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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Please also be aware, today, a lady had her window of her car smashed and her handbag taken from her car outside of a nursery school - Emerald Hill. Please don’t leave anything of value in your cars, never leave your handbag or computer etc in your car.

Today around 4pm – Wednesday 14th September 2011 – in Emerald Hill. I have heard that this same vehicle has been spotted in Chisipite and Borrowdale. Two ladies and I (with 4 children present) were sitting at kids tennis coaching when we saw a man – very smartly dressed – hovering around our cars. On a second look we noticed a second man keeping vigil. I shouted across the tennis court at this chap, who casually put his hands in the air and “assured us not to worry” and carried on looking in the windows of the two vehicles parked. By this stage we knew something was very amiss and we started shouting and shouting. These two men casually walked out the gate where there was a C-class silver merc waiting. Got in it and sped off.

Please let all your friends in the area know and be on the lookout for any suspicious people in a silver (very expensive NEW) Mercedes benz.

Another smash and grab

On Saturday the 17th of September 2011, a group of us were watching cricket at St John’s Prep school, sitting next to the fence on Fisher Avenue, about five meters from where our cars were parked. At around lunch time a navy blue or black rvr or similar type of vehicle pulled up to where the cars were parked, smashed the left hand side back window and stole two laptops. There were at least 20 parents watching the cricket, and the vehicle that was broken into was no more than five meters from where we were sitting. These thieves are now extremely brazen, even laughing as they speed off.

Apparently cars parked along Fisher Avenue are often targets for theft, mostly smash and grab, but I believe there have been incidences of vehicles being stolen as well. Crime is definitely on the rise, so please everyone be very vigilant and never leave any valuables in your vehicles

From a reader

Just to let all your readers know my husband was the victim of another smash & grab at the robots corner Boschoff and Seke Road at 18.45. On Friday evening 16th September – stolen was his black briefcase with the most important item missing being his prescription glasses. There were also business Cards in the briefcase with our address on them – we have since had visitors early hours of Sunday morning fortunately they ran away when the garage alarm Went off Please if anybody should come across the briefcase or glasses please e mail me at Many thanks and stay safe out there.

Trying to find Shakes Tamsin.

LOOKING FOR LOST FRIEND:  On behalf of friends I am trying to find Shakes Tamsin.  His dad may be a church pastor in Zimbabwe.  If you can help please phone Libby Garnett on 498304 or e-mail

Colin Zietsman Memorial

Colin Zietsman Memorial As informed by close family, a memorial will be held for the late Colin Zietsman on Friday 23 September 2011 at 11am at 22 Gaynor Road, Chisipite Harare.   Mrs "Tinks" Zietsman has requested attendees wear "happy clothes" bright colours - no black clothing.  Shorts can be worn! Many thanks, Sian Zietsman

another alert

Please be aware that there are 3 males and 1 female in a Toyota (looks like a Toyota Ispum) silver in colour, Registration No: AAA 5471 (front number plate only) are responsible for shoplifting in the Graniteside area.

Former Raffingora farmer, Keith Nicolson, killed

Former Raffingora farmer, Keith Nicolson, killed


Keith Nicolson, who farmed previously in Raffingora and then in the DRC and

Zambia before returning recently to Zimbabwe to retire, was shot and killed

in the Banket district while trying to rescue a neighbour who had been

abducted by four heavily armed men on Tuesday.

The group gained entry through the security boom into the Gold Dust Village

at Mazvikadei Dam under false pretences. They then proceeded to the house of

local garage owner Mr Tim Morgan where they again gained access to the house

on the pretence of wanting to visit one of the gardeners employed by the

Morgans. They then tied up all the staff and ransacked the house but could

not find any money.

When Mr and Mrs Morgan returned in the evening they were ambushed and tied

up. They then took Mr Morgan back to his garage in his Toyota twincab. At

this stage Mrs Morgan was able to alert neighbours in the village, Messrs

Henry Allam, Keith Nicolson and other unnamed persons who followed the

stolen vehicle in which the kidnapped garage owner was being driven away in.

They followed it down the Raffingora Road for some distance but once the

occupants of the vehicle noticed they were being followed they stopped and

turned the vehicle around to shine the lights onto the vehicle following

them. They then fired many rounds at the vehicle forcing it off the road and

for the occupants to take cover. There was an ensuing gun battle as

occupants of the other vehicle also fired back. The time was now 9.30 pm.

