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Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is what we all have to do to help!

Subject: Westreign Senior Citizen's Home Get Together 28/02/09

May I seek your assistance to provide the residents at Westreign Senior Citizen's Home with 'care packages'? A similar undertaking in 2007 proved to be highly beneficial to the old folk, where they all received individually labelled boxes of goods.
There are 24 residents in the Home, the eldest 97, the majority being aged over 70. The majority of the residents have no income, and it is apparent that they have no family either in or out of Zimbabwe that assist them. Seven of the residents reside in double accommodations which have basic cooking and refrigeration facilities, the remainder residing in single accommodation with meals provided by the Home. In the extremely trying times that we are all facing at the moment, catering for these residents is a continual nightmare and the 'fare' appears to be basic. Those individuals in self-catering double accommodation are facing a situation where it is impossible to purchase anything meaningful without access to foreign currency, which they do not have.
Would you be in a position to donate :
a sum of cash (to be converted to groceries);
or kind, either in the form of a product that you manufacture if you own a company, or fuel coupons, that can be raffled to create income to purchase goods for the packages;
or donations of product to put into the packages?
Product to be put into the packages, by necessity, is required to be non-perishable. I am looking at including the following as a guideline :
personal toiletries - soap / shampoo / hair conditioner / spray or roll-on deodorant / baby powder / body lotion / shaving lotion / toothpaste / cotton wool / cotton ear buds / boxed tissues / bath soap
food stuffs - tinned : meat, fish, fruit, vegetables / tea bags or leaves / coffee / milk powder / sugar / rice / pasta / fruit juice or cordials / two minute noodles / cup-of-soups
non-food items - toilet rolls / dishwashing liquid / kitchen soap / washing powder / fabric softener / hard surface cleaner
non-essential 'essentials' - biscuits / dried fruit / nuts / sweets that do not require refrigeration
My and my co-organizer's connection to Westreign is one of being interested parties, the Home in Wessex Drive in Mabelreign being situated in our areas of residence. Being less high profile than some of the other senior citizen's homes, they do not appear to have meaningful support.
We are putting the care packages together during the last week of February, to be disbursed during a function to be held at Mabelreign Country Club on Saturday 28th February 2009. Steve Theron has kindly offered his services to entertain the old folks, and they will also be treated to a line dancing display by the Mabelreign Bootscooters and a gymnastics display by the Zimbabwe National Gymnastics Team. Funds are currently being raised to provide the residents with a lunch of cold meat and salad rolls, and drinks will be provided by Mabelreign Country Club at no charge.
Thank you in advance for any assistance, big or small, that you may be in a position to render. Although February seems a long way off, we are hoping to get started on this immediately, and ask that this is given fairly urgent attention.
With kind regards
Jenni Ferguson
Organisers - Jenni Ferguson, Dianne Meiring, Sheryl Wardley
On behalf of the Senior Citizens of Westreign Senior Citizen's Home
Address No 1 Rothesay Road, Cnr Perth Road, Avondale West
Cellular 011 215 897
Residence 335608

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just to let everyone know that yesterday was a day of complete frustration. We tried to pay bills. No one would take a cheque - we are now paying our electricity bill by forcing the teller at Borrowdale post office to take our cheque. They want only cash - and one can only take out 500,000 dollars a day - our electricity bill is 20 million!!! So we have all got together in our area and decided that we will force them to take a cheque - no receipt but a cheque is a receipt anyway!
Paying the telephone bill was a saga. First you queue up to find out how much you owe. Then you have to queue up to find out how much you have to pay in cash and how much you are allowed to pay by cheque. Then you have to queue to get permission to pay some of the bill by cheque. Then you have to queue to pay your bill! No change so you have to overpay!
While waiting to pay the computer system went slow! I casually remarked that there was probably a TelOne (the telephone company) fault. the whole queue and the teller burst into laughter - that was really the best part of the day!

Reps Newsletter – December 2008

Greetings all, and here’s hoping that, despite the continuing strange state of everything around us, you are all starting to get into the festive spirit and that this year’s festive season will be as pleasant and meaningful as possible for each and every one of you. I hope to see many of you down at Reps during the coming month and look forward to having a chat when you are there.

