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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Protests at University

There have been reports of big crowds protesting at the University near Churchill Ave. so please take care if you have to go near that area this afternoon

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lunch - Meg Coates Palgrave

Meg’s lunch this coming Sunday – 15th March 2015.


By now you should all be aware of the program but in case you’re not ........


The timetable for the day will be;

10.00 - 10:30 am: assemble at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant

10.30 – 11.45 am: Walk in the garden, led by Meg – be prepared -  bring your hat, sun tan lotion etc.

12:00 noon:  speeches and presentation to Meg

12:45 pm: Lunch

There are no events organised for the afternoon.


There will be beer/cool drink and wine glasses at the venue.   Bring your own tumbler with you should you need one for you own drinks. Wine will be supplied.


If you have a story (or reminiscences) to relate  about Meg, let’s have it by email or else you can tell the story during speech time at the venue. We would like to use these contributions to Meg’s life for Tree Life too!







Les passed away on Tuesday afternoon at home after a long fight, bravely borne. He will be sorely missed.

A memorial service will be held at the Presbyterian Church in Hillside, Bulawayo, on Monday 16th at 3.00pm.

No flowers by request. Donations in lieu to Island Hospice, Bulawayo.


Car breakins

There seems to be another couple of Tsotsis going around the Northern Suburbs breaking into cars. I heard of 2 separate incidents that, apparently, happened at about 8am today (Wed 4th) in Vainona - both from Moms that were dropping kids off at school and only away from their cars for 3 or 4 minutes.


I have also been in touch with senior police officers today about the matter and they have asked me to stress that these incidents must be reported to the nearest police station as soon after the event as possible. Please make sure you have a recent copy of Ndeipi on hand – either in the cubby hole of your car(s) or next to the home phone. The contact telephone numbers for all of the local Police stations are on the back inside page of Ndeipi. Ensure that you are given a Reports received number for future reference.


My golfing mate tells me that if you leave your window unwound just a couple of centimetres it is much harder to break! In the meanwhile please be extra careful to not expose valuable belongings in the passenger side of your vehicles

Keep your eyes wide open at all times. Mike G


Reader’s Comments below.


Shame, Roseanne what an awful experience my husband having gone through the same thing some years ago at the intersection of Lobengula and Douglas Roads in the Industrial sites, Harare.  Although it was broad daylight he never carried his briefcase in the back seat of the vehicle, but just this once he did!  A reminder to ladies with handbags and gents with briefcases, get into the habit of double locking (if possible) your possessions in the boot of the car, this way no-one will see what you are carrying on the inside of the vehicle.  Remember too, the network by way of cell/mobile phones advises the thief you are on your way!! With your precious possessions clearly visible.  So you end up being an easy target come rain, hail or sunshine!   Ex police woman



So sorry for this woman’s loss, but she was lucky it wasn’t worse.  These guys are not only desperate to acquire a few bucks, but they have hours and hours during the day to plan this sort of heist.  And she’s right when she says it ALWAYS happens just the ONE time you forget to be careful.  A similar thing happened to me late 2012 -  my 2 dogs were very old and deaf (obviously a known fact) and my domestic workers go off for lunch between 1pm and 2.30.  The one was actually away on leave.  A guy had been casing my property for days, I suspect, and had figured out that he could just lift the electric gate off its track and shift it enough to squeeze in.  He was in and out of the house in about 5 minutes – we were having  lunch on a side verandah.  It was the ONLY time I had come home and thrown my bag on the bed instead of putting it well out of sight  -  the bag was still on the bed, and nothing really important to me had been taken, other than all the cash from my wallet.  Very slick, quick and clever.  Investigations showed that my domestic workers had no involvement.


Lesson we learned :  Make sure there is no way your gate can be pushed even slightly open or lifted.  AND make sure you get alert dogs before the current ones get old and deaf!! L.  An alert dog is one of the best preventions if you are around to hear it barking, but also totally useless if it just barks all day at anything and everything as many suburban dogs do.

Death Notices

Death notice: William Robert Esmond Coxwell; The death occurred on Thursday, 26th February,  at his home in Somerset West, South Africa, of William Robert Esmond Coxwell; father of Susan and the late Simon, husband of Aletta and brother of Chris.   Email:    Lyn  0772 247 647.


