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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I established 3 legal practices in Northern Rhodesia and served as a  Federal MP and ardent party activist over 11 years until I terminated my settler role in the imposed Independence regime under which, as a well known opponent I could see no future. I made the fateful decision to abandon my substantial assets in order to start again in England with my devoted wife and 4 children whilst I was young enough to do so.


I served with Ian Smith in the Federal Parliament and had an enduring and supportive connection with him culminating with his continuing residence in Harare devoid of any financial fortune from his unremitting political career. I regarded him as personification of the settler part of the multiracial community which had created the "jewel of Africa" from scratch in 40 years. At his first meeting with Mugabe the latter acknowledged this inheritance and anticipated continuation of the vital role of the indigo community.


Contrary to this declaration, predation and corruption has developed and the prosperity destroyed particularly by the Commercial land invasions and prejudiced and dysfunctional government and judicial process.


The most significant national deterioration is the exiling of about 3 million of the best elements of the multiracial population who were disenfranchised thereby failing to effect the regime change which they would have achieved at the last election. I believe that this Diaspora holds the key to the revival of the country in every respect but it requires urgent mobilisation.


There is understandable concentration on promoting the compensation claims which require massive foreign aid and having a negative national impact.


I advocate that energy and resources should be diverted towards reinstatement of the commercial farms which are not being cultivated by their political recipients who have no competency or intention to do so following the long established precedent in Kenya. I would expect that there would be considerable international support for this positive and crucial option.


I realise that restoration of the Titles is also a fundamental problem but this is a technicality which can be resolved to achieve security of tenure and for loans. I have had considerable experience of the near universal lease system in Zambia where I am still registered as a solicitor. It certainly needs revisions, about which I have devised provisions particularly as some of the original 99 year terms are expiring but it has worked with minimal state involvement and provided security of tenure and for loans experienced by some exiled Zimbabwe farmers.


I note the continuous sad announcements of the deaths of the former stalwart commercial farmers in Harare and the names of their beloved progeny who were born and brought up in the country and probably are part of the Diaspora.


There is considerable political and DFID support here for a national Zimbabwe revival and I can play a minimal role as a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and there is an All Party Parliamentary Group headed by well informed Kate Hoey. The current Duke of Montrose whose father signed the UDI Declaration ,and Sir Malcolm Rifkind should be canvassed.


During his short visit Roy Bennett,well known as "Pachedu" by his Shona local affectionate constituents did much to promote the cause but he was unable to finance and mobilise the exiles to any significant extent. I think he has the same experience in South Africa. .Considerable internal and external organisation and finance are required urgently.


Sincerely,   Derek Sparrow

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Death notices

Death Notice: It is with great sadness that we let you know of the passing of our father (grandfather and great grandfather) Ian Taylor formerly of Mtepatepa.  The memorial will be held on Tuesday 23rd September at Thorntree Lodge at 3 pm.  All welcome


Death Notice: WORMALD – ELIZABETH ANN (nee ESTMENT): Beloved wife of Athol for 50 years and mother of Jane and Stephen, passed away peacefully on Saturday 20th September 2014. Notice of funeral arrangements to follow.

Death Notice - Eric Bloch

Death Notice: Eric Bloch – A Great Zimbabwean. Many of us know of Eric’s remarkable ability, and his total lack of prejudice which bordered on naivety. However, a most outstanding characteristic is that he was the kindest person I have ever known, or even known about. Despite long and debilitating illnesses and extreme financial pressure he continued to work for clients who “couldn’t pay,” was extremely generous, and a “soft touch” to all. Rarely have less than 15 employees and dependents lived on his half acre domestic premises. His much loved, and loving, family have had a terrible loss. David and Angela and all at Human Resources (Pvt) Ltd


Memorial Service for the late  ELIZABETH ANN WORMALD (nee ESTMENT). Will take place at 2pm on Friday 26th September 2014, at the Highlands Presbyterian Church on Enterprise Road. Friends are invited to join the family for tea in the church hall after the service. Friends  kindly accept this intimation.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Death Notices

Our Dear Friend and Fishing Mate Eric Fryett succumbed to heart problems in Knysna on September 12th 2014. Twenty five years of fishing together on Kariba.

