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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A comment on watering

really it’s as easy as “Harare  City Council bans watering of verges” I for one will phone and report any offenders who seem to have no compassion for the poor people walking along the roads with chigubu’s full of water while they water a verge and half the road, it flies in the face of common decency and consideration for others, and that goes for the same morons that burn their house hold rubbish after dark inflecting on their neighbours  a night of disrupted sleep as smouldering rubbish  wafts into our homes!    Grrrrr

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Death Notice: JOHN ANTONY SWIFT  1930 – 2017: We announce with sadness the passing Of John Swift, father Of Kim, Garth And Julian And Brother Of Jen, Robert,  Michael (Late)  At Pleasant Ways In The Early Hours of this morning.  John will now rest in peace and be released from this world. There will be a memorial service to celebrate the life Of John Swift on Friday 15th September 2017 At 2.30 At Pleasant Ways Retirement Village, 4 Cuba Avenue, Mt Pleasant.  The family would love you to join us. Email:  Robert Swift and cell:  0775091678/ 0772320907

Norman Frederick Mumford

Norman Frederick Mumford

Our Dad, father-in-law and Grandpa passed away on August 30th in Launceston, Cornwall, UK. His memorial service and celebration of life will be held there on Saturday 16th September. Your laughter and love of cooking will always be remembered. Love Audra, Sean and Bailey and Shaun, Liz and Kym.



'Poldark' returns! - need we say more ... Well, it s 1794. War and the revolution in France hang over Britain. In Cornwall Elizabeth is heavily pregnant, but who is the father Demelza wants answers. George grows his empire with a view to crushing the Poldarks while Ross and Demelza attempt to keep the peace and repair their relationship at Nampara. However, the arrival of Demelza s brothers disturbs the fragile truce and Ross must ask himself how long he can allow George s ascent to continue unchecked Facing battles both at home and abroad, will Ross answer the call and risk losing everything he holds dear
The French Revolution gave us high cross-Channel drama [in Episode 3] and Ross's 007-style heroics and rakish revolutionaries upped the ante... True to Graham's novels, this show does it all with conviction and is very well acted, particularly by the central cast. [Independent]
This was an episode [4] to remind us just how good Poldark can be at its best. [The Telegraph]
Admission: $3.00 [free to Film members] Supper available from 6.15 p.m.

In 1881 La Scala Milan staged 'Excelsior', a magnificent spectacle created by Luigi Manzotti, a choreographic, historic, allegoric, phantastic plot in two parts and eleven scenes , i.e. this was not a ballet in the classical sense. Excelsior sings the praises of progress in science and other accomplishments, in keeping with that era of supreme optimism. The steam engine, the Brooklyn Bridge, electricity, the telegraph, the Suez Canal and the tunnel between Italy and France are all technical achievements which are shown on stage. Despite its seemingly dreary subject matter, it was a huge success when first performed, and enjoyed a run of 103 performances during that year alone.
'This product ion from 2002 at the Teatro alla Scala brings a riot of colour to Manzotti s work. With 100 dancers on stage at a time, references to the golden MGM film era and Busby Berkeley-style dancing, it is guaranteed to intrigue and charm!' [Presto]
' The restaging, based on the original stage and choreographic designs, nods at irony, revels in kitsch, and apart from cultural snobs, shaking their heads in despair lets the audience have a thoroughly good time The fun would soon wear off, however, if it weren t for the fact that beneath the light-hearted exterior is some seriously good dancing.' [Gramiliano]
Admission: $3.00 [free to Red Carpet members] Dinner available from 6.00 p.m. ($10.00)

Choirs from Girls College, Falcon and CBC come together with guests Blessing Chimanga and the Coghlan Choir for another Academy fund-raiser!
Admission: $3.00 - a fund-raiser so NO concessions!

Vulture conservation and Culture in Zimbabwe

Vulture conservation and Culture in Zimbabwe

Education and Awareness Seminar for Bulawayo

Date : 19 September 2017
Venue: Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe Auditorium
Time: 17:00- 19:00hrs

Guest of honour- Phathisa Nyathi
The paradigms of conservation in Southern African societies

Lovelater Sebele- Parks and Wildlife Authority Senior Ecologist
The plight of vultures in present day Zimbabwe

Fadzai Matsvimbo- Birdlife Zimbabwe Ecologist
Turning the tide, conserving vultures. Vulture species management plans

Automobile Association

We are kindly inviting you or anyone at your company to attend our 83rd, Annual Branch Meeting which will be held at our offices number 2 Kenilworth Road in Newlands Harare on Thursday 21st September 2017 at 17:15hours

The full Accounts and Report of the association will be available for inspection at the branch office at least 7 days before the meeting


In accordance with terms of Clause 19(2) of the constitution nomination for election to branch committee which shall be proposed and seconded in writting and accompanied by the consent, in writing of the person nominated, shall be lodged with the branch manager no less than 7 days before annual meeting

We pride ourselves on offering you everything you need to get you MOVING keep you MOVING and MOVE you forward Contact our Membership Dept for more info

YOUR PRESENTS MAKES A CHANGE ( confirm your presents)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Comments from Mike Garden

With the rains fast approaching, it is important for people to be mindful that this form of "dumping rubbish" will result in an avoidable major concern if we are to experience the quantity of rains we received this past year. It is obvious that we do not have adequate drainage facilities and the ones that are there are filled with rubbish too - so any collation of water from the rains will obviously fill our streets and homes resulting in loss of life and property. Current society regrettably are not only arrogantly introverted but also take heed the morning after. We have ample time to make a difference and contribute positively to our environment by investing time into recycling our rubbish and guaranteeing a toxic free future for our next generation. Thank you for sharing.


Agree 200% with you – I suggest you ask COH to provide you with their litter hotline numbers and a protocol people can use if they witness offenders. A couple of years ago I witnessed a van dumping office stationery by Country Club and took photos of them, and their number plate and logo and sent it to COH and they acted on the offenders. We have to be active but we do need help from COH.