It’s panto time again!
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a panto and Graham Crutchley is presenting to us a sparkling production of Mother Goose, a show not seen at Reps for quite some time. With a full and fun cast and a lively and entertaining story and music, this will be a super treat for the whole family. It opens Thursday December 4 (preview night with special prices, Weds Dec 3) and runs until Saturday December 20 (remember that curtain up in 6.30pm each night). The matinee performance is 2.30pm on Sat Dec 13, for those people who don’t like travelling at night. Booking is open at The Spotlight now.

Welcome in the New Year at Reps
Linda Hyde is staging an amusing and unusual production at New Year, entitled Tomfoolery, which consists of many great works by the satirist Tom Lehrer. It will run from December 30 to January 3 – including New Year’s Eve. This will be very entertaining and a great way to end 2008 and start 2009. Booking will open soon. On New Year’s Eve Kathy Keen will be organizing our usual entertainment in the members’ bar, including pipers, so this will be an extremely social venue in which to welcome in the new year.

Rod Broodryk
Well done to all those involved in staging the Here’s To You production as a fundraiser for Rod’s family – it was a great show and wonderful evening with a near-full house. You will be interested to know that door takings given to the family to meet considerable medical expenses were: R1 990, US$1 463, ZW$9 425 000 and ZW cheque $1 trillion. A further $80 came from the coffee bar, donated by the girl guides and boy scouts from their sales and $70 from the foyer bar run by our own social events team – plus some donations handed in at the office from people who could not make the show. As a mark of respect to Rod it was a huge success and I would like to echo Chris Charnley’s on stage comment in fond memory … here’s to you, Rod!

Water, water everywhere … except in Harare’s water reticulation system!
As you have seen in earlier mails, the area around Reps has now fallen prey to the slow but steady demise of the water system in our fair city. We do not wish to close up shop so the alternative is to … you guessed it … make a plan. We need funds to buy and erect a water storage tank, so if you have some dollars spare please let us have them as soon as possible so we can get this done without too much further delay. Thank you to those people who have already donated so generously … we are well on our way!

Are you a card carrier?
If you carry an electronic bank card you can now buy tickets for shows at Reps Theatre. A point of sale machine has been installed and will be in use in The Spotlight, but ONLY during daytime hours 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on Saturday. It will not be in use when the box office opens for ticket sales immediately before shows. Tickets bought through this method will be for Tuesday and Wednesday performances only. If you have any queries please call the Reps office or Spotlight.

The Story of Reps Volume 2
You should have all seen the mailshot about the coming publication of a second volume of the Reps history. We are collecting orders so we can purchase the paper well in advance and make great savings … and we have been given an excellent price from our friends at Pacprint for this stock. If you have ordered but not paid please could you do so as soon as possible (even in installments – that’s fine), and if you have not yet ordered please do so to reserve a copy (leather bound limited run, hard cover or soft cover) of this book, which will be a companion piece to Robert Cary’s original book from 1975. More info from Erin in the office or from Stan Higgins at

Did you know …
… that we do not allow people to stand or sit in aisles in the theatre for one very simple reason: it is illegal as in terms of the municipal by-laws through which we are licensed, people may only be in the auditorium in a seat. This is because it is dangerous and if there were to be a need for quick evacuation this could result in a major problem and possibly a consequent disaster. It is essential that everyone understands this, please, and that no-one abuses front of house people who forbid the practice. While talking of front of house, please also remember that these people are volunteers doing their duty to the best of their ability and the rules they enforce are there for extremely good reasons – mainly the full enjoyment of whatever production is on by the whole audience. These rules include:
No glasses or bottles allowed in the auditorium
No use of cellphones in the auditorium (even on silent)
No filming or photography of any kind in the auditorium
No latecomers allowed for any reason
Patrons MUST stay in their seats throughout the performance and not run in and out to use the toilets or buy drinks

Benefits always passed on
When beverage prices rise, these costs are passed on to our customers in the bar – regrettable but essential, of course. When prices drop, as they have in the past couple of weeks, these reductions are also passed on to customers, and we hope you have been able to take some relief from this small but welcome change to our ongoing scenario of 5,5 quadrillion inflation!

