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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Readers comments on Water As usual lots of talk, at which our councillors and politicians are world champions, but NOTHING is being done about water. Ministers have given permission to build on protected wetlands and everybody complains about verges being watered, but there is no action. At a recent public meeting a COH councillor stated that there ARE laws which are supposed to prevent watering of lawns and verges, but there is no enforcement. Watering of lawns is a far, far greater waste than just watering verges. Wake up Zimbabweans. We live in Africa and the grass goes brown in winter and green in the rainy season. It is ridiculous to want to have a green lawn in our winter. Boreholes are not an inexhaustible supply of water and DO NOT fill up again in each rainy season. Only 1.5% to 4% of the water which falls on the earth actually replenishes underground water systems. Some of the water now being extracted is hundreds and even thousands of years old. Much more publicity needs to be given to water harvesting. It is the ONLY way we will survive. ……………. As the proud owner of a vast brown lawn, I love it when the rain starts – you really only get that unique ‘first rain’ smell if it is falling on truly dry earth! From the first rains onwards we have the privilege of watching the garden burst into life and colour. It is well worth considering whether you *really* need a green lawn all year round – it is wonderful to watch the garden change with the seasons! As for watering verges I wholeheartedly agree. Rather than having water meter readers coming month after month to take readings that never change, what about monitoring those who are so careless with this precious and ultimately finite resource. I too despair not only at the unnecessary green verges, but those who choose to water in the mid-day heat when most of the water will evaporate before it even sinks into the ground! And worse those who leave automatic sprinklers to water the tar or the garden wall... ……………… Totally agree with “C” about the stupidity and the irresponsibility of watering the verges – irrespective whether it is from your borehole or not. Think about what is happening to the water table below your feet! I have always said I can cope without electricity because I can “make” electricity but if you have no water you cannot “make” it. We ALL need to take responsibility for our daily actions. Petra ……………..


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