Cheers Clive   


To encourage recycling, if glass and plastic bottles and for that matter empty beer and soda cans were returnable to supermarkets or recycling centres in exchange for a nominal return reward, I am sure that this would go some way to alleviate the current scourge of litter. J


Please will you mention or write something about people watering their verges.  Our borehole in Glen Lorne is already starting to splutter, but there are I reckon about 10 people on Folyjon Crest watering daily.  Grrr................


We do clean ups on a regular basis in Kariba – we have EXACTLY the same thing so often, we have just cleaned up a stretch of road and hours later, someone dumps all their rubbish, so infuriating! Great to see others do their bit too – if everyone does a little each day, it would be a much better place to live!! Kind regards Sonya


You serious about burning rubbish? Please don't encourage others to burn their rubbish. It's illegal and I for one am sick and tired of breathing burning plastic fumes.                                                                                                                                                                      Take it to the dump by all means but expect to get harassed by "officials" who try to extort $5 off you for carting your rubbish because the City fails to collect regularly.

I pay for private removal of rubbish. Very good rates and I deduct what I have to pay for privately from the refuse collection charges levied by the non-performing City.


Don’t forget that the burning of household or garden refuse is illegal as it is a major pollutant! People should use garden waste to make compost, of course.  Regards STAN


To all walkers/bike riders on Art Farm: be careful parking your car at the gate on Harare Drive. This morning a friend's car and another car had their driver side windows smashed and things taken.  Oliver


Australian Drug Problem: Hi Mike, interested to read your comments on the above - (which seems to me an excellent idea) they are also trying to apply the same method in order to avoid "benefit payments" being used to buy alcohol - a huge problem particularly among the First Australians community . there seems to be HUGE resistance from the recipients(protesting that they are being denied their "rights" to decide for themselves how to spend cash doled out by the Govt) - I can't help but think of all those 100's and 1000's of Zimbabweans  who would be over the moon to get regular, generous benefits at all - whether in cash or card!!!! best regards Kate 


If you can help it, DON’T drive at night on the Harare/Mutare Road, especially between Rusape and Mutare.  Cattle roam freely there and often sleep on the road for warmth and I have seen countless dead animals on the side of the road from traffic accidents.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Peter Robinson

Funeral Service to celebrate the life of Peter Robinson will take place at 2.30pm on Friday 15 September at the St George’s College Chapel. 

Robinson Peter : Sad passing of a respected gentleman, deepest sympathy to all the family From Directors and Staff Safeguard Security Group.

Robinson Peter : Deepest sympathy to all the family on the passing of Peter from Andrew & Caroline Mallon

Robinson Peter : Ex BSAP, my thoughts are with you as well as sincere symthy to all the family on your sad loss from Yvonne Mallon 

voter registration

President Orders New Registration of Voters from 14th September to 15th January

In a proclamation gazetted today, 8th September 2017, the President ordered a new registration of voters in all wards and constituencies in Zimbabwe.  The proclamation was issued in terms of section 36A of the Electoral Act.

The new registration will be done over four months, starting next Tuesday, 14th September 2017, and ending on Monday 15th January 2018.

Effect of Proclamation

Although the proclamation does not expressly say so, its effect is as follows: Entirely new voters’ rolls are to be prepared for the 2018 general election.

The Proclamation does not mention biometric voter registration [BVR] but the Zimbabwean Election Commission [ZEC] has made it quite clear that this will be the method of registration for the new voters’ rolls.

Everyone who wants to vote in the 2018 elections will have to take action to get themselves registered on a new roll.

Voters who are registered on an existing voters roll will have to apply for re-registration on a new roll. As the law now stands this entails proving their identity to a voter registration officer, though they will not have to prove citizenship or provide proof of residence. They will however be expected to allow their biometric particulars to be recorded.

There is a problem here which will have to be sorted out before registration starts. The only way of checking whether those who claim to be already on a voters roll and produce their proof of identity, is by checking them against the existing voters roll.  But ZEC has denied they have the complete existing rolls.

New voters, i.e. people who are not already registered, will also have to apply for registration on a new roll.  They will have to provide proof of their identity, their citizenship and their residence.  They too will have to allow their biometric particulars to be recorded.

There are other legal problems with the proclamation:

It implies a total cut-off date for registration on the new rolls, but the Electoral Act provides for continuous registration until twelve days after nomination day.

If biometric registration is to start soon, ZEC needs to clarify a great number of issues on which the public is confused.  There should be a clear procedural manual that they follow and this should be made available to the public.

The Electoral Act needs to be brought into line with the Constitution.  Immediately.

Otherwise confusion and lack of transparency may result in a “Kenya” situation.

Source: Veritas


Read about pensions being cut for ex public servants in South Africa

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bulawayo events

Paul Hubbard will be giving a talk on Mzilikazi in his History dinner series at the Academy of Music on the 20th September starting at 6 p.m. Members of the audience wishing to enjoy the two course dinner should book in advance.

A fun run for Cancer will be held on Sunday 16th September, sponsored by Bonsa, starting and ending at Busters from 7 a.m. The runners, cyclists and walkers start at different times, so phone (09)2244914 for more information.

The annual Sanganai/Hlanganani Travel Expo will be held again this year at Zimbabwe International Trade Fair from 27th September to 1st October and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Harare is endeavoring to make it a great success.

Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo celebrate its 13 years in arts with its 13th edition to be held from 27 - 30 September 2017 in conjunction with Sanganai/Hlanganani Expo.

Sports fans enjoyed a feast of sport last month with Junior Golf Championships, Polo Championships, cricket, soccer and the Youth Games, which are continuing this month.

We must emphasise that promotion and publicity play an important party in making people aware national, regionally and internationally what Bulawayo has to offer from the business and tourism point of view and that it deserves its description as 'the jewel of Africa'. We repeat, please take advantage of our free offer and list your company and its products on our website and email to us any interesting news about your products and developments which we can include in our monthly newsletter, which reaches readers as far afield as New Zealand.

In the last 3 months our website received over 12 000 hits from United States of America and 2 480 from United Kingdom amongst other countries
Telephone 00 263(9)60867/72969.

