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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Mozambique -  As far as I am aware there are no problems on the road. Since the signing of the Peace Accord in August 2014 there has been no incident in Mozambique.

The election in October passed peacefully and the new President, Filipe Nyusi, was sworn in last week. At the moment there is heavy rain in the northern provinces of Mozambique and some areas are cut off due to bridges collapsing and being washed away. Best regards, Martin.


Dear Mike, At this present moment all perfectly fine travelling from Mutare to Vilanculos, only  a few potholes will get in your way!



Hi Mike, My husband, was this afternoon, (19/1/2015 at approx 3pm) at the Mount Pleasant Post Office near the Swimming Pools. He was coming out of the post office, and just as he was approaching his car he was hit in the back and held round the neck, he felt a sharp point in his back. He was asked to empty his pockets, they took the $70 he had on him and threw his phone on the ground.

The guy then ran off - wearing a beanie - pulled down low and jumped in the passenger door of a White Madza 323 with blacked out windows and the car speed out of the parking area.

Thank goodness my husband walked away, he is bruised and has a small cut from were they pushed the knife, or sharp object into his side.

Please do everyone take care when you are going back to your cars. Thanks Emily


On Friday night (16th) my office was broken into in Highlands and the complete 3-drawer white unit on wheels was stolen which had contents, such as stationery, receipt books, cash deposit books, stickers, photos, etc.  These 'thugs' are looking for cash and if anyone happens to come across the drawers/contents that they would have discarded, please contact Trudy Gravett on 0772414822. Be aware that these thugs are moving in groups of 3 to 4 (woman and men), they purchase with fake notes and they are using different vehicles - lilac/purple Nissan March and a blue Honda Fit. Thank you. Trudy


F Y I . , I am told that  Kalula is having a 24 Hour Sale of airline tickets starting early tomorrow morning (Wed. 21st.). So if you are intending travelling in the south of Africa  sometime soon , get onto their website tomorrow morning and see if you can get a good a good deal . Remember , it’s only for 24 Hours .


ZBC inspectors as well as ZESA officials are going from door to door asking to see licences or payment slips.  DON’T let them in, ask for identification, most times they leave muttering to themselves as they are not who they say they are. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Information on Radio licences: Radio licences for vehicles now only at Zimpost or Zinara and no longer at the shops in the car park.   You must take your vehicle log book. Home TV and radio licences no change still at Zimpost or ZBC Pockets Hill.

Help needed

From: therese paterson []
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 12:26 PM
To: Rose Stead-Sawpower Blades
Cc: Sherryl
Subject: Seeking a 4x4 lift please


Dear Rose,


As I said on the phone, Bruce needs to have an op done at Karanda. The doctors have told him and Sherryl that it will be done as an outpatient procedure and that for whatever reason, it needs to take place on a Thursday. Please can you send the following message to your contact in the 4x4 club to put out to the members?

I/we appreciate your help with this,

love and light,



Is there anybody amongst your members who is available and prepared to help Bruce Freel by offering their 4x4 transport and driving skills to take him, 3 carers and his wheelchair (which is NOT collapsible and will need to be secured) from Greendale, Harare to Karanda Mission Hospital near Mt Darwin as a day trip on the 22nd January?

Bruce, who is paraplegic, needs to have an op which will be done as an outpatient procedure. The intention would be to leave very early in the morning and return the same day. The return journey may require some dusk/night driving. Nevertheless, just in case, it would be wise to take a change of clothes if something unforeseen happens which requires an overnight stay. For this reason, if there is a lady who is able to offer her driving skills, this would be preferred as this would simplify the sleeping arrangements should they prove necessary.

Your vehicle would need to have comfortable seats which recline so that Bruce will be able to be as comfortable as possible for the post-op return journey. Your costs will be gratefully refunded.