Death notice: BAYLEY, Bobs, (aged 92) passed away peacefully at Fairways on 3 March 2015.  She will be sadly missed by Robin & Jenny, Win & Richard, Val & Rob, Tommy, and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Private cremation.  For details of memorial.  Phone 04-490373 : 0712 218 501 : 0775 389 258


I have just received a text from a friend who said there have a spate of robberies involving a lady driven Toyota Raum without plates. Sometime ago in Avondale the lady bumped a certain guy's car slightly from behind and when he got out to see the damage the passenger guy then got out holding an electronic taser and threatened to electronically shock him whilst that was happening the lady driver was busy searching the vehicle for any valuables.  Please be on the look-out especially on quiet roads and areas.


Last night as I was leaving tin roof an African gentlemen followed me to my car, I ignored him and got into my car, he got in the other side and begged for a lift home as his friends had apparently deserted him and his car wouldn’t start, in hind sight there is a million things I should have done, but I didn’t.  Long story short he ripped my handbag and phone away from me when I stopped on the road to let him out and threatened to stab me etc if I didn’t let go.  Along with all my personal effects he made off with my Samsung S4 mini and my handbag with all my cards (bank, medical aid, ID, drivers licence etc) if anyone comes across any of these please contact 0772308300 or Highlands police station.  Name on the cards is Leanne Murray.  Many thanks


Now that Geoff has got over the shock of the brazenness of the robbery, he has asked if people in Marondera be given a description of the bag itself, as it is very distinctive.  It is a black backpack-style holdall, with several side pockets, and the words “Wines of Austria” printed in white along the back.  His notebooks, of which there are two, are A4 in size, and contain the notes he took on his course and needs for his exam in June.  Again, if anything like this is recovered, please could they contact 0772 240130 (Alison) or 04 744070 (the house) to let us know.  He returns to England tomorrow, but if they are found, we can arrange for them to be returned to him.  Thank you and kind regards, Claire Holman



Benjamin Allen Lynton-Edwards

Death notice: Benjamin Allen Lynton-Edwards. Passed away in America on Wednesday 4th March.  He will be sadly missed and remembered for his larger than life character. The Lynton-Edwards Family.

Lions Den Fire

Thanks so much for your continued support; we are moving forward but it looks like we will have a temporary setup for a quite a while before we will have a shop to move into again.  Nevertheless we are encouraged by the concern of our customers and friends. 


Here is what happened and where we are now:


At 3.30am on Monday the 23rd February we were woken up by the shocking phone call that the butchery was on fire!  The crackling of the burning had woken up our staff who live behind the building.  We grabbed some fire extinguishers from the house but as we arrived and saw the flames leaping about 10m above the building it was clear that our little fire extinguishers were going to do very little to help the situation!


My sons and staff rushed into the outer buildings and threw out as much of our property as possible, and thankfully managed to get all of the gas bottles clear of the building.  Unfortunately the most valuable equipment was in the main building and our cash safe was completely destroyed by the fire.  The only survivors were 5 red smiley-face mugs (See photos)!


One of our staff was highly commended for phoning for a fire truck from Chinhoyi that took a while to get to us but managed to put out the fire.  Without the fire truck the whole building would have been destroyed.  As the sun came up reality dawned on us that this wasn’t just a (very) bad dream!  After some investigation it looked as if the fire had started with an electrical fault in one of the biltong dryers and had built up in there, bursting out into the rest of the room.  After a family meeting we resolved that this setback was not going to make us close our doors; we would serve our customers from the veranda.  So we rushed down with tables and whatever equipment we could find at home and started slicing tomatoes and hanging biltong and trying to put together a temporary shop ready for our customers returning from their mid-term getaways.


We were so chuffed to receive so much encouragement from everyone passing through!  It was really special to hear how much people care, and that our little place is such a service to people.


We have had time to assess the damage in the past few weeks and get an idea of what it is going to take to rebuild.  Unfortunately we have to pull down the old walls which we were hoping to keep as they have great sentimental value to us, but they are not going to make it.  So in our rebuilding plans we will improve the shop in design but we don’t want to lose its homely welcoming atmosphere.  As a family we have cleaned the place up and reinforced whatever is still standing.  We are getting ourselves organized to cope with the April holidays which we are looking forward to.  We are still open as usual and supply our full range of butchery products and Saucey Sue’s rolls.  We have fixed the toilets up again and replaced the melted seats with new ones.  Long term we are working together as a family to re-design the interior and provide our customers with an even more enjoyable stop as part of their travels.