Deepest sympathies to his daughters Michaela and Peta Ann and grandchildren and to Di. I hope you can eventually get your tiger tackle sorted out in that Great Lake in the Sky Eric.
Your Kariba Fishing Mates


Kenneth Parshotam
Parshotam, Kenneth 81, beloved husband, father and grandfather, passed away Thursday 11th
September 2014 at Mater Dei Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Karen, his sons Arthur and Gary, and his grandchildren Edward, Laura, Keane, Dylan and Che. The Memorial Service will be at ST John's Cathedral, George Silundika St/ 6th Ave on Monday, September 22nd 2014 at 11am.

Death Notice: Sydney Gerald Hayes 1927 – 2014. Beloved husband, father and grandfather passed away peacefully on 15th September 2014.  He will be greatly missed by us all.  Email : The funeral service will be held at 11a.m. on Friday 19th September 2014 at St. Georges church, Parktown. 


Death Notice: It is with extreme sadness that we let you all know that our dearest Dad, Neil Johnstone, passed away on Monday morning. A memorial service will be held on Friday at 11.00am at the Nuffield Chapel, 58 George Silundika Ave (Gordon Ave), between 4th and 5th Streets. All those who wish to, please join us

Ward 17 and 18 meeting

NOTICE OF Ward 17 ( Mt Pleasant)  and WARD 18 (Borrowdale, Brooke, Glen Lorne, Umwinsidale, Greystone Park, Helensvale, Hogarty Hill, Philadelphia, Quinington & Kambanji)

MEETING TO BE HELD ON THURSDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER  2014 AT Northside Community Church Pomona at 1730HRS

CONVENOR             Borrowdale Residents and Ratepayers and Cllr. Rusty Markham


1.     Prayer and Introduction

2.     Opening by Guest Speaker

Committee formation and explanation ( RM)

·         District office and Security          - Zvichapera Katiyo                          

·         Wetlands, water and boreholes – Marek Dergiman                            

·         Planning and verges                     -  Ray Gripper/Alt Jim Murray            /

·         Roads, lights                                   - Herbert Mashanyare/ alt Jim Murray  /  

·         Health                                             -  R. Markham                                      


3.     Police report ( Borrowdale PISI)

4.     Works,  Roads, Lights and Drains, Planning ( District Officers)

5.     Water, Boreholes, Wetlands, Ballantyne park

6.     Any other business (Questions and proposed solutions)

7.     Vote of Thanks


Crime awareness - Bulawayo

The world definitely seems to be culminating in something huge about to happen.  If people do not search to find the truth and start having their high morals again, it will be disastrous for them in the end.  Why would I start an update with something so morose? Too many people are living their lives with their heads stuck in the sand and they need to wake up.


Xenophobia is big in the whole world.  If there are robberies in SA it is blamed on Zimbabweans.  If there are weapons readily available in Mbare, Harare, it is blamed on Mozambiqueans. Ireland is rearing its ugly head again in the form of the IRA and Scotland wants to be free from England. 


Racism is everywhere around the world, yet it is only the few that make it difficult for the rest and those few are the very ones that make comments, without lifting their own finger mind you, to cause harm but their words encourage others to take advantage and rise up and maim, riot or worse - kill innocent people.  These “others” should start using their own minds and not be “used” to avenge out attacks. Just look at the senseless beheadings in Syria on Aid Workers.


Spiritualism is becoming bigger and bigger world wide – help from TV I’m afraid.  One person even phoned into a radio station regarding the Oscar Pistorius trial, that all could be solved if they just used a medium “like the rest of the world does”.  The DJ agreed.


Child Abuse is everywhere. In the UK, Australia and USA parents cannot simply take videos of their children in school plays without written consent by ALL the parents and teaching body.  If you take photos of your children on the beach in SA – ensure no-one else other than family and friends are in the photo.


There have been extremely large numbers of children abused in the past and most certainly now and won’t stop in the nearer future. I get concerned when children are getting more rights over their parents than parents having rights over their children.  The right discipline has never hurt anyone – even God has disciplined his people over and over again, until they get it right.


Children can connive and can twist a simple pat on the back into something “abusive”.  An innocent kiss on the head can become a total molestation of the child. Where does one stop?  When people are wrong in how they discipline or “love” a child, then they certainly need to have the full force of the law thrown at them.  When parents do not accept that their child has been naughty at school – instead of supporting and stating that the school has every right to discipline, these parents “sue” the school. We have our own minds for us to look at the whole picture.  A child can say hurtful things like – I hate you, - when you discipline them, but in the end they see that they were in the wrong, they are not scarred for life, you still love and guide them and give them all that they need (not want). 


