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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulat6ions and Condolences


Mrs Edna Ibbotson will be turning 101 on Wednesday 3rd November!

The residents, staff and Board of Edith Duly Nursing Home will be

holding a tea party to celebrate this wonderful occasion in her honour.

Would her friends please contact the Home on (09) 203022 or send an

email to

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "IBBY" you are truly a Grande Dame!


CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Ibby on her 101st Birthday!

Well done, Mrs Ibby .......what an achievement. We are so proud of you.

Lots of love and congratulations from Claire, Colin and Va

Anyone who would like to send Mrs Ibby an email for her birthday please

send it c/o and I will print it out for her.



Emmett, Jim. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Jo, Robbie, Tom and family on the passing of our life long friend and colleague Jim - a humble and modest man with a special magic sense of humour. We had many good laughs together. Jim died peacefully at his home in England on the 12th with his beloved Jo, at his side. As always, Jim fought a good battle - may his dear soul now rest in peace. Jo, Robbie and Tom our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time. Much love, Basil and Jill.


Bing, David. Sincere condolences to Carol, Andrew, Mark and families on the very sad passing of Dave. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Basil and Jill.


It was with huge sadness that I learned today of the passing of Lynne Lombard, wife to Boet. I remember the Lombard family when I lived and worked in Plumtree in the mid-1980s.

My sympathies to Boet and the family.

Sad regards

Robb WJ Ellis

Derby, UK

Mandebvhu NTL


Lombard Lynne. Remembering the good times together.Deepest sympathy to Boet and family.From Roy,Phyl and Family


Joann Barbara Emerton (nee McKellar), late of Bulawayo and Fish Hoek, Cape, passed away in Basingstoke, England on 11th October 2010 aged 92. Beloved husband of Stanley and mother to sons David, Jonathan and Peter. A loving, caring grandmother and great grandmother who will be sadly missed by all the family, relatives and friends throughout the world.



Lyn Lombard

What a wonderful, considerate, energetic lady; gone to rest. We have such wonderful memories of every time we all saw each other, especially at the Lodge. Our thoughts are with you, Boet and all the family. Fond love, Carol and Graham Mackenzie.


From the Bulawayo moring mirror

Its time to become litigious !!

I have never been an admirer of litigious societies, but I think the time has come in Zimbabwe.

Not that we wish to make any money out of it, but we would very much like to make officialdom stand up and be accountable.

HeeHoo and I are not claimers or complainers, but the very fabric of society has become so distressed that maybe a few expensive financial and hurtful demands will make those in power sit up and take notice.

How many times have you had a puncture and destroyed a tyre rim because of an untended pothole ? Have you made a claim ? Probably not because "it won't make any difference anyhow".

How many times have you had a collision or almost had a collision at a non functioning traffic light ? If you have been unfortunate enough to actually have an accident, have you claimed against the authorities ?

Probably not because "it won't make any difference, too time consuming, too many hassles involved".

The municipality is responsible for the maintenance of the traffic lights. They have had nearly two years of billing us in expensive real money rates and taxes and have had ample time to repair these problems. Are they not one of the most important facets of our lives. What is more important that a life taken at traffic lights which sometimes work, but more often do not work.

The traffic lights at Greystoke Way and Cecil Avenue have not worked for years now, they were repaired yesterday finally and no one even took any notice. Every car I saw drove through whether green, orange or red with speed and bravado !!

The other day at Ascot the east/west facing robots were working but the north/south were not !! ! There was a massive pile up, a host of heavily damaged expensive motor vehicles, and looking at the wreckage, possibly many people had sustained injuries.

Did anyone take action against the roads authority ? Life is stressful in Zimbabwe, so stressful, that unless one has incredible energy, it is unlikely that anyone did anything except to make an insurance claim.

A few months ago in our suburb we had a massive hole that had been dug by the municipal workers, right in the middle of a busy tarred intersection. It was a water leak, a common occurrence, but this vast hole remained without repair, in the middle of the road, without any danger markings, for months.

The local residents used to put giant branches in it to warn unsuspecting motorists as the hole was impossible to see in the always unlit suburb, How many cars broke an axle or ruined a tyre in this hole I wonder ?

I also feel very litigious about ZESA, when I think of my deep freeze and the meat therein every time we have a 9 hour power cut every other day !! My daughter was in Brisbane when they had that hurricane and every family without power (for a paltry 12 hours) was given $250 Aussie dollars (and more) for anything that might have gone off in their freezers !! So far since our power was so irregular we have lost, a deep freeze, a TV and a fridge, they just cannot cope with the surges and power outages we have daily. Now can I claim from ZESA for these ???

Last night HeeHoo was on a plane to Harare, a plane that left twenty minutes before it was due to take off, a plane that left a dozen angry passengers totally stranded. Ongoing connections were missed, and important business meetings never took pace as a result of it all. Did anyone take it up with Air Zimbabwe ? Is anyone going to sue or make a claim ?

Oh no, most stranded passengers were angry enough to take it further at the time, but no one I am quite sure could be bothered, knowing that the inefficiency and ineptitude is so deep that nothing would result from a legal claim at any rate.

Now if we lived in a litigious society like the USA, the authorities would sit up and take notice. Faced with massive financial claims, would we have any robots that do not work ? Would we have giant unfenced trenches in the middle of the road ? Would we have an airline that does what it wants, when it wants regardless of the inconvenience to it's passengers?