Bulawayo News

The Zebra Crossings have claimed another victim despite the fact that they have nearly all been repainted. This incident took place at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair crossing. In many countries motorists have to pause at zebra crossing regardless if there are pedestrians on the crossing or not. Should motorists not adhere to this law, they can be fined quite heavily. It has been seen that our local motorist often ignore the need to stop at zebra crossings and pedestrians have to leap out of the way to avoid being hit. Please motorists have a care for the safety of other people before you too kill or injure a friend or family member.

Bulawayo was once known as the tourist/industrial hub of Zimbabwe and whilst over recent years industry has taken a knock, it is heartening to know that it is now reviving, businesses as well as industry per se. Take for example, Turnall Fibre Cement, General Beltings, Archer Clothing and the building of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a $5 million bread plant by Bakers Inn in Belmont and others. Mine Entra showcased a number of companies manufacturing mining equipment.

Humble Pie, which is under new management, is situated opposite old Chitrin's in Jason Moyo Street/5th Ave. There is nothing 'humble' about these pies because they are delicious. Also new is the Red Cafe, so called because of its decor, in George Silundika Street. Medically Bulawayo is well served by virtue of the number of chemists, privately owned casualty units and hospitals which have opened in recent years.

Hotels and Resaurant

Time, Ladies and Gentlemen

The once much-loved George Hotel in Avondale closed on January 4 this year - sold to Multi-Choice as their new HQ.
A planned valedictory meal in the grotesquely named Freckle and Phart pub, or the depressing dining room, which was reminiscent of railway architecture circa 1946, was aborted, as it was semi-gutted well before closure.

Further up George Road, some folk opened a nice restaurant, the Acropolis, and were doing so well that they decided to beat sanctions and hid their profits in the back of some copper firescreens, only to get caught.

Charleston Hotel (ex-Kamfinsa Park) is also shut: "Due to ever rising," I heard. Both the above places underwent major changes in clientele, facilities, and ambience, even cleanliness but are fondly remembered for special functions and The George, especially for
wedding receptions.

In 1980 Harare lost the popular Windsor Hotel on Baker (Nelson Mandela) Avenue. It housed the Colony, where Edwin and Rachelle played twin pianos to international cabaret standards to discerning diners in formal finery. The Lincoln Room had fantastic value for money food in luxurious surroundings. It closed late November 1980 when the set three-course lunch, featuring baron of beef, rolled to the table and carved to order was $1,50.
1890 was the cocktail bar.

The day the Windsor closed (earlier than announced to avoid vandalism seen at Meikles' Long Bar by "souvenir hunters") beer was 38c; bar lunch 35c.
Opposite was a complex housing the raucous Round Bar and Le Coq d'Or where little French was heard.

The premises were banned from selling drink or tobacco; dancing was proscribed. For years they thought it was a library! Picture the indignation when they found the country's most interesting nightlife had flourished there for years!
Playboy was nearby, as was La Boheme: nothing to do with opera, it offered strippers of often-venerable years. The entrance fee for Sunset Strip was two shillings and sixpence." The Gentlemen" were the popular Rock band that played at Saturday Lunchtimes and Sunday Evenings!
Three major Chinese outlets closed after 1980: Golden Dragon, a hangout of Ministry of Information people, the bar a favourite with international journalists; The Bamboo Inn with a dark, dingy but somehow appealing pub and later by an Irishman called (of course) Paddy and The Mandarin, next to Meikles Store which had no bar, but hacks and hackettes gathered round a service hatch as if in a Fleet Street club.
Down the way was the Pink Panther,
Run by two aged sisters from the Caucasus, they served delicious kebabs at the original site, later Linquenda House. One also owned the Georgian Grill.
PP later became Alfredo's then Front Page: restaurants with lively pubs, gregarious regulars, and liberal hours.

The "Page" owners: a blonde and a brunette belonged in international glamour magazines. Pino's in Union Avenue (Kwame Nkrumah) was arguably the best seafood joint around, but gained notoriety when someone complained and the ebullient eponymous Portuguese proprietor whacked him over the pip with a flambe pan.
The Bombay duck between Jameson (Samora Machel) and Central served iridescent curries all hours for next to nothing.
In Greendale Avenue was the average man's idea of an English Pub, The Red Fox!
At Msasa, The Red Lantern, run by S-W African (Namibian) Germans specialised in eisbein, knackwurst and bratwurst that I can still smell and taste.
Beverly Rocks was a hospitable hostel: good food, great music, lovely gardens, (now a government training centre.)
Going east, the old Jamaica Inn was run by various characters including an ex-Federal hangman and Commonwealth boxing gold medal winner. Good stop there on the way to or from Three Monkeys in Marandellas (Marondera) for lunch. (Now a religious institute.)
Glen Lorne's local was the festive Highlands Park. Great dinner dances, lovely Sunday lunches, cream teas in the garden.
Down the road at Chisipite Shopping Centre was The Howf of Chisholm, which was super.
The Spaniards, Marlborough (ex-Quorn) served incredibly good food, except for the soup, which was: always watery, insipid and costly. .
You queued and often cleared the table yourself. The food was
delicious and you either brought your own wine or bought rotgut. Guido was deaf and when you came to pay he asked what you had and worked it out in his head.
When he retired to the mother country, a redhead Italian bombshell bought the business and never looked back, until the Aussie Tax Squad arrived. By that time she had opened Sandro's in Kingsway. There's not been another Harare establishment like Sandro's. Starting as a private club, it retained club land ambience till the end. Five stars cooking or basic bar lunch often polished cabarets; journalists and businessmen rubbed shoulders with cabinet ministers.
Sardinian Sandro also ran Eros: fine Mediterranean food and friendly bar and Sandrock's, for back-packers.

