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Friday, July 28, 2017

anti Hijack Trust newslettter for July

July is midwinter ….. the nights and early mornings are bitterly cold so keeping our nearest & dearest warm are of great importance BUT please do not let your security programme lapse or be forgotten whatever the season  …… as there have been some horrid house break ins and robberies  reported in a lot of suburbs in Harare.  Please make sure that gates are locked before dark if they have been open during the day ... it is advisable to keep gates LOCKED at ALL times, this may seem ‘extra’ work but it has saved intruders entering during daylight hours.  Turn on outside security lights at twilight and check to make sure that all are in good working order.

There have been some horrid incidences on our roads recently involving ZRP with spikes which seem to be used or seen at most roadblocks again.... please be very aware and alert. Is it not time we see an improvement and the directives given regarding spikes adhered to?  Spikes seem to be the trend at most road blocks so be warned!   ‘Bogus’ Police seem still at large and once again its women on their own or the elderly also the new young driver that are the targets. Know your rights and stand your ground. Thank you to Big Sky for all the help and assistance given to the motorist.... be wise and have the road block check list and booklet in vehicles at all times.  Take advantage of the service offered to make sure you are compliant and ready to travel on the roads with confidence.

  In August we have a long weekend which we all look forward to, so make sure you have all your alarms, remotes, sensors and backup systems in good working order so that the weekend can be a pleasant one with no ‘AFTER’ regrets. In this check, make a secure plan for your domestic animals to be well looked after in your absence ….. Trauma and distress caused by the injury or loss of our pets is devastating to say the least

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !

ANTIIJACK TRUST: Email: or            

 Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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