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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Comments from Mike Garden

With the rains fast approaching, it is important for people to be mindful that this form of "dumping rubbish" will result in an avoidable major concern if we are to experience the quantity of rains we received this past year. It is obvious that we do not have adequate drainage facilities and the ones that are there are filled with rubbish too - so any collation of water from the rains will obviously fill our streets and homes resulting in loss of life and property. Current society regrettably are not only arrogantly introverted but also take heed the morning after. We have ample time to make a difference and contribute positively to our environment by investing time into recycling our rubbish and guaranteeing a toxic free future for our next generation. Thank you for sharing.


Agree 200% with you – I suggest you ask COH to provide you with their litter hotline numbers and a protocol people can use if they witness offenders. A couple of years ago I witnessed a van dumping office stationery by Country Club and took photos of them, and their number plate and logo and sent it to COH and they acted on the offenders. We have to be active but we do need help from COH.

Cheers Clive   


To encourage recycling, if glass and plastic bottles and for that matter empty beer and soda cans were returnable to supermarkets or recycling centres in exchange for a nominal return reward, I am sure that this would go some way to alleviate the current scourge of litter. J


Please will you mention or write something about people watering their verges.  Our borehole in Glen Lorne is already starting to splutter, but there are I reckon about 10 people on Folyjon Crest watering daily.  Grrr................


We do clean ups on a regular basis in Kariba – we have EXACTLY the same thing so often, we have just cleaned up a stretch of road and hours later, someone dumps all their rubbish, so infuriating! Great to see others do their bit too – if everyone does a little each day, it would be a much better place to live!! Kind regards Sonya


You serious about burning rubbish? Please don't encourage others to burn their rubbish. It's illegal and I for one am sick and tired of breathing burning plastic fumes.                                                                                                                                                                      Take it to the dump by all means but expect to get harassed by "officials" who try to extort $5 off you for carting your rubbish because the City fails to collect regularly.

I pay for private removal of rubbish. Very good rates and I deduct what I have to pay for privately from the refuse collection charges levied by the non-performing City.


Don’t forget that the burning of household or garden refuse is illegal as it is a major pollutant! People should use garden waste to make compost, of course.  Regards STAN


To all walkers/bike riders on Art Farm: be careful parking your car at the gate on Harare Drive. This morning a friend's car and another car had their driver side windows smashed and things taken.  Oliver


Australian Drug Problem: Hi Mike, interested to read your comments on the above - (which seems to me an excellent idea) they are also trying to apply the same method in order to avoid "benefit payments" being used to buy alcohol - a huge problem particularly among the First Australians community . there seems to be HUGE resistance from the recipients(protesting that they are being denied their "rights" to decide for themselves how to spend cash doled out by the Govt) - I can't help but think of all those 100's and 1000's of Zimbabweans  who would be over the moon to get regular, generous benefits at all - whether in cash or card!!!! best regards Kate 


If you can help it, DON’T drive at night on the Harare/Mutare Road, especially between Rusape and Mutare.  Cattle roam freely there and often sleep on the road for warmth and I have seen countless dead animals on the side of the road from traffic accidents.  


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