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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ecology Project

Are you able to help with some email addresses of Environmental clubs or other Eco orientated society's that may be interested in this following

The Marimba Angling Society at Chivero are struggling to keep heads above
water, pay wages etc - the main reason is lack of membership
which is poor, due to the state of the grounds & especially the smelly
Marimba river.
We hope to convince the committee & other interested organizations of theoverall impact this project may have.
The plan is to build an aerated retaining pool/dam next to the incoming

Marimba river fo the culture of Effective Micro-organisms,
these in turn to be continuously fed back/sprayed into the river system to
keep the ammonia production down to a minimum.

There are several other things that will work hand in hand with this project
such as turning the pond into a fee fishing location for children as the
Marimba/Chivero junction at
present is too dirty to fish in. I am currently producing
bricks from the Hyacinth as fire lighters, compost starter micro-organism
innoculant blocks as well as creating large Hyacinth composting windrows,
worm bins etc.

17 guys over three weeks have done a supreme effort in clearing the Hyacinth
from our immediate bay - over 30 ton was removed. A month later we have seen
the return of millions of fingerlings to the bay, it's got to have made some

We are primarily looking for:
1) A digger, bull dozer or dam scoop to dig a five-foot deep hole about
three times the size
of a standard swimming pool.
2) A windmill or two to aerate the impoundment (we get daily power cuts out
3) An ideal alternative would be 12V solar "well water pumps" in conjunction
with a windmill
3) Finally and most importantly advice from anyone who may be knowledgeable
in this field to alleviate pitfalls & assist in anyway possible.

This is an exciting project and no doubt the first of its kind in Zimbabwe,
(really big in South Africa) it will encourage folk to come out & has the
potential for field days, to get the big investors input once up and running
on a small scale.

So once again looking for addresses of influential persons or clubs that may
have an interest in this venture, even if it's just a matter of them sending
the info to their members

Ian Carruthers

Cell: 0912 301 374

Home: 04 - 741071


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