On quieter Chalet days, great juicy joints were trundled in at lunch;
patrons sliced their own for 50c with pickles, mustard, horseradish, chips and rolls.
The city's best pies were served in a motor sport-theme cocktail bar. There was a civilized snooker room (not a crummy pool hall.) It became a motor parts store, then a Spar. Park Lane (now GMB HQ) the Kaya Nyama steakhouse had its own printed "Doggy bags" as the steaks were so enormous.
The Clovagalix, on Fife Avenue, caught fire once too often, becoming Cafe Med, Borrowdale. Caruso's on 4th/Samora was a great Chips d'Oliviera club-cum Portuguese pub/restaurant. As Vila Peri, it moved to 3rd/Baines. Next-door was Fat Mama's, previously Spago's. Now called Mama Mia's, it thrives at Newlands.
The Cellar, Marimba Park was tops with journos and the printing trade, serving wonderful whisky prawns, real rosti; the upstairs bar often seemed the centre of the universe.
Kamfinsa's Bizarre Bar (later IT, previously Buster's, The Cockpit,
etc) was hugely popular with yuppies, briefly with buppies; once a licence to print money. New owners cut corners. Now it's a swimming pool sundries shop.
Meikles closed The Mirabelle, The Causerie, Flagstaff and Captain's Cabin, Bagatelle and La Chandelle.
Monomotapa lost 12000 Horsemen and Bali Hai, but gained La Francais from Avondale.
When everywhere else closed, you could get ABFs at Al's Place near the Kopje. Probably unlicensed: whether you ordered whisky, brandy or rum it came from one bottle; gin, cane, vodka, white rum another.
High -Chaparral (ex-Nick's Bar), Avondale opened all hours: a good greasy spoon where coffee and steak rolls helped avoid the worst "mornings after", especially after Le Matelot (ex-Lighthouse), died a
death. Aphrodite, Strathaven, was a superb Greek restaurant.
Demi's near State Lotteries closed due to commuter omnibuses'
anarchistic parking. The original owners set up Tavern Bacchus, near Reps, which then became the Manchurian.
Up the street, Copacabana served wonderful Portuguese food, having previously been a great Chinese (White Lotus ). The Himalaya, nearby, did colossal searing noon curries at minimal cost but was avoided after dusk.
Rosedale's/Rose Bowl/Rose & Crown in Hatfield was a superb Sunday lunch venue with live entertainment.
One of the best seafood platters you could ever eat was at the Kentucky, also in Hatfield.


Comments additions or corrections appreciated

John Robert Anderson

John Robert Anderson, passed away in Bulawayo on Saturday 29th July. Dearest Dad of Peter and Sam, Grandpa of Ashley and Trevor, Graham and Aldy an Great Grandpa of Alan and Boston. RIP Dad - no more pain.

My Dads funeral was on Friday 4th August at the Ascension Anglican Church on Leander Avenue at 3pm.



Much loved Mom, Grandmother, Sister and Friend passed away on Sunday the 27th August 2017 in Jo'burg. Well loved lady known fondly in the ballroom world. Will be sadly missed by Raymond, Cheryl, Chris, Dave, Mark, Crystal and Christopher.

In lieu of flowers please send a donation to Edith Duly Nursing Home.

Death/ Memorial Notices

Death/ Memorial Notice: It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jim Searing, father of John Searing and grandfather to Rob and Michael, at the age of 91 on the 23rd August 2017.  A memorial service will be held at Baptist Bible Church on Tuesday the 5th September at 2.30pm.

Death/ Memorial Notice: Widdows, Joyce - It is with Great Sadness that we announce the death of an amazing Wife to Alfred, Mother to Hazel, Lee, Anne and Garth, Grandmother to Michael, Nathan, Brendan, Ryan, Hayley, Bryan, Stacy, Holly, Bruce, Samantha and Jason and Great Grandmother to Darrien, Cheyenne, Megan, Callum, Annika, Samantha, Josh and an amazing friend to all.  Her service will be held at 135 Lomagundi Road at 2.30pm starting at 3.00pm.  Please bring a plate of snacks and drinks if wanted.  Tea and coffee will be served. Contact Anne 0772312702 or Paula 0784527238.

Death/ Memorial Notice: Lynne Coast, formerly of Hesketh Park Estates in Karoi, passed away so peacefully on 1st September, 2017 at Dandaro in Harare. Beloved wife of Allan, dearly loved mum of Sandra, Johnny, Veronica, Alison & Janet - adored granny of Garith, Bruce, Michelle, Shannon, Courtney, Tracey, Wayne, Loryn, Sally, Ashleigh and great-granny of Zoe, Aaron, Lizelle and Tyler. Her Memorial will be held at 2pm on 7th September 2017 at Dandaro Community Centre

Zimbabwe public holidays 2018

1. New Year's Day Monday - 1 January, 2018
2. Good Friday - Friday 30 March, 2018
3. Easter Saturday - Saturday 31 March, 2018
4. Easter Sunday - Sunday 1 April, 2018
5. Easter Monday - Monday 2 April, 2018
6. Independence Day - Wednesday 18 April, 2018
7. Workers' Day - Tuesday 1 May, 2018
8. Africa Day - Friday 25 May, 2018
9. Heroes' Day - Monday 13 August, 2018
10. Defence Forces Day - Tuesday 14 August, 2018
11. National Unity Day - Saturday 22 December, 2018
12. Christmas Day - Tuesday 25 December, 2018
13. Boxing Day - Wednesday 26 December, 2018

Zimbabwe travel advice

04-09-2017 09:59 AM GMT

Entry requirements section (Emergency travel documents) – it may be necessary to produce a police report if your passport has been lost or stolen and you have been issued with an ETD as immigration officials want to see evidence of entry stamps on departure; Money section – it’s illegal to leave Zimbabwe with more than $2,000 (or equivalent) in cash

Rose Remembrance Day

Picabella Rose Nursery will proudy host  the annual Rose Remembrance Day on October 6 and 7 in aid of Island Hospice and Health Care. Time 9.30-12 noon with a lovely  tea in the Nursery Garden. Tickets now on sale; Contact Pricila 0782833338 and Sheryl 0772202072. Please book early, numbers are limited. Find us on FACEBOOK! or Call 0773 208 032

Memorial Service: Widdows, Joyce

Memorial Service: Widdows, Joyce: The date for the memorial is 8th September at 135 Lomagundi road. 2.30 starting at 3.00.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Pensioners Aid Charity Shop

Pensioners Aid Charity Shop is looking for donations of glassware bric a brac, brassware and china. Please consider our needy pensioners when downsizing or disposing of unwanted items.  Every dollar raised at the shop goes directly to assisting needy pensioners many of whom have lost everything. Instead of selling your preloved items on bidding wars why not donate to this worthy cause? The charity shop is situated in Arundel shopping village adjacent to Alo Alo restaurant and opposite Sues Boutique. Open Thursday 9am to 1pm and Friday 9am to 3pm. We can collect.  Phone Paul on 0772 513 884.   