I reiterate what I wrote a couple of years ago.  Do we want a society like the UK and USA where the prisons are full to overflowing due to no discipline in schools and homes? Where presidents and prime ministers have agreed, that they should never have stopped the discipline in schools, in the 1950’?


The bottom line – forgive it is easier than having to carry a huge grudge for 30 years or more.  It does not help any situation, just makes one more bitter and look for revenge.  Which do you want in control of your life the Good or the Bad that appears to look innocent and good.




How fortunate that we live in a lovely country with super weather.  We must remember though the following:


·         When holding a braai or function at your home, ensure you get police clearance for more than 10 people, as it can be construed into an illegal gathering (I sometimes wonder what they do with people who have big families).

·         Ensure that your guests’ cars are parked correctly outside the property if there is no room inside and that the cars are guarded. Politely ask your neighbours if they don’t mind if the guests park on their curb.

·         DO NOT leave your electric gate on manual for these gatherings, as this is when our criminals ALWAYS seem to attack.

·         IF you have a guard for the cars, make a simple gesture or noise between the guard and owner of the property to know that there is a problem either about to happen or is taking place and he needs assistance.  Whistles are always a good thing for anyone to have who guards a property.  Let him wear it around his wrist, so that it falls naturally into his hand – never wear it around your neck.

·         Functions that carry on into the late night, make sure you have ended your function at 10 pm with the noise levels – it can carry on, as long as the music has dropped and the shouting and screaming of your guests has died down.  This is according to the municipal by-laws.

·         To try to prevent criminals entering, ensure you have excellent lighting round the whole house, braai area and vehicle area.  With the amount of LED flood lights available and the initial outlay, it certainly helps to have these which do not drain your ZESA and give off excellent lighting coverage. (I have contacts for these lights if you require).  If ZESA is off, make a plan either with invertors, generators or use another set of lights fixed using a 12V battery – naturally you need 12V lights to run off of these batteries.

·         Another preventative measure is to have your remote alarm activator around your neck.  At least if there are intruders, you can quickly press the remote to sound off your alarm and you should belong to a rapid response unit from a reputable security company who will attend immediately.

·         DO NOT have all your doors open.  If you are entertaining in the front area of your home, ensure your bedroom windows, back doors etc are locked, so that people can only be seen entering and leaving through the front doors.

·         Every now and again, walk around either inside or the outside of your house to ensure no criminal is around.  Usually when people are so involved with their function, they do not hear a noise like a window breaking and criminals ransacking the house.




Still a number of companies (those that are left) are getting broken into – usually by the roof.  Please make sure you have had a reputable security company install your alarm system. You are entitled to ask the person or company if the installers have a police clearance before you let them into your property to fit the alarm.


There are so many different passives and beams that you can ask to be installed.  Sit with the security representative and ask many questions as to what is available and what you would like.  DO NOT be bombarded with technical talk unless you understand it and if you know what you want or understand the system you require, state exactly that to the representative.




Darwendale – A family who had put their little girls of 2 and 4 to bed and were just ready to go to bed themselves were shocked by some men who broke in and started attacking the husband with a Knobkerrie. He was hit constantly on the head, shattering his skull and eye sockets.  The men beat up the wife and tied her with barbed wire.  They then left the house without stealing anything!  The little 4 year old girl had to untie her mother from the barbed wire around her hands.  The father has had to have many operations and the mother had to have an operation to her hand.


What a terrible trauma for any person let alone a child to have to go through and what was the reasoning behind these men to do such an atrocious attack on a very well respected family in the community?


The police came to the scene but unfortunately lost the tracks of these attackers.  This is when the full book of the law must be thrown at the attackers when caught.  Our prayers are with any family who are traumatized and attacked, robbed in Zimbabwe.




It is great to see the police out on various roads, stopping and fining the drivers of unroadworthy vehicles.  I would like to see the police in more areas where they know that pirate taxis drop off passengers at intersections, make U-turns in the roads and now I am noting how these Pirate taxis are pulling up next to each other, sometimes 3 side by side at an intersection.  No-one can cross over these intersections, no-one can pass the taxis without causing an accident to oncoming vehicles.  The police know exactly where all these problems are taking place as most of the police use these very vehicles for transport.



