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Monday, October 31, 2011

Please see attached and below photographs and copy for circulation to everyone in your address books, newspapers, dancing communities etc etc. The sooner we get this message out to as many people as possible, the quicker we can get the centre rebuilt. Funds are URGENTLY required from well wishers and lovers of dance to resurrect The National Ballet Centre. As much newspaper/magazine coverage as possible would be much appreciated, so please call in as many favours as possible from anyone and everyone you can:-

“The National Ballet Centre was destroyed yesterday morning after the roof caved in leaving the building unsafe and unusable. The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe announced that the collapse of the centre, which was built 35 years ago and has housed and trained the national dancing community for decades, is a national disaster and throws doubt over the future of dance in Zimbabwe. All dancers, teachers, parents and friends of dance were devastated by the news as it leaked out yesterday.

The National Ballet centre, situated on East Road, Harare (behind Reps Theatre) has staged many shows over the years including its annual dance festival Starlight Dancing. It is also registered as a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examination centre and its facilities are used daily by many of Zimbabwe’s top dance studios and dancers including the Tumbuka Contemporary Dance Company, The Dance Foundation Course, The Outreach Project and the National Ballet dancers themselves.

When the Ballet Centre initially opened, it focused on classical ballet. Later it was then realised that it was essential to take dance to the community as a whole, especially to the high-density suburbs. "Vana vano tamba" (children who dance) was soon launched in 1984 - a project initially confined to children under twelve in Harare's high density areas who would otherwise have had no exposure to dance other than traditional. The teachers went to various schools and a class was given on a Saturday morning to teenagers, who formed the City Youth Group. A few dancers, who showed potential, were awarded scholarships to learn ballet at a more advanced level from classical teachers.

This initiative soon led to the first workshop. So successful was this course that the training was extended and culminated in a formal three year Dance Training Programme specifically aimed at talented young schools leavers from economically constrained backgrounds. The course was free of charge and all students were provided with daily transport and lunch money. The first course was completed in 1992. The graduates were then employed either by the newly formed Tumbuka Dance Company, or the community based Outreach Team. This was an innovative and exciting move because of its employment creation policy and the possibilities for future expansion.

Since then, four further three year long Dance Foundation Courses have been successfully run, which has highlighted the interdependency of all three projects. The fifth Dance Foundation Course started in July 2008 and is currently running.

The Outreach Team has identified talented youngsters in the community, who were invited to audition for the Dance Foundation Course. Talented course graduates have been taken into Tumbuka as professional dancers. Tumbuka Company members are an integral part of the training course as they are involved in teaching the students on a regular basis, are disciplined role models, and inspirational leaders.

In 1999 two of the students on the Dance Foundation Course were offered a one-year scholarship with the Oslo National College of Ballet and Dance. The scholarships were extended by a further two years. Both of these dancers gained employment in the field of Dance in Europe. Since then six more students have benefited from these scholarships.

The Outreach Programme, that was initiated as "Vano Vano Tambo", developed into a formal programme with an Administrator and a Co-ordinator. Currently there are four teachers, one of which doubles as the Co-ordinator, who teach 4500 children. The classes are given free of charge. Outreach Dance Festivals are attempted every year to afford the children an opportunity to dance in public and one is currently in rehearsal and due to be staged on 26th November 2011 at The Dutch Reformed Church, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare at 10am. A morning not to be missed!

Chairman of the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe Tereza Carter, said that “Rebuilding The National Ballet Centre, is critical to ensure that all the gains over the past 35 years are not jeopardised. Dance in Zimbabwe must continue and it’s important that The National Ballet Centre remains at the hub of that national project.”

Well wishers, friends of dance and the corporate world are requested to contact The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe on for more information”.

Best Regards…Joe

Congratulations to Amy (nee Henderson) and Grant Froneman

Congratulations to Amy (nee Henderson) and Grant Froneman on the birth of their beautiful little boy Dylan, born on October 21st in Cape Town.

Proud grandparents Anne and Donald are so happy to be grandparents at last. We thought long and hard about it but eventually decided that, despite the financial considerations and our advancing years, we should put aside our reservations and make this sacrifice for the sake of our children. Ultimately, it was not a difficult decision to make as we had the help of Amy and Grant from the beginning. Sandy and Chelle have prepared meticulously and will heap love and gifts from their royal home in Dubai.


From Jenni Williams

My name is Jenni Williams, national coordinator of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA). I am persecuted for being a human rights defender, just getting over my 39th arrest and recovering from my 3rd stint in a Zimbabwean jail as a unconvicted prisoner. Arrested on the 21st of September 2-11 World Peace Day, I spent 2 days in horrific conditions at Bulawayo Central Police and then 10 days at Mlondolozi female prison in Khami complex. This brings my tally to 73 days of my life spent in jails wearing the bright green dolly rocker tunic of a remand prisoner. Despite so many arrests, the state has been unable to criminalise my right to peaceful protest so they through a particular officer with personal grudges have now resorted to criminal charges of kidnapping and theft. Anyway that is just a bit of background, the real reason I write this is to make a heartfelt plea to Zimbabweans.

In Zimbabwean jails, you have nothing to do except watch and SEE what happens and to talk to other prisoners. Life in prison is dreary, many nights spent on hard floors, dirty blankets, stinking cells, long hours (16 hours) of lock down in small overcrowded cells can surely drive one up the wall. I slept next to murderers, car jackers, thieves , fraudsters, prostitutes, all of them human beings trying to survive. I was not there to judge them but to share in the battle to eke out some form of dignity for oneself and avoid being harassed or beaten or tortured by prison guards.

Counting the hours and days in your head or watching how the shadows change as the sun sets as you are not allowed to know the time becomes a favourite past time of many. A prison is supposed to be a place for correction and reform , but Zimbabwe's prisons become places of slow death and places where one's dignity and self esteem are stripped. I have seen none of the correction and reform except forced labour or nonsensical things like the daily watering down to clean the 12x25 meter concrete yard.

During 2008, time in prison was hell as there was such widespread hunger and skeletons habited most of Zimbabwe's jails. Things have improved somehow in terms of supply of food in Mlondolozi but I am afraid to say the food is badly cooked and hungry eyes tell the stomach that it cannot finish the meal served on plastic plates as it is so unappetising. Sadza and spinach is such a simple meal to prepare if cooked in clean pots with clean water and with care but both are lacking at Mlondolozi. The sadza of an indescribable colour with relish of either spinach drowning in it water and not a drop of oil or beans swimming in an Olympic pool of liquid are the 11:30 lunch and 3pm dinner menu. Porridge too is a burden to eat as it is cooked in yesterday's unwashed pots and 20% of inmates have that magic item called a spoon. Those with the other scarce item called a toothbrush use one side for brushing and another for dribbling porridge into their mouths. And so I learn that eating is half hunger and a whole lot to do with how appetising the food is, the result, inmates don't get their basic right to a decent cooked nutritious meal. Due to my friends and relatives I am able to get a meal and something for breakfast delivered to me daily but as before I find I cannot eat in those conditions and lost 4kgs despite spending most of the day sitting in the tiny yard. One appetite killer is the thought that someone in the cells who d s not have relatives to visit and cannot stomach prison food will go for days without a morsel. My colleague Magodonga spent many meal times urging me to eat so I could take my antibiotics to treat the infection of my recent surgery. There was no bathing or shower facilities in Hotel Central Police station and my pleas for clean water for me to cleaning my wounds for 3 days fell on deaf ears, it was if I was asking for a rock from the moon. By the grace of God the antibiotics worked, and the infection has cleared.
I have three things to ask of anyone reading this note but I am no expert but just sharing based on experience. Firstly talking to convicted prisoners, it becomes so clear that that people can be too trusting and this sets them up for a fall. Please take time to study and analyse people and take more seriously advice on how to prevent crime or carjacking. Don't leave your keys in the ignition and step out. Don't trust strangers no matter the gender, smile or eloquence. I am not saying go through life being suspicious and lose confidence in the basic good of a human but take the time to THINK before you act. This will and can save you from injury, harm death and or even losing your property.

Following on from the basic good point, some of the crimes that resulted in prisoners being given the yellow dress of a convicted person could have been solved my facilitated dialogue processes. Again, I ask us to think and try to find other ways than to send someone to a prison that cannot feed them in a country that will not reform or correct them. Instead of prisoners coming out as reformed members of society they re-enter society as hardened criminals with little hope of being reformed. I am also talking to employers of domestic staff. The police and justice systems in our country are not working as they should so in the meantime society must find another way to peacefully deal with crime that involves genuine reform and correction and restitution. By the way I have had lots stolen from me and many break ins but because of who I am, I am deprived of my right to walk into a police station and report a crime as it had resulted in my personal persecution for my human ights work.

