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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moons

People may be asking you about the forthcoming Supermoon (on 14 November 2016) so I have compiled the following AstroAlert. this one in November is extra special (in some folk’s estimation). Read on From: Francis Podmore AstroAlert 12 November 2016 SUPERMOONS, and Micro Moons Have you heard? “Biggest Supermoon since 1948 to occur in November 2016”. What’s going on? And when is the next one going to happen? The motion of the Moon around the Earth is extraordinarily complicated. The orbit is elliptical (i.e. a slightly squashed circle), it is tilted at about 5° to the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, and the orbit itself rotates slowly once every 19 years. In consequence the distance of the Moon from the Earth varies significantly so that when a Full Moon happens to coincide (almost) with the Moon at perigee (the minimum distance from Earth) the Moon will look larger in the sky than normal because it is closer (a Supermoon), whereas when the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is furthest from the Earth (at or near apogee) we get so-called Micro Moon, when the Moon is at its smallest. Some numbers: the average Earth-Moon centre-to-centre distance is 384,400 km, the average perigee distance is 363,296 km, the average apogee distance is 405,504 km. The Moon can therefore be 384,400/363,296 = 1.058 or about 6% closer than the average, making the Moon’s angular diameter 6% larger and thus 12% brighter since the illuminated area is greater. The reduction at apogee is 405,504/384,400 = 1.055 or 5.5% further away so that the Moon’s is 5.5% smaller and 11% dimmer. But the perigee distance itself varies, quite a lot, as does the apogee distance, due the variation in the gravitational pull of the Sun on the Moon, and the varying Sun – Earth distance. In the 5000 year period from -1999 to 3000 AD the perigee distance varies from 356,355 to 370,399 km. The biggest Supermoon would be 8% larger and 16% brighter than the average. The apogee distance ranged from 404,042 to 406,725 km. On 14 November 2016 Full Moon occurs at 15:52 and when it rises at 18:10 it will be 356,512 km away, which is the closest it has been since 26 January 1948. That means it will be 8% larger and 12% brighter than normal. To see the size comparison, take a 25 cm diameter dinner plate and put it next to, or behind a plate 23 cm across. The next time such a significant Supermoon will occur is 25 November 2034. Where can it be seen? You don’t have to be in any special place, or look at any particular time. Anyone who can see the Moon will see it larger than average, all night long, because a Full Moon rises at sunset, is near overhead at midnight, and sets as the Sun comes up. And a day or two either side of Full Moon it will be only very slightly less than the Supermoon size. There is no ‘official’ definition of Supermoon or Micro Moon. The word was coined in 1979 by astrologer (!) Richard Nolle. He defined it as “a New or Full Moon occurring at or near (within 90%) of its closest approach to Earth”. [But you cannot see a Supermoon at New Moon because it entirely backlit by the Sun!] A better definition is: “ a New or Full Moon which occurs when the Moon is less than 360 000 km from the centre of the Earth”. Consequently the Full Moons of 16 October and 14 December this year are also Supermoons as the distances are 357 860 and 358 483 km respectively, but these are not quite as close as the 14 November event. The next Supermoons are 3 December 2017 and 2 January 2018. These Supermoon events may inspire you to go and admire the glory of our celestial companion. But whether we see any of these depends on the clouds....... Comparing these perigee and apogee distances gives a 14% increase in the Moon’s size, and consequently a 30% increase in brightness from Micro Moon to Supermoon. (Photo from Astropixels) The variation of Full Moon distance in kilometres 2004 – 2023. The red dots show the Full Moon dates. Apogee at the top, perigee at the bottom. Strictly the Supermoons are those occurring at the lowest points of the graph with the Micro Moons at the highest points but the events below the blue line are when the Moon could be described as a Supermoon. (Graph from Are there any physical effects on the Earth? Some people have blamed Supermoons for barious natural disasters but this is not widely accepted. The tides of the sea around Supermoon dates will be larger than usual because tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun. The actual distance between you and the Moon depends where you are on the planet – latitude, longitude and altitude (you may be up a mountain). is a truly amazing website to give you distance and position information and graphics, immediately. Other useful Supermoon websites are: Lists all the perigee and apogee distances and times from 2001 to 2100, but not linked to the cycle of New and Full Moons. The title is “Inconstant Moon”. Dr Giesen’s website has many other astronomical calculations and links. Many people have noticed the Moon (and Sun) looking larger when near the horizon. This is called the Moon Illusion – see links on this webpage. A comprenhensive article. ================================================================================== Francis Podmore (