Quoted by various people…

One person said he went to bed thinking he is finally getting his business right and the very next day wakes up to read that most of the things he imports has been banned. Food stuffs to stationery, and vehicles. Another businessman who has opened a stationery shop said he has problems as the tax officials are visiting him everyday looking at his books and if he does not pay a bribe make it worse for him. He refuses to pay the bribes as he is not making enough from the shop and has morals, so he just waits for the worst. What these officials are doing is criminal and against the laws of our country.


So many companies have closed down country wide – there are less and less companies to pay tax.  Yet one sees how the tax people drive the patrol cars (the attitude is portrayed as “I didn’t pay for it so I can drive how I like – hit the potholes as hard as possible, race around the country roads over 120 kms, who cares, as in a few months time I am sure someone will make sure I get another new vehicle”). 


I went to the shops the other day and you should have seen how a tax official had parked his car in a side parking waiting for a pizza.  He was only in half way with the whole other half of his vehicle exposed so that someone coming around the corner could have hit the vehicle.  Was this a ploy by the tax official?  Or does he not know how to drive? Unquote




Thanks to ABUZ Bulawayo they sent out 3 statutory instruments for the following:


SI 147 Chapter 13:11      Road Traffic (Safety-belt) Regulations 1987

                                    Road Traffic (Rules of the Road) Regulations 1974 – Part III Livestock

                                    (Driving of livestock along roads)

          Chapter 13:14      Vehicle Registration and Licensing Regulations 1999


If you are interested in having copies, I will gladly send them to you via email.  Just bear with me and the power!




There are still a number of people getting beaten up in home robberies or whilst walking on the roads, children getting traumatized from the break-in or violent attack.  Remember children suffer just as adults, and victims need to talk it out.  So if you are a concerned parent, please organize for the child to see me or someone who will listen.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for counseling or a shoulder to cry on.


Crime Awareness is into its 13th year of operation in Bulawayo and I am into my 16th year since being involved with the Anti Hijack Trust in Harare.  Years of experience and I have managed to guide a number of people around Zimbabwe into operating business-like affairs in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch etc.


I do not charge for counseling victims – they are survivors in my eyes – so naturally I still need a great deal of donations and support from the communities that I hold dear to my heart.




If any company or individual wants to donate something towards Crime Awareness Bulawayo, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Please assist where possible


·         URGENTLY REQUIRED – New COMPUTER hard drive, keyboard and mouse – mine is just too old and very nearly ready to pack in!!

·         Stationery – new printer cartridges for Canon being black 512 and colour 513, and any other stationery

·         Payment towards ADSL - only US$ 25 a month

·         Fuel is always needed



Revenue proposals




From 15th September 2014 (1) Excise duty on diesel & petrol increased by 5 cents a litre.

                                                       (2)  5% Excise duty imposed on airtime for voice & data.

From 1st October 2014 :       (1)   Six-month Tax Amnesty In order to encourage taxpayers to voluntarily regularise their tax affairs, I propose that His Excellency, the President grants a limited Amnesty to all taxpayers who disclose their tax obligations within a period of six months, and also pay within a period of six months. The Amnesty will cover all taxpayers in respect of their tax obligations for the period beginning 1 February 2009 to 30 September 2014, without any further extension. To facilitate disclosure, the whistle-blower facility will be suspended during the Amnesty period. Furthermore, no penalties and interest will accrue on the tax obligations within the period of the Amnesty. The Amnesty takes effect from 1 October 2014.

                                                      (2)   Customs duty on mobile handsets of 25% will be levied.