If you have a relative in jail, please visit them, they need to see you even if you have nothing to give except your smile and a teaspoon or an empty container to use as a lunch box! If you can donate food or practical things to Mlondolozi for the 100 women there, please do so but make sure there is a record of the donation or demand to give it to a prisoner direct or through charitable organisations. Send body cream but not face cream. Don't send deodorant or things that women like to use to make themselves pretty and feminine because so strange undisclosed reasons feeling feminine is not allowed. During my stints I normally coped by reading magazines or short simple romance novels and prisoners and guards alike had always loaned these books to read so it is something that you can do to help pass the day or night, while waiting for Zimbabwe's slow wheels of justice to take their course.

May I take this opportunity to thank the many whom I know had me and my colleagues in their prayers.
God bless

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reps Reporter – October 2011

Greetings in a hot October as we all start the countdown to the festive season and the new year ahead. The highlight of the past month has been the Special General Meeting and the subsequent launch of the Debentures, aimed at funding Reps, so that not only can the society continue to function but that it can do so fully confident of great things ahead.
Debentures now on offer

There have been many messages sent out about these, so all we need do here is encourage each and every member to get involved and to encourage friends, family and colleagues to do so, too. The Debentures can be taken up by members and non-members alike. If you feel you don’t know enough please call the Reps office for more details.

Stars of Tomorrow can be seen this month

National Ballet’s annual show presenting the younger dancers from all the dance schools will be staged from November 11 to 19, with performances most nights at 6.30pm and matinees on both Saturdays at 2.30pm – and a Sunday matinee on Nov 13 at 2.30pm. Fans of dance will enjoy seeing the ‘littlies’ and you will be joining many family members and friends coming to see the dancers in action. During Stars of Tomorrow there will be colouring competition related to the upcoming Reps panto, with prizes of tickets to see the panto, so young members of the audience have something fun to look forward to.

Dreamcatcher will feature song and dance

On the evening of Sunday November 13, Reps and the National Ballet will jointly present a fundraiser show, starting at 6pm. This has been a feature of the November calendar for a few years and the show will, as before, feature a mix of song and dance and a good way to spend a Sunday evening. Performers for the show are being lined up at the moment – if you would like to volunteer, please let Philippa in the Reps office know.

Spar Zimbabwe supporting Reps and the panto

Spar Zimbabwe has kindly agreed to sponsor the panto this year – Robinson Crusoe (Main Stage December 1 to 23). This is very exciting as it will allow us to put together a great production and help promote it widely. Graham Crutchley has started rehearsals and it looks like being a winner. The Spar connection will bring in Childline, which we hope will benefit from this involvement, among which will be collection of toys and children’s items through a foyer collection box throughout the panto run. Members can help by promoting Robinson Crusoe far and wide and making sure everyone in town knows about it. This year’s panto will be a blockbuster and its stars include Marc Thomas, Sue Bolt, Martin Bolt, Emily Wetzlar, Stephane Thomas and a number of brand new faces! Two gala nights have already been sold so book early – it’s going to sell quickly and well!

Get going for Boeing Boeing

The return of the new year brings Boeing Boeing back to the stage – one of the best and funniest farces ever written! Zane E Lucas will direct this and as a special extra, there will be a members’ early booking window giving members preferential booking for the opening night on New Year’s Eve. See in the new year with this top rated farce and the fun in the members’ bar afterwards, or go on from the show to whatever event you will be attending that night.

Social events aplenty

Mails are coming out all the time about all the socials coming up, so no need to repeat them here. However, all members are encouraged to come along to these events – there’s always a lot on offer and people end up having a grand time. Sometimes these socials are open to the general public and this is a good way of letting people see just what goes on at Reps and they can then be encouraged to join as members themselves. Coming up on October 29 is The Rocky Horror Picture Show being screened in the theatre and linked to associated Halloween events before and after the screening. November 4 sees a Portuguese-themed bar party and November 6 has another Sunday pub quiz … and there’s lots to follow.

Hire charges standardised

A set of standard hire charges have agreed to and a schedule of these is available from the Reps office – everything from hiring the theatre to hiring equipment.

Members’ information

On our members list are many people whose whereabouts is no longer known, and we would appreciate it if people could assist us in identifying where they may be now. Among these are a reasonable number of Theatre Foundation Members and Life Members. We cannot publish all the names but if you get a chance to visit the Reps office and look at the list, perhaps you can advise if you know where some of these missing people can be found. Sadly, we have come across information indicating some have passed away and we have taken them off the list. Many people have moved abroad and we don’t have their contact details. Some may well still be in Zimbabwe but are not receiving our information and news.

Membership drive still on

Although the competition for the Blue Swallow Lodges prize for signing up new members has ended, the drive for new members continues. We have had a good number of newcomers coming on board in the past few months and we would like this to continue. Everyone’s a potential member and it’s a matter of drawing to their attention what Reps offers its members. Forms can be obtained in the Members’ Bar, the Spotlight or Reps office.

Reps website offers information on everything about Reps

All you need to know about Reps should be found on the Reps website,, run for us by Mark Hyde. Please visit the site and give us feedback on what you find. It’s easy to reach and visit, and very much quicker than those huge websites which sometimes take a long time to get into.

Did you know …

… that Reps members get a 20 percent discount on tickets bought for Repertory Players productions on the Main Stage? It’s just one of the benefits of being a member. Sometimes this benefit is also accorded to members coming to see hire shows on our stage.

And some great news on subs

Exco has been decided that subscription fees for 2012 will remain at the levels of 2011, and a call for payment of subscriptions will be sent out later this year. Deadline for renewing is January 14. Work on streamlining the membership categories is taking place at the moment and information on this will be sent out with the call for subscriptions payments.

Until next time, keep cool!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


York - Jessie Elizabeth (nee Greeff) Passed away peacefully on 20th October 2011 at home aged 94 after a long healthy life. Mother of Fred, Geoff, Connie and Lionel. Mother in law of Cynthia, Anita, Harold and Lesley. Grandmother of Richard, Candy, Michael, Joanne, Alister, Grant, Siobhan and Patricia. Great grandmother of Matthew, Ethan and Joshua. Funeral to be held at Hillside Methodist Church, Limerick Road on Thursday 27th October 2011 at 2:30pm. All friends and relatives are invited for refreshments after the service at the home of Fred and Cynthia York, 5 Southway, Burnside, Bulawayo.

++++Passing of Chris Dixon

It is with deep regret that I advise you all of the passing of Chris Dixon at 05h00 on October 21, 2011 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

As we know Chris battled with the dreaded 'C' and let us rather rejoice and celebrate his life knowing his pain is over and now he can rest in peace.

Chris attested with 16 PTC in March 1962 ad gained his Wings in June 1963.

The Pilot
By Gene West

I hope there's a place, way up in the sky,

Where pilots can go when they have to die.

A Place where a guy can buy a cold beer,

For a friend and a comrade whose memory is dear;

A place where no doctor or lawyer can tread,

Nor a management type would ere be caught dead;

Just a quaint little place, kind of dark, full of smoke'

Where they like to sing loud, and love a good joke;

The kind of place where a lady could go

And feel safe and protected by the men she would know.

There must be a place where old pilots go,

When the paining is finished, and the airspeed gets low,

Where the whisky is old, and the women are young,

And songs about flying and dying are sung,

Where you'd see all the fellows who have flown west before,

And they call out your name, as you came through the door.

Who would by you a drink, if your thirst should be bad,

And relate to the others, "He was quite a good lad!"

And then through the mist, you'd spot an old guy

You had not seen in years, though he taught you to fly.

He'd nod his old head, and grin ear to ear,

And say, "Welcome my son, I'm pleased that you're here."

"For this is the place where true flyers come,"

When their journey is over, and the war has been won."

"They've come here at last to be safe and alone"

"From the government clerks and the management clone,"

"Politicians and lawyers, the Feds and the noise,"

"Where all hours are happy, and these good ole boys"

" Can relax with a cool one, and a well deserved rest,"

"This is heaven, my son... You've passed your last test!"

"Rest in Peace Chris'"

Deepest sympathies to Gail and family and also all of Chris's Course mates on 16 PTC

Messages of sympathy can be sent to Gail on

Kind Regards

Eddy Norris

HASTINGS - Emma. Beloved mother of Hugh, Margaret and Sheila, mother-in-law of Peter, and grandmother of Justin and Katy, passed away peacefully in Pietermaritzburg, on Monday 17 October 2011, age 87. Emma embraced all she knew with love and wisdom, lightened life with humour and enriched our lives with her graciousness and pure spirit. Rest in peace, darling Emma, your soul is free.

HASTINGS, Emma. Late of Bulawayo. Peacefully in Pietermaritzburg, on Monday 17 October. Much loved sister of Dawn (nee Summerton), and loving aunt of Tracey and family in Queensland. Deeply missed and forever loved


To Donald and Ann Henderson a grandson ! Born to Amy and Grant in Cape Town.