We are so appreciative of the support we have had from people; we have received $1200 in our building account, $2000 from a friend, some roofing to go over our toilets, and tremendous help from Montana Meats who have helped us out with our meat account, some equipment and work tables etc.  We just thank everyone for their encouragement and we keep moving forward! 


Many thanks





This month the most important facts we would like to bring to the attention of ALL reading this is:

Increased theft from motor vehicles which are either parked in a yard be it in the home or public parking areas. If the vehicle is left outside, or even those put in a garage at night make sure all are securely locked with an alarm device which will give off a warning if tampered with.  For added security where possible have an outside alarm sensor which will give off a warning before the vehicle or vehicles are tampered with, this will in the long run be far cheaper than having the repairs to the vehicle done.  When parking in an ‘unprotected area’ for any length of time if possible make sure your vehicle is in view and close by or have a ‘guard’ with you to look after the vehicle as it only takes a few minutes for a break in and the perpetrators to take off with your valuables, shopping etc   or better still put all in the BOOT out of view.

Break in through the roof is becoming more prevalent especially in commercial areas. Make sure the control panel for the alarm is in a protected area and where possible away from the public eye so that it is not tampered with.  Make sure that the equipment for the alarm is not placed in the roof as this gives easy access for tampering.

Often new extensions are added and furniture etc is moved and this may now not be covered by the sensor parameter that was initially installed please check that ALL areas are covered for peace of mind. A physical check is easily done and will give you the exact area that may need extra coverage. Cheaper once again in the long run!

Please be ALERT and very AWARE if you come across a break down or any person coming into the road flagging you down to stop. Especially at night or if it is in an area that is not well lit … this could well be a SCAM .. use your discretion as we are a caring nation that helps others in need.

Please ensure adequate lighting at gates for your safety when returning home. Make sure all overgrown plants are cut away from the electric fencing as this is a sure giveaway that the fence is disarmed or not working ….


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


ANTIHIJACK TRUST: Email: or            
 Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.


Please can you put out an urgent appeal to fishermen & anglers who use the Gache Gache River to please come forward and make donations to keep the project running urgently.  We can’t pay the team unless this happens. Our boat motors need attention, (thank you to a kind donor from Durban who just sent us a Mariner 25), the Land Cruiser is off road so can’t do any major patrols etc.etc. We know times are tough but we have come this far and really need assistance as we just can’t keep paying in from our own pocket as the lodge has been fairly quiet of late and not much income to support the anti poaching team.  We do have 3 faithful monthly donors whom we are extremely grateful for, and we also thank the fishermen who DO pop in to make a donation when on the river,  but we just can’t come out on that alone. We would hate that we are just getting there and its a matter of maintenance only, and then the whole project falls apart due to lack of funding. The account details are: Gache Gache Anti-poaching, CABS, Ac No.: 1003438687 or contact Pat on or 0772264159 if you feel you can help in any way. I will put out a wish list ref the spares required for the land cruiser in next couple of days. It is a Nyaminyami Community based project that we support, we don’t get any funding from Parks although they help us with manpower now and again upon request. We rely on the fishermen and pro anglers and some do fish in the river, but don’t pop in to make any donations which is very sad and rather a poor show. Ray takes a lot of flack keeping this going as some of you know. Please make some effort to help us out here. Many thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards

Pat Townsend

Air ambulance service

Air ambulance
MD, James Halsted, that they have now bought and fully equipped a light aircraft so that they can do emergency Air lifts for people (both in Zimbabwe and our surrounding countries) that have urgent medical issues that need sorting out in South Africa.


The company has been rebranded as Ace Air & Ambulance Services. Ace are fully licenced and have the necessary approval to conduct Ground and Air Evacuation.  All of their equipment has been imported new from the USA. They have set the Ambulance service up at 2 Mount Rd in Avondale and have their plane operating from Harare International Airport next to Halsteds Aviation. They have a 24 hour call centre operated by trained Emergency Medical Despatchers with 24 hour crews on Standby




Their emergency numbers are 0782 999 901 ,    0782 999 902,    0782 999 903  and 04 302 141 Website:


They are offering a monthly subscription service for the following, please email for more details


Please keep this information handy in case you have a sudden emergency that needs urgent attention


Death notices

Death Notice: Michael Fraser Wigg, late of Tsetse Control passed away after a long illness on 7th March 2015 at Athol Evans Hospital. He will be sadly missed by all family and friends


Death Notice: Dr Frixos Cambitzis passed away peacefully in Sydney Australia Saturday 7th March 2015. Husband to Nancy. Father to Creon and Lois. Brother to Helen and Jason.