Lift required ans stolen items

Lift Required: Elderly lady requires lift from Harare to Gweru on 4th,5th,6th ( or around those dates )September 2017.  Contact Barbara 0772 110 868 for further details

Stolen: Not sure if anyone can help? We had our GX broken into at 9am yesterday on Cameron Road off Borrowdale, the unmarked silver toyota Vitz smashed a back window and got away with a black Toshiba Laptop, 2 Black Samsung Flight Bags containing David Clark Boom mike aviation headset, Leatherman Wave knive in brown leather pouch, Maglite torch, GPS Garmin 3, Fuel drains, Protractors, Clip Board, Aviation Maps, CAAZ CPL Licence Debbie van der Riet Green lever arch Chirundu anti-poaching work files, Black Diary and many other unreplaceable things. Please if anyone finds anything please call us on 0772480863, 0772250392 Thank you and take out there in the Pomona area, seems theses thieves are working the area



A rather long day of a really playing hard to get girl !!! Escape artist of note !

Darters and Parks Rangers covered much ground tracking the snared elephant cow.

She was finally located and darted and the snare removed from her back leg.

The Aware Team finally headed back home at 4pm Thursday, after just over a week away and a number of animals dealt with from Matusadona, to Nyamoumba, to Mana, to Mongwe and back to Kariba for the hardest and longest run around. . . . . . . . . 

Takes a girl to show who is boss !!

Photos and Video Update to follow soonest.

THANK YOU to the hard working team of +15 who assisted in this exercise.

Keep a look out for this ele with a big silver X on her left hip/butt.

She will reunite with her Cow herd soon and we would really appreciate any feedback on a sighting of her along with how many adults and calves are in the herd.

We suspect she is from the small herd of approximately 9.

Pics below of this elephant cow 2 days before she was darted and snare removed.

IMG_1369.JPG  IMG_1379.JPG IMG_1388.JPG IMG_1395.JPG


If anyone has any information on the persons that are laying these snares, please contact any of the below numbers. Your report will be treated as sensitive and confidential

Please advise on the below if you do have sighting or suspected sighting.


ZIMPARKS AREA MANAGER  -  Mr D Sithole 0775 971 799  

ZIMPARKS SENIOR RANGER Nicholas - 0772 762 500

Toll free - ZIMPARKS AREA MANAGER -  Mr D Sithole - 0738 813 441


Debbie Ottman  0773 996 487- KARIBA

Sonya Mc Master  0772 874 352 – KARIBA

WHATSAPP  NUMBERS - for photos or messages

Sonya Mc Master 0778 733 784

Debbie Ottman 0784 512 921

Carl Nicholson  - Kariba Dangerous Drugs License Wildlife Darter 0773 279 746 – KARIBA

For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals or incidents with Wildlife please contact below

Phone numbers

Sonya Mc Master  0772 874 352 – KARIBA

Debbie Ottman  0773 996 487- KARIBA

WHATSAPP  NUMBERS -for photos or messages

Debbie Ottman 0784 512 921

Sonya Mc Master 0778 733 784

Carl Nicholson  - Kariba Dangerous Drugs License Wildlife Darter 0773 279 746 – KARIBA

Tracey Bruk-Jackson – Harare representative  

(contact for donation drop offs etc.)

Whats app 0771 567 032

Phone number 0712 205 384






Sonya Mc Master (Registered Name – Stroebel) 0772 874 352

Debbie Ottman  0773 996 487




ACC No: 100 265 7636

Seldom seen

HI All, The Vumba to me has always brought out thoughts of Trees, Mountains and Wind. We lived in Umtali (Mutare) in the late 60s and spent many a long, holiday weekend in different cottages around the (B)Vumba. My Dad loved his card games & after dinner the whole family would sit in the lounge next to a well stacked, wooden fire playing Canasta, Monopoly or Cribbage – 15/2; 15/4; and the rest won’t score.

Last week I spent a couple of nights at Seldom Seen – the Birders paradise just 1km off of the main road and 8 km from Leopard Rock. Seldom Seen is run by Ken & Sue Worsley ( ) and their daughter, Narine, kindly showed me around the place. Remarkable how bush wise a youngster can be from spending so much time growing up with nature! Then there is Buluwezi who is a fountain of knowledge on birds who can take you on a guided tour through the forests identifying most birds from their call alone.

Seldom Seen is just over half an hour from Mutare and an ideal place to go if you want to have family time well away from the TV.  Being so close to Leopard Rock this offers a very cheap alternative accommodation for a group (12) of determined golfers wanting the self-catering option for a boys only weekend. Seldom Seen has a fully equipped main house with 2 separate cottages with their own private space. All very cosy!

Give Ken a ring on 0714 516 743  for more details. Ciao Mike G.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Clipboard – August 29 2017

From: Aquarius PR     

Clipboard – August 29 2017

Here is this week's Clipboard, with its usual selection of items of activity in and around Harare in coming weeks. This e-newsletter is a FREE service to the community and includes information about arts, theatre, sport and business events - in fact, about anything!  If you would like NOT to receive this e-mail (which is sent text only to keep it very small and easily downloadable) then also advise us at that address. Please pass this e-mail on to your family, friends and colleagues, so that everyone is better informed about what's on. If you wish to have information included on this newsletter send the information in text-only format to – there is no charge as this is a free service and acts as an anti-clash diary.