Three of the group then ran into the bush away from the vehicle so Mr Keith

Nicolson, thinking that everyone had run from the vehicle, rushed forward to

release the hostage, Mr Morgan. However, he was immediately shot dead by a

fourth attacker who was still in the vehicle, who subsequently ran away. Mr

Morgan managed to flee the vehicle uninjured and the vehicle was abandoned

and henceforth recovered.

The armed gang was believed to have subsequently been collected and driven

away in another vehicle, the registration details of which are apparently


The deceased, Mr Keith Nicolson, had recently returned to Mazvikadei to



 The Funeral Service for the late Keith Nicolson will  take place at Highlands Presbyterian Church, Enterprise Road, on TUESDAY 20th September at 2.00pm

Emergency numbers for Harare

Please make a special note :

Police Special Tactic: 04 - 497906 - Inspector Meyaphi mobile: 0772 461 395

CID - Homocide: D/S Milward 0773 025 695

Be Vigilant and aware at all times !

Kind Regards


From a reader.....

Readers comment “Some thieves jumped over my durawall last night and attempted to steal my borehole. Luckily the motor got stuck in the pipe and they could not get it out. We did not hear a thing, they were very quiet and had the adequate tools needed to cut through the borehole pipes. My next door neighbour had the same experience the night before. These thieves are operating in the Vainona area.”

Notice sent to me

I just wanted to share some numbers with you that I wish I had had in my phone on Sunday and hope that by making you aware, it may help someone in a similar situation - although what we went through I would not wish on anyone.

My mother, brother and I were the victims of an armed robbery and with guns at our heads gave up the cash we had, as the thieves demanded.

For a moment my mother and I were aware of their presence before they were of ours and not knowing who else to call phoned my brother for help - he was escorted in at gunpoint and the whole thing kicked off.

Unfortunately the panic button didn't work as the battery had not been checked for months(!) - but amazingly it suddenly went off as a delayed reaction about 15 minutes into the ordeal, resulting in a response team arriving a while after, albeit too late but they had informed the Police Emergency Reaction Team and CID Homicide from Central Police Station all who were very switched on and actively intent on catching these sort of guys. Each Unit said we should have phoned them but we had no idea they even existed - I feel I should share the numbers with you all as in an emergency it seemed they were prepared to respond:

Police Special Tactic: 04- 497906 and the one in charge who came to our house was Inspector Meyaphi and his number is: 0772 461 395 CID - Homocide: D/S Milward 0773 025 695

I have received many emails of random attacks and for some reason lived in a fantasy bubble of thinking it would never happen to me, but I can tell you it is really horrendous when it does and would encourage you all to list these numbers under "A" in your address book so that they are the first numbers you hit when going there and not a fiddle to find - our story would have turned out very differently if we'd known and been able to use these numbers!
We are all so grateful to not have been hurt, just very shaken! I send this with love to you all and pray that you stay safe.

Best regards,

Death Announcement - Ernest Wentzel

It comes with great sadness to announce the Death of Ernest Wentzel in Ireland on Saturday the 10th of September 2011.

Loving Father of Louise and Trevor, Paul and Sara, Grandfather of Hannah, Alexander, and Zoey. Brother to Don.

May he Rest In Peace.

Memorial Service
The Memorial Service for the late Ernest and Mal Wenztel will be held at the Base Church, 100 Enterprise Road, in Harare at 10:30am on

Saturday, 17th of September 2011.

Contact: Kira

Thursday, September 8, 2011




On 26/07/11 at 1945hrs in Highlands, intruders cut an electric fence, jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. The outside alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, durawall, electric gate and electric fence.

On 27/07/11 at 0345hrs in Chisipite, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, stole a borehole pump and ran away. The area was not protected by an alarm. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 28/07/11 at 0130hrs in Avondale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. They cut burglar bars on a bedroom window which was left open and entered the house. They stole various items and went away, the alarm did not trigger because there were no sensors in these rooms. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

On 28/07/11 at 0140hrs in the Avenues, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke a window, cut burglar bars and entered the church. The alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 01/08/11 at 1256hrs in Mabelreign, intruders gained entry into the house through the roof. The alarm triggered and they ran away. Property has burglar bars.

On 02/08/11 at 1536hrs in Avondale, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke the lounge window, entered the house, stole a television and a computer and ran away. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has, burglar bars, durawall and electric gate.