Great grandson of the Late Jimmy and Theresa McGroarty.
Much love and congratulations from Rick and Maggie

Travis and Kim Craddock proudly announce the safe arrival of their little girl, Chelsea Rebecca on 20th October 2011.
Congrats to Travis and Kim on the long awaited arrival of Chelsea Rebecca. Lots of love Rob, Lynne, Kylie and Lorna. xoxox

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Richard David Thompson

Richard David Thompson loving husband and father to Trish Thompson, Darren Thompson, Belinda Thompson and Jason Thompson. Passed away Monday 24th October 2011,

We know you are at peace on the river with a brandy and coke or Whiskey and soda in hand and the Beegees playing full blast in the background, fishing for tiger!! May you catch that big one!!

Our Father, Loving Husband and mentor to many will dearly missed! He was one of a kind! And we will always love you and are blessed to have had him in our lives!


Chris Dixon

Funeral Notice ; Chris Dixon ,much loved husband of Gail and father of Simone and Julian  passed away on the 21st October . The funeral service and thanksgiving for his life will be held on Wednesday the 26th October at 230 at St Georges School Chapel .Friends are welcome .For more information please contact Gail’s sister or call 0772236960

Monday, October 24, 2011



Newsletter No: 85 -

P O Box HG 594 Highlands Harare Zimbabwe The Motor Sports Club House, 2 Annan Road, Eastlea, Harare.
The Chairman and Editorial Team:
CHAIRMAN: Tim Thorburn 498723 / 0772.645.518
EDITORS Mike & Pat GILL 494028 / 0712.400.243 / 0712.440.794
4x4 Club Website Face Book Site: 4x4 Zimbabwe

The 4x4 Club is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation - ZMSF

Our Club is a member of the Mashonaland Motor Sport Association Club House, situated at: 2 Annan Rd. Eastlea. It is available for hire for weddings, conferences, kid's parties, 21st birthdays, etc.

News, comments and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or the Committee

THE EDITOR’S DESK - Michael and Pat Gill

We wish to say sorry that this is so delayed after the August issue but we have had a lot on our plate including our 50th Wedding Anniversary and a visit by our "Grand Children" from UK. All back to normal now. I did take the young out to Donnybrook in my SWB Patrol "Stubby" for some driving on the 4x4 tracks. Tim is a Police Traffic Patrol car driver in the UK and Martha is a CID Officer so there was sure to be a conflict of driving methods. Must say they both did very well till we nosed into one of the "Extreme" holes and even our LWB Patrol could not get us out backwards. Fortunately the only large tree nearby was straight in front and the winch pulled us out. Phew! A memorable day for them, and us.


Tammy Ellis: Congratulations on attaining your majority. Tammy turned 21 on 27th August and had a very good party at Tree Tops to celebrate. .

Cheryl and Martinus NEL: Our sincere condolences to Cheryl and Martinus on the tragic and untimely death of their son Christopher in a motor accident.

Michael and Pat Gill: Your editors celebrated their 50 years of matrimonial bliss on 14th October.

Ray Walker: It is with regret we advise you of the death of Ray's wife Joan. She had been suffering for the last six months or so with a brain tumor. So sorry Ray, Joan was a lovely lady.


We all have occasions to need some kind of specialist work done on our cars. In my case it was to weld a small reinforcing plate UNDER my Landy chassis. Personally I find welding upside down impossible so I made use of Power Pipes in Msasa. Here they lifted the car up high, used a MIG welder and a chap who spends his days welding exhaust pipes over his head. What a pleasure to see a professional at work. And all the little red hot bits went down his sleeve and not mine.


On your next trip out to our site at Donnybrook, you will notice our new Water Tank Stands. We have had to move the water tanks from the top of the containers as they were beginning to rust and there was a fear that one day they might topple over. This was done from Jamboree Sponsorship at of cost of $2000. We thank our sponsors.

On Sunday 2nd a team of happy helpers took the tanks off the containers and hoisted them up on top of the new stands at the end of the toilet block. We still have the pipe work to finish. Progress at last!


It has been agreed that subscriptions for 2012 will be $40 for subs; and $20 joining fee for new members. See renewal notice at the end of this newsletter. Please pay your subs promptly and if you are going to enter any competitions then I suggest you get your ZMSF Competition Licence at the beginning of the year. Cost for the year is $35. This will save you paying $20 for every competition and your Medical Insurance is greatly increased as well. And it will save you filling in masses of forms at registration each time.


The idea behind the 4x4 Tour we had arranged was to get members out into an area they would not normally see, a nice drive and to finish at Bally Vaughan Sanctuary. We did ask people to bring a donation of goodies or cash so that we can help this worthy cause. Well, it went off so well we thought we would be oversubscribed. It was a lovely day and the loads of things we delivered included a step ladder, several pockets of cement, bags of dog biscuits, a large pile of plastic bowls, nails and wire netting and so on. Well done members!

We had a very good turnout, 25 cars and here are two short comments received.

" Just wanted to let you know Megan, Cheryl and I had a great time on the 4x4 run – my little RAV was quite impressive climbing up and down the big rock we went on!!" the three girls from the American Embassy."

"On behalf of all the birds and animals at the Bally Vaughan Sanctuary, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your donations delivered on Sunday. What a huge help to us – thank you so much. It was lovely having you all with us and I hope you enjoyed your day.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our work here – we appreciate it so much.

Sarah and all at the Bally Vaughan Sanctuary"


Tel: 263 772 592 944 263 733 436 239

email: -


Eight teams, 16 cars, had a grand time out at Beatrice at usual, but all on new territory, new rocks, rivers and mud. Much of the traditional test sites are on land that has recently been grabbed so it was quite a challenge for the "route planners" to find new places. This they did to the extent that there were 16 DNFs which includes several tests not driven because the car was "broke".

The event traditionally has several night tests on Friday and these wiped out several teams. They were able to continue on Saturday which had a selection of sand, mud, water and more rocks and more broken cars. Not every broken car was directly caused by the rocks etc. Our alternator and started stopped and the Gweru entrant, BJ was injured by a stick which nearly took out his eye on the last test, which he finished, then rushed off to hospital. He was soon back to tell more "war stories". Camping weather was good and Beatrice Club looked after us with the usual good food and showers, etc. We even had a model aircraft and helicopter display on the rugby field.

Our major sponsor was Big Sky with "SecureTech" recovery gear. Some very useful items were handed out. The winners - Team "Numba Wun".

As all the cars are what you might call Comp Cars we noticed a few changes. Jim Perry has changed the 4 cyl petrol motor for a Rover V8. BJ has a set of "Unbreakable" drive shafts. Pete Jenkin had taken out the rear wheel steering and put in a standard axle – no broken drive shafts this year! Mark Benzon had changed the 4cyl diesel to a 4 cyl petrol Rover motor in his little red Jeep "Bud". Gareth brought along his new orange "Stinky" which looked a bit like a battered stock car afterwards. The same can be said for Kelvin's Series 1 after it had rolled.

Bush Pig Results.

Numba Wun Mass Kirk Tim Thorburn

Dream Team Alex Hawkins Dale Kiggen

Bush Rats Jim Perry BJ Lawry

Kalahari Michael Gill Mark Benzon

Dirty Buggers Trevor Butler Rodney Beckley

Wife Beaters Peter Benzon Shane Ellis

Crikey Pete Jenkin Gareth Geach

Fugly Kelvin Weare Malcolm Attwell


Did you take any photos at Bush Pig? If so please send three of your best to Grant Weare to judge and you could be the winner of a Bush Pig Shirt.


This has become an annual overnight camping weekend 40 ks from town which is then followed by a good 4x4 drive up two more hills. This time we had a good party on Moon Rock, the moon lit up the country. Some spent the night and some went home to bed.

After a beautiful sunrise and a big cooked breakfast six cars set off to climb the big one, Zhekezheke which always has a good test at the bottom. After the rains the views were stunning and the trails dust free. An early lunch was had by a small river and someone had to get stuck in the mud. Fortunately Shane managed to get his Rangie out so we went on to Kite Hill. While driving along the ridge we saw flashes of light coming from the top of the hill and had no idea what was making these flashes. On arrival at the top we were greeted by Flossie and Neil trying to send semaphore messages with a mirror to us. After flying kites for a while we took the more interesting route down, crossed the river and set off home.

Mike and Murray Patrol

Mark & Hilary Patrol

Peter & Tam Patrol

Gareth & Ashley Rangie

Tim Terrano

Shane & Simone Rangie

Neil & Flossie Patrol

Carol & Derek camped the night but being in a 2WD pickup they went home after breakfast. Got to get that 4x4 soon!


4x4 Club Diary - 2011

These dates change as the year progresses, but flyers will be sent out before each event.

November 12 (Sat) Corporate Day & English Rules Donnybrook

November 18-20 Dungbeetle Mutare

December 4 Christmas Run Day

Social and SOAP fund raiser.


To enter Donnybrook on a non-event day it will cost you $1 per car, providing you have you membership card. Non-members will be charged $10 per car. You must sign the book at the gate and put your name, your Club and membership number. Do not pay without signing the book.