Readers comments on Water As usual lots of talk, at which our councillors and politicians are world champions, but NOTHING is being done about water. Ministers have given permission to build on protected wetlands and everybody complains about verges being watered, but there is no action. At a recent public meeting a COH councillor stated that there ARE laws which are supposed to prevent watering of lawns and verges, but there is no enforcement. Watering of lawns is a far, far greater waste than just watering verges. Wake up Zimbabweans. We live in Africa and the grass goes brown in winter and green in the rainy season. It is ridiculous to want to have a green lawn in our winter. Boreholes are not an inexhaustible supply of water and DO NOT fill up again in each rainy season. Only 1.5% to 4% of the water which falls on the earth actually replenishes underground water systems. Some of the water now being extracted is hundreds and even thousands of years old. Much more publicity needs to be given to water harvesting. It is the ONLY way we will survive. ……………. As the proud owner of a vast brown lawn, I love it when the rain starts – you really only get that unique ‘first rain’ smell if it is falling on truly dry earth! From the first rains onwards we have the privilege of watching the garden burst into life and colour. It is well worth considering whether you *really* need a green lawn all year round – it is wonderful to watch the garden change with the seasons! As for watering verges I wholeheartedly agree. Rather than having water meter readers coming month after month to take readings that never change, what about monitoring those who are so careless with this precious and ultimately finite resource. I too despair not only at the unnecessary green verges, but those who choose to water in the mid-day heat when most of the water will evaporate before it even sinks into the ground! And worse those who leave automatic sprinklers to water the tar or the garden wall... ……………… Totally agree with “C” about the stupidity and the irresponsibility of watering the verges – irrespective whether it is from your borehole or not. Think about what is happening to the water table below your feet! I have always said I can cope without electricity because I can “make” electricity but if you have no water you cannot “make” it. We ALL need to take responsibility for our daily actions. Petra ……………..


Chris Bate: Passed away on 7 Nov. There will be a memorial service, open to all, at Borrowdale Brooke on 18 Nov at 1400 for 1430. Please can all friends and family join us then. Dress smart casual. Cash bar. Frankie Herd ( formally Ellman-Brown nee Scott ) passed away in Sydney Australia on Sunday 13th November 2016 after a long battle with cancer. Beloved mother of Lindsay and Andrew. May her soul rest in peace. Mark Chance: Death and Funeral Notice: There will be a wake held for Mark Chance, (who passed away on Tuesday the 8th of November), at the Dandaro Centre, on Wednesday the 16th of November from 12.30 pm. Please can all friends and family join us for refreshments and a light lunch, to remember Mark and celebrate his life. Youngleson, Voy – It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our beloved mother, grandmother & great grandmother. At peace now with her darling Sandy. A memorial service will be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church on Tuesday 15th November at 2:30pm. Sandi and Gray Harnden, Frank and Patsy and Pam Hartnack.

Monday, September 12, 2016

death Notices

Death Notice : Neil Snatt , beloved Father and Grandad of Barbara and Owen , Zoe and Adriaan , Amy, Ben, Rob and Christie , Diane and Jono , passed away peacefully on Wednesday 17th August in Durban. Memorial Service: A memorial for the late Air Marshall MJ (Mick) McLaren will be held at Royal Harare Golf Club in the Main Lounge this Thursday the 18th of August at 5.30 - 6.30 pm. All those wishing to pay their respects are welcome to attend. Snacks will be provided, cash bar. Death Notice: LESLEY FAULKNER – ex Guruve and Norton. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Lesley, beloved wife of Robin, mother of Tony and Jenny, grandmother to Belinda, Lauren, Sarah and Michael and great grandmother to Tyler. There will be a gathering at Bill and Jenny’s house at 5 Wiltshire Road, Greendale, Harare on Friday 26th August 2016 from 12 noon . Please join us and please come in casual dress.

Patsy Johnson

Death Notice: We are so sad on the passing of our much loved wife, Mum, granny and great granny Patsy Johnson. There will be a Memorial Service to remember her wonderful life at the Highlands Presbyterian Church at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 23 August 2016. There will be tea afterwards and we ask the ladies to please bring a plate of eats. You may contact us on 0772-264-194 and 0772-249-424

Eileen Fleet

Memorial Notice: Well respected DTZ member and much loved dance teacher, Eileen Fleet passed away on Thursday 25th August 2016. Eileen was National Ballet's prima ballerina for many years and her grace, serene nature and passion touched so many of us in the dancing community. Her legacy lives on, inspiring us to seek the beauty in all we do. A Memorial Service for Eileen will be held at Celebration Centre at 2:30pm on Friday 2nd September 2016.