·                                                            (3)     Increase in customs duty/surtax on wide range of imported products from 1 October 2014 (both to try and reduce the Current Account Deficit by discouraging imports and also to stimulate local industries by making foreign products more expensive for local consumers) These are products such as –

·         Meat/edible offal (beef, pork, turkey, ducks, geese, guineafowl, frozen jack and horse mackerel, dried fish)

·         Dairy produce (milk and cream – duty doubled; fermented milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese)

·         Vegetables and miscellaneous edible preparations (cauliflower, headed broccoli, cucumber, gherkins, mushrooms, truffles, chillies, pumpkins, squash, gourds, potatoes, sweetcorn, pigeon peas, sweet potatoes, groats, maize meal, soya bean flour/meal, other flours and meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruit, sugar confectionery not containing cocoa, bakers mixes and doughs, certain pastas, sweet biscuits, certain other breads/cakes/biscuits, yeast, dog/cat food for retail, food for cage birds/aquarial fish)   

·         Beverages (aerated water, mineral water, other non-alcoholic beverages/clear beer made from malt)

·         Portland cement (increased from 15% to 25%+surtax for both MFN and SADC rate of duty)

·         Petroleum jelly (surtax added to MFN rate and SADC rate increased from 10 to 25%+surtax)

·         Wooden furniture for offices, kitchens and bedrooms, excluding seats

·         Perfumery/cosmetics/soap (perfumes, toilet waters, lip/eye makeup, manicure/pedicure preparations, powders, shampoos, hair preparations, deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumed bath salts, room deodorizers, polishes/creams for footwear/leather/woodwork, scouring pastes/powders).              


·      From 1st November 2014 :         (1) Local motor vehicle assembly plants are currently operating at below 1% of installed capacity (this despite Presidential Directive 16 of 2011 that ‘Government Departments and parastatals will purchase motor vehicles from the local assembly plants’ – which the Review now resurrects three years later, with effect from 1-11-2014). I propose to increase customs duty on imports of the following motor vehicles

Single cab of a payload more than 800kgs but not exceeding 1 400kgs increased from 20          to 40% duty

Double cab trucks increased from 40 to 60% duty

Buses of carrying capacity of 26 passengers and above increased from 0 to 40% duty

Passenger motor vehicles of engine capacity below 1 500cc increased from 25 to 40% duty.


Neil Johnstone

Death Notice: It is with extreme sadness that we let you all know that our dearest Dad, Neil Johnstone, passed away on Monday morning. A memorial service will be held on Friday at 11.00am at the Nuffield Chapel, 58 George Silundika Ave (Gordon Ave), between 4th and 5th Streets. All those who wish to, please join us.

Death Notices

Alan Mills

Please be advised of the death at his home in Clonmel, Ireland of Alan Mills, formerly of Bulawayo and latterly of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

He was a gentleman in every sense of the word, a kind, good man who excelled as a pathologist and as a human being. He will be greatly missed by his friends all over the world and we would like to extend our sincere sympathy to his wife Ena, and to his son and daughter and their children.

With very sad thoughts and best wishes
Judy and Matt Oliver
Ex Bulawayo, now resident in Bendigo


Kitty Stevenson
Kitty Stevenson, 92, of Arlington Court, Ascot, passed away at Mater Dei hospital this past weekend. Her Funeral Mass will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Khumalo, next week wed the 24th at 2.30 pm, with tea to follow.



Posted by:

General Comments

On 18 Sept I was near the Food Court in Pomona and locked my car. I pulled the handle to check it was locked (I have been a victim of this before) and the door opened. I then closed the door and locked it again. Upon checking, it opened again. I closed it, looked around at everyone in the vicinity and locked my car for the third time. This time it did lock. Please be aware and physically check that your door is in fact locked. Trish.


The 'white lady con-artist'.  My daughters and myself encountered Jennifer about 5weeks ago at Westgate Pick N Pay, asking for $20 - The story she told me was that she needed to travel back to SA because of work she got there, as she is now clean after rehab and her 14 yr old daughter was given back to her. ..??? Her parents don't want to help her bla bla bla …. She said she was so bad before the rehab that she got work at a veterinary surgery so she could use vet medication as drugs, but now was fired, got a new job now and will stay clean ….. ….. I didn't want to give her anything because she was behaving like she was desperate for a 'fix'. (I recognised her, as the lady from Banket, but when I saw her last, she used to have blond hair, it is now coloured darkish brown.  I do know that even back then she had a drug problem …) She needs help and I wonder if the daughter is okay…?


