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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Resthaven Going

Mail from Bruce Masson email
Please respond to Bruce and not this email address.

We are really wanting to keep the Resthaven complex in Rusape going, and at present our occupancy rate is hovering around 60%. Obviously, we are wanting to raise this figure, and I was wondering whether you knew of anyone who would want to move to Resthaven. I know that it sounds crazy, but in these difficult economic times, there may be people who cannot afford the rents in Hre. We are charging US$7 per month per cottage - water is free, but ZESA/Telone has to be paid for.

We have a good doctor, and small private clinic, as well as dentist, vet etc. Although most supermarkets are basic, we have a new "dollar" shop which has opened and I think that this will go a long way to alleviating shopping blues in Rusape.

Please also spread the word! Thank you.

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