Death Notices

Death Notice: Keeling, John Desmond - Passed away after a long struggle with cancer at his home in Basingstoke on 21st August 2016 in his 83rd year. Loving husband of 37 years of Monica (nee Winther). Beloved father of Caryn, Ross, Douglas, Christian, Sally and Amy. Proud grandfather of Hazel, Dennis, Kristopher, Jessica, Selina, Nils and Svenja. A funeral service will be performed in Basingstoke UK on 1st September 2016 at 10:15am. Condolences may be sent by e-mail to Death Notice: Estelle Pardy passed away 30th August 2016. Our dearest Mother and Grandmother now at home with The Lord after her brave battle against cancer. Mother to Adam, Fern and Darlene. Grandmother to Scott, Keira, Natasha and Nicole. Condolences may be sent to or +263772105249. Memorial Notice to follow.

Keeling, John Desmond

Death Notice: Keeling, John Desmond - Passed away after a long struggle with cancer at his home in Basingstoke on 21st August 2016 in his 83rd year. Loving husband of 37 years of Monica (nee Winther). Beloved father of Caryn, Ross, Douglas, Christian, Sally and Amy. Proud grandfather of Hazel, Dennis, Kristopher, Jessica, Selina, Nils and Svenja. A funeral service was performed in Basingstoke UK on 1st September 2016. Condolences may be sent by e-mail to

Death Notces

Death Notice: Reginald Walter Antony Cox (Tony) passed on to his maker on Saturday 3rd September 2016 at home in Harare. Tony had a very tough year and is now at peace with the Lord. A Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Tony will be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church at 10:00 am on Thursday 8th September. Please accept this intimation. Teas and refreshments will be served after the service. If you would like to bring a plate of eats to assist with the teas in the hall afterwards this would be appreciated. Mattinson, formerly Bowden née Farquhar, Tessa Gay Urquhart, of Harare, Zimbabwe and Seaview, Isle of Wight died peacefully after a short illness on 30th August 2016 surrounded by her family. A Thanksgiving Service to celebrate her life will be held at St Peter’s Church, Seaview, IW on Friday 23rd September 2016 at 2pm and a further service will be held in Harare in October at a place and time to be announced

Mike Bean

Long-time owner of Pomona Hardware and husband of Aggie, Mike Bean, sadly passed away last Tuesday afternoon. We, at Bambazonke Nhasi, are very grateful for all that Mike and Aggie did to facilitate the initial stages of marketing Bambazonke . There will be a memorial service for Mike Bean at Highlands Presbyterian Church next Tuesday 13th September, 2016 at 10.30am We would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Aggie and her family

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Charles Mackie: Our sincere condolences to Jane, Rory, Kerry and Zor for the loss of Charles. A man bigger than life itself and someone who contributed so much to all around him socially, at work, at home and to his beloved natural environment and wildlife. He will be sorely missed by all .... From Neil and Sabie Meats In Memorium: " The late LORRAINE PATERSON who passed away on the 27th July 2015. Always remembered with love by John her husband. Barbara and Bob. The Sheehan family, the Burrells and Belle. '' Memorial Notice: Lyall Patrick Wittstock. Memorial Service will be held at 2pm on Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, at Our Lady of the Wayside Church, The Chase, Mount Pleasant. Friends please accept this invitation. Contact 0774509689. Please Note Inside Out Gift Shop will be closed on Tuesday 2nd August.

Mocambique update

From: Archipelago Resort Accounts [] Sent: Friday, July 22, 2016 10:35 AM LATEST SECURITY DEVELOPMENTS IN MOZAMBIQUE

Talks with mediators
yesterday and today

Talks between Renamo and government resumed yesterday, with mediators present. After a formal meeting, the mediators met separately with the Renamo and government teams in parliament. The three teams (6 government, 6 Renamo, 6 mediators) will begin actual discussions at a meeting today in the Hotel Avenida. (Noticias & O Pais, 20 & 21 July; Zitamar & AIM 20 July)

Renamo and the government each asked three eminent people or institutions to name mediators. Renamo identified the European Union, the Vatican, and South African president Jacob Zuma. The government identified three former presidents and prime ministers: Ketumule Masire (Botswana), Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzânia) and Tony Blair (UK). It appears that most of the six will have at least two people and in some cases more present in Maputo; all six were represented at the session yesterday.