Please note: If you wish to go to Donnybrook to play and there is another event on, then the organizing club can charge what they like for you to enter as they will have hired the entire complex for that day. Please don’t try and argue with the gate attendant as they will just be doing their job. Either pay-up or go away and come back on a free day.


Have you had a look at our Web Site? Grant Weare, Kelvin’s son has done a really good job of updating it. Go to:

We have a Face Book site and for those members, who are on Face Book, feel free to join the site: 4x4 Zimbabwe

Motor Sports Association Club House

MSA Membership: The Club House bar works on a Swipe Card basis and any member of an affiliated club can join. Pay your $20 Club House subscription and get your card. Bar prices are double for non-cardholders.

Hall for Hire - Hire our affordable Club facilities for parties, Wedding Receptions, meetings, seminars, courses and other functions. Assist us in this way to obtain funds for the Clubhouse.

Michael and Pat GILL

See renewal notice below …………………………

THE 4 x 4 CLUB


2 Annan Road, Eastlea, Harare.

Affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation


Name: ...........................................................................................................

Address: .............................................................................................


Telephone numbers : Home:.……........................ Work:: ……………...........................

Cell:...........................………........... E-mail :……………………..........................

In order to keep our records up-to-date, please complete in full.

Signed: ............................................... Date: ...……..................................

Annual subscription for 2011 is US$40

Our Bank Account Details, if you wish to do a direct deposit:

The 4x4 Club; NMB Borrowdale Branch;

Branch Code: 11106 Account No: 260066827

Please advise me as soon as you have paid, or we will not be able to reconcile the account and you will not get your Membership Card.

Pat Gill: Membership Secretary

Phone: 494028 Cell: 0712.440.794 Email:

Reporting dumping domestic waste from a vehicle in Zimbabwe

Reporting dumping domestic waste from a vehicle in Zimbabwe is quick, simple, and anonymous

Motorists reporting a violation will be asked to provide the following:

Date when the littering occurred

Location at which littering occurred

Description of the vehicle, including the license number

Description of the item littered

Side of vehicle (driver or passenger) from which littering occurred


770362 - 752637
PENALTIES AND FINE $50 - 20- = 250

Friday, October 21, 2011


Contact any of the below:

• Your local municipal office

• The Fire Brigade (who fine up to $500)

• The Environmental Management Agency

Steady Kangata - PHONE: 705661-3 Email: Toll free: 0800 4297.

• The City of Harare OPERATIONS OFFICE 770362/752637 or email Mr Chibanda on



ANOTHER DANGEROUS ROAD!! Just less than a km past the Borrowdale Brooke complex entrance on CROWHILL RD. (going away from Borrowdale Rd.) is a really nasty bend... several cars have gone over the edge there (Friday nights are bad!!) The road is also narrow and the edges have a nasty drop off. PLEASE take care there.

KITFT folk or anyone travelling to Kariba

KITFT folk or anyone travelling to Kariba….Beware of SPEED TRAPS!! The Police are out in full force so adhere to the speed limits…this last w/e I think our speeding fines cost us more than our Kariba trip!! Special mention is coming into Chinhoyi & going out of Karoi, near Rydings School. They were catching people by the dozens!! Travel safely!!



Died in New Zealand

No more pain or suffering my friend



SCHMIDT - Kurt and Rebecca (nee' Stockil) are proud to announce the arrival of their first daughter at 5.10pM on Wednesday 12th October 2011 in Maputo, Mocambique. Mother and daughter doing well and Dad recovering. !

stranded Mozambiquans

In the last couple of months I have received calls from 2 separate friends, who have met up with stranded Mozambiquans, in Zim. They have a long story to tell about how they have broken down/run out of fuel, and require some dollars to get them on there way. They appear to have done some research, and can name drop convincingly.i.e. your name, your spouses name, maybe some business associates etc. They offer their bosses names, and phone numbers, (Vilankoulos, seems to be the place), who will only be too delighted to refund.  etc etc. On both occasions I have called the numbers, and they are either not reachable, or no longer in use, and I have called friends living in those areas and they have never heard of the "boss". If someone is feeling charitable, ask to see their passport ( 'Sorry, I've left it in the car, or with a friend').

Yvonne Josephine Mary (Sanderson) Van Rensburg

It comes with great sadness, the passing of Yvonne Josephine Mary (Sanderson) Van Rensburg in Mutare on Monday 17th October 2011. ‘Vonnie’, a devoted wife, mother to Mark, Andy, Ainsley and Michelle; Grandmother to Lee, Nicole, Matthew, Shane, Gavin, Blaire, Dylan, Hayley, Timothy and Brett; Great Grandmother to Jonty and Kieran. Funeral service will be held at the St Columbis Presbyterian Church in Mutare on Saturday 22nd October 2011. Teas will be served after the service at the church.


GRAHAM W R ELLIOTT Our dear brother, father, uncle, friend... Slipped away peacefully on Monday 17 October. We will be celebrating his life on Friday 21 October at 3pm at 30 Twickenham Drive, Northwood. May he Rest in Peace


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Quite a few people have called to ask about the productions at Reps this week, so here is a reminder: Four shows are being staged at Harare’s Reps Theatre this week, each with a different theme and format and each with a broad appeal to Harare audiences. On the Reps Main Stage, the week is dominated by two productions from Zambia: a children’s folklore tale called Panali Panali and a comedy for mature audiences called Married Versus Singles. They are presented by Dinaledi Productions and directed by Zimbabwean actor-director Tsungai Garise, who is now based in Lusaka. Panali Panali features a selection of African traditional children’s stories, and is being staged at 3.30pm each afternoon this week up to and including Saturday October 22. Married Versus Singles is a comedy with a morality angle, focused on married women and single women and looking at their relationships with men. It is on stage each evening at 7pm until Saturday October 22. The shows have a cast of Zambian actors and, should these productions gain popularity while here, Garise will consider bringing more productions to Harare.

Also on stage this week and next in Theatre Upstairs at Reps is a tragi-comedy, The Memory of Water, which was written by Shelagh Stevenson and directed by Jamie McLaren. A joint venture between The Repertory Players and McLaren’s Under The Affluence group, the play is about a group of women who gather after their mother’s death and has a mix of poignancy and humour that will have broad appeal. It carries a PG15 advisory. The Memory Of Water has a preview on Wednesday October 19 and opens on Thursday October 20, running until Saturday October 29.

A one-off show will be featured on the Reps Main Stage on Sunday October 23 (2pm). It is called Floriano and is a flower show in which the Zimbabwean floral artists who recently took part in the World Flower show in Boston, USA, will recreate their works for local audiences to see.

Booking for all these productions is now open at The Spotlight, which can give details of performance times.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

st water pipes

Harare City Council - Burst water pipes can be reported on 791101 or 772453.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


LYNDA THOMSON. The Memorial Service for the late Lynda Thomson will take place at Highlands Presbyterian Church, Enterprise Road,

on FRIDAY 21st October at 10.00am. M. Richardson 0712 631 305



Here's some interesting news about the hotels and restaurants in

Zimbabwe - it's old news but worth reading again for nostalgia.

The once much-loved George Hotel Avondale closed January 4: sold to

Multi-Choice as new HQ. A planned valedictory meal in the grotesquely

named Freckle and Phart pub, or depressing dining room, reminiscent of

railway architecture circa 1946, aborted as it was semi-gutted well

before closure.

Previously Charleston Hotel (ex-KamfinsaPark) also shut: "Due to ever

rising rent hikes," I heard. Both places underwent major changes in

clientele, facilities, ambience, even cleanliness but are fondly

remembered for special functions. The George, especially, for wedding


Since independence Harare lost the popular Windsor Hotel on Baker

(Nelson Mandela) Avenue. It housed the Colony, where Edwin and

Rachelle played twin pianos to international cabaret standards to

discerning diners in formal finery. Lincoln Room had fantastic value

for money food in luxurious surroundings. It closed late November 1980

when set three-course lunch, featuring baron of beef rolled to the

table, carved to order was $1,50.

1890 was the cocktail bar. Popular with lunchtime philanderers, it

shut 2:30 sharp, when top-up topers moved next door to Branch Office

(ex-Blue Room) opening 10:30 to 10:30. Some heroic boozers returned to

1890, which shut at 11:30. Egg and I was in the same building, as was

Lion's Den:

The day the Windsor closed (earlier than announced to avoid vandalism

seen at Meikles' Long Bar by "souvenir hunters") beer was 38c; bar

lunch 35c.

Opposite was a complex housing the raucous Round Bar and Le Coq d'Or

where little French was heard. The building was owned by an American

religious sect which left the country at UDI.

Premises were banned from selling drink or tobacco; dancing was

proscribed. For years they thought it was a library!

Picture the indignation when they found the country's most bawdy,

boozy, bare-knuckled, bra-less nightlife had flourished there for

years! Playboy was nearby, as was La Boheme: nothing to do with opera,

it offered strippers of often venerable years and was a target of an

inexpertly thrown grenade during the troubled times.

