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Friday, June 5, 2009

Zimbabwe Wildlife

After the severe drought in 2005 when many animals needlessly died of thirst and hunger it became obvious that wildlife in Zimbabwe needed the support….
Various concerned organizations were formed, including “Friends of Hwange” (FOH) of which I am a Trustee. FOH embarked on a campaign to ensure the future of Hwange National Park and to raise the funding required; we were reasonably successful thanks to a few kind people and organizations. We adopted various pans throughout the Park and until now have managed to keep them going. But now the “global credit crunch” has hit and our major donors are unable to afford us the support they used to.
It is imperative that FOH gets funding soon so rather than ask people for a “donation” I have put together a collection of over 700 wildlife photos on a CD and I’m selling it for USD 20. The funds received will go a long way to helping supply water to the thirsty animals……
You can order a CD from me directly: Any further donations are most welcome.
Thanks for your support.
Dave Dell
Trustee Friends of Hwange Trust

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