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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear members and friends of Reps

Today, February 17, is the 80th anniversary of The Repertory Players, a momentous occasion for the society itself and for the community it serves. On that date back in 1931 a small group of theatre enthusiasts staged their first production, a short play called Fame And The Poet by Lord Dunsany and a longer one, Magic, by G K Chesterton, the well-known author.

Tonight, those same two plays will be staged in Reps Theatre, in what we hope will be a suitable and dignified means of celebrating this wonderful birthday. Of course, the people on stage and behind the scenes will be made up of different faces, but the essence of the two different teams’ approach will be the same: to give expression to artistic enthusiasm, talent and drive and to entertain audiences in as competent a manner as possible. And they will do it because they love doing it, with no reward or remuneration in the perspective at all.

Reps as a society is proud of its record and of the amazing achievement of not only remaining in existence but doing so in a manner which brings credit to all the members and to the wider community. Nearly 700 productions have been staged by ‘the Reps’ in those 80 years and, in the society’s own theatre which last year celebrated its 50th birthday, many hundreds more hire productions have been hosted. Hundreds of amazing people have ‘trod the boards’ and made it all happen and we as a society pay tribute today to every one of them – past, present and future. We also pay tribute to staff, supporters, sponsors, donors, friends and audiences. We are where we are because of these fine people. We cannot mention them all, but if we just say names like George Barnes, Dorothy Leslie, Adrian Stanley, Allan Shaw, then you know just what a package of talent we have been privileged to be among.

Today we celebrate, we pay tribute, we reminisce, we marvel and we also look ahead, because we believe in the future and we commit ourselves to many more years of theatrical excellence and enjoyment. Innovation and entrepreneurship remain part of the overall picture.

From Reps and to Reps, happy birthday … and, my, don’t we look just fine as the busiest and bounciest octogenarian in town!

The Repertory Players’ Chairman and Executive Committee

1 comment:

  1. Hi there and happy anniversary.
    My name is Bill Pearson and I played Sky in the 1980/81 produiction of Guys and Dolls directed by Adrian Stanley.
    I was then working as an actor in London (now loving in Australia)and flew to Zimbabwe to meet the cast and start rehearsing. Very fond memories. If anyone remembers the show, or indeed was in it post a comment.