If you are not already familiar with the area, there are two routes to Karanda. The shorter one using the causeway across the river is impassable at this time of year. The alternative route which is 16kms longer (total journey about 200kms one way) is a rough dirt road which does not usually require 4x4 vehicles. However, the recent rains have flooded the area and we understand that the high bridge was submerged and that the road has deteriorated. Currently access is restricted to 4x4 vehicles.

If you require more information, please phone Sherryl Freel on 0772304129 or  (04) 494139 or email her on

thank you so much, in anticipation that someone wants an adventure!

Death notices

Death Notice: Wormald – Athol passed away on 9th January 2015 in Cape Town. Widower of Elizabeth (“Dookie”), beloved father of Jane and Stephen, precious “Affoo” of Rebecca and Lauren, dear brother-in-law of Marion, Mike an Lenora. He will be greatly missed. Details of Memorial service in Harare to be announced.

Memorial Service: For the late Magdalena Marano: will be held on Thursday, 15th January,2015 at 2pm  at All Souls Church in Mount Pleasant in thanksgiving for the life of Magdalena Marano, wife of Giovanni Marano, who died on 17th December 2014.   Please accept this as an invitation to join us there.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Customs Scam

Please can you pass this on to your readers to avoid anyone being ripped off by this scam.


My husband and I came back through the Beitbridge border (which we travel through often) on Saturday morning (3rd Jan 2015).


On the Zimbabwean side a man wearing a yellow UNMARKED high visibility vest was standing at the customs area watching the few of us that were returning into Zim – as there were several people in high-vis vests there (as per normal) we thought nothing of it and entered the building.


As we were filling in our customs documents this same man from the customs area approached us and began advising us how to fill the form in.  We have NEVER had this happen before but given the new facility of an official department of people helping tourists that we have heard of, we assumed he was just doing his job.


But as with Zimbabwe if it seems too good to be true it probably is: once all the documents had been completed and we had police clearance all that was left was customs – the vest guy and another gentleman in a very smart blue and white checkered shirt approached us and told us we must wait in our car OUTSIDE the customs area, and that the $300.00 rebate had been revoked as at 1st January 2015 and we were required to pay duty on EVERYTHING in the vehicle, BUT if we put $100.00 in with our customs document then they would ensure that we would bypass the que and avoid the huge duty charges.


My husband sniffed a big fat rat and after asking them a few questions which made them visibly nervous, he got out of the car and said he was going to ask the customs official – with that, both of the guys vanished and my husband was informed by the GENUINE customs official that the rebate has definitely NOT been cancelled and the two guys are just con-men.


Please be cautious and keep your wits about you – we always find that the Zimbabwe side (unlike the SA side) is always so quick and easy and pleasant that you never need any “help you” guys.

Jariba Boat Licences

A recent Kariba Info notice warning visitors of the requirement for all boat drivers to have a valid Boat Drivers Licence while using the lake and the necessity for all person in small craft to wear a life jacket while underway resulted in a number of enquiries regarding licensing requirements etc. The notes below hopefully clarify the various issues.


In terms of the Inland Waters Shipping Act and Regulations all persons in control (driving) of any boat on Kariba or any other designated inland water must be in possession of the relevant Launch Masters Certificate. Any person caught driving a boat without a licence are liable to be arrested. It should be noted that unlicensed persons, such as children, caught driving even in the company of a licensed driver may cause the responsible person to be arrested.

Statutory Instrument 41 of 1997.  Inland Waters Shipping (amendment) regulations 1997 (no12)

Competent masters required for certain vessels

67. No vessel shall be used upon inland waters unless it is under the command of a master who is a holder of a valid certificate of competence issued in his name and in respect of the vessel concerned.

Any boat may legally stopped by Police, National Parks officials, the Lake Captain or any member of his staff to check for licences and life jackets.

Application forms for a Certificate of Competency (testing) can be obtained from Lake Navigation control stations at Kariba, Lake Chivero, Vic Falls. and   The current charge for both the tests and the licence is $40.

