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Friday, August 29, 2014

NOTICE OF WARD 8 meeting


CONVENOR                        COUNCILLOR CHRIS MBANGA (0772516703)                                        Email address:






1.     Prayer

2.     Notice of Meeting

3.     Attendance Register

4.     Matters and Updates arising from the Previous Minutes

5.     Water Update

6.     Waste Management Issues

7.     Roads Maintenance Issues

8.     2015 Budget Consultation Notice

9.     Any other  business


Chris Mbanga


Mocambique Convoy


With the signing of the Peace Agreement between the Government of Mozambique and the rebel movement Renamo there is a steady withdrawl of troops from Sofala Province and yesterday the convoy ceased operation

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dave and Mary Ann Passaportis -appeal

At around midnight on the 19th August, Dave and Mary Ann Passaportis were viciously attacked in their home in Darwendale - a game farm called Chirawanoo…….

Contact  or Pookie Millar for more details

25 August 2014 at 18:15

Dear Family and Friends

Thank you for all the love and concern shown towards our family, especially David and Mary Anne, this past week. We are humbled by the support we have received. Due to the many enquiries from folk who would like to support them financially, we have set up for them a Trust account, the details of which you will find below.

We have called the Trust the DAVID PASSAPORTIS TRUST Deed.

This Trust will help to cover their medical bills and daily living expenses due to loss of income for the foreseeable future. The Trust will be administered by Honey and Blanckenberg Attorneys, a reputable law firm which was established in 1893, and is the oldest legal firm in Zimbabwe.

Donation Details:


FCA Transitory Account

Standard Chartered Bank

Robert Mugabe Road Branch

Harare, Zimbabwe.

Swift Code: SCBL ZW HX

Sort Code: 5132

Account No.: 87002 014493 80.

Deposits into the account should bear the reference “DAVPASS”.

Any queries should be directed to


(Legal Practioner for Honey and Blanckenberg),

Direct Line: +2634 790 360



The Passaportis and West Families




August see the beginning of Spring into Summer and we all begin to open up the windows and doors and let the lovely weather come pouring into our homes … as great as this all is, please keep the security of you property and family firmly in mind. Do NOT leave the property vulnerable and open wide to thieves.  Keep all grills firmly locked and in place on all outside doors etc and all windows barred. Our glorious weather can still come thru ….. In parts of the building not occupied it is advisable to keep windows closed and locked.  Be safe, be vigilant & alert and enjoy the coming good weather.  Keep gates locked even in daylight hours, as we all need the best security be it at home or in work place.

Two conmen that were working it seems throughout all major cities in Zimbabwe have been arrested and are in custody in Harare.  If these men ‘visited ‘you and you were a ‘victim’ and have not made a report, please contact the following:

Harare Residents Please contact Detective Inspector Nemesis 0772370557 / 0772758877 / 0734200941

Bulawayo Residents Please contact Detective Inspector SIWELA – 71568 / 77523 / 881466

Victoria Falls residents please Contact Detective Inspector Denude - 0712915341

Smash and Grabs are still happening, and its seems to be due to carelessness on the victims part of leaving valuable items in locked cars in public parking areas, this is often just an oversight which is very costly, stressful and may have been avoided Please leave all valuables, shopping etc …. in fact anything that would be visible in the boot.   Zimbabwe has a high unemployment rate and this is a big temptation.  When parking in any public area it is best to not have anything in view inside the vehicle, even with guarded parking, this is for your own safeguard.

Let’s start our summer season on a safe note ………….

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station

Harare Water Supply

Municipal Reporter, The Herald



Harare City Council says residents should expect improvement in water supply at the end of the year when it adds 100 mega litres to the current 250 mega litres per day being produced. However, this would still be a far cry from the 1 200 mega litres required daily.


Speaking during a stakeholders workshop at Morton Jaffray in Harare yesterday, Harare Water director Eng Christopher Zvobgo, said when the infrastructure rehabilitation under the $144 million loan from China is complete, the city's water supplies would double.


