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Thursday, June 10, 2010


This month we have seen a few vehicles reported missing from premises, mostly in the industrial sites and CBD area. There seems to have been a lot of interference with drivers having ‘substances’ thrown at them, the origin is not known, but thought to be of an acidic base. These victims were treated at a local hospital; the Police are investigating this crime.

With the incessant power cuts and early sunset and late sunrises in the morning there have been cases of vehicles being followed home on numerous occasions reported, especially in Emerald Hill, Mount Pleasant, Bluff Hill areas. It seems that the ‘tag’ vehicle is a Mazda 323 which keeps it distance but increases speed as the front vehicle speeds up. Please keep vigilant and take note of this, drive into a lighted area if possible or to your nearest police station. If you do not feel safe and are not sure that your gate will open due to the long duration of the power cuts DO NOT get out of your vehicle to open the gate drive to safety until you have back up. This is all repeated advise but so essential for peace of mind.

It is not advisable for women both young and old to drive alone late at night/early mornings if at all possible, there have been a few incidents reported in suburbs around Harare. Form a group to travel together – safety in numbers!

House break ins have been reported in Mount Pleasant, Marlborough, Mandara, and Mabelreign, please be alert and aware keep your security as sound as possible and do take note of the barking of your pets, the tone is always an alert. DO NOT go out but call for assistance.

Winter is now upon us, and with the daily power cuts we need to be very vigilant to strange noises and disturbances this could be a warning.
Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !

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