Maybe the powers that be need to contract the workings of the traffic lights out to an independent party ? Why is it that when private enterprise gets involved, only then do systems start to function again ? Africa needs to rethink its logic and opt for privatization instead of the dreary cry for nationalization.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kobus Joubert

Kobus Joubert was one of the few remaining large scale tobacco growers left in Zimbabwe Kobus Joubert, 67, was shot dead and his wife Mariana, 64, was assaulted by assailants who also robbed them of $10,000 (£6,300) in cash.

When attackers beat up Mrs Joubert, they also took her laptop accusing her family of being members of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change, now in a shaky inclusive government with Mr Mugabe's Zanu PF party.

Zimbabwe constitutional conference broken up by riot police"We are not sure whether this murder was criminal or political, at this stage, and this is very sensitive matter for our members," said Mike Clark, who monitors unrest on remaining white-owned farms for the Commercial Farmers' Union.

"Kobus had about 50ha (123 acres) of tobacco in the ground when he died and so that has to be reaped somehow."

Mr Joubert was one of the few remaining large scale tobacco growers left in Zimbabwe.

Two years ago, Mr Joubert, a former president of the Zimbabwe Tobacco Association, was attacked by militants loyal to Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president,

The couple were forced to flee their home, Scottsdale farm, in the Chegutu district about 60 miles west of Harare, and set up camp in the grass alongside a national highway for several weeks.

When the police tried to move them away, the couple protested saying that they had no other home.

The late vice President Joseph Msika, who had tried to assist several white farmers since land invasions began in 2000, secured a permit for Mr Joubert to remain in his home and continue farming.

Robin Gilmore


Robin Gilmore:
The Hatty Family (formerly of Norton) send heartfelt condolences to Robyn and family.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Graham and Judy Hatty:

The Hatty Family (formerly of Norton) send heartfelt condolences to Mariaan and family, on the tragic loss of your beloved Kobus. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

From Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross - Once More into the Fray

The MDC Road Map for resolving the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe was very simple - a campaign of democratic resistance to force Zanu PF into negotiations, negotiations for a transitional government, the drafting and adoption of a new constitution followed by a national election to resolve the issue of leadership of the State. This road map has been more or less achieved and ever since Zanu PF signed the GPA in September 2008 they have been fighting a rear guard action to avoid the agreed reforms.

The impression that has been created by the propaganda machine of Zanu has been to try and establish the image that they are still in control and that the only reason why the economy is in such a state and further reforms are impossible, is the "illegal" imposition of "sanctions" on Zimbabwe. The reality is that they know, that if the GPA is implemented in full, they are unlikely to be able to control the next elections and the consequence will be a comprehensive and humiliating defeat.

They do not believe the fiction about sanctions and they understand full well why the economy collapsed under their watch from 1997 to 2008. They have a clear understanding of the remedies as evidenced by Chinamasa's skilful presentation of the fundamental economic reforms needed to stabilise the economy a month before the swearing in of the new transitional government.

Their biggest problem is that their leader, Robert Mugabe, signed the GPA and now the region and African leadership in general, is actually demanding that they abide by that signature. In particular, the leadership in South Africa has adopted a hard stance on the issue and as Trevor Manuel said on Thursday, "we expect African leaders who sign agreements to live up to them."

Zanu's strategy since February 2008 has been to delay reforms and trigger a snap election under the conditions extant. They want an election held under conditions where the new Independent Electoral Commission is ring fenced and powerless, the voters roll heavily manipulated and bloated with dead and absent voters, the delimitation of constituencies remains the same with a 60:40 split between rural and urban constituencies, despite the 63:37 per cent split in the actual population - urban/rural.

They want an election where they can ring fence the former commercial farming districts as no-go areas for the MDC where they can ethnically cleanse these same areas of all elements that might be sympathetic to the MDC. They want to be able to control the media, especially radio and the print media; they want to be able to conduct a programme of political intimidation, targeted violence and assassinations behind a screen of anonymous silence. They want to use the traditional leaders to control the communal population and to use fear and patronage on a massive scale to herd people towards the Zanu PF flag.

They have the diamonds tightly controlled and this has given them new confidence and capacity. They have their campaign strategy all worked out right down to an advertising campaign and radio jingles.

Their only problem is that they signed the GPA and now, unbelievably, the region is holding their noses to the grind stone. We saw that at the SADC summit in August and there is every sign that it is happening again right now. The facilitators were here on Tuesday and Wednesday after the failure of the principals to agree to a resolution of the outstanding items in the GPA on the previous Monday.

Mr. Mugabe's statement at the Youth Congress of Zanu PF on Friday was instructive and clearly showed the influence of the discussion with the South Africans on Wednesday night. We are going to short cut the Copac process, he said, and hold the referendum on the new constitution before mid 2011, and then we are going on the hold an election before the end of the year. Nelson Chamisa's statement that the MDC is ready for an election at any time was a clear response and confirmation that this is the thinking in the highest levels of political leadership in the region and in Zimbabwe.

The first reaction of most people to such a scenario is - not again, more violence and killings, more house burnings and intimidation.
In a nutshell, rape and mayhem.

I am not so sure. I think the South Africans are going to insist on compliance with the GPA and are going to force adoption of the essential reforms required for a free and fair election that is recognised by the international community. In fact recognition by the major powers in the world is so critical to the region, that they are likely to be more amenable to pressure from the US and Europe than normal on issues such as the Zimbabwe crisis.