Now running until Wednesday August 30 – India in the Sunshine City. A celebration of all things Indian. Reps Theatre, with performances each night at 7pm. Call The Spotlight on (04) 308159 for more information on all the shows involved in this special week or visit

Tuesday August 29 - Fidelio Trio. A concert in the Twelve- Music Every Month Series. Sponsored by Culture Ireland. St John’s College, Fisher Avenue, Rolfe Valley. 6pm. The Fidelio Trio is an Irish/Israeli group (the violinist and pianist are Irish, the cellist Israeli). One performance only. Their programme includes Beethoven’s Piano Trio No.4 in D major, Op.70, No.1 - 'Ghost', Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor and Saint-Saëns’ Piano Trio No 2 in E Minor, Op.92. Since their debut at London’s Southbank Centre, the Trio have appeared at London’s Wigmore Hall and Kings Place and at festivals throughout Britain. They regularly perform in Ireland at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, the Kilkenny Festival and the Belfast Festival at Queens as well as overseas in Shanghai, Porto, Paris, Venice, Florence, Johannesburg, New York City, Princeton, San Francisco and Boston. They are Artistic Directors of their annual Winter Chamber Music Festival at Belvedere House, Dublin City University and continue to be passionate in their advocacy of the piano trio across the world. Tickets $12 (concessionary $10, students in uniform free) and are available from The Spotlight in the Reps Theatre foyer and at the door on the night (swipe available, but please come early as the process is slow). More information on the Trio can be found at and any queries should be addressed to

Wednesday August 30 – Workshop: copyright laws on photography. The  Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers is hosting a Screening Workshop on Copyright Laws in Zimbabwe on Photography and subsequent discussion. 9.30am to 12 noon. USPAS Auditorium, 7th Floor, Goldbridge, Eastgate. Free to all. 100 seats available so please RSVP on and or Whatsapp 0773 444120 before Monday August 28.

Thursday August 31 to Saturday September 2 – The Chamber Music Festival (Harare). Supported by The Salzburg Festival outreach programme. Concerts at Hoyle Field, Tina Close, Greystone Park each evening. Full programme available at or on the Facebook page of the festival. Booking at Alo Alo and Dandaro Village.

Friday September 1 – Tourism Golf Classic. The inaugural presentation of this golf event, to take place at the Police Golf Club. Open to all. To register teams or to find out about sponsorship opportunities contact the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism (04) 250246.

Saturday September 2 – Music and Arts Concert. 2pm to 4pm, a benefit concert at Hellenic Academy, featuring a fusion of music, comedy and poetry. Entry $3 or more. In support of the work done by Makomborero Zimbabwe, an educational charity organisation. More information from  Joan on 0774 816742.

Saturday September 2 – Harare International Carnival. Longcheng Plaza hosting a celebration with the HIC from 10am to 7pm, with music and fun events. Call 0772 154923 or e-mail for more information.

Saturday September 2 – Murume – a conversation hosted by The 25 May Movement. Explore how African men have been affected by the gender stereotype, in our second creative informal discussion on a feminist issue, with the focus this time on men.We'll be diving into many pressing questions: the relevance of lobola in the 21st century, the division of household duties, the physical expectations set on men and whole Pandora's box! Zimbabwe German Society, 51 Lawson Avenue, Milton Park. 10am to12noon. Limited space so register ($3) by Monday August 28. Contact Sam on 0784 426826 to register and feel free to ask her any questions you may have about the event.

Sunday September 3 – Verandah Gallery Charity Art Exhibition: Art in Spring. 16 Woodholme Road, Emerald Hill, 10am to 4pm. This 26th year of the Verandah Gallery introduces its new look garden and display of wonderful Zimbabwean artwork on easels and in portfolios (unframed). We also introduce a selection of characterful scrap metal sculptures for the first time. Lots of music, food and wine. As always, this will be another fundraising event for The Emerald Hill Children’s Home and The Emerald Hill School for the Deaf. Entry $2 (under 12 free). Please spread the word and save the date. More from

Tuesday September 5 – Fun quiz evening. The fortnightly quiz at The Mustard Seed, 27 Ridgeway South, Highlands. No entry fee and all welcome. Food on sale and BYO alcohol, but soft drinks available. Arrivals 6.15pm for a 6.45pm start. Quizmaster: Alastair Garrard. Pre-booking essential: whatsapp or call 0785 300144. E-mail for more information.

Friday September 8 to Sunday September 10 - St George’s College hosts its annual  20/20 Cricket festival. Sponsored by CABS. 12 schools participating, including three from South Africa. An exciting weekend of “smashing cricket” . More information including that on corporate tents and the programme from Helen White e-mail

Friday September 8 and Thursday September 14 - Jampa Dorje talks. Borrowdale Meditation Centre, 6 Borrowdale Lane (off Piers Road). 5.30pm to 7pm. Topic: The Enhancing Power of Meditation. Suggested entry fee: $5. Two sessions of talks interspersed with discussion and meditation practice. The evenings will focus on meditation as a technique for relaxation and stress management for beginners. The longer term benefits such as developing deeper human qualities such as love, compassion and tolerance will also be discussed. Jampa Dorje was born in France and originally trained as a nurse; he has been an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk for many years. Jampa Dorje is in much demand as a translator, having translated for many eminent teachers such as His Holiness the Karmapa, Tai Situ Rinpoche, Mingyur Dorje Rinpoche and Thrangu Rinpoche. For more information please contact ​Mia Moers at​. Visit the Kagyu Samye Ling website just before the visit in case there are changes to Drupon Rinpoche’s and Jampa Dorje's programme.

Saturday September 9 to Wednesday September 13 – Visiting Buddhist Lamas in Harare. The Buddhist Centre is pleased to advise that Buddhist Lamas Drupon Rinpoche (Nepal) and Kating Lama (Samye Ling Monastery, Scotland) will visit. Drupon Rinpoche, retreat master of Samye Ling Monastery and at Thrangu Rinpoche's monastery in Nepal, will be giving two two-hour teachings daily on meditation and mind training at the Harare Buddhist Temple​. 7a Ernie’s Lane, Monavale, daily 10am to12noon and 2pm to 4pm. One would usually have to travel to Scotland or to Nepal to receive teachings from such a great teacher, so having him in Harare is exciting. Suggested donation of $20 a day to help cover air fares and associated costs, and $5 for lunch. ​Drupon Rinpoche does not charge for his teachings.