Kindest Regards

Lana Scott


Please can you advise interested parties that there are con artists using fraudulent Eaglesvale School Procurement Vouchers – they place orders ino Eaglesvale School then arrive with fraudulent RTGS forms all duly stamped and attempt to collect what they have ordered – all very authentic looking – unfortunately trusting people may end up losing – I am not that trusting and do not release any stock until funds reflect in my account.  I have spoken to Eaglesvale and handed over copies of the various documentation to them so they can investigate further



Speed trap

I was out running my usual 8km route around Glen Lorne early this morning when I came across a speed trap at the bottom of Glen Helen.

4 Highway Patrol guys were out catching cars going over 60 at the foot of a major hill – very hard not to speed down that incline

I have never seen them there before but I suspect they will move to other places in the next few days


Mike G.


Death Notice: Ingrid Tselentis. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of  Ingrid Tselentis on Saturday 16th July 2016. The funeral will take place at the Greek Orthodox Church,  Leopold Takawira Street on Thursday 21st July at 10am. 

Death Notice: JORDAN, Mary: This is to let Bulawayo friends - especially in the music community - know of the death, on 10 July in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and at age 98, of MARY JORDAN, cellist, pianist and music teacher in Bulawayo from the 1960s to 1990s. Mary was leader of the cello section of the Bulawayo Municipal Orchestra, an accomplished chamber musician (often with Becky Nussbaum) and a stalwart of the Academy of Music. Wife of the late Thim, and sadly ! missed by their beloved son Anthony. (

Memorial Notice:  BARBARA ANN SILK, mother to Martin and Ian Silk, mother-in-law to Shenley and Di and grandmother to Keegan, Shelby, Tyla and Hayden, passed away peacefully on Sunday 17th July 2016.  A memorial service will be held this Friday 22nd July at 11.30am at Kingsmead Chapel, Borrowdale.  Please join the family for tea afterwards, at the Chapel.


From: Belinda Ambrose

Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016 1:36 PM

Good Day Mike

Please could you send this out on behalf of Barry Millward

On Saturday the 9th of July I was visited by “Janet” the white lady that was once spoken about who comes around claiming she needs money to go back to her family in Chinhoyi.  Being of a soft nature and not knowing beforehand who she was I invited her into my home. As I went to collect some money I wanted to give her, I left her sitting in the lounge.  When I came back, gave her the money she then sat a little then left.  After she had left I noticed my Samsung A3 phone was missing and knew she stole it, as it had been there before she came.

She then called me on my landline later in the evening  told me later that that she is sorry for stealing my phone and could I meet her to collect the phone the next day around lunchtime.  No surprise, I have not heard from her since.

If she tries to tell you a sad story and sell you a Samsung A3 serial number 356523 - 06/404192/5* please contact me immediately on 0733 778 267 or call Borrowdale police station on 860148/ 860061/ 67 Police report number is RRB2813495/16 officer dealing with the case is Constable Kunodziya.

Many Thanks

Barry Millward

Thursday, May 26, 2016

removal of the illegal settlers from Chishawasha to Hatcliff.

has been helping with the settlers from Chishawasha and sent me this email today. Ciao Mike G.

From: Jacqueline Anderson

Good morning Readers

FBC has asked us to put their statement out concerning the removal of the illegal settlers from Chishawasha to Hatcliff.

As said in previous correspondence the Bank provided transport to take the people to the Hatcliff area and two tents.

We have also asked if they would consider assisting with toilets etc which they are looking into.

Mega Pak donated a water tank.  Meikles Foundation donated 20 000 lts of water.  Lucky Brand – mealie meal and blankets.  Muslim Community  provided a borehole yesterday and plastic sheeting. Individual & company Cash donations and goods & clothing have been coming in  -  Mealie bought through cash donations.   Chinese Business Association – loads of bread loaves. 

The community are still in need of blankets (very very cold out there)  / sugar & tea & milk (mainly for the children) / water (will take time for borehole to be up and running)

Toilets & buckets

Items can be taken directly out to the Hatcliff Area and all receipted through the people in charge co ordinated by MP Mudambo   Alternatively please drop at Highlands Presbyterian Church Att MM  Hat/Res

Huge thank you once again for those who are been so generous.  

I know I always say it but     “we have the best people in the world in our country”      who can rally to meet a need of someone less fortunate than themselves. 

