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Saturday, November 8, 2014





The true October weather is with us and doors and windows are open wide to catch a cool breeze blowing for some respite from the heat.   Please do not let your guard down and leave the premises open wide to theft.  Keep all grills across and locked at all times even during daylight hours. Do not open areas that are not being used, and keep alarms activated.  We are all experiencing long tedious power cuts, causing the backup batteries etc. to become flat … It means that generators are running at the maximum every day and we need to keep all security plans in place at all times.

We have a high unemployment rate and if you let your guard down you may well become a victim and a statistic. This is a repeat of what we all know, but to receive a gentle reminder from time to time stands us in good stead.

Theft of gate motors is still a priority and it is a safeguard to have a sensor fitted & connected to your house alarm pad which will activate if disturbed.  Entry is usually over the Dura wall, and takes but a few minutes for the intruder to dismantle, remove and then scarper back over the Dura wall.

 Attempted armed hijacking/robbery  reported as occupants were returning home at night, please be vigilant and have an emergency number to call to raise the alarm, it is good to know your neighbours who may be able to assist so that help can be executed as soon as possible. Do not carry large sums of cash if possible, and do not have any valuables or goods in view. Keep this all out of sight in the boot. 

This is a warning to all residents to be vigilant and security conscious at all times as things are tough and people are desperate. Always be aware of your surroundings when entering your property and try to enter as quickly as possible.  Report any suspicious individuals to the nearest Police Station. Woman on their own are being targeted so it is not advisable to travel after dark alone where possible. These issues have all been raised before, and not said to frighten you but to make you aware and be on your guard.


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !



Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police S

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