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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crime in Harare

Please be very vigilant and alert, there have been many incidents happening all around Harare and crime is on the increase !


-just for you to pass on. I also had my vehicle stolen on 27 July from my house in Northwood, off Twickenham drive. They broke the gate motor and turned the electric gate to manual. Came into the garage and took the car. Nobody heard a sound. It was a Toyota corolla and I have reported it to the police and they are doing an investigation, please pass on as our area seems to have been targeted pretty badly. Thanks, Janeen Elliott.


From: Mike Alexander [] I had my laptop bag stolen from my work place on carrigh cregh road today without my laptop in but it have my car keys and wallet in with my ID and driving licence in. Please may i ask you to advertise that I have lost them and if found would be much appreciated.

I also had an incident of theft from my car. I did report it to the police. -- Richard Winkfield

I returned from Zambia to Harare airport on Friday evening, 15 July. The plane was very late and I only collected my car from the long-term parking at 11.30 pm. In town I had a puncture and had to stop outside the National Gallery on Julius Nyerere. Two men passing offered to help change the tyre, which I refused. A little later, another man offered help and as I was very cold and tired, I accepted. He began to help me, and I got something out of the car and came round and he had gone, so I carried on by myself. In hindsight, I remember a car with only one headlight which followed me all the way from the airport. I had to stop at the lights on Kenneth Kaunda/Julius Nyerere, which must have been when they used probably a Stanley knife to slash my tyre to cause the bad puncture very soon afterwards. The street lights were not working. I think I was careless and did not lock the car door while I was changing the wheel, and an accomplice must have stolen my pull-along black case from in front of the passenger seat. The case contained dirty clothes but also a camera, tape recorder and envelope with quite a lot of money, wallet and bank cards, driver's licence, and some papers. Fortunately my passport was zipped into the shirt I was wearing. I only noticed the loss of my case when I was already on my way home.

Next day I got a phone call from an innocent-sounding young man who had happened to find my papers on the side of the road in Mabelreign, while he was out walking with his wife, he said. We met him in Mabelreign, and he gave me every single paper and bankcard and driver's licence, but of course not valuables or clothes or case. I gave him $20, in case he was genuine, but also for the benefit of others who would like to get their documents back.

Here are two recent events.

1. Thursday night 14 July through to the early hours of the 15th, thieves hit the Greendale area in a big way. 11 dogs are known to have been poisoned so far in Athlone, around Courteney Selous School and along Arcturus Road. 10 homes are known to have had attempted break-ins. It is likely there were many more. For the tragic loss of 11 pets, so far there have been no confirmed reports of actual losses from theft. Most houses have electric fences and / or Durawall panel protection connected to alarms. The thieves flee as soon as an alarm is heard.

A group of men who had collected on the corner of Grove Road and Queen Elizabeth for days prior to the break-ins have now disappeared. They spend time watching the movements of residents and recruiting employees – gardeners and maids before deciding on a night for a blitz.

The residents of this area have worked with the cooperation of the Highlands CID to offer a reward of $500.00 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the persons responsible for poisoning the dogs and the attempted break-ins. Let the workers know. They talk and always someone knows something. The person to contact is Detective Inspector Mtoka on landline 498122 or cell 0772818400 / 0733-000913.

If you see ‘lurkers’, loiterers or persons gathering in small groups with apparently nothing to do and nowhere to go, immediately inform the police and they will investigate. They are grateful for any leads from the public. (Use the contact above). Let them see you take photos of them. If they know the residents are aware of their presence they are more than likely to move on. Also, be aware of individuals just sitting outside your premises waiting for an opportunity to see inside your yard. Confront them if they seem suspicious. If they have nothing to hide they should not be offended.

2. Two thugs are operating in the Borrowdale area using a silver RAV 4 (old shape) with no number plates. They followed me onto a construction site in Borrowdale trying to make me believe I had met them recently at the village. They said they were runners who collect orders from SA and had a new consignment of stuff. I had workers with me on my pick-up and they evidently decided they were outnumbered if they tried to grab anything and so left when they were ordered off the property. The one had very short hair – almost shaved, and has a heart tattoo on his arm. Detective Sergeant Mike of Borrowdale Police is aware of these individuals and can be contacted on 0772926622 if you see them.

Always be aware of who is travelling behind you. Do not stop if anyone is trying to tell you of a fault with your vehicle. Head for a very public place or to the nearest police station. I hope this is of some help to someone. Russ


National Registration, Driving Licence an Bank cards belonging to JAMES BRIAN CALDER were found near The Fife Avenue shops

Contact 702279 or 794182 between 8am and 2pm for return.

These are sent out to help and assist the community become safer !

Kind Regards
Sue Hair
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Mobile: + 263 772 313 333
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