Saturday September 9 and Saturday September 23 – SA Gold Cup rugby. Old Georgians’ Club, Mount Pleasant. Sep 9: OGs v Raiders; Sep 23: OGs v QBR. Bar, food and children’s entertainment. More information from

Sunday September 10 – Meikles Hotel spring tea. Historical talk and delightful afternoon tea, suitable for all ages. Advance booking by calling (04) 707721. Starts 3pm, and is part of the monthly historical teas now being presented by Meikles Hotel as a Sunday afternoon interest treat. Cost is $15 for the special tea, and the talk (this time on Harare) is complimentary.

Friday September 15 – Leading Inside Out. Course presented by Manifest Human Resource Consultants. You know you can be more productive and you know your people are the key. You also know you can’t force them do what you want. They may often follow your directions, if you are watching, then go back to doing what they think is important. If you are like most employers, your workers, and you, could probably use a little added jolt of energy and enthusiasm on the job. So, should you give more high-5s? Be perkier around the office? Stand up and give motivational speeches? Let us help you inspire yourself and your staff. The course content includes the following: cultivating a positive work attitude...and making it infectious; the importance of personality and the ability to communicate effectively with others; developing resilience – ability to bounce back from setbacks; conflict management; dealing with emotional behaviour. Some of the questions that will be answered include: how do I win and keep people’s cooperation without keeping a foot pressed against their necks? How do I inspire when I don’t feel inspired myself? How do I improve team communication in a tense environment? 8.30am to 3pm, 27 Ridgeway South, Ridgeway House, Highlands. $65 per person, includes refreshments and  lunch. Contact: 0772 572620 or e-mail

Friday September 15 - Astronomy evening at Mukuvisi. Animals and astronomy at Mukuvisi Woodlands, Hillside. Watch the animals being fed at 5pm from the Viewing Platform. Presentation entitled Introduction to Astronomy at 6.30pm near the Viewing Platform. Thereafter viewing by telescope, or objects of interest will be pointed out by laser beams. Queries: contact Tony Alegria 0772 438697 or at

Tuesday September 19 – Fun quiz evening. The fortnightly quiz at The Mustard Seed, 27 Ridgeway South, Highlands. No entry fee and all welcome. Food on sale and BYO alcohol, but soft drinks available. Arrivals 6.15pm for a 6.45pm start. Quizmaster: Peter Brewer. Pre-booking essential: whatsapp or call 0785 300144. E-mail for more information.

Friday September 22 – VFAPU fundraising golf day. Borrowdale Brooke golf club. Africa Albida Tourism, in support of Zimbabwe’s wildlife resources, will host the annual Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit fundraising golf day. VFAPU is a registered, non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and its natural habitat, and depends on donations in order to continue its work.  The unit was established in 1999 by Charles Brightman, a local safari operator and conservationist, together with the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Africa Albida Tourism’s flagship property, in an effort to fight the alarming levels of poaching. Since then, VFAPU has worked in close co-operation with National Parks and Wildlife, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and fellow tourism operators to achieve many successes. Every cent raised from the fundraising golf day goes directly to the Unit for its.  Africa Albida Tourism covers all the costs. Please contact or telephone (04) 885200 for more information on how you can support VFAPU, and to book your four ball in this fun-filled fundraiser! Visit

Friday September 22 – Homecoming Comedy Night. Featuring Alfred Kainga and others. Reps Theatre, 8pm. Tickets $10 and $15. Advance booking now open at The Spotlight in Reps’ foyer or visit

Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24 – The Annual Garden Show. Parklands, Greenhithe Lane, Borrowdale. Show gardens designed by Zimbabwe’s best landscapers, massive plant sale, Rooney’s foodie market full of exciting food choices to eat there and fresh, organic ingredients to take home, Sawpower talks, demonstrations and free hand tool clinic, Husqvarna art roundabout, garden furniture and accessories, drip irrigation and so much more … a day out for the whole family. 

Saturday September 23 – 2017 AZTA Awards. The annual prestigious presentation of awards to the travel and tourism sector by the Association of Zimbabwean Travel Agents. This year is a show and ceremony followed by cocktail reception with the theme Hollywood Glitz and Glamour. A must for everyone in travel and tourism. Booking now open. Call (04) 794210 or e-mail

Saturday September 23 – Zimstock. Hellenic Academy. Details in due course but diarise now for an evening of fun under the stars.

Wednesday September 27 to Sunday October 1 – Starlight Dancing. The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe’s annual outdoor production, staged in the garden at the Ballet Centre, 109 East Road, Belgravia. 6.30pm each night, with gates open from 5.30pm. POS machine & Ecocash payments available: Wednesday, tickets $6 and $5. Other performances $12, $10, $6 and $5. Advance booking available at DTZ office weekdays from September 18. Refreshments on sale and cooler boxes permitted. Bring folding chairs. Car guards will be in attendance. More information by calling (04) 336776, 336560 or 0712 201479.

Wednesday September 27 to Sunday October 1 – Sanganai: Zimbabwe’s Tourism Expo. Book now to take part in this showcase of Zimbabwe’s travel and tourism offerings. Call (04) 758730-4 or e-mail, or visit Prefaced by the World Tourism Day celebrations.

Saturday September 30 – Fun Fishing Competition. Great competition for children kids and a super day out for family and friends. 9am to 3pm, 1 Luna Road, Borrowdale.  Age groups: 1-5yrs, 6-8yrs and 9-14yrs. Entry fee: $25 for children’s fishing, $5 for non-fishermen. Only pre-booked entries allowed to fish on the day. cash bar, teas and food available, as well as jumping castle, candy floss, giveaways, prizes and lots more. Bring your own chairs, picnic blankets, umbrellas and gazebos for shade. No cooler boxes, food or personal fishing tackle to be brought onto the premises. No pets allowed. Contacts: Jenni Riley,,  cell/whatsapp 0774892493, Marion du Preez, call/whatsapp 0772216607.

Saturday September 30 - Mbira Festival at Mukuvisi Woodlands. The culmination of Mbira Month at Mukuvisi. Enjoy an afternoon of wonderful traditional and contemporary mbira music with storytelling with music, followed by a sundowner concert close to the animals and then an evening concert with professional mbira artists in the café environs. Wine bar, coffee bar and light meals available.