"We are currently producing 250 mega litres against a design capacity of

704 mega litres. We are expecting to add 100 mega litres by December as we continue the rehabilitation exercise. Our target is to provide water seven days a week non stop to residents by 2020.


However, we will need additional water sources. We also expect to increase revenue by $7 million," he said.


Eng Zvobgo said even at full capacity, Morton Jaffray could not provide sufficient water as the demand was more than 1000 mega litres, adding that the capital's long-term water needs would be met through the construction of new water sources, with the Kunzvi, Musami and Muda dams being planned projects.


He said two new dams would have a design capacity of 750 mega litres a day and this would increase the current water treatment capacity to 1 450 mega litres a day.


"We also intend to construct two hydroelectric plants producing a total of 60 megawatts of energy and two new water plants to support the delivery of water to Harare, Chitungwiza and neighbouring municipalities," he said.


The city also intended to develop a new infrastructure management system to enhance the overall management of water services system and an effective revenue management system inclusive of smart meters to ensure the effective collection of revenues and the management of the water grid.


Eng Zvobgo said the total costs of implementing the Water Services Delivery Master Plan was estimated at $2,95 billion. The workshop was attended by residents associations, commuter omnibus associations, Consumer Council of Zimbabwe and other organisations.



Maputo (AFP) -

Mozambique's government and former rebel movement Renamo have signed a ceasefire ending two years of armed conflict, Renamo said on Sunday.

Chief negotiators from the government and Renamo signed the declaration late Sunday night in the capital Maputo ending a nearly year-long negotiation process. "A ceasefire has been signed," Renamo's chief negotiator at the peace talks with the government, Saimon Macuiane, told AFP adding that the "definitive agreement" was effective as of 10:00 pm (2000 GMT) Sunday.

Renamo forces have waged a low-level insurgency since party leader Afonso Dhlakama returned to the bush in 2012, two decades after he signed a peace accord with the ruling Frelimo party.

Men thought to be members of the former rebel movement have been attacking busses, trucks and cars on the main north-south highway since April last year. Government forces overran the Renamo base camp in the central Gorongosa district a few months later in August. The late night declaration came after the two sides reached a general peace agreement a week ago including consensus over the integration of Renamo's remaining armed forces into state security forces.

Renamo's leader, Dhlakama, who has been hiding in the remote Gorongosa mountains in central Sofala province for close to a year, did not travel to the capital to sign the ceasefire himself, despite previously promising he would do so once his party reached a final agreement with the government. "He mandated me to declare it," Macuiane said but suggested Dhlakama would meet Mozambique's President Armando Guebuza at a later date. "It is obvious that there will be a high level, symbolic meeting later on," he told AFP.

Under terms agreed with the government, Dhlakama expects to keep his personal "security guards" (numbering several hundred) until they can be integrated into state forces, a process that will be overseen by an international force. Similarly, Renamo only expects to hand over its remaining weapons after the integration process has begun. "We have begun a new era for the country," Macuiane said calling the ceasefire an "important step towards national reconciliation … and a durable peace".

Parliament is expected to begin working to create conditions as set out in the peace agreement in the coming week. Despite the ceasefire, Renamo and the government will continue negotiations as not all points have been settled including "economic questions" and the status of Renamo  appointees into security structures, Macuiane said.

The date set for presidential and national polls, October 15, remains unchanged, Macuiane indicated. "The election calendar continues as normal," he told AFP.

Doris Lessing Library

via Doris Lessing bequeathes her library to Zimbabwe | Book Aid International 22 August 2014


Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize-winning author, has donated her entire personal collection of over 3,000 books to the Harare City Library in Zimbabwe and her executors have asked Book Aid International to help.During her life, Lessing was a strong supporter of Book Aid International, so we are particularly glad to be able to help carry out her wishes.


