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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


B & B Owners – Beware there is a scam going on whereby a person books someone into your B & B,  in my case, a Dr. Mussa for visitors coming in from Zambia for 1/2 nights.  Visitors name Morris Mulenga.  They arrive in a taxi, fill out a registration form and pay for one night.  No incidents,(but they have obviously done a recci of your place) they check out next day but come back later to say they have to stay one more day for some reason like, missed the plane, or business meeting moved etc.,  same story, get their keys, remote for the gate and then steal from other guests.  They seem to have keys that open certain doors and of course as they have “luggage”, pack all their stolen items in the case or bag and leave for lunch, or their business meeting and never come back, taking with them remote, house keys, room keys etc.  In my case, 3 x I phones, money and a cannon camera stolen.  Details on the registration form are false.  Phone Numbers when called are “not available” or not answered.  Please be careful.  They actually pay for their rooms because the rewards of what they steal are far greater.  Police of course not able to help.  Same visitors had a “smash and grab” returning from the airport on the late flight arrival.  Very traumatised. 

I have followed your mails and comments about drinking drugs etc and feel compelled to  warn others of the dangers we face. I would like to share our families experience in a hope that other normal families can try and prevent possible devastating consequences of addiction. One of our children was recently admitted to a rehab facility in SA for alcohol and drug addiction. He went to the best schools and had good jobs. During school breaks and after leaving school he was one of the “boys”. Work hard and play hard. We perceive this to be normal and see it all the time. It is common for people to go for an outing with a cooler box full of drinks. It is the culture of the average white Zimbabwean. The problem is this can lead to addiction which is an illness. Ever person has different levels at which once they cross that  line they become addicts. This is a disease which has no class barrier. The perception is that drug addicts or alcoholics are those that you see on the park bench with a needle sticking out their arms or a brown paper bag with a bottle of hard tack who came from the slums. Those people quite often have not come from dubious back grounds and could have been senior company executives or professionals, doctors, lawyers and the like but have ended up in this predicament because of the disease. They need help and any person can get help from AA anon, and NA (narcotics anon). The frightening thing is (please sit up and listen) not only do our youngsters in general drink far too much but a lot are taking cocaine at parties. (this is the cool thing to do) Cocaine is a rich man’s drug (used by film stars etc) It is sometimes given out at parties for free which if the taker has the means they will buy it on their own accord having had a taste. (other drugs are also being used) At this stage they may not be addicts but it can very easily lead to addiction. This has happened to our child so I have first had experience. If you have a problem admit it to yourself and get help from those who have very effective recovery programmes. AA & NA
Broken Heart.
I was very distressed to hear how my friends who are in their 60’s were attacked and beaten up and then robbed at gunpoint a few weeks ago at 7 pm in their house in Borrowdale. The power had been off and came back on at around 7 pm. On going outside to turn off the generator, 2 men were waiting at the back door to pounce on the first person to come outside. With a gun held to his head, his wife was then made to open the safe and the house was raided by a 2nd person. What a terrible experience.
In early February my wife and I were talking to a woman who had her necklace yanked off her neck in broad daylight on the pavement near Megawatt House in Samora Machel Street by thieves.      Three days ago my wife was talking to another woman who experienced the same robbery this week in March.        I know many women do not wear valuable articles for normal activities any more, however perhaps a reminder that it is happening, particularly in that area, would help.        On both the above occasions the items stolen were of sentimental value too.  
Just wanted to let you know of some guys going around with fake money. They come in to buy something and they give a real note of $100, the product will be $8, once you give them the change they get a phone call from the person wanting the product saying they don't want it anymore, they give you back the change with a fake note in it. This happened to us this afternoon, thankfully we saw the note.They drive a  small black Toyota Starlett looking car.  
I went into cows guts in town this afternoon and parked in Harare street.  Where as before I was always a bit nervous about leaving a vehicle parked there due to all the touts, there are now
City of Harare parking attendants on most streets.  They can be easily spotted with their dayglo yellow vests, and are very courteous, friendly and helpful.  It is a dollar per hour to park, same as everywhere else, but what a pleasure to know that your vehicle is at least being watched by someone responsible.   They have wireless machines and printers that print out your parking ticket immediately so you just place that in your window and off you go.  I was very impressed, and its great to see service delivery improving from City of Harare.
We had a client up from South Africa and they went to lunch at Allo Allo, thieves broke into the car and stole his laptop and bag containing his laptop and passport. People need to be wary of these thieves and do not leave any valuables in the car.
I have also just been to get our passports stamped. I also found the same situation. I joined a queue but a smiling official came over to me and told me I was not allowed to stand in a queue as I was a senior citizen and I use a stick. I was ushered to the front and a smiling officer behind the counter stamped my passports and I was out. The whole thing took about 5 minutes. What a pleasure. Well done immigration! 1959 immigrant.
I have not been able to drink any sort of alcohol for more than two years.  Believe it or not I have developed an allergic reaction to it, particularly to wine. Also some juices i.e. apple, lemon etc. Results in me getting a blocked nose, wheezing and then an asthma attack.  I also break out in a rash all over my body and it is very uncomfortable.
 I have been asked several times Why I do not drink alcohol, do I miss it and what is my problem?? Surely that should not be the issue, it is my choice what I eat and drink and what agrees with me. I don’t ask any one why they don’t eat meat or vegetables, smoke etc. It would seem we are a very alcoholic society and because someone is ‘different’ it would seem very strange to most other people.  Water is Best
To concerned Medic, whose  item you  put  onto  our screens Mike.   Thank  you for this, it is sorely  needed, but I wonder if the  very people  who most need to peruse  and absorb its statistics will do so, or  have access to Bambazonke nhasi.   The" nouveau riche " in their ego boosting  flashy  vehicles, have a disregard for  the  rest of the  world  in direct proportion to their egos .
It  seems to me that the attitude, even with the  poorer  society members, is that  this is their country   which   permits  them therefore, any  behaviour however inconsiderate  and/or dangerous, knowing full well that there will be no repercussions. If mothers are willing to permit their children to stand  almost anywhere  the child wishes to,  these "custodians" of our  future  should have the full letter of the law brought down on their heads. "what has happened to  our society"
While we on the topic of driving with youngsters not properly belted up in the back seat. I ask you the madness of some woman in this town that drive with their dogs on their laps and SOME with the dogs paws on the steering wheel. I shake my head when I see a lap dog hanging out the window and the drivers arms are tangled through the dog some how trying to drive! Some of these woman even have kids in the car ALSO not sitting where they should.
Everyone , which I am very pleased to read on how concerned we all are about our kids in vehicles, now let us also target the people who drive with their small dogs hanging half out of their drivers side windows. There is no control of your vehicle in an emergency. I love my dogs as much as I love my boys (that are now adults). The right place for them is on the back seat if you dont have a back for them . I have made a car hammock for my big dogs so if I have to brake they wont hurt themselves by falling off the seat. This can be used by small or big dogs. Mum to All