Saturday September 30 – Senior Citizens Club Tea Dance. 2pm to 5pm at the Rotary Centre/Senior Citizens Club, corner Fife Avenue and Colquhoun Street. Entry $5. Music by Steve Theron,  further entertainment by Debbie Fleming’s dancers and other guest artistes. Tea and food, cash bar available. Raffles prizes to be won. Put on your dancing shoes and join us for a  fun afternoon.  Call (04) 250093   Mon to Fri between 8am and 2pm (Lyn) to book, or call Marge on 0712 410050, or e-mail – book for yourself or book a table for your party.  A plate of food would be appreciated.

Saturday September 30 – Open-air screening. Gates open 4pm and screening starts at 6pm sharp. More details to follow. This notice has come from Makomborero Zimbabwe, an educational charity organisation. E-mail

Wednesday October 18 to Friday October 20 – Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament. Zimbabwe’s annual fishing spectacular.

Saturday October 28 – Zimbabwe Society of Music Teachers Concert: A Feast Of Music. This year’s event presented by the Zimbabwe Society of Music Teachers, always of  a very high standard and eagerly awaited by the Harare music public.  Arundel School Chapel, 3pm.  Entry by donation towards two music bursaries awarded to students each year by the society: the Una Coleman Bursary and the Leo Birsen Bursary.

Sunday December 3 – Willowmead Junction Fayre. For more information call Sarah on (04) 882666. Diarise now – more info to come in due course.

Sunday December 24, Monday December 25 and Sunday December 31 – the Meikles Hotel Christmas and New Year festivities. Full details soon but diarise now to join the Meikles for a bumper set of lunches and dinners and other activities at this special time, in the five-star traditional of this fine hotel. This will include an accommodation special over the whole holiday season.

Information about school terms 2017 (thanks to Lee Mackinlay for this information): Third term starts Tues Sep 12, ends Thurs Dec 7 – half term Oct 20-23. 2018 first term starts Tues Jan 9.

Public holidays in 2017: Unity Day, Friday December 22; Christmas Day, Monday December 25; Boxing Day, Tuesday December 26.

Are you a wine enthusiast or just keen to know a little bit more about wine? If so, join the Grapevine, an informal wine group that highlights the enjoyment of wine. Founded in and centered on Meikles Hotel. No fees and no obligations … just a chance to learn more and have fun. It’s made up of a lovely group of people from all walks of life. You have to be 18 and over, of course. E-mail for information on upcoming events.

The Mustard Seed is a super venue for dining, socializing over coffee or tea, having conferences or holding celebratory or corporate events. 27 Ridgeway South, Highlands. Restaurant open daily 8.30am to 9pm (closed Sunday evenings). Contact: 0772 572620.

The Delhi Palace in Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale is a superb venue for lunches, dinners, private functions and events, as well as conferences. There is no venue hire charge and menus can be arranged to suit your needs. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Call 0783 909775 or 6 for information and reservations. Soon to run daily: an additional menu, called the Delhi Seafood Menu, featuring a delightful selection of seafood dishes from a new chef.

Tinkabell Deli: at popular Tinkabell restaurant, Q4 Upton Road, New Ardbennie. Open daily for croissants, pies, coffee, sandwiches to take away. Also on sale, special jams, chutneys, wines, cheeses and chillies. A great selection from a restaurant with some of the finest cuisine in Harare. Call 0782 475481 for information and to order takeaways. Restaurant open daily Monday to Saturday, early morning to late afternoon.

Spice Lounge Restaurant: can accommodate for the following: corporate functions, engagement functions, weddings, anniversaries , special occasions, seminars, conferences, birthday parties. Also outdoor catering and much more! Contact us on 0779 581000 or email Restaurant open day for lunch and dinner.

Venue for functions: the Senior Citizens Club/Rotary Centre is centrally situated, on the corner of Fife Avenue and Colquhoun Street (entrance in Colquhoun), with excellent rooms for hire at very reasonable rates. Secure parking, catering and bar facilities in pleasant surroundings. Bookings taken for one-off events or regular weekly/monthly events. Let us know what you need and we will do the rest. Telephone, e-mail or pop in to check the available facilities and obtain a quote for your function. Enjoy a coffee or tea and a snack at the same time in the Bill Green Coffee Shop. (04) 250093 (Mon to Fri 8am to 2pm} Marge/Lyn or e-mail

Functions venue in the CBD: City Bowling Club, Harare Gardens. Suitable for weddings, seminars, lunches, outdoor functions of all kinds, and other activities. Venue features a hall, garden and secure and generous parking space. Reasonably priced. Call 08644 104265 or Nick on 0772 966626 or Morgan on 0773 391135.

The Friend Animal Foundation is in need of pet food. The Shopping Club is running a pet food drive on behalf of the foundation. Anyone can buy pet food for us at the club or pay into the account as follows: account The Cold Chain Zimbabwe; bank CABS Northridge Park. RTGS 24000 account number 1006148299, reference FAF-AF

The Lions Club of Hatfield meets at 1.30pm on the first Saturday of each month at 137, Northway, Hatfield. The club will discuss projects such as the forthcoming  Christmas party for senior citizens. Our Lions Club has hosted this annually for over 30 years. We have a workshop and the Lions can repair all your disused or broken toys, furniture or anything that you want to donate to charity. We can collect and it will be renovated and sent to children’s homes, schools, hospitals or sold to fund Lions projects. Call 0772 998236, 0712 403747 or (04) 576627 and 576597. Our slogan: We Serve!

Please support a worthwhile cause or two in 2017 … every little bit helps, so there’s no such thing as ‘too little’ to give. Readers of Clipboard are asked to support the Zimbabwe National SPCA, the Harare SPCA, The Friend Foundation, VAWZ, Twala Trust Sanctuary, Mukuvisi Woodlands, the Harare Children’s Home (marking its centenary in 2018) and SOAP. This e-newsletter is produced for free and the compiler hopes readers will support charitable causes in return!