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Friday, July 28, 2017

Can someone help?

These are the known details and the family would like further information.

Edward William Green born UK 23 May 1945 died at Wonderland nursery school, Greendale, Salisbury at 4pm on Friday 23 September 1949. The post mortem report dated Saturday 24th September 1949 states cause of death as "congenital cerebral aneurism – natural causes.”

A court case was held on October 7th, the verdict of which was “probably due to natural causes.” The boy's mother wrote in her diary …. And would have been better left as it was – nothing can bring him back to earth to us now …
However, she had also written on

…September 26th …. Went back to John Bishops (I think that was where his mother worked at the time) and had to rectify wild rumours – decided to put an announcement in the paper …

...September 27th …. Announcement in paper today which will put matters right, we hope …

Philip Green, the boy’s brother, would love to know exactly what went on.

Gail Röthlin in Switzerland

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