Three major Chinese outlets closed after 1980: Golden Dragon, a hang

out of pre-independence Ministry of Information people, the bar a

favorite with international journalists; Bamboo Inn with dark, dingy

but somehow appealing pub run by an Irishman called (of course) Paddy.

Mandarin had no bar, but hacks and hackettes gathered round a service

hatch as if in a Fleet Street club.

Down the way Pink Panther!

Run by two aged sisters from the Caucasus, they served delicious

kebabs at the original site, later Linquenda House. One also owned the

Georgian Grill.

PP later became Alfredo's then Front Page: restaurants with lively

pubs, gregarious regulars, liberal hours. The "Page" owners: a blonde

and a brunette belonged in international glamour magazines.

Pino's in Union (Kwame Nkrumah) was arguably the best seafood joint

around, but gained notoriety when someone complained and the ebullient

eponymous Portuguese proprietor whacked him over the pip with a flamb

pan. Bombay Duck between Jameson (Samora Machel) and Central was run,

improbably, by ex-BSAP troopie, Tug Wilson; it served iridescent

curries all hours for next to nothing.

At Msasa, Red Lantern, run by S-W African (Namibian) Germans

specialized in eisbein, knackwurst and bratwurst I can still smell and

taste. Beverly Rocks was an hospitable hostel : good food, great

music, lovely gardens (now a government training centre.) Going east,

the old Jamaica Inn was run by various characters including an ex-

Federal hangman and Commonwealth boxing gold medal winner. Good stop

there on the way to or from Three Monkeys Marandellas (Marondera) for

lunch. (Now a religious institute.)

Glen Lorne's local was the festive Highlands Park , run by ex-Kenya

big game hunter Toby Royston. Great dinner dances, lovely Sunday

lunches, cream teas in the garden. Spaniards, Marlborough (ex-Quorn)

served incredibly good food, except soup: always watery, insipid and


There's not been another Harare establishment like Sandro's. Starting

as a private club, it retained clubland ambience till the end. Five

star cooking or basic bar lunch, often polished cabarets; journalists

and businessmen rubbed shoulders with cabinet ministers. Sardinian

Sandro also ran Eros: fine Mediterranean food and friendly bar and

Sandrock's, for back-packers.

Close by was Taco's with usually picaresque punters pinting.

BB House has recently been rebuilt; Ramambo Lodge was there. Never my

favorite, tourists liked its rustic furniture, Shona sculpture,

marimbas, game meat.

I preferred a previous operation: Flanagan's with

foot-stomping trad jazz Saturday lunches (Bob Gilmour and the

Bobcats.) Fish and chips, tripe and onions, steak egg and chips, curry

and rice 75c.

Covered Waggon/Homestead served scrumptious salads: a

favourite with females, when ladies who lunch lunched in town!

I played domin s in The Chalet as a suitcase bomb exploded at

Woolworths nearby with many fatalities (the mother of my children was

due to be there.) Regulars helped survivors. (Barbours was the real

target.) On more pacific Chalet days, great juicy joints were trundled

in at lunch; patrons sliced their own for 50c with pickles, mustard,

horseradish, chips and rolls. The city's best pies were served in a

motor sport-theme cocktail bar. There was a civilized snooker room

(not a crummy pool hall.) It became a motor parts store, then a Spar.

Tipperary's on Fife Avenue, came and went unlamented, as did the

adjoining Khyber Pass; Cassidy's, Glenara, had fleeting popularity;

now a car showroom. Park Lane (now GMB HQ) the Kiya Nyama steakhouse

there unrivaled outside Bulawayo .

Howff, Chisipite, a Scottish theme

pub/restaurant with super sing-along nights, memorably good prawn

specials. In the same suburb, Sports Bar enjoyed a brief dedicated

following, earning no stars from moi, unmourned when shutters fell as

Innscor concentrated on "core" business.

Clovagalix, Fife, caught fire once too often, becoming Cafe Med,


Caruso's 4th/Samora was a great Chips d'Oliviera club-cum Portuguese

pub/restaurant. As Vila Peri it moved to 3rd/Baines where the usually

grubby Pointe is now. Next door was Fat Mama's, previously Spago's.

Now Mama Mia's it thrives at Newlands.

The Cellar, Marimba Park was tops with journos and the printing trade,

serving wonderful whisky prawns, real rosti; upstairs bar often seemed

the centre of the universe. Kamfinsa's Bizarre Bar (later IT,

previously Buster's, The Cockpit, etc) was hugely popular with

yuppies, briefly with buppies; once a license to print money. New

owners cut corners. Now it's a swimming pool sundries shop.

Meikles closed Mirabelle, The Causerie, Flagstaff and Captain's Cabin;

Bagatelle, there, and La Chandelle, The Sheraton's fine French

restaurant no longer routinely open; Aviator's Arms is shut to non-

residents. Monomotapa lost 1001 Horsemen and Bali Hai, but gained La

Francais from Avondale.

When everywhere else closed, you could get ABFs at Al's Place The


Probably unlicensed: whether you ordered whisky, brandy or rum it came

from one bottle; gin, cane, vodka, white rum another. High Chaparral

(ex-Nick's Bar), Avondale opened all hours : a good greasy spoon where

coffee and steak rolls helped avoid the worst "mornings after."

Especially after Le Matelot (ex-Lighthouse), opposite where I squirmed

as West End stage stars died a death. Aphrodite, Strathaven, was a

superb Greek restaurant; Demi's near State Lotteries closed due to

commuter omnibuses' anarchistic parking. Up the street, Copacabana

served wonderful Portuguese food, having previously been a great

Chinese (White Lotus?) Himalaya , nearby, did colossal searing

noon curries at minimal cost but was avoided after dusk.

Variously Rosedale's, Rose Bowl and Rose & Crown the Hatfield outlet

was a superb Sunday lunch venue with live entertainment. One of the

best seafood platters I've eaten here was at Kentucky, also Hatfield.

On a positive note there's a flurry of recently opened ethnic

restaurants, tea, coffee shops and lodges; Jameson's Tiffany's re-

opened after many years. Sadly, few seem to have the character or

characters in which the closed establishments were so rich, but time

will tell.

Written by an unknown Harare Journalist - thank you whoever you are !

The Tragic Death Of Keith Nicolson On 13/09/2011

To whom it may concern,

My name is Adrienne Hough-Bekker, step-daughter to the late Keith Alan Nicolson. My mother is Carleen Nicolson who was married to Keith.

Due to misinterpretation of the events leading up to Keith Alan Nicolson’s death, his wife Carleen has requested that the following statement be released. This statement has been written by Tim Morgan who was abducted and present when Keith was killed. I wonder if you would publish this statement / blog on your website.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Kind regards Adrienne


Below is a factual account of the events leading to the tragic death of Keith Alan Nicolson, as given by Tim Morgan.

Around 2pm on Tuesday 13th September, the staff at Plot 196 Gold Dust were called to the gate by a group of unknown people in a White Toyota Ipsum. The gang said they were from Chinhoyi CID investigating the report by Mr Tim Morgan regarding his stolen laptop. The men then forced entry, assaulted members of the staff and their families before tying and gagging them inside the main house. The assailants began searching the house for cash and the location of a safe, keeping to rooms not visible on entry at the front door.

Mrs Bev Morgan arrived home at approximately 5.30pm, closely followed by Mr Morgan at 5.45pm. Both were handcuffed, hit and questioned about the safe and contents of Mr Morgan's laptop bag. They were taken to the same room as everyone else to be interrogated. By 8pm, everyone had been tied up in separate rooms and the assailants had loaded their car with a number of items of value and cash.
Mr Morgan was then instructed to get in the back of his twin cab as he was being taken to open the Safe at his Garage in Banket. One of the men got in the back next to Mr Morgan holding a pistol against him, another got in to drive and the remaining two men followed in the white Toyota Ipsum. Mr Morgan was threatened that he would be killed if he tried anything.

During the journey towards Banket there was some movement of weapons between the men in both vehicles, with an extra man getting into the front passenger seat of Mr Morgan's twin cab.

In the meantime a member of the staff had managed to get free and race to a neighbour to alert them of the situation. Henry Allen, his son Tony, Keith Nicholson and Randy Du Rand arrived at the house, on ensuring all was ok Henry, Keith and Tony gave chase as no one was able to contact the police. In the meantime, Keith's wife, Carleen Nicolson, had contacted someone else who arranged to get armed police to Mr Morgan's garage.

Henry, Keith and Tony were driving towards the Raffingora Road, when they saw the White Toyota and then the twin cab heading towards Raffingora; therefore assuming the robbery had taken place and fearing Mr Morgan's safety. They decided to follow the twin cab, which was behind the white Toyota, but suddenly it did a U-turn and was facing them.

Henry, Keith and Tony's vehicle stopped in front of the twin cab before it could drive off. The two armed assailants in the front of the twin cab jumped out the car to escape and began instantly shooting at them. Henry leapt out his vehicle and returned fire whilst chasing them towards the White Toyota. Keith and Tony also began to give chase passing Mr Morgan's twin cab.