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tree Trimming By Residents

Tree Trimming By Residents 

Please note that should residents want to trim trees they must seek permission from Councils' Department of Amenities Parks Division

D. Chibanda

4X4 club

Newsletter No: 100
April 2013
P O Box HG 594 Highlands   Harare   Zimbabwe                                     The Motor Sports Club House,  2 Annan Road, Eastlea, Harare.
The Chairman and Editorial Team:
CHAIRMAN:      Tim Thorburn                498723   /  0772.645.518 
EDITORS       Mike & Pat GILL        494028 (M) 0778.843.843 (P) 0778.731.288 
4x4 Club Website                 Face Book Site:             The 4x4 Zimbabwe Club - Zimbabwe
The 4x4 Club is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation - ZMSF
Our Club is a member of the Mashonaland Motor Sport Association Club House, situated at: 2 Annan Rd. Eastlea.   It is available for hire for weddings, conferences, kid's parties, 21st birthdays, etc.
News, comments and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or the Committee

THE EDITOR’S DESK        -   Michael and Pat Gill
We are there, our 100th Newsletter.  It has taken a long time, we wrote out first in July 2001 so it has taken us nearly 12 years to do 100.  The format has not changed much, is it getting boring, do you want a change??

It seems to me that we are playing with 4wd and gearboxes that our children will laugh at sooner than we think.  Ferrari have a 4x4 that has no front diff, a 2 speed front gearbox and power comes out the front of the engine to the front wheels.  Have I lost you?   And the Auto box, as we know it, is being replaced with CVT.  It is a set up of two gear boxes in one with two clutches.  God help you when it goes wrong and the gear change takes longer than the millisecond they say it should take.  I am an old timer and I like to have a fighting chance of fixing something. Even the old Auto box can be a worry, my friends have a car that is now on its 3rd auto box and they have not used it in 4 years.  All a bit of a worry when you are more than 500 ks away from a big city and that big red light comes on to tell you something you do not understand.  Keep fixing that old Patrol or Cruiser; you might be the envy of your 4x4 friends.

It is with great pleasure that I write the Chairman’s Chatter for the 100th Edition of the 4x4 Club of Zimbabwe newsletter, and my last as Chairman. Wow, 100 and still going strong, keeping you informed of the club’s activities, in this our 20th year. A huge thank-you to the Gill’s for keeping us all up to date on all 4x4ing news and info, plus all the workshop tips, etc.