Launch Masters Certificates require applicants to complete both oral test and practical tests. The oral test is conducted in Harare and the practical test on Lake Chivero. The tests are based on the Manual of River and Lakemanship obtainable from Printflow (Pvt) Ltd – Government Printers.


The regulations state that life jackets must be worn at all times by all passengers on a boat whilst it is underway. When stopped for fishing, tied up or not moving life jackets may be removed but must be present in the boat, one for the driver and every passenger on board.

See inland waters shipping regulations: Use of life jackets on open vessels


All boats used on designated Inland Waters are required to be registered by the Ministry of Transport, carry designated safety equipment and undergo periodic inspections. Ministry of Transport Staff (Lake Captain and his subordinates) have the authority to fully check out any boat for safety, sea worthiness etc any at any time.

Applications for Boat Registration are done through Lake Navigation Control Stations.

The applications can be facilitated through Malcolm Atwell  of Sportz Marine who hold necessary documents and manuals.    Contact  0712604432.


Victoria falls Anti-poaching

Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

PO Box CT 544

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Tel: + 263 13 45821

Cell: + 263 772 177 324




To start off, we would like to wish each and every one of our supporters the very best for 2015 and let’s hope that the New Year will bring many successes in fighting poaching in our region.


Many thanks, as always, go to our supporters who keep VFAPU in operation – we are very grateful for your commitment towards wildlife conservation.


Thanks go to National Parks and Wildlife Management and the Zimbabwe Republic Police for the opportunity to join forces and fight crime collectively, thus illustrating what can be achieved when we all work together.

The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit, through private funding from our supporters, has proven to be an effective presence on the ground with anti poaching operations. There are currently seventeen scouts working with the unit and these men often face great adversity, as they actively patrol the bush surrounding Victoria Falls. Our operations expand further afield too, as we offer logistics, manpower and equipment to assist in joint operations with the appropriate authorities. We commend 2014 successes achieved by Rangers from NPWMA, ZRP Support Unit and Forestry Rangers in dealing with ivory poachers in the Zambezi National Park and surrounds.


We experienced our first case of cyanide poisoning, where poachers placed this poison in a mineral lick and sadly, five elephants lost their lives to this ghastly method of poaching for ivory. It was, however, good to see the positive reaction by all stakeholders concerned in dealing with this situation and collective investigations lead to some arrests being made.


To reflect on 2014 and our operations in brief, please refer to the statistics below:


SNARES RECOVERED: 158 (remember that when VFAPU was first established in 1999, just over 4000 snares were recovered at that time).

PERSONS APPREHENDED: 398 = 358 wood poachers, 11 fish poachers, 13 mammal poachers (including ivory poachers), 1 thief, 8 illegal miners, 2 bush meat dealers and 5 persons entering the parks estate illegally.

INJURED MAMMALS DARTED, TREATED AND RETURNED TO THE WILD: 4 – 2 warthogs, 1 kudu and 1 buffalo. Thank you to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust for the assistance in this field.

MAMMALS DISCOVERED POACHED: 19 = 1 kudu, 7 elephants, 6 warthogs, 5 buffalo.


We have to that note of some very distressing statistics emerging from the recent elephant population aerial survey funded through The Paul Allen Foundation. For example, the elephant population in the Sebungwe region has decreased by a staggering 75% and in the lower Zambezi Valley there has been a population decrease of 8000 elephants. There have, however, been population increases in Matabeleland North and in Gona-re-Zhou National Park.

As we reflect on these statistics, both positive and negative, the realisation of how we must all take a stand against all forms of poaching comes to the fore, and we must not let poaching take place unabated. We look forward to your support throughout 2015. Thank you.


“Working together for wildlife conservation”


Treating a kudu cow, who was injured from a poacher’s snare.


An elephant cow with a wire snare around her trunk. VFAPU Scouts are active ‘boots on the ground’ searching for and removing these snares from the bush.