Death Notice: Kille, Jean: Aged 81 years, beloved wife of Turville for 50 years, mother of Turville Jnr and Mandy, George and Ashleigh and granny to Amy, Duncan, Kelsey and Sophie passed away on 6th March 2015 at the Avenues Clinic, Harare. Details of funeral Service to be advised.


Memorial Service for the late Godfrey Swan will be held at Raintree, Umwinzidale on Friday 13th March at 3pm. Tea and refreshments will be served after the service in the beautiful Raintree garden. Directions: From Chisi Roundabout travel along Enterprise road towards Bindura for 10km.  Turn left on to the Umwinsidale Road (just after the ZX Fuel station)  Keep straight for 3km. Turn right on Langhorn Close (Raintree Sign) Contact Details: Willie 0772470070, Hannes 0772235511, Judith 0772470074, Elmie 0772235510


Memorial Service for the late Barry Burbidge will be held at the Bible Baptist Church in Chisipite Harare on Friday 13th at 1200 hrs. The family also extend an invitation to those who wish to join them in remembrance of a wonderful Dad, Brother, husband and friend to join them at his wake after the service at 438  Foxley Drive, Glen Lorne, Harare from 1400 hrs.

Waterfalls home appeal

Meat Appeal: I am desperately appealing for donations of meat or cash to purchase meat for Waterfalls Old Age Home yet once again.  They use 5kg of meat a day for lunch and then go through either 5 tins tuna / 60 Vienna Sausages / 30 smoked Sausages etc per night for light dinners.  They don't have extravagant meals as you know.  If you would like to contribute please either drop your donation in an envelope at MEDIX PHARMACY Pamona or with Debbie Purse at FORGET ME NOT FLORIST or phone Debbie on 0772 603 847 or email me on  Thank you in advance for reading this.

Deaths and memorials

Death Notice: Jennifer Hazel Deacon nee Harvey. Passed away peacefully in Cape Town on Wednesday 4th March 2015. A special Wife, Mum, Sister, Aunt and Granny who be sadly missed by Brian, (Neil & Nix, Erin & Ross), Sue Lowry, (Andrew & Sam, Hannah & Splashy), Kevin, Tommy.


Memorial service: Kille Jeane beloved wife of Turbille mother of Turbille Junior and Mandy, George and Ashleigh and granny of Amy, Duncan, Kelsey and Sophie-passed away at the avenues clinic on the 6th of March 2015. Much loved and cherished by all who knew her, funeral service on Friday 13th march at 3pm at Highlands Presbytarian church.


Memorial service: Friends please join the Family in celebrating the life of Scotty Crockart at Mahobohobo on the Umwinsidale Road, Umwinsidale this Friday 13th March 2.30 for 3.00pm. Casual dress. Please bring your own drinks, glasses and a plate of snacks.


Memorial service: Kille Jeane beloved wife of Turbille mother of Turbille Junior and Mandy, George and Ashleigh and granny of Amy, Duncan, Kelsey and Sophie-passed away at the avenues clinic on the 6th of March 2015. Much loved and cherished by all who knew her, funeral service on Friday 13th march at 3pm at Highlands Presbytarian church.

Barry Burbidge

Death Notice: A Memorial service for the late Barry Burbidge will be held at the Bible Baptist Church in Chisipite Harare on Friday 13th at 1200 hrs. The family also extend an invitation to those who wish to join them in remembrance of a wonderful Dad, Brother, husband and friend to join them at his wake after the service at 438  Foxley Drive, Glen Lorne, Harare from 1400 hrs. There will be food served, and a cash bar.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Death Notices

Death Notice: Van Vuuren Hazel (nee Widdows) - Beloved daughter of Alf and Joyce, darling sister to Lee, Anne , Garth and families. Loving Mother of Nathan  Ryan and Nadine and Grandmother to six loving grandchildren, passed away in the UK after losing the fight to cancer.  Fly with the Angels Hazel - until we meet again.


