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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comments on anmals

People need to know that the elephant poaching is totally out of control in the Chirundu area.  Two ellies slaughtered just down from the  pump house near Tiger Safaris & then another 3 further down from there.  5 beautiful elephants in one week!  National parks have no vehicle, no funds, nothing.  Tears for the beautiful ellies.   Too sad.


I have just returned back from a road trip to Zambia and boy oh boy was I mad to see sooooo many veld fires. What are people thinking? When is that much needed grass that the animals survive on going to grow - especially with no rains foreseen for the next couple of months. Where is EMA or at least the relevant authorities to bring these people to book. Why is it not made to be what it is a criminal offence and the jail term should be sufficient enough to deter people from doing such an insensitive act - for what? to clear their field when an animal has no choice in the matter... People need to learn to live with nature and not be selfish to want nature to live with them... We are killing this world by our selective ignorance. Do right by mother nature and she will do right - right back at ya.

I disagree with Kirsten – Art Farm is the one glorious place we can take our dogs and let them run free.  In all the countless times I have walked there I have never seen a dog fight, never seen a dog attacking a person or another dog. It is such a great freedom for the animals and the owners.  I agree that if one has a difficult dog it should be leashed.  Susie


Walking dogs off leash. Thank you to "Paolo" and "Blue Heeler", I agree with you 100%. To the lady who commented below "Blue Heeler". I feel so sorry for you that you live in such fear. Julia


Dancing is not only excellent exercise, but it gives poise and a social skill.   It is particularly beneficial for people coming to terms with a disability.


Ladies Golf: Was scoring at the G&P at Chapman yesterday – it’s the ladies triangular with Kenya and Zambia and the run up to the open this weekend!  One of the Zambian ladies commented that “our men were very strange” – in Zambia the men come out to support the ladies!!  Perhaps our men could take a leaf out of their book and support the ladies this weekend!  All the best  Win


Just a thought, but I think Antelope Park `PROTESTS just too much about their innocence’ in their part in canned hunting.  The deed might not be done within Zimbabwe, but the lions are `shipped’ out to South Africa.  Ex-Gweruite


HI Mike. I am an outdoors person and believe in the importance of looking after fauna and flora for all the good reasons. I am more of a fisherman but all the same my main curiosity with the Cecil saga is if anybody has broken the law. If the law was broken in the process of ‘doing’’ good then surely we should be pushing to align the laws. 


Cecil; Fact from Fiction:  FACT: Nat Parks publicly said the following: NO lion quota available on the said farm at the time of the hunt. FACT: The pro hunter publicly said that ‘we saw this big maned lion come to the bait at 10.00 PM and the client shot at it’. FACT: lion shot illegally (NO licence); FACT: hunt took place AT NIGHT - All TOTALLY ILLEGAL. FACT: The pro hunter knew exactly what he was doing and ‘sold’ the hunt to the client for extra cash (a bribe?), with the connivance of the concession  holder.   FACT: He is not the only hunter that operates this way This pro hunter should have his licence revoked entirely and the concession holder should lose the concession.  Finn


I would like to know why when I request donations towards our Gache Gache anti-poaching unit only 2 or 3 people come forward with something. No one even comments (if on fb).  If each one of these people who are so quick to slate hunting, (and ruin a hunter's life in the process) even when controlled, put one single conservation Dollar where their mouths are, we would be able to do so much more. Very few if any of these do anything towards conservation. I believe if they stop the hunting, the lack of presence on the ground of hunting operators will leave it open to poachers who will kill off everything. Goodbye wildlife!    Pat


What a brilliant and balanced response to all the baying hounds........I absolutely love the amazing wildlife and wildlife areas that we have always had such relatively free access to in Zim ., and I loathe with a passion , the evils of poaching , and indiscriminate trapping and slaughter taking place .....but lets get some balance into this mushroomed equation. Lynne.

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