Farm at Victoria Falls.  This led to an involvement in tourism and Ilala Hotel at Victoria Falls was purchased and revamped.  There were many other tourist setups that he was also a part of.

Tobacco Seed production for about 50 years was another of his pastimes.

 Flying was also a passion which has rubbed off on his children.

 He was also involved in various centers of Zimbabwe including Banking and served on numerous boards.
The list goes on and on.

 To keep it short and to get this letter off in time, I end by passing deepest condolences to all the family, to Dawn, Andrew, Jim, Keith, Marion and Laura and to all his numerous Grandchildren.


 Keith Swales

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vector Hurley

Vector Hurley

 Died peacefully in Cape Town 22nd March. Funeral to be held in Cape Town - date to be confirmed. Please contact : for further information on venue etc.

Thank you to all who have sent their kind and thoughtful condolences very much appreciated.


Death and Memoria lNotices

Condolence: BRYMER (nee Botha) Jacqueline Nicole, passed away 22nd March at home in Harare. RIP dear Jax, will always have fond memories of happy days with you, fly with the angels now. Deepest sympathy and love to David, Brooke and Liam.  From Aunty Cindy, Uncle Joss and family is RSA.


Death Notice: Hazel Maureen Dove, passed away after a short illness. A wonderful mother to Louise, Janetta, Noelene & Brienne. Granny to Rosalind, Eryn, Ken, Kara & Bradley. Great grandmother to Evalyn, Erica, Naomi, Emma-lee & Rouke. Rest in peace Mom, Greg, Peter & John.


Death Notice: Mark Roeloffze, passed away on Sunday 23rd March at 1pm. The funeral Service will be held at St Georges Chapel at 3pm on Friday 28th March 2014


Memorial Notice : Please join family and friends for the memorial service in celebration of the life of the late Jacquie Brymer on Friday 28th March at 10am, at Raintree, Umwinsidale Road.  Snacks, teas and refreshments will be provided.  Donations in lieu of flowers to Island Hospice.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heather Fraser

To all the wonderful people who have shown interest in Heather Fraser, again our thanks. We are still receiving donations and people are still assisting. Saying ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough.

Heather has been moved into her own room at Fairways and now has a lovely view of the garden, the trees and the blue skies. She really values that. She was even given a tree, just for her to look at and enjoy. She is still bed-bound. The wonderful Doctor who is treating her discovered that she has a trapped nerve in her back which means another major operation. We are not sure what is going to happen at this stage.

When I visited Heather yesterday she was clutching a  teddy bear. Some kind person had arrived on a Monday morning with arm loads of teddy bears which she distributed to everyone as ‘Happy Monday’ gifts.  I am so humbled and so very grateful at how many caring, compassionate and proactive people there are in this world, quietly doing amazing things. Thank you for that teddy. Heather literally holds it close to her all the time.

We are making a further appeal (yes, another one!). This time for assistance in clearing out Heather’s house. We have managed to clear one room and bring the piles down from ceiling height to waist level. But there is still so much to do. The aim is to sort out the good stuff from the junk. And then to sell the better stuff and put the proceeds towards Heathers op, if she decides to have it done.  The plan is to spend Saturday 29th March  at her house doing as much as we can, until it is clear. If you can help please let me know. And if you have a truck perhaps we could use it to cart bags to the dump.

But please be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted. It is a very dirty and laborious job.

As always, thank you for caring, for responding, and for being the amazing people that you are.


MaryLu and Bev

It would seem that the dreaded Indian Mynah Birds have now arrived in Harare

It would seem that the dreaded Indian Mynah Birds have now arrived in Harare – bad news for all the other birds – they are a pain to have around

Any suggestions on how we can deal with this problem ? – they chase away all the other lovely birds in our gardens!



Mike G

Indian Mynahs are definitely now in Harare and I saw a couple a few months back in Fairburn Drive in Mount Pleasant.

From the attached picture you will see the beak and eye patch are diagnostic as are the large white wing patches when it flies.

It is about the size of a starling but  does not have a long tail so am not sure what will have been Frances’ garden but it could well have been the mynah.