What we have to decide is what steps lie on the road map to an acceptable electoral process? I would list the following:

• A truly independent electoral Commission with its own budget and
freedom to control the whole electoral process, independently of the Registrar Generals Office

• A new voters roll conducted by a private contractor employed for
this purpose

• A new delimitation based on the new voters roll and the
political and institutional structures agreed in the new constitution

• Full implementation of the GPA media reforms and in particular
community based radio stations and the return of the Daily News

• The dismantling of the Joint Operations Command and the
appointment of all MDC Governors at Provincial levels to oversee the dismantling of the State control of all instruments of violence and intimidation and deliberate targeting

• The promulgation and implementation of the electoral reforms
already negotiated and agreed

• The provision of a comprehensive system of supervision and
observation of SADC and AU Monitors of the electoral process, campaign and subsequent elections

• The provision and supervision of election monitors in every
polling station in the country and the secure collection of all signed polling station returns to ensure rapid tabulation of results and total transparency

• Regional guarantees that the results of the election will be
respected and implemented without delay after the poll.

Is that too much to ask for? I do not think so, but it is the minimum that we need if we are to conduct a free and fair election in Zimbabwe which will finally resolve the political and the economic crisis. Does the region need it - you bet, like yesterday. Can we do it in the time allotted - of course, if we work together.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, October 2010

Warren Hills - Garden of Rest

I would like to bring to your attention and those of your readers that this "Garden of Rest" looks more like a "Garden of Destruction". It is not attended to at all by any municipal employee and I am sure there must be some there although they remain invisible. Ninety percent of all plants are dead through no watering and only those that can survive the Zimbabwean winter such as bougainvilleas and stralitsias remain.

Perhaps more importantly, every single metal name plaque has been stolen.

The pathways are void of anybody's cherished memories of loved ones buried there. More recently, granite plaques have replaced the metal ones. What is of concern is - do the people of Zimbabwe know of this destruction and do they want to do something about it? Well they can if they act sooner rather than later and put granite plaques up. It requires some cash and effort but at least the memories will be preserved. It is only a matter of time before the record keeping of names and numbers of their places of rest end up in a complete state of disarray. Perhaps someone can take up the challenge of why the gardens are left unattended with Municipality or even employ our own gardeners as one section of the gravesites have done.

Please pass this on as I am sure if people knew about the disappearance of the memorial plaques, they would do something about it as we do not want our families and ancestors obliterated from history.


Peter Dobson


Please be careful when employing maids. There is a woman called "RUMBIDZAI MUSEKIWA" born 5 March 1980. She uses the false name "FLORENCE MANHIMANZI" and claims she's born in 1978 & 32 years old.

She uses false particulars, you employ her thinking you have her I.D number and full details. She copies your house keys and when she knows everyone is not around, brings in people and steals your whole household property.

I have been robbed by her when my whole family was out. I took her to the police only to discover her real name.

Apparently there is no charge against using false names and false particulars.

She managed to get away with theft.

This could help someone, I have been a victim, don't fall in the same trap too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


8am to 12pm 1pm – 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12pm Saturdays

• Seedlings of around 50 Species of Indigenous Zimbabwe Trees,

• Beautify your garden, school, club, smallholding etc. at little cost

• All species come with detailed instructions on tree size and attributes, where and how to plant, a watering regime as well as how to strike from seed

• At present, all seedlings are just $3 each!

• How to get there – take Monavale Road, off Princes Road, Belvedere – cross the Avondale Stream Bridge and take the extreme left exit on the roundabout in front of the B.S. Leon Trust.

This is Fenella Drive (signposted). Proceed to nearly the end of this road (past the vlei lookout platform) until you see the nursery sign on your right.

• Contact Numbers – 0772 772 771 during working hours, or 0772 376 506/304298, 308382/0712 636 458 (after hours)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There is an email about increased prices for DSTV that has been going around South Africa since before April this year and is still being sent to me by some of our readers. If you are unhappy with the prices you are paying then you have options for a smaller range of channels for less money. Alternatively you could do what you would do with any other business in a similar position: - send a personal letter/ email to the boss! One on One works in this part of the world - Mass Petitions do not! I try to avoid sending on emails that I feel are irrelevant sending them straight to the delete box. I will understand if you feel the same about these emails!


As seen from Africa and Europe, the waxing gibbous moon and the blazing planet Jupiter are the closest together for the month tonight, October 19th. From Asia, they'll be closest tomorrow night. But no matter where you live worldwide, look for Jupiter in the vicinity of tonight's moon.

With the exception of the moon, Jupiter is the brightest heavenly object in tonight's evening sky. Jupiter and the moon move westward on the sky's dome throughout most of the night tonight, and they will set beneath your western horizon in the wee hours before dawn.

As seen from Earth, the moon looks much larger than Jupiter. But that's because the moon is so much closer to us. This evening, the moon is about 1.35 light-seconds from Earth, while Jupiter is nearly 34 light-minutes away. Jupiter lies over 1,500 times farther off than the moon.

Jupiter's diameter is about 40 times greater than the moon's diameter. To gauge the size of our moon relative to Jupiter, look at Jupiter though binoculars or a backyard telescope sometime. Jupiter's four major moons - called the Galilean moons - are pretty easy to see. You might miss a moon or two on occasion, because these moons routinely swing in front and in back of Jupiter.

In their outward order from Jupiter, these moons are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Io and Europa are about the same size as our moon, whereas Ganymede and Callisto have diameters of about 1.5 times that of our moon. That bright "star" by the moon tonight is actually the dazzling planet Jupiter!