Following the AGM to be held on the 24th March, I will be stepping down as Chairman, and I will assist the new incoming Chairman as best I can to the benefit of the club and all its members. I hope that I have assisted, guided and benefited the club and all its members over the last four years. We have grown from strength to strength and have brought new activities and events to the calendar for our membership to enjoy and participate in. Our financial position has improved greatly and allowed us to continually improve the site at Donnybrook and to enjoy our facilities in comfort, and to fund our events without too much financial constraint.

To our club pioneer 4x4 members, I trust the club has continued to perform its function as a gathering of 4x4 enthusiasts, and I hope all you Madala oiks are using the latest technology to keep up with us on our Facebook Group and I hope that you will continue to join us at our events to impart your knowledge and experience to our newbies.

As for the fuel price increase, there is nothing I can do about that, but I do hope that you will be able to join us on our expedition to Umfurudzi Nat Park in April and all our other calendared events in the year.
Happy 4x4ing and good luck to the new incoming chairman.
See you at the AGM.              Tim Thorburn (out-going Chairman)

AGM (Annual General Meeting)
Sunday 24th March 2013 at our Club Site Donnybrook
AGM at 11.00 a.m. and then it is play time. 
We need nominations for a new committee.  Be prepared to be nominated and stand.
You will have to pay your subs before you can vote and I know who you are so will be reedy with my receipt book and membership cards. 
Bring your play cars, chairs, food, drinks, etc. for a good day's fun. 
Be there, we need your attendance. 
A point to remember you can access Donnybrook on any day (unless there is another event on) to play for $2 if you produce your card or it will cost you $20. 

Troy and Adele Boshoff:  Troy came out to see the (non) Mud Fest and liked what he saw so has joined us as a member.  We look forward to seeing him out in his CJ5 Jeep.  Welcome to the club. 

Ray Walker has been at it again.  The Jeep has a new clutch and hydraulics but the Daihatsu Rugger has been a problem.  Met them out at Donnybrook where they were playing in the Mud that the Mud Fest failed to provide.  Seems the Rugger broke its front diff, replaced; then still with no front drive and the gearbox out they found a broken wire. This switches in the 4x4. Duh!
Flossie Greenway:  Spare a thought for Flossie who has been back in hospital for another hip replacement.  This is on the right hip.  All the rest of her problems were on the left.  Neil tells us she is doing well and it should not be too long before she is home again. 

SUBS:  Have you paid your subs yet???

Are you keeping a look out on our Facebook page?             The4x4 Club-Zimbabwe.
Members are always writing little bits and pieces.

There should be a short write up on our club in the April Issue of Ndeipi Magazine.  Suggest you buy a copy. 

Here is a letter from Rose Rushforth of ZMSF
 4x4 and Drags have special rates for “Day Licence” – in fact you do not have DAY Licenses, but you do need Personal Accident Insurance.  ZMSF has allowed the 4X4 and Drags as a “special” at $10 for a single event. The cover is $2,000.00 which is for hospital only.
Competitors may also take out an Annual Personal Accident insurance at $20 – the cover is $3000 which is for hospital entry only- ZMSF supply a card for this Annual Personal Accident Insurance.

The AAZ has had many enquiries about International Driving Permits   . They could not locate any legal instrument but confirmed that the SA Police are insisting on Zimbabwean motorists having an IDP. Many travelers have been harassed by the SAP, some of whom have paid a fine for not having an IDP. However it is not clear whether the ‘fines’ were legitimate or just ‘extortion’. It appears that whether or not there is a legal requirement to hold an IDP, on the ground the SAP are insistent that Zimbabwean motorists should be in possession of the IDP.   Apparently many Zimbabwe licenses are fakes.
       1.     The South Africa Police are insisting that visiting motorists should be in possession of an IDP.
An IDP is not a “stand alone” document and must be presented with the holder’s national driver's licence. The IDP confirms the validity of the national licence. 
IDPs are not valid in the country of issue; they are for the purposes of foreign travel. 
IDPs may only be issued to persons over 18 years old. 
The IDP is valid for 5 years.
In Zimbabwe, IDPs are issued at AAZ’ Branch offices – in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare.
The requirements for issue are;- 
7.1   Production of a valid, original Zimbabwe driver's licence. (Certificates of Competency (blue papers) are not acceptable.)
7.2   Production of passport or ID to verify identification.
7.3   Two passport size photographs (colour or black/white).
7.4   Completion of the requisite application form.
Two services are available:-    Seven day service - $30   Express/same day - $50
Special arrangements can be made to issue IDPs to Zimbabweans resident outside the country without the need for them to return to Zimbabwe.
 Note: Some motorists have travelled to Cape Town and back without being asked to produce an IDP, while others only going as far as Musina have been fined for not having the permit. 