On 04/08/11 at 0530hrs in Strathaven, intruders removed 3 durawall panels and entered the yard, used a crowbar to break the kitchen door and entered the house. The alarm triggered and the intruders ran away empty handed.. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 06/08/11 at 0250hrs in Town, an intruder gained entry into the shop through the roof. The alarm triggered, the reaction team got to the premises in time and arrested the intruder who was hiding in the ceiling. Property has burglar bars.

On 08/08/11 at 0220hrs in Greystone Park, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. They forced open the kitchen door, entered the house and forced the client and her family to lie down whilst demanding money. The alarm triggered and the reaction team arrived in time and arrested the intruders. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 08/08/11 at 0240hrs in Hillside, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. They forced open the back door, but failed to break the screen bars, alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 09/08/11 at 1709hrs in Hillside, intruders armed with knives and axes jumped over the durawall and gained entry into the yard. They went to the house and got inside as the doors were not locked. Cellular phones and money was taken from the client’s wife, she was then locked up in the bedroom and they went away. The alarm did not trigger because it was not armed. Property has burglar bars, electric gate and durawall.

On 18/08/11 at 0440hrs in Mt Hampden, intruders damaged three durawall panels and entered the yard, They forced open the back door, but failed to break the screen bars, alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall and burglar bars.

On 23/08/11 at 2100hrs in Northwood, intruders armed with knives and stones jumped over the durawall and entered the yard. They entered the house as the doors were not locked and ordered the people in the house to lie down. They took whatever they wanted and went away. After the intruders had gone the client then pressed the panic buttons. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

On 25/08/11 at 0550hrs in Mt Hampden, intruders removed three durawall panels and entered the yard, forced open the toilet window which was not burglar barred and entered the house. The alarm triggered and they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall and burglar bars.

Highlands 1
Greystone Park 1
Chisipite 1
Avondale 2
Avenues 1
Mabelreign 1
Strathaven 1
Town 1
Hillside 2
Mt Hampden 2
Northwood 1


On 07/08/11 at 0232hrs in Town, an intruder confronted a guard who was manning the premise, sensing danger, the guard pressed his panic button. The alarm triggered and the reaction team arrived in time and arrested the culprit. Property has burglar bars.

On 17/08/11 at 2303hrs in Industrial Area, intruders cut razor wire and jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, broke locks to the grill gate and main office. They entered the office, the alarm triggered and they ran away. Property has razor wire, durawall and burglar bars.

On 23/08/11 at 0154hrs in Matsheumhlope, intruders jumped over the durawall and entered the yard, went and broke the window to the bar, causing the alarm to trigger, they ran away empty handed. Property has durawall, electric gate and burglar bars.

For more information please visit our website on
“When Security Matters”!!!!!

Theft Warning

At Sam Levy’s Village this am parked in the new Spar carpark.  On returning after shopping, thankfully I used the remote to unlock only the driver’s door, as when I went to open it, a fellow bumped into me and started apologising to try and divert my attention, when I suddenly noticed another fellow on the other side of the vehicle trying to open the passenger door.  They both took off very quickly when they realised they were not going to be successful.  Had I unlocked all the doors the fellow would have definitely helped himself to something from inside the car.  Clearly this carpark is somewhat of a blindspot with the patrolling Village Guards and these Chancers have noticed and taken advantage of this

Traveller's once a month rebate

Thursday, 08 September 2011 02:00

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) would like to advise members of the public that the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review brought about changes to the duty-free allowance which is granted once a month on the date of one's first entry into Zimbabwe.

With effect from 1st August 2011, travellers can no longer use the traveller's rebate to clear blankets, footwear, refrigerators and stoves.

Travellers who wish to import blankets, footwear, refrigerators and stoves will continue to benefit from the reduced rates of duty that were implemented with effect from 1st January 2011.

What is a Traveller's Rebate?

A travellers' rebate is an allowance granted on goods imported into Zimbabwe by a traveller (a person entering Zimbabwe traveller.)

This rebate or allowance is given once in a calendar month on the traveller's first entry into the country and is divided into two categories.

Total rebate which is an allowance granted on all used personal effects. Personal effects are articles pertaining to or carried upon the body, such as clothing and toilet requisites but exclude such articles as radios, cameras, among others.