For more information, bookings for public observing evenings with large telescopes at the observatory, and repairs and servicing to all your optical equipment, contact Mike at SkyOptic, phone 331478 or email

BURR, Sheila (nee Oldham)

BURR, Sheila (nee Oldham) 14, Oct 2010

Plumtree (1936-53) Byo (1954-66) Harare (1966-10)
A lady with a deep passion and dedication to our country and family.
Our matriarch and constant supporter; sadly missed but fondly remembered.
Beloved wife of the late Ralph, mother of Gordon, Sue and Simon,
Grandmother of Ashleigh, Ben, Nikki, Stacey, Tessa and Katie
Great-grandmother of William

Monday, October 18, 2010

Condolence Notices


Loved Husband of Jo and Father to Rob and Tom.
He had his three score years and ten and will be remembered by his ex students of John Slaven School and his colleagues and friends from Internal Affairs.
He will be missed so by Paul and Desia

Lombard Lynne. Remembering the good times together.Deepest sympathy to Boet and family.
From Roy,Phyl and Family


I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Eric.
My heartfelt sympathy , thoughts and prayers are with you Moira, Wendy, Lindie and families, at this time of great sadness.
Take care
Margaret Russell
[nee Myles] [Scotland]

Wantage Farm - Chegutu

Thursday 14 October 2010: Mr Mudavanhu arrived at our homestead accompanied by 5 young men. He told me we had to get out of the house and move all our things off as he was taking occupation. They all settled themselves on the garden chairs and told me that we had until 3pm to remove our belongings or they would throw them out. My husband went to the police station to report the situation and ask for a reaction. The police suggested he ask the Directorate of Lands for assistance and wouldn't come out to the farm.

In the meantime the young men were extremely belligerent, telling me we should get out - 'black and white are not together, there is no place for you here, land is for Zimbabweans only'. I am a fifth generation Zimbabwean but this I was told was irrelevant as I was white.. He held out his arm and said 'This is black, even if you are born in Kadoma (which I was) you are white and have no place here.'

We had been through this two weeks earlier. Timothy Mudavanhu had then brought six older men to our house, one stating he was the newly elected chairman of the war veterans in our area, Mr Dzapasi. They had chased away our workers, stopped the watering of our crops and livestock and barricaded the gate to our house so that we could not go in without a confrontation. Efforts to enlist the assistance of the police were fruitless and as a South African national my husband finally turned to the South African Embassy to seek advice and help. That same afternoon the Chegutu police asked to see the court orders we had against Timothy Mudavanhu and offered us their assistance 'anytime' we were 'experiencing difficulties' and that we should in future 'contact us [police station] first before enlisting other aid'.

Early the next morning we returned home as the police had advised and had just unlocked our house when Timothy Mudavanhu arrived at the locked gate with the same six people who had been with him the previous day. When we asked what we could do for them, Mr Dzapasi unleashed a vitriol of hate, that we had no right to occupy property that had been offered to Timothy Mudavanhu and should move off immediately. We first explained again that we had bought the smallholding from the Zimbabwean Pension Fund in 2001 with a letter of No Interest from the government. This letter states that the government had no interest in the property for the purpose of land reform. Mr Dzapasi shouted that our uncle Cecil John Rhodes had stolen the land from them and that this was now their time, we whites must **** off and get out of Zimbabwe. We then explained that we had been to court but that didn't get very far as he shouted that he couldn't care about any court papers, 'There is no law for whites in Zimbabwe, we are the law!' and then gave us 3 hours to get all our possessions out of the house and off the property or they would personally come in and throw it out.

My husband contacted the South African Embassy to update them on the matter and I phoned Chief Inspector Zengeni on the number he had given us the previous day. When I told him the problem he said he couldn't talk now he was in a meeting. When we phoned again he said he was coming out with the lands officer to 'settle the matter'. When they came Inspector Zengeni said the two lands officers wanted to see the court orders. I fetched them and they had a small conference around the papers. We were told the papers seemed to be very clear on the matter and that we should attend a meeting along with Timothy Mudavanhu at the lands office at 8am the following morning to 'clarify matters'. We were also to bring along copies of the various provisional and final orders we had from the courts. We should however enlist the aid of the Sheriff of the court to evict the six men and Timothy Mudavanhu from the property. When we came back with the sheriff they had all disappeared.

At the meeting the next day we weren't asked one question. The lands officer and Inspector Zengeni asked Timothy Mudavanhu if he was familiar with the contents of the order. He dismissed it as of 'no relevance' to him, he had been given an offer letter to our property and if the government had made a mistake in allocating it to him then it was our problem not his. The lands officer explained to him that the dispute over the property had been brought before a Zimbabwean court and judge and that the judge had ruled on the matter. This ruling was very clear that Mr Mudavanhu was not allowed to take the property or to harass us, our workers or possessions or to employ anyone to do so. Timothy Mudavanhu shouted that he had enlisted the police and the lands office the day he brought the people out to Wantage and now they were 'throwing'
him off. He pointed out that we had also taken our case to the SADC court so they shouldn't offer us any further support. The lands officer and Inspector Zengeni insisted that the court ruling was very clear and they were now 'abiding by the law' and bound to uphold it.

When Timothy Mudavanhu shouted that he would go back onto Wantage and stay there the lands officer stated that if he insisted on 'this course of action' the lands office would have no choice but to 'distance'
themselves from Mr Mudavanhu. The lands officer then stood up while Mr Mudavanhu was still shouting and told my husband and I we could go, but to 'please feel free to contact me or my office if you have any difficulties in future or need assistance in any matter'. This is something we have never heard before from a lands officer and were quite shocked by the abrupt turn around in matters. For the past nine years we have been fighting constantly to keep and work the property we bought on the town border and never once has the lands office offered us any form of assistance or has the police indicated that they would uphold the court orders.

