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Saturday, October 4, 2014



At last! … Spring/ going to Summer have now arrived and we can so goodbye to the winter 2014. This is the time to open wide the windows, doors and have the cool breeze blow thru and remove the winter blues…. This is also the time to take a check on the security of all property.  When entertaining, make sure the rest of the house is secure and locked or alarmed, both doors and windows. It is best to leave access to only one entrance when entertaining so that you can police the traffic in and out of your home.  This is the time for braai’s and el fresco entertaining which means that we have friends and family round frequently, please keep good security in mind.

Have all cars parked inside where possible, and in an area which has adequate bright lighting, with all cars locked and where possible a ‘guard’ to watch the vehicles during this period. Its best to check periodically on this area and the property to make sure all is secure.

Do NOT leave the electric gate unlocked or on manual as this is an invitation for criminals to enter the property. It only takes seconds for these perpetrators to slip through onto the property.

It is foresight to have remote panic buttons on hand during these events, to sound the alarm and have backup help arrive within minutes … it will save valuable time!  

If you are having a large function, please obtain the necessary permission from your Police Station for the event.

The driving has become extremely bad again … please keep to the rules of the road and in the right lanes, especially when turning right.  It seems to be a free for all and let’s see how many lanes of traffic we can make ….This is so dangerous and many unnecessary accidents caused by carelessness and driving without due care and attention. The use of mobile phones is a criminal offense whilst driving unless the correct ‘hands off’ equipment is in use. 

Smash and Grabs are increasing, due to valuable goods left in view, added area is CBD.. Cash is a high risk, do not carry large sums of money around with you, it’s a desperate situation out there ……..


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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