I was very interested in the Ndeipe issue on the Myndah birds. I thought the birds I have in my garden were long-tailed shrikes and my neighbour thought that they were black widows..  These birds are bigger bullies than the schoolboys we were reading about quite a few months ago in a few of your past issues. They have chased away many different varieties of birds that I have always fed in my garden. The recognising point was the orange beak. Now I know!!


Best wishes

Frances Lawson



 Well done to all the people and productions who won Reps Afdis Awards for 2013, presented  at Saturday night’s gala show and ceremony in the theatre. Reps would like to thank African Distillers for sponsoring the awards event and for helping the society recognise and encourage excellence through this awards competition. It was particularly pleasing to have the attendance of members of the Afdis management team and top customers present for the occasion.


The winners are:

The Oude Meester Trophy for best production of 2013: Colder Than Here (directed by Graham Crutchley and stage managed by Jonathan Hall)

Best actor in a leading role (The John Keeling Award) – Mike Southall (The Woman In Black)

Best actress in a leading role (The George Barnes Award) – Clare Hingeston (Colder Than Here)

Best supporting actor (The Alan Parkinson Award) – Mike Blackburn (Colder Than Here)

Best supporting actress (The Allan Shaw Award) – Kyla Render (Colder Than Here)

Best minor performance (The Prentice Trophy) – Marc Thomas (A Little Bit Country)

Best junior performance (The Reps Award for under-16s) – Gabriella Koudounaris (The Sound of Music)

Best comedy performance (The Alastair and Wendy Booth Award) – Stephane Thomas (Cinderella)

Most outstanding music performance (Dave Roberts Memorial Trophy) – Molly Dzangare (Festival of Viennese Operetta).

Best Technical (The Sue Greener Award) – Hesbe Chivers (costume design for The Sound of Music)

Best first performance at Reps (The Hugh Dornhurst Trophy) – Savanna Bester (The Sound of Music)

Best contribution to dance and movement (The Reps Trophy) – Clare Hingeston (Choreography for The Sound of Music)

Best Director (Isabeau Granger Trophy) – Graham Crutchley (Colder Than Here)

Best stage properties (Marjorie Legg Trophy) – Philippa Johnston (The Woman In Black)

Best stage manager (Trevor Keeling Award) – Tim Garrard (The Sound of Music)

The Adrian Stanley Award – Hesbe Chivers (contribution to development of costumes and wardrobe)

The Munro Trophy for Best All Round Contribution – Mike Blackburn

The Steve Bonney Award – The Beit Trust (support to Reps for the upgrading of Theatre Upstairs)

Reps Afdis Schools Festival winner – Arundel School’s Julius Caesar; runner up: Chisipite School’s Once Upon A Mattress

Repteens awards:

Best Overall Mime and Movement – Neverson Kusokora

The Bartlett Comedy Cup – Thulani Nzonzo

The Aaron Trophy for most Contribution – KJ Greeff

Best Technical – Alexander Blackburn

Most Improved Actress – Joy Chipidza

Most Improved Actor – Rangarirai Kanokanga

Best Actor – Samuel Mundawarara

Best Actress – Meredith Render

Death and memorial Notices

Death Notice: Matejcic Branko, most beloved Husband of Margaret, Father of Tanya, Father-in-law Ryan and adoring Grandfather of Jason. Died after a very long illness. A memorial service will be held on Monday 24th  March 2014 at Nazareth House on Enterprise Road at 11:00 am


Death Notice: Ellway George William (Bill). Passed away peacefully on Tuesday, 18 March 2014. Much loved father and grandfather of Ros, Vernon, Tessalyn, Clare, Bruce, Frances, Craig, Jonathan and Liz. Memorial service on Monday 24 March 2014 at Highlands Presbyterian Church, 112 Enterprise Road, Highlands at 14.30pm. no flowers by  request, Donations to Regimental Association.