That was two weeks ago, we had twelve days of quiet and were still trying to decide whether we could believe the earlier happenings when Timothy Mudavanhu drove into our yard on Thursday morning 9am with six young men claiming to be part of the Chegutu Zanu PF youth. The youth leader eventually produced a card identifying him as 'Mtonga', the others refused to produce any identity and Timothy Mudavanhu insisted they didn't need to, they all 'work for me, I have employed them'. I asked him what about the previous meeting at the lands office and he laughed saying it was 'irrelevant', they had had another meeting to 'establish the new position' and he was now here to take his house. I asked what about the Chief Inspector and the lands officer's decisions and he replied 'phone them they're not dead.'

Indeed Inspector Zengeni said it was a 'hot potato' and refused to send out any form of support or detail and the lands officer had conveniently been removed and was no longer available. Inspector Zengeni eventually turned off his cellphone and attempts at the police station - which had pledged their assistance 'anytime' two weeks earlie - to enlist a detail to accompany the sheriff for an eviction were fruitless.

They eventually made a bonfire on our lawn and appeared to be both intoxicated and drugged, singing Chimurenga songs. The South African Embassy didn't seem able to enlist any form of help and we decided that we would start with contempt of court proceedings against Timothy Mudavanhu. The advocate we had seen on the previous occasion had pointed out that this was why Timothy Mudavanhu had never been arrested thus far.

We couldn't see why another court order would be any more relevant than the previous orders which were all blithely being ignored but thought it once again seemed our only recourse in this mad world. We drove to the lawyer in Harare and that was our mistake. We should have known what would happen but perhaps the abrupt turn of events two weeks earlier had dropped our guard. We never got back into the house and found ourselves with only the clothes we were wearing that afternoon. All our things and the children's things were in the house. The children had come home from school for the first time in 3 weeks only to find there was no home to go to. All they had was the clothes they had brought from school and our youngest son, only the clothes he wore to school.

That night Timothy Mudavanhu had a huge party to celebrate their 'victory' outside the house.

Friday 15 October 2010: broke our locks to the main gate, fitted his own padlocks and starts to move his equipment into the yard, Manager Nicolas Mawiti and family also locked out of his home in the main security fence as Mudavanhu also fits his own padlock onto Mr Mawiti's gate.

Saturday 16 October: Continual report from guards that we are expected to bring the keys to the house or the doors will be 'kicked down' and everything `thrown out'. The six youth maintain a constant presence and receive constant supplies of beer and food from a jubilant Timothy Mudavanhu.

Sunday 17 October: Guard reports that Mudavanhu is now waiting for a housebreaker from Kadoma (name given) to force entry into the house. He informs our security guard that he will not allow anything to be removed off the property including generators, pumps, etc. and expects cattle and horses to be moved off with immediate effect. He announces his intention to remove the newly planted flower bulbs tomorrow (Monday) in order to plant his beans in the beds.

We deliver an official complaint to the to the Police General Headquarters in Harare as foreign investors and South African nationals, against the deliberate inaction and refusal to provide assistance, of the Chegutu Police, particularly Chief Inspector Zengeni.

The security of our investments as of those of countless other foreigners have been reduced to crisis-driven phone calls that may or may not alleviate matters.

This current incident is far-reaching as we risk losing everything including our personal possessions, crops, movables and equipment. The tomato crop will be ready in 4 weeks with a potential yield of 260 tons.

We recently replanted 2 hectares of Polyanthus Tuberosa and expectations based on previous crops would allow us to export 400 000 stems to the European market. On the same property we are currently feeding 80 head of cattle for slaughter and kraal 140 weaners each evening. It is these cattle that Mr Mudavanhu is insisting we remove with immediate effect.

We sit now with our heads in our hands. We have never stolen this land.
We are white and that is our downfall. We haven't broken the country's laws and have on each occasion appealed through the proper processes for the protection of our property. This has made no difference to any of the authorities, it remains a 'tricky' issue. I put it to the authorities that it is because we are white that we have lost all our constitutional rights to protection and recourse and have endured ongoing harassment for the past nine years.

Heidi Visagie
Wantage Farm

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Condolence Notices

Konschel , Margaret Jean (1930-2010)

On 7th October 2010 our special Mum passed away peacefully to be with the Lord. She will be sincerely missed by her children, Fiona, Rosemary, Susan and Alice and her grandchildren, Stuart, Andy, Richard and Christy along with her step-children, Barbara, Ags, Ellen and their all their families. Family and friends are warmly invited to the graveside ceremony at Glen Forest cemetery on the Domboshawa road at 10:00am Friday 15th October. A monetary donation in lieu of funeral flowers to Hospice or Dorothy Duncan would be greatly appreciated.

BILL DUIRS, 30-07-1924 to 08-10-2010

Died at home in Masterton NZ age 86, ex Raleigh farm, Wedza.

Beloved husband of 62 years of Joan, loved father of Chris and Nicky and adored grandfather of Tamara, Kristen and Simone.
Contacts: Joan Duirs email : , Tel:+64 6 3774744

Friday, October 15, 2010

VORSTER Johanna Maria

VORSTER Johanna Maria (nee Cruger) 23/12/1920 --14/10/2010

On the 14th October our Mum passed away. Formally of Nuwe Begin Farm Burma Valley. Family and friends are invited to the Funeral Service on Monday 18th October at 10am DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH Mutare
She will be missed

Hermanus and Annie Vorster (020)64887

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The police

Please send this out immediately if you can. I was singled out by a policeman at the intersection of the Convent and Catholic Cathederal in Harare today.

A young aggressive Policeman shouted that I had gone through a red light. I said I had not and he said that was under arrest. “ you people think you can just get away with anything”.

He jumped into the car and said that I had resisted arrest and made me drive into the centre of Harare towards Central Police station and said that people like me need to see what real law is like.