Partial rebate: This is an allowance granted to a traveller once a month on the date of his/her first entry into Zimbabwe in that calendar month on condition that:

• Goods are properly declared;

• Goods are not for sale or of a commercial nature;

• The value of goods does not exceed US$300;

• Alcoholic beverages are not more than five (5) litres of which not more than two (2) litres may be spirits and the traveller is 18 years and above:

• The traveller is not a crew member;

• The goods are not blankets, footwear, refrigerators or stoves;

Who enjoys travellers' rebate?

Any traveller entering Zimbabwe namely:

• Returning residents;

• Tourists/visitors;

• Immigrants;

• Diplomats.


• Any person employed as the pilot or master or any member of the crew of an aircraft or vehicle arriving from outside Zimbabwe

• For more details, kindly contact your nearest Zimra Office or our Legal and Corporate Services Division. Their contact details are as given below:

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
Legal and Corporate Services Division
6th Floor, ZB Centre
Corner First Street/Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
P O Box 4360
Tel: 04 - 798 879/751624/775332/781345
Fax: 04 - 774087

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stolen Handbag

On Thursday night at about 10.30pm I was driving out of Harare towards Ruwa. As I slowed down to turn off the Mabvuku road onto the Mutare road a man smashed my back door window and stole my handbag.  It was a large brown leather handbag containing among other things an ipod and a black wallet with family photos, my ID and my British drivers license.  If anyone finds any of these, please phone me on 0772300081 or email me on  Thanks.  Claire McRoberts.



On behalf of the family we would like to thank everyone who attended the Celebration of Bob's life and the memorial service later held in Kariba.

The support shown during this time has been overwhelming.

A thank you once again from his bride, her family and Bob's family.



On behalf of myself and my family I would like to extend a warm thank you to all those who gave of their time and their love before and on the day of my father's passing and to all those who attended his memorial.

Peter Cowap

Len Doherty
, beloved husband of Ruby passed away suddenly - 2nd September, 2011.  Funeral arrangements will follow.

British Passports

Just a quick note to advise that from around 15 September UK passports will no longer be produced in Pretoria but will come form the UK.  Applications will still be taken in at the Embassy in Harare in the usual way and sent to Pretoria. However Pretoria will then enter the information electronically and the actual passport books will be printed in the UK. Processing time should take around 4 weeks. However there may be a few initial teething problems.  There will also be additional charges levied for courier services to get the passports form the UK to Harare. We expect this to be in the region of US$40. If you know anyone who has been putting off applying for a passport, encourage them to get their application in soon, especially if they are elderly or short of funds. Regards Lorraine Shaw (Belvedere Correspondent)


30th August 2011


During the drought of 91/92, a number of juvenile elephants were captured in Gonarezhou National Park and moved to the Chiredzi River Conservancy in order to save them from starvation. There are now approximately 70 of these elephants which have been under constant pressure from land invaders over the past 11 years but have learnt to co-exist with them.

However, there are now new land invasions taking place in Chiredzi River Conservancy and for the past week, there has been a new influx of people cutting down trees, poaching and destroying the already damaged environment. They are moving into areas that have been spared from degradation until recently. The wildlife has already been suffering in these areas due to poaching, but at least they had somewhere they could stay and feed.

The invaders are people who have already taken or been given land elsewhere in the Conservancy. The Conservancy is situated in an area classified as Region 5, which means it is arid and not suitable for agriculture. The invaders have destroyed the areas they were given in the first place, by burning and over grazing and they are now turning their attention to the areas occupied by the wildlife. Hundreds of cattle are grazing there illegally and there is no management or guidance from the authorities.

After 11 years of settlement and attempted farming, the settlers are still relying on food aid because this area is too hot and the rainfall too low to enable crops to grow. Although there is funding available to help the settlers move to areas more suitable for farming, the destruction continues and the authorities turn a blind eye to it. In an effort to protect the elephants in the area, Mr Nhema, Minister of Environment and Tourism was approached for assistance but when asked if the elephants could be relocated to a safer area, he was adamant that they must stay in the Chiredzi River Conservancy. He also stated that the settlers were there illegally which is all very well but no attempt is being made to relocate the settlers.

The territory which had been set aside for the elephants has now been invaded and they have nowhere else to go. In order to reach water holes and dams, they have to pass through settled areas where they are harassed and chased by the invaders. The animals are extremely stressed and some young calves are missing. One elephant has a new snare embedded in its flesh and 2 months ago, 2 young elephants in the area were decapitated - one being a lactating cow.