Death Notice: Diana Cowan (Nee Hensman) Formerly of Umwinsidale, passed away Peacefully on 25th Feb, beloved wife of Alistair, sister to Gary, mother to Kim, Fiona and all their families. There will be a memorial service for her life, at a date to be advised

British Nationals

You are no doubt aware that elections take place in the UK in May.  The UK Government wants everyone who is entitled to vote to be able to exercise that right. We are writing to inform you as British nationals living in Zimbabwe how you can vote.  We would also be grateful for your help in spreading this message to the wider British community.

British nationals living overseas can now register to vote online making it quicker and easier than ever before. British nationals living overseas can also choose to vote by post, through a proxy vote, or in person if they happen to be in the UK on election day.

To be eligible to vote British citizens living overseas must have been registered to vote in a UK constituency within the last fifteen years. For the first time in a UK General Election, those eligible can register online at


Those registering to vote no longer need to have their signature attested by Consular staff, provided they have a National Insurance Number (NI). Where an NI number cannot be provided or the personal identifiers fail verification, and where the Electoral Registration Officer cannot verify that person’s identity using local data, the applicant must provide an attestation to establish their identity.


We have put this information on our ukinzimbabwe Twitter and Facebooks sites and would be grateful if you could forward this further to inform your British contacts.










Zimbabwe Rugby Mourns the loss of a mentor, friend and true Gentleman of the Game.

The Funeral Service for Reginald (Reg) Joseph Nield, will be held at Prince Edward School on Friday 6 March at 10.00 am followed by a Burial Service at Greendale Cemetery and Tea at Prince Edward.

After playing rugby on the Copper-Belt in Zambia and later for Manicaland with greats like Tinnie Martin, Reg moved to Old Hararians where he made a name for himself, playing for them during their heyday along other greats such as Des Christian, Brian Murphy and a young Ian Robertson. ‘Old Boys’ became a formidable team beating some of the top Clubs in South Africa such as Cape Town University, Shimlas for the Free State and Stellenbosch University.

He represented, and also captained, the National Team over a period spanning some ten years.  During the days when Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) competed in the South African Currie Cup it was known as the toughest provincial competition in the world.  The team made a name for themselves playing fast running rugby against bigger and heavier opponents; on numerous occasions causing upsets in the competition, coached and masterminded by Ian Mackintosh.

Reg was a regular member of the team and was known for his competitiveness and one hundred percent commitment to both his Club and Country.  He went on to coach Old Hararians for many years. He coached the First and Second Team Edwardians – who at that time because of their strength competed with the First Team in the National Super League.  Later on, Reg helped coach Country District sides Marondera and Norton and later Provincial Country Districts.  He assisted with the University Team for a couple of years where he turned them into a competitive Second Division outfit. 

Around this time he became heavily involved in Humanitarian work all around the Country and dedicated a great amount of energy to alleviating suffering and bringing relief to hundreds and thousands of Zimbabweans. He accomplished this by facilitating AIDS/HIV intervention Programmes into many High Schools, the Army and other institutions.  He also helped to rehabilitate medial facilities around the country and facilitated collaboration between foreign and local doctors who helped thousands of people free of charge.  He belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints; was a respecter of all persons and loved everyone. 

Despite his huge commitment to these charitable programs which kept him extremely busy, his love for the game of rugby could not keep him away from the playing fields and he continued to coach school boy rugby, being involved with various teams such as Prince Edward 1st XV, Peterhouse and Eaglesvale (then known at Bothashoff).  He was often seen on the playing fields at junior schools throughout Harare, freely giving of his time and knowledge.

Almost all players that he coached will tell you the same story; that he was a great motivator and inspired camaraderie in the teams he was involved with; and in many cases, especially in the school teams became a mentor and fatherly figure to many of them.

His contribution to Rugby over the years was well known and given freely.  The players knew him for his physical tackling practices.  He firmly believed that if you were committed and courageous enough to tackle properly, you could do anything!

His beloved family have lost a Patriarch, but Zimbabwe has lost a sporting hero.  Reg set an example to all and truly lived the Values of Rugby.

He will be greatly missed by the rugby fraternity of Zimbabwe.



It’s high time for a new newsletter and announces the 2015 dates for all events planned.

Get your diaries out and reserve the dates for some fun events.  