Memorial Notice: Rob Hinwood, friend to many, brother to Andrew, Karen and Moira, went to race Corvettes in heaven on march 12, 2014. The family would like to thank those closest to Rob who gave such selfless service during his 5 month battles with bladder cancer. A celebration of life will be held at Sable Club in Harare (Motor Sports Club) on Saturday March 22, 2014 at 4pm. Friends and family are very welcome o come say “Cheers to Rob” For More information contact Clare 0775 495 831.

Death notice

Death Notice: Ellway George William (Bill). Passed away peacefully on Tuesday, 18 March 2014. Much loved father and grandfather of Ros, Vernon, Tessalyn, Clare, Bruce, Frances, Craig, Jonathan and Liz. Memorial service on Monday 24 March 2014 at Highlands Presbyterian Church, 112 Enterprise Road, Highlands at 14.30pm. no flowers by  request, Donations to Regimental Association.


Funeral Notice: Please join family and friends  for the  funeral service of the late Robert Bradley Papenfus. This will take place at Highlands Presbytarian Church , Enterprise Road Highlands  , this Saturday 22nd March 2014 at 11 am.

Death Notice: Jacquie Brymer

Death Notice: Jacquie Brymer passed away on Saturday 22nd March after a courageous fight.  Beloved wife of David and devoted mother of Brooke and Liam.  Her memorial service will be held on Friday 28th March at Raintree at 10am.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Death Notice: Andries Johannes Vosloo

Death Notice: Andries Johannes Vosloo (53), fondly known to all as Dries, succumbed to a heart attack on Thursday 13th March, 2014. Dearly beloved husband of Ruth; father, step-father and father-in-law to Jodi, Shaun, Rance, Kimi, Mathew, Roxy and Mathew and doting grandfather to Quinn. A mentor and rock to the many, many friends and people that he touched during his brief stay here on earth. A remembrance service will be held at 15:00 pm on Friday 21 March 2014 at 14 Helensvale Road, Helensvale, Harare. Teas will be provided, however, please bring along a plate of snacks and your cooler boxes to join the family in celebrating the life of this great friend who was loved and respected by all who had the privilege of knowing him. 


Waterfalls Trust - appeal

Debbie Victor
Good Morning All

 That time of the year where family and friends are planning the Easter Weekend and where they are going for the long weekend is fast approaching.  Yip I’m talking about EASTER !!!  Golly where is the year going ??  

Please before you delete this take a minute to reflect that we are all going to be this age one day and we may find ourselves in similar circumstance where we thought our future was secure until the Zimbabwe dollar crashed and our life savings ended up a pittance of a mere $ 10.00 a month or our family have left the country for greener pastures (no one blames them) but over time have forgotten that they have parents in Zimbabwe (It happens).  Folks these old guys didn’t ask to be in this situation and it definitely isn’t your fault, but it’s not their either.  They are victims of circumstance.  If we are not there for them, who is ? If we cannot do this for them then who will ?  I ask you to help me make this a memorable Easter for them.  Please care for these old weary souls who have no one else.  If you can’t give a donation then please help by passing this email on to your friends.  We have no choice but to rely on you, the public  and sponsors for support.


We all know that the old age homes in Zimbabwe have been struggling in this hard economic situation.  One particular one which is close to my heart, as you all may be aware,  is Waterfalls Old Age Home.  Now, once again my begging bowl is out for Waterfalls Old Age Home Easter Tea which we hope to hold on Good Friday 18th April 2014!! . 


We try and make this special for the old folk (for some of them it may be their last Easter).  When we have managed to put a Easter Tea on they have looked forward to this occasion with anticipation, missing it when it hasn’t been possible.  Unable to give them a Easter Tea last year we would like to make it special this year for them.


For Easter Tea we normally cater for +/- 100 people.  This is to cover the +/- 50 residents and staff which are at the home, if any of the residents would like to invite a friend and for any sponsors or donors who would like join us  and for the helpers who volunteer their services, such as a choir,  Line Dancers (They love participating in this event), photographer,  etc.  As they LOVE having their photo taken on Father Christmas’ knee, we are aiming to get the Easter Bunny for them  to have their photo taken with !!!  Why not ?  Who says you have to be 8 and not 80.  Line Dancing and the Easter Bunny are the highlights of the day for them.  We like to give them a little Easter present (along with their Easter Eggs)  which is normally a hamper of goodies they can use depending on funds and donations  raised.