The Zimbabwean wildlife has already taken such a beating since the onset of the Land Reform Programme and it is imperative that we try and preserve the remaining animals. The destruction taking place in the Chiredzi River Conservancy is so pointless and unnecessary. If the settlers were able to grow crops in the area to avert hunger, one could understand but this is not the case. No matter how much vegetation they destroy or how many animals they kill, they are never going to be able to grow crops in an area which is too hot and dry to support this but still they carry on trying. As we have seen over the past 11 years, once they have destroyed everything, they will then move on and destroy another area - to what purpose?

We appeal to the authorities to please move the settlers to a more arable area where their crops will flourish. Then the settlers will be happy and the elephants can continue to live in the territory they have always enjoyed.

Johnny Rodrigues

Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force

Landline: 263 4 336710

Mobile: 263 712 603 213





Temporary website:

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force relies soley on public donations. Your donation can help to preserve the wildlife in Zimbabwe. If you would like to assist, please contact us.

Condolences, death notices from Bulawayo


Mother and grandmother passed away 24 August 2011 in Bulawayo. She will be sadly missed,

was much loved by all. Rest in peace mom till we meet again. Your loving family, Francis, Tina,

Chiara, Gemma, Wayne, Jeannette, Chante, Charmaine, Michael, Chantelle, Brenda, Trevor, John

and Patrick.


A memorial service will be held for the late Crystal Young

Venue: Revival church Galway Road Famona

Date; 30 August 2011

Time; 10 am

All friends welcome


Sher Frances, To Hugh, Stephen Simone, Anthony, Mathew and all the family, we wish our deepest sympathy and love on the sad occasion of the passing of your dear wife and mother, Eddy and Pauline Bloomhill

Cinnamon John, our deepest sympathy to the Cinnamon family, on the sad loss of your dear father, with our love Eddy and Pauline Bloomhill

Simon Leonore , our deepest sympathy to the Simon family, on the untimely death of your dear wife and mother, from Eddy and Pauline Bloomhill













Carlos Alberto Azevedo

Beloved father of Raquel Azevedo

Died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday 29th August after a long illness -

May God hold you safe in his arms.... I will miss you Dad.......

Memorial Service will be held at Whitestone Chapel 31st August at 3pm.....

Tel : (09)231151 or 0775765527 Raquel



Church Service will be on Saturday 3rd September at 2:00pm

Jehovah's Witness - Kingdom Hall

Banbury Road, Southwold

MARIA LEHER - passed away peacefully on 28th August 2011

A special mother, granny, great granny and great great granny will be sadly missed by all her families

RIP Ouma


Dino Enrico Paolo Sartori-07/02/1960 to 21/08/2011

The Sartori Family would like to inform that the eldest son of Bruno Sartori and brother to Chiara, Mauro, Natale,Mirella, Loredana and Stelio, father to Lucio, Renato and Lorella, had passed away in Newcastle Uk on Sunday the 21st of August, from a major Heart Attack. The Sartori Family across the Globe would like to thank all family and friends for their prayers and thoughts. He will be greatly remembered. RIP


Donald Thomas (Don) passed away in Margate, Kent, on Monday 22nd August, long time friend of John and Ida, deepest sympathy to Kevin, Lynn, Mark and family's, RIP. dear friend, now with your beloved Jean.


Raymond Charles Bulpitt passed away peacefully on 22 August in Pretoria, after a short illness.

Husband of Beryl and Father of Raymond, Christopher and Cheryl and Grandfather of Mark, Crystal and Christopher.

Will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him.

May he rest in peace.


public holidays for 2012

GOVERNMENT has published public holidays for 2012. The announcement was made by Home Affairs Co-Ministers Kembo Mohadi and Theresa Makoni in terms of Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act.

"It is hereby notified, for public information that the days listed in the Schedule will be public holidays for 2012 in terms of Section 2 (1) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act (Chapter10:21)," read the notice in a Government Gazette published last Friday.

"The list does not include any days which the President may declare to be public holidays in terms of Section 2 (2) of the Act."

According to the schedule, New Year's Day will be on a Sunday, January 1, making the following Monday, January 2 a public holiday as well.

Good Friday will be on April 6, followed by Easter Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday on April 9 2012..

Independence Day will be commemorated on a Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

Workers Day will be on Tuesday May 1 2012.

Africa Day will be commemorated on Friday May 25.

Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day will be commemorated on Monday August 13 and 14 respectively.

National Unity Day will be on Saturday December 22 2012 while Christmas Day will be celebrated on Tuesday December 25 2012.