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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please be warned of a domestic Gardener MAKESURE MUKAYI

Please be warned of a domestic Gardener MAKESURE MUKAYI ; ID No 42-161216 H 42, who is working the Harare suburbs as a domestic gardener.

Makesure immediately appears intelligent and well spoken and courteous. Once in employ he arranges for his wife SHUMIRAI and family to be accomodated on the property and theft starts once she arrives.
They seem to be organised and have plans for their looting and so far it appears to be money in any form. Once complaints originate of their theft they have contacts in the political section who descend on the employer and extort more money from the employer under the guise of unfair employment conditions, lack of sufficient time off and leave and failure to provide food / accommodation for the family. This can extend to racial and sexual offences on the part of the employer too.
Once the political flavour is introduced there is no stopping them and they connive with the labour people to press charges of 1st degree assault with firearm / deadly weapon which introduces untold problems for the defending employer.
Makesures wife shumirai has connections in Highlands Police station who will willingly think up charges to further complicate the issue.

Please be warned of these two individuals.
From Jim Levenderis

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