Comment on the rubbish – I keep all the storm drains around our area clean –  people living along Kenny Road in Avondale actually use these to stuff there rubbish into them – these drains are 2 mtrs deep and can take several hours to clear) – with the rainy season nearly on us – people should adopt a storm drain and keep them clear – this helps a) with our roads not being reduced to potholes b) water ends up where it should be. Also thanks to all the fibres being installed many of the drains in our area have had soiled piled up in front of them! Kate  


I think it is high time that any company selling non-refundable cans and bottles, be it plastic, glass or tins, should be woken up. All of these companies should be forced to add a 5 cent refund on their bottles/cans and have an inlet depot to enable recycling. This will certainly diminish the National Zimbabwe Flowers ( Cans & Bottles) alongside most of our highways and in our cities. Those that still insist on throwing their empties out of car windows would enable those less fortunate to be able to make a few bob.  What do you think? Regards Allan 


I’ve also had my experience with “Jennifer” a few months ago.  I met her in the queue at the South African Embassy where she appeared to be doing some legitimate business.  She was turned away from the counter and then conveniently approached me when I went to the car park.  She asked for a lift – I was immediately wary and am conscious of the various scams around so I locked my bag in the boot.  Of course, she asked to borrow the obligatory $20…!  My policy is not hand out money, so fortunately she did not con me out of it with her story about trying to get back to her daughter in SA.   You never know who people are working with, and it pays to be a little wary of strangers.


I recently watched “Kit Kittridge” about the depression in the USA in the 1930s, and people would never take money or even a sandwich without working for it because they had high morals and values (even when they lost everything!)  It leaves a sour taste in ones mouth to see people so ready to take from those they perceive to have more than themselves – some even see it as their right.  Unfortunately, there seems to be very little self-pride or ethics around and this spoils it for the truly needy people.  I would much rather do my part by giving to known charity organisations or to people within my “circle of influence”.  I feel that kind of giving is what creates a community, rather than “appeasing our guilt” through emotionally coerced giving.  So my suggestion is : find a project within your circle of influence and support that with whatever you can, whether it be making sandwiches/handing out oranges or water/spending time with the elderly/assisting financially those who you can, etc.  L


To X – I feel you may have missed my point - The point I was making that the majority of school tuck shops in Zimbabwe probably contain foods that contain GMO, fizzy drinks and sugar full sweets. These are high in calories and contain NO nutritional value so my questions was “why” would we allow them? They serve no nutritional purpose and are in fact harmful to children & should not be in a learning environment. So as much as I appreciate tuck shops offer other healthy options which is great - the artificial sugary sweets and fizzy drinks should go as they fit into a balanced diet -–bad  I am delighted to hear that Bishopslea has no tuck shop and provides cooked lunches as well as Lomagundi. That is fantastic & I hope more schools build school kitchens & follow suit.  Food for Thought 


I would like to sympathise with Deena M friend, I have been attacked while out walking/running in the Vainona/Mount pleasant area by dogs that are out of their gardens (gates left open) and by dogs that have been taken for a walk and are off leash on the golf course at Mount Pleasant, please note form the ZNSPCA website The by-laws in most municipalities require that dogs must be on leashes in public places, including beaches and parks.”  I do realise that some dogs are very well behaved off leash but if they run up to other dogs on leash this causes a problem. Please be more considerate of others, if all the dogs are on leash you can at least try and control them from chasing other dogs/people!  I now don’t take my dogs around the suburbs and try to only go to the golf course when it is most likely that there will be no other dogs. My daughter has had the same problems with off leash dogs at ART farm. Donna

A warning to unsuspecting, sympathetic and gullible people (as I was) last year.  Jennifer S (late 30's, dark hair) is still going around with hard-luck stories in many guises. She is an inveterate liar who makes her way begging cash from the public. Her mother does care-work in UK, they have a home in Banket. Her family seems tired-out with her behaviour and is not helping her. She has been in rehab for drugs. Her daughter, in South Africa, was removed from her care. Just a warning. Jennifer really should be getting help for her addiction and problems. Susan


The rubbish issue is one of my bug bears and no matter how many times everyone tries to clean up it doesn’t take long before people start littering again.  I feel that the Municipality should fine people who have a total disregard for our environment like they do in other countries.  We need bigger dustbins and collection areas in public places.  Come on Harare residents where is your pride?  Lets keep our city cleanJ  I had relatives visiting Harare in the 1980’s and they commented on how beautiful and clean our city was so we need to get it back to that! The schools should educate the children who haven’t been taught otherwise!  There are so many things that can be done so lets get together as a community and restore our pride in our beautiful Harare. A big thank you and well done to those organisations who are continually trying to overcome this problem..  I think handing out black bags is a good idea every little bit helps and it makes the vendors and street kids aware of the mess they are creating.