Doris Lessing lived in Zimbabwe (which was then Southern Rhodesia) for 25 years, from 1924 to 1949. She returned in 1956, but was declared a prohibited migrant after speaking out about the Rhodesian regime. She was allowed back to into the country in 1982; and after 1988 she visited Zimbabwe and nurtured two initiatives by the Africa Book Development Organisation and the Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust to provide opportunities for reading and learning through libraries.


Our team, led by Gardner Thompson and volunteers from Lessing's publisher HarperCollins, spent a day this week carefully sorting and packing up Lessing's library in her former home in London. Vanessa Bloor from HarperCollins was fascinated by the variety and breadth of Lessing's library - "A collection to aspire to!" Felicity Highet was inspired to help Book Aid International as she was reading one of Lessing's books, The Golden Notebook, when the call went out for volunteers. Lettice Franklin works for Doris Lessing's editor, and helped to make arrangements for Lessing's memorial service, so she wanted to be there to help make these last arrangements for the author.


We found books not just in every room of Lessing's home, but on shelves in every space where shelves could be fitted, in hallways, under stairs - there were books everywhere. Lessing's collection consists of a wonderful variety of reference books, non-fiction and fiction, poetry, biographies and history books. These books will be deeply appreciated by the people of Zimbabwe, for whom books are a precious but rare resource.


Every year, Book Aid International sends over 50,000 books to Zimbabwe.

Libraries in Zimbabwe often have no budget for new books so in many libraries Book Aid International books comprise up to 80 per cent of their collection.


The arrival of the Doris Lessing's collection will be celebrated at a literacy festival in November 2014, with Lessing's family, friends and Zimbabwean writers.

Death Notices

Death Notice: Dear all: It is with deep regret to inform you that our beloved friend and colleague Unity Katsiga passed away in the early hours on Sunday. She earned the nick name "Mother" from the Masas community. She was truly loved and will be missed by us and all those she printed for. She was Just 49


Death Notice: Alex, Nick & Peter Hangartner will be holding a private burial service on the family farm at 10:30am on Wednesday 27th August for close friends and family to farewell their much loved father, Rolf Kurt Hangartner who died tragically in a car accident 21st August 2014.

Mrs Norma Feltham

Funeral Service:  Mrs Norma Feltham. The funeral service for Norma Feltham will be held at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Stoney Road, Greencroft, at 2 p.m. on Thursday, 28th August.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


My name is Sue Swanepoel and I'd like to respond to your enquiry whether there are any other old folk out there. Yes!!  My mother Judith Schoeman is heading for her 101st birthday on 21st November!!! And another 'yes' - she can still hold a decent conversation!! Ndeipi did a little article on her in December 2013 - I will see if I can forward it on to you and you can see some detail about her.  Kind regards, Sue.


Would just like to inform you that my dad, Jimmy (Wilfred) Taylor, is 101 years and God willing will be 102 in February 2015. Kind Regards Maggie Taylor


It might interest you to know that Bill is an honorary member of my Rotary Club.  He joined the club a few weeks after the official charter and we celebrate our 50 years of service on October 22nd this year!   He is truly an amazing human being and one in a million and we are so very blessed to know him and have him be part of our Rotary family.  The coffee shop at the Rotary Centre is named after him.


I would love to meet Bills close school friends who must all be of a similar age!!! All the very best to all of them


Quite agree with what you say below – my fantastic old Great Aunt who lived to be over 90 always said you just “have to keep on galloping”  !!! Rgds kate


Hi Mike, Just wanted to share with you.  While I was visiting someone on Saturday afternoon at BS Leon I came across three lovely young teenage ladies who had given up their time on a Saturday afternoon to visit with all the residents and bring them each a packet of biscuits  - it was a very nice treat for them all, and was very much appreciated.  I just wanted to say thank you to those three ladies, and may they be an example for the rest of the teenagers out there.  I am sure your parents are very proud. Debs