Have a very merry Christmas and on behalf of all the Executive Committee and Staff of Reps, I wish you all the best for a truly changed new year!

Tim Garrard

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zimbabwe’s Hard-Pressed City Dwellers Cultivate Urban Agriculture

This is an interesting article showing how desperate people are becoming.

There have always been green belt areas in the cities - these are now becoming non existant. We have areas where birds have always flourished - people could walk or ride without problems - these are now becoming small plots of land which produce almost nothing anyway!

By Taurai Shava Gweru, Zimbabwe25 November 2008
listen to report on urban agriculture in Zimbabwe - Download (MP3) listen to report on urban agriculture in Zimbabwe - Listen (MP3)
In Zimbabwe, a likely reduction in food assistance by the World Food Program has many consumers wondering how they have enough to eat. Reporter Taurai Shava looks at efforts to grow more food in the town of Gweru. Despite bylaws restricting urban agriculture because of its perceived side-effects, more and more Gweru residents, like others in urban areas across the country, are planting crops hoping to provide their families with food amid severe shortages and ever-rising living costs.Ignoring the mid-morning summer heat, housewife Winnie Munanzvi of Gweru's Mkoba 2 high-density suburb digs with perseverance on a small patch of land on the vast open space adjacent to the Mkoba 11 high density suburb.Munanzvi is preparing her small field to plant a crop of maize. Her frenzied effort reflects her awareness of the food crisis that the country is facing – and the limits of aid.She says urban agriculture used to be looked down upon as a practice limited to urban poor, but with staple foods like maize meal hard to find or out of reach of those on limited incomes, even those with jobs are turning to gardening."In the past," he said, "the growing of crops on the small pieces of land in urban areas is something that was looked down upon. For one to be seen going to work on those small fields was degrading. But now raising crops on these small fields has become very important because of the hunger that is stalking most people. Most working people never used to have anything to do with growing crops on these small fields; It was for housewives like myself. Nowadays, even those people in formal employment are also scrambling for the small pieces of land to farm on. Some even engage other people to work on their pieces of land for them. These small pieces of land have become something very important. Often, there are wrangles over ownership of the small pieces of land. I believe urban agriculture has become a very important activity; virtually everyone now wants a small piece of land to farm on."Another person growing food here is Partson Mabika, an officer at the Gweru branch of a state-controlled enterprise. He says he has been growing crops on his small piece of land for several years now. "I started practicing urban agriculture several years back," said Mabika. "Most people used to think that growing crops on small pieces of land in town was done by those people who did not like to go to their rural homes to farm, but this is no longer the case. There are a lot of people who are preparing their small pieces of land for planting because they have now realized that this is helpful. When you have grown your own food crops, you won't need to spend a lot on buying food. So, at the moment, most people are busy preparing their small fields for planting, and they are also looking for seed because they know this will benefit them in the end."
While acknowledging the growing importance of urban gardens, a lecturer named Masaka of Midlands State University's natural resources department says by-laws restricting gardens were intended to promote proper land use.He says that despite food shortages and soaring costs, such laws must not be flouted, as doing so could devastate common urban lands.Masaka says research is needed into ways to balance people's needs with the preservation of natural resources. However, in the face of economic crises and widespread hunger, local authorities who used to strictly enforce such bylaws are now tolerating urban crops.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Recovering from having no power!

We are just recovering from 5 days without any power - it has taken us three days to sort out the problems this left us with. We have for some time been placing plastic 2 litre bottles of water in our freezers and letting them freeze - this proved to be a wise decision as we lost nothing! Even our frozen fish was still frozen! We also covered the freezers with towels and blankets and did not open them unless we ran the generator.

Hope we will have power for some time now.

One of our neighbours had a tree fall onto her cables yesterday. this caused our lights to flicker and a number of explosions were heard. I went down the road to have a look but other than a smell of smoke could see nothing - and we still had power.
We are always heartened to receive encouraging and heartfelt messages - this has just arrived from a Lind in Canada:

To My Dear Lind Family in Africa....we are very concerned for your safety and well beeing..It is difficult for we here in Canada to understand the situtation in your country. The subject was mentioned at our church service this morning. The shock that Jimmie Cartier and Mr. Mandella were not permited into your country was quite a blow.

