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Monday, September 2, 2013

Community Notices

I was at the polox/polox Open over the weekend, standing near the jumping castle, a little boy of around 7 years old walked past and greeted us with a very happy and clear "good morning parents".  Well done to the little boys parents and well done to his school!  Happily surprised!!
LITTER ALL OVER HARARE I was travelling down Herbert Chitepo to the Harare Show last week and was appalled at the litter outside Prince Edward School and round the corner to the Harare Show, on Samora Machel and opposite between the Show Grounds and the Sheraton Hotel.  Harare was the Sun Shine City and was the show place of Africa.  Now I guess it is up to the Miracle Missions to clean up the city.
The pink jacaranda (stereospermum kunthianum) on the road down past Marongora is in full bloom - we saw it yesterday on our return from Mana Pools - stunningly beautiful!
With regard to the story of Mandara – increase in crime – this came with the arrival of the cable “trench diggers” who are still digging weeks later and watching all the comings and goings in the area...........
Concerning the 'dirty finger nails : while I do agree that nails should be kept in trim is should be noted that many Zimbabweans make their living by doing 'hands on' work which leads to cracked hands that dirt can hide in, despite all the lotions and scrubbing in the world. Judging a potential worker by the state of his hand is poor I think. What if the guy had just been helping a stranded damsel with a flat tyre moments before he walked into the job interview?  Nailed down
Travelling back from Kariba this week............wondering why all the police road blocks seem to be on blind corners, blind rises or at bottom of hills in 120km zones where 30t freight liners struggle to stop! Also, why do the police slow you down just as you enter the 120km speed limit trying to pick up speed only to wave you on?
It is a matter of time before there is a major accident. Toll booths.....the new system is for a boom and a traffic light......I sat at the Toll booth for 20mins just after Charles Prince as the system had gone down, then 10mins at the Lion’s Den Toll Booth.   Lost for Words!
Street kids: Having watched it  closely for four years in the UK, seen it  numerous times in  S.A. here, and a few other  countries, begging is big business and  frequently a family enterprise embracing two to three generations.   I agree with SEEN IT ALL.    Regards,  Flip
This is a tricky situation, as I have found first hand that some of these children are children who are not homeless but are bunking school, and begging for extra pocket money. I know because this happened to my domestic, who found his child begging in town after having despatched him off to school on the commuter bus. Sadly this is not the majority of these children and would also like to know how to help them as I feel giving them money at the robots is not productive. Also concerned.
It’s frustrating when people dismiss the street kids problem by saying that they choose to be there, that they are dropped off in cars, sent on the streets by parents etc ... I’m not disputing the truth of any of these statements, but these facts are often put forward as though that then makes it okay not care? They are children, and – like animals – actually cannot speak for themselves, they need to be protected by adults. If they are being sent on to the street by adults then they are being abused by their carers – kids in those situations are completely disempowered and cannot imagine a different life, so they don’t even think of asking for help, and live in terror of the consequences of disobeying orders; they return to the streets because of the incredibly psychological damage done to them through that lifestyle – they know no other life, and it is their support network – the level of support that they need to reintegrate is vast – more than just a meal and a bath.  Children are just as innocent as animals and deserve the same level of care and support. And yes, while giving money may even be detrimental, giving food is probably the best thing you can do – even if it’s just the lollipops and sweets that you collect as change, because they can be consumed instantly and not handed over to a third party.  Have a heart
One reader mentioned the street kids sniffing glue. I have been told that this is a way to ward off hunger pangs so instead of money I give out sweets, oranges, or naartjies to the kids and other
beggars at the robots. They are always happy to receive these items. - (How to Help.)
Street Kids: My advice to those who want to help (especially drivers) is to have a packet of apples or dry healthy products like breakfast bars etc ready to hand out to these poor children on the street. At least you know the child is getting something healthy to eat and not taking the money to an evil ring leader that exploits vulnerable children. That way if the children are doing it just for the money they will give up but those that are just looking for some food will get a little something. But of course be warned that it could be a trap so make sure you are in a safe place and there are not others loitering close by. So sad, what is happening to this world, where is common decency and honesty gone - Sad reader

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