Mr Morgan and the third assailant were struggling to get out of the back of the twin cab due to central locking. The armed assailant somehow managed to unlock his door when Keith, who had just passed the vehicle heard the door open and turned back towards it. The assailant by this time was outside the vehicle and Keith grabbed him. They were very close together when the shot that killed Keith was fired at point blank range.

The assailant ran off towards Banket whilst being chased by Tony but on hearing gun fire, Tony returned to the twin cab and immediately began administering CPR. By this time Henry had also returned to the twin cab after running out of ammunition.

Keith was rushed to Banket District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Three of the four assailants have been caught. One was shot in the shoulder and was seeking medical treatment in Mvurwi and another was found dead from a gunshot wound. Two of the assailants are in remand awaiting trial.

The gang have been identified as being responsible for other armed robberies; a home in Banket and a store in Mutorashanga as well as various vehicle thefts

Safeguard Summery

September 2011 Summary

We have been sending these reports out for a number of years now. The general feedback we get about their usefulness is good.

We think we can do better though, and welcome any comments you have on the content and what we could do to make this monthly bulletin more useful.

If you have any comments, or have a security incident to report that others should be aware of , please let us know, and we will post the comments on our website for general information and action.

Looking at the Break In report you will see that those people that used their alarm systems prevented loss and damage. There are too many cases still where alarms are not used. USE YOUR ALARM SYSTEM. If you are not sure how to use it, or need advice on how to set it up, then give us a call and we will help.
Alarm systems need not be expensive , and will work when needed if used daily, and maintained properly .

Toll free assistance -Remember we have a toll free number 0800 3222 297,
Road side and emergency help countrywide-If you are client of Safeguard Alarms you have access to a free cell phone panic service which allows you to call for help wherever you are in the country (as long as you are in cell phone range. The registration is free, and there are no monthly charges. Register now, or get more details by emailing us at
I T Security

-Are your internet bills too high?

-Do you pay too much for IT Support that is unreliable?

-Are you concerned about the security of your network?

The IT industry is expanding every day in Zimbabwe, and while this gives companies many opportunities, it also opens the door to a multitude of security and fiscal risks.

Safeguard now offer a consultancy that will work with you to address the IT issues above.

Contact us to discuss any concerns you may have and we will do our best to find the right solution for you, keeping your IT systems safe and efficient.
To arrange a meeting please phone Bruce Woodward on 0774 762 061 OR email Bruce on


On 26/08/11 at 0615hrs in Lincoln Green, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. Outside alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 27/08/11 at 2250hrs in Ballantyne Park, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke a bedroom window, entered the house and stole various household goods. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 01/09/11 at 0015hrs in Highlands, intruders removed two durawall panels and entered the yard, the outside alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

On 02/09/11 at 0330hrs in Hatfield, intruders cut three strands of electric fence and jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. Guards manning the premises saw them and pressed the panic button, alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, durawall, electric gate and electric fence.

On 02/09/11 at 0357hrs in Hillside, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, removed front one office window pane and entered the house. They stole household electrical goods and went away. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has durawall and electric gate.

On 03/09/11 at 1602hrs in Westgate, intruders cut electric fence and razor wire and jumped over durawall and entered the yard, broke the lounge window and entered the house. They stole various household goods and went away. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has burglar bars, electric fence, razor wire and electric gate.
On 04/09/11 at 0332hrs in Avondale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, stole a gate motor and ran away. The alarm did not trigger because the area was not protected by the alarm. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 04/09/11 at 1512hrs in Lincoln Green, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke the kitchen window, cut burglar bars and entered the house. They stole various household goods and went away. The alarm did not trigger as it was not armed. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.
On 10/09/11 at 0330hrs in Avondale, intruders removed three durawall panels and entered the yard. They broke the lounge window, cut burglar bars and entered the house. They stole various goods and went away, the alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

On 12/09/11 at 0440hrs in Msasa, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, cut the front office door screen with a bolt cutter and forced open the door with a craw bar. The alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 13/09/11 at 2312hrs in Msasa, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, forced open an office window with a sharp object, the alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall and burglar bars.
On 21/09/11 at 0353hrs in Greendale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. The outside alarm triggered, the reaction team arrived promptly and apprehended one of the intruders. Property has a durawall, burglar bars and electric gate.

Highlands 1

Avondale 2

Hillside 1

Lincoln Green 2

Ballantyne Park 1

Hatfield 1

Westgate 1

Borrowdale 1

Msasa 2

Greendale 1
On, 06/09/11 at 0322hrs in Town, intruders gained access into the building through the roof, they forced open all the locked doors, emptied all cupboards and shelves, tried to force open a kenwood built in safe but failed, tried to chisel their way through the brickwork of the safe and eventually abandoned their act without having stolen anything. Property has burglar bars, razor wire and durawall.No Alarm

For more information please visit our website on

Jackie Mtetwa


“When Security Matters”!!!!!


We are intending in the future to send out regular Rifa Newsletters. We will let you know about any interesting happenings so that you can share the excitement of Rifa throughout the year, rather than merely during the one week that you might be fortunate enough to spend here! Also, as you are probably aware, Rifa is desperately in need of financial support. We will update you about our fund raising priorities.
September has seen some windy days, heralding in the hot season and the temperatures are creeping ever upwards. Of course, now is our 'Spring time' and the trees of the flood plain have responded with a wealth of blossom and fresh green leaf. The knob thorns were miraculously transformed from tatty and faded old ladies, into young girls billowing with creamy, bridal exuberance! The sausage trees have been decked with candelabras of maroon flower goblets and with new leaves of grasshopper green. The bats feed at the flowers by night and in the morning there is a carpet of fallen blooms. The baboons are in the trees early in the day, feasting on flower buds and fresh leaf salad. The kudu, bushbuck and impala gather below, breakfasting on the succulent flowers and the baboons' left overs. Recently it is the turn of the wild mangoes, now thick with egg-yolk orange flower heads to the delight of the Long-tailed (Meves's) Starlings and the Black-eyed (Dark-capped) Bulbuls.

The inland pans are now dry so the game is concentrated near the Zambezi. We are seeing plentiful impala which often demonstrate to the students how to excel in the high jump! Numerous families of warthog are excavating the couch grass - making off with radio-aerial tails raised when disturbed. Groups of kudu are frequently visible out in front of the camp, stretching up their necks to feed on the lower leaves of the natal mahogany trees and thus creating a neat, level browse line. The kudu population includes several young bulls with magnificent spiralling horns and powerful thick necks to support the weight. Some students have been fortunate enough to glimpse a group of six eland that sometimes feed near Barbel Channel. These animals are extremely shy and trot off into cover at the first sign of humans. Some nights we have heard grunting and rustling sounds from the flood plain and at first light have found a herd of buffalo in front of the camp, having a last nibble of green leaf and vetiveria grass before they retreat into the thick bush for the rest of the day. Recently Freedom counted over 360 in the herd!

Despite ongoing problems with our water pumps, we have tried to keep the water hole wet. With the arrival of the warm weather the elephant bulls have been making a bee line for this muddy wallow in the afternoons. Some abandon all pretence at dignity, and lie down on their sides, gleefully rubbing the mud into all the itchy places. They emerge, looking as if they were made out of melted chocolate.

The great news is that we appear to have a family of leopard resident near camp. A female and two sub-adults were seen early in the month. John Osborne has donated an agricultural flood light. This illuminates the flood plain in front of the camp with a gentle yellow glow, giving a surprising amount of visibility without disturbing the game with a harsh glare. Students from Belvedere Technical Teachers' College had gone to the edge of the terrace one evening to look down at a hippo that was engaged in some lawn mowing activity just below. They were rewarded with a view of two leopard!

Students walked to the Chipandure River cliffs as usual but this month they were treated to the spectacle of the Southern Carmine Bee-eaters, circling and gliding above their nesting colony like gleaming mobile jewels. The first Paradise Flycatchers have arrived, the males already complete with their breeding finery of long russet tails. A pair of African Skimmers is breeding on the sand spit beyond the 'Sunset' island. Recently they were seen dive-bombing a Saddle-billed Stork who had come too close. We hope they will have success in raising a brood.

We would like to be able to set up a research project to study the Long tailed (Meves’s) Starlings! These have been very active this month. In the mornings they have been flying in a constant direction over the flood plain - we presume on their way to feed either on the islands in the Zambezi or in Zambia? On the morning of 24th September, during a period of forty-five minutes, Dave counted 1218 starlings!

As usual, students enjoyed watching the sunset over the Zambezi including the 'five minute silence' during which everybody has an opportunity to concentrate on the beauty of the colours and the bird calls. The sun this month has been setting as a huge crimson orb, its intensity filtered by the haze from all the veld fires.

