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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watch out for a black Mercedes

A friend of mine has just informed me that her bag was stolen out of her locked car (the bag was under the driver's seat)while parked in the parking lot of the Hellenic School. two days later a suspicious black car was seen in the parking lot - when challenged by a teacher the occupants said they were waiting for a child - but the name they gave was obviously made up as there was no one in the school by the name they gave. They then said "This is Heritage School?", and then drove off. The Hellenic School is well marked and one could not make a mistake about this.

Luckily my friend got back her ID documents, her Zimbabwe money (ha ha) but not her USD!!!! They were left in a plastic bag outside a house in Strathaven.

I understand that there was another case around the same time where a woman running on the race course had her car windows smashed and her bag taken - a black car was seen leaving the site at great speed.

Hijackings and smash and grabs are happening during the day as well as at night and a new favourite place is Adylinn Road and Harare Drive.

Breakins are common.
Another friend had her domestic's quarters broken into. This happened while her domestic and his wife were asleep - they had been drugged and never woke up during the robbery - they were completely cleaned out of all their belongings.

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