Below is FBC’s position on the same.

The evictions which have been executed are as per the High Court Judgement passed in 2013 under case number 12422/12.  This land was acquired back in 2008. As you may be  well aware, FBC is in the property development business and this property was part of our land bank, earmarked for development.   We in fact hold title to this land. While we were in the process of completing a number of other housing projects around Harare and in other cities, the land was occupied by illegal settlers who have consistently refused to move.

The case has been dragging since 2013 when FBC was granted an order by the High Court  to evict the settlers. The illegal settlers were served with eviction summons two weeks ago and some of them heeded the call and vacated.  The remaining settlers were peacefully removed from the area with the assistance  of Harare North Member of Parliament, Hourable Mudambo who  managed to find them land to settle in Hatcliffe.  On humanitarian grounds, FBC has provided  temporary shelter for the settlers as well as transport to move them and all their belongings to an alternative site organised by Mr. Mudambo.  

This piece of land is part of our property earmarked for development and as such, must be vacated for its intended use. FBC Building Society has in the past 6 years successfully built and sold over 870 low, medium and high density housing units around Harare and select cities, in support of the government’s initiative to provide decent and affordable accommodation to the nation. We seek to increase our footprint in property development across the length and breath of the country.

Warm regards

Jacqueline Anderson

0779 163400

Friday, May 20, 2016

Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith, beloved father of Sean, Candice, Regan and Jamie, passed away peacefully on Monday 16th May 2016, surrounded by close family and friends. 

A Celebration of his life will be held on Friday 20th May, at the Church of the Nazarene in Belgravia (behind Reps Theatre) at 11.00 am, followed by a wake at Reps theatre. 

The family would be very grateful if those attending the wake would be kind enough to bring a plate of eats. Doug Smith had a very colourful life so we encourage those attending to please dress accordingly if you wish. Please contact Sean for any other details-

Judy Hermanides

Memorial Notice: At 5 pm on Friday, 20th May, we will be raising a glass to celebrate the life and longstanding friendship of the very special Judy Hermanides who left this world on Saturday, 14th May.  All who knew her are very welcome to join us.  For details please contact Sheena, 0772 329 477. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Anti Hijack Trust

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !

This month has seen vehicles being hijacked as the owner of the vehicle gets out and locking the vehicle in public parking area so be very vigilant that’s you are not being watched. Handbag stolen at the same time which is very stressful,  if you do happen to find cards and documents that could easily been tossed aside please if a contact number is available call the person involved as to obtain new documents is often a very tedious costly exercise. .    If this is not possible hand in at the nearest Police Station. This has happened in more than one public area in Pomona, Borrowdale and Kamfinsa. It also seems that women on their own are the targets. Please be on your guard when driving to the Airport especially at night … 

CASES of theft from vehicles are still a statistic …..  mostly due to total carelessness … do NOT leave valuable items including shopping in full view put all in the BOOT. To just cover up valuables with a jacket or jersey is NOT safety …. if it can be seen through the window it is a prime picking …. Let’s all be sensible and think before leaving things in the vehicle …   it only takes seconds to SMASH & GRAB and it only takes seconds to be wise and put all in the boot and out of view.

Please check that vehicles all travel with the required recently serviced fire extinguisher (every six months) correct honeycomb reflectors on the vehicle and 2 x triangles that reflect on both sides. This will save any aggravation at road blocks. Hopefully the Road Traffic Board has taken up the regulation on space saver/biscuit wheels as spares and informed the Police Traffic Department to alleviate the present chaos on the subject

Attention to all ATM users to be on the  alert as to your surroundings and to not accept ‘help’ whilst using the machine and do NOT give your pin number to anyone, rather wait for the Bank to open and draw the cash.  Do not keep large sums of cash in homes or business premises, arrange for a security company to transport with an armed guard backwards and forwards. 

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !

ANTIIJACK TRUST: Email: or            

 Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

Death notices

Death Notice: It is with immense sadness that my children, Francesca, Joseph and Elizabeth, and I announce the passing away of our sister and daughter, Giulia, who was born in Salisbury and who was only 47 years old, after a long illness (brain cancer).  The cremation ceremony will be held on Wednesday afternoon, 11 May 2016, at Viterbo (Italy) and her ashes will eventually lie in the family tomb at Poggio Mirteto cemetery (Rieti province, Italy). Giulia R. I. P.  Her father, Anthony Tettamanzi. E-mail:

Funeral Notice: Richard Peall – Sadly passed away on Friday 6th May. Funeral will be held on Friday 13th May, at 12pm in the Prince Edwards School Chapel. Wake to follow at 7 Honey Bear Lane.

