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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Children in need of help

In Harare, we have a home in sentosa which looks after 13 girls, we support the home 100% by sending the children to school, food and those who look after them. We have

1. Hillside we look after 8 girls

2. 2 in Hatfield (there is a total of 24 children in 2 homes which are close to each other-both sexes)

3. Glenora (12 children both sexes_

4. Rugare (new home starting in January 8 children girls)

5. Westwood (both sexes 12 children)

6. Goshen Farm in Beatrice Farm we have 3 homes at this farm but the target is building , someone gave us the farm to look after a total of 150 orphans but keeping to the model of a home not institutions (we have about 15 children but are taking them in)

7. 32 Marlborough drive (8 children both sexes)

8. Marlborough Harare drive (9 children both sexes)

We try and not have to many children in a home to try and provide the best care and avoid an institutional approach. We partner with different churches to provide this care.

Besides homes we have feeding programs that are scattered throughout the country- from Binga, to Bulawayo, Chivhu, Mutoko, Chinhoyi, Chegutu and many scattered in Harare. A total of about 2000 plus orphans. We would like to feed more but the resources are always limiting. Econet through their Christian Copmmunity Partnership Trust have said they would feed about 1000 of those rural orphans. It cost an average of 15 USD to give the children 1 good meal a day for 3 months. The cost is much more for those in the homes. We budget about 1800 per child.

Last year we had about 400 orphans we were supporting with school fees but that was not possible because of the huge increases that took place, we still want to support these children.
We have 6 pre schools, in which we provides meals, and pay for the teachers who teach the children, 4 of these are in rural areas.
Our offices are at no. 39 lomagundi, we are most willing to take you to visit any of these projects.



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