Just a brief note to say that yesterday Martin Hartell who is in charge of the pioneer cemeteries in Harare went to the site with me where I discovered the headstone of Sergeant Gudger on a property in Harare. He was seemingly killed in action in the 2nd world war. As it happens his body with a new headstone is lying peacefully in the pioneer cemetery here in Harare and as a result his name and rank number were chiselled off  from the old discovered stone in accordance to their rules and regulations. It was sad to see this happen but at least we know he is at peace and all has been finalized. Thank you to all the very kind folk from all over the world who showed their concern and interest in this regard. Kind regards Cher


I really DO NOT understand people who have no idéa of the consequences of what they perceive to be kindness can do to this poor elephant, it equals out to eventually – one banana equals one bullet. Petra


I think, in these instances when sending out a message like this, it should be pointed out that when an animal does respond to irresponsible behaviour and is deemed to be dangerous to the public, it is then more than likely going to be  shot. Regards


We had a chap going by the name of miles ring my gate bell at about 430 on boscobel east - gave me a story that he was from no 34 boscobel east from jimmy’s place and he was his driver and his truck was broken down on enterprise and could I phone him which he proceeded to give me his number which sure enough jimmy answered and asked if he could please speak to his driver as he was in Bulawayo  - thanks to previous emails from you of this sort of thing I told him I would get his driver to fix his phone and he could contact him direct - long story short - 34 on boscobel east does not exist and they were either after my phone or entry to our premesis but please just warm everyone to be vigilant and warn their domestics . On questioning my own domestic someone last month in our road had the same situation and their phone snatched and another across the road had a vehicle stolen. Thanks Jenny


I recently moved here from South Africa where crime is prevalent and I do know that even without breaking a window or damaging the doors these thieves are able to get in. 

They do it by jamming the signal of your car remote with a blue house gate remote which they control.  I tried it out and  it does work.  So I think everyone should ensure that before they walk away from their cars that they check that  the doors are locked. Regards Bianca


Please be alert n watch out at the Bishop Gaul n Princess Drive intersection at Belvedere Shops. Smash n grab thieves are active in the area. Lock all doors n be careful on the approach to the robots, they don't work most if the time. Regards L. B.


Please could you let folks in Harare know that  there is small car(similar to a Conquest or Fiesta), black in colour with bright yellow and black Botswana number plates starting with a B and ending with a J (don’t  remember the numbers) with three or four accomplices attempted to carjack my Landcruiser yesterday (20th Aug, Wednesday) at around midday. I was in the Graniteside area, Dhlela Way, and thanks to the public for helping us, but unfortunately these thieves got away. Try and be vigilant out there!  Thanks Mike, much appreciated  Kind Regards John


Read what the rats are doing at this orphanage – rats are smart:….” Hello Naeem , Please if at all possible would you be able to make it this afternoon to sort out the problem with the rats as they are now going in the children’s school bags and are being carried to school.   We also have a problem with cockroaches if this could also be sorted out. Many thanks Geraldine”


Statement on assault

I, Alan Passaportis comment as follows:-
My family and I are shocked and mortified by the brutal assault perpetrated against our son David and his wife, Mary-Anne Passaportis. It is indeed with great sadness that we have had to go through such a harrowing experience and we look to the Lord to comfort us through this distressing pe...riod.
I however wish to clear the air on a few issues and categorically state the following:

1. I wish it to be emphasised that at no point have we ever believed or insinuated that this attack was politically motivated and would like to denounce those who have tried to use our misfortune to their advantage and further their own selfish agendas.
2. I have not made any official statements before this and reports being published by some media houses referring to the events of that fateful night are full of speculation and mischievous to say the very least. Their so called sources are obviously very suspicious and not very well versed as to what happened or the position regarding our residency at the farm. The falsehoods being peddled are tantamount to incitement.
3. We have received nothing but immense support from the ZANU PF Mashonaland West Chairman, Cde. Temba Mliswa, his team, the Police and community at large.
4. We have over the years, enjoyed very cordial relations with the ruling Party and have never at any point been threatened off the farm by them.
5. We are confident that the law will take its course and that the perpetrators will be brought to book.
6. We would prefer to have our privacy respected for now and our main concern at the moment is that Dave and Mary-Anne stabilise and recover from the injuries they suffered and that we can somehow pick up the pieces and move on.
7. I would like to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank all our family, friends, colleagues and everyone that has lent their hand to support, offered their prayers and words of encouragement, we are humbled. May God Bless you

News Update on Dave and Mary Anne -barbaric act !

