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Monday, June 7, 2010

Harare Market Square

Be warned that the Harare Market Square area and in particular at intersections of Harare Street/Chinhoyi/ Speke road are street kids in possession of acidic substance. On Friday the 21 May, 2010 at about 1530hrs, a UNIC female staff member in the company of her friend were moving along the aforementioned intersection when a substance was hurled to their faces. Both were instantly blinded and they summoned for help from passers by. They were uplifted to the Avenues clinic where they were hospitalised. Their eyes and chests were burnt by the substance. The UN Doctor (Dr Tekou) attended the scene and he advised that the substance was acidic and staff member had received moderate damage to the eyes. Staff member is recovering in the Avenues clinic.

Further investigations by this office revealed that some members of the public were previously assaulted in the same manner and that area is a hot spot. Police were advised of this case and are also investigating.

Be careful when moving around that area.
Godfrey Macheka

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