I mentioned to our minster that I do hear from my Lind Family so I hope you don't mind me sending your last two e-mails to him to view, as he too is concerned.

Hope that your sons will arrive home safety.....Where are your maids, and gardner now ??/ have they gotten employment elsewhere ?are they able to support and get food for their families.....? Its a cruel world out there for many people.....

There has been a slow down with employment in USA and Canada...Don"t know where it will end....

Your all in our thoughts and prayers, so do not think you are alone as better days will follow......
Please keep in touch......I know your family is brave, and have courage......Lots of Love...Rosemary

Does the Red Cross or other Food agencies operate in your country at this time of terrible need ? Or doctors without help the sick and injured......Hope to hear from you soon.....

Our maid is still with us and we help to feed her and her family and provide medicines when needed. There is nothing available here for them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

All about Cholera - now taken hold in Zimbabwe!!!

Cholera Guidelines: Oxfam GB – ZIMBABWE
With the increase in cholera please take not of the following guidelines provided by Oxfam.SUMMARY1. Cholera is extremely contagious.2. Be obsessed about washing your hands with soap and drinking clean water.3. Be aware of the symptoms - extremely watery, white diarrhoea.4. Curing cholera is very simple: REHYDRATION using Oral rehydration solution, sugar and salt
solution immediately.5. Failure to observe the rule of rehydration immediately can result in severe dehydration and
death.CAUSESCholera is caused by a bacterium. Not a virus. The bacteria is called Vibrio cholerae. The main routes of faecal-oral transmission are through: o Not washing your hands with soap after the toilet or touching an infected person, o consuming contaminated water, o and eating contaminated food that is not cooked properly.
Once infected, a person can develop the symptoms within hours (but usually 2-3 days). The symptoms are extremely watery diarrhoea that is white in colour, like the colour of water from cooking rice.However, 80% of people who are infected with the bacteria either do not show any symptoms at all or only get mild normal diarrhoea. Cholera diarrhoea is painless. There are no cramps or other pain like other types of diarrhoea. Cholera does not cause blood in the faeces. There is no fever associated with cholera. Vomiting is common. Severe cholera can cause you to lose massive volumes of fluids (severe dehydration) in hours, which means that if rehydration does not take place quick enough, severe illness and death can occur. It is possible to lose from 10 to 20 litres per day. All of that must be replaced of course. Such severe dehydration will require medical rehydration using intravenous rehydration.If you think you have the symptoms, go to your nearest health centre. Immediately. Even if it is 4 o'clock in the morning. Cholera does not cause death. Severe dehydration causes death.
There is no reason at all that anyone should die of cholera, as it is a very easy disease to cure.Simply it requires consumption of lots of ORS/Sugar and Salt Solution.Once you think you have the symptoms mentioned above you should begin to consume a lot of ORS/Sugar and Salt Solution.Sugar and Salt Solution is made as follows 6 teaspoons of sugar, and half a teaspoon of salt in a 750ml container.Go to your nearest health facility.
Be obsessed about washing your hands. After BABY (defecating), after shaking hands with people, after visits to the hospital or Cholera Treatment Centres, etc. This sounds obvious, but surprisingly we become very lazy at this.Contaminated water is a major cause of getting cholera. Treatment of water is effective with chlorine or boiling for a minimum of one minute. If you're not sure it's clean, DON'T DRINK IT.For the duration of the outbreak do not consume market food that is uncooked or not cooked properly. This includes foods that have water sprinkled on them. Fruits that can be peeled such as bananas, oranges, etc are fine but remember to wash your hands with soap before peeling them.Like most diarrhoeal bacteria, you can carry the bacteria for up to several weeks after being infected without being affected. It is important to always be careful
Aquatabs can be use to disinfect water. When using aquatabs:Put one tablet into 20-25 litres of water and cover the container. Wait for 30 minutes for the tablet to dissolve before drinking the water. Never swallow the tablet - it must dissolve in 20-25 litres of water Note: Aquatabs are not for treating diarrhoea. They only disinfect water.
I may have missed it but I think you have missed the absolutely critical point.As I remember the cure given by the then Provincial Medical Officer of Health in Masvingo thirty years ago - was:-administer the rehydration solution to the patient by tablespoon.One tablespoonful every two minutes.And that is the hard part.If the gut becomes dry the lining is destroyed and it is essential to keep it wet. You do this by delivering the solution a spoonful at a time, every two minutes, night and day till the body destroys the bacteria.Let up and the bacteria takes over.Even four minutes gives the bacteria remission.The patient can sleep so long as the carer delivers the one tablespoonful every two minutes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tel One runs out of diesel to power the phones

