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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 This month has seen some nasty break-ins with intent of causing great trauma to victims, in as much as them being badly beaten. tied up and threatened with rape.  This occurred in daylight hours and the demand was for money.  The perpetrators would not accept the fact that there was not a large sum of money on the property ….. their demand was for a very large sum.  This is a warning to make sure that the security of locking gates and having the premises alarmed in areas not occupied in place, be it day or night. Robberies reported in Borrowdale, Emerald Hill, Milton Park, Belvedere, Chisipite and Avondale
The unemployment level is high and we need to be aware at all times. Do not keep large sums of money at home, word seems to get a round, be wise in front of staff with money do not leave it lying around … it’s a temptation and not entirely fair.
As we head into the festive season lets ALL be sure to have security in mind, put guards on duty if there is an event, and if cars are not parked on the premises, this is for the safety of your guests’ vehicles.  A presence is a deterrent. 
As we prepare to take some time to spend with family and friends have the all security in place and also the safety and care of your pets, there will be fireworks during this time and this is when pets are terrified and go missing.  This is extremely stressful for all concerned and hopefully avoided with planning.

When travelling on the main highways and roads, travel safe, keep to the speed limits, drive with due care and attention and let’s keep carnage off the roads this holiday season. Make sure you have all the requirements and documents for vehicle travel in the vehicle as there will be checks and road blocks.  Do NOT drink and drive think of the safety of family and other road users. Only use hands off kits to answer mobile phones when driving.   It is not safe to stop, but if this is necessary make sure the vehicle is well off the road and not obstructing the flow of traffic.  It is an offense to just stop on the road with hazard lights flashing, to answer mobile phones etc, this is being extremely thoughtless and careless to other road users.

Enjoy this Christmas season with security and safety in mind ,,,,,,

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

British passport application

There have been a few changes regarding British passport applications.   
·         As of this week, Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) are no longer accepting the old passport forms (C1 and C2 and vets passport forms).  The passport requirements and new forms can be found on . All applicants have to now download their forms, as we are no longer allowed by London to hand out forms at the Embassy.
 The standard requirements for a passport renewal are:
* 2 recent colour photos (guidance on the format of the passport photos can be found on the website mentioned above – it’s important that applicants submit their photos in line with HMPO’s requirements or they’ll be rejected, and thus delay the application).  
* OS form (the new form mentioned above).
*  A full colour photocopy of your passport (including all blank pages)
*  Proof of residence (letter from doctor/school/work/commissioner of oaths confirming your address, although unfortunately London are not accepting utility bills or bank statements from Zimbabwe at present).  
*   Any other form of photo ID (drivers license, national ID)
*   The processing time for these is approximately 4 weeks.
 Opening times for passport submissions and collections at the British Embassy are Mondays – Fridays 08.30am  - 10.30am.   
·         The fees remain the same:  $249 for a standard 32 page passport, $293 for a 48 page and $172 for a child’s passport.  Please also note that although our website states you can pay by credit card, we are not yet able to accept credit cards at post, therefore all payments will still need to be made in US$ cash. We have asked London to amend this but unfortunately at this stage they are unable to do so.
We have received several complaints about the new requirement to submit colour photocopies of the pages in current passport, and the need to provide evidence of a Zim residential address other than via utility bills and/or bank statements.  We have approached HMPO about this, and are seeking a resolution favourable to our customers – I’ll let you know once this is resolved.   
 If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact the Embassy on 85855275/ 85855266/ 85855286

Big Sky Supplies Fire extinguisher session/Rifa fund-raiser


Fire Wall will support Big Sky in the fitment and servicing of 1kg and 1.5kg fire extinguishers. The proceeds will be shared evenly between Fire Wall and Rifa Conservation Education Centre, Chirundu.
Scheduled for Saturday, 30th November: 08:30 to 12:30.
Fire Wall’s contribution:
Two teams
Two sets of drills with electric cabling, drill bits, fasteners.
Materials to service units
Big Sky’s contribution:
Generators with fuel
Manpower (the Lind's) to receive the cash and maintain a record of services
Stocks of 1kg and 1.5kg for sale
10 x 1kg as exchange units
Price structure:
Fitment: Cost to customer $5-00, with 50/50 split between Fire Wall and Rifa.
Service: Cost to customer $5-00, with 50/50 split between Fire Wall and Rifa.
Refills: Cost to customer $10-00, all proceeds to Fire Wall. To be done at Fire Wall’s Graniteside premises. (Big Sky will issue exchange units). Fire Wall to assist with the return of refilled units to Big Sky.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Death Notice: Shirley Holden

Death Notice: Shirley Holden passed away peacefully on 17 November 2013 in Harare. Very special mother to Speedy and loving grandmother to Jane and Tim. A memorial service will be held at a later date for her.  

Missing person! Allen Mills

 Allen made contact with his family early this morning (Monday). Details are sketchy but he is alive and well. Many thanks to such a responsive community, across boundaries and borders, who came to the table so effectively. The milk of human kindness is clearly still with us! At ease all, our work here is done. 

Missing person! Allen Mills left work for lunch on Monday and has been missing since. Family, friends and colleagues are all very concerned. Also missing is his silver VW Golf with two black stripes up the Bonnet and roof. If anyone knows anything, anything at all, please let me know.