We do understand the economy is especially hard this time of the year and that is why we are sending our appeal out early in the hopes that someone somewhere can spare an extra coke , packet of crisps or $ 10.00  


We are appealing  for donations in either cash or kind towards the Tea and hampers.  Our wish list below is a breakdown of what we are aiming, with your help, to provide for the old folk to make this Christmas special for them.  As mentioned you never know, it may be a last for some of them. 


TEAS FOR +/- 100


Cakes, Sandwiches, Tarts, Scones, donuts, Sausage Rolls, Mini Pies, Samoosas, Cheese Biscuits (for the diabetics) Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sugar



Toilet Rolls



Tinned Tuna




Bath 2Soap




Air Fresheners

Hand Cream

Cup A Soups

2 minute noodles




I thank you in advance for reading this appeal and no matter how small or large your donation is , it is always greatly received and very appreciated by all. Please contact Debbie Victor on 0772 603 847 or email



Monday, March 17, 2014


From: Anneline Hill
My husband & i were driving to dinner on Friday evening when we reached The robots at cnr of Churchill & College Rd,  we were barely stopped for 30 seconds when i turned & saw a black male at my  passenger  window. In the split second that i had to react he had already smashed my window & grabbed my bag & ran into the university campus, diving through a hole in the fence. There was a vehicle stopped just in front of us at the lights & we still remarked he had stopped oddly in the road, almost at an angle & in hindsight we should have just floored it & tried to drive around him as he was obviously trying to make it difficult to drive off in a hurry should we have noticed the thief sneaking up on us. 


We had screamed around in the car & tried giving chase through the ditches across that grass but unfortunately were just not quick enough.

I was cut & badly shaken but more angry than anything.


In any case i Just would like you to remind everyone in Harare to be aware & if possible not to stop at a robot at night unless you absolutely have to. It happens in a fraction of  second & there is nothing like time to reach for your mace spray. Rather try to prevent the opportunity.

The man who smashed my window was wearing a white jacket & was likely hiding behind that white Zesa box. 


We reported the incident to the Avondale police who were helpful but there has been no news.


We went back to the scene early the next morning to see if i could find my bag or at least maybe my id & drivers license but unfortunately the grass is so thick & we found nothing.

The worm vendors there say there are up to 4 incidences a week- that is incredible! i cant believe that these people can be allowed to get away with this!!!


Please can i put out an appeal that if anyone finds or sees my i.d  (Anneline Hill) 63-2117707N00 /drivers license (Anneline Coetzee)or bank cards anywhere to please call on 0772437661 or 335634.

I would appreciate any help. 


My white iphone 5 was also in the bag & we have put it into Lost mode to try track it but he keeps my phone turned off.

Sadly i dont have my serial no written down but if anyone suspects they may have seen /heard of it please let me know- or if anyone can offer any other advice. I will try to contact all iclick's solution centres of Harare as well to see if they can help in any way


Thank you & kind regards


Anneline Hill


Anti Hijack Trust




There seems to be a lull out there ….. is this because there is a vast improvement in security and it’s now not so easy to gain access to vehicle or premises?  Have the public now become security conscious and being more AWARE & ALERT and have a fair security plan in situ, that seems to be working …. We at the Trust like to think so.

Please still keep vigilant at the schools when dropping and collect children from school ….. If you do have to leave your vehicle for any reason, please make sure your vehicle is locked and all valuables out of view and windows are firmly closed.  If you do see any suspicious people or vehicles loitering around the school report immediately to the school office or the security so that the problem may be dealt with swiftly.