This really belongs under lifestyle - only in Zimbabwe could this happen!

November 21, 2008 - The Zimbabwe Times
By Sibangani Sibanda
SOMETIMES it is difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at the situation in Zimbabwe.
Just when we think that we have seen it all, Zimbabwe has a way of showing us something new. The government’s apparent indifference to the plight of the many who have to go for days at a time without food, or the pupils who have had no teachers for months, or even the deaths that have occurred as a result of a preventable cholera epidemic are well documented indications of a government that has lost all authority and has no interest in serving the people it claims to represent.
Yet even in this gloom, we sometimes get some unintended comic relief.
Our telephone system, chronically unreliable at the best of times, has got worse! Telephones inexplicably stop working, and just as inexplicably, start working again. In the last two weeks or so, my office has had no telephone service in the mornings at all, but has sometimes had service in the afternoons, which makes getting any work done at all, something of a miracle.
The situation, it turns out, covers the whole country and many Zimbabweans have simply assumed that as we have had “load shedding” for electric power for some time, we now have load shedding for telephones!
In desperation, I visited the offices of Tel One, the sole fixed line telephone service provider in the country. No, they told me, it is not load shedding, but it may as well be.
Telephone exchanges, they explained, work on electricity - I must admit that this had never occurred to me! As such, every time we get power outages at the exchange as a result of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA)’s load shedding, telephones also go off. Like any good service provider would do (although I use the term “good” advisedly in the case of Tel One), Tel One bought themselves diesel-run generators to ensure that their beleaguered customers did not lose telephones every time there was a power cut.
On their part, government, through the multi-faceted, multi-talented Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono, undertook to supply Tel One with cheap, very cheap diesel. Anybody who has been following the fortunes (or rather misfortunes) of Zimbabwe will know that there is an innovative accounting system in government where goods are sold to the end user at less than the cost of producing or procuring those goods. These goods thus remain on the market until such time as they can no longer be replaced because money has this bad habit of running out when more of it is going out than coming in.
Come to think of it, most commodities have this bad habit.
Anyway, the cheap diesel is no longer available, or rather, as the Tel One officials put it, there have been no deliveries for nearly two months, which is as good an indication as any, that it is no longer available. So now when ZESA sheds its load, telephones go off, and when ZESA “comes back”, the telephones also “come back”! There is, of course, other diesel available on the market at market prices, but I forgot to ask the officials why Tel One does not buy this to keep their customers happy. It may have something to do with the expectation of government that Tel One sells its services using the aforementioned innovative accounting system of government!
It may be that I live in a society where humor is at something of a premium, but I found this whole episode amusing – in an irritating sort of way. Like how I found laughter in trying to withdraw money from the bank to go and bury my late aunt last week.
Our Mr. Gono has decided that we can only withdraw Z$ 500 000.00 per day, which is not enough to buy a loaf of bread. However, being a passive, law-abiding citizenry, we dutifully go to the bank and withdraw our daily (less-than-a-loaf-of) bread. Should we require money for such emergencies as funerals, we make applications to the Reserve Bank, with all necessary proofs of our bereavement attached. The Reserve Bank may take a few days (or a few weeks) to respond – which may mean a lengthy funeral wake.
When they finally respond, having been convinced that the person you say is dead is, indeed, dead, the costs of burial will have gone up substantially. This may mean a re-application. In any case, the bank may not have the physical cash to give you, and as you have 48 hours within which to withdraw the money, they may ask you to re-apply after the expiry of your withdrawal window!
Despite my bereavement, I left the bank laughing uncontrollably.