Re positive lady .I agree with you if everyone would greet each other. It make such a difference  in every body, I am a Zimbabwen and live and work in the British Virgin Islands. Everybody greets each other and there is so much harmony, and it is great place because of that


FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  You are extremely ignorant in saying that IT IS JUST Chisi Junior that offers lunch.  Did you know that Lomagundi College gives a balanced lunch to ALL their pupils regardless of being a boarder or a day scholar? The pupils have a sit-down lunch, after which an hour of prep time is done, before they go out to their afternoon activities.  Their Tuck Shop is also of a VERY HIGH quality, as high school boys playing rugby or whatever sports they do, do need something mid afternoon to sustain their energy and growing bodies!!  The food is freshly made daily from fresh products.  Do not sit in judgement before you have all the facts!!  X


There are many schools that offer the health option.  My daughters are at Bishopslea where there is no Tuck Shop and day scholars are offered healthy lunches which are cooked in their kitchens and eaten in a supervised and controlled environment.  Parents should be careful with what they put into the children's break time lunch boxes though.


Vendors, street kids and beggars are all symptoms of the general on-going decay in the standard of living of the majority. Unfortunately looking after them exacerbates their problems, and there is little doubt they are often a hazard to traffic flow. We need to find them help that doesn’t bring ever more swarming onto the streets as our economy takes increasing strain.  


White Lady Con-Artist.  Yes, I was approached by a woman a few months ago by Montagu Service Station who advised that she had been  involved in a accident, showing some fairly recent wounds and needed cash to have further treatment.   After advising that I was not able to assist she walked off a little way, seemed to have a 2nd thought and came back asking for a lift to Kensington shops where she was trying to get a lift back to Banket/Chinhoyi, can’t remember which, but in the same direction. Sounds like the same person.

French Kids Eating Having attended school some 40+ years ago when tuck-shops no doubt sold the same ‘artificially made sweets and fizzy  drinks’ and looking around at colleagues who were at school a similar time, or people in the same age bracket, these things don’t seem to have done us that much harm?   Didn’t know of GMO substances in those days.


We had the same lady here in Kamfinsa with the same wounds and sob story about being robbed in a taxi and need money to pay for a new ID.  I should have followed my instinct that it was just a story. But I  always think to myself that something like that can happen to one of my children, and they might need the help. And hopefully somebody out there will help them. I gave her my last money in my bag, and she said she will return is on the Next Monday. Well I knew I would not get it back, but was hoping she will be able to get her ID. She looked decent enough. She had a copy of her birth certificate and a copy of her adoption papers,  (not certified copies), everything else was in the bag that was ripped out of her hand. How low can you go to asking money from a 75 year old like me, knowing that you are not telling the truth. Must say she must be good with the make up as her wounds looked very real to me.  Beware of this lady, if that is what you can call her.

She has got no shame.. Bobby


I recently have to use Piers Road a lot.  We all know the big humps on that road but can live with it because after all, they do slow down the traffic on that road.  However, I would like to find out who dug that trench across Piers Road, not far off the T junction with Harare drive.  It is so wide and so deep that it almost knocked the front wheels of my car.  Yesterday there was an accident on that spot.  I think someone discovered this new obstacle a bit late and had to slam on the brakes resulting in the following car driving into its back.  We all see that there is a lot of fibre cables being put underground and a lot of roads need to be crossed to do so.  But isn't it time that whatever company cuts trenches across the roads simply repares the damage done to the road after finishing the job?  Our cars suffer enough already on the daily potholes. Hans


Couple of weeks ago my friend was taking his routine walk around Highlands / Newlands and  someone was reversing from there drive-way upon closing the gate a dog ran out, jumped on him and clawed at his back- the owner of the dog called her dog in upon seeing this and did not even apologize or show any consideration towards my friend. He came home with blood all over himself and is now fearful and has stopped taking his walks . To top it off this has happened to several people I know (imagine if it was a child ,that child would not have a chance against the dog  ....not that I blame the dogs they are just protecting their domain -on the other hand just a simple consideration of are you okay?, Were you bitten?. Have we become so unhuman about caring for others and? Do we have to fear taking a casual walk ?    Deena M


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