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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Insurance for items left in cars

Please can people be warned there is no insurance cover for theft of items left in an unattended vehicle. Allow me to explain the definition of unattended vehicle.....”Even if a vehicle is securely locked and situated in a “supposed” secure site such as Borrowdale Village or a school car park with security guards in attendance”. The vehicle is still deemed to be unattended i.e. A human being is not actually sitting inside the car.

It baffles me how people can leave valuable items such as laptops, cell phones, camera’s etc in a locked vehicle and then are “totally amazed” to return to their vehicle to notice a window has been smashed and the valuables taken..............It takes about 5 seconds to smash a window, lean inside the car and remove the items. It is no wonder insurance refuses to entertain insurance claims for such instances.

Please people.....wake up ! - there is 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe......surely it is madness to leave items of value inside a car????

Trevor Midlane
Midlane Insurance Services
2 Alveston Avenue
Tel:  870309
Cell: 0772511237

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