AA Breakdown assistance

the roadside when you have actually broken down

You may  already have courtesy cover through  your Bank account package, Car manufacturer or your Insurance its always best to JOIN THE AA for Your Motoring Peace Of Mind


We are proud of the quality and world class of our services-but don’t just take our word for it

·       Our trained rescuers  rescues someone every hour and fix minor problems at the roadside

·       You can also enjoy exclusive Member benefits when you join us.

We pride ourselves on offering you everything you need to get you MOVING keep you MOVING and MOVE you forward Contact our Membership Team for more info

Watch out

From: Colleen
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 8:43 PM

Hi Mike

I would like to inform companies about a group of people masquerading as Municipal police and a City of Harare Inspector.  The ‘inspector’ is a tall African man, wearing a blue work dustcoat with a HM printed on the pocket. The Municipal police are dressed in uniform -  2 African men and one woman. 

They are asking to see the company’s City of Harare licences.

 When I asked the ‘inspector’ for identification and his name and work contact number, he refused.  He was arrogant and insisted he had every right to close us down if we did not show him the licences.  They came around to our work place yesterday morning, and harassed our sales man and workshop manager and threatened to close us down if we did not produce the licence, or pay them us$ 400-00.  Management  told the salesman to let them close our doors.  They said they will be back in the afternoon to see management.  They did come back in the afternoon, but I was still unavailable so they said they would come back today, being Wednesday, at 10:00.   They arrived today at 11:30 insisting I show them the licence or pay them us$ 400-00.  As I am aware that all City of Harare employees have an Identification document which they will present on request, I realised that these 4 people were not who they said they were. I played along so as not to provoke them.   I insisted on Identification, and told the police that they even should know the law, and that anyone can walk in pretending to be someone else, and so I would take the matter up personally with City of Harare, to confirm my rights.

They left when they realised I would not be cooperative.   

I went to City of Harare to report this group and have been given the following information.


Call Mrs Mawere – she is in charge of all inspectors in the Msasa area. Her number is 0772 269 864

Should anyone in Msasa have these three walk in and you are able to take of photograph of them. You can send it to Mrs. Mawere.  With no names or pictures, action is very difficult.

City of Harare have had similar incidences and take this seriously.


Colleen De Bruyn

Favebook page on ZRP

You may be aware that an excellent forum has been setup on FB at

The purpose of the group...

We have created this group because we want to bring to the attention of the "Powers that Be" the harassment that the general public is facing at road blocks on a daily basis...

We all agree that road safety is of the highest priority, and checking for unroadworthy vehicles or faulty/missing equipment is something that needs to be done. However, the unnecessary harassment of drivers, to say nothing of allegations of corruption, cannot be tolerated. To quote the ZRP itself:
“The ZRP does not tolerate corrupt elements and has both legal and administrative apparatus to eject such from its system" said Commissioner Ndebele []

We encourage you to use this group to share your experiences, whether positive or negative, but we will not tolerate abusive, offensive or insulting posts. Although you may feel like swearing, please keep it clean!

When you post something about an experience, please give the date, time and place, and, if possible, the name and number of the ZRP officer involved. You are entitled to ask for a police officer's name and number.
We will try whenever possible to provide information about your rights at road blocks, and any other information that might help.

Lastly, thanks to 'Dear Zesa...', which has proved to be an enormously successful group and gave us the inspiration to start this group, though there is no connection between the two.

So please share / tell / add all your Zim friends to this "Dear ZRP" group as we need to attain a critical mass to make an impact!

There has been some great interaction from folk country wide & the 'file Section' has all current docs that are available to the public. 

virus alert from Mike Garden

There seems to be a virus and or hack on Facebook right now with a movie being sent to a multitude of addresses – it comes from one of your friends with a whole lot of other folks listed

If you click on this it is quite likely you will have to reset your password and or a few other things


Mike G.

Toney Osbourne

Sadly I must advise everyone that Tony past away this morning.

Notes such as these are never easy to write – losing a another colleague of old saddens me greatly as I am sure it does you all; his battle, fought so gallantly, against diabetes together with an infection and a wound which wouldn’t heal proved just too great...

I know I speak for everyone when I say we reach out to Cynthia and the family, we take their hands and weep with them; Cynthia’s email address is  

At this point I do not know the funeral arrangements but once these are known I will advise local Dagaboys.   