Thursday, November 20, 2008



We are urgently looking for anyone who is a ‘Registered’ A-Positive Blood Donor or a Universal Donor.

Patsy needs a Blood Transfusion urgently and unfortunately the Blood Screening machine is out of order and so REGISTRED donors are required as we cannot have any blood screened. So if you have donated with in the last couple of months and are able to donate again, please help!

Contact: Juliet on 0912 307645 or 04 882309 or Sally on 0912 607879 or 04 870174


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poem For Harry

A tiny scrap of orange fluff
You climbed up on my chest,
With big green eyes and roaring purr,
You plucked my heart right from my breast.

Timeless wisdom etched on your face;
Quiet councillor, mischievous gnome,
Tranquil presence, fiercest fiend,
Priceless gift to my hearth and home.

Most loyal friend, most precious gift,
The love you’ve given me!
On darkest nights you snuggled tight,
Now this dawn you will be free!

You kept me sane, you kept me strong
Your beauty and your sense of fun;
Princess, Orange Essence, Pot Of Gold,
Venus, Harry Hooligan, Goddess Of The Sun!

Harry was put to sleep this morning, she fought a good fight!

Susan McMillan
November 18 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Power Story

It is now Wednesday and we have had no power since Saturday.

Yesterday I went to the Borrowdale faults office and made another complaint.

They said they had no transport! So we offered them transport - they refused - they said they needed ladders - we offered them ladders - they said they would not be high enough - I mentioned that they had used them before - then they said (it was 3 pm) that the crew had to get the bus to take them home at 4 - we offered to take them home - They refused the offer - the crews were lounging around doing nothing!!!!

Another neighbour went to the office at about 4 and was told that they would do nothing on our fault as a women had been there earlier and was cheeky!!! (That was me). I have checked with the other people who were there at the same time and have been reassured that I was very polite and reasonable.

There was a truck with three men in the back - they told me they were tree cutters but were not working as they had not been paid! (Trees falling over lines are a major problem)

Today my husband and a neighbour are going to the ZESA office with a landrover and trailer to take a crew to the fault site tio sort it out. It is raining so the crew will probably refuse to work! Iwill keep you informed!

Ode to Harry

My friend Sue loves animals but most of all she loves her cats.

Sadly Harry died yesterday and I really do not know what to say to her. She did not cry - she did not even tell me until I asked how Harry was......... She did not want to upset me!!!!!

Harry was lovely - a beautiful ginger girl with a lovely and loving character. I will miss Harry and I am crying as I write this because we need loving people and animals more than ever now - Harry will be forever in my memory.

Lots of love to you Sue from all of us who know you and Harry.

Oh what is money!

This is what we have to deal with on a daily basis
Coping with zeros

Some punters on the stock exchange must have in recent days been wondering what to
write on their cheques when dealing with large sums of money. The following table
contains large numbers up to 1 followed by 33 zeros, which should allow everyone to
come to terms with huge figures.

Name Number of Zerosmillion 6 (1,000,000)billion 9 (1,000,000,000)trillion 12 (1,000,000,000,000)quadrillion 15 (1,000,000,000,000,000)quintillion 18 (1000,000,000,000,000,000)sextillion 21 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)septillion 24 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)octillion 27 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)nonillion 30 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)decillion 33 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Monday, November 17, 2008

So no water for months!!!!!
We have a very social life - people come to bath and wash their hair in our pool. The pool costs a missive amount to keep up but it provides us with a bath when we have no power to generate the bore hole, a way to wash our hair, water to fill the cisterns to flush the toilets!
I have really started swimming again.
Dove soap is the best in the pool!!!!!!