News Update on Dave and Mary Anne -barbaric act !
Hi folks,
Yes the people in this vicious attack were perhaps trying to enact a lawless retribution -on Allan’s son and daughter-in-law.
They have been having problems for sometime now,while holding onto Allan’s farm in the Trelawny- NW of Hre area.
Recently David arrested poachers who had killed 2 giraffe, 2 eland,1 zebra and 6 impala and it is suspected that the attackers who arrived after midnight were exacting retribution f...or these arrests as well as possibly acting out orders on behalf of third Zanu Chef parties?
The first that David and his wife knew about the attack was when they were set upon with knobkerries whist asleep in their beds. David was so badly beaten that he has undergone surgery for 6.5 hours to his head as the left side of his face, plus his skull were savagely beaten in. He is being kept sedated whilst the neuro specialists try to reduce the balloon swelling of his head. He has suffered other damage to his arms and neck as well. He remains in St Anne’s, whilst his wife is in the Avenues where she is being treated for a broken arm and shattered fingers that required pins to be inserted. She is severely traumatised and will require special rehabilitation attention, once the physical damage is attended to. Allan and Jane are looking after their two daughters aged 2 and 4....who witnessed/ were present in the house during this attack. They are also traumatised and constantly fear the return of the ”BAD men who beat their Dad and Mummy”. I am told that the attack and beatings only broke off when their neighbour arrived and fired shots over the house....I have no detail of how he was alerted or knew of the incident but can only thank Almighty God that he pitched up when he did, as it probably saved David’s life and his wife from an even worse fate. She had been tied up with barbed wire.
The outpouring of messages of support and sympathy have been extraordinary....more so from members of the local Black community who held David and his family in high regard. Measures to ensure that those responsible are brought to book are assured of this.
Sadly this is what happens when the rule of Law is allowed to be usurped by stoneage people, little more than moronic thugs. This is the price we pay for continuing to try live and work and uograde the land of our birth.
Kind regards

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Death Notices

Death Notice: Lonia Robinson – Beloved wife of Peter for 66 years.  Adored mother, grandmother and great grandmother who will be greatly missed.  The Celebration of her Life will take place on Friday 22 August at 2.30pm at Our Lady of the Wayside, Catholic Church (cnr The Chase and Pendennis Rd, Mount Pleasant).


Death Notice: Gilliam Bibby – Much loved Mum of Liz, Sue, Caroline and Pete and granny of Darren + Kim, Ant + Ash, Nicolle, Phillipa + Andre + Marc, Shannon + Samantha. Died peacefully on Thurs 14 Aug. Gone to be with her beloved John. Her memorial service will be held at 2 pm on Friday 22 August at The Flying Frog, Arcturus Road, Harare. Sue 0774530601 / Pete 0778 026 996

Conmen Bulawayo

These  photos of the “alleged”  big guy slim guy that have been conning residents in Bulawayo and Harare over a period of time have been arrested and are currently  in custody in Harare, if you should recognize either of them or both of them, then please contact Detective Inspector Nemaisa, Detective Nemaisa is calling on all “victims” who were conned out of property at the home by either of these men to please contact him on the following numbers


Harare Residents Please contact  Detective Inspector Nemaisa 0772370557 / 0772758877 / 0734200941


Bulawayo Residents Please contact Detective Inspector SIWELA – 71568 /  77523 / 881466


