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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Authority has issued a new schedule of fees for the period May to December 2010 which will affect wildlife-based tourism operations in Kariba and the Zambezi valley this year. Here is a summary of the new changes:

1. Camping: From May 2010, all National Parks campsites will be charged per site and not per person.

2. Park Accommodation and Entry Rates: The three-tier system of charging (whereby International visitors are charged more than Regional visitors who are charged more than Zimbabwe Local Residents), will be phased out this year so that by January 2011, there will be only two rates: Non-Resident and Resident. However, the three tier system will continue to apply to Park entry fees.

3. Bookings: Reservations for Parks facilities will, from March 2010, be opened one year in advance to all clients, including Zimbabwe residents (who were previously restricted to booking only 3 months in advance). There will be no more "draw" system for Mana Pools and bookings will be treated on a first come first serve basis, with payment being demanded up front.

4. Fees: Details of the relevant National Park tourism fees for May-December 2010 for Entry, Vehicle Entry, Accommodation, Firewood, Canoe Hire, Accompanied Guided Tours & Walking Trails, Fishing and River usage are summarised on the WILD ZAMBEZI website at this link: National Parks Fees May-December 2010

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