VFAPU Scouts on patrol – Victoria Falls.





and Winner of the 2013 Green Globe 21 Award as voted by the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism.


DISCLAIMER - The information in this message is confidential and is legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this message by anyone else is unauthorized. If received in error please accept our apologies and notify the sender immediately. You must also delete the original message from your machine. If you are not the intended recipient, any use, disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken in reliance of it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. Therefore the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit accepts no liability for claims, losses, or damages arising from the inaccuracy, incorrectness, or lack of integrity of such information.



Hi Mike Please warn your readers walking their dogs on mount pleasant golf course that I saw a huge cobra there in the first set of gum trees. My dogs actually stood on it but it was sluggish and I managed to call then off by the time it reacted and reared. Could have ended in disaster. Thanks Lisa


We returned to Harare on New Year's Day from Sabi Conservancy (Senuko Section) via Chisumbanje and Birchenough Bridge, then onto Mutare and HRE.

The so-called trunk road just beyond the Malilangwe boundary to Birchenough Bridge is a without question an unmitigated disaster, or essentially a write off (we "inched" our way mostly between 2nd and 3rd gears for much of that sector up past Sabi Arda and Tanganda). It took us 11 hours to drive to HRE via the SE part of Zims, when in reality it should have taken just on nine hours. I felt it most unfortunate that no signs were posted to indicate hazardous conditions ahead. What was even more horrifying was the senselessness of the lorry drivers and owners of many larny 4x4's who flew through along those broken up roads, seemingly oblivious to the dangers to themselves and others. Perhaps an appropriate word with the authorities would be in order, as the situation is not only dangerous, but the wear and tear on vehicles must be incalculable. How can this be accomplished? Thank you. Best, CG


Reading this has prompted me to write about something that has been bugging me lately in this country.  You rightly mention about kids in cars that are not strapped in.  Even toddlers are allowed to stand between the front seats!!  Education in road and car safety has GOT to be promoted, children will do what their parents do, so we all have a responsibility.  Lets promote a safer year ahead. Georgie


Hi Mike,  I am a bit late in commenting but I am shocked and distressed at how many dogs go missing from supposedly loving homes. How do these dogs get out of their properties??? We never drive in or out of our home without watching the gate to see that none of our animals has come out. when it is shut only then do we move. I believe it is straight neglect and thoughtlessness!!! Kerry


Dear Mike, Please have your readers aware of a very well-spoken, well-dressed nerd-type (think Erkel:  tall, slim, oversized glasses and buck toothed) African gentleman visiting offices. He came to our office yesterday in Avondale off of 2nd Street Extension. He is very convincing as he spends lots of time asking thorough, intelligent questions about your product/service and in general, gaining your trust. He then very stealthily turns your attention to his business – he sells HP computers. Here’s how:  he tells you that he is interested in your service/product, but must come back because he is particularly busy and must go because today is a one-day only deal that HP gives their staff members once a year:  he is allowed to buy any product at cost. He must go and pick up computers before HP closes. If you are in the market for a computer like we are, you are very interested in the ‘cost’ price of that laptop you’ve had your eye on…which, by the way, we still scratch our heads about:  ‘How did he know that we wanted  computers? We’ve never seen this guy before in our lives!’  We order the laptop with him, pay him the ‘cost’ price and he promises to return before end of day. Yep, you guessed it:  he never came back. And before you ask:  yes, we did collect his ID info -- he goes by the name of Talent Gutsi (National ID #63-884761-907), phone number is 0772 046 106 and lives at #45 Bowood Drive in Mt Pleasant…off course, none of this bogus information pans out. He is a thief and don’t believe a word he says – even from kind, sweet, nerdy Erkel!  Signed, Red-Faced but Wiser


This beautiful dog is lost. She turned up a few days ago on the plot next door to us which is unoccupied and has been keeping the security guard company. We are just off Ridgeway South.