Victoria Falls residents Please Contact Detective Inspector Dende - 0712915341


P.S. This is how they were operating in Bulawayo, if this sounds familiar, and you lost property but did not make a police report you may now contact any of the above Detectives who will assist in recording your statement, take this email with you  ….. “this sounds like the “terrible two” the driver usually a big big dark in complexion man and his accomplice a very slim built light in complexion male, when they have robbed in Bulawayo they the big guy usually forces the gate open for the skinny one to get in, or the big one talks ever so sweetly to you at the gate while skinny one jumps the wall and enters the home, and whilst doing this they always leave the boot up so you cant get a description of the make of vehicle neither can you get the registration number, so please kindly circulate to your friends anyone who has fallen victim to these scamster, please come forward, so that statements can be recorded


Thank you and  kind regards


Club 50

Gary White

This is to let you know the information for Gary’s funeral arrangements.


The Service

The service will take place on Friday 15th August at 12pm at St. Marylebone Crematorium, East End Road, East Finchley, London N2 0RZ (Tel: 0208 343 2233)

PLEASE ARRIVE BY 11:45 AM and also please don’t confuse this with the other Cemetery on the High Road!


How to get there:

Bus Routes: The 143 stops in East End Road outside the Crematorium and the 232 stops below the Crematorium on the North Circular Road.

Tubes: Nearest Underground Stations are East Finchley and Finchley Central on the Northern Line. The Crematorium is 15-20 minutes walk from each.

By car: The Crematorium is within 10 minutes of Junction 2 of the M1 via the eastbound North Circular Road, then either Regents Park Road or Squires Lane.


There is ample parking available.  Please note if you’d like to leave your car after the service, the car park shuts at 5pm.


Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead


If you were thinking of sending flowers, we would prefer instead that you consider making a donation to the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, where Gary spent some time. There will be an opportunity to donate to Marie Curie Hospice both at the service and the Wrap party.


Dress code

As Gary was a firm opponent of formality, there is no dress code.

In that same spirit, we would ask that you please don’t wear a tie.


The Wrap Party


The Wrap party will take place at:

Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club, Courtside, Coolhurst Road, London N8 8EY

Tel: 020 8340 4272.



There is extremely limited parking at the tennis club and no parking in nearby streets between 2-4pm.  It is a short cab ride from the Crematorium.


Cab companies

AP Cars

020 8340 2111



020 7566 9052


Crouch End Cars

020 8342 8282


Open Mic

For those that would like to, there will be an opportunity to speak about Gary at the Wrap party.


Tributes to Gary

We have had received some wonderful and moving tributes to Gary over the last couple of days and we’d like to share some of these at the Wrap party.

However, if you were one of the many people who wrote back to us with a memory of Gary and you would prefer that it was kept private, then do please let us know.



To give us an idea of numbers, please could you let us know if you are able to come, by email reply.


Love from,


Tom, Katie & Mary.


07766 624 424

Pauline Herbert

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Pauline Herbert
on the 2nd August 2014, she was the loving wife of the late Cedric
Herbert and mother of Darren, Carl and Sean.  She will be sorely
missed but can now rest in peace. The Funeral Service will be held at
Nazareth House Chapel (149 Enterprise Road) on Wednesday 13th August
2014 at 12pm.

Car Accident - Karoi

As you might have heard through the grape vine, there was a tragic accident in Karoi last Friday night (8th August)  Two young guys, travelling in a landcruiser, drove into the back of a truck that had broken down on the side of the road. One of the guys was thrown from the vehicle and died. The other is , apparently , still in Hospital with serious injuries.


The family of the passenger are asking if anyone, who saw the accident, could contact them with the possibility of giving a statement to the Police about what they saw


Please contact Patrick (details below or Jo ( - 0772-606-836) if you can be of any assistance


Mike G


PS Please do not drive on the open roads at night unless you really have to and then please drive sensibly and don’t drive fast!