During September Chisipite Senior School and Belvedere Technical Teachers' College came to Rifa. Chisipite had a varied programme, including mapping, measuring the temperature of the Hot Springs, research and presentations on trees, and hunting, stalking and target shooting. Belvedere Technical Teachers' College students participated in discussions on some vital conservation issues, such as solutions to the conflict between people and wildlife, the roles of hunting and the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

There is no better way to describe the students' varied reactions other than through some quotes from their entries in our 'Rifa Experience' Journal:

"The beach party on the last day made the centipedes worth it..."

"Lion and buffalo scarcely seen

The walking makes us rather lean

We learnt a lot and remembered each fact

From leopard's spoor to porcupine scat

Hunting and stalking, away we went

We shot at cans that left a dent..."

"I loved watching the elephants out of my dorm window..."

"Through Zimbabwe we have travelled to many places without any knowledge of our surroundings - but during our Rifa experience, we learnt to appreciate the diversity of our Zimbabwe and for that we will be eternally grateful..."

"Away from the stressed town of Harare and the polluted air I found a peaceful place..."
"For 17 years I've been looking for the meaning of life and after taking a break from the madness of the modern world to embrace nature I think my search has come to an end..."

"This group believes in the College's motto of 'Spreading the Light'. Thus our report shall benefit not only those around today but even the future generation..."
Rifa used to be adequately financed through the payments made by the attending schools and the subscriptions from the members of the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association. This is no longer enough and we have serious problems. There are three areas where funds are needed: running costs; maintenance and camp equipment; and educational equipment and sponsorship.

Our grateful thanks to Ariel, Westridge, Bryden and Springvale who have donated to the camp in the course of the year. The camp is starting to look extremely “rustic” and in need of maintenance.

Of particular concern at the moment are the 40 mattresses in the dorms which urgently need replacing. The same applies to Cemwash. The whole camp needs a good splash of paint to smarten the whole place up. If anyone has a good source for these please let the office know.

We are in the process of looking for regular funding. However, until that is achieved, we are living very much a hand to mouth existence.

Our contact details are;

Trish Evans
for Zimbabwe Hunters Association
P. O Box HG 548, Highlands, Harare
16 Walter Hill Avenue, Eastlea, Harare
Phone 04 704977 / 8 or 707306Cell: 0772 329434


Daeths - Bulawayo

DITCHBURN - Julia. Loving wife of Alan, mother of Peta-Ann and Debbie, and Grandmother of Jan-Willem passed away peacefully on Tuesday 4th October 2011. Will always be remembered for her love of Africa, its people and its flora and fauna.

My darling husband passed away peacefully on Monday 26th September 2011,

in Kleinmond, Western Cape, South Africa after a brave fight with cancer.

A memorial service will be held at the Kleinmond Fellowship Church on

Friday 30th September at 11am.

Bert will be deeply missed by his wife, Marinda, and daughters, Audra, Bernita and Sandy.

And his sister Esme' and brother-in-law Bill Edwards and families

Burning Leaves

Readers Comment - I had an overwhelming response to my request for help on the terrible issue of burning leaves/compost/plastic etc..thank you. The best info that I got is as follows. Contact any of the below:

• Your local municipal office

• The Fire Brigade (who fine up to $500)

• The Environmental Management Agency

Steady Kangata - PHONE: 705661-3 Email: Toll free: 0800 4297.

• The City of Harare OPERATIONS OFFICE 770362/752637 or email Mr Chibanda on

Zesa’s US$12m bulb tender cancelled

Friday, 30 September 2011 02:00

Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter

THE State Procurement Board has cancelled all tenders for the supply of 5,5 million energy-saving bulbs because bidders failed to meet set requirements.

This will result in Zesa Holdings delaying the distribution of the bulbs worth US$12 million.

Zesa decided to distribute free compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which will result in the country saving 200 megawatts.

This energy is enough to cater for half of Harare, the whole of Bulawayo or at least four small cities like Gweru, Kwekwe, Masvingo and Mutare.

Twelve bidders that had forwarded their tenders under a special formal tender process are now complaining that the cancellation was done under unclear circumstances.

They said the reasons were "illogical".

It is understood that the power utility is now considering floating an informal tender for new bidders.

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company managing director Engineer Julian Chinembiri said it was the SPB that cancelled the tenders.

Said Eng Chinembiri: "We can recommend, but it is their decision (to either award or cancel the tenders)."

SPB chairman Mr Charles Kuwaza yesterday confirmed the cancellation of the tenders.

"We subsequently de-briefed the bidders on the reasons for cancellation. Some of the bidders are complaining that the cancellation was not in good faith and we are working together with the accounting officer to respond to these technical questions before the next tender is floated, whether formal or informal," he said.

Bidders who spoke to The Herald on condition of anonymity said reasons for the cancellation were not satisfactory.

They suspected there was a hidden hand behind the cancellation.

"They told us that we had failed to conform to the specifications like labelling the bulbs "ZETDC, not for sale" when other specifications which matter most like frequency, voltage and wattage had been met.

"These were just samples for God's sake. If one wins the tender that is when it can make sense to label them that way," said one of the bidders.

Another said some of the bidders represented big manufacturers such as Philips and Osram.

"If one says a bulb from Philips or Osram is not good enough, it just boggles the mind because those are the biggest bulb manufacturers in the world.

"Besides, ZETDC is currently selling Philips bulbs supplied by one of the bidders so we don't understand why they turned down the tender of companies representing big bulb manufacturers," he said.

A source said there had been a change of goalposts on when the bulbs would have to be delivered.

The source said the tender requirement was that the bulbs would have to be delivered in three months, but Zesa was now saying they wanted them delivered in six weeks.

"For the six week period to be met, it would translate to about 60 bulbs being manufactured per second which big companies said was not possible because on average they produce about 20 per second.

snare sweep up the Mucharara river Snare Comment - NATIONAL PARKS - BASIC REGULATION  Two young boys and a Gentleman did a snare sweep up the Mucharara river on Saturday without an escort from National Parks. They did a good job and  found 15 snares and approximately 200 kg of PTC wire in lengths up 4 mts.    This wire was hidden away and was obviously to be used in snaring after  heating to soften. Copper wire was also found. The Area Manager for National Parks, Mr Gwanyanya drove past them, stopped and had a look at what their effort had produced .Mr Gwanyanya praised all for their efforts then berated all for going without an escort. Kariba Animal Wildlife Fund Trust works with National Parks and this is a  tremendous effort these 3 put in BUT would like to remind everyone that  that it is dangerous and against National Park Policy and Law to do this  without an armed National Parks escort

Minimum Wages for Domestic Workers from 1st October 2011

Minimum Wages for Domestic Workers from 1st October 2011 (and Allowances for those not resident on the property)

Wages were announced by the Minister of Labour on 28th September 2011, to take effect from 1st October 2011 and therefore payable from the end of October 2011, as –

 Yard/garden worker $85 per month, or $19,60 per week

 Cook/housekeeper $90 per month, or $20,79 per week

 Child-minder or disabled/aged minder $95 per month, or $ $21,94 per week

 Disabled/aged minder with Red Cross Certificate

or similar qualification $100 per month, or $23,10 per week.

Monthly allowances for those not provided with free lodging, water, lights and cooking fuel –

• Accommodation $50

• Transport $26

• Lights $ 5

• Cooking Fuel $ 5

• Water $ 5

This information is for your advance planning. It is likely that a Statutory Instrument, to give legal effect to the Minister’s announcement, will be gazetted before the end of October 2011. Even if gazetted later than that, the wages will no doubt be backdated to 1st October 2011.

(INSERT into George Makings What the Law says about Employment of Domestic Workers, 2011)

Complaint about DSTV

Criticisms and complaints about the DStv service are often sent through to Bambazonke and other electronic services, this means that we do not have sight of these complaints unless some-one forwards them to us .To assist us in improving our service we would request that complaints are forwarded to which we will acknowledge and act on accordingly. There has been a recent complaint regarding the non-availability of DISH magazine, which we can address specifically for Bambazonke recipients.

On December 31, 2010 Multichoice Africa terminated its traditional TV guide, the Dish Magazine

The decision forms part of the company’s commitment to the protection of the environment. As such, the company aims to stop deforestation by reducing the amount of paper it uses in Africa.

Yes it is correct that subscribers in South Africa are still receiving the dish magazine at this point in time – however the SA business is planning to phase the magazine out early next year..

The programming schedules and programme information are now available as follows: on the electronic programme guide accessed through pressing TV Guide on DStv remote control devices; on the DISH channel (channel 100); and on the website. It must also be pointed out that most of the daily and Sunday newspapers in Zimbabwe are helpful in carrying one or more channel programme listings, for viewers’ interest.

Zimbabwe Power Company 2nd October 2011 (10pm)

Chairman’s Statement

Zimbabwe Power Company 2nd October 2011 (10pm)

Starting with the end in Mind

It is important that customers are regularly informed of the stark reality of generation capacity in Zimbabwe. If the facts are understood then it is up to each individual to assess how best they can cope going forward into the next four to five years. There has been no meaningful investment in additional power since the 1980’s – 25years! Over the past two and a half decades there has been major growth in our population as well as a population drift to the urban areas.