Cynthia you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace Tony.



Psalm 62.1  My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him

Derek Lenton

Ever so sadly I must bring you the news of Derek’s sudden passing in the early hours of Sunday morning, I find it hard to write again and focusing my thoughts on another friend and colleague’s passing...

Many of you will not of know Derek whose Parks service was from 1981 through to 1987, he was in the first intake of cadet rangers/rangers who passed through the Wild Life College (Matopos Hotel?) under  Steve Johnson, he was then posted for his three month’s probationary  service to Chete/Chizarira under the guidance of Blondie Leathem and Peter Fick. I have his last station as being Management Unit under Clem.

At the time of his untimely death Derek was working on the Bubye Valley Conservancy in a close knit team under Blondie who, as expected, speaks very highly of him.

As a family we reach out to Antoinette and their two sons Sean and Roy who work, I understand, in the SAVE and BVC respectively – We grieve and weep with you sharing in your enormous loss of a husband, father and dear friend.

Support - Letters of sympathy and condolences to Antoinette, Sean and Roy - please send to – and  

I will advise local Dagaboys of the funeral arrangements once these are known.

God Bless


Psalm 62.1  My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him

Old Age: Agreed. However we all have different genes which to a certain extent govern the age to which we live. Our lifestyle of course also to a certain extent governs our life expectancy. Unfortunately some people have genes that pre-dispose them to depression or negative thinking.  However it must be said that too many of us have our cup is half empty instead of our cup is half full philosophy to life. Especially in Zimbabwe where we face many challenges. It is worth all of us trying to remember the words of Melanie Reid who became a tetraplegic through a horse riding accident: we are never grateful enough for the simple things in life like just waking up each day and still being able to wiggle our toes  Charles


Worth warning motorists of yet another Police stop on the Chirundu Road.   At Buffalo Downs coming towards Harare, on the downhill with left lane pitted and broken tar, with faded lines ----  the temptation to move to the centre lane which is in reasonable condition will result in a fine as they are waiting for you just around the bend !!  KEEP IN LEFT HAND LANE, despite the suspension damage !!  Cheers  JS


Just reading the "New way Fwd" that be fine! but then seriously the charges need to be REDUCED!!! FOR USING PLASTIC MONEY, otherwise the NEW RIP OFF!! will come into effect. Colin


Well done Mike for highlighting this and well done Richard for your comments - learned the hard way! Healthy lifestyle habits including diet is part of the holistic approach of the stress management and life coaching courses and client coaching I provide. And it never ceases to amaze me with so much information out there now how ignorant of the workings of our own bodies and brains most of us are. If we don't know how they work, then we can't know what to do when they're not working so well! And so much stress and ill health is entirely preventable - just with a little knowledge and a few lifestyle changes. 80% of illnesses are stress related after all. Pamina


We have had owned a boat for many years and have  towed it all over the country.  However we are now limiting the amount of times we take the boat out as the police at the road blocks have become very aggressive towards the fines for various things.  The latest (which was on Tuesday) is that we have to have a red flag at the back of the engine.  We argued relentlessly with him and in the end he did not fine us for that but for the fact that we didn’t have a light shining on the number plate.    Regards Linda


I suggest and agree that the Public should become more conscious of "A World Without Litter" and this first starts at home with Parents educating their children not to Litter - however, I do not agree with the suggestion or idea that the Municipality to whom the Public who pay rates, the respective Mayors of their Towns and Cities in Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Roads and Transport - and in particular, the Honourable Minister himself, should be fully responsible and accountable for the state of our Roads and specifically, as you suggest, the "potholes debacle". Stop allowing a consciousness of " Lack of Responsibility" - with such suggestions - it perpetuates the problem of endless handouts and allows corruption and lack of transparency to continue in Zimbabwe and her surrounds.
As a Member of the Zimbabwean Public I DO NOT SUPPORT or ENDORSE the above suggestion and ask those , who I have no doubt, ONLY have good intention, but actually need to recognise that such suggestions just aid  and abet the endless lack of Responsibility to the jobs and only teach the next generation to do the same!


There is also a very potent ransom ware virus circulating at the moment. I received an attachment from a known address. Thinking it was an invoice I opened it. Unfortunately I downloaded a virus instead which immediately set to work encrypting all my personal files.

