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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I attended the St Georges 20/20 cricket over the weekend and not only was it a most enjoyable weekend of brilliant cricket, but I wanted to comment on the excellent job that Environment Africa did on the rubbish collection and recycling the whole weekend – they were very smartly dressed and very polite and seemed to be busy for three whole days Fri, Sat & Sun the duration of the tournament, collecting and sorting into the correct bins for re-cycling.  They even distributed small rubbish collection bags for all spectators vehicles onto all parked vehicles so the public did not litter on their way home.  Well done firstly to St Georges College for supporting such a worthwhile cause and secondly to Environment Africa for a job very well done – perhaps all schools can follow the lead of Saints when they have busy functions which generate a lot of rubbish/trash. Saints Supporter
Please advised that there are extensive road works underway on the main Harare – Marondera road. These involve lengthy waits at 3 different spots between Ruwa and Marondera. Lights control single lane traffic passing in opposite directions at 15 minute intervals. Exercise patience and caution as minibuses turn the single lanes into a 3-lane race track, pushing cars off the road. Traffic police at these stops would be a good idea. Count 45 minutes on top of your normal travelling time – each way.
I would like to contact  some good Samaritans who helped us last Monday morning when we had an accident coming home from Kariba. Unfortunately I did not take down their details. They very kindly stopped to make sure we were all OK and then very willingly transported our visitors to the airport to catch their flight at lunchtime. The kindness of Zimbabweans is heartwarming but I do not have a contact number for them to say thank you. My contact email is :
Hi Mike,   We are trusting that the whole of Harare and the rest of Zimbabwe will play a part in Clean Up the World….can you imagine if everyone just collected 1 bag of Litter!!!!!
I would like to comment on the street kids Some do choose there, I work with a lady who offered a young boy of 12 years a home school education and a future.
The men and woman who sell toilet paper and newspapers at the Corner or 7th Street and Samora Machel ave, laughed at her and told her he would be back on the street.
Their words were not even cold, he stayed for 2 weeks, started demanding money and cellphones and refused to go to school, One day he just packed up his things and left, he sold all the new cloths she bought for him and is now looking so thin we pass him everyday, she has such a good heart and after seeing him everyday on the street for a year, and giving him money everyday of between $5-$10 a day so he can have a good meal, he chose to go back to the streets.
With regard to motorbikes, doesn’t the Zimbabwean law require all users to have lights on even during the day? I seem to remember this law being implied in the 80’s but I may be wrong. However, it does seem applicable as the older I get, the harder it seems to  see motorcyclists. Maybe I need an optician………..Regards Mike M 
Arcadia Dam: I think it is high time that the Schools were named and for the ones involved to acknowledge that their pupils behaviour is unacceptable.
When I was at school, any pupil who did wrong and the deed was sufficient enough to warrant it, they were EXPELLED. Or is it once again MONEY talks? Tanganda.
We were all teenagers at one point and for me that was about 10-12 years ago and to be honest my generation got up to all sorts of stupid things on camping weekends. Most of it was reckless and silly and when we did decide to get fall over drunk we would come up with a plan to do it discreetly and away from all the adults as we feared the repercussions as at a campsite all the adults were watching all the kids. What amazes me is the total disrespect that has crept into our society and the kids are not the only ones to blame as most parents now view it as “well it is not my kid so why bother”. We are turning into South Africa very rapidly where people are too scared to say anything in case these kids go crying back to Mommy’s skirt and Daddy might be well connected.

On a recent camping trip during the holidays my kids linked up with others their age in the campsite so I went over introduced myself and told the other parents that if my kids stepped out of line in their vicinity that they should be put straight at once and that I would do the same with their kids and it was a wonderful trip. I suppose at the end of the day we are not islands on our own in the sea we are all connected and as the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” Regards, Village Resident
We use Arcadia Dam frequently and totally agree with the concerns this parent has of teenagers left to their own devices without some adult supervision.
It creates an environment where an accident is just waiting to happen. The bathrooms are also left in a disgusting state from all the vomit left in the basins. I would suggest the co coordinators of the dam be informed of this behaviour and those perpetrators be banned from entry as one has to sign in and pay on arrival leaving names and telephone numbers.   It is a great shame that this selfish and irresponsible behaviour spoils it all for those of us who go as a family to enjoy a beautiful dam. Concerned Parent
On a better note we went through about 8 road blocks between Kariba and Harare and the two times we were stopped by the Police, we found them to be very polite and had no problems!  On the other hand, the trucks on that road remain a disaster!

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