With all the lovely rains we have received, the grass along the sides of the road is pretty long, be aware when slowing down to intersections or traffic lights that all doors are locked and windows secure to avoid being a victim of smash & grabs. Do NOT have handbags, briefcases, or any valuables in view.  Drive with due care as we do have many potholes in most of our roads and fixing them seems to be a very slow process.  Once again, a reminder to please use the correct ‘hands off’ appliances to answer mobile phones whilst driving.  This is an offense and you WILL be fined. It is not acceptable to just stop in the middle of the road with hazard lights flashing to answer your phone, pull right off the road if you must answer.  Nearly every second car you pass you will see people driving with one hand and the other holding the mobile on a call … Do NOT do this …its dangerous to ALL around you, have some concern for other road users.  Many accidents have happened as drivers are texting or calling from the mobile and not concentrating and therefore rare ending into the car in front.  … Come on community, let’s see an improvement in the style of driving ……..


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 



Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.


The miscreants move in in the evenings, and chase the vendors away.  Local knowledge: domestics know not to venture near there, especially if they are on a bike/bought groceries/carrying valuables  . …………………

As you may know this smash and grab then retreating into the university grounds has been a regular occurrence for years.   I also had my window smashed and Hand bag grabbed at the Traffic Lights about five years ago.

It was about 7pm I was coming from Aberdeen Road turning right into 2nd St Ext.  I had stopped at the lights it was raining, suddenly my passenger window was shattered my Handbag gone all in a flash.

I don’t think the  people in other vehicles even noticed , I sounded the  Motor vehicle horn in my distress , I think other drivers thought I was impatient and asked them to move,

The thief ran diagonally across the road to the university grounds,  Arrived Home with no Keys, no Phone, we don’t have a bell at the gate, so I sound the Horn was so glad that my employee Patrick was there to let me in


Reported to Avondale Police the next morning, they told me another woman a tourist had the same thing happen to her 20 minutes before me, A friend of had the identical story same notorious area many others tell the same story. The morning after my robbery people went to search the area, they found a green T-shirt put out to dry,  I remember now the thief was wearing Green there was an overhead light on the road,

The security guards pointed out a tunnel that’s goes under the road carrying a stream; apparently thieves hide there, some times stashing their loot  As a matter of interest I live just off 2nd street in the last approx three months, four stolen bags have been thrown over our gate, Minus valuables of course .  Patrick knows what to look for he finds a phone no, and traces the owner; some times the bag has arrived within 15 minutes of being stolen,   Thieves know there is very little chance of them being caught.   That is what is so galling they have been robbing with impunity motorist and homes for years.   My incident was about 5 years ago


It's easy to be wise after the act, but until you or someone you know is affected by these smash-and-grab incidents, you tend to lull yourself into a false sense of security. Some years ago we (as a family) read a book about being safe secure and street-wise, which was available from Readers Digest. The main thing is to be vigilant all the time and not leave handbags or cases anywhere in plain sight. If possible lock them in the trunk or tuck them under your seat out of sight. Also rehears in your mind what you should do if you are a victim. I yelled loudly at at smash and grab youngster, who mistook the dark floor-mat for a brief case or something, and he made a quick exit. The yelling also gained attention of a driver nearby too. That was near Harare Gardens. Unfortunately nothing undoes the incident and the damage. A Pity there can't be warning lights at these hot-spots for crime! Harare Crime Victim 2


Mocambique Update

From: Dugong Lodge Inhassoro
Sent: Thursday, 6 March 2014 7:59 AM

Hi Mike.

It has been quite a while since I updated your readers on the situation on the road between Muxungwe and Save.


The Convoy between Muxungwe and the Save is still operating and has been travelling with no attack since the 27th January, 2014. There are still some sporadic attacks elsewhere in Mozambique mainly around Gorongosa.

Renamo are participating in talks with the Government and have stated that they will participate in the elections which are set for October this year. They have agreed on the composition of the Electoral Commission and a bill has already been passed by Parliament.

There was however an incident which occurred a week ago involving 2 women from Tete who were driving to Vilanculos during the night who were stopped by Government troops camped at the Rupembe River Bailey Bridge. They were being harassed but managed to escape when the soldiers were distracted by another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. As they were getting away they were fired on. We are still waiting for an explanation from the authorities as to what transpired.

This is all we have to report at the moment.