When trying to open one of my  files, I was denied access and it led me to a website which offered the key to open the file for a price paid in bit coins. Like something out of a Hollywood movie. I immediately switched of the machine and removed it from my network. Fortunately my files were all backed up, but even after several attempts to remove the virus including a factory reset of the machine, I eventually  had to have the hard-drive replaced.  My machine was protected by anti-virus software, which unfortunately was no help. My IT guy said that this was the 5th time he has seen this particular virus and he thinks that the creators of the virus hack into domains and send emails out using that address to all the email addresses on the domain. In this way, the receiver trusts the sender and therefore is more likely to open the attachments.

It is worth remembering only to open attachments you are expecting, and not just open attachments from trusted sources. Interesting times


Conmen: I have had a similar incident at my house of three very well dressed gentlemen in suits and driving in a smart new red sports car tried to gain access to my home property in the Emerald hill area. They were very insistent over a period of time that they were from the Municipality, slightly changing their story as time went on as they saw the domestic was not co-operating by opening the gate. This happened at 10.00am in the morning. They had said my neighbours had reported me for an offence and they were here to check up on the report and needed to come in.

Of course the neighbours had done nothing of the sort !  As people get more and more desperate and I am sure this kind of incident will be on the increase. Maureen



Death Notice - CRAVETTI, Charlie. Passed away peacefully on Friday 13th May 2016. An exceptional Husband, Dad, Papa and Great Papa. Heaven has gained an amazing angel. A memorial tea will be held on Friday 20th May 2016 at 3pm. For further details please contact David - 0772301007, Sue - 0772320848, Caroline - 0774938314, Christina - 0773935598.

Death Notice - CRAVETTI, Charlie. Passed away peacefully on Friday 13th May 2016. An exceptional Husband, Dad, Papa and Great Papa. Heaven has gained an amazing angel. A memorial tea will be held on Friday 20th May 2016 at 3pm. For further details please contact David - 0772301007, Sue - 0772320848, Caroline - 0774938314, Christina - 0773935598.

Partridge Barbara Hamilton

Death & Memorial Notice: Partridge Barbara Hamilton passed away peacefully on the eve of Friday 13th May 2016, at home in Dandaro, surrounded by her family, after 90 years and an amazingly long & fruitful life. Wife of the late Honourable Mark Henry Heathcote Partridge. Much loved mother of Kathie, Jane, Sue & Mark. Beloved Mother-in-law of Dave & John Sole, Steve Potts & Sarah Partridge. Adored grandmother of Michael, Brendon, Alastair & Quinton, Kerry-Ann, Peter-John, Tracey & Ashleigh, Belinda, Donald & Duncan, Phillip, Stacey, Sam & Moira. A legacy of 15 great-grandchildren. A service will be held for Barbara to celebrate her life, at Dandaro Community Centre, on Saturday 21st May 2016, at 10am sharp. All are welcome. A plate of eats would be gratefully received. Wake to follow at no 30 Cambridge Drive, GreendaleKB  

Mozambique allert

HI All, The following was sent to me by one of our readers this morning – he receives updates from the Daily News – see below. Ciao Mike G.

MOZAMBIQUE (Country risk rating: High); 17 May; Filipino national killed in RENAMO bus attack

A Filipino national was killed during an attack on a bus travelling on the EN1 highway near Murrotone, in the Zambezia province of Mozambique, according to reports on 17 May. The attack was allegedly conducted by the opposition Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO) group. Five other people were injured in the attack. The attack by RENAMO follows a similar incident on 14 May in Mussorize, Manica province, which left one person dead. The Minister of the Interior has stated that patrols by security forces in the area will be increased. Heightened political tensions between RENAMO and the ruling Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) party have led to a number of shooting incidents and kidnappings in recent months, including indiscriminate attacks on civilians travelling along the EN1 and EN6 highways. Due to the ongoing nature of the dispute, as well as a recent rejection of peace talks by RENAMO, further such incidents should be anticipated in the short- to medium-term.

Advice: Clients are advised to take heightened caution in the rural and remote areas of Mozambique's Sofala, Nampula, Tete, Manica, Zambezia and Niassa provinces, due to intermittent clashes between security forces and armed groups, as well as indiscriminate RENAMO attacks upon civilians. Due to the risk of conflict and the heightened threat of ambush attacks associated with travel along the EN1 and EN6 highways in Sofala and Zambezia province, clients are advised to limit intercity road travel and to use commercial air travel instead. If road travel is unavoidable, clients should ensure that all movements are coordinated as part of a military convoy.

Crisis Management Assistance

18 May 2016

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