Hope you enjoy our stories on our Ngomo Kurira day, the mudrun and our Rumble in the Jungle. 

We also had a good AGM in February. Tim Thorburn has resigned from the committee. Many, many thanks Tim for everything you did for us! Boet Erasmus has been appointed to the committee and has already taken his place in the Jamboree committee as well. Welcome Boet! Some fresh blood and hopefully some fresh new ideas.


Thanks to Jason Young and Mike Gill for their contributions.  Enjoy the reading.



ZTA uodate



Dear Everyone


I hope that this email finds you well.


As an office located in a border town, we also help with facilitation of tourists at the border the same way that Beitbridge does. We do not have a busy border so we cannot be there all the time. But all the same if you need anyone coming into Kariba to be facilitated across the border, we can assist.


We would be happy if you could give us a heads up, before someone comes, so that we can liaise with the Port authorities on the requirements and everything. So that the entry or exit will be flawless.


Please pass this message to everyone, so that we can help assist our tourists.


For more information do not hesitate to contact me on 0773384844 or or Daisy on 0772357196 or


Thank you


Kind Regards



Tendai Mushangwe | Area Manager :Kariba  | Domestic Tourism
Zimbabwe Tourism Authority  
Stand 487 Observation Point Building, Mahombekombe, Kariba, Zimbabwe
Mobile: +263 773 384 844
Skype: tendai_mushangwe
Facebook: ZTA Kariba
Thank you for considering the environmental impact of printing emails.

Stolen Purse

Stolen Purse: My black and cream handbag and khaki laptop bag were stolen from my car at Hellenic Junior School at 430pm yesterday. I had keys, sunglasses, reading glasses and most importantly all my cards in my purse. There was a white MacBook and charger in the laptop bag with external hard drive. Every picture of my daughter since she was born. I am offering a reward to retrieve any of these items Moyra - 0772 279166

Snash and grab

I know most people are aware of the danger at the traffic lights on the crossroads of Borrowdale Road and Whitwell but thought I would just post a reminder!  Yesterday evening travelling in the pouring rain in the dark in heavy taffic (it was 6.45p.m) I was obliged to stop at the red light, 2 cars in front and others drawing up behind me, cars on my right on the dual carriageway.  Visibility was awful and I was concentrating on that and had forgotten that I had not removed my golf kit bag from the front seat on to the floor, nor had I put my handbag on the floor by my feet as I ALWAYS do!!!  I had also forgotten to open the windows just a fraction which would have helped. The sudden smashing of the passenger window and the explosion of glass was like a bomb going off  and of course I knew at once what it was and turned in time to see someone running off with my kitbag.  Then I realized he had my handbag too!  I cursed my stupidity at having forgotten to put the kitbag in the boot and my bag by my feet.  I started by thinking it is only my driving licence, having left all credit cards etc. at home but slowly it dawned on me the extent of my loss and even the next day I was remembering more and more items that were in both bags, not to menion some very favourite items of clothing!  I am always wondering why people are so careless as to put their bags on the passenger seat and then I go and do it myself!!

So this is just a reminder to be so aware, especially at slow-changing traffic lights.  I was such an easy target for the thief and no chance that he would be chased into the vlei by anyone in the dark rainy night.

Take great care!!!


Stolen items

From: Alison Holman
Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 6:50 PM

Good evening Mike,


Today in Marondera, bags belonging to a visiting English friend and the lady who he was travelling with (Zimbabwean) were stolen from their vehicle at the RAM Petroleum station.  Taken from the vehicle were the following:


-          A small holdall, containing a laptop (Acer notebook), cellphone (Samsung S4, white with protective rubber case), passport in the name of Geoffrey Dean, and various notes on travels in Hwange for an article in the Times Newspaper in England, as well extensive notes for a wine exam he was due to take in June

-          A camera bag containing a Canon DSLR camera with 17-35 lens, and another zoom.  The photos related to his Hwange article, and will all be of wildlife.

-          A bag containing prescription medication, including heart meds, for Adrienne Pienaar.


Geoff has asked that people keep their eyes peeled for his notes on Hwange and wine notes for the exam, as these are irreplaceable to him.  Without the notes on Hwange, he is unable to do his job, and these are what he really wants back.


Should anyone find any of these items, please can they contact me urgently on 077 657 4195 or 04 744070.


Thank you and kind regards,

Claire Holman