If anyone knows where she comes from please call - Carine 495949 or 0775 009080


Reading about that I feel that I must relate my story concerning the Beitbridge Border on the Zim side.


My husband and I were at Lion and Elephant for the night of the 28th Dec 14 having coming thru the border earlier.  At supper I noticed two ladies on their own and we started chatting.  It turned out these unfortunate ladies (ex Zim)   -  sisters - one partially disabled - had spent from 10am - 3pm that day on the Zim side,  were scammed and terrified out of their wits. Basically told by touts they had to pay for this and that - even duty on one of their personal cameras!! They did pay (which they couldn't afford!!) but obviously no receipts. We felt so sorry for them and also embarrassed about the incident in our country, we had them follow us into Harare the next day and delivered them safely to their family (they were coming to Harare for a wedding).  I was worried about them being further terrorised at any road blocks - which luckily did not happen.


I did see at some stage last year  "Tourism" officials at that same border and funnily enough I saw police with "Tourism" section printed on their yellow vests as we drove back into town that day.  I hope something is being done, as the border is pleasant and the officials are great - we were 30mins on both sides coming back in.


Maybe a tip for people reading this, is to warn family/friends coming thru the borders to not speak to or entertain any people milling around who are not proper officials - the only money to be paid over at the Bridge is the toll fee and road access - the TIP on their vehicle costs nothing but you have to buy the insurance. Also any valuables cameras, laptops etc have to be declared.  If in any doubt over anything speak to people behind the counters only. 





Memorial notice: Maxine Broom victoriously and peacefully went to be with the Lord on Jan 5th 2015. She led an amazing life and left a lasting legacy. We invite you to celebrate her life with us on Friday the 9th of January at 2 pm at Renewal Fellowship Centre, 55 Harare Dr, Marlborough.

Memorial notice: Maxine Broom victoriously and peacefully went to be with the Lord on Jan 5th 2015. She led an amazing life and left a lasting legacy.  We invite you to celebrate her life with us on Friday the 9th of January at 2 pm at Renewal Fellowship Centre, 55 Harare Dr, Marlborough.

Chapungu Safaris

: Chapungu Safaris []



GACHE GACHE LODGE would like to wish all readers, guests and fishermen a wonderful 2015 and thank all the fishermen who did come in and give a donation to our ANTI-POACHING project over the festive Season, whilst enjoying the fishing. As you know it is an ongoing, thankless task, and also dangerous. The high costs are there no matter whether donations come in or not and we often fork out of our own pockets towards the cause. It is unquestionably the best fishing on the lake at this time, and we are happy to hear that the Ume, Sanyati and Matusadonna fishing is improving due to the tireless efforts of MAPP. Well done to MAPP! The return of the Vundu and other species are doing well. We have encountered some unknown species too… if anyone knows what this fish is please let us know!! (see pic below).

We like to think that those fishermen who DO fish in the Gache, but DON’T come in to make their donation, are actually unaware of our request to please support the team by doing this… Unfortunately there are those faces we see often, that DO know about it, but NEVER come in to make any kind of donation.  We find that sad, and hope that when they read this, they will next time make the effort to support this worthy cause.

IF there's a reason for not donating that anyone would like us to know about, please contact Ray on or 0772245172 and let’s chat about it. ALSO please make a note of Rays number and if you see any suspicious behaviour in the Gache whilst fishing can you alert him. Many thanks. 


National Parks limit per person per day on a bream catch is only 5 remember… We practice catch & release in the Gache Gache with Tiger fish and Vundu.  I know everyone went crazy catching at Antelope recently when the cages broke… people were bragging about catching as many as 173 ‘big ones' in a day...