Patrick Olivier

Operations Manager

Capitol Services Zimbabwe

Cell +263 772 238 223

Office +263 4 708 339

Skype: Patrick.olivier33

Death Notices

Death Notice & Memorial Service: The memorial service for the LATE IVAN NEVILLE LESHNICK will be held at the Dandaro Centre next Thursday 14th August 2014 at 11a.m.   Email: or phone : 04-883681


Death Notice & Memorial Service: It is with sadness that we announce the passing of BILL HUMPHREYS on Friday 8th August after a long and exceptionally well-lived life.  He will be missed by all his family - his children and grandchildren in Ireland,  Fenella, Emer and Daithi and his wife, Betty  and step children and step grandchildren in Zimbabwe and around the world, Jerry, Jane, Giles and Matt.  A memorial service to remember his life will be held at 14 Wheeldon Avenue, Borrowdale at 11.00 a.m. on Friday 15th August.


Death Notice: It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of George Craik Lindsay who passed away peacefully at his home in Juliasdale, on the 8th August 2014. He was the loving father of Derry, Colin, Gavin, Sheila, Hazel and Robert, grandfather of Kirsty, Bradley, Sjaan, Ian, Shayne, Meegan, Sarah, Jennifer, Thomas, Lindsay, James and great grandfather to Marcus.  May he rest in peace.  His wake is to be held at 3 pm on 15th August 2014 at Highlands Sports Club – Harare. “A fitting send off for a Fine Scotsman”.


Memorial Service: The "Celebration of Life" service for Craig Nicholson - 1 August 1931 - 4 August 2014 will be held this Friday, 15th August at 3 Kingston Close, Highlands at 3 for 3:30 pm.  Kingston Close is off Kew Drive.


Memorial Service: Meriel Ternouth, widow of Richard (Dick) Ternouth, mother of Ian, Neil and Mark, Grandmother of 7 grandchildren and unofficial granny to many will be at 11 am on Thursday 14th August at 5 Halkhead close (off Newton spicer off Kent off Enterprise ).

FERREIRA - MICHAEL JOHN (Mike) - 1955 - 2014 - Beloved husband to Paula and Dad to Beaulieu, Abby-Jai and Demi, sadly passed away in his sleep on Sunday 10th August 2014. Memorial Service to be held at Highlands Presbyterian Church, on Enterprise Road on Friday 15th August at 2.30pm.  This will be followed by a get together at the Ferreira's home.  Please kindly contact Paula on 071-2-213662 or Demi on 077-7-549802 for more details.

George Craik Lindsay

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of George Craik Lindsay who passed away peacefully at his home in Juliasdale, on the 8th August 2014. He was the loving father of Derry, Colin, Gavin, Sheila, Hazel and Robert, grandfather of Kirsty, Bradley, Sjaan, Ian, Shayne, Meegan, Sarah, Jennifer, Thomas, Lindsay, James and great grandfather to Marcus.  May he rest in peace.  His wake is to be held at 4 pm on 15th August 2014 at Highlands Sports Club – Harare. “A fitting send off for a Fine Scotsman”.

Bill Green is 100

I am sure you would all like to hear that Bill Green will celebrate his 102nd Birthday this coming Thursday 21st August, 2014! He started Blue Kerry many years ago and Jan and Jeff Dick are organising a small celebration for him and his close school friends!


They will also be renaming the cottages after him


Should anyone like to send messages of good wishes to this amazing man, on this momentous occasion , please send them via Jan Dick

Jan’s email to me read:


“It is such a privilege for us to have an amazing man of his age amongst us, don't you think?  He certainly is in a million! inspirational gentleman..

He loves receiving a copy of Ndeipi every month and enjoys having the articles read to him...sadly his eyesight is fading and he can't read small print any longer .”

Are there any other healthy folks out there that are nearing their 100th birthday and can still hold a decent conversation? Why do some folks live to such an old age?




Much loved Mum of Liz, Sue, Caroline and Pete and Granny of Darren and Kim, Ant and Ash, Nicolle, Phillippa and Andrew, Marc, Shannon and Samantha died peacefully on Thursday 14 August 2014.  Gone to be with her beloved John.