In case you were planning on using our Club House, toilets and earthworks we do hire these out to companies and outside organisations for $450 per day.  After the monthly fees we pay, wages and grass cutting, repairs and maintenance, development costs, the Club does not make much out of it, so we are glad to have the bit left over for general expenses.  We recently showed Liam Wilson of the South African "Land Rover Experience Kyalami" what we could offer them and he seemed quite happy.  They, in association with the Harare Land Rover distributors, would like to use the place once a month.  This would be to demonstrate the Land Rover range and they feel it would be most suitable.  Our site has been used before for this so we are pleased to see they have come back for more.  One thing we may have to do is create a "Track" for any 4x4 to drive round with reasonable safety, no bent Freelander bumpers.  If you do wish to utilize the track for training NGOs etc. please contact Kelvin or Tim. They will be able to advise on available dates, if another Club has booked Donnybrook (i.e. Bogwheelers or Main Track) then there could be an entry charge at the gate.

We told you about this last month and flyers have been going out.  If you want to enter please contact Pat Gill.  Contact details at the end under Committee Details. 

4x4 Club Diary -      2013
These dates change as the year progresses, but flyers will be sent out before each event.  Note the changes in yellow.
Event types
(A). Competition cars.  (B). Social event, any car.  (C). 4x4 Touring/SUV

MARCH      16/17             Arcadia Dam (C)                Postponed due to Elections
MARCH     24           AGM        (B)          Donnybrook
MARCH  29/APRIL.1        EASTER                                    Info only
APRIL                    17-21            Expedition   (C)                Umfurudzi Safari
April 27                           Night Extreme (A)           Donnybrook

MAY            17-18            Motor Show (B)                          Info only               
MAY            25-26           Bush Pig (A)                               T.B.A.          
JUNE           13-16            Bush Clearing(C)              Chizarira
AUGUST   3-4            English Rules (A)
                                  Jamboree Launch(B)   Donnybrook
AUGUST      12-13            Away Weekend (C)           T.B.A.
August         24 -25          Course Building(B)           Donnybrook
SEPTEMBER 7 -8    Jamboree (A)         Donnybrook
OCTOBER    11 -13           Matabele Jamboree (A)   Bulawayo
OCTOBER    19–20           3 Hills (C)                         Chinamora
NOVEMBER           t.b.a.            CLUB 20TH ANNIVERSARY
NOVEMBER 22–24           Dungbeetle (A)                 Mutare
DECEMBER  8                 Christmas Run (B)            Local
A = 6;               B = 5;        C = 5.  Events left this year

To enter Donnybrook Park on a non-event day it will cost you $2 per car, providing you have you membership card.  Non-members will be charged $20 per car.  You must sign the book at the gate and put your name, your Club and membership number.   Do not pay without signing the book.
Please note:  If you wish to go to Donnybrook to play and there is another event on, then the organizing club can charge what they like for you to enter.  They will have hired the entire complex for that day. Please don’t try and argue with the gate attendant, they will just be doing their job.  Either pay-up or go away and come back on a free day. 

Have you had a look at our Web Site?  Grant Weare has done a really good job of updating it.    Go to:
We have a Face Book site  The 4x4 Zimbabwe Club – Zimbabwe           

Motor Sports Association Club House

MSA Membership: The Club House bar works on a Swipe Card basis and any member of an affiliated club can join.  Pay your $20 Club House subscription and get your card.  Bar prices are double for non-cardholders. 
Hall for Hire - Hire our affordable Club facilities for parties, Wedding Receptions, meetings, seminars, courses and other functions.  Assist us in this way to obtain funds for the Clubhouse.

CHAIRMAN                         TIM THORBURN                 0772.645.518     
TREASURER                         KELVIN WEARE                        0772.326.687
SECRETARY                          CAROL WEARE                                 0733.400.496
VICE CHAIRMAN                 MASS KIRK                                  0772.261.682
CHF MARSHAL/EVENTS     ROGER ELLIS                                      0772.219.154
MEMBERSHIP                     PAT GILL                                                                       0778.731.288
EVENTS / EQUIPMENT       GARETH GEACH                             0772.283.524
EVENTS                                PETER BENZON                       0775.009.218
EVENTS                                JASON YOUNG                                         0772.918.878
ENVIRONMENT                   MUZZA BLACK                                       0772.241.000
NEWSLETTER                       MICHAEL AND PAT GILL                                    0778.843.843

Till next time. 
Michael and Pat GILL
Phone:   04.494028    (M) 0778.843.843        (P) 0778.731.288