The demand for power is around 1,800 MW at daily peak and this is growing. Local installed operational capacity today is around 1,200 MW – so we have a gap of 30%. As ZPC implement their program to stabilise and optimise the generation capacity at all its stations over the next 12 months the supply will increase to 1,500 MW - but in the meantime demand will continue to increase.

The ONLY way to close this gap is to install additional capacity and the shortest timeline to achieve this is four years. So I urge all customers and stakeholders to understand this and take whatever steps they can to mitigate against this stunted power capacity.

I suggest that an Energy Forum is established amongst major customer groups to facilitate dialogue around this critical aspect of life in Zimbabwe. We need to seek solutions that will help address this shortage: remove duties on solar power equipment, remove duties on low energy power devices, change the building by-laws to insist that all middle and high income new houses use solar geysers, insist that new mines install solar systems in their housing and other water heating processes etc. Most importantly to engage in a national education campaign on how to be more economical in our power usage .

Other power producers need to be encouraged to enter the market. Licenses have been issued but it seems there is little appetite to invest, why? We need to debate these issues.

An Update on Capacity Expansion

Kariba and Hwange

There has been a very positive response to the “Expression of Interest” for the expansion at both Kariba and Hwange. The “Expressions of Interest” closed in mid-September and our team of Hatch, KPMG Consortium and management are reviewing the documents before making recommendations to the State Procurement Board. This will then be followed by a formal tender to prequalified companies.

To ensure that the momentum is maintained it is vital that the Independent Regulator is put in place outside of the Ministry and that this new body engenders the confidence of potential investors.

Small Thermals

WAPCOS (an Indian consultancy group in the power sector) will finish the feasibility studies to re-power the boilers at the small thermal stations. We then intend looking for funding / joint venture partners to help us carry out these upgrades.

Recent History and the Current Situation

The month of September has not been a good month for ZPC and hence for you, the customer. Many of us over the last week have experienced up to five consecutive days of load shedding from 5am to 10pm. Why?

Before I continue, it is important to note that ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company) hold the balancing of supply and demand / (load shedding) responsibility. They have a load shedding plan which is in turn based on their expectation of power supply from ZPC as well regional power utilities. ZETDC are forced to deviate from this plan when there is a sudden loss of power from their suppliers – power generation outages at times occur without warning and this throws out the planned load shedding regime.

In writing this statement I will endeavour to give facts, to not be defensive yet not shy away from giving news that you need to hear.

There are four main themes that run through the low generation this month and particularly over the last 10 days, namely: sluggish and below par (in my view) performance of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), underperformance of the procurement and logistic chain (both in-house and external suppliers), ongoing cash flow challenges (ZPC have only received approximately 80% payment this year for the energy it has generated and sent out, as payment of imports are given precedence) and finally the ongoing occurrence of regional power swings( surges) into our transmission systems where protection is insufficiently robust.

Some Detail.

If detail is not what you want please skip to the next section.

Kariba Power Station

This station has been generating at full capacity for much of the last two years except for planned shut downs. In June this year a failure occurred in the generator winding of Unit 2. These are copper windings as thick as one’s arm. It can only be replaced by the OEM who had to design and outsource the replacement section. During this outage a crack was found in one of the turbine blades which only the OEM can repair. This repair work is under way and is scheduled for completion before mid-October. In my view the OEM did not, and could not be encouraged to, respond to our crisis with the urgency demanded by our unique situation or with the respect that a 30 year relationship deserves. Our MD has been in Europe this week to discuss this with the OEM.

During the week ending 25th September the protection on Units 3 and 4 tripped. Unit 4 was isolated from the transformer which it shares with Unit 3. Unit 3 was then brought back into service. After meticulous trouble shooting it was found that switch gear and control devices, which were replaced by another OEM during our maintenance shut downs earlier this year, had failed. Repairs to these devices are underway under guidance of the OEM from Europe.

So in summary Kariba has been down to four units for the last 10 days with the station expected to return to full capacity by mid- October.

Hwange Power Station

As I have mentioned in prior statements there is a significant amount of work still required to stabilise this station not the least of which is the Ash Disposal section of the process. As money becomes available we go to tender against a prioritised schedule of replacement components – some of which have lead times of up to one year!

We have lost the four Phase One (smaller) units over the last week to 10 days. Unit 1 due to the failure of the “Boiler Feed Pump” which is new and under warranty, Unit 2 due to a the failure of its thrust bearing, Unit 3 due to wear on its induction fans caused by the under-performing de-ashing system and Unit 4 due to the failure of its “Boiler Feed Pump”.

To exacerbate the situation the entire station was taken out by a surge out of Eskom (S.A) on Tuesday 27th September.

At time of writing this statement we now have two Phase Two (larger) units and one Phase One(smaller) unit feeding the grid. We expect to bring another unit back overnight (Sunday) and the fifth by Wednesday this week.

Small Thermal Stations

These stations are situated in Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati. Our major constraint in maintaining modest outputs from these stations continues to be the availability of coal from our three suppliers. All three suppliers assure us that their production will improve over the next two months. Should this not be the case we will have to consolidate and probably run only two of the three stations.

In the middle of this week NRZ went on strike. I must commend our management team and coal suppliers for their rapid response to this event. They mobilised over 40 trucks to haul the coal that was to move by rail.

The next 12 months

Major retrofitting and component replacement projects will continue over the next 12 months. WAPCOS (the Indian company that provides expert advice at Hwange) have provided an experienced project manager to help oversee these projects at Hwange. To execute these projects there will be extended planned outages of units on a sequential basis during the year ahead. For example the precipitators (ash handling) on Phase Two will be retrofitted over the next seven months therefore from the middle of October until May 2012 and one of the Phase two Units will be offline.

At Kariba the system that governs the turbine blades, in sympathy to the power demand, will be replaced on each unit (six weeks per unit) on a sequential schedule. This means that from mid-December until September 2012 only five of the six units will be online.

In addition, over the next 12 months, other units will need to be taken off line for shorter periods to undertake unit specific upgrades or repairs. There will also be the exogenous breakdowns.

So in summary the power supply regime will for the next 12 months will be much the same as it has been for the last 12 months – all in a bid to stabilise and optimise supplies in the medium term.

The refurbishment of the 40km pipeline from the Zambezi to the Hwange station remains a priority and is a one year project. The feasibility study was completed over two months ago and we await the outcome of possible of government-to-government funding with the government of India.

The Tariff

I wish to thank all stakeholders for their understanding on the need for a revised tariff after two and a half years of stagnation. The power woes of today are largely attributable to many years of suppressed earnings by this power utility. To have continued this trend would surely have led us into total darkness.

Sadly this increase in tariff as of 1st October will not translate into immediate improvements in the availability of power. Lead times for retrofitting projects can be many months.

Of equal importance is the positive message that this sends to investors: “Zimbabweans are prepared to pay for their power.” I urge all of you to take personal responsibility for your power usage. There seems to be a misapprehension that load shedding automatically results in a dramatic reduction in your power usage and hence cost. This will not be the case if you do not manage your consumption. While you sleep the power comes back on and heats geysers, runs fridges and pumps etc.


The board of ZPC remains committed to its responsibilities for the company whose performance is critical to the economy of this country. We see our role as more than one of oversight and governance. We therefore spend time in mentorship roles as well as bringing our diverse skill-sets and experience to bear at an operational level when the situation demands. Arriving at solutions to the complex challenges that have been imposed on the company over the years (lack of investment in new capacity, foregone maintenance of existing infrastructure etc.) requires a team effort.

We have commissioned the “Institute of Directors Zimbabwe” to undertake a performance review of the ZPC board.

In Closing

I hope reading this statement improves your understanding of recent events and the challenges that all of us will face in the medium term – until additional generation capacity is installed.

It is essential that we find ways to hold dialogue across all walks of life on this key economic driver and household resource.

R. Maasdorp

Chairman ZPC

Death Notice : DON EDGERTON

Peacefully on 21st September 2011 in the presence of his beloved wife and family Don eventually succumbed to leukemia. A long standing member of Royal Harare and respected member of the business community Don bravely fought his cancer over the past four years and always remained positive. A memorial service is planned and will be held in due course. John Davidson
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skype: shumbaman

Another warning

This is just to tell you that there is a small white car ( looks as though it would be very fast) that has no number plates on it, moving around Mount Pleasant looking for easy gates to access. The three men are big guys who look neat and are well-spoken, but are strong. They leave the driver in the car, walk into the property leaving the gate slightly open and walk into your house saying they are looking for the house that is for sale. One then asks to use the servants' toilet and he runs round the back of the house to see what is there. After walking to the gate with them while my husband and sons were near I pointed out the house number 8 they said they were looking for ??????? ours has a big 3 on it. They left and went on past house #8, obviously trying to get away quickly.

We are spreading the word locally, but your reaction teams also need to know who to look for.