Her memorial service will be held at 1.30 for 2pm on Friday 22 August 2014 at Flying Frog, Arcturus Rd, Harare


Contact:  Sue  0774530601

                Pete  0778026996



Ivan Leonard Cohen

In loving memory


Ivan Leonard Cohen


Memorial Service at Borrowdale Race Course – The Glass house in the centre of the track – at 3pm Tuesday 19th August

(Entrance to the Glass House is Northridge Road, near ZBC.


All welcome to celebrate the life of Ivan with the family and we’d be grateful if you’d bring a plate of eats.


Ivan Leonard Cohen, 74, a successful business entrepreneur, avid sports fanatic, and loving husband, father and grandfather, died at 11:55 pm on 13 August at Avenues Clinic. A pulmonary embolism was identified as the primary cause of death.

Ivan lived a full and adventurous life. He enjoyed horse and sport boat racing, crocodile wrestling, and many other crazy activities despite suffering from polio. He was also an admirable man and impacted the lives of many.  He will be greatly missed.

Ivan is survived by his loving wife Sue, son Mark, daughter Rachelle, stepson Rohn, stepdaughter Kim, and three grandchildren.

Bulawayo News

On the morning of Wed 13th August a fire broke out in Ralstein House, the Salvation Army Home for the Elderly. Thankfully no-one was hurt or injured though furniture, clothing, personnel possessions and documents were lost in the fire as the front section of the home was destroyed. Most of the residents were moved to Enterprise House, the Salvation Army Youth Hostel though this is only a temporary situation, until further accommodation can be found while the state of Ralstein House is addressed in the longer term. The immediate needs of these residents are for FUNDS (to pay for electricity, water, groceries and medical needs); for! FOOD, CLEANING MATERIALS and PERSONAL TOILETRIES. In addition there i! s urgent need for WARM JACKETS, JERSEYS, SOX and SHOES, BEDDING and BEDS/MATRESSES. Finally, SUITCASES or CARDBOARD CARTONS for the residents to keep their possessions in until they have more permanent storage. All donations may be delivered to ENTERPRISE HOUSE, 12th Ave btwn S. Parirenyatwa and J.Tongogara Aves. The support and generosity of the Bulawayo community last week was astounding and heart warming; many, many thanks.


Hospice Bulawayo Aug 18 Dear friends of Hospice, Please take time to read our 2014 appeal. As a non-profit organization reliant on the generosity of corporates, public and service clubs our hospice has been hard hit by the financial crisis currently affecting the country. Donor support and fund raising projects have kept us afloat thus far but we currently only have sufficient reserves to meet one to two months expenditure. Cost cutting measures are still in force from last year. Our staff remains on reduced pay.

However our monthly expenditure is still in the region of US$8,500.00 per month. Our year on year monthly income and expenditure for 2013-2014 are available for perusal. Please email us should you require a copy. We have lined up a number of fundraising events for which we seek your support.

In September we will host our annual Ladies Tea, in October a Motor Show has been pencilled in, in November a Healthy food expo is planned as well as a Street Collection. We will also participate in the Whitestone School fete where we will have on sale a collection of valuable books and a small assortment of antiques. We will round off the year with our annual 'Light a Light for Hospice' carols by candlelight. If you are able to assist financially, please make bank transfers using the account details as follows: Account Name - Bulawayo Island Hospice Service Bank Name - NMB Bank Branch Name - Bulawayo Branch, Zimbabwe Branch Code 11311 Account Number -! 210227277 Swift Code NMBLZWHX Please contact us on email (   ) or phone (09-77972) should you deposit (cash or cheque) or transfer money directly into our bank account. This enables to quickly identify funds, receipt and acknowledge them. Donations in cash or kind can be made at our office - 2 George Silundika Street, Corner Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue, Bulawayo. Receipts are issued for every donation received. Our Administrator, Mrs Nomvelo Zaranyika is on hand should you have any queries or require any further information. Thank you for your continued support Mike Lander Chairman Management Committee Bulawayo Island Hospice Service T.E.A.M Together Each Achieves More!