We would like to ask those with their own boats to consider the environment when driving past the lodge by not speeding.  The wake is causing serious erosion of the banks and we are in danger of losing many many trees now due to this. SO… please make it a ‘NO WAKE ZONE’.  Also, a reminder once more, to please not park directly in front of our chalets when fishing! have some consideration for our residents. Each chalet looks onto the river and they certainly don’t want to see you sitting there fishing! Thank you.


Right now we are in dire need of a 30hp tiller-arm boat motor if anyone has one sitting in their garage not being used, for the anti-poaching team’s boat as finally our old faithful has packed up! 




Thank you to our regular sponsors: TREK PETROLEUM; F.NEILL & SONS; KEFALOS; FF CLUB and to all those who make once off donations in cash or kind. Without you we could not go on, the struggle continues!



Once again, we had to warn several people to keep back from the water’s edge, as they were getting comfortable fishing from the bank opposite the lodge… they didn’t actually take any heed, but at least we warned them. I just wonder why they do it, especially once made aware of the dangers… ( !!!! )

We get so many people asking us what’s being done about the increased croc population in the lake… we say that the crocs have increased in Gache Gache as the fish population has increased (due to our anti-poaching), and that the crocs from other rivers (Nyaodza & Charara) have pulled in, to take advantage of the food, which also includes small buck etc. on the land, as in other areas those too have been poached out.

The answer therefore is simply to do MORE VERY SERIOUS ANTI-POACHING IN CHARARA AND NYAODZA RIVERS which will bring back the fish, and then the crocs will spread out once more.   In the meantime, just be careful and sensible. Its not rocket science!! We don’t recommend fishing from a bass boat for example, or leaning over to wash your hands, or keeping the keep net full of fish in the water etc.etc.  



How wonderful is it that we can take a game drive and see Elephant, Buffalo, Eland, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Warthogs, Impala & Wild Dogs, when before 2010, before our anti-poaching project began, there was NO GAME AT ALL in the area? !!  Now and again we are privileged to also see lion & leopard. The lions killed a Waterbuck very close to the lodge a couple of weeks ago and about a month before that we heard them roaring from our dining room! Thanks Ray for all your hard work in this regard.

The BIRDLIFE is prolific… a well travelled birder told us that in her opinion, Gache Gache is on a par with Chobe’s finest bird-rich wetlands! A huge compliment! So if you are an enthusiast, you know where to go!

Our ‘Bird Island’ is something very special to see during nesting season around dusk. Put it on your bucket list! 



Keen fisherman? Love Kariba? Enjoy great weather? Want to know how to come regularly to Gache Gache Lodge AND get a discount every single time? and on occasion pay less than 30% ???

Contact 0772264159 and learn "how to”… 


LIKE OUR GACHE GACHE LODGE FACEBOOK PAGE to get regular updates… and see the beautiful photos we put up regularly of the area, wildlife & birds…


LIKE OUR ANTI-POACHING FACEBOOK PAGE to get regular updates… and see how the team has been working.




NOTE: WE ARE NOT IN KARIBA TOWN,  BUT WE ARE ACROSS THE LAKE IN THE EASTERN BASIN (Part of the Matusadona range of mountains!) You can get to us by SPEEDBOAT; SELF-DRIVE in 4x4; or PRIVATE CHARTER to our airstrip (1000m).  All GPS co-ordinates are on our website and so are our self-drive directions.  We have a camp-site for those 4x4 enthusiasts en route from Vic Falls to Mana Pools on the backroads. Please pre-book.

We welcome guests for lunch but request that you pre-book by calling Eliot Mangwiro on 0775 696619.


We are closed until the 15th January, 2015 when we will re-open again with a SPECIAL OFFER of only $116pppn… includes 3 meals, teas, laundry, VAT & levy !! 

Book now! Reservations: or call 0772208836 now!


To end off this famous quote sums it all up!    'It’s better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times!’  So pack your bags and just do this!





Kind Regards


Athol Wormald

“Sorry to tell you that Athol Wormald passed away very suddenly in Cape Town.