I challenged him for not wearing his seat belt and that made him uneasy and said it was my word against his.

I pulled over and started to make a phone call. He said that it was not allowed. I told him it was my right. I phoned Hilary and whilst on the phone asked him to give me his name rank and number. He refused. I asked him to say where he was taking me. He refused.

Hilary reminded me of the phone numbers to call when being harrassed that were in the car. I started to dial the number and he told me that my one call was done. I said it was still legal as it was to the police.

Whereby he became very jumpy and told me that I had been forgiven.

A horrible scare as it appeared that he seemed to have orders to make Friday afternoon arrests.

Please advise friends and family to stay clear of that intersection. This happened at about 2:15pm this Fri afternoon.
Rob Mackenzie
Dear Rose

The exact same thing happened to me. I told them that I know my rights, I would report to the police station the next day ( refused to offer bribe) I did report to Central Police station the next day, they knew nothing about it! It is pure intimidation to try and get money. They stop my son, who is only 16 , nearly every week, and he lands up giving them cash - I have told him not to any more. He is however, quite good about telling them that he knows his rights. For example they try and get in his car and he locks them out, saying that they are not allowed by law to enter his vehicle.... I wish we could all get together and report this corruption and get it stopped, its bull@#*!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Condolence Notices

Coleman - Elizabeth (Betty)

Died 2nd October after an illness borne with courage. A woman of worth and great talent. Dear friend of Brenda and the late Dennis and their family.


Cohen, Eric Maurice.

Management and staff of the IMF Group of Companies wish to extend their deepest sympathy to the Cohen family on the loss of Eric. We were associated with him for many years. He will be missed.


COHEN - Eric. I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Eric and extend my deepest sympathies to Moira, Wendy & Lindie on the passing of your loving husband and father. Eric was a good friend and well respected colleague from the CPG days, of which I have many happy memories. My love and thoughts are with you. Kay Watts (formerly Gray) email :


It was with a great sense of loss when we read about Eric's passing . We wanted to let you know that our hearts are truly saddened.

Eric was more than just a wonderful person; he was always so kind and considerate to us that we always welcomed seeing him at every opportunity.

Love to Moira we are thinking of you and remembering all the good times we shared with you guys.

Love Tony and Jenny Inggs

also from Granny Petersen





Cohen - Mr E

Heartfelt sympathy to Lindie and family on your sad loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Board of Directors, Management and staff Lobels Biscuits (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr E Cohen

Our sincere condolences to Lindie and family on the loss of your father.

Mrs P Lobel, John and Maria

Zim urged to exploit diaspora remittances

By Golden Sibanda - The herald

ZIMBABWE should exploit remittances of its people living and working outside the country to enhance their contribution to the economic recovery, renowned labour economist Dr Godfrey Kanyenze has said.

Dr Kanyenze made the remark in his presentation at the Just Business conference last week organised by the US Embassy and the American Business Association of Zimbabwe to promote trade between the US and Zimbabwe.

This economy is now on course to recovery, but faces the biggest constraint in the form of lack of funding to finance recapitalisation of the manufacturing industry, agriculture and mining and infrastructure development. The economy requires an estimated US$8 billion to recover.

Dr Kanyenze said the country could turn the "brain drain" that occurred over the last decade of economic instability into a "brain gain" since between 3 million and 4 million Zimbabweans are living and working outside the country.

This comes amid strong signs that the country could benefit immensely from remittances by its people working in foreign countries considering that sub-Saharan Africa received a total of US$20 billion with half that going to Nigeria.

Global remittance flows have increased from US$101,6 billion in 1995 to US$328 billion by 2008 after a 15 percent increase between 2007 and 2008.

Potential for Zimbabwe, said Dr Kanyenze, to tape into diaspora remittances for economic development was huge as the United Nations Development Programme estimates show the country received US$1,4 billion last year.

Over the years experts have given varying figures of potential remittances from the diaspora. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe estimated remittances through formal channels at US$47 million in 2007.

Dr Kanyenze said to effectively tape into the potential remittances there was need to ensure confidence and trust among people working abroad, ensure democratic reforms, economic recovery, give voting rights to the diaspora to foster attachment to home country and allow dual citizenship.

He said apart from a migration and development policy framework the country should adopt a legal and institutional framework to co-ordinate migration and issues related to people living and working outside Zimbabwe.

"The migration and development unit in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion should be appropriately capacitated and located in such a manner that it can effectively coordinate the activities of other government ministries and departments with a stake in migration and Diaspora issue," said Dr Kanyenze.

He said there was need to leverage remittance flows for development by addressing data issues such as recording systems, ensuring remittance through formal channels, creating diaspora bonds at attractive rates and promoting home town associations to facilitate investment flows.

This could be achieved through measures to attract back skills by offering duty free customs privileges on entry, assisting with costs of repatriation and reintegration, offering incentives such as remittance allowances.

In addition, Government could reach out to people living and working outside through development oriented organisations such as the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber of South Africa, the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface and the Global Zimbabwe Forum.

Zimbabwe could execute its strategy by targeting countries with a high concentration of Zimbabweans and also pursue bilateral and multilateral initiative to protect the rights of Zimbabweans living and working abroad.

Potential for remittances is high since an estimated 2,1 million Zimbabweans live and work in South Africa, 500 000 in the United Kingdom, 300 000 in Botswana, 50 000 in the US and Canada while and 20 000 are believed to be earning a living working in Australia and New Zealand.

Countries such as Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Turkey have used remittances to securitise cheaper long-term finance.

The World Bank estimates the Philippines was last year able to achieve a stable current account surplus despite a decline in exports when the country raised an estimated US$750 million despite the global financial crisis.