Econet - our favourite cell phone provider - has now changed its rules! One can no longer pay by cheque or 'plastic' Cash only. They require 2 million for a top up which will last 30 minutes - this has to be paid in cash and if you do not 'top up' you can loose your contract line. The 'top up' will be valid for 1 month only. We understand this is because they have not upgraded their billing system - so we have to suffer!!!!!!
Yesterday no phones on the land line system - today - thank goodness they are back - but no electricity since Saturday 2:30.
I am writting this with a stiff drink in front of me - it is 7 am - never before have I done this but it is vodka or tranquelizers!
We woke up to one freezer - the one with all my vegetarian food - completely defrosted. At 5 am we were transporting half or defrosted foods from our kitchen upright freezer to big chest freezer - the kitchen is a wash with water - oh well, the freezer needed defrosting anyway!
Adrian is cleaning up as I write - one plus - I found the eggplant I had frozen and could not find - rattatoulle tonight!
Thank goodness for the invertor - was able to watch Stargate last night - and will be able to watch again tonight.
I have been unable to bake bread so it is ryvita for breakfast - probably healthier.
Will blog again later today as have to run gernerator three times a day while the power is out.

Cell phones will be a thing of the past

Econet - our favourite cell phone provider - has now changed its rules! One can no longer pay by cheque or 'plastic' Cash only. They require 2 million for a top up which will last 30 minutes - this has to be paid in cash and if you do not 'top up' you can loose your contract line. The 'top up' will be valid for 1 month only. We understand this is because they have not upgraded their billing system - so we have to suffer!!!!!!

Yesterday no phones on the land line system - today - thank goodness they are back - but no electricity since Saturday 2:30.

I am writting this with a stiff drink in front of me - it is 7 am - never before have I done this but it is vodka or tranquelizers!

We woke up to one freezer - the one with all my vegetarian food - completely defrosted. At 5 am we were transporting half or defrosted foods from our kitchen upright freezer to big chest freezer - the kitchen is a wash

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No power!

We have had no power for nearly 48 hours. This means no internet most of the time as well There has been a major fault and a large part of Harare is powerless.

It started at 2:30 Saturday - we had a rain storm and that was it - no elecrticity!

We have solar lighting - and our alarm system hitched up to the solar panels so at least we have light and are alarmed.

However - no power means no water! We have not had municipal water for months - all our water comes from our borehole - which needs power to run! To be without water at the moment is really very serious as there is cholera raging within a mile or so of us.

We supply our maid with fresh drinking water - and a number of our friends and neighbours as well.

We have an invertor for running the TV and the computer but this lasts for only a limited period - then it has to be rechaerged - by power!

We have a generator but this needs petrol - very difficult to come by as petrol coupons are being used as currency. One cannot get enough money out of the bank to pay bills and no one will accept cheques or 'plastic' anymore!

We are running the generator now - for 3 hours to keep the freezers going.

This is no longer fun and games!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Appeal from Reps

Who would believe this?

Dear members,

In response to our recent appeal for water, our most heartfelt thanks to all of you who brought us water – it helped us out enormously! We have had a very reasonable quote for a water storage tank for the theatre – 800 USD.

Unfortunately, we cannot get that sort of money together and so we are appealing to members for donations to allow us to purchase this much needed tank, which will solve most of our water woes and ensure Reps can stay open and continue to provide top class entertainment to the people of Zimbabwe in a safe and clean environment!

We’ve already had a kick start donation from a non-member of 50 USD and if you would like to make a donation to this project, you can come into the office or leave it with the barmen for our attention.

Thanks in advance for any help given!

The Reps Team

Reps Theatre - Keeping Theatre 'Live!

Belgravia Shopping Centre
(Cnr Maasdorp Avenue / East Road)
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reps without water

I received this in my mail box this morning - where else in the world would this happen!

Reps Members and Friends of Reps,

We have a HUGE problem. We are being badly affected by the recent spate of water shortages, like most of the city and are now facing possible shut down!

As we are a public venue and are expecting hundreds of people in the theatre over the next two weeks for the National Ballet shows, not to mention our annual pantomime, not being able to flush the toilets or allow people to wash their hands is a major problem. If we don’t have water, the whole premises becomes a health hazard and has to be closed and with the recent outbreaks of cholera around the city, this situation becomes that little bit worse.