Seems just before Christmas Athol was at home in Harare and had a fall.  He was treated in hospital there but not x-rayed and sent home.  He was due to go to Cape Town ten days later so he travelled, only to collapse after he had got to destination.  Was rushed to intensive care when it was found he had a fractured spine, was severely dehydrated and was bordering on renal failure.  He must have been in agony flying to Cape Town to join son Steve and daughter Jane for Christmas.  Sadly Elizabeth had passed away a couple of months earlier.  Athol had been released from ICU and transferred to a frail care unit where he very suddenly passed away at 9.00 AM this morning,  9/1/2015.  May he RIP with Elizabeth.”


Athol was a quiet and dedicated man very suited to his position - i/c the legal section. If you’ve ever wondered who was responsible for much of the drafting and putting together of the Parks and Wild Life Act 1975 and thereafter, the myriad of amendments to the Act and Regulations Athol was the man. He also had major input into the Trapping of Animals Control Act, the Bees Act and other legislation. One of the ‘back room boys’ that many never saw but an unsung hero never the less. Athol we salute you, your diligence made all the difference to law enforcement in the field, there were few if any loop holes.


Our deepest sympathies to Steve and Jane.

Jane’s email address is


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Death and Funeral Notices from Bulawayo


Duncan Alistair (Ali) loved and respected brother and brother-in-law of Chris and Christine Collins, passed away in Gauteng South Africa after a brief but heroic struggle against cancer. Interested parties please contact us on Bulawayo (09) 244358 or email at

I'm sad to advise that Mrs Vivian Bodmer - well-respected and dedicated history teacher for many years at Townsend, Milton and TTC died aged 96 on Christmas morning in Wymondham, near Norwich.
There will doubtless be many readers who knew or were taught by her.
Sincere condolences to her children Barbara, Eve, Penny and Harold.
She was a generous, sincere and kind lady and courageous to the end.

from Chris Goldswain

Death Notice/Condolences


It is with such a sore heart that I announce the very sudden and unexpected death of my loving father, Alan on 9th December 2014 in Perth, Western Australia. He suffered a heart attack and never regained consciousness after nine days in hospital. He was a very loving husband, wonderful father and a brilliant grandfather and will be so missed. At least my parents are both together again and we toast both of them, often!!
Fly high on the big rugby field in the sky Dad as we all know that rugby is the only real game played in heaven.
From your heartbroken children, son and daughter in law and your precious grandchildren, Charlane, Sam, Jeremy, Candy, Corey, Ben, Faye and Isla

Jack (Jumping Jack) McGroarty ex Bulawayo and Harare has died in London. The McGroarty and Henderson families have been inundated with messages and condolences and Jack would be touched that so many people loved and remember him and his music.
The funeral service will take place at Mortlake Crematorium in London on Monday January 5th at 9.30am.
We will miss you so much Jack.
Jimmy, Anne, Donald, Ethel, nephews Sandy and Kyle and nieces Amy, Fern and Jodie.
Rock on.

SHELTON - Henry Arthur , known as 'Harry' passed away peacefully in Leicester UK on Saturday December 20th at the grand old age of 96.
Husband of over 40 years to Val, and father of Mike, Neil , Gary and the late Grant Shelton, Harry leaves behind 10 grandchildren and one great
grandson. Harry moved from Leicester in the 1950's to Bulawayo where he worked for the Railways and lectured at Bulawayo tech College and then returned back to Leicester
in the early 2000's. He was a well known member of Municipals Bowling Club and a former Rhodesian ballroom dancing champion.
Go well Oupa, we are going to miss you so very much.

CARCARY our heart felt condolences to Laural, Cherylyn, Richard and Tracy on the loss of your husband and father.
We are thinking of you, Fiona and Charl.