New warning!

A lady has changed her habit of how she lists her names in her cell

phone directory after her handbag was stolen.
Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, purse, etc was stolen.
Twenty minutes later she called her husband, from a pay telephone
telling him what had happened. Her husband said, 'I just received your
text message asking about our pin number and I replied a little while
When they rushed down to the bank, the staff told them all the money
was already withdrawn. The thief had actually used the stolen cell
phone to text her husband listed in the directory and got a hold of
their pin number. Within twenty minutes he had withdrawn all the money
from their bank account.
Moral of the lesson:
Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people on your call list.
Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Mom, Dad, etc.,
and very importantly, when sensitive information is being asked for
through text messages, CONFIRM by calling back.
Also, when you are being text by friends or family to meet them
somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came from
them. If you do not reach them, be very careful about going to places
to meet 'family and friends' who text you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Margaret Jean Konschel

Burns Fiona [] In loving memory of our special Mum, Margaret Jean Konschel who passed away peacefully to be with the Lord October 7th. Fi, Rosie, Sue and Ali. Friends and family are most welcome to the graveside ceremony, Glen Forest cemetery 10:00am, Friday 15th October.  Donations to hospice rather than flowers, please

Please be aware of a red Honda Prelude (AAV 3575) with dents along the right hand

side.  Usually seen with 3 male occupants.  It is believed that they are involved with thefts from vehicles parked outside schools at pick-up and drop-off times.  Do not leave your valuables unattended in the car for even a moment - these guys are quick!  If anyone sees this vehicle please call Constable Peters at Milton Park Police Station on 748836 / 799298 / 777657. 

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi everyone, I thought I would warn all of you of what is happening in our neighbourhoods. Yesterday morning at around 10:15 am, our gate intercom rang, the maid answered it and a gentleman said that he wanted to see her. So she went to the gate, but fortunately for us all, she did not open the gate, she peeped through the letterbox to see who it was. To her amazement she saw two gentlemen wearing leather jackets, balaclava’s,

sun hats and she saw the one putting a gun in his jacket. At this stage she asked what they wanted again and they said that they wanted

to see the gardener this time. So she told them to wait whilst she called the gardener. She ran and found the gardener and they both

alerted the neighbours on either side of our property. They all converged on our gate but the robbers had fled. When reporting to the

police shortly afterwards, they were informed that we were the third report that morning!!!!! Please, please be aware of this, tell your domestics not to let anyone onto the premises, do not open the gate until they have made 100% sure of who is outside the gate.

Thankfully to a switched on domestic team, all our belongings are safe!! Be alert and in turn be safe Regards Mel Smith
Personal Assistant Kingdom Meikles Limited 7th Floor, 99 Jason Moyo Ave HARARE Tel: 252068-78. Direct Line: 252064

Comet Hartley 2

My first observation though binoculars was a few nights ago. The comet is difficult but will be easier to see as the month progresses.

Comet Hartley 2 is said to be large and diffuse, meaning its light is spread out over a wide area. You will definitely need a dark, country sky - free of city lights - (well, Harare has very few street lights and constant power-cuts, so your chances are good!) to see it. Also, when searching for the comet, remember to use averted vision. That's the technique of looking to one side of the faint object you seek on the sky's dome, instead of directly at it. This comet might become faintly visible to the unaided eye in October 2010. Only time will tell if this will happen.

To find the comet, first find the constellation Cassiopeia the Queen. This constellation is easy to spot in the northeast in the evening now. Cassiopeia is shaped like the letter M or W. This comet will sweep next to Cassiopeia in late September and early October 2010.

Just remember . Cassiopeia always appears in the northeastern sky at nightfall on October evenings. It swings low in the northern sky - above Polaris, the North Star - in the wee hours after midnight in October. Then, as night progresses toward dawn, you'll find Cassiopeia in the northwestern sky before dawn. Just look in the locations mentioned above for a W or M-shaped star pattern.

What will the comet look like?

Comets are surprising objects in many ways. They are mysterious visitors - loosely bound balls of ices - from the outer solar system. Sometimes, comets appear without warning. Comet Hartley 2 has been expected for many years, however. Officially designated 103P/Hartley, it is a periodic comet, which returns again and again near our sun and Earth. Its orbital period is thought to be 6.46 years.

Even so, the brightness and appearance of this comet - or any comet - never follows an ironclad forecast. Don't be surprised if Comet Hartley 2 exceeds or falls shy of expectation. Through your binoculars in October, it should look like a smudge of light against the dark sky background. Comet Hartley 2 may look like a faint, fuzzy star. Or it might exhibit a discernible tail. We'll have to wait and see.

The element of suspense always accompanies the return of a comet to Earth's sky. That's one reason they are fun to see!

How to find Comet Hartley 2 with binoculars

A typical binocular field covers about 5 degrees of sky. Sometimes the field of view (F.O.V.) is listed right on your binoculars. For handy reference, the distance between the Cassiopeia stars Caph and Schedar measures about 5 degrees. Remember this, as it will serve you well on your hunt for Comet Hartley 2.

After October 10, finding the comet gets tricky, because the moon will be returning to the evening sky. The moon's glare will make the comet harder to see. It will probably be best to observe Comet Hartley 2 after moonset from October 11 to October 20.

By the way, the Deep Impact spacecraft - which was launched by NASA in 2005 and successfully sent a collider into Comet 9P/Tempel - had its orbit around the sun tweaked in May of 2010 with the goal of sending it close to Comet Hartley 2. This mission has now been re-designated EPOXI. The craft will pass most closely to the comet in early November, 2010. Mission overseers are provided status updates for EPOXI's impending sweep past Hartley 2.