Best regards



Death Notice: DILMITIS, PETER - The funeral service for the late Peter George Dilmitis will take place at the Greek Orthodox Church, 224 Leopold Takawira Street, Harare on Friday 7th March at 12 noon -  Followed by refreshments at the Atheneum Hall.   There will be a memorial service in Chinhoyi on a date to be announced.  Donations in lieu of flowers to Sunningdale Trust, Chinhoyi

Memorial Notice: Anna Johanna Nel

Memorial Notice: Anna Johanna Nel, beloved Mother of Lewana, Michelle and Nicole, Mother-in-law to Donald and Jason, Granny to Jordan, Ryan and Shaelyn, Wife :) to Louis and a great friend to many. The memorial service for Anna aka "Duck" will be held on Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 3.15 pm at The Glasshouse, Borrowdale Racecourse. Tea and drinks will follow at the same venue. Friends please join us in celebrating the life of a wonderful person. Any info required please contact, Louis 0712604573, Lewana 0772246857, Michelle 0775884830, or Nicole 0774755863

Death Notices

Death Notice: Tony Bond passed away in Brussels on Saturday 8th March. Beloved father of Bridget, Alec and Desmond. Brother of Lesley and Uncle of Caroline, Derek and Wessley.


Death Notice: Ian Gammon, Architect - passed away peacefully on Saturday 8th March 2014, there will be a memorial service at Northside Church on Thursday 13th March 2014 at 3pm.

Death Notice: Some of the “more mature generation” may remember Ted Alexander who was a legend of this country’s rugby in the late 60’s & 70’s and was very well known in Bulawayo and then Harare in business circles before moving to Botswana some years ago.  Ted passed away Wednesday last week after a long illness. RIP Ted. We will be having a memorial service for Ted in Gaborone where they have been living for a long time, at the Anglican Cathedral on Saturday 15th March at 2pm. There will be refreshments served at the church after the service.  Close friends and family are welcome to join us at home thereafter.


Death and memorial Notices

Death and Memorial Notices


Death Notice: It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Frank Jackett former headmaster of Hallingbury School, dedicated husband to Gill and loving father of David, Lynn and Diane.  Frank 84yrs, passed away in Wales on 11th March 2014 after suffering a long illness.  Much loved, we will miss him dreadfully.

Captain Anthony Evelyn Derrington-Thomas (Tony Thomas).  Passed away early Tuesday 11th March after a protracted illness and recent stroke. Loving husband of Elaine, adored father of Anthony (Cape Town) and Lorraine.  A very special father,  gentleman and an accomplished aviator who was an inspiration to many and lived his life to the fullest.   Fly high Pops, you will forever be in our hearts.  Thanks giving service to be announced shortly.


Memorial Notice: Captain Tony Thomas:  The memorial service for the late Tony Thomas will be held at the Highlands Presbyterian Church on Tuesday 18th March at 12.30.  Please dress casually.  There will be tea served afterwards.  Please can everyone bring a plate of snacks. Please also join us afterwards at the Country Club upstairs bar for a final farewell.  Lorraine 263172

Death and Memorial notices

Death Notice: Ronald George Padmore on the 6th March 2014. The memorial service and wake for Ronnie will be held at Wingate Golf Club at 1230hrs on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014. Friends and family are very welcome. No flowers by request, donations to Island Hospice or SPCA. Condolence messages can be sent to and  


Death Notice: Chapman, J W M (Jass) wife of David, mother of Shann, Kim and Julie Ann and proud grandmother of their children, died peacefully on Sunday March 9th at home surrounded by her family.  A celebration service will take place at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 2.30pm on Friday 14th March 2014.

Peter Glynn William CAHILL
The funeral service for the late Peter Glynn William CAHILL will take place at St George’s College, Borrowdale, at 1500Hrs on Wednesday 12th March, 2014, followed by refreshments at the school.  All are welcome. 


Death Notice: Sally Osborne née Rose - passed away in New Zealand on 11th March after a 8 month battle with cancer . Survived by her two children Katie and Robbie, brother Patrick and Granny Pat. A kind and gentle soul who will be sorely missed and deserved better but never complained , you always gave and never took - go well Sal and join Jimmy - peace be with you