Duncan Alistair (Ali) loved and respected brother and brother-in-law of Chris and Christine Collins, passed away in Gauteng South Africa after a brief but heroic struggle against cancer. Interested parties please contact us on Bulawayo (09) 244358 or email at

Monday, January 5, 2015

Terrence Ranger

Terrence Ranger for Heroes Acre, Zimbabweans Speak

Legendary Professor and Historian, Terrence Ranger  died on the 2nd January in Oxford, UK,
- See more at:

Kariba Road

We went off the main road and around someones farm, somehow ending up by alaska mine!!  i have never been so terrified in my life.  Five toyotas stayed together and dug and towed each other out at various points.  We left the main road at 530ish and got to chinhoyi around 10 last night.  I cannot recommend it to anyone.  Stay on high ground!!  i am going to big sky tomorrow morning to buy all the stuff they advertise and you never think you going to need!!! 


My brother left Kariba at 12.00  yesterday and got stuck at the first flood, think it was 40km harare side of Karoi for about 3 hrs And then the second flooded stretch by that wheat/dairy farm dam near Chinhoyi they eventually tried to sleep in their car at 1030pm till level dropped. They have now arrived in Harare at 5.30 am this morning

See maps for 24 hr and 48 hr below
cid:875C5EFF-3786-4D58-A955-5CF88101F456   cid:DA7CA882-9078-4A58-8EE0-BAF4207A5266    

New Zim Coins

Bond coins start circulating today •move to ease small change woes •RBZ allays fears of Zimdollar return

December 18, 2014 Headlines, Top Stories


Banks will today start circulating the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s imported bond coins, in a move expected to ease the problem of small change that has been bedevilling the economy since the advent of the multi-currency regime in 2009. The coins will be distributed by RBZ through normal banking channels in denominations of 1c, 5c, 10c and 25c, while the 50c coin will be introduced later.

Similarly, rand coins of 10c, 20c, 50c R1, R2 and R5 worth about R30 million will also be imported to complement the special bond coins.

RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya told The Herald yesterday that the coins were a good store of value.

“The coins are good value for money as they will not suffer from cross rate fluctuations as has been witnessed with the rand coins,” he said.

“As the central bank, we urge people to feel free to utilise them as they are at par with the United States dollar.”

A total of $20 million worth of bond coins will be imported alongside R20 million worth of rand coins to augment existing stock.

However, the first batch that will be released today has $10 million worth of coins.

Contrary to perception that the coins herald the return of local currency, Dr Mangudya said they were meant to complete the series of US dollar notes.

“The bond coins which were minted outside Zimbabwe are to be anchored by a $50 million bond facility from Afreximbank.

“The coins will ease the problem of small change and eliminate the problem of rounding up of prices to a dollar where there is no option to buy more goods and ease the hassle commuters go through trying to break up a dollar to find change.”

The importation of bond and rand coins is envisaged to result in a price correction mechanism that largely benefits consumers and retailers alike.

Analysts say the economy might see correct and fair pricing of goods and services, while at the same time enabling corporate consumers to fully account for transactions with retailers.

The Bankers Association of Zimbabwe has said the coins will be available at all bank branches country wide, with the association encouraging its members to have adequate stocks in place to meet consumer demand.

“Coins will be issued at no charge by banks in exchange for equivalent currency in USdollars,” said BAZ, adding that the stance has been taken to give convenience to the public at the least cost.

“So, if you ask for US$100 in bond coins, you should tender US$100. Similarly, should you have US$100 worth of bond coins after trading, you should be able to get US$100 is notes or the equivalent multi-currency at any bank branch in Zimbabwe, again at no charge to the customer.”

As financial intermediaries, banks should be motivated by the added convenience to the wider public and the socio-economic benefits of using coins.

“Instead of getting sweets and change vouchers perhaps now parents after shopping can encourage their kids to have piggy banks and tins at home where they can save some coins and help children learn how to save money,” said BAZ.

The banks have also been bearing the direct costs of providing small notes to the public and some of this cost will be ameliorated by the introduction of the coins.