All in all, it will be an interesting autumn season for comets, thanks to Comet Hartley 2. Be sure to make friends with Cassiopeia, your tour guide to the comet. The trick to comet hunting is to know right where to look for its place in the starry sky, and Cassiopeia will help. Comet Hartley 2 has now been spotted under dark skies by people using binoculars, and it might reach naked-eye visibility in October.
Mike Begbie


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Drums

The drums are calling, old man, and they are louder by the day.

They are calling you to judgement and now's the time to pay,
for the wrongs you've done your country and the trust betrayed.
So hear those drums swelling, hear well and be afraid.
You came to power on waves of hope that you would make your mark,
in a land that shone in Africa like diamonds in the dark.
In simple faith the people put their trust in your care,
and were repaid by the Fifth Brigade and the CIO and fear.
Twenty eight years of motorcades and lavish trips abroad
A nation's heritage is lost through patronage and fraud.
The Chiefs grow fat while people starve and famine stalks our homes.
On idle farms the weeds grow rank and cover cattle bones.
The youth are taught your slogans but even as they sing
The drums of change are beating for the truth is seeping in.
The demagogue has feet of clay and lies will not sustain
the shattered land that once seemed free and will be so again.
Too late to blame the drought, the Brits, the Whites, the MDC.
For all know where the finger points with cold finality.
So hear the drums, old man, and listen to them well,
They foretell of your end days and they have much to tell.
For he who sows the seeds of hate will reap the grapes of wrath,
so tremble in your bed at night, at the end of your sorry path.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hillside Dams

The Hillside Dams [] We have relaunched the Hillside Dams Facebook page!! Archive photos, our newly launched "Visitor Cam" (have you have been snapped at Hillside Dams lately???), Boma News and much much more available all via our new Facebook profile. Share your thoughts, suggestions and upload all your photos, videos and memories onto the page as well, fully interactive. Click on the following link to open the NEW page.

Please avoid the old Hillside Dams profile as this is not maintained and we cannot locate the Administrator. The new profile page is clearly marked "The Official Facebook Page"

THE government has banned the importation of second-hand vehicles

Sunday, 26 September 2010 10:40

THE government has banned the importation of second-hand vehicles as part of
a raft of new measures aimed at arresting the carnage on the country's

According to Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment and Use) Regulations
published in the government gazette of September 17, the Ministry of
Transport and Infrastructural Development is also phasing out left-hand

The regulations that will also hit hard owners of unroadworthy vehicles and
cripple local car dealers come into effect on March 1 2011.

Vehicles older than five years will be affected and the move will push the
price of locally assembled cars beyond the reach of many.

The statutory instrument says in part: "No person shall import any vehicle
for registration and use on any road in Zimbabwe if the year of manufacture
from the country of origin is more than five years."

"Provided that this shall not apply to any motor vehicle registered in
Zimbabwe before the 31st of March, 2011."

Used Japanese cars (pictured) have become popular with Zimbabweans over the
years as they are cheaper than those assembled locally.

Previous attempts by government to raise import duty on second hand vehicles
have been met with a lot of resistance.

Last month, Environment and Natural Resources minister Francis Nhema caused
a stir when he proposed the ban on the importation of used vehicles in order
to "save lives and protect the environment."

Nhema said the majority of the cars had been banned on the roads in their countries of origin and were being dumped on Zimbabwe.

Tough regulations on emissions force Japanese car owners to replace old vehicles with newer models.

The new regulations in Zimbabwe go further to say: "No person shall drive on
a road any motor vehicle registered in terms of the Vehicle Registration
and Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14) for the first time in Zimbabwe on or
after the 31st of March, 2011, if the steering wheel of the vehicle is on
the left hand side."

However, left-hand drives are not very popular in Zimbabwe. Partson Mbiriri,
the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural
Development last month said government was considering banning the left-hand
driven vehicles because they contributed to the high carnage on the
country's roads.

"Government is considering banning all left-hand-driven vehicles because it
has become clear that they are one of the major causes of accidents on the
roads," Mbiriri said at the launch of the Global Road Safety week.

Government has also gone further to ban the use of tints on windows and tightened regulations governing the carrying of passengers.

For example owners of light vehicles other than public service vehicles will
not be allowed to carry more than five passengers "unless a seating width of
at least 380 mm and 300 mm is allowed for the driver and every passenger
respectively, measured along the rear of such a seat level."


Sunday, October 3, 2010

The new vehicle Laws

“Just my two cents...

Fire Ext for diesel vehicles? Not likely, as combustion factor would be slight...

Fire Ext for petrol vehicles? Who in right mind is going to stand by a vehicle full of burning petrol fuel, knowing it could explode...?? Again, not likely!

In the main the proposal is problematic and ludicrous, unless the fire ext is in the hands of an experienced individual with presence of mind to ascertain extent of danger first.

A mother with small children, using an extinguisher, or running for safety? What would any sensible person do? Of course, head for safety...

Vehicles are insured...accept your loss and keep your family safe and run.

The fire ext component of the safety proposal is not really benefitting the general public in the main. However, the two triangles and reflective vest might prove useful..”

Friends of Hwange

Friends of Hwange at this year's Kariba International Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT) Help us to support Zimbabwe's wildlife: Donate $20 and supply the water

needed by 500 elephants and hundreds of smaller animals for one day in Hwange National Park. Receive a FREE FOH t-shirt and Wildlife of Zimbabwe Screensaver CD (over

800 images) as a thank-you for every $20 donation. Thanks to KITFT, FUCHS and CABS for their generous support.