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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Des Fourie

My dearest, loving father Des Fourie was brutally murdered whilst he was

having his afternoon nap on Thursday 13 August in Greystone Park!


We presume this happened at about 1pm when he usually goes for an hours

sleep! He was brutally beaten over his head as well as broken ribs! The

saddest part is that nothing was stolen although they had emptied out all

the cupboards! They left the money, jewelry... Absolutely nothing was taken!

This is all a mystery and shock to us as we do not know if there was a

personal grudge maybe from the domestics or if there was something they were

specifically looking for!


We would like to thank Zimbabwe's homicide team, Zimbabwe's forensics team

and crime unit for being extremely helpful thus far!


Please please I beg our Harare citizens to take extra care where security is

concerned as these crimes seem to be happening more during the day time,

when we least expect it!


With a very heavy heart we say goodbye to one of the most loving, gentle and

kind husband, father and grandfather!


The memorial service will be confirmed once we know when family and friends

arrive from overseas.,


Many thanks and kind regards,



Ronel Hoffman





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