So, we are appealing to EVERYONE for donations! If you can, please bring us some water in containers (which we WILL look after and return to you) either to Reps directly or to the National Ballet Centre. If you can’t help with water, we will also need containers to store water in so those would be gratefully received as well (these will also be looked after and returned!)

Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

The Reps Team
Reps Theatre - Keeping Theatre 'Live!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheques only accepted!

Most businesses in Zimbabwe are now only accepting cash - no cheques or credit cards!
Look at how this pans out.
One can only, as an individual, take out of your bank 500,000 a day - a business is allowed 1 million a day.
Your major bills - telephone, cell phone, electricity, water and rates - come to about 2,000,000 each - that is 10 million! One has to queue up for 20 days just to pay this amount - what about food etc???????
Then the electricity supply commission and the telephone company run out of receipts - one can only pay at one building in town - can you imagine the queues????
Most of a person's time is now spent getting money to pay bills and queuing to pay them!

This is complete lunacy - business will soon come to a standstill.

Most people were paid their salaries by transfer - now they are paid by cheque - cheques take up to five days to clear - payday is the 25th of the month. Bills are due about that date .

Chaos reigns!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A night of darkness - for all!

Last night our power went off at 10 minutes to eight. We have had no power since then until 1300 today. It was a fault and guess what, even the President was without power - not that he probably even noticed as he must have generators.

Adrian and I decided to breakfast on wholewheat bread - baked the day before with butter and anchovette paste, and Bloody Marys. By lunch time we had ingested three Bloody Marys and felt much better.

Did the usual when the power went on - loaded the dishwasher - how I could manage without that I do not know - and turned on all the appliances. I have a wooden spoon (that is true) that allows me to push or pull down all the various electrical power points and turn them on - I am only 4 foot eleven so it can be difficult for me to do this as most of the points are above my normal reach. Adrian had to go out and I stayed here in case (as it happened) the power returned. Now we wait - will we have another cut today?

Yesterday 6 women in our area complained and told the electricity supply commission that we knew there were areas that never got cuts and that the people in these areas were either 'important people' or had bribed someone!

Perhaps we hit a few nerves as my neighbour actually got a phone call from the General Manager apologising - perhaps our power woes are finished - who knows.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Typical Day

So How do we spend our days?

We normally rise at 5 or before - it is light by then. If we have been sensible we will have boiled a kettle of water the night before and stored the water in a Thermos flask - in preparation for the power cut which is inevitable. I sit and watch the sun rise - do some photography of plants in the garden - make a cup of tea or coffee and if possible watch the news - Sky, BBC, CNN.

Power can go off at any time - I try to work on the computer until we get load shedding - if I need to work urgently then I use the inverter - but not for too long as we need to keep the batteries charged in case of an emergency. Some days we get a few hours without power - normally we get long cuts - up to 17 hours in length.

So now no power - no water - and this can mean no telephone as well!

We get water from the pool to fill the toilet cisterns. We turn off all the electrical appliances - freezers etc as when the power does come back it often surges.

Our time and activities are ruled by the power supply.

We read, swim and talk - have a few drinks around lunch time and wait. I have tidy cupboards for the first time in ages - it passes the time to tidy up. I load the dishwasher and washing machine.

I have started to study the Tarot again. I play card games - anything to pass the time until we have power and can work again.

We go to the bank to try and get out some of our money - quite often the bank has no money to give out . We visit friends or they visit us!

The power comes on - it is lunch time but the priorities must come first - turn on appliances, make bread, turn on the computer and try to work - the Internet goes up and down making this very difficult.

4:30 and I stop work - Stinky - the Jack Russell - needs her ball throwing. After that we sit down outside in the garden and savour a drink before the light goes. As soon as dusk is upon us the dogs are brought into the house (our next door neighbours Labrador was poisoned last week) - we lock up and turn on the alarm system (there have been a number of armed robberies recently). Our evenings are spent reading, listening to music or watching a few selected programs on TV or a DVD or video. All this as long as we have power.

We have got used to eating a small meal at about 10:30 in the morning and a main meal at night - I have a gas stove and solar lighting so this is not too much of a problem. however, I am getting a master at one pot meals - saves gas and washing up!

And so an average day goes by.