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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Please please please..
I appeal to all readers and more specifically to subscribers of Ecoweb to urgently take action against Ecoweb for charging horrendous rates for internet access.
Upto last month I have been paying a fee of $ 345.00 per month and this month, guess what, the fee has gone up to a crazy $ 445.00 per month – that is a 29 % increase in real money. Whats worse is that the bandwidth that I have subscribe for is 256 KB, but the maximum speeds I have managed with various speed tests is 100 KB. On some days it is slower than dial up.
In the UK, one would pay a monthly fee of 20.00 (twenty) pounds for line rental, free telephone plus a 2 MB broadband ( 4 times the speed of what I am subscribed to for 7 % of the fee that I am asked to pay)
Where is Potraz in all this and why aren’t they playing their pivotal role in controlling this exploitation, or are they part of the “bandwagon” ?
I would sincerely appreciate feedback from other subscribers as well advising on other alternatives for reliable and economical broadband options.

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